Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on March 8, 1927 · Page 1
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 1

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 8, 1927
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=:r:rA:?:^ta3tcRtCAL so 7 0rF :KA .KA.K|*: • VOLUME XXXr No. 115. ~ Irlie Weekly Reslster. Kxtabllshed ISfiT. Th<- lol.i I>;i)l.v «f Klstcr. Kstabllsliod 1897,' IOL AI KAN., TUESDAY EVENING, ^lA^CH 8. 1927.1 Successor to The lola D:»ily RcKiftirr. The ilola W\\\y Record, and lola iMily Index. EIGHT PAGES THREEPOWER MEET SOUGHT United States Has Made Limitations Meetinf? Proposal to Creat = Britain and Uapan. ; WashlilBfoil. Miir. S. (APi The H 'iiitMl SI ;i (.>'S <l<'fiiiitcl.v pro, IioKi 'd 111 refit IJrilaiii ami .lapail a Ihrt'c ]iowci^ naval limitaticiii i <in- li'rciKH' to iiioel n (Jciufva not ear? 1 <T than June first. •. Ill the evciit of .a«i oiitaiuc liy Iho I>ondon and Tokyo Kovirn- iiipnl:. which have not a.s vol ru- I»li<'(l. Kiami.^ ami Italy prohahly will In- a.skeil to send rciircseuta- tive:-: III Iliu lOlifeiflH «.' as ol(^«-rv- crs. • • Till' ni 'W invitation is liinliTMiiiud lo I 'oiit.aiii no dcjcinitt; 'Torniiila for, fixinp inaxiniuiu) UiniiaKe Mini a- lions ii|ioii c''r.s. di -slroyirs -a id . .siibniarincs. Tho purposr or lire ioiiffrfiiiv at C'ilK'Va- will be to exii'lore tile |lO^^- sihili'ies at anivius at an uiiiler- stviidiiig- for tlu.-i'e iiiaxiinuin tonnage limitations which could l^o accepted, jiarl jclilavly ''>' (Ireat i'>ritaiii as a Kuropean power and ill view of the non-participation ol France ancl Italy In the asueeniciil. Tin; Wasliington Kovi;riinient rec- ogiii/e.s that such liniitatloiis on | < onsiriiclion ;'s it hopes iwill he { reacl '.eii must lie subject to jicriorlic \ review by the three Bovevnmeiils f Realijfhmeilt of War Lords Hoax, Tragedy VOTE LIGHT IN ELECTION TODAY Vi'dii Ut'llijfi'iililo lonsfil lo lie li» I 'll lik^ till* lieniiiiKs In story lioolts Arv^ litvi-iL Sii I IH* lit -jPHr-"'"!" .«iir >hiilll «wii, la., irlrl wnijiv I<'t:«'rs to hirseli . I 'roni iiii'iiriiiary Milti»r>< iUiil sliiMffil tlieiiij Id lir>r iliitire. (•|iiirlr>i U Klrod, A« a r**- snll Klniil's lioil .v «\:i> I'oiiiiil in Ill 's liiilel nioiii I lie oliii -r d :i}. It is bflii 'trd; thill .iealiiiis3 led liim lo iJiliP Ills OH II lii'e. Only One Contest Billed, So Citi/^hs NeKljfct To Use' Franchise ,To Nominate I (Candidates. I nil s'< lola cjtjzcns flock into till' polls late Ibis aflernnon. the Vote ill 1 he' primary election will be iiiiii.--ually Hniall. At 'i o'clock this afternoon each of the seven polliii); p|a <'4 -s In lola reported iiiiiisiiully light voting. This was attributed to the fact iliai tlii'ie is virtually nothing at stake in today'si election, with tl)e "•.vceiition of the eliiiiiiialioii of one of the three candidates for finance civiiimi.'jsioner. Concert in told Friday PupiLs Will Sin« With Kansas City Mttk- Symphony Orcheslni in ('<incerl Friday Aflcritoun—Stud­ ents Sing With Records. Padlock Queen BeginniiiK tlii.s arUTiioon, aJl 'the (iiiiidii-n of the Krade .school.s are meeting uilli Kji,li.s o^ce each day lo practice the .song.s they jire to sing Witih thf; City l;itt!e Symphony orciiestra as a part of the difternoon concert Friday of thi.s week4 liiii -st of its'?' • --- — - — Voting places first Hajn ward. Memorial are as follows: St (hilrch; second hall; third ward, CAPTURE OF SHANGHAI IS SEEf* TODAY Expected tontroi to Iby cse; North Has New Menace. ill the light of building programs! in sinrilar types of ships w liii li may be undertaken by any ihinl i goverjimeiM not: a party lo the! agrceiiiciit.' • > j It is belleveil; tn U'^isliingtini.V however, tha(-yi satisfactory arrangement for rt'conslderlng the nia'x'iiiiiim UnnxTH'. .limilatioiis in any da.