Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on March 7, 1927 · Page 6
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 6

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, March 7, 1927
Page 6
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DEFEATED IN FINAL GAME Chankitc Wins Third PlUcc In Consolation by Trimming lola Scjcond Cag« Quintet. ' - FiRliMoK its wuy fhrotiKli ii «tllTj l»rucki't; llumbdlUt lilgli schocil won { lli'i I'jia Junior college invitation, toiirnjiiin'nl and landed tliiee men | 6 M the louinanicnt, all-star lirst j team. i HiiiiilMililt won iUs fiiRil game Si | to IS fr<ini CJarnctt, iii a game! which .started disastrously for the tourney,winners. The game opened with (lie two teams playing liasiketital! and Oarnett held a 9 to 4 lead at'lhe qiiartej. In the .second period Humboldt stilTcned and raii its total to It while Garnetl washeld to 11. In the last half the game was decidedly Humboldt's. The team held Garneii down to 7 points'while scoring :;<). Thtr Oarnett defense was Io((.s(?j- w.liile-Humboldt guards , forced Garnell Io ..shoot long'."^hots. Tin? Cliaiiute seconds capture<l ; consolation honors by defeating the lola .seconds Ki to !i. The Xeams lost in the semi-tinals, and played the o|)ening game Saturday night for third honor?. Chanutc held the lead all the way. leading 12 to 2 at the half. Ill the scmi-linals lola and Clia- nule lost o.ut :by one point margins, lola lost to CJapiett IS to 17 after leading until the ilnal quarter, lola held an S to a lead at the close of the iirsl quarter. In the llUmboldt-Chanute battle, ("hannte took tlw lead in the Hrst quarter but Hultihoidt managed lo tie the score at the half. T^re score was tied at I,')-all at the C I OHI' oi' the game, hut Hmnboldl won 17 to 16 in the playoff. ELKY CLARKE HAS AN INJURE^D EYE (JliiKgow, /Mar. 7. ICIky tUarke, the Kngllsli flyweiichl cliainidon. U Hi III HiiTferliiK froiii an lijjury (o Ills left eye. Huslnhledi In Ills bout with Fidel l<ahuttiu,. He Is attend- Sioux Indian Boysj Find Fame At Pasjcetball lUK a ("hil-ke (ilnxKow ey« states that prior to leav- inflrtiiury. iijK the tnlted Slates h fdur chellengTs. the nieu e^ being. "Ni.wshoy Rioss, Abe HurJe.v ri'celved coiuern- Brown, iJocy anil (ienuro. Tliere is a possUbiHty of his return t(> America to fight them. M'GUIRE IS HONOREDIN SHARKEY WILL FIGHT MALONEY ;New Voik. .Mardi 7. (AIM ' Tex RIckard aiinoiinced today that lie ': had matclK .'d Jim .Maloiiey and .lack , Shtirkey. Huston heavyweights ^fnr : a i .'i round boiit at Yankee Htadiuiji <in .May lit. The bout iwill be aiio- , Iher .step in tl /e ellminatjon lourna- ' meiit to iirodu^e contender for the Named Forward by Wood On Conference All-Star Quintet—Others Arc . Recognized in Selectionsr i^electiiiii I rains of :tlu of I iii Seven all-star | by I'lal Wioiid. sports <|dilor j l>ittsbnij| Headlight, and i .Myle.s I'l'iiiber, sports editiir of the I'arscii.s K<-pubnoiiii. show wide <|il- fereiM 'cs of i':dni(;[ii on soiiie points. The first team selected by wiod names luii' lola man, .vlcduiie. <jn [ th .e first team at a guard positioii.'' I). Kiiiik and K. Funk are Kivrti j honorable mention as is Itarbcr. i and Uoiialdsoii. | Wo Ill 's 'cam carries opiiiiiiiis «f 1 coachf's of the Hi;; Seven f\-a|jis. j .\Ici(;iiire iiicived two votes fnr a! iiositii'ii. Thiisi- viiies came i'ronij .liihn Scott, locarcoach. and (',4iarli.- .Mofcaii, I'itlsliurg ht^li itliool coaieh. •; '• lii." first ti-am is as follows': Calvin', Pittsburg.