Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on December 21, 1898 · Page 3
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 3

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 21, 1898
Page 3
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XMAS SUPPERS Men's Faust, Black ami Colors, Si.qc to $$ per pair. Men's Via Kid, O|via 1-vtretli 1 and Columbia, Black and Colors, $i p* to i?-2-t)' 0 P 01 ' P ;l i r Men's Velvet Embroidered, 7^ to $2 per pair. Boys', YouthVand Children's Slippers (same style as above) 7 q<" to #1.21; per pa'ir. Ladies', Men's and Children's Felt Slipper, fur, and braid trimmed. in black, blue, tan, brown, red and green. Children's leather and cloth Leggins. MORRISSEY BROS Retailers oi HIGH GRADE Footwear. HANDKERCHI[fS. Having taken advantage of the closing out sale of J. M. Locke & Co., Chicgo, III. We are prepared to give some special values in Ladies' Handkerchiefs, at 5, 8,10,13,15, 20, 26, 35 cents. Remember the early buyers will have the best selection. H. f. LEHNE, 113 W. Third st. BV Tlin TBI-HORAPH PRINTING; COMPANY. WEDNESDAY EVK,, DEU. 21, OFKICB: TEI.KURAPH BU1UMNO, CORNKR THIRD AND PIAIA BT«. THE DAILY TELEGRAPH II dollf erfcd by oarrloni to all parts of the city at Alton, North Alton and Upper Alton, for 10 cents par week. Mailed to any address (it the rule ot 60 oenW p«i month. THE TELEGRAPH has the largMtolronUtlon of any paper In Alton, »nd l« the best median MradTortliors. CoRNin THIRD AND PIAIA BTMITI. Titt. 88. XMAS PRESENTS. ~A~receptlon will bo given in the Y. M. 0. A. parlors on Now Year's day. Tlio flneot line of Ladlea andQen- tlomen'a Umbrellas can be found at Mr. Geo7M.~Tevl8 left for Pittsburg, PH., last evening, on a business trip. Mr, and Mrs. Ohas. Rose and Mr. John Qetz loft for Pensaoola, Fla., last night. Christmas cards and calendars at B F. Seely's make nice holiday gifts. TurkiBb,"vapor and Plain Baths at Frank Bauer's barber shop, 305 Belle st Mrs. Edward Windsor, of Roodhouse, Is visiting her parents in Upper Alton. Try Neininger's Magnolia and new Improved Fig. Shampooing and vapor baths new barbBr shop,_A._J. Zftugg, 210 Plasa st Mr. and Mva. J. M. Anderson, of Upper Alton, left for Dallas, Texas, today. Fancy leather pocket books in seal and monkey skin, just the thing for a Christmas gift at J. H. Booth's, Third st., opp. Belle. Mrs. Ilice left for ludianapolls, Ind., last evening, to visit her daughter, Mrs. J. L. Zink. Anna Dietschy has the finest assortment of Xmas candies in the city. Mr. Daniel Maher, of Alby street, has a new daughter at his home, who arrived last evening, Try the Best, "LaBelle," »4.00. Elegant Pocket Book in Seal.Morocco, Monkey and Snake Skin, from $210*5 Cheaper grades, but good 750 to $5 Sterling Silver Tea Spoons, per set $4 to $6 « « single " , 75cto$2 " Nail Files, good quality soc " Hair Brushes, heavy and strong $3 to $5 Also Silver Cloth, Velvet and Hat Brushes $i, «.25, i-so Don't forget we sell the best plated Knives and Forks made and guarantee them and will give new ones If they Are not as represented. J. H. BOOTH'S, 119 West Third Street. Mr. Rand Sohweppe left Minneapolis for home this afternoon, and will arrive tomorrow afternoon, Dr. A. oTfiarr, denttotjTlB W. 3d Bt A thief stole two pairs of shoes from a stand in front of the Model Shoe & Clothing Co. thli afternoon. Hand made mince meat at J. H. Bauman's. ^ Miss Adelaide Wright left for Wan- kesha, Wis., this morning, to spend the holidays with her parents. We keep open house until 8 p. m.— A. Neermanu & Son. Fresh Nuts, New Orleans Molasses, New York Buckwheat, Fine Fruit Cakes, i, 2, 5 Ibs. Fresh Eggs, Oars are fresh and best in quality. Sawyer & Keiser, Madison BldR.. Phone 185. Work on the addition to the glass works office is progressing nicely, and the annex will be ready for occupancy in a few weeks. Anna Dletschy's is the place to get your fine Xmas candies. Today was the * hottest day of the year, the date being that of the winter solstice. Today, theoretically, should have been the coldest of the year, 88 the BUR reached its bwest point In the southern heavens. Hun rose at 7:27 a. in. and set at 4:21 p. m. Days