Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on January 3, 1950 · Page 17
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 17

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 3, 1950
Page 17
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FA6* Itdttrttft ALTON EVBNINO TELKOtAPM TUESDAY, JANUARY I, 10.* Owing New York I Stoat Quotation Abbott 50 1-2 AJ Ch A Dye ...205 1-2 Allied Sirs ....> 333-4 Aliil Ot 32 5-8 ton Can 105 1*8 Atn Car ft fdy 25 5-8 Am Loco !!!'.!!..'.'.'. 15 1-2 Atn Pow 15 Am Rad 13 7-8 Am imelt 54 3-41 AT At 146 3-8 Am Tobacco 74 1-2 Am Zinc 6 1*2 Anaconda 28 1-2 Armco 28 l r 4 Armour 73-4 A T A sr 102 1-2 AVCO .-. 57-8 Bald Loco H 1-4 Bendlx 35 3-4 Beth Steel 31 3-4 Borden 50 3-8 florg Warner . r i7 3-8 Brlggs 28 3-4 M 1-4 Caterpil Trac M Ches A O 28 7-8 Oil A NW 11 1-2 Chi RI A Pac 41 1-8 Chrysler 6fi 1-2 Comwealth Kriis 30 5-8 Congoleum-Nairn 27 Cons Kdison 27 3-4 Cons Ga 43 Container 387-8 Cont Can Cent Steel 13 3-4 Livestock Prices At East St. Louis NATIONAL STOCKYARDS, 111., Jan. 3, (*) — (USDA)—HOGS— 22,500; fairly active, 25 to 50 cents lower than Friday's overage; bulk good and choice 180-240 pounds 15.50-16.00; fop 16.00 pnirl fnlrly freely for 180-210 pounds; 240-270 pounds 14.75-15.50; 270-300 pounds 14.00-75; 140-170 pounds 14.2515.75; most 100-130 pounds 12.2513.75; few to 14.25; good and choice sows 400 pounds down 12.2513.00; several lots 13.25; heavier sows 10.50-12.00: stags 8.50-10.50. CATTLE — 6500; calves 1400; opening generally steady on steers, hiefers and cows and fairly active.; bulls 25 higher; good and choice vealers 1.00 to 3.00 lower; common and medium vcalcrs steady; few loads of medium and good steers 22.50-27.00; few head choice 30.00; common and mcdfum heifers and mixed yearlings 17.00-2.1.00; medium and low good 23.50-25.00; good cows 16.75-1.7.00; common nnrl medium beef cows 15.00-lfi.50; canners nnd cullers 12.00-15.00; medium and good bulls 18.00-19.50; cutter and common bulls 15.0017.50; good and choice vealers 27.00-37.00; common and medium 18.00-26.00. SHEEP — 2500; wooled lambs opened steady to 25 higher than Friday; top 35 cents higher; most Rood and choice wooled lambs cnrly 100 pounds down 23.00-75 .short deck mostly choice 23.85 about three decks good and cholc< BLOWN FROM BED BY BLAST— Mr. and Mrs. John Aikin. 280 Sinclair, South Roxarw, were resting on bed and divan respec- yearllngs with No. 1 to full wool I lively when tiv» gd^oline transport in the parking lot beside their !L e JI,*..?i e ?- y _!!:.i!? i ?- : - Jd ?. u1 ^ e J5 rl Jihouse ble Corn Prod 72 7-8 medium to mostly good with No. 1 ! 27 1- skins 39.50, Crane Curt Wright Douglas Du Pont 61 1-2 Eastman 46 3 Eaton 30 1-4 XI Auto-Lite 451-2 6en Elec 42 3 Gen Foods ..., 48 1-2 Gen Motors • 70 3- Goodrich 70 1-8 Goodyear 44 1 Ot Nor Ir Ore 12 Gt Northern pf ••• 41 1-fi Greyhound 10 1-2 Homestake 45 3- Houd-Hersh 12 3-4 Hudson Mtr 13 3- I C 37 1-8 Inland 38 3-4 Ing Con Corp 13 1-Z Int Harv 27 3-8 Int Harv Pf 178 3- Int Nick Can 28 1-8 ITAT 91 Jewel 56 1 Johns-Manv 48 1-4 Kcnnccott 50 1-2 Keystone S & W 15 7-8 kimberly Clark 247-8 Lib Glass 62 7-8 Llbby, Me N & L .« 73-8 Marshall Field 24 Montg Ward 54 1-8 Nash Kelv 17 1-8 Nat Biscuit 39 Nat Cont 8 Nat Dairy 38 3-4 Natl Steel 91 1-2 N Cent Railroad 11 5-8 No Am Avla 11 3-8 North Amer 19 Northern Pac 17 3-8 Ohio Oil 27 1-4 Owens Glass 64 Packard 4 fan Am Air 91-8 Param Pic 21 3-4 penney 55 3-4 Penn 167-8 fepsl 85-8 Phelps 48 1-8 Phillip Mor 53 Phillips 60 Pure Oil 281-2 RCA 12 3-8 Rco 11 3-4 Repub Stl 23 1-2 Scott 70 Sears 43 3-4 Shell Oil 37 1-4 Simmons 26 7-8 Sinclair ... 