* forward: lleiiefiel. Coffi -yvllle. forward; Wouaii. Korl j Sciifl, <-enter; (iallij'a, rarsoiis. i-;ip-i tain and guard: i McCiiJi-e, lida, i giiarii. • i, IViniticr ri?iiKiilzes K. I'liiik'w'tb ;] a guard tiosiliiiii on his seintid ' ti'iim. Willi" 1). l-'iink is ^Iveii hmi-' 'iiralile iiwiitioii at forward. , I His first team liillows: Hi -nefiil. j ; (!offeyvllle. f-irward; .lones. I ''<ir! ; COCKERILL GIRLS WIN STATE TITLE Wlchilu.-Mur. 7. (Apt CocTt^rlll high school won the Kansas sjalc girls basketball tournament here Saturday night by defeating Kriiiiteiiac ."ta to 17.. Iloth teams are from ."outheasl Kansas. (Cathedral highj^ehool of Vyichita pliiceil Hiiril by defeating ' Arma higli school, unotlicr southeast Kansas school. ' RtV. W, J. BII7MI«^CM'^M 1 f.UOrK<; OFF Two ANO HJS RkTHER BASKETBALL FAME GOES TO INDIANS Sioux Indilin .Boys Have One of Strongesk^ of Catholic Quintets In tJnited States. LOCALS HOLD LEADDURING Wogan and Burger Tie For High Point jHonors With 14 Points Marked To Credit. iNoiAN FiisSr TFAM C.Frr roKion) i iinr PAOII .if:> if K .. twioT. MiocKS OFF TWO ANci WHire Hoeoe. CHANGE MADE IN FOOTBALL PLAY RULES TWO FINISH title lii'lil by Cicue Tiiuney. It will |-icott. forward: Fisher. I'ittsbinI iijiter: Oenedet. I'iltshiirs. piiar.l: liallea, I'arsoiis. c:iplaiii and giianl. •be the first of the outdoor bouts of the season. ' ' - Uickard said t]iat while the contracts had not! actually been sig'tied | TENNIS TOURNEY managers of .both fighters had, l-k A rPE^C! A or^rr the bout. j , LIA 1 Hia AlvHi Oti 1 Kickard also announced he bad receiviui word from .lack Deinpsey Rules Tend to Curb Shift and Ifiiddle and j Cut Down Kicking; i (ioal Posts; Are Moved; Itaski-llHill i- J HS I II I MMI I in the diM-irds a- liir )i> loin ••< roiircrned. Thik «M -e|t iiiai be Hie I'liiiil one jior] lola. lulii .iliiilor. eiillege l>la}s iN I'liial uanie Sahirdiiy nIHt the .\r- that the former heavyweight.cham­ pion intended to start training at once and woiilil notify lUckard Avifhin" a week as"io whether • lie woulil figiitiagiii. Kickaril said he was sure that Uemp.sey would fight. .\ bout for the first *'eek in I •Iinie. also to be held, at Yankee i Stadium, between IJempscy ; and Paulino, the Basque wood chopper. Avill be araiiged if Deinpsey decides tbficht. Kicki^rd said. The winder of the Jlaloiiey-Shar- koy bout and the winner- of the Detnpsey-I'aulino bout will then be matched. Itickard said he thouglit the liiial elimination bout wouldbc Staged about .Inly first. ' lliileliendence. .Mar. 7. t .Sir.-ciali August has-been set as .the tenlutive date for'the Kansas slate oi »en tenuis touriKiment held here annually on the Inilependini e Lawn Tennis association courts. .\cw Vnik. .Mar. 7. lSpi--i;ili • Ua>!ii';il < liaiii;< s In i'nutlt.ill rules wer" iii.iil'' here S.iliird.iy ;it a m'eliiig of the iiMiiball rub-s lom- niitn-c. . Till' new riilc.i inc'fudi- on .-igiii'd til curb the sh^ft kuiisas Cily jnitior collrm- al I Irkaiioas (;ily. 'I'lie night I H-. lore. Hie l»Jam liieels Hie Jliil. iiccii |iidiaii> 111 < liitorriN (Ikla. , lolii higil sclicud will Ii'iirii il.^ fate in a. ili.-lriM toiiriiaiiii'iil Friday- ir S;iturd:iy. if the ti;iiii wins I KHK I '.s ill till- liisirici tiiiii iii-y ii l.ioiiably will gel ;i lri|i lo Hay.