-'s jif auxiliary Hl |ips' an- ; iniaily^ if ii^'ccssary, tan Ijj; worked i out a< (Jei'i'Va. . ! • ! The .I-.-.-:; ratio applied to first-! ,Sh,in>;|i;ii, Mai. v lAl'i | .Sb;lMl• lille naval'ivessels of tjie I'nited liai's .N'nrtlieiii d tiiid-'rsi iinder Klate.';. Cii'al Itrltiiin and Japan.';''•''"''••'' '''i:'"- Tsunu-t bang mday respectively, by tliii \Vasliiiigton i Londiiii. isli observers idete conllol the Caiiloinse: Result in Canton- Mllll Of .Caiiloni till .Mur. X. (.\l'i liril- foic'-.'e the coiii- of .Shangliiil by slidi-ly as a r"- i'e,'ill);niiii'iil of the w,:r lurds. Kl .re department" iioiirlli ward. .Me- .Muiray fabinet sluiji;. fifth ward, .less Howard bu Iding; Sixth ward, Sclioinenis groi:ry; scliool dis- i irici, ouiside of city limits, first ; fbior of I ourt hi use. | j A.' II. Ilccox, presclit finance |Coiiiniissioner, O. W. HptniPs and .1. I). Arneit are in the race for fi- \ ! nance commissioner, with one I booked to be eli'minaied in today's i voting. 1 \ W. K. Kalsion A. U. .S!.cper and ; .1. |(;. Stadler a c (riindidate.s. for' : iiiebibers of the jlioard of education. | ! As lliere are Ih ^-ee vacani'ies to bo lillji'd. all will I bo eluded iii the Hdicial as well' as tin.' primary! i .lections. : ! i .\(elvln Kroiik has n -i opposition ' ! forj treasurer of ilie bounl of edit- ' • catjoh. s ' Voting lireiiiicls ojieiied at 7 o'l lii <'k Ibis inorniiig ai)d will re-: luaiii open until 7 'o'cloek tonight.' 'I 'lii-ri' |s no doUblf^counting board ill Use during the primary and no voles will bi> counted until after llie )>olIs are closed at 7 o'clock tonight. This ondiestra. the type in 4he whole ciinntiy. is beingjH"" Varloiis schools of the rit.v. brought to lola by The iniisic depart iiient of the schools, primarily with the' idea of givitig to the children of the .schools tie opportunity t,o hear music of^ tlu-i better typo that is^ within tlivir iioniprelionsion and grasp. 'This ii!e:i is worked out in part by having the children sing three of the foll^ h'Jings which will he pla.ved by. the orchestra; and these" are being practiced now under fhe supervision of .Mi.s.s i Kuli.s. Ilecordsof the selections tluit the orchestra Will iday have also been ptiicl»a.sed anil the children have been listening for weeks to the records as. I hey have been played in BE IN WEST ALL SUMMER .—- \ President, However, Has Not Announced Place He WiH Vacation; He Likes the Middle west. Washington. .March ^. President (•oolidge .iiil'-iidN l" spi iid the summer in the west. He has made no selei liirriniioiig the in.-iity sninnier i'i--iileii( is offered him in v.i-sli lii slal^^. but be has niade ill) 1"^ mind to estublisb ! Tlji- evening concert i.s ol]^ a different type, simply j reiircsenting high'class musical i i |nterta !niiient fur who enjoy gi^od music excellently played, 'flliis concert is open to til where beyoiiil tin- .Vlbglu iiies. Offers that he reg.'jrds as very tempting have co 'iie liu liiiii from places covering 'tin- .^iiiicii from .Michigan to I'lah. lie diH 's not want to siiend the snmnier too far away :fi'iiiii Wa .'^li, , ,, inglon but he feels the west -woiild from .Moran. I^-Harpe. j ,„,,,.,. of the country. t !ie elrvatimi and a dollar, cert J the ,I'"l'l!'^:'M>0|)ular prices |,V ,,,,,, ^„„„.. the inost ebcpensive seatsfbeing only | In patronizing this, con- 1 I iiblii; will have done its i parl'jin. m;iking the afternoon con-' cert jiiossilile for the youiigsK'rs at till- liominiil price of la cents. Reports from the coiiininiiities neari lola jiidicatt <lelegation.>t Oas City .-ind Colony that sizeable will for till may ibe livening resierved be hen concert. Tickels now at the .1. V. MILLER GETS 18M0NTHSIN FEDERAL PEN .Merchant .lewelry company. siiLMRir INCdNTEMPT TRIAL TODAY Former Alien! Property,Government Opens Case W.C.LUJMEET IS HELD TODAY foiinil Ih.i'insi-h'i's I'.HIMI with ;i new . , ,, , . mi-naciv Tin: CiMiiones" have now arms treaty, also will be consnlen d i j,, ,.