The Postville Review from Postville, Iowa on March 19, 1892 · Page 2
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The Postville Review from Postville, Iowa · Page 2

Postville, Iowa
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Saturday, March 19, 1892
Page 2
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flw Postvliie Weekly Review. FOSTVIILB, SAT'DAY, MAK. 19. W. ». BURDlCK, Editor. BiUercd at the poitoffice al Postville as steond-ctass matter. HILL is making n triumphal lo\ir of the south tliia week. Tho southcraers seem to enthuse just as loudly for Hill us for Clovoliuid. It don't ranke nntoli difference to the ox-robcls wlio tho man is no lie has lite right label on. BOSTON lis* eighteen prominout churches without pastors. It locks ns if tha supply of raally good pronation is running vary low. THE Australian ballot bill has pnssed both brnrchos of llio Iowa legislature and tvtll become a lnw ns loan ns tho governor afllies his signature to ii. CLKVBI.AKH mildly consents to b« a candidate for president. This is about nil it will amount to. Tho party will hardly !»k« tho chances on a man that all concedo cannot carry Now York. KnEu DOUGLASS has bsen commissioned by the president of tho Hayti republic to net ns first commissioner of tho World's Fair exhibit. Ho will have charge of the expenditure of tho $125,000 contributed by that government for the fair. It shows great confidence in tho nhllity and Integrity c.f Iho greatest of colored loaders in this country. We shall not hear from the stala convention in time to speak of its result (his week. In fnnt no results aro impeded other than naming the delegates to Minneapolis. Il is not oxpoct- ed that tho temperance question will bo touched upon (or was) at this convention, ns it has nothing to do with state ^g »'ins and is pnrnlr national in charac- , - mnftflht ter. However the may have procipitated the question Ix tho thirty-nine (out of stxty) New York counties that have now held their elections, the democrats have lost ninety-nine supervisors and tho republicans liavo gained ninety-four. Tho supervisors now boing elected will have responsible duties in connection with redisricting tho stato, and will also canvass Iho votes next November. Kleven counties, democratic last year, aro republican this year. Art has boon remarked once or twicu before, things aro looking vory well indoed in the state of Now York. ONE thing WO are thankful for at least, and that is that "Windy Wright," of Charles City, was left off the delegation to Des Moines. Ho has no business in any republican gatherings, nor any other man who places prohibition or any other pet measure aboro the republican party on national l'mss. This is preeminently tho year to harmonize all local differences and sink them out of sight, so to speak, and save tho party in tho nation, if possible. Next year will bo tho timo to mnko thu fight for prohibition and license, and in '.hat fight party lines will not be expaa'.ad to be drawn very lightly. "Tim'year'i'etaMjon 1 H almost purely national, while no.Yt year it will ho wholly stitu. THE TARIFF IN THE SOUTH. A frioud in Florida send] us the fallowing Item clipped from one of the most prominent agricultural papers of that state: ron A. DUTY ON LONG COTTOK. "A meeting of alliancomen, of whom A. P. Haskiu, J. T. Usyn, and J. 1'. DePass wore most prominent, was kuld in Lake City, t>'ebmary 4, to considor this subject. A p ream bin and resolutions wero adopted, calling another mooting at the samo place Fooruary 26; urging tho circulation of petition's to congress for a duty of ten eents a pound on long cation; and roeommoiiding the creation of a fund to pay tho expenses of ono or more lobbyists, to co:operato with those of South Carolina and Georgia in Washington." In carrying the ludicrous position of the southsriiars our filend says: "ED. REVIEW:---I hardly noad tall .you that this is a democratic suction, aud we spell it with ft big D. Wo aro all for fr»o t rade and wo aro going to elect tho next president down here, and it is Cleveland with us lirsl nnd last and all the time. We go for Cleveland because he is for free trade and wa expect to olect him on that platform. Wo ralto oranges down hero, some long staple eotton and a little sugar, and a few yoars ago, when that robber tarltt question was up,—yon will not forget when it was—wo selected three of our bast froo trade democrats to go to Washington and show before congress that It was noaassary for the welfare of this nation that we orange growers down here In Florida should be protected from tboio othor .follows across the sea that raise oranges, by imposing a lax upon those other fellows, if thoy brought their oranges here to sell, of $1.00 n box. Again, wo that are growing sugar cans. Those fellow* over in Cuba can raise sugar so nuioh cheaper than wo oau that If we raise sugar at all the government must pay us for dofhg It, and then let us soil our augav fov what we oau gc'. Aud now those fellows over in India hare onugbt on to raising our sea island ootton, and they are shipping it over hero and starving us out, aid yon, Mr. Cougiess, must oome and help us out and enact this little law, thai if those India ootlon growers are to sell their ootlon over here they must pay us a little toll of ton eonls a pouud for nil they sell, according to "a proamble aud resolutions" yon will find iu this dipping I have taken from our largest agricultural paper, but don't forget for n minute but that we aro all for free trade. We want free whisky; yes, free tin aud nails, and Jet me lies what els* ji It wo ore paying »u«U »tax on. O. ytj! opttou ties and clothes "ilnos, ele. We can get along though without, wuoh tin (or we don't have to u>« tin nuns for milk, bsoniu* we don't have tho milk, i»pd tho mil of ui drink out ol • gou,rd tort «»t Along w tbouj (in, aud a gr*po vliw will do (o bang '«lQt|w on. but whitbej Mi UOHott b.