The Postville Review from Postville, Iowa on March 19, 1892 · Page 3
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The Postville Review from Postville, Iowa · Page 3

Postville, Iowa
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 19, 1892
Page 3
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Review. SATURDAY BY HOC. LRIW ADVANCE. JVIEW. i see the other page; ; lOo each. IVBHAX & SANDERS. will leave us noxt ltd bread, 6 loaves SnV for banqnet. own from Cas- Itora bad a sdnosday. lively little run- (TJohn Thill has a good hale or rent. f trike li back In her position & Tangeman's. Bt of blauk notes just print- Tie at thii office. —Poultry bought and sold at Hart's. —We have turned out thrco hone bills this week, and still there is room. Dress Making- And all kinds of Ladies' Sewing. f2w2 DAISY FABRR. it. Washing Done. 1 will do washing for those desiring (2w) MRS . M. M. FABEB. Viae Mary Crosby, Teacher of Fainting. Order specialty. work a «tf Miss Anna JBaston lostrastor on the piano and organ, Postville, Iowa. Jtlas Nellie H. Abbott, .Teacher of Voeal and Instrumental Music, Postville, Iowa. — I. A. Ilarraan has already sold throe lots in his addition and it is not yet sarveyed or platted. Arthur Bell- reas is the purchaser. Horse-Shooing. No hit and miss, bnt a good job every clatter and prieos Tory reasonable. Tuos. SnOUTRKED. RTTRB the first eoat ot [now residence. i new line of Spring Clolh- Sray'a Clothing Store. rant a load of good timothy In't all oome at onco. ps Trimmings in the Latest I'at- i Luhman & Sanders'. |e is nothing to hinder bring- nnd hay new. —Louisiana Dimenson, Cypress Shingles and Arkansas Yellow Pluo Finishing, for sale at SANDERS & Kii'i.tu's. — llov. Mr. Oakey, of Cresco, tilled the pulpit at tho Congregational church last Sunday, morning and evening, in exchange witli HOT . Burton. —Miss Grace McNuil is oxpsotod home oti the 2»th and GUB will put in as appsrance a little later. Their friends wiil bo glad to see them. The Queen of Magazines. Deraorast's Magsslne for April is on our tablo, and as usual is full of the cronin of literature, fashions, etc. No lady citn afford to be without It. We will club it with the REVIEW at a reduced prico. —Miss Kloin, of the firm of Klein & Lukenbill, Is in Chicago purchasing the spring slock of millinery and getting all the pointers pertaining to tho business in the way of latest styles in trimming, etc. Look out for something nlco in a few days. proach- Jongrc- —"Kov. Burton, of Postville ed an excellent sermon in the gntional church last Sabbath morning — ono that suitod us to a dot, oven if we have not always lived up to its teachings. The sermon in the evening was especially fine. The Rev. gentleman's comparisons were to the point and well taken."—Cresco Republican. - -The members of Noblo Lodge, No. 61, A. O. U. W. hereby desire to express their sincere thanks to the friends who so willingly and ably furnished us with music, both vocal and instrumental; alco to those who favored us with recitations nt oar banquet. BT ORDER OK COMMITTEE, THE QBE AT B ANQUKT!; IO United Workmen Outdo Themselves. pride in a new |e purchased of 1 —Will Holahaa and Ed. Prior represented Posltpwnshipin the republican flinty eonvontlon last Slrrwrany. II. Moier was also in attendance. MADAME MITCHELL At Home Permanently for 3 Months. Madame Mitchell will loll your for tune to perfection, tell what you are best adapted for, and show you tho likeness of your futuro partner. Cnll and be convinced of hur wondcrfal powers at her residence, north of the Milwaukee depot, Postville. Still Another Sale. Unclo Jimmy Row lias sold kis home residence which he has ocenpisd those many yoars, to Henry Brandt, for $1,500, and will givo possession as soon as his new house is completed. This is a good sale, but it is J. [ID want of a New l)m«, |1 to call at Luhman & San- Ir