„„^^. ,„.,.„p.,.,| u .ibu. about if the three power confcvciice jdaii | niile> up tli ^'.ingise rrom .Van-! is accejitcd. " j kins; and roughly L'Oii , miles west | The .lapan^'Sif aifcptance of the of tljiis city. i:,i[iei 'al ctiani .'lliere-| protecting off til, Attendance Is (lood—The Meeting in Charge of , State President. Custodian Also Is Fined $5,000 in Federal Court Today. .New York. .Mar. S.i (Al'i Tliom- a.f \V. .Miller, fiirnnir alien property custodian, toilaji was sentenced to servo I.S months in federal prison and to pay a| fine of tr'.OiJO when arraigned in federal court. .Miller, aliPii i)ropH... i usiodiun in the Harding administration, wa.s convicted last Kriiiay of conspir- a<'y to defraud the • I'liited .Stales of his honest and best services in conne<'tion: with , the allowaiico of • alims for *7.<M»(M)0(I . Harry .M. Daiigberty, former attorney general, was indicted with .Miller but the jury disagreed on Daugherty cool'climat'- wliicli In- iiiliiids lo make a prereniii>i (e of any bc- tioii he may make. -Veither has he diciibd jll ^l wlieiii he will leave \Va -<hiiigtiiii. lie n--' '•••lili.v moved out of ilf U 'L:il<-; lloiihe to iieriiiil ext <-nsive re ij.-urs , I'l be' iiiade In Ibe iippiT siciy ai'.d roof, and is' cnmliirtably housed j now in one of .Washiiigion'.- tii.est i resiliences on tm I'onl. Cirile. | 'it is unlikely lie-u ill'clni ')-e an-: other moving day until be: bi•^:Il •r'. to feel the 'pressure of real sinimH-r weather, iierliaps as late as .Inly or .^ For years .Mr. Coolidgv has suffered from a liiild lironchial trouble that has made Washingioii sum- [ mers particularly ikpreS ;Sive fori him and' has led biin to seek fiigiieri .'lit ilildeH for bis vafafions .J. I Qui .ie aside from that considei >i-; . tioii. he is .--aid by bis. inliniali '.s li>i I desire lo become belter aciiuaiiiNd ^ Washington. Mar. V (Al 'l - Conn • ; f "H •'••'I middlewest. H' has greatly enjoyed t^iiis into that Uurinir her year anil a half lis assistant Ciiited Slates dis- ITICI .attoriiej in (liicagn, .Miss .Mary I*. Ilailey lias closed up liiore than 11)00 sjirakeasirs and lilimi pigs. Her proHcss ill (raining rontielinns Im.s earner hor Ihi* title, •'I'adlock IJiiern." Aviator Flies Over Region —Reports Refugees Fleeing While Homes Burn Down. • 0 ^1 Lessee of Teapot Dome With State Making Sentence Suggestions. sei for Harry K. Sinclair in iiis! seii.itn cojileinpl trial here today succnc'dedjiii blocking former .Senator A.I IJ. jAdanis of; Colorado from n<wi-)n^', Rj HlHleinent to t !ie conrt about ,tll<'lease, even after t'lie jury had iieeii 'excluded from the room. .\daiii(i.jh'ad. b-eif stopped from testifying I by lawyers for" the lessee of 1tea |)ot Dome, but as he wan excu.sT'iljIie said he wanted to make an iiKiiiiry of the court. .Mardn '\W. Littleton and fJeorge I'. Hoover, Sinclair's attorneys, I section IJouse, Knnsa.'j since enteritiig the Whiti- particularly bis jninney u> City Jast .\riiiis(ice day SENATE KILLS SUNDAY FILM BILL, 23 TO 11 Apt Votes for "Measure as Offered — Many Members Fail To Vote, on Measure. Kyoto, Japan, Mar. 8. (AP):-^Two thou.sand per.'^on.s perished ill yesterday's e^arth- (jiiake, ail oflicial announce- jment today .said' j Officials (if the observatory I at Csaka say that, a.s far as .•vve-stern Japan is concerned, the (luake was the severest since 1851. j Tokyo. .March S. TAI»|—An Osalta . dispatch to tlw .Mainichi ^Iiimbua says airplanes with photographers' ivbicli flew over Hie Tango tjis-- trici today saw inucb smoke indicating thai a number of villages have caught fire. Ant-like sWarms of refugees could b'" .sighted from the tdane w;ilking along the rail- roail tracks' ; ' It was rijiorled that no foreigners were injured atO.'