« f v ee ft 'Ins SI I.ouis tilube-Oeinncrnl thinks that the democracy is certain of only 180 votrs in the electoral college. These yolcs will come from Iho solid south, tho ox-slave states, and New Jorsoy and Connecticut. Conceding to them Indiana and Montana and their total volo would be 108. This is still 26 rotes loss than a majority in the college Without New York where will tho democrats look for thsso votes? New York, the St. Louis paper thinks, is absolutely necessary to the democrats. This fact is realized by Gov. Hill and it is on the slrongth of this that ho oxpocls to get the nomination, or at loast control the nomination. He believes in his ability to carry the Empire state. Ho has carried it before and he thinks that he can do it again. The Cleveland men talk about their favorite carrying tho election without the assifltauKe of New York, but theso claims amount to nothing as long ns the states which Cleveland will carry are not named. CAN ANYBODY BE UK. tJPDEGRAFli" GRBSB. FOB, CON- "Hon. Thomas UpdografX has been mentioned as a possible candidate to succeed Walt. II. Kutlir. We don't know of a man in this district wo would rather soe in tho tield next fall than Mi. Updegrufl. With so able a man to land (he republican forces, we believe the fourth district could be redeemed." -Elkadtr Argus. "Well said and to the point. If tho republicans of this district aro looking for a strong, popular candidate, they will uamo Mr. Updegraff. Iowa uevcr had an abler representative in the than she did in Iho two t "irms . "'^^•••saaiijiijiveseuted tho. dis- thst Mr. Updf; Mill IP|II W | 10 |, tricl. In thu language of offlfc^ credited with knowing whoreo speaks: 'Mr. UpdogralT was Ilia brains of tho Iowa delegation ' "— Metircgor News. WVS^wSrt&SST^^ JliW-wlHi long If cx-Gov. Larrabea is not iu tho field, ami Allamakee presents no candidate wo should not bo averse to seconding tha motion of Clnytou Co. Mr. Updcgrafl'is one of tho ablest men who ever represented this district in congress. If ho can bu shown to bo the most available he should havo the honor. [Prairin Farmer.] Of course, tho question is. enn any-, body bo a successful farmer? An intel- ] ligenl English lord, one of the most powerful and successful iu government i affairs of whieh history givoi nny | account, having taken a liking to agricultural and live «to«k matters, bought and attempted to manage a farm. With a mind that enabled him to grasp and mainly managu the ,'iflairs of a natiou ho was nonplused in attempting to manage the attain of a farm. He could not cover his erops from the wot when too much rain fell on them, nor could he devi.He a mode of furnishing water during a dry spell. Heoce he was prompted to say there was no governing prineiple to'guido one in tilling tho soil. So, he only can farm successfully who faces these obslaclos and hindrances, Most intelligent reading farmers have learned that through deep till- ago they can nut only hold moisture iu the deep down mallo"vod soil, retaining this to meet tho wanU of growing crops during tho absence of rain, but through this same deep tiling* supplemented by under druinage, they gel rid of surplus surface water, saving crops from dnmnge thereby. A man raised on the farm having, from jcar to year through all weathers, watshed " the results ot vicissitudes upon crops, would undoubtedly take aota of the troubles that do so much beset the farmer with more coolness and confidence in the final outcome than tho minister of England would, having a ton aero field in grain liable to be slrtiak by rust. It ts nut grcnl talent, of the kind likely to bo foil by a nation in the nation's councils, that the farmer so much needs as he does practical common scuso, hacked by diroei mount, prudence and experience. A prominent eastern journalist onco put iu print an nrtiele on farming, stating lhal the most successful grower of potatoes, and vegetables in gonernl, in the vicinity of Now York, was a little bid let-handed Dutchman. Tim mnn doubtless had a good store of industry, and talent enough to learn all that'll was required to know to insuru success in his restricted field of operations. Beyond this, knowledge would bo valueless to him. This slvtement regarding tho potato grower has uo full a(q'l|ciitiyj|#f » , ^ l J! m \ ^^.F^l'^iS^r^y"^^ no t !fmn>B «re »'rroffluwill m**i tho many, and, to" an ordinary mind, perplexing questions that arise; now that competition is so sharp and such platoons of unscvapulous mon stand vondy to cir- cuniTonl Ike farmer at tho periods when he is ready, or may bo forced to sell grain and live stock. While il does not require thu sort of talent needed by the prlhio minister, it requires talent nevertheless, and tho cnurngn of a suc- rrssful commander to obtain the best results. Warrantor! I» Kll!. Tin' German nrtlllory Is Bald to be noHtiussdd or nn element if appalling offeetlvciioHs f" l-h«.' now hiirating powder. The old nlii?ll dirl not waiter Its splinters over a grciitt .T men than forty or Jlfty feet and whlnni killi 'd morr thar. seven or eight pooph*. Er.pcrim'int- with the new ttlic .il have proved that it will destroy everything within n hir ^i nrea wlieri? II falls. Its iiplinters wit. cover n clrcl" of nearly two feci. Horn of the tra^inents will bo largo ('I101115I1 to 1:111 n mini, others almost invisible nnd calculated to merely excoriate the skin. In nn experiment an enormous target was riddled with (houKiuidu of holes by the bursting of a Kindle shell. Four shells were tsuffleiont to r.lnk an obsoleto Iroiinlail used na a target, at Kell. Tobnrcn l'rorlttrtlnri In Atncrlcii. The atatlRtlcs of tobacco production In tho United States during 1HH1) are iniide known. Tobacco is produced in forty- two States and Territories*, the only non-privluclng States being Idaho, Nevada, l '.hoile I slim J, nnd Wyoming, and the non-producing Territories Okluhoica and Utah. Tho orop of tho country amounted iu 188'J to 4BH ,255,K'J6 pounds, tho number of planters being ^n.),8(!2, and the area devoted to tobacco culture being 802,09(1 acre*. Tho average production per acre was 705 pounds, and tho total value to tho producers $34,- WATERING A HOHKIi. ' I 'no.l • chiys 'iiiul d;ya il.snk- iiorso- 0 u ;v- .Iny or lie Clli'll.