years have the roads been Kadcondltion for so great a length —Senor Castloar's "Life of Columbus" and the series of papers on the architectural problems of the World's Fair will begin in the May Century. Still there are n good many good bs on tho market although prices ttlehardson A Noreross Shoes are kit for Ladles. Sold by Luhman fcrs. |\ere are no roads considerable |is going out, and a little wood in. Ian & Sanders can lit you out BO pair of Shoes. A largo slock io aulocrfro-m. - - —Dell Cameron left (orEinnistuburg on Tuesday night, all wish that he may do well. —It. A. T. Meyer lias beon in town this week. He looks as llicugh farming agreed with him. —Wo understand Mr. Tangemau will oaoupy Mr. Proseott's instead of F. M. Orr's residence. — Ed. Prior has sold a nice granite monument to bo set up in moinory of the late Mrs. Henderson. --Paris Panel, tho latest and most popnlar picture out. S$o samples nl the Beedy Photo Gallery. —We are informod that Mr. and Mrs. H. B. Taylor will not return from Nebraska before April 1st. —Mr. and Mrs. John R. Molt returned from the Pacific coast last Saturday, Mr. Mott occupying Hie pulpit in tho Methodist church on Sunday evening. —Be sure and road the farm for sale notice in this iisao. Wo hive been on tho farm and know the soil is flrstelass. Only throe and a half miles from Decorah. location. New Dental Rooms. l)r. Will Colo has opened a dental office over the harness store in the brick blook, wliora ho may be found on Tuosday and Wednesday of each week, where ha invites tho public to call when warning first-class work done in his lino. Tor Sale Cheap. A sucond hand cook slovc, No. 9 wilh stovepipe shelf. Will lake wood, dry or green, in payment. Inquire of Mus. N. J. BEKUT. -Our editorial page is pretty liglil Oil* wook. A bad do»o of cold and umsidcrablo of a doso of house work are not conducive of much moulal strain. - 1. A. llavman will plat ten acres in an addition to Postville. making some very desirable lots, adjoining tho pros- out plat on the west. The besl lots will be hold at 9100. School Book*. Wo now havo a full and complete stock of school books used in the Post- villa schools and will sell tham at the lowest school board prices. Wo also carry a full stock of all school supplies at tho lowest prices. Brick drug stole. R. N. DOUGLASS. -<~Our old friend, J. W. Patterson, writos. in renewing liU subscription, that tho land boom in Cherokee enmity is about the same as here. Land has Wednesday night was a memorable one in the lrstory of the loyal A. O. U. W. of Postville. The wsather clerk was on his good behavior, the streets and crossings being in good shape and the weather clear and bracing, but not very cold By 7:30 it was evident there would be a crush, and when the exercises wem commenced at 8:26 Turner hall wss filled as it was never filled before. There was not a foot of unoccupied ^space on the main floor from tho doors to tho stage except in tho aisles. The stage wings were removed, the curtains rolled up and the stago was utilized and set with perhaps soventy-five chairs, which were" all occupied, as was the gallory. It was a great mass of humanity, the like of which war never before seen in Fost- villo under a reof. Hugh Shephord was "master of ceremonies," and opened the exercises with music by the orchestra, after which prayor was offered by Rev. Lockwood, tho opening ode was sung by the Apollo club and an able and titling ad- dres of welcome was delivered by Hugh Shepherd. We don't want to flatter Hugh's vanity, if ho has any, but it is only just to say that he did remarkably well for a man unusod to public spoak- ing. After mors musio Mrs. H. 8. Luhman rendered a declamation in hor in- 'mitable mauutr, proving again, as she has often done before, that she has ability in this line of a very high ordor. Mr. J. F. Staadl delivered a short address