-'aka or Kobe except in the incident • vfhere the gangplank of the tourist steamer : California fell-. Tolfyo. .lapan. .Mar, .S.., fAP) — liispatc-bes trickling in o\-er crlp- |)led telephone :ind telegraph linea indicate the casiiHllies in yester-. ilay's earth qtiake in central: .lapan including both i |e ;Hl and injtirod may reach ."i.oiiii. This figim!', Iiow- ever. is' speculative. | on their feet stioutingj original five i |)f)wei-l plan indicated :!iat .lapau njiight .seek a different ratio for smaller crali. Wasliiiig- lO'Ti joflicials- do not believe, how- «-<eH that tbe ratio (iiies'tfoii "Aill prove ,1 real "stniiibling block at ti '/lieva. . • \, The lentaiiv]J> plan for invitin.u France and lljaly 'to observers at Che three power' cou; feicnce is in line with the desire of the Washington govcriinK 'nt to e:nj )hasize that'it would have pre- teri -ed a five power discussion, and iloc!s not regard the points made ill 'the f'rfuch and Italian rejec- li'jiis as warraiitihg a. (efiisal to participate.' fore, l:iceil villi rear wlille slau iin;j toni;se ill his l:'aii- .Kiioiiiin'.ini:' are flyinu Dir Chen Tiao-V bis fillies ill ( have official t'"'"''"^'' '-'iid adher- <i '•inlDiiesi t • flans iimlioui Wiiini. ling is cmii-iiirating oiitiii lion Willi Can- jaiiil the indictment against him j both were ' was dropiJod. • idijectioiiH. I - ; .Miller's counsel, .\aron Sapiro, ! "Is jt :tboiit this case'.'" di>mand- Tb" annual couniy institute of announced that he would appeal. ]eil I.,iltlol.f)n. the W. C. T. I', is being h(dd today ; .ludge .lohn C. Knox granted I'l' 'Its aljout my connection the Cliiistiaii <hurch with u i lioiirs in •Ahiili to file appeal. .Mil-! the ca,se."| Adams replied. and ler and his wife then left for their I "I object," said Littleton, pro- home in Wilmington. Del. Hail of | ' .Instlce jHitz qxcused the jury .•ind wcro I «'•«« continued .pending tin ' ' " a|)peal aetion. He has'been told by his iini-i trust ed adyiserx that he: shoiilU visit !-Sunday oftener the people of the vve.-,i. w lio I remain iiiidii seldom see'a presiileiit. I.i',v" b.iri. ili Particiibirly since be c.iine (o a ' Iia.rting of the ways w'ilh'tbe laiiii liloc in congress and wrote a vein at the end of the persi-tent carci'r of the .Mc.Vaiy-ll.iiigcn farm ^)ill adininistralioii senators and oriier:- liigli in eouii.sels have gone to the White House i.n iiicria^- ing numbers to urge their chief t-) Tiipilva, Kan.. .Mai 'di S. (.\I 'I ii'ioviiig ; picture «;ljow.s 'will blue decided bill which the licensing the |J .<aiisas b.iTi. Ilie st.ilc'.senali I t'Kiav ill killing Hie ' •.ki 'iiild li.iv- iwriiiill'd the .Sabbath of' lilin ixbibitions on Til-' vote w:is 1 1 to Tli<- bill would 'have lifted a ban • in Sunday ainiisemeiits in Kaiisa.'^ plac'd ,oii tlie|statnte books in l.stjs Siiiiil :y labijir of telephone girls conductors iind other eui- PUblic utilities operating 1' hiiiil.;r the public utiiities conimis- iTells Current Topics Trip to Florida! In Winter. ents I til. Iiriiyill Clia nor which f the Kiiojiiinlaiig cl.-iiiii that •ombiiiatinn liolils .\nliwci as far niiilli ,is l.uilinw. till I 'ontrols lb rough riiji.- the Tiiititsin-I'iikow 'lia|i:;-Ts!iiiq-j'haa^ stil I 'lieasiiin • '.\nliwej. a; I vi.ry satisfactory attendance an iiiiciiiiiiiionl.v interestint Ki'.ini. The inorning hours I'-alureil by ibe annual re|>(irls of ilic county officers and particularly by the striking; and iliforiiiativi: .iddrcss by .Mils, t.illian .Mi!i-liner, State I'i'i-.sid. nil of the W. C. T. C. After the nolin luncheon, which was largely attended, the. follow- with I laki? .SOUK! personal., lirsi band ob-i .;,,. servations in tlie agru iilliiral wist i |||,jyis of Although iio;.hing w;is said of " in a While House di.sclusure nf the! <i„„ also would have fceen legalized Jiresulenf.s intentions toda.v. there j spi cibcallv bv the bill. Spon.sors IS no doubt .Mr. (>>olidge will de-| „f die bill contended t'bat this labor during railway. tl|i;iiiain iomiiiui ;ii :ilion with Ills li'Jiiii' ,b ;ise. Cbii , ^'ij-l'u. inilitaiy i;ov:.riior of chifili iand tJie .WiLshington I "'X' <>f "le bia fiv.