Algona Courier from Algona, Iowa on November 23, 1894 · Page 8
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Algona Courier from Algona, Iowa · Page 8

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, November 23, 1894
Page 8
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SH. .IV vt* % ijb $' A"' I 1 ?' 1 s &> >» !'• ajffy -> ' fe/ .. G3L. f ?. • $'•' If" • f ! v „' ' doV SPECALIST. Spectacles scientifically fitted and guaranteed. MASON CITY. - - IOWA GO TO THE Fine % Crockery THE COURIER, ALGONA, IOWA, FRIDAY MORNING, NOVEMBER 23, 1894 •AT- Sexton, Iowa For Bargains in Dry Goods, Groceries, Hats, Caps, Boots, Shoes, Hardware, Harnesses, Paints, Oils, Drugs, Patent Medicines. AT THE NEW STORE. Just arrived; bought in Chicago on my way home from the east. It will pay everybody in Kossuth county to call, as I have the finest stock of groceries that can be bought. Prices to suit the hard times. FRUITS of all kinds of the best quality, Anyone wishing to buy their Flour for the year I will give u good discounted warrant every sack. Salt by the barf el. Do not forget that you can buy more from me for one dollar than at any other store in Iowa. Thanks for past favois, and 'yon Will always find me ready to satisfy you wants in my line. JAMES PATTERSON. COWLES BLOCK, _ _ ALGONA, IOWA. Do you want I handle the Best Minnesota Flour At the Lowest Price. All kinds of farm produce taken in 4 exchange for goods. I always pay the highest market price for butter and eggs. I want 10,000 dozen eggs this week. ^•Givemeacall. AUG. STUDER, - Sexton, Iowa. Shoes to wear well. Shoes to fit neat. Shoes to look nice. Shoes that you can buy cheap Then go to Brownell's. Reid's €etrman P>f, S3 s cure Constipation and Maiaria. SyEvan Gum purifies the broatSi. SOLD, BY L. A. SHEETZ. Our Rubber goods are the best made, will wear longer and give you better satisfaction than any you buy elsewhere. We are sure to please you. THE BROWNELL ULLRED, Cash Shoe House. ALGONA, IOWA. ° W 0-nnri ™ watch It is to your best interest to have it remain a good watch, and should it need any repairing take it to Mr. Hyde. He has •fob PVPrKp 1 , 8 ^" 8 ? act i? al experience as a watch repairer, 'and no botch St0ck A. L. HYDE, The Jeweler. COWLES' BLOCK, with "THE LEADER." ALGONA, IOWA. Manufacturers and Dealers in rn :C ALGONA, - IOWA. We will save you money on the following: Belting of all kinds-leather, Gandy and rubber; complete-stock of Engineer's Supplies; Gas Pipe and fittings; Globe Valves; all Cv^n^ 0?r ? r a' HOSG aUd HOS ° FlttInffS! ° US ° f a11 klnds ' Wo hav ° a lar S° Btook of •«Sr m™, n P ^ r °f ° a 8p ° olalty - ; Lar ^° stook ° f o th « goods too numerous to mention. Give us a call. Factory and supply house near 0. & N. W. Depot. ALGONA, IOWA. We wo\rid call attention to the fact that we are located here permanently, for the manufactures and sale of cemetery work in Marble traplte and Stone. We now have and intend tojteephiatooka fair line of finished Monuments, Headstones, etc., und will guarantee •"SJi?2£ to be equal to the best. ' We are the 2JJ& ?? ain Ji?S otu | ers of cemetery work in Kossuth Co. Therefore, please give us a call be- Sf?»^ laol ^ your 0 £? er , an ,9 ^ convinced that by fair and honorable dealing, we are worthy your patronage. HAL, Is & COMPANY, ALGONA, 'East State St. IOWA. Scott & DaHey, -:- Artesian Well Contractors. -:• We have the only cable steam drilling machine owned in the county'. Sink wells for water supply for, towns, cities and railroads. Special attention to farm well work. Estimates cheerfully made on application, We employ only expert drillers. .Address, 8COTT& DAILBY, AlgonaTiowa. Do You A steady paying job with largest house in the west, SO » • v • • • » years established. With our facilities we can make a good salesman in two weeks from raw S,J!S!