ropletu witli practical thoughts and eloquent passages, showing that his time spent in securing a thorough education was not spent in vain Grand Master Graham, of Cedar Falls, was introduood, and spoke somewhat at length on the history and character of tho order, which we do not enlarge upon, as the general roador would not bo particularly interested in the statistics, etc. Sutllce it lo say that the order in this state, over which ho pro- sides, now numbers oror 6000 members and is in a flourishing condition. At tho close of tho address the Apollo club rondorosl a character song that "took down the houso." and caused their enthusiastic recall. Then came what seemed lo be the impossibility of the ovening—the feoding of tho multitude. Considering the jam this was accomplished and all the people were sorvod in much less tiiro than scorned possible; and the best of it was I thero was an amplo supply for all, although there wero fully oue hundred more present than was anticipated. If : any went away hungry it was certainly J. W. WARD <fc COS Great Special Sale AND Great Clearance Sale I Commencing on ESTABLISHED 1883. POSTVILLE CLOTHING HOUSE, OARL HOLTER, Prop. AND LASTING- 30 DATS. WILL PLACE ON SALE 500 Sacks Gold Medal Patent Flour, best grade, 1.25 500 " Peerless " " 1.20 SOAP DEAL. 300 boxes Soap bought by us at Carload Prices and guaranteed absolutely pure and to be the best Soaps in the U. S. One lot "Hustler" Soap, regular price 5c per bar, 'will be sold one box of 40 bars for $1.00—24c a bar. One lot "Chemical" Soap, the best and strongest "White Dove" Soap, the best comUiati 0 , 1 ! ^l"*^ and toilet white soap in the U. S., 25 bars 'f6r*$*Q±Lz. 4c a bar. The two above kinds are regular 10c goods. One lot "Hand" Soap, a'pure coacoanut oil toilet soap and as fine quality as made, 25 bars for $1.00 -4c bar. Will sell 1.00 worth or one box to any one party at these prices. Goods are sold for SPOT CASH ONLY. MEN'S CLOTHING. 150 Men's and Boys' Custom Mads Suits. 100 Men's Custom Made Pants will b* put on sale at Special Sale Prices, that will CUT to the bed rock of all competition. CAN'T BE BEATEN. That's just what's the matter with our Boys' Suits— they can't be beaten. Look at them from any standpoint you please, that's the conclusion you will come to. We don't say they can't be equalled in material and make, but we do say that there's nothing that comes within range of them at the prices. We pride ourselves on the great Seleotion and Variety in Two Piece Suits. School and Boys' Suits at from $1.20 upward. The prices we are naming are lower than;; you will find elsewhere, but we have extraordinary reasons for lessening our stock, and the quickest way to cut down our stock in a hurry is to cut down prices in a hurry. Our new selections in Men's and Youth's Suits com* prise all the latest novelties, and no matter how hard you are'to fit or please we want a chance at showing you what we CAN" DO FOR YOU. IS FUMISHU ^SSsTHATS AND CAPS, "wj^&SKTtb the front, and kindly refer you to any of our best dressed young men to verify our. statement. Wilson Bros. Fine White and Colored Shirts (no more expensive th>nar.y other e;ood manufacture) are the best fitters made. The Collar Fits the Shirt and they make you "tired." "The Lucky," "The Buckskin" and "The Indicator" brand of Hats are sold only by us and the prices are right. We are Authorized by the Manufacturers to Warrant Each and Every Hat. risen in value from $5.00^0 $10.00 por i their own fault. acre during the past year, improved farms, in his section, celling from $30 to 9S5 and wild land from $10 to $30 per nere. For Sale or Bent. My residence on the north side. If not sold at onco the rooms will be rent- od as heretofore. Mlts. II. 1$. 