Algona Courier from Algona, Iowa on November 23, 1894 · Page 5
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Algona Courier from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, November 23, 1894
Page 5
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THE COURIER, ALGONA. IOWA, FRIDAY MURNlKg NOVEMBER 23.3 894. Commencing lursdaj, Nov. 15, November Bargains. DURING" THE ENTIRE MONTH of November we will sell all the following goods at a DISCOUNT OF 10 PER CENT OFF -—*FOR CASH ONLY. All wool dress goods in all colors, from 40 to 46 inches wide; price from 50 cents to $1.50 per yard, less 10 Per Cent Off. Quilts, Skirts, Shawls, Battings, Hoods, Fascinators, men's, ladies and children's Hose, less 10 Per Cent Off. Calicoes, Ginghams, Challies, Sateens, Bunting, Tick- ings, Outing Flannels, less 10 Per Cent Off. Cheniel and lace curtains cheniel and fancy fringed covers, less 10 Per Cent Off, Kid Gloves, Stamped Linens, Towels, Crash, Table Damask, Nap-, kins, BftclieVs Linens; less;: 10 Per Cent Off. Mittens, Ribbons, Laces, 'Handkerchiefs, less Mufflers, 10 ler Cent.Off,, Jackets, Children's Cloaks, Less 10 Per Cent Off. LOCAL NEWS. Guy Taylor was at Emmetsburg over Sunday. Mayor Gall has just completed a fine new barn. B. W. Haggard has been out of town all week on a business trip to the southern part of the state. At the Congregational church Sunday evening there will be a special musical service. All are invited. Myron Schenck is reported to be on the mend. His many friends will be pleased to hear of such good news. Mr. S. S. Wartman is very low. He has been ailing for upwards of three years, but of late has been quite sick. There are many new advertisements in this paper. Look them up, they will be the means of saving your money. It is reported that one of W. W. Wheeler's little girls is down with diphtheria at their home in Des Moines. Attorney McMahon was at Emmetsburg Monday. The case in which he was interested was contined until the next term. Ed. Hartwell, of Crawfish Bottom, started yesterday to drive through to his old home in Wisconsin to spend the winter. Three Ledyard sports returned from the wilds of Wisconsin this week with two dead deer, the fruits of a hunting expedition. Jas. Orr has returned from Hartley, where he has been for some weeks doing a big job of painting. Jim is an artist with the brush, and he is kept busy all the time. Jas. Taylor has a large stock of cloaks on hand and in order to dispose of them before the first of January he has concluded to make the biggest kind of a cut. T. H. Conner has been up on his Seneca farm for the past two months making many improvements. He has as fine a farm as there is in the county and takes pleasure in keeping it up in fine shape. Lucis Adams of Hobart had his buggy wrecked in Algona Monday evening and the pieces scattered over the court house lawn. The horse started from in front of Durant's drugstore, with two ladies in the buggy, who were thrown out and more or less injured. M. W. Dunham of Wayne, 111., was in Kossuth county this week looking, after his real estate interests.- He bought a lot of land in this county about twenty-five years ago <and;"had Geo. Hunter succeeds Mr. Tellier as night watchman. The clerk issued a marriage license this week to Wm. Tjaden and Katie F. DeBoer, Gapt. Jenson of Swea has disposed of his property in this county and will move to Des Moinus. Services will he held in the Free Methodist church every Sabbath evening commencing at 7 o'clock. All are invited to attend. J. J. Ryan was at Fort Dodge with the rest of the boys ithe most of the week. He took several of our boys out and showed them the town, and also his fine farm near the city. The board proceedings take about all our space this week. But then that ought to be of interest to all taxpayers who want to know what is being done with the people's cash. Eagle Grove sold her $10,000 six per cent ten-year bonds at a premium of $700. The purchaser was J. Fitzmaurice, the president of the First National bank of Eagle Grove. This is a great year for republicans. Last Sunday twin republican boys were born to Mr. and Mrs. Fred McCall. We would suggest, Fred, that you call one Bill McKinley and the other Tom Reed. J. M. Culligan of Clayton county, a friend of D. Hayes of Lotts Creek, arrived at Whittemore last Saturday. He is an excellent school teacher and, will teach the Bierstedt school in Lotts Creek township the coming vyinter. The Iowa State Teachers' Association will convene at Des Moines, Dec. 26, 27 and 28. As a queer incentive to attend, three prizes, $25, $15 and $10, are offered the counties paying the most mileage to and from the convention. Ralph Miller was one of the charter •members of the Algona Matrimonial association. The president of the association sent up to the Winkel residence last evening their assess- ment'of