-r-il lor ttio llftter. Congressman JIcMlillii gay? lint he was 11 physical wreck at li), ilumgii now ho Is one of tho most robust members of the House. In Ida youth he was n nmr- tyT to dyspepsia and had the addltlonnl ejlmont of weak lungs. By moans of dieting for a few years and taking a dally walk followed by a cold bath he cured blmsolf so completely that nowadays he compares hi* stomach to thai of an ostriob. CONDENSED LYE. 'ONE STON£ AT A TIME." "Ono stone ut a time is not a bad wny to lake down' a wall. And to rcp'onl ono oppressive and hindering txx at a tjuao is not a bad way to lessen tho evil of a high tariff." Thus says the Hello Plain* Lover, democratic champion of the Crisp- Spiiugor policy of attacking tho tariff law in detail. To which tho Cedar llapids Republican replies: " 'One stone at a time' with a two years' interval of time leaves the stone wall standing well nigh intact, doesn't it? Don't you think one, two, three or four stones removed in two years is an iu.'ignifioiint performance to follow a pledge to remove the entire wall! The ilemooratic party after the passage of the MclCinley law rushed into the newspapers anil magazines and mounted the stump and tho rostrum and with well slimulatod fury declared the republican party had by this infamous, outrageous measure orectod a Chi nesu wall round this country, shutting out the products of tha old world factories hereby making all prices higher, tho poor man's burdens honvior, tho farmer's vocation nocimsnrily a losing ono. All this nnd much more. Two years havo passed, and what are the consequences? Any tailing off In importations? No: on Iho contrary, our importations havo vastly increased. Any falling oft" in exporlatlonsP No: on the contrary, our exportation* have' also vastly iucronsod. Any general ruin discernable at horaoP No: on tho contrary, tho last year has boon the most prosperous year in the last decade. Are our farmer* groaning under the promised addition to their burdoasP No: on the contrary, there nevtr was a timo within the life of the present generation when the farmers were as pros- porous »» they aro now. Has the rvorkingman's breakfast table boon despoiled by the alleged robber tarillP No: on (he contrary, there never was a Unto iu tho oaroor of the oldest worklugman now living when a day's wages would buy as muoh food— or clothing either. 'Choanal' than over befovo' is Iho story the grocers toll. And tho dry goods merchant, tho shoe dealer, tho millinor—in fact dealers in all biiuU of goods repeat the story. 'Biggor deposits aud fewer forced loans than over before' is tho story thu bnnkors tell. 'Lower rates of iutorost and fowor onlls for loans' is the story told by the money loaners of eastern iusurance companies and other corporations. 'Higher priuas for farm lands than wero ever Kuowu befoie," is tho uuvuryiug talo of the real estate denlar. And so on to tho end of this story with many chapters. Aud now how does the demoaratlo party propose to face its promise to vomovo that 'Chinese wallP' Democracy would forget its promise, if it oou'.di'but, knowing well .that it ,iill not be pormlltod to forget. It faros the task to which in 1890 it so tragically committed Itself, and, after muoh secret deliberations what is its plan ns dovelopsd? First, kill off the presidential candidate who stands for the fulfillment of the party's promises. And, lol the whole domoorallo party prooeed* to mourn its old tlmo idol.'Grover, Clove- land, as 'not lost but gone befovo.' Next, kill off tho man who led the fight of two years ngo in the house for tho dotnollliou of that same 'Chinase wall." And, behold! the faotloual oon- spiracy headed by domonraoy's Brutus iiid .Cassitis takes the house do'moera- ey's Ctoiar somewhat unawares and the d'emournoy of the •nun try now neod no Mara Antony to make them mourn Mills' overthrow. What next P Tho puny, make-belle ve attempt of the profuse promisen oi 1890 to pull down one single stone in this alleged Chinese wall which thoy were golug to utterly dumolUk! And, now that they've made this faint show of purpose, they weaken, for Uioy find 'tho embattlod fai'tners' repudiating the singling out o( erne of their protected products as tUt lone victim ot a pernicious policy; Soon tho domooratlo party will' be appealing to the vol* of oosfirieooet And what will bo their ufcivP : -On matwrev dollbcrnUon we oouoludetoUtth»t,01»ln9»e vyalli'tmuln. We 'think H «»f«r te'tvyyto.MtBOTi the/ n»H one ADDITIONAL LOCAL. -School closos next week. Winter Excursions to Warmer Climes. Excursion Tickets to Mexico, California, Georgia, North Carolina. Florida, tho Gulf Coast, Texas. Hot Springs of Arkansas, and Excelsior Spring of Missouri, now on sale by agents of the Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul Itail- way. Apply for rales nad other information to tho nearest agent, or address Geo. II. lleall'ord. General Passenger Agent, Chicago, Illinois. —At tho county convention held nt Wnnkon last Saturday tha following delugales wore