-, fur llic slate Itiiijnatiu n"'. i Coffcyvillc IWin Saturday (iivcs Team Equal Staiid With Pittsburg—May Plav Off the ' Tie. STATE TOURNEYS DRAW 450 TEAMS 7 BASEBAllL ALPH/WI Winfield. Kaus.. .Marl 7. (AIM—I Nearly l.'iy Kansas high school ! Iwsketball :fives will tilke part on j Friday and Saturday o|r this week j in the itaimiiination tournaments, i accordiiig to announcement of \V. I W. .Mc<'ohnell. secrefA.ry of the I .Slate' High' School Athletic ; Association. The play will be 'in ; tree classes. .\, B anil ^^ HAV = STARTED U.CA IN IN P*A?|TUIJ>S9 NE«/. ' Hard to Explain TPUNNY how every now and then ''^ some pretty good-looking pitcher I? waived out of thP majors 'vithont any great trouble. I have in:niind Paul Zahni'ser of the Boston Red Sox, who waB sent t-o- the minors at the clpse ol last club long to settle his case. He was thaded to the Roston Red Sox, then a hopeles* tail-cndcr: possl- bl.\-^_an objecl lesson lo some of the other boys who were asking for big dough. • ' , --• • • Return-May Cost season. It la ihy opinion i that npjn'lN3 to win ball games for /Zahniscr has enough stuff to help several major league clubs that 2 could name. Dame Fortune smiles blandly {he club that has represented Boston In the .American League; j for several years has been justj about the toughest task one could; de- allil huddle systeins. -sireiigtlieii ijlieiisive jday and cut downjkickiiit;. New rules are as follows: Coal pDSIs moved iKirk ten yard.s. from goal line to end zone, ill order to make the point after touchdown a more! diversified i which maneoiivre. This wilj re- ! ijjuiie strain fieid goal, kiiiking rather arbitrarily. The goal line, i liow- ever. remains tin- scoring ni<L-diiim for all other points. A fifteen-yard" penally instead of a five-yard penalty for having men in m<itioit on tlie shift and huddle ami tlie setting of ajiproxiinately one second as the interval between the jump into position'-, and the start of the play. Tlio' western conferelic-e will require a two-second interval ne.xt seasoii. ' i Introdu 'tioii of ;i tiuasure.' en^ coiir.igiiig llie li.iik ward "pass by declaringj the ball . "de:id°: in tlii> I event thai it is not completed. In thai c -iise.. it will remain • in possession of llie le;im att<-ni|lUlig tlie liass e.xacily at tlie t>oli'''where the iiiciiiiipleiiiiii look place aiid'i j will ciiiiiji as a down. The pass' Ifrom cciiier. pulliiig : tlie : ball in- play, is expei leil f/oju this rule. Introdiirtiiin <if i a measure whereby.a fiiinbled ijuut may be recovered by the kicker's .side but must be decliired "ilrad" at the point of re< overy. In brief, no more runs fur touchdowns after recovering fiimliHd | punts. The rule lilies liot apply !to the kicjc off. tlie kick from fjjir catch or the kick foliowiiig a safety. Inirodiiciion o.f p r o v i s i o n i against wilfu! delay of game.due ! of .these gives Die ie;iiu eaptaiii'the j right to ask lor only; three' lilnes I out per hair witlumt i penally, in; stead of'four, as heretofore. Thn I i penalty tor tin- liiiirth Iinie oiiti | hei?eat"!er. will be :< yards. Anoth- i ..llleii iMMilily had one uiii- n 'llg li:)sketliari team this >eiir. h'Klliiin> .\thlelic club placed eleven iRinies diiriiig the season nifhiMit .lo «inir ii game. Vk. 1.. riii -buiL' 1 1 .siHI « lifletnll" j 1 1 >iHi Korl SroH j . 1 .66; I'arsoiis , I . 1 "i ( haniile j - . •» ;i;.-. lola i • 1 7 .:tiHi liiilcpeiiileiice ! 1 1 .200 St. Francis. S. p.,.'Mar 7. (AIM I'ainled lines on a gymnasium floor, weaving .