23 Socony-Vac 161-2 South Pac 50 1-2 Spiegel 9 1-8 St Brands 21 1-4 $t Oil Cat 64 1-4 Et Oil Ind 44 3-8 ftt Oil NJ 66 5-8 Star ret ., 31 •Sterling 37 3-4 Studebaker 27 1-8 Swift 35 1-2 Texas Co 60 1-8 Tlmken Axle 15 Trans America 16 1-4 Un Carbide 437-8 Un Pacific 84 1-2 Un Air Lines 13 7-8 Un Aircraft 26 1-8 US Rubber 37 1-2 US Steel 26 3-8 W U 22 1-4 Wast Elec 32 1-4 Wool worth „ 481-4 Chicago, St Louis Grain Quotations Chicago Cash Grain CHICAGO, Jan. 3, UP) — WHEAT — No. 3 red 2.12. CORN — No. 2 yellow 1.33'/6 No. 3, 1.28-14-32; No. 4, l.22',i-23 1 ,i OATS —No. 1 heavy mixed 76Vj; No. 1 mixed 74 V4; No. 3 heavy mixed 75U-76; sample grade heavy mixed 73'/I; No. 1 heavy white 76V4-78M; sample grade heavy white 73K'-75; sample grade medium heavy white 72Va-74'>4. BARLEY — Nominal: Malting, 1.29-62; feed 90-1.22. SOYBEANS — No. 1 yellow 2.20'i; No. 2, 2.28V.-30, track Chi cago. Chicago Grain Future* High WHEAT— Mar. ... 2.17-M May ... 2.12 Tuly ... 1.92W Sep. ... 1.92 CORN— Mar. ... 1.31 H Mny ... 1.30% July ... 1.28% Sep. ... 1.24% OATS— Mar. ... 73 Mny ... 70 Tuly ... 63Vt Sep. ... 61H RYE— May ... 1.4114 Tuly ... 1.40% Sep. ... 1.41 Vt SOYBEANS— 'Low Close 2.1 6% -14 2.10 U 1.90V4 1.90 H 1.30% 1.29 1 !. 1.27% 1.23* 72 V4 68 Mi 61% 60 H 1.39V4 1.39 Mar. Hay uly Vov. 2.30 Vt 2.27% 2.24 W 2,07',4 2.25 Vi 2.22 U 2.044 1.90%-% 1.90% 1.30%-31 1.29%-% 1.28-28 V4 1.23 H 72 V4 68%-K 61% 60 H 1.39 '.4 1.391.4 1.39 1 ,* 2.26 2.22% 2.04 Hi St. Lou!* Cash Grain ST. LOUIS, Jan. 3, (JPl — WHEAT — Receipts 35 cars, sold sample light garlic 1.95, sample grade garlicky, 1.85; No. 2 hard .24. CORN — Receipts 128 cars, sold , No. 1 yellow 1.34 l ,i, No. 3 yel- ow 1.31-1.32%. OATS — Receipts 11 cars, none old. lonltt 4 1-2 New York Curb —Ark Nat Gas A 11 5-8 Cities Svc 67 5-8 El Bond & Sh 18 Hecla Mln 11 Kaiser Frazer 43-8 Kingston Prod 27-8 Nlag Hud Power 153-4 Disappointed Patients Can Appeal to State Society INDIANAPOLIS, Jan. 3, UP* — Patients who won't like what the doctor orders can take their complaints to a new grievance committee set up by the Indiana State Medical Association. . The committee, made up of five •past president! of the association, will study complaints about medical sor ' e and fees. The group will sift evidence and refer cases to county medical societies or the state twsociatlon for potion. ,», i , , , . *Auut Jemima' of Stage, Radio Dies in Ambulance NEW YORK, Jan. 3, WV-Mlss Teaa Cardella, 52, "Aunt Jemima" 'ot the atage and radio, died early today In an ambulance enroute to 1 hospital. Mist Garde)!*, a huge woman Who wttghed more than 400 pounds, lap** Into • diabetic coma at her fjMIM I** night. Her listers, with *b«m |h« lived, called a Catholic I'fWMII Mtf a doctor and the aid of taix palletfaen WM required to place '**-- WBta*^ widespread I * Mine-face "Aunt Joml- In vaudeville. Produce Prices At St. Louis ST. LOUIS, Jan. 3, (JPi — Pro- luce and live poultry: PRODUCE — Eggs, extras 31-33, standards 29-30; current receipts i4 pounds and up 26-27, unclassl- ied 49-52 pounds 24-25, pullets 2022. Butter, 92 score, 61-62; 90 score, 59-60; 80 score, 58-59. Buttcrfat, No. 1 55 cents per pound at country stations, No. 2, three cents less. Cheese, twins 33, ched.lars 33, flats 33'/i, singles 33'i, daisies 36li, longhorns 36?i, process, 5- pound loaf, 34-71; nearby cheese, one cent less. POULTRY —Fowl, heavy breeds 19, leghorns 15; commercial fryers, broilers