# t "ric T IP < l ry S W that «s warranted toirmw «K,i« c t^o,i«»i«« seed-potatoes in WORK MAGNETIC NERVINE Is guaranteed to core Nervous Prostration, Fits. DlKl- ness, Headache, Neuralgia and In- BOmnla., Great ei. oeaees in the nee, ol tobacco, opium, alcohol, ana In other directions, bringing on Dole WW, STORM SASH ! As winter is approaching and'every body says it a severe one, would it not be a good idea to get st clows. I am selling them at prices to suit the times, is and to be I win- can o-i ve " , you any size. Speaking about shingles, I have just received "my third car .load of red cedar shingles. Also haye pine from $1.50 up. If you want shingles come and see me. I can save you money F. S. NORTON. ALGONA, The Newest! The Nobbiest! BOOTS AND SHOES Are to be had at - B. H. Anderson's . At Stough's Old Stand. We haye 'a Great Variety of New Goods that we are selling Very Cheap. Don't fail to see us if you want the Best and - want to buy Cheap. »* « State St., Algona, Iowa. B " H. ANDERSON, ^ Foundry and Machine Shop , , MITLLIOA & BUSH. Propg. stay.,- as. Iron and brass casting and boiler' work £|l pjpe flttJngs anc} brass goods of all, kinds, in 9PPP j eastQfJ5,utherfor 1 d House, ' . * » ' v V , IOWA* its i WttlTTEMOKE HAPPENINGS, Sam Drake? Everybody knows Sam. well, he was In our city Tuesday. Our diphtheria patients are improving. , Whittemore sports an auction store. Geo. E. Boyle sold 120 acres of land Monday. J. M. Farley Is improving in language. He speaks Dutch quite fluently; i Geo. DeGraw is visiting relatives in the city. One of G. E. Boyle's carriage teams got badly kicked Monday. Dr. Sayers was in attendance. Hester Bros, are fltting up their store building and will put in a stock of drugs. McDonnell, the 0., M..&Sb.t>. R.E. claim agent, is in the city settling up flre Claims. v J. M. Farley has the new siding In and has things as handy as a pocket in a shirt. A :Y m> KprMe, Thos. McGovern, John Aiden, (Jhas. Lathrop, A. Berseninus and quite a number of others went to I«ort Dodge Tuesday as witnesses in the Kohen case. Phil Dorweiler, of West Bend, was in the city Monday making up his docket in the Dr. Felling case. 0. C. Wolf, of LuVerne, was up Saturday looking after his landed ^interests and visiting with relatives. •.--• A. ^H. Dorweiler has a carload of fine Missouri apples in store and is now ready for the winter campaign. Marshal Smith is rounding up the tramps in fine shape. Jack is a cuss. L. Booth has this week sold his new stone building to Hester Bros., of Emmetsburg. They, we learn, are going to put sn a.drug store. Thos. eomfort, the engineer who rundown and killed Chris. Kohen, the coal heaver, ayear ago last winter, was in the city looking up evidence Monday. Two runaway teams in the city at one and the same time was excitement enough for one day, and that was oust what happened. Thos. Corcoran will be married soon before Christmas. The firm that bought the H. Goetsch stock of goods are just making things We omitted to notice the new baby at Weisbeck's last week. , It's a girl, a fine one, and the first in the family. Jas. Nolan went to Chicago with cattle last Saturday. Jim is rushing the cattle biz. • Editor Albin, of the Champion returned from West Branch, Iowa, Monday evening. Whittemore cast the same number of votes this year as she did last and gained about thirty republican votes. There were no stay-at-homes in Whittemore. Mr. : and'Mrs.--Nic Finnegan have rented their restaurant and intend rusticating for a year. , . Vaughn & Son, of Emmetsburg, were in the city Monday. They are fine tailors and do a square biz. J.M.Farley is quite sick. :He has .9. box of pills in one^pocket.ran'd-a-'bgt- tle of quinine and whisky in the other. With these .assistants he manages to hobble around and attend to biz. •••-.;• :" ' A. M. Fisher, our butter and egg man, went to Spencer Saturday oven- ing. There is a rumor that .Addisoh Will wed and locate in biz for himself. We say success to you, A. M., wherever your lines may be cast. J. C. Raymond and. son were in the city attending 'Squire Hache's court Monday. Our city will have waterworks in the near future. , All that's now lacking is a few scads, and they will be forthcoming at the prfiper moment. If Whittemore could secure another attorney we would just be in the swim. The average Whittemoreite is in need of so much counsel, that the daily trips to Algona in search of advice is^quite astonishing. Attorney, McMahon and J. J. Kann were in the city Tuesday, McMahon on legal bizness and Kann just for the fun of the thing, and the ride, it was such a fine day. The 0., M; & St. P. E. R. came off victor in the Kohen case