- of I lie; .\nf{iio- followed, a more which it is liot in today's pa- anxrous that thc|<'bun (allied .Vortbern armies i j has 1'ciige. are fiillv ad- 1 ••'.<'" li-ntrustinl willi ilie lIl •fen^ie of i fal In any event, governnifnt will be _continental 'ptiweri vised as to all thjal transpires atj"i'' raihvay. . He has broualit c<m-: power confer- 1 siderable iforces down toward IKii-, . ; ! • ^bow.^ . ' . ! -: the uroposed eiice. There is no plies from l.ondoni 111' at ing program was • •xlendeil reporl ol] practicable tO; 'giv per: ' ! .Sonir .Servicel 1 : .'in, o"<lii.-k. ; nible Lessoni I.iike LM:!:'.. "Serve'the I'jescnt :.\ge." a dial- BILLS FLOOD HOUSE TODAY vote such time as he i an his wei!ter ntrip to a study of fariii conditions and lot.ilks with rliit fa'riiiei 'S. It is expected be will make a speerdi or two during the iriii. Ill •tbrel. iniilmatioii when re- ^ aiul "i'ukyo imay (!eii<>ral I'i Shii^Cheii. coiiii'iaiid- , IT in the SliaiiL'hali area for Cliang expected..•aithoiigb offivials jiere i Tsiing-( liaim. l .-ft for .N.inking confiilcnt. of ^ultiimite accept-,|.arly tlifs morning with a (iontiiii;- aiiie. The .lapfitiese answer, in par- ;ent of irimps. I'i's lontiniied pii'--' ' ticular. may be delayed several i .-nee in SbanL-bai bad previously days as tile sessions ol the_ .lajian-' been iminted in as proof tiiat .tlie esc ' diet now are approaching a , Slianttinges" were deleiiiiin '-d 'o dose. ; ^ - ' j hold all of Kiaiiksu proviiii ••. In .\t -the. White liouse it was disclosed that i 'lH 'sident ("oolidge regards the leiilatiye advices thus far received -fi -oni iabroad as promising for the suttL'ss of the three power plan. -Tht preside'jit believes the five lAjwer jilan w^uldliave been more promising in practical results than a three power project could be. but he is anx 'ious.lo ilo the' next best tiling if a five po 'wi-r ibeiit- iug is impossible. CREAT BRITAIN IS TO ACCEPT PLAN I.ondon.'.March's. (AIM - That the Hritish govtrninen'l will aci'ept President Cdojidge's new proposal for a'three-ptfwer iia.val liniitutiou conference at'.Geneva, with .lapan as the third parly, was stated in government circles to'day as a'lore- ^^one conclusic^n •. ~_ i .\n oflicial expression of Ijijwn- ing Street's view' could not be obtained because tlie actual invitations had'nor reached the foreign office early this evenfng. MATHER :T 0 SPEAK ON W ^i ^TER SUPPLY K. I. Mather, finance conimis- sioner. will explain jiow the Ti -ater Mipiily condition irf lola may-lie remedied at ' Wednes;day noi^n'^ meeting of the Chambei' I of Commerce .it the Kelley Hotel, / Heading. Offering. .Address. Prosperity: tion." Address. connection with his de|iartiir-. ii , t'i''>sperity: leaiMi'.d that Pi pi .iile bis Shanghai!''''"''''" residence in tin- Urilisli-owiied Ma-! Address, jestice bote!.- within the inlerlia- I i't'ospeiily: tional .settl. mini. .I'ublic Indications an- mulliplyinu the probli-ius i .f his iliMi -niib- liii of'coiiimuniiatioii frmi! Sliaiii;liai to 'I'sinanfii ii;;.-(ii!sf the Canlonesi Iiene'ratiiiii lai -ti<s. |iroiiacanda and infillralioii of iinainK'd troops as well as inili!.iiy. wi -apniis. may be beyond Ibe r -sou rci -.s of Chang Tsii.ns-Chang. ".\iil l.avv Kiifoicement." .1. 11. .Sowerby. I III "Total .Vb.'-tineiice." Dr. C. .M;itliis.! ; house public (ci "Political Obligations," (.'has. i re-oniinended K. .Scott. , ; : The ; il! has .Music. ; senate, wiiere .Moses and the Law- Adams s.