clioaan to attend tho stale convention held at Des Moiuos yesterday: J. C. Crawford, J. 15. Minert, J. II. Meier, H. II. Stiiwall, C. O. Howard, A. M. May, W. N. Burdlck, J. H. Tro- win, J. G. Kalcliffo, J. T. MPICBII. There wore no instractiou* but the proforeaco wns for Harrison, aud this is without doubt almost the unanimous foeling of the republicans of this county. O. Id. & St. P. Excursions. For tho Gonoral (Quadrounial) Con- ferenco of the Methodist Episcopal Church to be held at Omaha, May 1st to aOili. Tickets on sale April 28lh to 30th inclusive, at one fare for the voaml trip; good returning until Juno 1 For the towa Stato Eneampment, G. A, tt. to he held at Otturuwa, Uay 10th to 12th. Tickots on sale May 8th to lllli Inolusivo, at ono fare for tho round trip; good returning May 10th to 13th inclusive M. K. TALCOTT , Agt. —Tho Century will tako up the campaign for good roads. Thu April number is to contain a suggestive article on "Our Common Roads." by Isnac B. Potter, editor of "Good Uoads" and a practical engineer. Tho author points out the enormous loss to this aounlry Be Can T.tvn n I.nnir Tlm-.\ V . i\ hut MtMt Unve II n ; A horao can livo twouu ; without solid food, merely , water, seventeen days with.... outing or drinking and only !. when eating solid food wlthou ing. An idea provails union, mon that 11 horso should never torcd oflcnor than thrco times in vwoiuy-four hours. This Is not inly n mistaucn idea but a brutal praciica. A horsu's stomach is extremely MJUSI- tivo und will sutTur u tutor tho least interference, causing a feverish condition. Feeding nhorse principally on grain and driving It tor hours without wnl jr is like giving a man salt mackerel for dinner and not allowing him to di-iulc until supper time—very unsatisfactory for tho mnn. t r /uVfl 'llUV, UlltyiJnlij \lVi!iuUh^Z'-a of horsos nnd have *tny sympathy for them water them as often nathey waits to drink—onco nn hour. If possible. By doing this yon will not only bo merciful to your nn. mitts but you will bo a bcnoftictor to yourself, as tie y will do inoro work; they will bo hoatthlor; thoy will look bettor nnd will bo loss llablo to coughs and eoblj nnd will livo longer. A horso is a ft rent deal like 11 nun. Lot htm got ovorworkod, ovors 'arvud or abused, nnd piirtioulnrly for tho want of sullicicnt drink in wnrm wonthor, nnd tho consoipionces will always bo injurious. Sonsiblu hostlers In largo citicB aro awakening to tho i ndvnntngo ot frequent waterlog, j Streot-cnr horsos aro watered every ! hour, nnd somctiinos oftencr. while thoy aro at work. It Is plo.ity of water that supplies evaporation or perspiration und keeps down tho tcm- peraturo. Twenty yenrs ngo n person having n fovor of any kind of pneumonia was allowed but litllo wntnr to drink, nnd tbon it had l> bo topid. To-d«y practitioners proscrlbu nil tho Iced water tlio patient can possibly drink, and In addition cold bunduges itro np- pllod to roduco and control tho lom- pornturo of tho blood. What is up- plicablo to man will novor hurt a horso. Uso common eon so and human fooling. Don't think it is a horso and capable of undurlng any and all thinga A driver who sits in his wagon and lashes his worn-out half-curried, lialf- fed and hulf-watorod tonm should nover complain of nny abuse ho may rocoivo from his master or employer, for ho is lower in ohnraotor, harder in sympathy and loss noble than the brutos ho is driving, nnd descrvos, In tha niimo of nil that is human, tho samo punishment ns n criminal. NICARAGUA has a peculiar plant of ono loaf which is thlrtoon feet long. IN Jerusalem the finest nnd, in fact, tho only hotel Is kept nnd owned by a Philadelphia)], IT IS report d that thore lives near Macon, Ga., a man 81 years old who was novor In debt. SOME butchers of Llgonlcr, Pa., made a saURngo sixty-two feet and four Inches In length. It weighed thirty-seven pounds, THEDE la a perron tree near Jefferson, Pa., whoso branches spread out thirty foot in one direction and thlrty-flvo feet in another. CliOOUs of mosquitoes, or Inseots that looked very much like them, wore observed In Oswego, N. Y., just beforo the last cold spell. AD electrical stop watch has been tested In a bleyolo moo, where It determined tho winner, although It was only ono-hundredth of a sooond ahond. Av Ablngton (111.) mnn roeontly had removed from his nrm more than a hundred shot which had been thoro live yoars, since a tlmo ho was aooldentally shot. ODD. QUEER, CURIOUS. Naarly All tlur Suutli African Antntopm AIMO ]!uarinll;ix Jtltro. An nrtlolo by Mr. lirvdon says that tho days of tho glruffe aro numborod. A fow years ago a hord of toventy or eighty of thorn was often mot in various parts of Africa. Mr. Bryaon says that ninotoon giraffes aro now ii> lurgo hei-d. Thoy huve been huntod so mercilessly, both by uailvos and foreign sportsmen, that thoy uro rap- Idly becoming extinct Tho intelligent African King Khamn has, however, takon tho giraffe undor bis protection and hope* to snvo it from extermination. Ho has forbidden tho hunting of the giraffe in his largo domain, and In this way ho hopes thoy will multiply in his country. It Is an Interesting fnot that Hussla has preserved tho European bisau from extinction by sotting apart a forest of Lithuania for thorn and pormltting no ono to molost thorn. Itooont explorers In southwest Africa Bay that tho fauna bus changed greatly during tho last forty years, through the present general condition | Hr. Henry SUohtor. In a paper he road TIIEIIE aro said to be sixteen men to one woman In Buenos Ayres, Ei .F.CTKlo hendlb/hto of 2,500 enndle power uro In use on tho Indiana railroads. CAKni'iu, menwrement h,-.j dovelopcd the fact that tho pouch of a pollcau will hold six gallons. A