will now begin to lengthen out a few minutes each 24 hours and soon the difference will ba noticeable. At rednceif prices, the Capes and Jacket") are moving '*•',?» A( ,p N , 8 A pretty atomizer, and »omo sweet perfumes would do. -Paul Bros., drugs., Henry street. The Board of Public Improvements has accepted the Fifth aud Uldge streets paving contract from Contractor Kyan. After the adverse report of the Council committee, as to the acceptance of the work, It wftfl determined that the Board of Public Improvements needed some bolstering up, so three engineers were on- gaged to give the report a coat of whitewash. The engineers performed the duty for which they were hired and then the conscience of the Board of Public Improvements was clear. The board, it Is Interesting to note, consists of the officers who are responsible for the quality of the paving. _ Christmas fruits. For Christmas fruits, oranges, ttne apples, grapes, nnta and also ourist- masgrelns, holly. Christmas trees, etc., go to B. L'Bpplattenler, East Second street. Public Guardian- Needed. From what the TELEGRAPH'S Edwardsville correspondent says, it is very evident the county seat has a guileless quota of business men. The innocents who do business over there are easy marks for pretty women, keen men and unprincipled* fellows generally. We suggest to His Honor, Judge Early, whether It would not be a good plan to request the Public Guardian to take charge of the county seat's unsophisticated business men. HAAQBN'S show a beautifnllme of Angora fur sets tor children, at very low prices. For dolls and doll heads, souvenir cnps, vases, ornamenta and a large line of novelties for Xmas. Call at Norman's, 822 east Second street. Bowman & Co.'s Loss Adjusted. The adjusters representing the insurance companies interested in the fire at H. J. Bowman & Co.'s, have agreed upon a settlement with the insured, and the loss is now .adjusted. A satisfactory conclusion of the negotiations was arrived .at this morning, but as to the terms nothing can be learned. Mr. W. H. Humpidge today said to a TELEGRAPH reporter, that the terms are to be made known to no one, for private reasons. He also said that the adjusters are authority for the statement that the settlement is one of the quickest on record. The fire was extingulsned Saturday a 9 a. m., and in just 98 hours from that time the five insurance companies had agreed with the insured as to the amount of damages sustained. Mr. Bowman was very anxious to secure a settlement while the Christmas trade was still at its best and to this end ho and his assistants have worked night and day. The store will be opened for business tomorrow. UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE •"flHwSB :•: THE :•: PIERSON & CARR D, Q. Co. Will be Found In Their Office In the Second Story of Dorsey Fuei;Co On Piasa Street. LADIES ! MAKE YOUR OWN DRESSES. BROWNWELL & CLEMM, 1026 Second s\ FOR MEN. It's a difficult matter to purchase presents for a man that will appeal to his taste. You know it. Our Furnishing Goods do please th e great mBJority of them. When It comes to unlined, silk lined . and fleece^ lined. Smoke Holl's "Keystone" 10j» cigar. The street oars will leave North At- tou at 1:30 a m. Christmas in order to carry attendants to the early services at the Catholic churches. Yes, John; a box of nice candy would pleasd her.—Paul Bros., drugs, Henry street. • Llndley &DtoklnBon, uentlsts, NIs- bett bldg., opp. Pity Building. The Authors Club was entertained last evening by Misses Mills and Dickinson at the Conservatory rooms. The program was devoted to the works of Geo. W. Cable and Joel Chandler Harris. ' All the latest styles and shades in Kid Gloves are now on sale at HAAGlirl'H. Dr. G. A. MoMillen, dentist, post- office building. How Do We Do It? By having No Aieali. No Peddle", AaMIMIwMB. You pay one imall profit. Save One-ball 1 7 atylea to select from. Complete with all attachments and the many other incidentals of Men's wear, we can help you. Prices consistent with good goods. jail me !