-iid there had been a lot of talk hy cbunsel about the iniag- iiiiiigs of| senators in the -Teaiior Dome Sntiiiiry. and hp was wondering if th« record on that i-onld iiot i be jnade i-lear. ; "I objiM-t." persisted I.ittleton. "You are; not in the senate now." •J "You. liiade short slirift of. ns * when yoiij had us in the senate and now we'iliave got you where we can aiiply court rules lo yon." '; . , ' .-. . j .luslicel Hitz ruled that Adams | ij; ... <<.,v« could make no i^talcment aTio'ut *1'<'! „"^,' ; . ci'se, eveii'in the absence pf the ! ~~ ijury, and!recessed court for'Jiinch. Topeka. Kans., Mar. 8. (APi- ! Uecallell at the aftqrnoon ses- , Dance halls would be'da.ssed with j sion. Adams testified the sen^ite -r- II.': pool halls by a bill which the' public ,lat|ds (ommittee was sitting San Antonio. Te.v. Mar. S. Tl. when .Sinclair.^'""""'' '• 'I 't'"' z. .M -M .-au One Would Dance Halls With Pool Halls. welfare: committee today for passage, already passed the Senator Whitman of "Prohibition Proiiiotes- the Hralili -of the .\a- "Proliibiiion Promotes tlii- .Kconoinic Kvi- ;oii Mal -eh appearc>d. given by can, Utali the coriini Senator TELLEZNOTTO RETURN TO U.S. Troubles With Mexican Leaders Is Reason He Left. (API ambassador to tiie l'ni;i-il Si.iJ .i s. will National . j Fast - IB "Priibibiljon Promotes •.\ Practical Program Safely." sliiK .-in for Forward." A B Y CLINICS HELD IN Co Prestoii had introduced it. Th<j bill wmild put dance halls a.s wid^ as pool hails outside cities undeH supervision of the township offir cials. .The committee, that the r suggesttul a yearly fee of: piirstiaiice !onIy is:, instead of $.".0. innuiry " I • - ; W'alsh ! The hoiis-i" became a minialiiic[ fore the 1 tower of Uabel today when 1!» bills Ki'JI .ar j were read at the same time before i (|ues'io)i Holdifiual roll call on the measures, all'- ilictnTentL Similar testimony was Senator Smoot. Kepiibli-' ""I return to his pu-l at Washing- fonncr chairman of!'""- according to a M-ocii o City a in San Si>anisli Iirintyd Tuesday by l.a- Prensa. jlajiciiage newsiiaiier. j It has br-en learned from-reliable j„.j sources., the dispatch to l.a Prensa !<?iid. that th'- reason the diplomat lOLA MEXICO PLANS OILAGRE^MENT Steps Are Taken bv Calles! *?' To Arbitrate All .\ very i!iteres|iiig and important worli is being done In .lola this i read «lie Pith bill. w'i'rk by J)r. .Mabelle Trll^ of the;- Tic cijiistitution reipiires State Hoard of llealth with the as- 1 reading' Jif everv bill In full by Speaker lianiilton to become i mind when reading clerks. K(l Archer of Hia-;tiou». ' watha. former re|ireseiifative from > ! — •• Rrown i-ounty and Republican floor i fTIRR DlEPARTMENT ttee. i dispatch Walsh, Democrat. .Mon-j Antonio, tana, p'ros'pcutor of the oil inqnir.v. testified over objection of lloov:er oiiirailtcp was sitting of a resolution <lireeling nio the naval oil leasrls. iwill not nturn is because /if a re- s^irl Sinidair appeared be- cent elifficiilty be is said to have oniniitteo on .March j bad wifli Aribiiio Klia.'^. half refused to ans 'A -er the . bro'lier of President Calles. and fi- •iiiinierat.ed in the in- nancial. am-nt for the Mexican government at .\--w York. I Ti.r. .i;ur..,i..i, r.iiiii.or f.i.i tdat iiiin- on Sunday did not ciiiiie under the law- wliicli permits "w-ork of Iiquse- b>ild oliices of daily necessity, or j other work of necessity or charity," nil .Siiiiday. Today's ;ict on reversed the sen- ale'.- .~t .-iiid oi the bill when the uplier diamber. working in com- iiiitti-"- of the whiile. recommended the bill for passage last Friday uiglit. Only three-fourths of the seii .-itij members. Iiowever, was pre .