1U /.LKTON. "Out in the.Streete." The Good Templars of Castalia will open the new hall there on Saturday evening of this week with tho abovo temperance drama, rendered *y home alont. It will be an event in the history of Castalia and will doabilosi ba largely patronised. Admission 25 and 15 cents. —Tho following is our roll of honor for this week: Don Sharp, Kdw. Staadt, J. M. Filler, Thos. Waters, J. W. Pattorson. —Mrs. Kluss' salo on Tuosday was largely attondod ami Mr. MeNoi reports good prices realized and Mrs. IS. Fran turn, of attended Ujp^Workmon~"'ban- i* eyeniug. 'that a butter tab factor Postville, Thus. Kavtny being the proprietor. —If you want wood leave woru with uie ov any of my toamstere. .P.J. LSIIUCUF.K , Drayman. —The disappearance of mud for a few tlnys is a great relief even if tiie voathur Is a llltlo frigid by spells. — Two things—thoroughness of work and oconomy in living-havo made l'rof. Breckenriilgo's becorah Institute widely and favorably known. The spring term opens April 11. . —Dr. and Mrs. C. L. Topliff are ddwn from Docorah visitiuj old neighbors .ai.d friends. Churloy reports good business and everything satisfactory at the Winneshiek hub. MARRIED. SMITH —MOLLMAK—At the M. ii parsonage, in I'oatvill*, on Wudnes day, Mareli 16, 1892, Mr. Albert W Smith, of Vornon Co., Wis., to Miss Drusitla Ilollman, of Frankvltle. —Old papers, clean and unopened, |st the thing for pantry shelves, etc., any quantity, at the REVIEW office. .-Hawkinsjfas gono to Willow [iflrigs ^W, to Jottfe. His family will fallow next woek, wo understand. -Dress Goods Head Quar tors. New Styles and Patterns nearly every day. Look them over, at Luhman & Sanders' —Miss Mary Mlnkelson Is homo from Roisrillu, her school having closed. Her,many friends ave glad to see hor. —Josoph Kapler has moved to his item near Cresco. We believe he still votains hi* lulerost in the lumber yard hero. This isstio closes the niueteonth volume of the REVIEW , and our seven teenth year's proprietorship. Wo don expect to run it sevonteen years longe but we shall stay as long as life and health permit. DEPEND UPON US FOR PERFECT SATISFACTION AND VALUE FOR YOUR MONEY. Come to us for your Spring Goods and you will come out ahead. -Ex-Poslmaster-Geueral Jamos has written an article on •'The Ocean Postal Service" for the April Century. Mr. James advocates a letter-rate of two cents an ounce for eeean postage, and a reduction in the rate of international money-orders. Ho thinks this eform more needed than that of a ower ralo of postage on domestic let- tors. • -From an Emporia, (Kan.) paper, sent, we presume, by J. C Taylor, we learn that the husband of his daugliter, Nora, Edward Wharton, was instantly killed by the ears, March 1st. He was a brakeman, and by tho engineer mistaking his signal he was thrown between the nars and killed. The family and frionds have the sympathy of many friends here. —Dr. J. 10. and H. O. Greon have been iu town this week. The Dr. has keen taking in the Eeely institution at Dwight and is enthusiastic over the results, as are his many friends. He is one of the most successful and promising young pbysieians in northern Iowa, and now that he is rid of his greatest enemy a bright future awaits him. "So mote it be." While tho banquet was a sue cess in ovary, way and rsilectud crodit on all in any way connected with it, it was a hoary undertaking for the order, too largo a crowd bciug brought together. Tho membership is. ftp ..large (ninety- two) whon their families aro added it would make a fair sized gathering without any invited gn»sls. We bolieve all the orders that give bauquota would savo much labor and have a much better time Uiomselves, if they would con- lino ll.oir invitaions to the mombors and their families. But if liio main object is to give a stimulus to the growth of the lodge of course that object could not bo as surely attained in that way. Auyhow the Workmen are to be congratulated on tho pheuomlwal success of thoir first public entertainment