Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on August 30, 1972 · Page 19
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 19

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 30, 1972
Page 19
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CAMPUS CLATtEft By Larry Lewis TH6S6-TVW APPLICANT* ARE6QUAI. JNSVBW RESPECT IHAVENY POUND A SINGLE BASIS FOR today's FUNNY ARCHAEOLOGISTS ARE RUBBLE- ROUSERS AMANDA PANDA Alton Evening Telegraph Wednesday, August 30, 1972 B-7 By Marcia Cotme MOOSE By Bob Weber P1KCSVILLE (S A \MDNDERFUL PLACE FOR VOO TO VISIT, BUT I V/OUUDN'T WNT VOOTDLIVE THERE! RS/KBM86RM6 MOOSE? XWAft VOURNEI8HBOR BCTORfilAWCD TOPIKB9VIL.LE.' HOW P1KESVIU.E? THE WIZARD OF ID B> Parker and Hart SMIDGENS By Bob Cordray WHAT WOULD HAPPEN, SENATOR, YOU CONCEDED THE ELECTION TO YOUR OPPONENT? I SHUDDER TO THINK 1 ALL MY SUPPORTERS | WOULD PROBABLY 6ET 1 TOGETHER AND RlOTl 8-30 90 WHO6 AFRAIP OF THREE PEOPLE? TIGER By Bud Blake THEIRS A WTTA. THIM6SIWAMTTO THE SMITH FAMILY By Mr. and Mrs. George Smith S-30 JEFF GOBB By Peter Hoffman HI, GORGEOUS' WHEN DO WE EAT 2 4 HELLO, GLEN . I'LL LET HIM IN, GRANNY/... PREPARE YOURSELF FOR A . PUN PACKED Yr. EVENING/ )\- OF THE DEVIL... ...EDIEi IT'S NEARLY TIME FOR YOUR DINNER GUEST TO- SHORT BD3S HEAP VotS VtosJ 1WF 830 DAVID CRANE QUINCy f, HAVE VOL) POTHOLPER? WHAT JM THE ARE. YOU COIN? By Prank O'Neal Todoy'i FUNNY *lll par $1.00 for each original "funny" utea. Send goal to: Today's FUNNY, 1200 Weit Third Sr., Cleveland, Ohio 44113. KERRY DRAKE By A. LEOKUM WHAT IS A VOLCANO? Win The New Book of Knowledge (20 volumes). Send your questions, name, age, address to "Tell Me Why!" care of this paper. Include Zip Code. In case of duplicate questions, the author will decide the winner. Today's winner is: NANCY CHALFANT, 10, Diamond, Ohio A volcano is an opening in the earth's crust through which material is erupted (blown out). The material may be solid, liquid, or hot gases. The volcano shape we are familiar with is formed as a result of the eruption. The material piles up around the opening, and a cone-shaped mound is formed. There is a depression at the top of the cone where the opening reaches the surface that is called the crater. The material that comes out of a volcano is mainly gaseous. But large quantities of molten rock (lava) and solid particles and ash are also thrown out. What makes it look like black smoke is that in UIP gas explosion some of the lava becomes finely powdered. What causes a volcano to form? As you know, the temperature under the surface of the earth becomes higher at deeper levels. At a depth of about 20 miles it is about 1,000 degrees Centigrade — which is hot enough to melt most rocks. The melting i % ock expands and needs more space. In certain areas where mountains are being uplifted, there is less pressure under the mountain range. So reservoirs of the molten rock may form there. This material rises along the cracks formed by the uplift. When the pressure in the r e s e r v o i r is greater than the strength of the rock roof, it bursts forth as a volcano. The eruption lasts until the gas is gone. It is the dissolved gases that bring the lava to the surface. FUN TIME The Chuckle Box Mother: Your face is clean, but how did you get your hands so dirty? Billy:Washing my face. Jane: You hammer nails like lightning. Joe: You mean I'm fast? Jane: No. You never strike twice in the same place. of for Win a New Book Knowledge Yearbook Writing About "THE GREATEST WOMAN IN HISTORY" Bv Ted Sht-arer LOOK, AMANDA,! CUTOUT A BIRD, A FISH, AND A SEAL. I'LUTIBTHEM TO TUB COAT HANGER TO MAKBA MOBILE/ By Winslow Mortimer : >AVIP, ASECONP- }&OOK STORE IP BOOK STORE / ANP HE HAS A LOT TOWM ? /OF OLP &#«... •SEE HtK. KNOW A HIGH SCUCOL TEACHER CR COACH CANT .PATE A 4TUPENT, JACKIE. OF CHRISTIAN ATHLETES. ANPf VOUI? TOUOIPOVN THAT (WON THE PUffCELL GAttE. By Alfred Andnola ..ANP BRIEF.' [ CAN KXJ WALK, JAKE?.. OKAY/ LET'S 60.' "CUE BALL" WILL PICK US UP AT THE CORNER/ BUT IT IS HOPELESSLY ONE-SIDED.. IHE BATTLE BETWEEN LEFTY ANP "CUE BALL'S* TWO HOOPS IS FOUGHT WITH GRIM FEROCITY/ By George Sixta AND SAVE ) GST- TING UP f RIVETS( BRINSM6 V/AY PURS6- ANVBODY CARRYING A LOAD LIKE THAT SHOULD KEEP THE CLASP CLOSED RIVE'ito W1NTHROP MAVBE By Dick Cavalli I NEVER CTXJLP CULTIVATE A TASTE FOR HENRY k True Life Adventures Carl Anderson Coprillht O 1" J Walt DUner Frodooioni World Wit. KoOTed BUT IT IS THE MALE WHO. I7EAL.S WITH IT. . T=EMA1_E ... . . WATERBUCK HAS A -BETTER NOSE T=OTC SGENT)K<3 By Sid/i ey Omar LITTLE PEOPLE'S PUZZLE Your Horoscope Who do you think was the greatest woman in history? Write a letter about it and you may win a New Book o f Knowledge Yearbook. Entries must be addressed "Woman", Tell Me Why, and give your name, a^e, address. Answer to yesterday's Word Puzzle: Cage, Care, Cart, Dart, Dirt Win The New Book of Knowledge Yearbook. Send your riddles, jokes, to: "Kiddles, Jokes; Tell Me Why!" Give Zip Code. T o d a y s winner is: D K B 0 K A H PRITZ. 