and roasters, whites 25'/a-26; crosses 24-25; reds 25- 25li, grays 25; nearby farm-raised whites 24, grays 24, reds 24; roasters, all breeds, 4 pounds and up, 22; broilers, reds, 2 pounds nnd under, 20; ducks, whites 22, inus- covy 15, dark 18; gceso 22; capons, 7 pounds and up, 37; under 7 pounds, 33; slips 27; turkeys, young hens 35, young toms 26, old 22, No. 2 turkeys 12-18; roosters, old cocks 15. St. Louis liny Print's HAY — Per ton — Clover 25.0027.00; timothy or mixed 25.0027.00; prairie 21.00-22.00; native alfalfa, first putting 20.00, second cutting 22.00-24.00; third out 11 UK 24.00-26.00; fourth cutting 30.0032.00; No. 2, 18.00-20.00; western, fourth cutting. 38.00-42.00; straw, 12.00-14.00. lew un. Roth were thrown from their beds, and seven windows were shattered. A piece of rubber hose was found on a dresser and a' piece of sleel- is embedded in the sidewall of the house outside. — Staff photo. because of the recovery of the Dullness and agricultural loan voi* ume." TRADE—"Dollar volume In reporting Eighth District department stores in November was 9 percent larger than In October, but wai off ? percent from November. 1948. Adjusted sale* In the month were 299 percent In October and 321 percent of five-year base period In comparison to 309 percent In October and 321 percent in November, 1948. In the eleven months (through November) of 1949, district sales averaged 6 percent under the same period In 1948." Austrian Gas Blast In Mine Kills Six VIENNA, Jan. 3 — UP) — A gas explosion In a provincial coal mine today killed at least six miners and injured 10 others. ".«»AI KOTtCti NOTICE Of CLAIM DATS Notice I* hereby flven to all pcnont th«t First Monday in February, 1950, Is the Claim Date in the estate of Oscar Frank Sotterman. Deceased, pending In the Probate Court of Madison County Illinois, and that claims may be f!l« afalnst the said estate on or before said date without Issuance of summons Dated this 30th day of December, 1949 ELSA LAURA MICHEL, Executrix Attest: JOSEPH HEALEY, Probate Clerk. W. H. THOMAS, Attorney. BIS East Third St., Alton. Illinois. _ Jan. 3, 10, 17. 'Optimistic Tone 9 for 1950 In Federal Reserve Report Congress Continued From I'uge 1. Baker Goes on Trial For Sex Slaying LOS ANGELES, Jan. 3 i/Pi-Frod Stroble, an elderly baggy-eyed baker who complains of buuing In his head, goes on trial today in the brutal sex slaying of little Linda Joyce Glucoft. He has 'pleaded innocent by reajon of , Insanity, which under California Uw moans that ho will receive n separate sanity trial if he ht convicted of murdor. Six-year-old Linda was found dead near an Incinerator In u neighbor'* yard Nov. 14. She had been choked, beaten with a hummer, stabbed with a kitchen knife and hacked with an ax. Stroble, 67, picked up in a bar after a two- day search, signed a statement that he killed her when sin ie- fcii tdvincti. | of the 1950 session was n meeting of the Semite Republican policy committoo which agreed informal- y to work with House members and the Republican national committee in drafting a statement of jurty principles. Sen. Taft o£ Ohio, policy committee chairman, said the final decision will be made* by a conference oP'Senale Republicans later. Earlier this morning, the President joined Congress members in raditional opening day prayers at he National Presbyterian Church. The Slate ot the Union docu- nent Is expected to call for vir- ually all of those sections of the Truman program which Congress shelved last year. Those include