Fayette County Leader from Fayette, Iowa on November 9, 1961 · Page 1
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Fayette County Leader from Fayette, Iowa · Page 1

Fayette, Iowa
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Thursday, November 9, 1961
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Training rules set out basketball players Del Moirfe* Dcpt. of Hist. & Archive* 1 F'I-S M'lities, 19, Iowa •? Volume 47, Number 45 Basketball practice for the Fay- .-'on't want him out for the sport, ette high school Cardinals got Behavior off Jhe floor: . underway in earnest Monday Hours: 10 p. m. on svec-k-nignts night in preparation for the op- — off the streets and home. 12 ening game at home against Ar- p. m. on week-ends (Friday and lington. Friday, Nov. 17. Saturday) If, for any reason a In- conjunction with the open- boy has to be out later, permis- ing of the basketball season, sion must be obtained from me. Coach Milt Kremer set in writing Getting in trouble with the law the rules which will be followed authorities means forfeiture of a during the season. He also pre- boy's right to participate in bas- sented ea/h parent with a letter ketball. advising them of the rules and Smoking and drinking is not his intentions to enforce them. permitted. Expulsion from squad The letter and the training for the year. This rule will be rules are as follows: strictly enforced. Any report or Basketball parents: rumor I hear will be thoroughly Winning athletic teams can looked into and the proper ac- hever be realized without excel- tion taken. lent parental cooperation. The The following rule has been set work of a coach is often made up by the Iowa High School Ath- easier if this cooperation exists, letic association and will be fol- In athletics a relationship is lowed to the word. "If your hab- hecessarjj, The team is comprised its and conduct, both in and out f I f 6f players, parents, coaches, and of school, are such as to make L. 0110 L. townspeople. The people must you unworthy to represent the work together towards achieving ideals and standards of your common objectives. Any break- school, you are ineligible. down can lead to serious reper- Personal habits: cushions. Refrain from greasy foods be- I want boys on my squad who fore competition. heed parental advice — who re- Plenty of citric fruit and juices. Spect and obey. I'm sure you do, Sleep is needed for body re- too. pair. Get at least 8-10 hours The Heart Of Northeast Iowa's Scenic Wonderland Thursday, November 9, 1961, Fayette, Iowa Six Pages This Issue Beck re-elected mayor of Fayette m jj ^^ . ™ ^^ Disband Next meeting West Central school Building, gym dedicated Voting heavy in Three area towns This letter is addressed to you every night. because our success is depend- Full support of the coach and ent upon you. I want you to his training program will produce Continue to exert a profound better citizens and better ath- beneficial influence on your son. letes. Please insist he gets enough sleep every night; if he gets into a fast crowd, slow him down; supervise his girl relationships; in other words, watch all his activities. If he is too old to regard your advice, then he is too old Peacocks host to Voting was heavy in all three towns, Maynard, Fayette and Ar> ™ A j j. .- , Randalia, on Tuesday. All three Onlv 11 oersons attended the ~;:," r ^<h~ nf . dedication were the arch.tects; Ed Guctzko. icty of physical education activ- reported the largest turn-out of uniy 11 persons auenaca me pro gram for the new elementary Earlville, had the general con- ities. It has n soatine caoacitv voters that could he remembered Chamber of Commerce d.nncr school and fiym add iti on to the tract; Schmidt Plumbing and on roll awav blcachen? for 1040 The FayeUe el^tioT was the meeting last Thursday evening. Maynard school will be held at Heating. Charles Citv, had the persons Four ocK-r rooms will only one of the three wTt^ two seven members and four wives. 2 p. m.. Sunday, Nov. 12. Archie mechanical contract-/ and Me- provide space fh",™ md *,- declareds°att. ol' rtndSates on G^™ of "laic" ^ Snmes former -"P^Ttenl at Kjllip. Cedar Fal.s, did the e.ec- !ti n|! t,nn» an,! Jo'the some 500 £ ballot. 