and banquet. —J. P. Raymond, in the Feb. nnra- bar of his Allamakee Co. Teachor, desires patrons to express their desires as to whother they wish tho publication continued or not. The volume closes with the April number, and unless he has as»«rance of enough subscribers to warrant it the publication will then bo discontinued. While such a paper should bo of great value to those interested in educational matters, it is doubtful if tho enterprise can be made to pay whon tho laold is confined lo single counties, tho field is so limited and the subscription prico so low. In fact there are altogether too many papers of all kinds to afford any adequate remuneration for the lime and capital required. We (Ibat is, tho people) want fewer papers and bolter ones. But this is not written to discourage liro. Raymond. Cemetery Meeting. The annual meeting ot the Postville Cemelory Assoeialion will be held'at the store of Luhman & Sanders, on Saturday evening of next week, Maroh —We laeked not only the time buy'jMh, »t 8 o'clook, sharp, for the pur- the nooessaiy "eollateral 1 ' to attonr'jp>oso of electing officers and the trans- notion of such other busiuoss as may Mlsi Nellie Lavell returned home ftom her visit in Wtinkoa. Bhe was poompanied by hor eousln, T. F. a *»VfH. _____ >,''Mil* Mae Perry has been ludispos- «d (or several days, to far as to be una •bio to take her aooustomed placo in tho ;VOktolHce. . —TJpol* Jimmy Row will *oou have lt|i u»w house up, on tho west side 'That -part of town is looking up rap idly of lata. • — H. 0. Green talks Chicago Heights ra»l estate now Instead of life insur- I'juooe, Be talks this about as fluently M U>« Qthtr, wMfclWK' 8 °» a V» 1» preparing to build ""- ^"jlsbV'».-.•olid atraet pretty aouu, HM*.|jOMtan, mi ip thJ £, •"ajiEsas—*--»ilh»T*"<iji!iiran- tho state oonventlon this week. Wo aro under obligations, however, to the convention for placing our name on the list of delegates. House For Bala or Kant. A good now house, on Murdock street, in Postville. Good cellar, well, ete. For sale or rent on favorable terras. Apply to S2w4 Mits. JOHN THILL. p »;i<9' PoilrlUr, —Edwin M. Buggy, who was murdered last week near Ft. Dodge, was born and raised in Waukon, It was a orazy freak of jealousy on the part of ihe murderer. Thero are altogether too many suoh oases of late —Ohas, Kelir has aold his house and aore of ground in tho southsast part of town for 9.100 and bought a farm down In tho Yellow river oountry, of John Klein, who takes the town property as part payment, and will oooupy it. —H. F. Meyer bus aold the blacksmith and wagon shop operated by Henry Bann to the latter for 1900, retaining Wleat on U\e north aide of tUe lot, „pr, JMjtyey irJJJ, b^KJ} 1 ' iiuall burning M4 «|^Mi$jft^4^^ properly oome before tho mooting. A. W. MoDwreLD, Seo'y. GOOD FARM YOR SALE. My fanu-of 206 aerea for sale. Situated iu Madison township, WInuesheik Co., Iowa, three and a half miles wost of Deoorah, in sootions 11 and 14. Well Improved and timber enough for farm use. In good state of .cultivation. Well watered and good buildings. School within six rods of house. Long time will be given on part payment. Inquire on farm far particulars. Addross, WM. MCINTOSU, (Box. 238) Deoorah, Iowa. Another Real Estate Change. Mrs. Beedy has sold her tract of SJ acres of land on the east side of town to Contractor and Bulldor Sohutte, who built tho Lutheran ohtiroh here. The prl»e paid was $200 par aire, which U considered very cheap. Wo have greatly wonderod why this traot was not snapped up some time ago, as' it was the only good location for sale a^suoh a price any whove around town It Is wurt|\ IUOIQ ' money. Mr. Hchtitte ,\ylll at on^oa' pvooa»d to build, a good School Election. Tho sehool election on Monday was quite spirited, drawing Out 176 votes. Two ticket* were in the field, one bear iug the names of tho outgoing