-eiii at that lime. .Si-i !;iiIlls -voting for the bjll were: An'. Piiinelt. Ibitler. Dalton, Finby. (Jelly. Knapp. Parker of Emporia. Snyder Sparks and Symns. j Senators voting against the bill i -.vrre: .Arhutlinot, IJakcr, Behrens. I Call. Davis. Frizell, Oebriel.son, j Cruv. (iiaybill, Haniiiiond, Jackson. 1 f .^ii !!g. .Morton. Nixon. Norman, ! Scbiiiii!'. .Sinytli. Spencer, Tliorne. Vini-'-el. Warren and Wliitmati; Senators not \titing were: f;ed- des. llcgler,. Immell. F-Cing, Parker of Latimer,'Van De .Mark. of which were local. Kiglifeen : l.ike Adams;- Walsh was prohili- 1 The dispatch funber sai< inieinbers of tlie house were ordered ;;ited from jelling what was on hi.^ iflilberto'yalen-/uela. Mexican 111; asked Sinclair qiies-iister at London will bo sent lo Washington to take Telli.>.'f; plac-. THE WEATHER Disputies. Mexico City. Mar. .s. celsior carried a report ing reliable souri-es as for the declaration that iAP> -Kx- today giv- anlhority th^ government is coildui-ting negotiations with the oil interes's seeking a set- 'tU^m?nl of the disimte growing out of the new oil laws. It' is not known, says the jiaper. whether the negotiations are being carried on with representatives of, the oil in'te.rests in .Mexico City or directly with headquarters in N'ew York. si.*t;iiice of Miss city sirhool nursr .ijeer helpers fr Rlubs of Iiila. VKsterday the ladies qondiii'ted baby jclinius at two of j tilie school buildings, during the forenoon at the Lincoln school, and the afternoon] at the i McKlnley hool. This morning there were consultations with students at the high school and jthis afternoon the same work is boing done ait the i junior high, all,students being ex-! aminetl who expre.ssed a wish- for"' the service.. _ \ | The impjiHance of such work as i is being doSe byJDr. True and Miss Bruce is gifining more and! more recognition until: it now \\ks the the '1st re- FauntcHe Uriict'. j before li-nal vote, but; does not and other volun- 1 quire anybody tri Jbsti-n. im- the woiifen!s, t 'he imiise passed and sent to tli- -seiiale the Aiiplegato bill provid ins a penalty of Jl a month for fupure to obtain a motor vehide !icl?nse by February I. second cu,f off jit the .Martjn L. Lack of gas stove home. S12 West st reet.-brought tin fire deiiartjuent into action this morning when the family was unable to turn off the stove, which was near Ibe wall. The gas was turned off jby memljers of the department, i K0|{ K.\.VS\S: Onnenilly fair lo: nlirhl and ^Vedncsdiiy; wtirmer In nn a i Kn\ti\\ ])ort!<>n^ Ijonfslit: Laiide i ,.„j,|pp „psf iiortinn Wednesday. >"or lola and Vicinily: Fair 1o- nljrht and Wedni-dav: wartuer lo- iiltrlil. F.T.VANHOOZER DIES LAST NIGHT Body Will Lie in State at The Sle<iper Chapel L'ntil Thursday. L • The friends of F. T. Van Hoozer were sliocked to hear of his «leath whi(-ii occurred .at St. Johu's^hospital at five o'clock>yesterday* aft- ernrion Winn .Mr. VanHoozer wa.'t faki-n to the Iiosiiiial a few days aco it wa.s not believed that his coiniiii 'iii was especially eriticab anil it was h.opeil and expected that it would yi'dd readily to surgical treatment. His' h.ralth lia.s ndorseineni of of practically al telligent parents ill. having 'nn ' chool nurse and all physiciaiiK and ' informed and irt-' lola is forjunjite 8^1 time public has been especially favored by th^ visit of Dn True this week. Want the Locdl l.iast Saturday".s Registier -car graphs of local news, mentioning 318 local people. Is it any wonder that the Regist . tically every occupied house in I( Neps? •ied 174: para-; the names er goes to prac- ila?, 1 • • 1 I i i • ! • 1^ Temperature Highest yectenlay.; j,,.,.,) from good. howe%-er. for at 2 p ;m.: lowest last night, I .soriie montiii-i and the event proved at 7 a., m.: normal for today. -iUithat he.did not have a Siufficient defii^ieney yesterday. 1; e.xcess! rp.serve of strength to stand the since January 1st. 2SI degrees; ; s^),ock <if the operation which-his this dale last year, hfghest, lowest. 