one hundred silver dollars. Manager Ewing, of the Kimball never seen it until now. He is not disappojn.ted in his investment in .the Men's suits, boy's suits, chi! dren's suits, men's overcoats, boy's overcoats, fur coats, odd pants, men's pants, boy's pants and vests, less • 10 Per Cent. Off, "S, Underwear, Gloves and Mitts, Hats, Caps, Trunks, Valises, less 10 Per Cent Merwear, Men's, ladies and children's underwear, less 10 Per Cent Off , During this month. Men's, Ladies and Childrens Shoes, overshoes, arctics, Jobbers, felt boots, felt beaver lined shoes in ladies, men's and children; the the largest line of warm shoes in the northwest, less 10 Per Cent Off, Silks, and Velvets. Corsets, buttons, ties, collars, cuffs, suspenders, less . 10 Per Cent Off, Remember the discount is only allowed on cash sales and only during this month Thanking you all for past favors, hoping to see you all during November and have you take advantage of our G-reat Discount Sale. Yours Truly, Jno. Goeders, Algeria, Iowa, srs & Cullen, f &*$ >j* ^ t ' t? •\ .L. J- I least. The program, at the Social Union to-night includes a paper on ."Romantic Love," by J. T. Chrischilles, one on "Co-operative housekeeping," by Mrs. W. C. Danson; a recitation, "The Little Quaker Maiden," by Miss Lulu Clarke, and a vocal solo by Mr. Geo. Hamilton. The canning factory at Webster City have commenced feeding 140 head of two year old steers and quite a large number of hogs. They will utilize all the waste food from their canning factory that Is good for stock in this way.. They have lots of feed and are well prepared to care for the stock during the winter. A flowing well was struck on Archie Hutchison's Springfield farm last week that is a daisy. Mr. Hutchison can now mark the price of his farm up another $500 notch, as a good flowing well is worth that to any stock farm. Flowing wells seem to be quite easy to get in the north end, as a number have already been made. The ladies of the Baptist church gave their first or a series of lectures Tuesday evening. Rev. Wayland Hoyt, of Minneapolis talked very entertainingly on "Lessons from a Great Life." Their r^st lecture will be delivered by Dr." Strickland, of Sioux City, whose theme will be, "Gen. Grant, from a Southern Standpoint." Dr. Garfleld reports.. Mrs. Swan Peterson as almost recovered from her serious injuries sustained in the cyclone, The doctor carried out the skin grafting process successfully, taking enough epidermis frqm one of his feet to cover the wound on the lady's head, The healing process has been very slow, but Js now far enough along to warrant us In saying that the Doctor is more than satisfied over the results obtained. ; This, we believe, is the first case of skin grafting ever attempted in this vicinity, althougb the like frequently occurs in cities. Sheriff Samson went to Panora, Guthrie county, Wednesday after Cbas, Dygert, wanted at Ledyard for larceny. It seems that Dygert and another fel'ow were In the hayjng wholesale music house in Algona, yes- terday'received a large number of the finest pianos ever brought to this city. If you have not already called and examined their fine line'of pianos and organs, it will pay you to do so if you contemplate buying aninstrument. John Kennedy returned Wednesday from-!Winneshiek county, where he had been attending the funeral of :his father. The old gentleman was about eighty-five years of age. He died last Thursday and was buried Saturday. All; qf^tbe : children, : with ,the ^excep-- t'ioVof one in Texas, attended the .funeral.' A 'seven year old boy of A. L. Belton's;-while playing out in the barnyard Wednesday, was kicked in the head by a young horse and had his skull so badly fractured that 'the brains oozed out. Drs. Kenefick and Armstrong were summoned and dre^ : ,u the wound. The youngster is in a precarious condition. C. B. Sarchett is out of business entlrel:'' now. He disposed of his interest in the Bancroft store to his brother Lloyd Sarchett. C. B., expects to make a tour of Missouri and Kansas in a week or so, and is unsettled as'to where he will locate, or what line of trade he will engage in. He is'.a- good man and we would like to see him remain right here. List of advertised letters for week ending Nov. 19, 1894: Haakon Mikkal Anderson, A. Anderson—Country, Miss Mary Caulkins, Mrs. E. Dunn, Miss Ada P. Davis, A. C.Ellis, Mrs. Emma Foster, Mr. JohnGrein, Hawkeye 0. Club, John Krien, Mgr. Kirkhart's Circus, G. W. Kelly, 0. G. McCarthy, Mrs. Ella McOowan, Miss Ella Miller, O. C. Milljon, A. C. Red- fleld, A. G. Stormfeltz, Angelo Shirk, C. L. Winters. John Gilska will have a public sale at the S. A. Thompson place next Wednesday. He will dispose of some of his surplus farming tools and grain, preparatory to his moving to Kansas. He has purchased a 320 acre improved farm in Anderson county, Kansas, paying