8 Jack Beck was re" Unrdcn of fcaten . Maynard. and now buildm/j con- trical work. students who will take ohvsical elected mavor of Favette hv the Due to the small turnout, only sulUmt with the State Depart- Total construction costs am- education to meet PrSen «£iSaJrity of 10 votS 252 to a short business meeting was mcnt of Education, will be the ountcd ID S225.G42, which for the Kennedy's new demands for 242. He defeated John Fay. who Held, with vt-ry little action tak- speaker. Following the program 24,336 feet of floor space, made a m-ator physical fitness. had previously served five years ing Place. an open house will be held in all low construction cost of §9.27 nor Six rooms, oach 28 x 32 feet as mayor of Favette It was moved that, due to the the buildings. Coffee will be foot. w ilh cloak space- will house apparent lack of interest in the served by thc Parent - Teacher The school board chose to in- grades 1 - fi. for my ball club. I would also advise limiting _. I II his activities with the family car rOOtbnll or his car. Every morning ask ' VWIWU " STff £Z ffl"wi : thThT The u i"»' fo "« p ««~ ks »"> H zn^s-jsir-"- ztfx^ssrssfSi Not too long ago temptations Saturday. The Norsemen like these were confronting me, their remaining chance for and rm grateful to my parents sna re of the Iowa conference and coach for guiding me to crown last Saturday when they choose the right path. were downed by Parsons 39-19. n lol 'e members will be present. Enclosed you will find the The Peacocks will be looking Tnc ncxt meeting of the Cham- training rules that 1 have set up forward to meeting Luther after t)cr wil1 DC neld Thursday, Nov. for this coming season. I have receiving a 33-0 beating a year 30, at the Coffee Nook cafe. The set up these rules and I will en- a g O . meeting will be a dinner meet- space-, w house n,,i«, ™ n i M. n^t,- „,.„ n The kindergarten V stall a lagoon type sewage dis- room is 2fi x 40 feet with its own candldales was elected, however. Chamber of Commerce, the or- association. ganization bo disbanded. After In January, I960; voters in the posal plant made necessary by toilets and cloak room. The other four were elected from considerable discussion, and no West Central Community school the additions. Land for this pro- The plant has its own heating Mr. Fay's ticket All five will sjcond to the motion, however, district voted bonds in the am- ject was purchased for $5,300 system which uses fuel oil at he new council the meeting was adjourned with ° unl of 5275,000 for the new which was made available by a present. Natural gas mav be the motion' still on the record to P'™ 1 - Contracts were let in two and one-half mill levy voted used when it becomes obtain- be taken up at the next meeting. August 1960, construction started in 1955. The completed plant able. The group agreed that there in September, and the building is expected to cost about $10,000. & was near enough to completion The new building includes - R CmodcUng and Roger Bowen was elected the Beck ticket with 269 votes. The other four councilmen elect- equipping a ed were: Claude Smith, Jr., 312; If, at any time, you have any their last tw ° arc e *P ect - A, committee has been appoint- questions, let me be at your ser- ed to be fired-up for the Pea- od \ 0 nominate a new slate of vice. I want you to bring your cocks as the two teams battle for officers for the organization, and questions to me, not to some- secom j P i ace one else. ence. 40 Turkeys will be Given by merchants Twenty five Fayette merchants the next week's total. of the National Defense Education Act. the Iowa confer- will present their list of candi- and Professional men are cooper- to be voted upon at this At the final drawing on Decc-m- operafed for grades 1 - 6. The kindergarten and grades 7-12 are housed at Maynard. The to- RULES Behavior on the floor: No cussing or back . .. ords in conference play. Statis- avai i ab i e lo take office, the 8've away 40 free turkeys during weeks will be added. Those ^c inetad^l 12 h tically, the Peacocks talk — greater edge to the !^l£^^^a>M*v..irt.