-.ind twisting . in courses more devious than ttVer the i-edskiti described about his ciini|>fir« in a, war dance', .lave iriarte an Indian basketball team •^iito whirling dervishes who have yet to nieet their equals iiii the cage .sport. Tlie Indian always runs in a straight line. Tlie Kev. W. .1. IJirmiiigliam found that out for himself when he came a few years ago to' coach a basketball team al tlio Indian t'atholic mission on western Soutli Dakota's prairies. : He i tried in vain to teach his Ogalaja Sioux boys to dodgL> and twist; and pivot as they worked the biskitball up the floor. They soon developed keen talent, for I Imskel shooting, bom of ancestral skill' ill bagging foe.s and gamo with bow and arrowj but their teamwork was pitiful Jieeaiise they always .ran in straight lines, with- i mil a; hint of deception in tlieir advance. Father riirmingliam got a can ^ of black paint and ' across the ! len^-tli of the basketball court ho i liaiiit'ed five curviug, looping, .nisliiig lines. Along each one, :.i intervals, he put tho name - of o.ii- ot his five basketball play- I rs. For weeks the ti|am. witli ami without a ball, practiced running ali'ug thost; .lines, t'wisliiig wlicre they twibteil and ijivoting where they circled. Today, after three years of prailice. tho redskin lads' like demons. After leading at the half. lolaf junior i-idlege went down to defeat' before the Fort Scott junior college quintet S.aturday night, 'M \i> Z'.:, in a game played after the finals of the invil^ilion toiirnanieiit. Wogan ifl'ened up the fireworks several liiiniites after thi.'; same: opened, but tiroff came back and; tied the score. lola took the Iciul , and had pilt;d up u to 9 Ic:id al i the half. Fort Scott settled down in tho last half and carried aw:iy the battle. Wogan was high point iiian.j for Fort Scott ivitli six from the; field, while lJur.ger was high point I man for lola .with fourteen. Menzie played a nice game" at KUard. The box score: FOK YOrU (•0>TEME>t>fe WK HKHVKR FREE Fl. Sn.fl (;[(•.) Ft: FT 1- .McCoriniik. ( 1 1 Obcr. f - . • 1 1 :: Wogaii, c - - « II II ItlISS, C - - . . ,0 11 (1 Cayiiey, g .1 0 -'} Hriggs, g . •* 0 :! Totals _ ' .17 - 7 1 lola <•.>:!) F(; FT Miirger. f i; Croff. f 1 I t» Fronk. f . 1 II 1 .Mann, c •» 0 1. .Mcn/.le. g . _ u II .Mellon, g . 1) II li ; Totals .; . . 10 PHONE WHK.V YOUR LIGHTS OO OFT OR YorU PLUMBINU COKS BAD V r Electric and PlumbingCo. THE K .VmO STOKE .•\cciirdlng to "Jteiegriipli rrporis Wichita , . Miiiitei|ial uiiiversiiy. closed tile season a half belilnd I'ittsbiirg Teachers has changed its inijid and will not play Uetliel in ;a gain" iiiatched i since I'iflsburg land Wichita finished tile season, biM-ailse they fear being termed "iKior sports." It cerlainl.v. is coirect l!i:it tie v would III) c.iiii-ideieil piii'r spoils if they jilnyed anntlier viuw jiisl fur the cliatli e of tyiii;; lor i .lainii ioiiship hyinors. Tno jjeiirs ago. iiiter rills. iMiru^ htiil plaved all lint one "I its 'ianies and Hashimrn li:nl foinplrfed lis «>ciil'diile. >V^ishbiirn billed ii giiiiie and wnn itJ t.«iiig rittsliiirg for clianiploiiship honors. rii >->i. biy Hiiit ivasii't poor ^iiort*-- niiiiiship. lull it is iiiiiiiv.»l)le tliut lh<i two leaiiis ne««T ilash. in pillicr liiiskethiill or I'lmi- ball. True, they niel in' ihn , iDilionni A. A. 1'. toiirnpy lad < year. Iiiif il was not in u Kansas roiiien'Mci' game. ' .\ vic-ior.i' li.v ' .\rt |ey\jll.