•••«* • Here l» a wonder no Celobrr—• '•»»^'"«t 2oj west jd st. - Alton, w co HAPQOOD PLOW CO. N . B ._ W o have no Agent., CunvuHW, or M. D. PHYSICIAN «nd SURGEON, uor. »nd»nd Market alt. It Pays to h«v the R<* Rf Best Goods. Prices Hlflht. A Irlal Order Convinces. T. M. ANDERSON, CROCER. Phono •"• - ° 38 tjnlon 8treet ' The lorry boat found the ice behind the dike so soft this morning that it was possible to break a passage through it to Jhe Island shore. Trips were made thereafter to the regular iiuding place. Shredded whole wheat biscuits and granose flakes at J. H. Bauman'B. Only four days more and then Christmas, and then filtered water. Santa Olaus Taylor still thinks he will je ready to leave pure filtered water n tho municipal stocking on Christmas eve. See J. B. Holl for Smoker Xmas gifts, 048 east 2nd st. The I'iorson & Oarr Dry Goods Oo. Ins not yet made a settlement with the insurance companies, as all the adjusters have not arrived. There IB no actual hurry for an adjustment and it is thought everything will have been straightened up la a week. Joseph Walters, a memberof Uo. H, 10.h U. B. Infantry at Ponce, Porto Rlpo, has been discharged from the army, and will bn home shortly. He Is a son of Mr. Louis Walters of North Alton. The young soldier has been 111 wiib jnalarla. His discharge IB dated November 8. The Princeton Cook Book. The ladies of the Presbyterian church of Princeton, III., of which Rev. Geo. W. Smith is pastor, have issued a cook book. It is handsomely printed, and bound In green board covers. It is attractive and neat. Its recipes are no doubt of t he highest order—at least we so, judge from the manner in which the mechanical part of the book is executed. The book Is dedicated to Mrs. George W. Smith, wife of the pastor, and h a delicate, faultlessly expressed compliment, which every one who knows her will recognize as most worthily bestowed. It is: "Dedicated to Mrs. George W. Smith, who, dear, near and true, no trner- has fed us all from her wealth ofTove and modesty, and made sweet Sur cups from musio lhat hath charms; °f sweeter life can be to thee.take th is, andknow that they who wrote it, honoring your sweet faith in them, S2ve known one most uncommon, a friend who loves at all times." Walls Are Dangerous. Fire Chief McDonald today condemned aa unsafe tho walla of-tho Pierson & Oarr D. G. Oo. building. The walla are old and in tha ordinary courseof events their useful ness would be over in a short time because of age, but the Ore of last .Saturday morning has put an end to them. Fire Chief McDonald noticed a few days ago that the walls were cracked and bulged so as to render them a menace to public safety. He made out his report today, and has ordered that the walla be at once torn down. This action of the Fire Chief will make a new building necessary. Mr. Johnson, of Philadelphia, owner of the Duilding will be in Alton next week. When he arrives ho will no doubt decide to erect a modern building in the place of the destroyed one. It will be the beginning of much needed advancement in the replacing of old dilapidated store buildings about town with modern structures and may thereby signalize the return of business prosperity to Alton. Fire Chief McDonald also eon dem- nedj the building occupied by H. J. Bowman & Co. aud served notice on Mr. Bowman today that tho structure must be immediately torn down. Tho four walU of both buildings are full of yawning cracks and the interstices of the bricks where mortar once was are now empty. Iron anchors have been placed in the brick work to help support the walls, but these anchors are pulling out under the strain and make the walla uuaafe to life and adjaining property. Mr. Bowman will erect a handsome new building to be occupied by his store. Iftheflra of last Saturday is to be the beginning of improvements in Alton's now long-neglected business district, it will prove a blessing in disguise, and 4 oue that no one, excepting the lnfmrj.uco compauies.need regret deeply. For many years this part of the city has been almost a disgrace to a town of the importance of Alton. Antiquated fronts and inconvenient, badly lighted business Houses have been tho rule, aud time has now come for a step forward. ^^ ^ ^^ ^ —-^ LOVE POWDER." j ( You