three which are expected to go no )lace this year—repeal of the Taft- tiartley law, the farm program of Secretary of Agriculture Brannan, and national health insurance. A White House official discuss- ng the forthcoming message said: "There isn't any change, but simply a strong determination to carry out the proposals the President campaigned for when he was elect- id in November, 19'IS." Hint of Tnx I'onition There may he a hint of some- hing new in the message tomor- wv — administration blessing for in excise tax cut, provided cer- ain other taxes are raised to help rase the federal deficit. Mr, Truman reportedly is ready o recommend such a program, but e is understood to be preparing special tax message which will utline the details Jater. The idea of reducing excises Is )0|)iilnr at the Cnpltol, but there s no support In sight for any tax lie-reuse. In fact, demands already re flying again for n cut in gov- rnmenl spending instead. Republicans, as well as some Democrats, are letting loose with a drum-fire of criticism of the deficit expected to total at least $5,500,000,000 for the fiscal year which ends June 30. Rep. Reed (R-NY), often a GOP spokesman on lax matters, called lor new legislation which would forbid the taking of more than 50 percent of an Individual's income in taxes. The present top is 77 percent. Reed also proposed increasing the personal exemption of all taxpayers from $600 to $700 with a like increase for dependents. Kinds I.«>N» Trillium Support Senator Taft. (R-Ohio) just back from an early round of campaign- Ing for reelection, said he found less support for the Truman program than there was at the time of 1948 presidential election. He predicted that foes of the program in Congress will be able to keep much of it from being enacted this year. Senate Republicans called a get together whether late they today ought to to discuss express A rather optimistic tone seems to 'characterize business sentiment at. the beginning of 1950, the Fed oral Reserve Bank of St. Louis reports in the January Issue of its Monthly Review. "To a large extent, the inclination to view business prospects favorably rests upon a conviction that consumers' 'expenditures will continue at a high level," the bank comments. "Consumer demand is expected to be supported by con tinued high income and the large and widely distributed amount of liquid assets, supplemented by further expansion in the use of credit." Some decline in business expenditures is anticipated in 1950. "Cap- tal outlays for new. plant facUi- .ies are unlikely to total as large as in 1949," the bank states, but acids that "expenditures for new equipment are likely to compare more favorably with those in 1949." "There is not much likelihood of additional large-scale liquidation of inventories in the months ahead," the bank says. This is in contrast to 1949 when inventory liquidation was "one of the princi' pal reasons for the decline in production and employment, in the first half of the year. Year-end stocks at the close of 1949 were on a* conservative basis." While total private expenditures nay drop below the early 1949 evels, much of the decline is ex- jected to be compensated for by additional piiblic outlays. "More noney in the form of expenditures vill be put into the economic sys- em during 19.5Q by Government han will be withdrawn in the form if revenue." The bank points out that farm ncome in 1950 is expected to total omewhttt less than in 1949 and varns that "the Importance of a urther