«l ^eir opppn- dissolved. for that matter. I judge a boy ents " in conference play 175-98 by what he says and so do others, compared to Upper Iowa's 78-87. ^'one'yTn'the'treasury to pay I will not tolerate any use of Senior halfback Mike Scott, outstanding bills, and foi profane language. from Jacksonville, 111., is lost for Christmas promotion for Be on time for practice. That the reminder of the season with youngsters. separation received • over Simpson Change in mail time MAYNARD — Since the give the chamber will continue until the a four weeks period. which are not claimed by C p. m. Norsemen end of the year, when it will be Ten t" rl <eys will be given, away that evening will be given away on Friday, Nov. n.jand^lO more at a speeia.1 drawing at 8 P- m. on Wednesday, Nov. 22, prior to the same night. The sire for this Thanksgiving. The Christinas drawing will be announced later. turkeys will be given away, 10 Merchants who are muking the oresont h "f. P r e . soe " " the That means on the floor and not in the a shoulder locker room. . . in the 27-6 win Absent from practice during last Saturday, the week of a game means that the a 10 Any person 10 years of age- or vice, Faycllc Cooperative Cream- older, with the exception of cry, People's Natural Gas Co., sponsors or their immediate fam- Singer Plumbing and Ht-ating, ilies, is eligible lo win one of the Farm Bureau Insurance Co., Zain- 40 turkeys. Registration may bo briskie's garage, Upper Iowa uni- Claxtc Represent county In policy making Clair Claxton of Handalia will The f 0 ii owng seniors will expect a boy to iiiuiie at an sonvmei T IL . Ncil Eva ns, half times during practice. If he back( Waukon; Terry DeBerg. doesn't want to work hard, I gu ard> Waterloo; Frank Lips'••-'• -i ••- comb, halfback, Chicago, 111.; Services Friday for J, ame 5, Neely halfback _ . _ _ . 111.; Gene Klmge, tackle, Mr*' J. D. Parker ona; Don Grove, tackle, Funeral services for Mrs. J. D. Hampton; Clark Miller, end, Parker will be held Friday at Austin, Minn. 10:30 a. m. from the Belles-Wrjght •Funeral home in Fayette. 12 contestants share prize Mrs. Parker died Tuesday, Oct. was as follows: Ronald Ash, 264; Gaylcn Bierbower, 192; Willard Langerman, 156, Gene William The West Central Community Singer, 149; Jack Howard. 138. school district covers 112 sections Thcrc wcro only three writc . in of land which includes the owns votcs . Omj vote , D ^ , of Mnynard, Randaha and West- clark for :£md one vote Rate The two elementary schools, cach , ^ £ ood and Da , e in Maynnrd and Randalia, are Maxson for colmcilmen . A total of 514 ballots were " cast, 18 of which were spoiled and had to be discarded. In the Maynard election, all of the candidates were elected unopposed. Earl Foss was re-elected mayor with 58 votes, and wjU bedtov sei-vint his. seventh term. Voting for the councilmen was as follows: Walter Ehlers, 58; John McKoon, 57; Francis Smith, 61; Dean Kalm, 01; Robert Bergman, 61. Paul Harrison was re-elected treasurer, and Andrew Ganten- boin was elected to a six year term as park commissioner. There were three write-in votes for mayor, one each for John Trotter and Aaron There was one Paul Buenneke and one each for As the county's voting delegate, Ray Crowley and Willard Jer- will also participate in the el- retz for councilmen. John Gan- also received one vote Mon- New post office as in the past, but on a posted in 10 business places be- Drive-In, Maurer's Shoes and star route in the forenoon. If tween 1 p. m. and 6 p. m. on the Clothing, Fayette Stone Co., Har- . . . .. .. the present schedule continues, day the turkeys are to be given ry's Cities Service, Dr. Scott cction of a president and three tcnbcin that mail cannot be distributed away. Lingo, Daniels Drug Store, Belles- members of Hie state board of di- for Park commissioner. much before 9 a. m., since its ar- Those who have registered will Wright Funeral home Interstate r( ' c ' tor «- A { ° tal ot 6l votes were cast rival hour varies an hour or ^en attempt to_match thcir_num- Powcr ^ , UnU( , d w ' ind(iw ^ """ more. This in turn will make de- ber to those posted in the stores. Others planning to attend ses- of the state convention in- in the Maynard election. There was no mayor candidate livery on rural routes later than Turkeys must be claimed by C st;<to Bank " r Fayette, Fayette chide; Rodney Drewcs, county in the election at Randalia, and in thc past. P- m ' on the day the awards are Theater, Fuyette Leader. president; members of the legis- as a write-in candidate Grant The afternoon mail will leave mi *de. Maynard at 5:15 p. m., going h a " of the turkeys • Mrs. .rarjter aiea xuesauy, inju .. . i < . . 