d.n't need any IOTO powdcrl If, vou nre In lovo buy your sweoth hwt a box of Sparrow's Delicious Chocolates,{ an atomizer, or a bottle of rich, swell and «y.nuiaito pertumo. < ' Something to tickle the palate, please^ the ovo and BensB of smell / \ Remember your mo'hor your sister and -i her llttlo brother. Guaranteed strictly i fine and exceedingly fresh, at ) PAUL BROS., Prescription Specialists. / "THE CORNER DRUd STORE.", Henry and Second. ? - .X«k^^%J ."THE C C-WN^_ —•*<•' GOLD DOLLARS Cannot be bought in St. Louis or Alton at SOc. But we will give more for your dollar than St. Louis houses, quality considered. Sterling Silver Hair Brushes as low as - $2.00 " .. -~. . * I* t* * it _ .^ __ 11 ti I ire I fire I We are sorry to say that our entire stock of dry goods, notions, .fancy goods, toys, etc , was so damaged by Ire, smoke and water, that we are compelled to dispose of them at once. The entire stock will bo offered at a great Notice. Pioperty owners along EXAMINE OUR ClOTUES Ilnlsh at a fulr price, come to u». Buslnesi Suits $16 to$ZO, Cutaway* $20 up. Overcoatg.$l8 up. Anyway oorao In and BOO our gooda and prices] L 0. Brueggeman Tailoring Co. 321 Plasa .at. : MUFFLERS! A New Lot of OXFORD MUPFLERS jv# received. They are Beauties. Cashmere ttufflers, 3SC, soc and ?5C. Silk-Black, White and Fancy, soc to $1.50. j ^J^^^MM^k MM i. M. sew Third Street Clothier. IT I OPOI"LY U »v ».iw* 13 .•iw.-f, 1)110 llilv Ridge and Fifth street paving, wish- Ing to save interest, are requested to settle for the pavine on or beforo Monday, Dec J2J1, 181)8. Don't lose your bearings and go to Belle street when looking for Dorsey Fuel Co. They havo moved to 314 Piasa street. Try Holl's Buck Eye 5C Uigar. Bound Over to Grand Jury. Bud Brooks, one of the negroes charged with robbing the cash drawer at Felix Fortiu'a etoro waa bound over to the grand jury this morning i" the sum of §200. Uo pleaded guilty to stealing SI 01 from the drawer. His companion pleaded not guilty and he was diucharged UH thero is no direct evidence of his complicity in the offense. Christ nas Dlnnt.-. The soliciting committee for thq, W. 0 T. U. Christinas dinner huve mot w'ith a hearty response from all called UBOII. Those they havo failed to see, who wish to contribute, are requested to scud their donations to the old pout oflleo room, oily building Monday by ten o'clook. Cash contributions will be received by members of committee or Mra. Hurgoaa, treasurer. Tickets for admission will beimmed and can bo hud by applying to Mrs. Demuth, Friday, at old poslofflee room. _ UOM> Automatic Sewlnn Machine $33. Never sold for IOHH tlinn 8iir> to S»i>. Latent Improved. Did you over BOO a ladv who uoed nu Automatic that would use any other? Cull and see ihem ut Hupgood Plow Oo^ Masonic Installation. The liiBtallution exorcisoa of 1'lasa and Erwln lodges will take place tonight, at Masonic Temple. Immediately after tho Installation of olllcors of Alton Royal A roll Chapter, No. H, and Belvldttre Commandery, No. 2, Knights Templar will tako plane. A ijiuuiuet will bo Hiu-voil a!, the cloao of tho Insinuation. Christmas shoppers who Imye not looked at Sooly'a Imo pt</ok of Holiday Goodo oro making trouble lor tliom- solvi'H. Something for everybody can be found thorn uud It is BO oasy to llnjl what you want. Uo to Heoly'B book store. •sfe^ Trao% btampt. After Oct. 1 we will give trading stamps to cash customers.- -Dorsej Fuel Co. Stop that cou«h with Stanley's White Wne.—Paul's I'liarmuoy. CHRISTMAS GREETING. Our 46th Christmas finds us with a beautiful stock, and as in the years gone by, every article sold in our store will be just as represented. We have customers who send from as far away as California, Wyoming and Arizona for goods. If we were not the lowest in price and always reliable, would we receive such flattering orders and letters of commendation from old customers? Why should people go to St. Louis for jewelry. We can and will sell cheaper, and guarantee every article as to quality. Get our prices. E. H. GOULOINCI'S SONS, Alton, III. Christmas Oratorio at St. Mary's Hall, corner Third and Henry streets, Deo. 27-28. Admission tickets, 