- '( liiinl day tiiuht uVi r II! night thai leitm first liiiiiors In Ih Kalilei 's Cof- i|iiinlei Saliir- Independence. inio a lie for !Iig Seven con- EMPORIA TEACHERS FINISH IN THIRD Kmporia. .Mar. 7. iSpeci;ili Km- poria Teachers college tinislied third ill III- Kaiiiiiis iinifereiice basketball I '.e e by defeatiim .Soiilii- westerii here Saliirdav iiiglit -i:: to :!::. , PINNDNS \ HARDW^&. J 1 IMPLEMENTS lOLA -k ^J-AJ" J'/nce fSofT' —Telephone your Classified Ads tji 18. can dodge and whirll Of Hie boys who Father nirminghaiij white man's game, f the team which w set out under to learn a Mir remain on II invade tho east this spring und4r mission colors. Joe Twist is I Knock Off Two. LiMi White Horse aro mates. Swift Cro^ fereiice raee wjth ! ll'illsbiirg high scliool. |!oih te.ims li;(v<' finished the seu- s'-ii. l.iii KaUle.r Jius iiiinouuced thut he j> "•IliiiK iij pliiy I'illsbiiri; to ili'-ji|e I li.'iiiipioiisbip. ' .N'o :iii- nmiiii eiiieiii been iiiinle as to I'i;!-iiuiL-'.-: .-i:iiii| (,n the iiucstion. ElJ DORAlio FIRST IN ARK VALLEY FINAL SflAMHMJS. W. I;. Fit. V.\ H IH.'K I O lli .S."..^i .NejMiiii I.I .7si; ArK .ili-ie^ ril_ - 10 •1 .71* Wii hita •l r, .0 1:: Welliiigloii s i; ..^71 lliiicliiiisoii :! 11 .aii KlMgiiiaii II 1 i .O'N) the captain, e Rattle, and his veteran :;kery. While Hear, Irving and I'ri^vbst complete tho .s<|uad. Last year the teahi lost in the Catholic interschoiastic tournaf menl of Ivoyola Fniverstly at C^lii^- cago. by a bare margin to St'. Xavier's of l.oulsyille. ultimate iciiampioti. This' year the team has won more than a dozen straight games. The Indian falhers of the Rose- mud region watch pridefuUy as Uieir sons defeat all comers af a white man's game, but noni"! is j more-enthusiastic than Knock Off] Two, the elder, son is a'i star in the team'. The wrinkled j Iiareiii used to be a famous Indian 1 runner. 1 Wichita! cert.-iinly is right about this poorj sportsmanship idea, ll'.- bad busiil'-ss when school authorities or players place wins and cbainpioiisliip nlmve playing tlie PADDOCK game dc-iii. In the truest sense spurts a jiiiglity thing, unless tie desire tojwin interferes- Willi tli* desire to play, and i>lay dean. Wellington. AJar. .7. i.Sprciali — Fl Dorado liiglj sejionj won the .\rkaiisas high scliool bas- k'lhall* <'liaiiipioiishi|i here Saliir- da.v" night liy de^ciiiing Wellington :>! to ::s.iii theifiniil game ot the sejisoll. MUSKOGEE MAY HAVE BASEBALL .'Vliiskog .\ i>ropi franchie i AFTER LOdKE'S MARiK WICHITA WINS FINAL CONTEST l /is i.\nstvle ,s. W. Faii.lixk. ac. sprinting record Wichita, :\Iai". 7. , . iSpcciil.i - er provision .sets :;ii seconds as suf: Wichita high sci.ool won its final tlcicnt time t.> put ball " ' ' on some; ball players and frowns j possibly hand a pitcher—a real as- on Others. Zahniser is oiie" of those players who seems to ' have re- celyed more than .his share ot tough breaks.,. Beginning his major league career with .^Vashlngi6Il, h« looked like a great prospect. A% is often »he case, a salary grievance started bim on his hard luck tiiat cyentually lead, to the okinorB.! Had Salary-Trouble A FTER a ball club wl^s a pen- nnni .nnrf a world-^hampion- signmcnt. With Bostdn. Zahniser did nant and < phip. the following year.'ls always I filled .«'ith plenty of woe for the r-tnanagement in signing up its jjilayers. " ' . . YVa'shington turned subh a trick \ Jn and immediately there ; vras a. bunch of boldouts^for Own- i er Griffith, to appease, ^t so hap! pened that ^abniser V"a8 one'ot therii. In the winning ot the'penuant, by Washington in 1924. Zahals^r's ; box. contribution was^lVve victories and i It woulan't Bpven defeats, not p very convinc-' ' log argument -tuigat more money, i ^ U diOui U|t4.lli«»_>V«i«iiiu6t««i, as well as any of the others on ^he staff Weak in pitching. I was surprised to learn Bosto i had asked w"aivers I