for the same $20 an acre. He will bo located In the eastern part of the state. It is surprising that anyone would leave good $20 farming land in Kossuth county for the same priced land in,Kansas, or even much cheaper land, for the whole state is dear enough at any price. We, however, wish Mr. Gilske prosperity in his new venture. Enos Rammer, while digging a well Mrs. J. O. Reaver and childred are visiting at the Hoxie home. W. A. Ladendorff has moved to the A. D. Clarke building where he has much larger quarters. Col. Cooke and Capt. Haggard will go to Fort Dodge Monday to attend' the meeting of the military clans. Algona was well represented at Ft. Dodge the past week. Upwards of sixty persons were down as witnesses and jurors in the U. S. court. E. G. Bowyer had as fine a diamond display at his store the first of the week as was ever seen in the west. The goods were direct from a New York importing house. Quite a number were sold to parties about town. E. H. Martin, of Webster City, who used to be with the Rock Island at Fort Dodge, is figuring with Eagle Grove citizens on a telephone exchange for that city, and thinks that sufficient patronage can be secured to sustain It. The editors of both of our republican contemporaries were at Humbold t yesterday as witnesses in the Joe Grose "blue sky" deal. We fear that they were not in a very pleasant mood while there as both were as mad as hornets because they were sub- pocnied. W. L. Joslyn and M. F. Randallg were down on the same case. Miss Virginia Dox a missionary school teacher of the Congregational faith gave two interesting talks of her work among the Mormans and Mexicans, at the Congregational church last Sunday. She is at present devoting her time to raising money with which to carry on the educational work. We believe that she met with good success at this place. Railroads are mortal like other people and sometimes have to yield to the clamor of the public. On Nov. 1 an order was issued governing all railroads increasing the rate of extra baggage under the head of "excess baggage rates." The thousands of traveling men just got up and howled, houses they represented joined in the chorus and now the roads are, figuratively speaking, tumbling over each other Jin their haste to recind the order and restore the old rate. 'At the residence of J. B. Winkle, in this city yesterday evening, occurred the marriage of Miss Maggie Winkel to Mr. Ralph Miller, of Stratford. The ceremony took place at 8 o'clock, Rev. Davidson officiating. The bride is one of Algona's most,charming young ladies, having been born and raised here. .The groom is now conducting a very successful business at the.tpwn of Stratford. Ho is an'ex- cellent young man in every.particular. The COURIER joins with their numerous, friends iri this place, and elsewhere, in wishing a long and happy life to Mr. and Mrs. Miller. The art social on last Tuesday evening, at the residence of Mrs. Dodge, given by the Guild of St. Thomas' church, was a very successful and unique entertainment. One gentleman after taking i the rounds of the galery, said It was worth more than ten cents and paid again. The attendance was good and so was the coffee and the sandwiches. Every body had a good time and all were happy. The net proceeds were satisfactory. The ladies of the Guild wish the editors of our papers to understand that they have a standing invitation to be present at all their church socials, arid shall always be pleased to see them on these occasions as guests of the Guild. * Emmetsburg Robberies. Last Saturday night J. J. Wilson's office near the Model mills at Emmetsburg was entered and the safe blown open and rifled of its contents. Sfcverat thousand dollars worth of notes were taken, but only a small amount of cash. It is the supposition that after the robbery had been committed that a dynamite bomb with a burning fuse was left on the floor of the office to complete the destruction. Their delivery team was in the stable adjoining, one horse was killed outright and the other one crippled. By hard work the fire company saved the mill, everything else was burned. Again on Sunday'night the office of Maj. Darrah a grain buyer over on the Burlington road was rifled and all of his papers taken from the safe. Mr. Wilson can not estimate his loss as a great many notes were taken of which he knows nothing about. If it was local talent that did the work no doubt they will be ferreted out. and punished. The Emmetsburg Tribune says: "There is some talk of a vigilance committee being organized here. A move in this direction might rid the city of future repetitions of the damage of Saturday night. Turn the rascals out, no matter who they be." Murder Near Spencer. SPENCER, Nov. 21.