I 'liot'u father Is Hobert Wnrron. of Allegheny, Pa. Ho has a two -year-old son who smokes throe cigars a day. ExvnniMENTH in London show that the ntinoFphere Is the purest, about thirty or forty feet above the street. „JjAMMr.JU'r.sT, 1ho most northern .village lirfvfirr)iTe,''now luui "efecfrlc' lights to dispel tho gloom of tho polnr nights. Osi: of the odrlest things r 11 llio tapis wns the sale of live hundred miles of enrpot nt auction In Xew York City recently. TitK St. Andre rle Polrlor mlnn of Prnnce Is the do; pest in tlio world. It I B now workeil four thousand feet below the surface. SOAVKTONE is used In vnrious ways. It given culor to rubber gorilla, Is used In paper to gain weight and In making tiro- proof paints. A STOUAOE dam to hold H ,nfirt,(Wn,000 gallons of water ts being built near Acton, Cnl. It will be lfit) feet high and autl fetsl long. TIIF.IIK Is a Hweot potato at Fresno, Cnl., that weighs forty-four nnd threo- fourths pounds. It Is believed to bo tho largest over raised. A 1.AKF. of Inli, n mountain of sulphur, nnd two ntronina ot limo water, milky white, have been discovered, all by ono mnn, iu Lower California. TltAvriiiNfi snlcswomi n r < 1 eo lining numerous In the Eastern Males, and do a thriving trndo. Some of (ho mercantile houses prof or them to the sidesmen. •CAVES hnvo been discovered In Tasmania which lire norfo .'tly lighted by myriads of glow wornn. Ono of lite caves Is about four miles long. THE curious complication of a divorced woman suing n former lover for breach of promise mnde whlio she was still a wife wns lately submitted to the court In Manchester, England. GIRAFFES BECOMING EXTINCT. of Ameriotin roads, a loss which falls not only upon the farmer, but upon oily pnoplo nt well, who arc compelled to pay unnecessary prices for having produce brought to thu HI . An Amori- oan consul iu Franco reports that the road sj stem of Unit country (the most porfpot system in tho world) "has b*on of greater value to thu country as a means of raising the value of lnnds than have tho railways. In France every market-oart, with Its broad lire, Is n road-maker. Mr. Potter's article is full of practical suggestions for lUu bvtlei'mout of Aiuurloan roads, and It is fully Illustrated. —What to wear and how to make it! Important questions nt this season which ladies' nan huvu saliifactorlly answered in Peterson for April. There will be found every protty and useful novelty, from an outdoor aoslums to a spring wrap for the little daughter. "The ColonoI 'M .Stratagem,'' by Robert Graham, ie a very clover story and is beautifully Illustrated. "How Olgn Uet Ivan," by May Iflorenoo Alt, i* the fluust poem we havo seen by this rising young poetess, aud is admirably adapted for recitation. "Flower-Lore," by Mr*. £. A. Matthew* is a eharmlng paper, "A Strange Country," by 8|d- nny Uos«, aud "Old Time Tl.imblos," by Harriet Latham., are among the most Interesting articles in any magazine for tho month, and their Illustrations are iK'tloeiibly line. The entire contents are far aliovo tho average of periodical literature. Potorion steadily progresses in beauty aud ejcoellenoQ. before the British association a few weeks ago, says that nntelopee, Hons, buffaloes, rhlnooeri, glraffas and other largo animals whore mot with in abundance when tho country was first explored ara no longer to be found in any part of tho southwest, Africa ou iK.oount of tholr oonsel ess slaughter by European huntors, us well aa by tlio natives since tho lattor hnvo possessed hrocoh-loadlng guns. Tho most lm- IKU 'iiint among thaw animals, tho elephant, has wholly disappeared from this pa: t of Africa exoopt in tho neighborhood ol l .ako Nguinl. Anderson, ono of tho eaWy oxplorers ol this roglou, sulci that 1,200 pounds ot ivory could bo bought at I.ako K.jnmi for n imittlcot. According to Livingstone, In throo yours not lass than nlno hundrod elophunls wero iltlad noar tho litllo Zonga river alono. How much their number hue iiminlshod is shown by the vory Bmall Ivory export from Wnllleh bay, which amounts to ubout fifteen hundred pound* per annum, while in 187ft it was us high as 37,000 pounds. Tho various kinds of animals would doubt- loi< inoronso ugnin If some protootlva tnonsuros wore taken In their bohalf, but thcra are not many Kuhnmns mnong llio Important mon of Africa who have fcufflolout foresight to endeavor in tho interests of their own people to prevent tho extermination ol thoso valuable animals, Caught u Vly, Of the father of the present kiug of Uuvarlu it is related that one dny t when two of hie cabinet ministers culled upon him .with tho draft of a new law for which thoy vequlred his approval and signature, they found hint seated in his arm-ahatr, with nn open book on his After road*' log tho statute to hie majesty the rain* Utors stood (or «. long Uw eUontly waiting for an ans\v«)iv At tength, when thole pntlenoe'was nearly ox- No woman 1 * tlvesldo i» eomplete with QUtthis popular periodical, A samplt copy will be sort for 5 ceuti, Terroi, I wlth a btvnff, Iia.ed"exclaimed. W.OO a -year. Address, Fotei'soii'* *r? * '""M «<>ut»mul0 tiimnpln f>.W ft^iW. AddMM, PeteMon'i! " •Sothlml i REUNITED AFTER MANY YEARS. TIM state convention yesterday was flhi of the largest and most enthusiastic gatherings ever hold in Iho slate. 