Fayette County Leader from Fayette, Iowa on November 9, 1961 · Page 2
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Fayette County Leader from Fayette, Iowa · Page 2

Fayette, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 9, 1961
Page 2
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Established In 1914 Mj Neighbors NATIONAL EDITORIAL A$g£>tgTI <j >N Subscription Rates In Fayettp and Adjoining Counties Outside Kayettc and Arijoininc Counties $3.00 Per Year $3.50 Per Year The Leader is published weekly in Fayette, Iowa, and distributed on Thursday morning. Entered at the Post Office at Fayette, Iowa as second class matter, under the Act of March 3, 1879. Maurice Sloneman, Owner and Publisher •Togetherness, I suppose." Editorial Comments - Must Work For Freedom . . (This editorial appeared in The Pendleton Official Marine Corps newspaper of Camp Pendleton. Calif. Marine Brigadier General R. L. Murray, commandng.) "If we desire to secure peace . . . it must be known lhal we are at all times ready for war." George Washington knew that our best assurance agninst losing our freedom and way of life lay in a posture of strength — always working for peace — but always being prepared for whatever sacrifices and risks that might confront us. But military strength in itself is not sufficent. Military forces, such as the Marine Corps, are at once the product and a measure of the society which they serve. The true strength of any country lies in the vigor and spirit of the citizens which compose it. Herein lies the real power of our country. Each of us, as citizens, has an obligation and responsibility in developing this power. There is no blueprint to follow, but we believe that there are certain ingredients that should be considered in striving for an answer. First, we must recognize the threat by facing facts squarely. There is cause for deep and genuine concern, but no excuse for dismay or fear. We cannot rid ourselves of trouble by ignoring it and hoping it will go away. Sfrr >nd, let's recognize what we have. Each of us should find out what is meant by our way of life in its terms of greater liberty, greater opportunity, and greater dignity and reward for the labor of free man. Freedom cannot be taken for granted. Third, we must fight complacency. There is no time for it. We must alert ourselves by knowing what freedom is — by recognizing it as our most priceless heritage. Motivated by such individual understanding of the cause and the goals, we can better withstand the stress and strain of any struggle. Freedom is not free. Wo must be willing to work for freedom — to defend it against all threats and at whatever cost. But this price is no higher than it has been in the past. Every generation has been summoned to give testimony of its national loyalty. And, finally, we believe that patriotism should be the strongest force in our land. In recent years we have heard a lot about different "isms", but not nearly enough about patriotism. These guideposts indicate the path toward a personal reply to the question President Kennedy posed in his inaugural address: "Ask not what your country can do for you — ask what you can do for your country." Chattin' With Stoney It's really a shame that a town the size of Fayette can't have a Chamber of Commerce that is on the move. But, to steal a line from Jimmy Durante, "them's the circumstances that prevail". You can't move ahead when there's a group always pulling the other way. Without a large group to choose from, it's necessary for everyone to work toward the same goal in order to have a successful, progressive community. It was felt that by producing the recent show "Running Wild" the Chamber would realize enough profit to purchase new street decorations and help with Christmas promotions. Lack of cooperation and member promoting, however, cut the amount of the profit considerably . . • and we felt quite fortunate to emerge without a loss. And now we still need street decorations. What will the answer be to this problem? It has been suggested that each merchant decorate his own store with colored lights and Christmas window decorations to (jive the Main street a brighter and more cheerful look during the holiday season. And this might be the answer. There are some who will say it's silly, and they aren't going to do all that extra work . . . but apparently that's to be expected. However, if most of the stores will decorate their windows, and perhaps put a small, lighted tree in last summer's curb-side flower containers, it might add that cheery, welcome look that is so sorely needed. If the merchants would care to order small uniform trees, we would be willing to act as a clearing house, taking the orders and turning them over to a dealer in a group. Thai takes care oi the individual stores. But as they say in some circles "put your money where your mouth is." So, since we have been expounding on the need for Christmas street decorations, we are also going to start the ball rolling with a $10 check to be used on street decorations. There are about 90 persons in business in Fayette and we challenge each one to equal ±his amount. Send your checks to "Street Decorations in care of Robert Anthony, Chamber of Commerce secretary. Next week we'll publish the list of donaters. Now's the time to begin thinking about Christmas decorations , , . because time is fast moving by. of basketball training rules and letter he sent to each parent. We felt it was a very good idea