— The body of George Jefferson, an old bachelor, supposed to be murdered, was brought to town to-da,y from his farm six miles northeast. He was found dead in his The coroner's a verdict yet. jury has not He was well- barn, given to-do. The Girls Somewhat to Blame. The Algona COURIER is kicking because the young men of that place go away from there to get wives. At the same time it gives an account of a young man who got his license and the justice and everything aU'right and went to marry thd girl of his choice, and she fired the whole outfit out of the house. We don't think it strange at all that the boys go away for wives.—Humboldt Independent. Ladies braith's. equestrine tights at.Gal- Money to loan on second mortgages. GEO. C. CALL. Fresh made pork barrels for sale at the Algona Tub Factory. 4w Stamped linens of all kinds at braith's. . .,.•:•:; Money to loan on Ion orjhorttime. soi-'G.: GALL. , Fine Jersey Skinner. cow for sale. NY J. We have an overstock of heavy shawls to close at cost.—Galbraith. Fresh Oysters. We handle the best and choicest select orders to be found in town. A. ANDERSON. Gent's, Ladies' and children's overshoes of all kinds.—Galbraith & Go. Eight Mile. I mean there is eight miles of warp, in a blanket I have for sale, and that is why it wears longer than any other blanket on the market. My doors are open all day and evening. Call and. examine. The ladies will do well to call and see my fancy house mats in my new location, opposite the po&t office.—D. B. Avey. business up tbere, and recently Dygert got bold of the funds of a two car shipment and on receipt of a telegram from his wife wept to Guthrie county on a sbort visit, Hjs partner becam? alarmed and, bad a warrant issued for, bJs arrest, tMpkjng that be had,skjppe.a for gopd, Th^e g^.^ at his place near the Milwaukee depot, Friday, had the misfortune to dislocate his right shoulder. The well was down fifteen feet, and Mr. Rammer was coming to the top for something, and when he took hold of thp curbing to lift himself out he lost bis grip and fell to the bottom, some fifteen feet, and dislocated bis shoulder, Dr r Morse was called and placed the dislocated member back in pla,ceandb9isdoJngas well as could be expected under the circumstances mUVi \n nln-0 * K-. *«11 \_ _1 "* * >~ t t .._ Armstrong Squibs. The Armstrong flour mill is doing an immense business, and is a great help to the town. The grade of flour is as good as the best which the large pat- ronasge hows- Farmers from Fenton and Lotts OreektownshipslnKossuth county twenty and thirty miles away come here to mill,although it Is only half the distance to Algona. Mr II. II. McObain one of the prosperous fanners of Seneca township was in the city one day last week and dropped in and made the Journal sanctum a pleasant call, He informed us that his wife was in Chicago where she has had a very dangerous surgical operation performed, but is now getting, along first rate and will probably return home about the holidays, AUCTION The undersigned will sell at auction at the S. A, Thompson farm W. P. Draper, Druggist, Springfield Mass., writes: "Japanese Pile cure has cured lady 7 years afflicted; could- not walk half a mile in the last three ears; now walks any distance. L. A heete Last Call. Everyone owing me on account or note is requested to settle the same at once. I am compelledjto have a large amount of money for the new mill Don't delay a day. J. J. WILSON. - -- i — • Weak, nursing mothers gain strength and flesh using Johnson's Compound Cod Liver Oil. Rich in fat food, pleasant to take and easily digested, giving strength to mother and child. L. A, Sheet/,. — _ _—_ „. „», ^. MW ,nI/ MW *< **** 14j iy in] 163 south-west of Algona commencing at 1 p. m. Wed. Nov. 28 '94 the following described property: five milch cows; 6 heifers, two years old; 2yearling heifers 1 spring bull calf; about 7 dozen chickens; 1 breaking plow; 1 drag; 1 mower; I hay slider; 3 milk cans; 200 bushels of corn In the crib; 30 bushels of seed corn; 20 bushels seed potatoes, and other articles too numerous to mention. Free lunch at noon. Sale will begin promptly at one o'clock. Terms of sale—twelve months tjmeonapproved notes drawing 8 per cent on ajl sums over $5,00: five per cent off for cash. JOJIN- GILSKE, Prop. D, A. HAGGAHD, Auct, We have a line of dress flannels to close at 35o at Galbralth's. Just received a large line of ladies' and gent's k}d. mittens at Gfllbjaitb's, kVi&u-i i..v^t.. Farm For Sale Cheap. A very choice farm > of 360 acres, three and a half miles from Wesley, 140 acres under cultivation, goodhouse and barn is for sale at the extremely low price of $20 per acre. Must be sold this fall. Apply to Lund & Ryan, Aleona, or Thos. Gray, Wesley. •• « »• " , Cannelburg Cannel Coal for sale at the Northwestern elevator. The best kind of coal for grates, bakeries, house furnaces, etc. C. L, LUND. Awarded Highest Honors—World's Fair. DR,

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