80 I*a«iwn the World'e Glory. Seldom now does tho world heor of the French ex-Empress Eugenie whose nnmo once wns n household word. It is reported that she wtll spend tho winter In Cairo. Twenty-three years ago she was In that city at tho opening of the Suez ennil. ThoBe wero the dnys of her splendor nnd the world wns at her feet. The Khedive caused a carriage road to constructed across the desert nil the way from Cairo to the pyramids In order that the Empress might havo no dlfllcuHy In reaching those awe-inspiring mementos of 11 lost civilization. Her stay In Egypt wns ono continual triumph ami now sho is forgotten. ALL READY. That explains the condition of thi< concern to a dot. Our storo is full of seasonable goods, and wo are full of energy and honest intentions. Wu therefore feel warranted in announcing ourselves all ready for business, and rcspeatful'.y invito the Attention of the public for a fow moments while wo endeavor to show that this announcement is of vital importance to you all. We are expending our best efforts to conduct a successful business, and sre sharp enough to see we can do so only by gratifying tho want* of our patrons. That is what wo are here for, and that is just what wa propose to do. If you want to be edified, gratified and almost stupefied by big bargains nsd kind treatment, come right along, and wo will till yon so full of contentment and brotherly lovo that you will want to give every man you meet a quarter. lll.'U AIM is To sell only first-class goods. To sell them as low a* we. can. To roar SNferr, rSo;ti(i'u:')I Ii,- SIrtp'.vrrc?., Aro nt I.nrt IE -0-.1 --lit To ..rillio-. A rcmnrknblo reunion ociii'tvl in Munkuto, Minn., ut tho np.miug of tIs-- Week of Hotroat for Iho Sixers of Notro Dump, which win nllon.lvil by about fifty of Iho ladies frntn dilVernttt pnrts of tho st:ito. Twenty-thro.- years ngo a. ship loft tho s/iorcs M Kuvope laden with German; irniil.-. to coma to Amorien. During iho voyage tin explosion occurred, which wrockod tlio ship nnd killed n cro-a ninny of its pnssongnra. Among the immigrants win a family condsllug of a mnn his wlfo nnd four litllo gir!:<. Tho mnn was killed, his wife's heml was blown o!f, and oror since two of tho girli supposed tho ollior two drowned. A rescuing ves.'ol found n lady Hinting by Urn nbl of n Ufa preserver nnd supporting above water tlio headi of two of tho littlo girls. Mio did uut know them, but look 11 inotho l,v interest in tho orphans nnd carol for tbcin. They worn afturward placed in ft oon- vont nnd hcciimo widoly sopurnlcd. Ono is now tho mother superior of iho convent at Mnnkato, and tho other bo- longs to tho samo ordor of Xotro Dame at Now Orleans. By chnnco thoy recently ascertained that tholr two long- lost sistora woro also in the ordar in tho northwest, after having incessantly made inquiries' concerning thorn for yenrs. Sunday the four mot for the first tlmo slnco tho fatal shipwreck, and, us may bo Imagined, tho reunion wus a most joyous ono. Tho four are now mu'turo women, and all uro engaged in tho work of their ordor. Three Weeks for 10 Cents. To show you what an excellent paper for the liome circle the New York Ledger Is, we will sona you 3 Numbers for iO Gents. Tlio Illustrations In tho Lcrl*er nro beautiful. It Is ono of the best Illustrated papers lu tlio world. Theso throo,..nuinuors will contain iho /oliowing Interesting leadJnffi Tivo com- ptoto iiQVotottos, bouulUuUy Illustrated, ono by Union Mumlmll Nortli, eutltlsd '•Tlio Uviimuco cf t'ynlblii Nunbll," tba other by l.ovilu Ilunmui Pout, outltloa "At tlioGloventh llouri" alsoilliistrutod snort stories by suuU nutUovB as Ainolln E. Ilnir, Dlwry Kylo Uulliin, Anun tSlicIldB, W, Tlieinsen and Col, Thomas \V. Ituoxi uumoi'ous poems 1 thrco pages of tho » Wo. uim'» World " dcpnt'tinent, full of liifor- WAtlou that will tutoi'oat every rootUor nnd datigbten nowsftom "Tlio World 's four ' t)oruuvs," nnd ninny short nitsocltnueous nrUolos hrl inful of iinufnl Infot'inatlon 1 nud tt»o thi'oo o|ioiiliut liiBtrdlmc 'its ef apiost latovoaltnss sovlnl stovy, entlllod " Rlvrrts Jallau't) ,W"'°i" QteQ ona lustsllnicnt In 'eHohUnjnbBi' ''Tin? °w«w Ben*" pil«* leiit for ojib li eeult 4ildc *• possibly such grjoris n>i we can 'tilt sell only ^coinincnd. To please all who favor us Willi ineir patronage. 'Co ropresent our goods only nt we believe them to be. To treat everybody honestly and fairly ns we would ourselves bo Heated. That sounds good. Has the right kind of a ring, doas il not? nnd now please benr in mind we practice jusl exactly wknl wo preach. You noad not lake our word for it, but come 111 at any time aud see for yourselves. Anil uow n word in regard to our stock. We, of course, think il is nice. We know we have made nn honest ull'ort to secure llio very best articles iu our line, to be found ill the market, nnd know no one can buy closer than we have. Tho goods aro hero in our store, wo hare marked the goods ns low n.i wo possibly can. the result must depend upon our no.ions, and wu do not worry over the issue. We only ink the pno­ plo to examine our goods, loain otir prices, and follow their own convictions. Thanking o;ir old friends for the cordial support we hive teoeived at their hands iu the pnii, nnd promising our beat effort* to merit 11 share ol your future patronage, wo vunuiln Very truly yourn, WM. KLUSS, Pos'rviM.ic. . IOWA, Manufacturer ami divaler in all kinds of harness, and all oilier goods belonging to the trade. A full and oomplctc stock alwnys 011 hnud. 1'. S. Wo hnvo soma Winter Goods yel and aro anxious to hnvn them nil sold, therefore will sell the bulntico al strictly cost prices. • t'-*^.--'i^^K.^*J**^.-.^<wf>*ri<M-^'*^r-^r.