was evei more surprised ttot it was possible to get all lb clubs to pass uA their claim on him. Zahniser has mor- than the average stuff. He is smart and can field as well as any pitcher In the 'game. He should be able to win fairly consistently A \ith a good club. Always troubled with lack of control, he suffered liiore during his' stay with Bostoii than at Washington. This he attributed to the lact that he was trying to keep the opposition, from taking too many liberties, because of the me. diocre team that Boston had. He lias,always insisted what he needed most was a rechlar turn in tho in playipame of the season here Saturilav "after It IS niaily for play.":-;ind j night'from Wiulield "Jl to ]7. l."> seconds ill jreniain In the hud-j - — OKLAHOMA NAMES ; I'erniissioii to oiniosing teams to use llie Ki-play-per-iieriod ganie. instead of the stop watch, jf they so choose. However, the. rule on the timing of games will reuiaiii on tlie books, i lii the I 'veut of ••|)alpal)ly unfair" ; acts of iion-players. siicl^ as interference with the course of a play, i'referee is given the authority to P take such action as he may ; i-hoose. j Recflmmeiida'ion that i junior ' high '.ind elementary school garnet 'be'limited to ,<;-minut« periods. ; Permission given to jilse rubber cleats and the'referpej names as sole judge of whether .leather cleats have liecome so sharp as to , become I BASKET LEADER • .Vormaiii Okla., Leroy Lecrone. .Mar. 7. iSpecjiiii gnanl. has been elected captain of the Hii' homa university basketlnall Okla- sqiiad. I -Mar. 7.. (Jharles niulator of world wliii seems tii gather speeil .wilh the years, is preparing to piitj his best foot forward this sprinj in an effort to kiioik the stop natch out of Father Tiiiie "s gnarled hatjil. Among ilther things he has liis eyes <ill Mil- 22<i yard litlo. :;ii..-, setonds, ipaile ill l..incoliiL .\'eb., by Roland l .oeke last year. 'The record "was I'addixk '.s until Locke got busy and the Los .Angeles man says ho wants it hack, i Sir Charles—he wa.s knighted byj the king of .Montenegro -has iiir, iiis Weight from 17n in 1020 to irir,, and believes he still lias his tasiest mark to make. •e. Okla.. .March 7. (AIM I sal to turn the .\Iiiskogee ' II the new Western .\'ii elation over to ,lac"k Hardin, oper- j ator of llie club here several years! ago. has been iifade lo Hardin by \ the (Chamber of (,'oinnierce here. Koy Corgan would be playing manager. Hardin said he would operate the club if" fans showed sulliitient interest. A mass -iiieiit- ing has lieeji called for tomorrow night to coi vince him the. taiiM want baseb: 11. Who Manageis the Standard OU t civrs the above account ot the Standard (Jil Company ".A composite picl^ire of the Board of Directors would show a strikint; rjrcponderanrc of thct type of man who has risdn from the humblest position throiieh sheer ability and has received what educa- tioii he p 'issc-scs frrm experience in the school of hard knocks rather than in academic circle":.' The Mter."iry Dice the men who mana^ (Indiana). The Hoard of pany (Indiana; is R. \\ Stewart..... E. S •IllHTt W M. Hiirton IV-aumoni Parks... .-Mian lai k- .n ......, R II. ^'cl•:lroy E- I BuiiiH -k ...... |.4m I) Claik .... An OS H;i!'> H K Ilimiphrrvs .. Ttie<;e men are eirr Sf.indard Oil C'oinp; cut rust ef], the maiiai ;ij ness. They give tliciricntire tion to tlie StandardJ to no other. SPRING! FOOTBALL PRACTICE STARTS KANSAS WI^^'S FROM MISSOURI surprise me'if some dub paid a fancy figure lor ilia return of I'aul. Zalin ^er to ' the ! Kansas f.'ity. Mar. 7. 