2L ' Prbcipitatioii for the 21 .hours ending at 7 a. ni. tod[;y, .fiO: total for this' year to date. 1.7.'j: deficiency since January 1st, 1.7S indi­ es, i Relative humidity at 12- mien yes- condition rendered necessary. The death of Mr. Van Hoozer is all tho- more tragic just at the moment for the reas.on that both his wife and his (laughter are\ill although neither of them is tbonglit i to be in a serious condition. The body will lie in state at the terdav, .SS per cent;: 7 a. m. today.j,Sleeper Chaprel' until Iten o'clock 91 per ceiit: barometer reduced to'on Thursday morning. At two sea level. 30.12 incbe.s. o'clock that afternoon the funeral Koads and Weather KNenhere!. 1 will be held in the Methodist AH clear except Cofreyville, partly cloudy; roads good .except Emporia, Salina, Arkansas City, rough: Ottawa, Topeka, fairj church with Rev. C. I. Goldsmith officiating. Burial will follow In the'cemetery at Yates Center, the former home of the famllyl LAWYERSPEAKS AT CLUB MfiET of .Mr. Fraiik Lawyer, ip company with his wife, spent the Winter from tjie middle of Decenibef until Uiei middle of February thij year ,in St. Petersburg. Florida, with hi*son, Howard Lawyer; and-'h^ gave I an account of this visit • to the members of the Cprrenl jopica Club last evening. He spoke about tho triir in- ; jformally, detailing the route over jwhich he traveled and hientloning |the features about the trip aiid the : Jilaces he visited which struck him : IS being particularly interesting. • (He spoke, for instance, of thje fact ; that with the exception of aboiit- i'orty miles in Texas, ho traveled t)n hard surface roads every day ' - )f his long journey. He spoke. of i ho (rtirious fact that he Eaw mora otton in southern Kansas that he . lid in all of Oklahoma that he [laHsed through. ' 1 , Many things about St. Peters- i burg impressed .Mr. Lawyer but • "he thing whith struck him| most '. forcibly was the lavish manner m , j *'hich the city spends mondy for j' pivic improvements. In th^ past, wo yejirs. according to .Mr. .Law- j ,Ver, $2i;.0i)0,ii00 has been spent by : he city in improvements: paving,. \ liers, parks, etc. There are iabout i ifteen golf courses in the enyirona j if the lity ;iti(| every conceivable hiiig has bei-ii done to make|it an i iittractive place for visitors. The \ normal population- of the city is (ibout 7^,000 but at the height of i he season, there! are- ^oiible that number there. There | are T,(m ajiartinent houses iii the ^ity and loO or more hotels. | It was .Mr. I>;iwyer's observation (hat the inferior of Florida, -which. |iases its prosperity upon fruit and- egetaJdo growing, is sound finan- ially rin every way. It never was Inflated and .coiisetiuf-ntly is iln as good shape now as it ever i was. be coast towns, however, which I Roomed so amazingly two years go. have subsided to a veryimod- • .s^ lovel. Mr. Lawyer wasj able in get a room in a good hotel on liami Beacli for .$2 a night when )e w-;j.s there which would ; have ' ost him or .?20 if he had: been ijhere when tlie Iroom was at its e-ght- The entire trip" covered a j little- ver 6.0 'M) miles. It was made Iti Ford sedan and the total niimber gallons of gasoline used! was Twenty and a half gallons at oil w^ere consumed and practi- qally no car trouble at allwdsen- "ountered. j .Mr. and .Afrs- Lawyer retorned " y a different route from thii' onf ley had followed going down so lat in the course of the j-ound [rip they passed through paijts of n states. It had been the expectation to lave a report last night also | from ilr. Charles Fairweaither aboitt his -ip to Scotland, but this was de- •_ rred to ainqther evening for lacls f time. 1 I J Ik'. a- f or <if ga : OD.

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