-T'Tn^*^'.»yt*^^> J. SHEPHERD M.D., PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON, D. i, puxtioa uxAuiar.11. Offlt* at r «sidau «a on Qroon ktroot, Bnoourt haute Unit ol Hoy ft MctieU't lUt'dmia. F.J. BEOKER.M. D., HOMEOP ^.TKCICJ PHYSICIAN AND BtTKOEOX. Omoa on Brjcoird floor ol p H rkor'« DuHrllnv near l'oitomou, l 'oitvlll>, Iowa, DR. J. S. GREEN, rHTSICIAK * SUItG EOX, Office and Kesidoiico Soullnvoft nr,r All oalls promptly attended DANIEL A. JERALD, ^/CercHarit Tailor, Postville, Iowa. All work t warrantnd io give satisfaction. A full lino of the latest styles in samples. Wm. SHEPHERD, ATTORNEY AT LAW, Iniurinco Agrmt and Collector, Authorized to |>r»rtico hi nil tho courts o(Hj • tato. Offlco orsr Lltm'l itor« brink block.' On and ntter Snnds, trains on the C. M. leav< Poslville as folll QOINQ XA POSTVILLE IOWA. Postville Dray Line P. J. BEUCHER. Prop. Having purchased the originn. Postville Dray Line 1 am prepared to do all kinds ofrlraving promptly, carefully anil satisfactorily, (lond tennis, good drays and cnrcful drivers rhvnys at tho service of the public, al fair pricee. All kinps of light or heavy hauling, in town or country promptly door. Granito Ccrnctcry Work, Iron Fciicco, Curbing &c. Tho»n intending to purchase Monn- moulal work for future delivery will tinrl it to their nilvniilngci t ie \,imi'jc M. V. Kidder's (jranile Work in Cemeteries, as he is doing lirsl-cl .'iss work at ns low prices a» can bo procured iu the country. If he hai not called upon yon drop him a card r.t Decornh nnd lie will be pleased to ri*it you with Designs nnd snmpies rd nil kinds of Oranltv, at U10 l .iwv ^t possible price*. M.V.KIDDER, 341110 Decorah, Iowa. L. STROEBEL & SON, — t 'llOPftlHToHH D7 — Postville Boot and Slioc Store. 1.1' PTA.NII .fl a lib, ..'.••Hints, Shoes. '.M.,. .Jtubbcrs nnd evvryihing kept in n No. 1 gonernl sh'ou store. (*T AnilSTHUXO A noj.TKIl'r) flllVII ]i-:l Itocfc o. 6 Way -i No. 13 Milwaukee StockJ JOIKO WIST) Passengers. No. 1 night No. 8 Freights. No. 7 Wnv Freight No. 9 Time Freight No. 11 Time Freight... All Freight liiins_ nipntlop*^ No. 12, carry pn^irngers when 1 with proper transportation. m, r between K. McGregor and MasOB^ M. B. TALCOTT , Af" B. C. R .&N .R. E. *$» NOP™ LEAVING AND ARRJj TIME OF TRA* iincoitAii mvisiox. Time Table in effcoi Nov. lfil Passenger going North... fl:lo/ " South. 4:i0.\ Freight. •• Novti,, ...a : «, r.': J. K. l'KRRT Ag»»»VJ Cnslom work and repniring nentlv and promptly done. Kn.rv pair warranted. We keep no -slio.fdv. A t'<l C'.iu- fi>r Pi!(?s i.f v. ltr.t,:\rr kin,I w tl.^i,.,; - J;M, .JJ,.>J , Inlriniil, lllio,! r.r ltlirdiu,-. O'liini;, (".liiiiiiii-, K,.,:, «, 11, j, .lit;., v. •1'lifs l:» iu...:v l,..s i,.,>,iti•• cly iicvn hr-cii l.rv.wu 10 fiiil. 5l.< ii .1 liort, ti l-ost^ iui fyro; ^ciit l,v li::iil 11 If-rripl i.f I * I i t . •. A iMillrn r, ii.n .ipt'-r' | 'j.ij. rivr -W : I.. rl, , t.tnc :irli; r I d ;li:n.l ll,,: j N. IX >l r.I..\SS. ]l>.u.r.m- if, I, »..>. •N. DCJIV.I.AS:;, l'urs. J. f. JAS. Mr l-.V.'liN', fAMi,.. nrii. CITIZENS STA/I rosTvn.i.i:, ID w.i. PAID UP CAPITAL, J[:5,CC0 BANK, ISllV lix- CII re Uo a Gem-rnl Itt:«irci< and sell Foreign ,MH| );, chungr. Acer.nnts if l-'niUiei'H, clinnts and olheis rrcciii'il fully proti'cicd. I11lere .1t pniil 1 11 'line repi-iis. Invcslmeiits mnilc for 1 inside pitrtics on fnvuruhle terms. 1892. Harper's Ba2ar. t ILLUSTRATED. r itHhUi )iH >V ^,V | ( vYiuiiiiorotii llli :iti»t(* ilcini ^nii, opP* lmtttrn nlifft miiplenl UUUH } * oi^iAt' nUkc U' the home <)rc«iiil Ltm iui hTfik >ii>iiKl inoilihtr. No rxpknioL Ui ».iik»h (A nrUdtic ut irnttlv 'Jiioiti ol turn onk'r, I(H bright Kturluti, nimiBiiij cl uti>l tlKni ^.htfuI ritnium satlnfy Ml t&attfl litut yn^c in fitinoun ns n budget at \ fhitltil wliicli is of iiitcrcut to rrrilnru. Tl ah. for IM2 wUllic wclUou l»y Yl'fttUr __ Wlllutiii lllntilt. MIS , OlipkHtit Wtll bucotO«\ <<>fifrfl/iit.-r. Murmti HnrlKiuri Tlmeljr Tftlkl "1' ILV In it ml Uiiv (Mil," nro intrnded toi mai veil-, 1111.1 Itt'lun Murtlitilt Novlh*11l »p *eUUj Htl'ixtif L'iila- T. \V. HitfiMiiton in "Wunian Uk^ .MIIJJ," \T)JI i'] CM co n cultivntctl au41cno«. HAIIPER'S PERIODICALS Per Tottrj HAItrnH'K IIAZAIt 'HAHM'lt 'H M A O A /1 N FJ ItAH/'Klt S \\ l-'KKIiY HAUVKIVS \OUlSU l'KCl'MS VoBtH^o Kr"i> to till sitl'Bcrfbem fit tb« Uflfl hlctiH, ('Kin.tU mid Mexico, Thu VohiiiH u nf thf I'.jtzar bejiln irltb thd !imiil:*r U-T .Jmimiry (»f fprh yv&r Vfc'tjT tint'; In liH-iitloiind, riilj^f ii(<tfoilM wlllb*|L t\u> KUU .I < T curWnt rtl \\Wtt «t Tt 'C «*l)>i ut OTT! ]U HII 111 WituiiifH i»T II'irj'or 'H lliiinr Inr yea if. I iu'I;, iu c\.t..j hhulili^, "fflU mm i ox\imt n i> (pt'ovUiud Hi* 1 fvuit^ltt ilOttB nut *S0»»d ono uxltitr per voltiijio), for tl (W par vuluum. Cloth CnniM for u«ch vulunif, suit^le for hlndii'i'. u 'iH 1 ,0 H<-II t hy mull, iiuit|iald ( un itc'ii-l %tt *A uu cncli. 1 !''HitII 11 tn 't H bluiiiH ))o IUKIO I»y rpfctfflloo Money cr'Iiir t -r l»t,ifi, t» nvold chancv of Ion, NcT.n )'HiMT4 i\r*i nnt to copy tlii* a t Ivi)itfflrri]*nt v.'lihniiL thu t'^iji'tfu otder of Ilorpvr .t H roll i em. Adiicfij; IIAlitor, iS; iltiuTHKitn. New VurX. 1892. Harper's Weekly. ILLUSTRATED. Hnrper'n WcoI.Iy f< r Alio cnnilnfj ywr will 01 to- tuin ntoro nttructiTa fraturai, mora auU ftn«r IlltiHtrutl'-iis, nnd ii (irraUr jiuinbar of uillala* of live, iMtcimo I ut event than will t'e fmtiid la nny otljur pi-i-Judfeul. Auwuts tliiiho litttvr vtlil he a RorifH of iutIcI«H nn tlx twunty-flvo Krt>nt«it clt* Ids ot tho world incliidiiiu flvo liundiod Ulustt'*'- (ioiiH. 'i'ho Cohimhikii KxpoHltion, the Army nu>) Navy, tO 't -nt jmhJlo rveiita, iJiiUitm un land mid Hen, itiul lh« dolri ^jH of tlio colalirAtril ]K <iip]iT ff Ihudny will ho dnsurihed mid UlustiK- In an iiunictivo und tlmidy inhiincr- Tna l>(»]iiirlnifUit of Anuitoiir Kport will continue nidu 'i- thu dlioctiou of Cuipur A. Whltnoy, Tba iicr .t of modern vrltcri will vontrihutu itcti Kiorlort, nnd fho mouL dlnllnyuliihoU hi t)Mtn vlll muko Urn illnutrittioiiH. Tliu KIUOTIAI urtlolfH ot Mr. (u-or^u Willl*im Curtl« will uiuuiu ai BU rppi'uhil uUrnclltJii. HARPER'S PERIODICAL '> 'PojTlfwjti TONSOKI A.L. PA.BLORS. till Alt Till'. IWrol'llLT.. All work dune in tlm liiji-heni slylo o thu nn. S.iiisfiiction frunrniili!L'd." J. 