direc tors, Jas. Sheohy and S. F. Cliulon the othor J. B. Hart and Will Leui We did not and have not yet arrived at the "animus" of tho two tiokets nor do we know on what special issue they were presented to the people. So that the interests of the sehools ar subserved we do not much oare. The following is the vote eaeh received: J. B. Hart,' Hi Jas. Jheehy, Will Leni, 112 S. F. Clinton, This winds up the election buslne until November. WILL INCLUDE 50 pair Women's 5.00 Hatnd Turned and Hand Welt nne Kangaroo Shoes, for 3.00 a pair.. 50 pair Women's $4 McKay Sewed fine kangaroo shoes for 2.50. 76 pair Men's congress and button shoes, worth 2.50 to $3, for $2. 100 pair Child's $1 fine grain "button shoes, sizes 5 to 8, ior 50c a pair. 50 pair Women's Ikid shoes, worth 2.00 and 2.50, for 1.25 and 1.50. YARH. 100 lbs. All Wool Q-rey and Brown Mixed Yarn for 45c per pound, 100 lbs. All Wool Yarn in high colors, for 60c a lb. DRESS FLANNEL. One lot 52 in. wide, worth 50 to 60o, for - 28io One lot worth 35c, for - - 161c Also great reductions on all Flannel Dress Goods. CORSETS. 100 Corsets. G-reat reduction to close out the lines. HATS. 100 Men's and Boys' Hats put on sale to close out at greatly reduced prices. Are you going to buy a New Carpet this spring? Now is your opportunity to see a ohoice selection of ALL WOOL INGRAINS, , BODY BRUSSELS, TAPESTRY BRUSSELS, For Every llaii, Won ai CIM to Reap a Benefit! UNION & COTTON CHAN. Prices Low if you buy. It will cost you nothing to see them. Also remember that I carry the Largest Line of Lace Curtains, and Window Shades and Fixtures in the city. , Yours Respectfully, WALTER CHRISS. Xiiatof Xietters remaining uncalled for in the postoftyop atPostyllle, Iowa, Mar. IS. 1893. Parties oalliug for any of them will please say "Advertised:" Mrs. Carolina Cale, Mrs. Susan Fisher, Mrs. Mallisa Gillson, Miss Coilen Macree, Miss Carrie Nolle, Miss Bell- dona Olson, Wm. Walker. Postal Cards!— G' R. Chapman, Wm. Wilkerson. JAS. PBBKV, P. Sire '.cari'u-'l I^UtylQjpl^i^ on the premUe* for nU own ffl Cil, M S A complete and full stock of Lumber, Lath, Shin-, gles, Sash, Doors, Blinds, Mouldings and Building Pa-^ per, yellow pitie .Flooring and Ceiling o&k, ash and^ maple Flooring, All parties intending to do any building the ooming season will oonsult their own interest by obtaining figures from me. Particular attention to filling bills. Best of grades only handled. If You Want the'Best for the Least- Money Call and See Our Line of Itch, Us, Jewolry I Silverwarel Take Wotioe, That the Ponvillu Steam Roller Mill* will grind Feed, Corn M ^a.1 aud Ora-' ham Monday and Satnrday ot each w K eek hereafter. Having added a line of wood-working roaonl'oory wo aro prepared to do Planing, Mfttalilng, apd all kinds of sawing, on short notloe. Bring |«, your Vagr' and. hays tljem sawed. Reineotfillty/v^'x. "*".-. And here it still goes. Best Water White Head Light Kerosene Oil, 10c a Gallon Why pay 16 to 20c at other storesP Some Special Bargains in Jewelry for the Spring Trade. W. J. HANKS, POSTVILLE, IOWA. j. WJ WARD & cb. INTENDING KE / F' ID ! P URCHASERS OF IMPORTED DRAFT OR COACH liORSES To visit our stables and inspect ou< \tti* stock ot IMFOHTBD PMSK-WINHIHO Awiuis before b»yia».; oUowlioro. Among thoni aro 13 first, 4 sacond and 2 uruud swoepiuko price wlniiorel ,Bll sooured In hotly contend "how r|nn» in Seplembar, iBgi. Will oxchnnha Imported stock for well Iocntsd form; lands. Will also lease stallions to responsible pantos for the season ot itlos, with prlvtlogaof buying at 7, I tlioond o( season, We also have A fino.lot or yonns Short Horn and Herford Hulls for sale. Don'lV i vyalt to write but oame st enco and make your selections. T.orrns easy, sad prices that defy comjisUV tlon. Correspeudsnco, WALLER BROS . QH»>les City. I«W*t KM

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