in the U. S. court at Fort Dodge. The judge did not even let the case go to the jury, holding that the company was not liable and the court and jury would make a verdict accordingly. As Thanksgivingdraws'near the big turkeys appear to be getting very much fatter. And all the big bugs, with their feet upon rugs, are priding themselves upon turkeys. To the saloon they will go and the dice they will throw for a chance to win them a gobbler. If they make it a go, the cost of the.throw will come out of the poor little cobbler, A. L. Bellman, an employe'in the lumber yard of J. M. Farley, got his leg broken last Thursday. A pile of lumber fell on him, breaking his leg below the knee. Dr. Davis, of Emmetsburg, came clown and set the limb, and 'we trust Bellman will be around again in/a few days, Silver Weeding. Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Schulor celebrated their 25th marriage anniversary at their home in Wesley township on theeveningof October25th. About forty or fifty of the friends and neighbors of Mr. and Mrs. Shuler participated in the festivities of the occasion, Mr, and Mrs, Shuler were the recipients of a goodly'number of well chosen presents and a slower of congratulations and best wishes for their future happiness and prosperity, The following are the,name,s of/those present and the presents.recejyedj _ N „>' MUsMautona, Oliver te'aspoopsj Henry Pas- TPgali fivepllvor Qollarsj ; Mrs, Molans, 'silver syrup o\ip: Mrs. Ziuozaek, pfotuvpt Mrs. Meyers,, silver teaspoons; Jim. Ku hod spowli Mrs. Soliaben, one silverdollai'; Mrs, Potter, silver ispoons; Mrs. Sohow, silvev nap. ^^Sffl^T^E^Wi^^SJoSfew. 9?P JEWEL STOVES nrnnrnm Are the outcome of years* experience (designing, construct-i ing and testing oi stoves." In them arel combined all the best devices known to stove maker. They are OW8L built upon right lines to give the greatest degree of heat at the least expense of fuel, of I the right material to give the longest service at the i least cost for repairs. TThey are of the latest patterns, I finished in the handsomest manner. Ask to see them at the dealers. The Trade Mark will identify the genuine. ct—' 031 318. Oil W. H. 1NGHAM, Pres. j. B. JONES, Vtce-Pres. LEWIS H. SMITH, Ca 8 hleip56 f KOSSUTH eOUNTY STATE BANK. A ALGONA, IOWA. CAPITAL,, '. - - $50,000.0 Beposusjecelve, ^^^^^^^^^a^ .famlth, J.B. Jones, T. OhrlschlUes. Lewis H. SmlthlSlO! .8tt W. wadsworth, . K. FERGUSON, AMBROSE A. CALL, Pros. D. Hr A0TCIIINS. V-Pres. 0. D. SMITH, Ass't Cashier. FIRST N/fTIOJ^AL B/cNKJ ALGONA, IOWA. CAPITAL,, - - $50,000. ir -i ySS? Spocifil .Attention Piild. to nollppHnnc «=* Money always on hand to loan at reasomiblo »t«. to panioiflio can furnish Cash Capital - $5O.OOO.OO, OFFICERS AND DIRECTORS. A. D. CiiAitKB. PRES'T, , 0. 0. CHUBB, V. PHES'T, T. H. IiAKTrtv. CASHIER, GEO. L. GrALBnAlTIT, W. O. TVURELI,, MYHON SCHBNCIC. THOS. F. COOKE. Algona, Iowa. ' \ •: •- - / . . . ...~: \ i i . GENERAL BANKING//'' Private Safety Deposit Vaults A.N.DRAKE, , President. WM. WIEMER, Vice Pres. Capital. FltANK WIEMER, Cashier. $25,000.00. B G. RICH. Asst. Onshlor. STATE BANK OF LEDYARD., fiTIoterest Paid on Time Deposits. . ^ nnrf 7 ---••-....— banking we do a Heal Estate business. Hav and improved land for sale or rent. Farm loans made at Lowest Eat LEDYARD, - - IOWA. I wish to say to the public that I handlethe best Sewino- Machines and Organs that are made, and I desire to show my goods 0 to all ner The WlbELER 1 WlLSO ALGONA, bOUIS IOWA. NEW GROCERY FIRM. HALEEN (STPETERSON. Four doors North of the Opera House. We have opened a new grocery store and will carry a line of Choice Fresh Groceries of all k Inds. We solicit your trade. We take butter andemreiS. exchange for goods. We sell as cheap as any house in town. Try us! HALEEN & PETERSON, Algona, Iowa. TO 'O2sT - Improved - Farms. - r , - KQS JPP- ^Uver sugftV spoon and two silyei flollars; 4 Mr, Gilbrfde, silver grlne," Blfyov Piokpl castor r, Mjv%,n4 .'Mrs. PfljtiJi Bilve.i' ?|^?Jf^V^l v v V ,-•>>> And to Reduce my Stock some I will sell at - - - „ Away Down Prices On Everything in Stock ! Come early and' get the first chance of all the Bargains, ' J, R, LAIR.IS), - i\. >-

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