and well handled. We're sure Mr. Kramer will deal fairly, but. strictly, with his athletes, and will have the entire support of the parents. We sincerely feel that all problems concerning the athlete and the sport should be handled by the coach. He's certainly to be admired, because he will definitely have his hands full .coaching both the boys and girls varsity and junior varsity teams. We would like to commend Coach Milt Kramer on the set SELL YOUR DOITT WAJTTS WITH LEADER WANT ADS Creek Bottom Comments — By Reuben JAMES E. BROMWELL SECOND IOWA DISTRICT It was worth noting that the Russian tanks backed off first in Berlin. —B— The President's economy order will have the wholehearted support of those of us who voted against the big spending programs in the first place, even though the proposed savings will amount only to about two per cent of the budget at the most, and less than two per cent of the total expendable funds this year. —B— South America has another Castro, Cheddi Jagan of British Guiana who has shown up in Washington looking for four hundred million dollars and hoping to get two hundred million. —B— After four years of effort the Saturn iauncn.i.i.g vis a complete success. In my opinion it was more significant char- the Gagarin and Titov exploits because, (1) it restores American confi- Have you heard the Alaskan wolf story, how certain Eskimos combat wolf packs by embedding small razor-sharp knives, handle dence in our space program and (2) it demonstrates again to the world that the United States can surpass Russia in any effort, without oppression or starvation. —B— The admission of Outer Mongolia to the United Nations with United States consent can only weaken the United Nations in the long run. No peace loving, liberty seeking organization can progress by the free admission of a Russian satellite into membership. Congress opposed it. down, in the ice; then put a little seal's blood on the blade. The wolves lick the bloody blade, and of course cut their tongues. Delighted with the taste of fresh blood, they lick, and cut, and lick, until they stagger away, and freeze to death in the Arctic night. Gory tale, isn't it? But it has a "moral". We Americans have .been falling for a similar trick for years. There is Federal aid and Federal support. The bureaucrats would empty the Treasury at our very feet. But, of course, there is nothing in the Treasury but "our own blood", that is,-the Federal taxes we the public have paid. We cannot thrive on Federal aid any more than the wolves can thrive on their own blood. But nonc-thc- less there is the sweet music of the Washington mcrry-go-'round, played by the career bureaucrats. The Kentucky tohacco farmer helps subsidize' the Tennessee cotton farmer, through TV A. The Tennessean helps subsidize the Kentuckian through tobacco supports. This state is a "rich" state and that state is a "poor" state, in regard one Federal program. That state is "rich" and this state is "poor' by some other phony standards. So this state and that state get a few slices of Federal - aid bread, but the highly paid bureaucrats get the "gravy". .We hope it is not digressing too much to quote from the great Theodtfre "Teddy" Roosevelt, who said . . . "The things that will destroy America are; prosperity at any price, peace at any price, safety first instead of duty first, love of soft living, and get- rich-quick theory of life." "Teddy", the proud and unrestrained American fore-saw the real perils of America, because he had a great understanding of the qualities that had made America great. Is it not high time to take time, from the football scores and the TV twaddle, to seriously meditate these matters? NOTICE WE WISH TO ADVISE ALL OUR GOOD CUSTOMERS THAT BIG GAIN FEEDS ARE NO LONGER AVAILABLE AT THE FAYETTE SOY BEAN MILL. MR. WAYNE LARSON WILL CALL ON YOU AND MAKE DELIVERIES DIRECTLY FROM THE PLANT AT WEST UNION. IF YOU NEED FEED BEFORE MR. LARSON SEES YOU, PLEASE PHONE YOUR ORDER COLLECT TO 144 OR 143 AT WEST UNION. BOOK YOUR FEED NOW 32% BEEF $84.00 23% MOR-LASS PELLETS $81.00 40% BEEF $98.00 $4.00 OFF The Above For Bulk ... Delivered — TALL CORN STAMPS — Big Gain Products West Union, Iowa > -FAYETTE VOTERS- MANY THANKS for your support in the Town Election of Nov. 7, 1961. I will endeavor to do my best to serve you. I would also thank the councilmen who ran on my ticket. They campaigned in a straight - forward, honest manner on their own merit, with no one pulling strings in the background. Thank You, MAYOR JACK BECK Now...for the first time you can... UPPER IOWA UNIVERSITY Artist Series Presents The Serenaders Quartet Monday, Nov. 13,1961 8:15 p.m. In The COLGROVE - WALKER AUDITORIUM ADMISSION ADULTS — $1.50 STUDENTS $1.00 heat with automatic natural gas Sleep like a kitten, even when winter winds blow and tho Bnow piles high. Dependable natural gas is on the job. And every corner of your home is warm and cozy. Remember, you can't run out of natural gas. The steady blue flame does its work in your lurnaco and all your gas appliances, regardless oUho storm or enow. ( You'll be pleased at how thrifty It is to boat with natural gas. Actually, natural gas ID the most economical fuel for use in your homo. That's why eomanypoopleputnfltuialgafltoueemwmanyway^ Solve your hwtlng ptoblema the rnodera, economical way vfth natural gog^tlie miracle fuel fieo your h^tJagdeatoeoxi Of fie B*»«. F.yrfu I«*r * Ifc*. _ Oft* H. m Mg,._ ^

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