'I'. i'.u .'Ki:::, Prop. »f town. DR. GH. HUNT, Permanently located in Postville. OtDco over Witters & Kicolny's ^Hnrd- waro Storo, Brick Hlock. J.A.HAVIRLAND, "Vstsrliaary S"u .Tfjrecii FOSTVIIXR, IOWA. Otllsii first door Knst of the Commercial House, Green S»., Postville, lown. A tiuu set of surgical ii.alnny.onls. All necessary medicines kept on hnud Thirtaen saccossful practice Calls promptly unsworod I'REU. N. BEEDY. I-PHOTOQ-RAPHER.-:- And Denlorin Plolttro Frnmos. Poatvillo - Iowa The Old Reliable Meat Market, J0BH B, HA11T, Proprietor, Opposite - PoBtvllle - Stnto - Banlc. None hut tho best mytits pitrohnsod. Kviirylhing' iu first-uliist shape. Cmtr- tmuis trcntincnt to nil, Prlues ithvii)- tho lowest. CIIUKOII rHKECTOXV. COSCHUitl.STIONAl, lltv N. I,, nnrtnn, ]vm- tm. rroicl.lng over/ liunuiiv a* 1U .:U1 A.M. r.H'17 ;:tg I'M. Hiilibnth Neliuul IniniuJIiitiily nlt.iv ir .i rnliia soivloo. Y. 1', 8. O. H, moots every Kuiiilujr uvtmlut! ut (1:15. 1'niycv KUot- luu WoUnumlny cfruhnj!*. MKTH()0|.ST.~miv. R. J. l/jokwowt, I 'Mtov I' ru&olitw; Rorvtoos t'vory Huuthty ivt lOiilOA niid7 :33 r. M. Kuliliuth Hcliool iimmiili- ivtaly after incrulue ^novvlto. Tlio:.l'.iwurtli I.oaRUO ovevy Kuiuluy ovonlnit utlliOO o'oluck, 1'r.iyor nn'ntiil.^ evory Woillnwliiy iiYcliiuit ut 7 .00 u'ulcu'-i- Tou uto oiuiwutly liwil«<l. POSTVILLE LyjDGZS •NOBLELODGE M 0 6i. A. O. V. IV, The Loynl Anclunt Ordor of Unittfil Workmen moots the Second nnd Fourth Saturday evenings in iinch mouth, iu thoMusonio ilttll ovor the Brick Drug- torn. J. W. SHEKHV, M. VY. Wu. SuEi'iiEitn, Ksuordcr. BROTHERLY ILOVE LODGE, No, 204, A. p. & A. Al. Hagultir meetings on Tiiosdity evening on or bnforo tho full of tho moon, All hrntlii'uii in good standing are cordially invited to nttond. E. I). STU-KS, W. M. WM . Morr, Seo'y, CENTRAL MEAT MARKET QttWW Mflt'kel fit «v«ry retnto,. , •ball •lm, tp keep nt n)l tlmeii an H*.«nrt< ^Bntofth*bM v ^efltitho wwtol afr -mm Consumption Cured. An old pliysicUii, rollroil from prac- llot), having find pinned in his hnuds by 11 n Enst India misslonnry thu tormula of a simple vegetable remedy for tho xpeedy nnd permn' sut cure of Consumption, Hvonchltis, Catarrh, Asthma and Lung Aflbutions, nlso a positive nnd rtidlonl cure for Nervous Debility aud Nervous Comulninls. after liaving toslod its vvnndorftil onrntlvo powers in tliQusniids of oasos, lifts felt It his duty to wake it Isuown to his suflering fellows, Aotutttod by this motive and a J. V, OILSOW, J?rop. Having pmoliRsoil dm nlinvo Mnrltet ^ n of Boh«lerUvo»' I )»tP |>os« IK k#op a desire to relloYe human snfrerlnar, I will "•»"«"•"-•'"•' '•• *' \ fat d-oeof OIWK^IQ allwhodeslfo WAUI'KU'B WEKKIiY H.tKCKlfH .MAd.lKINK lUltt'V'.ll'tt U,\'/,Ml IMIII'UU'H VOl.'NU I-KOl'IJS 1 'i 'ntiuio 1' KIO to all mliroiibor* {In tto UulUJ Blivtt'b, L'HIKIUI Kiid Moxton. , Tlio Vuliunnn ot tlio Weokly begin with llrtt Niiinhcr (<nr Jnmuiry nf auoh yunr. Wilts 110 tlmo U inoiitliiniiit, •ubaarliitlons Tilll IMSI II with llio Number cumcnt nt tho tlmo. of receipt of order. Koiiinl Volunun uf IIorpor 'H Weukly for tjll**'-' yoms Imoli. Ii' uoiit clutli blndliir, will heitiit by umU. j'onwiint ]iniil, or by vxnrtSft, frst of kijioiiKo i) J'UVI.I'MI tlio froluht ((u«> not e»Sdd ono (lullar ]<i v Yuliiino), for ^7 Oil per volume. Cloth Crxiu for otoli >olumo, kliltublo for blmilir!, will bo Hunt by innll, iiostpnld, un l'dC<'i|H Of ^1 W CIKtll. l'diiilttiiiic-^H iihoiiM b« niatlc by Pustofflcs ' Moii"y Ovilir or Draft, tuuvolil ohftiioe of lose. Nn\f«vM>*ini i «o noi to «'i»y this urtT»rtUnra«nt lvJihotii U10 rxvroitb orth'rorifni 'iHn A I)roftli«rs. Ait.lvt-'mi 1 lUHi'cii iV linoTUims, NowYurk. 1892. Harper's Mr ^afcirG. ILLUSTRATED, Tho Muknzlno will oolub »t* lha fourth On* Unary of llio Dfaoovory ot Amurto* liy Its R»Iline, ivory, tbronuli nrtfolOH flvluK A mora thor> inii:h cxiioultioii llmu bus kltltortobwin ta%\\* ol tho lUoout Uuincooili/iitca l)«v «lu\>nisnt at Oar C'ouiitry, iiiul oaijoolully lu tho Gnat Vf»»«. I'urticiilnr nttontlon will RIIO ho glvta to P»a« inutlo KiiinoUcn ot Anici'loiiu Ulitory. 'iho Hula of tlio next Kiiroyeau Wsrwlllb* (kiorlbod jnnEorlesof Vapert on th» Daaalw "From thollluolt forest to tha Dlnrk B»»,"fcy I'oultiioy BI KOIOW unU li. V, Mlllot, illustrattil bv Mr. Ulllot 111 il Allied I'nnoiiB. Artlolsp wlUi uipio bo ulvau ou tlm Korinon, Auttrlsn and IUI- lull Arnilos, IllUBtratod by T. lie 'Ihulltruii. Mrr \V. 1>. tlowolli will oontrlbnto a now no»« v), "A World ol Chuuoo," oborttoterlsttoSHT' Aumrtouu. E»i>eolat iiromlueuoe will I • glvs» to bhort Hlorlou, whloii will bo contributed bjr T. II. Aldilob, It. H. Davli, A. Conan Dejrl*, Mavgitrot Dalaud, Miss NYooliou, sud other ttoy> tilui' wrltorH. Ainony tha lUarnry toatnrcs .wlU b» Parioiisl ltomliiiioonoot ot Kuthnnlol Ilawthorna, by his aolloiju olusawivte aud Uto-long friend, Horatio • Bridge, and tv Persouul Mouioir of tba BrowiHfcgS by Auuu '1'Ue.okere .y Kttahlo, HARPER'S PERIODICALS 'HAItl'EH'H MAGA?INK. JHAKt'ait 'B WE1SKI.Y, IIAltl'KU'SBAZAll, HAItl'EH'H YOUNQ PKOI'LH, Vm Yasr •too i 00 4 00- Ppitogo Vtm to ull stibsfrlheri iu «fat> V«|taA ] StutoB, Saimda aud Mo*loo, > ""ASSSSIS Tho Volumes of tho Uttnulne bentn wttKUitf 'Si- >"> reoolpt ot ordor. , Hound YoluwiS 0( flM Maaiiahio lor thioe vaars back, ra v nt4t\ umaing, will he ssnt by m»Tl\ IB leoolot of «a CUppr volume" Olofliwr b hiding, 80 oputa eloh -rby:'mk |i; nSsfn* n»wrtt» ? Qas shmid > 1 vmm Monoy Ordor, or Draft, to avoid KewHiiaporsaro nottooopy tb«_ wlthouf (lis exprass prdw of HtwW Addreist nm^*T"~ J '-

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