35 cents; reserved 50c. Reserved seats to be had at \\ yss' drug store, East Second street; admission tickets for sale at Jos. Miller's grocery store, Second and State streets; Peter Revland's, Ninth and Henry sts; Obas. Eckhart, Union st; Ohas. Dietz, East Second street; R. F. Seely and Gould- inc's. The number of tickets being limited you are advised to secure your tickets at once. Scott is the busiest tailor in town. Umbrellas for Christmas. Fine Umbrellas, gold and silver mounted, with fancy wood handles and silk covers, at J. H. Booth s, Third street^ Buy "LaBelle The best, 84.00. Dr.A.W.Kuo. Dentist, Hpaidlng bid. Wanted logo to Jail. A German shoemaker whose name is Carl Wakerhouser, threw a chunk of coal through Diez & Wolf's show window this morning, so that he might have a place to eat and sleep this winter. Wakerhouser has been out of work for some time and several weeks ago informed George Dietz, the senior member of the ttrm, that he would soon do something to put himself in jail unless he found a job. Breaking a window seemed to him tho easiest way to break Into jail. He was arrested this morning and lined $25 and costs. Cloth •' Tea Spoons, per set' Solid Gold Watches, for ladies as ' Chains, " " " ' " Set Rings, " " " ' «, „ .. . Gent's " ' 1.50 3.00 - 22.00 - 6.50 - i.oo - 2.50 See our fine line of Ladies' and Gent's Umbrellas. All goods just as represented. E. H. QOULDINQ'S SONS, Alton's Old Reliable Jewelry House. Patronage hangs on a thread; that thread U your satisfaction. Treat you honestly and it's as strong as a cable; abuse your confidence and it may snap like a cobweb. We are striving to build cables; therefore we handle teas and coffees imported by"Chase & Sanborn. This name means a great deal in these days of cheap everything; it is a name 'that brings you a guarantee and satisfaction that no other line of tea and coffee will produce. THOS- GOODIE, Agent for CHASE & SANBORN'SJImportations No. 26 West Second st. -j Telephone 8? Lovejoy Spoons. A new and fancy design of spoonp, just out. For sale only at J. H.Bootb'p. Lost. Two Irish setter dogs; oldest has white streak on face; answers to name "Mack." Other, 0 months pup; wart on under lip; answers to "Yankee." Howard given. -F. W. Olio, 1128 State street. Go to M. Moritz's for your collars, \5f, two for 26*, for your cuffs, 20f per pair. The best for the money. Christmas festival. The reorganized Vineyard Baptist Mission Sunday school will have a Christmas festival Thursday evening of this week, Mr. Bawers. superintendent. A nice program and troat for children IB being arranged for the occiiBion by young ItdiBH of Middletown. The Modern Mother lias found that her little ones are improved more by Uio pleaoant Syrup of l.-Jga, when In need of the laxative effects of a gentle remedy, than by auy other. Children enjoy it and it benefits them. The true remedy, Syrup of Figs, is manufactured by the California Fltt Syrup Co. only. A WHITELY EXERCISER Is a most approbriate Christmas Gift. It goes far towards making life worth living. It is simple, in expensive, good for alllweather and for everybody, young and old, ro- oust or feeble.and it is recommended by physicians the world over. Prices Reduced io $2.50, $3.00, $3.50 and $4.00. formerly $3.00, $3.50, $4.00 and $5.00 A. L. FLOSS, Third st. opp. Belle CHRISTMAS FOODS. Good and Cheap. A punt on«Pt cni*M or TARTAR POWOIB •DR. No. 400 Belle street. Aromatic Coffees, Choice Teas, Fine Spices, Raisins, Currants, Citrons, Olives, Oranges, and Nuts. Fine Candies. Fresh Celery and Oysters. BAUMAN, CREAM BAKING PtWDLR Awarded Highest Honors, World's Fair Gold Medal, Midwinter Fair Phone 187 TOYS! A large anU complete line of TOYS np-to-dave Jut Which we are ready to show to all. Wagons, from W up; XrowsTw np; Qo'Oarta, aB^upj Doll Gab., W up) OJmlw, Ufm SZ W up? Banto, V up, Tool Utart., ^ up,DoU* Mop. 8JJ,, Hobby Horses, Deeke, Black Boards, BaBeUj Doll Bed. .ndOwdttf, Bide Boards. Stick Horses and Chimes, Lauudery Beta, Drwafc Sloe, Trunk* Saw and Saw Back, etc. All kind, {of Ctam* A; great variety of Penny Good*. H. A. BETZ,A50R

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