1 1 Special i- Kr>Ti«:i» 'iiiiversity traeVvfers upset Ir 'ie doiie hire S.-iiiirday lUVlif and »oy th 'Mr i'nimal indoor dual meet from -Missouri i:: .'» li u\ 41 i-fi. Toiirnament All-Star JTeams FIRST TEAM , POSITION Harvey Woori.s, Humboldt Harland W()od .>j. Humboklt Trimniiel. Garnett Wycoff. Garnett J. •j\Villiam.«. .Humboldt Honorable mention: SECOND TE.AM; f McGuire. lola Seconds' f Ty.'^on. Chaiiute Second.s (• I Bnijtten; Hepler <i • Wagner. Ida Second.s g Cain. Chaijute Second.s ForwanLs. E. ciirdner, Fre-. doiia second.s: A. McDaniel.s. Hepler; O'Cjonnor. Hepler: Centers: Snyder. Jlildred: Fronk, Humboldt: Wil- .s.iii. Fredonia: Giiard.s: I'.Trne.s. Frcdonia: T. Daly, Yaltes jContiji-: GJlmord Nel,.le^•ha. | •- Pittsburg. Kans., .Mar. 7. - .Spring football prai'tice will start Pittsburg State Teachers college next week, Ci. W.- Weede; director of athletics, announced. This will be the first season that spriiig training for the gridiron has been carried on at the college. Coaches .lohn Lance and George Walijer will -have charge of the work, in order that Coach Weede may give, his attention to the track team.. Practice will take place three afternoons a week, with stress on fundamental principles and only elementary scrimmage. • FOR INSURANCE City and Farm Phone 131 or 820 Ray Investment Co. Mrs. Philip S. Ray LET JONES DO IT! Tones Electric Works PHONE 19* i The ton men wh'; tho activities of the rlianai have received! the organization. l)irc <jtor5 of the Standard 0\\ Com- corpposcd of ten members—^ [ Chairman I President Director .\ire Pres.. ("ii -n. Mgr. Mfg. .... Vice President . Vice I'res.. Traffic Manager .V'lre Pres.. Dir. of Purchases ... I )irertor (.oneral .Manager Sales ........Vs5t. On Mgr. Mfg. od by the stockholders of the ly (Indiana^ and to them is merit of the Company's bust- entire time, energy and devo- (>il Company (Indiana; and have been, i ho^on to direct Standard Oil Company fln- thcir training largely within Thoy know their hi MHOSS ".from the ground up." They have umknl / ir/r. to positions of re- spin^ibility th .'0 "j;;h 4"n5cicnliou.s,^ painstaking, industrious cfl'ort. In no other v.ay i Standard (.i! Comp:iiiy aro oix-n to all. .\Ich cmstantly. hut their personal achievement. Success in this Com lan hard work and mari-.f d •jobs. Kver%"bi)dy woi ganizrttion, the higher must be liis capacity The Standard Oil Company taken the important' distributing to the Middle West petro!c'|m quality at prices whicn fair. This task demaiids brains thai can be enltted The Literary- Digesi Oil' Company findia la Ijcen indeed a mar\e] ganization." ' The reason for its effccii ness of purpose bindinj its. into an efiticientr and ui itcd adequate to aclompli; i held by the mat promotion achieved in the (Indiana/, (ipporiunitics arc ri-^ing from the ranks dvanccme.^it always is due to y is attained only through ability. There are no easy 1.-;s. In this shirt-sleeved or- ia man's position, the greater y (Indiana) has under--, task of mianufaciuring and' tjliirty 'millajn' people of the products of the highest always are reasonable and hard work and the best spea!:in!: of the Standard I, further says:—"it has Of eficctive commercial or- cness lies in the earnest- its group of 29,57."} employes • whole—an organization the high ideals of ser\-icc nagemeht of the Standard Oil Company ; (Indianq) General Office: 910 Sooth Michigan Standard Oil Building Avenne, Chicago, HL 4565 -I

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