31, at her home in Baltimore, Md. Money m weekly contest Nellie Klemme Parker was In this week's football con- ... born March 10, 1871. She came test, four winners with four miss- way post Ol " ce ; to Fayette at the age of 19 to at- es each, will share the first prize , tend Upper Iowa university. She of $5. They are: Ida Burns, Shar- Webster Ciij *ras the only survivor of the class on Henry, \James Reiter, all of Of 1890. After graduating from Fayette, and Noel F. Campbell Upper Iowa she studied music in of Litchfield, 111. Boston and later taught music in Second prize of $2 will be Peoples Gas Co. office in Fayette, Missouri. shared by eight winners with was arraigned in court at Webster The advertisement listing ..„. VA ~v ..... b "—t> arc n<! ' ''"It's ; md the sponsors can be n'orth"by star route las far as & Ca£ claimed on the first drawing, the found on page four of this issue- where it will meet the high- remaining ones will be added to of the Leader. t| K . lative and national policies com- Vargason was declared the winner with 22 votes. The biy day of the convention Other write-in iy case with is postponed High school students to visit _, .. . Clifford Hayes, manager of thc | \\Q UDDGr IOWQ rr Campus day of the convention Other write-in candidates for is on Nov. 14, when a pancake mayor were: Floyd Hack, 2; Ar- breakfast, rural amateur talent tnu r Schlee, 3; Blanche Knight, 4; contest, special interest confer- Junior Bronn, 1; J. W. Frye, 1. 1'iices and a banquet are planned. All of the council members Among the speakers at the con- were elected with the voting as vontion on Nov. 14 are: Gov. follows: Kenneth Nading, 43; Norman Erbc, Congressman Dale Gordon, 44; Harlan McComb, James Bromwcll, Congressman 41 ' William Schroeder, 42; and Fred Schwengel, State Senator Clarence Blue, 35. David Shaft; Herb Harris of the Write-ins included: Arthur Farm Bureau; Dr. E. A. Schlee, 2; Bill AJley, 4; Floyd of Iowa State university; Hack, 3; and one each for Rich- Ronald Reagan, television ar< * Scannell, Junior Bronn, Ben „-__ _„ —„ _ , Upper Iowa university is one ucation. In 1882 she was united in mar- five misses each. They are: Ver- City Wednesday morning on the of 34 Iowa C0 u 0 ges which will Visiting the campus here will tiage to Dr. James D. Parker and la Mullins, Grant Evens, Don charge of destroying papers of a host visi u ng h jg n school students be students from the following Klinc apent her life in Fayette until Conkel, Gary Nehls, Mrs. Harry city council candidate opposed to Thu rsday, Nov. 9, at the annual towns: Cedar Community school and ; —-— — —. two years ago when she went to Brown, Mrs. Howard Burns, Mrs. the gas company s franchise. s tate-wide Prospective Teacher West Branch' Edgewood - Coles- and m°ti° n picture personality. Turner, Ruth Whiteford and Hu- Baltimore, Md. M. A,. Portal and Lee Burns. There was no action taken, how- day burg Community school' Valley ber Larsen. Survivors include three child- This week's football contest ever, due to lack of proof, and Som( . 100 hjgh school studen t s High school, Elgin; Faye'ltu Com- Serenaders to appear here Harriett Wilbur was re-elected ten: Dr. Hugh K. Parker of Glen entry blank appears on another the case will be heard at a later from 15 cornrnun ities will visit inunity; Garnavillo Community Th, r 1 .1, treasurer with 34 votes, and there Ridge, N. J.; Mrs. Galen C. Goeb- page of this issue of the Leader, date. the college to learn more about Hanleton Consolidated and West ,.„„! A,--*i cP eran ? Tm tne Tcur - were -the following write-ins: el (Dorothy), of Lakeland, Fla.; and entry blanks may be obtain- Mr. Hayes allegedly persuaded a career in teaching. Central Community, Maynard win C' nrnc«nJ !i a « o uT Pr «d Bacon, Donna Johnson. Ruth ' Mrs. Robert Fox (Eleanor), ed at the business place of any of four boyg to give him campaign Prospective Teacher day is M on H B v P ^" n .A! nl,?