12, Loram, Ohio e ->o LjjW?. es'iJAjlrei. ——Jet-AKJftu S •..'•'--• asnow '8 N3A3S Y 'soid ~s 'aaiiai - e '339 'c 'Mid Aiaavs 'i—""^d -aaMouNns '01 'laxsva '6 '3381 3Nld '9 '3dO13AN3 7 'MVS33S 'I—ssojay -S«3MSNV FORECAST FOR THURSDAY Taurus Is tenacious. Natives of this zodiacal sign seldom give up —They may retreat, but they do not surrender. These persons bounce back, win and lose but ultimately emerge on top of the heap. Joe Louis Is a Taurus. Ray Robinson is another Taurean who used boxing skills to gain worldwide fume. One of my favorite Taurus persons is Glenn Ford, an accomplished actor who is knowledgeable about astrology and psychic phenomena. Taurus makes money with Gemini, falls in love with Virgo and can marry Scorpio. Barbra Streisand was bnrn under Taurus and says it is her favorite sign of the zodiac. ARIUS (March 21 • April 19): Plenty of movement, vitality indicated. But guard your own welfare. Take special care around machinery. The same applies where electrical appliances are concerned. Some around you now tend to be fast and careless. TAURL'.S (April 20 • May 201: Romantic i mere si .s dominate. lion-, lend to rule logic. Libra person is very much in picture. Protect assets. Be a comparison shopper. Genuine bargain available if you do some double-checking. GEMINI (May 21-June 20)': Domestic situation demands attention. Kefuse to be emotionally drained bv family dispute. Bide your time Your own uul^ment continues on target Know it and avoid one who aches lot' a Ii^ht . CANCER (June 21 • July 221- Obtain valid hint from Gemini message Assume responsihllit v. Kefuse to be pushed from main course Means keep ^<ui! :ll si^l'l Your efforts \vill l.e rew.irdfl Kiruv it uul ai't in enthusiast: in.tmu-r. may be exlr ivagant—-with vour a sets Pn.te.'t youiselt' in il'.n.tu--- M my veil" seek Jaus'h-- do .- o ,!> vour expea-.t Kev is to be more praftiral .ihout desires hopes and wishes I'liu-.h lon.y-standipfi proi- ect V1KGO (Au»! 21-Sepl 22) Take r]i iru e on ^ OLII • m. i! .ibllill.- (en i ept'. and Ideas I I Ml'I !•, si. 1 .. tracked by one of little faith. Accent is on direct action. Your position cun be elevated. You receiv* opportunity for solid gain. LIBRA (Sept. 23-Oct. 22): You may feel pulled in many directions. Lie low. Don't rush to Judgment. Calm approach brings success. Aquarian plays prominent role. Unusual procedure is required. Travel and education cun be featured. SCORPIO (Oct 23-Nov. 21): Be versatile. Spread iniluence and broaden horizons. There is reason to be optimistic. Know it and chase gl iom. Brooding can upstt apple can. Health setback is temporary. Follow orders! SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22 - Dec. 21): Obtain hint from Scorpio mes- saKe. Accent is on slower pace, public reaction to your efforts. Check details. Don't overlook ap- parciu minor m.itiers. Thorough approach helps you lo be a winner. Act aoc irdlngly! CAPRICORN (Dec. 22-Jan. !»>: It you are not certain, do nothing. Means wait, nbsei . r e and perceive. You will uiKlei stand. Knowledge is I 1 u thcoai:ng vx-inmi and Vir^o individual., muld play key roles. linpro\e work procedures AQL AKIt S (Jan. 20-1-eb 181 : 1 motions dominate. Soine of >'our uteas need review, possible revision Study Capricorn message. Di.n t he in too much of a hurry. Love is iKULh in piiluie Do your entett lining close to home base PlSi I'.s il-'eb 19 .March 20): legal aiiairs tend to dominate. SornefMie nia\' be niakinv: unauthor- i.-'d u...' ii in Jit laid, ehaige a.- t odlll I li.e p; ei aul|.i|ej See si; :l- al'..n .e. it realU e.\i..ts Stop e.\< !.: •:; ..'I'" alena ol Wisiitul llinik- (.'I. II IMI.AV I •• VOI'K UlK'lli-

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