^ 1 ' Whitefor l'. .^Ua Schroeder and of Baltimore, Md. the sponsoring merchants. 75-acre exemption • No longer in effect pamphlets whfch they were hand- j»M •«»> f « [P.. encourage in- To pregent comed ** ng out for a council candidate, *»£*> * b » ach " the franchise The a comedy by Mary Chase, will Commission on Teacher Educa- bo presented in the high school West Central MAYNARD - "Mr, McThing" "-«««. Quartet will be faed. """* ' S ^ *> «**• ballots. three other candidates for the council. The city owns part of the gas the Iowa Frida and Saturday night Nov> , U °n Zt^ f f°P w- 10 ' "• under the direction of state Department of Public Richard Pederson> English and m for the day will em- The cast includos Jerry Betz phaaize guidance and counseling Sandra stun>me> Judy DelT , Ren- Faculty challenges varsity In pre-season opener * The 15-acre marketing quota farms that produced no more •xemptkm for wheat production than 15 acres of wheat for har- 1k no longer in effect, Ellis W. vest were not subject to market- sDeciar D electkm 5T In "seDtember of competent young persons with •ee"Lang"'LaVcrn Wegncr Bar- The hnsknthnii feompBonT chairman of the Fay- ing quotas even'though they had «^g down a P pwl P tHu^ f Inte ™ 1 in teachln< ?' 11 At ^r '^r ffis, Dennte BMhman 1 , Pail ntiuUyw^t?^?™,,?: ette county Agricultural Stabili-, allotmeots of less than 15 acres. ch «rth^B rest of the comDanv's Iowa thc P r °e ramtwl11 include: ; Thompson ' IGa ry Gamier, Patricia Nov 10 w ?h H? « . y ght> < ntly\M n*t/9 /"*r*rtoOl*Vof'lrtM /*Afttrttit» Foi* 1.982 ul6 TD&lTlCfitifla? C(UOt& *»**w^** v*4*» , * \tatr ** »**» itfV*ti^/c**i^ a : M|" ChiirlPS V\flt&S & lYlQfTlb&I' sv i n t ' ' t~t j n f ' ^* v» i y ( WJlJl tllG IlI*St flTlllLlfll tee, stated this week. exemption for a farm la the ^ *£ orm a mun c pa ga of the State Board of Public In- Ho ' ehne ' Jim ^ hh ' Laurel SC y h * nm-oolo^'lh'i^^' ' ., be ^'- All sports fans are'urjjed "Many farmers still ask us smaUer of: (1) 13.5 acres, or (2 p y .truction rom West Union who Wo ods, Margaret Sullivan and bo tohZSf^ i atme . Wl11 ^i to miss this. *™ of what to about this at the A.S.C.S. office," the highest acreage the farm had „ „ . , . Mr. Thompson said, "and I want for harvest in the three-year Bundle days drive • , ., vff i •** * t rlochno. J in\ Aisnby. laQurcl Thp" mti'nnori nf •truction from West Union, who . WoodBi 'Margaret Sullivan and be tohe^pdefrav will speak on "Your future in i / . phim-q ivi- • aerrav teaching", in the Colgrove-Walk- Jaclt ** n _ {f* 10 equipment. «« —ju n »;nrv. nt Q»IA o **\ _ - coys will be snor to emphMize this change in the period 19£<J. ^60 and 1961. Campaigning to collect used er auditorium at 9:30 a. m. A „„, m l H irWv dinner , w .» " The marketmg quota exemp- "clothing a child or adult would Also included are conferences Annual turkey dinner Under the 1062 wheat atabill- tion to not an allotment.. If the be proW'Jo wear", the students in: The purpose and content of teaching", in the Colgrove-Walk r audit Also included are Regular cents for 60 =. vvm oe sporting new warm- students will ba £ . jackets and money taken in at The American Legion Auxiliary ™; *?'_J« this pre-season ex- To meet on Thursday 1 Improvement club Thursday afternoon, would be sub* emptfon, whichewpii hlghep,,tbe them Mountains area-and else- four main divisions. family style, with serving from faculty. Between halves of both and the entertainment by Mrs. lectio marketing quota penalty, PPMlHy will be computed on the where. , , Local coordinator of the Upper 4 to 8 p. m. games, tne boys of the ^fifth and Harvey Toutsch Roll call will ' Mr. Thflinp8o'<t''88ld,%T' ** s;> , a,CTie««« in eaweas of the allot- Pa«tRto^aa4 ftlwidn are urged Iowa program will be Russell There will also be a candy sole sixth grades will show their skills be answered with ; Under previous program^ meat- .. , - > to contributeVearable'clothing. Baker, assistant professor of ed- at the same time. on th^ l —- J J

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