reduction in farm income Mould not be minimized in ap- iraising the outlook. This is the >asis for an important source of otal demand for goods and serv- ces and, when curtailed, the re- crcussions historically have been elt over a.large part of our econ- my." "In the St. Louis area, nonagri- ultural employment declined as a airly large decrease in manufac- uring failed to be offset by the easonal gain in nonmanufactur- ng employment. November em- loyment was about 2 percent be- cw the year-ugo level." Industrial Activity "Industrial activity in the dis- nct in November held at about he October level if seasonal foc- ors are taken into account. Manu- acturing activity was off slightly, and construction work tapered off omewhat—both largely seasonal levelopments. Gains over October vere registered in steel and lum- wr operations, and In crude oil utput and coal mining. "Electric power consumed in the _ NOTICE TO SHAREHOLDERS The annual meeting of the shareholders of the Alton Germanla BulMIng and Loan Association will be held Friday January 13, 19SO, at 7:30 n. m. at the Adsoclatlon office. 817 East Broadway for election of directors and transaction of such other business as may come before laid meeting. W. J. JENKINS.. President E. F. HORN, Secretary. Dec. 30. 31. Jan. 3. __ "' NOTtciTor CLAIM "DATE Notice li hereby given to all pernoni that Flrft Monday In February. 1950, !« the Claim Date In the estate of Clara E. Curdle. Deceaied. pending in the Probate Court of Madison County, 1111 nols. and that claim* may be filed against the laid estate on or before aald date without Irauance of summons Attest. JOSEPH HRALEY. Probate Clerk. GEORGE M. BERRY. Attorney. _____ _ Dec. 20. 27. Jan. 3 NOTICE OF CLAIM DATE ~"~ Notice ts hereby given to all persons that First Monday In February 1950, is the Claim Date In the estate of Haze M. Cresswell, Deceased, pending In the Probate Court of Madison County, Illinois, and that claims may be filed against the said estate on or before sale date without Issuance of summons Dated this 15th day of December. 1940 ROBERT A. CRESSWELL, Administrator with Will Annexed. Attest: JOSEPH HEALEY Probate Clerk. __ Dec. SO. 87. Jan. S, CARD OF THANK* CONNIE FIELDER—We wish to thank all our friends, neighbors and relatives who assisted in any way during our recent bereavement. We especially wish to thank Rev. N. L. Wolff for his words of comfort. Mrs. Vella Emde and Mrs. Charlotte Plegge for the songs and music, the pallbearers and Smith funeral home for their kindness and help during our sorrow. Parents and Grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Glover C. Fielder, Mr. and Mrs. A. M. Fielder, Mr. and Mrs. F. H. Kruse. ALCIDE FISCHER—I would like to thank all of my friends and relatives who sent flowers and expressions of sympathy during my bereavement. Mrs. Nettle Bott Fischer. IN MEMOMAM IN MEMORY—Of Lucy M. Thomas, who passed away 6 year ago today, Jan. 3. 1944: That we.cannot forget you, Mom, Nor hide the tears away, We miss your gentle kindness, Your tended love and care. Heaven must be sweeter. Mom, Just because you're there. Sadly missed by Mrs. Mildred Clarkson, Mrs. Lucille Foster. Mrs, Harriett Mason, Mrs. Virginia Sheff And Grandchildren. •OCISTIBh—LODOM ALTON CHAPTER—No. 775. O. E. S. Stated maeting Wednesday, Jan. 4th, 7:45 p. ra. . WOOD RIVER LODGE—No, 1062. Stated meeting Wednesday, Jan. 4. 7:30 p. m. Business. Visiting brethren welcome. A. F. Tindell. W. U. WOOD RIVER clal meeting o'clock, M. M ren welcome. -No. 1062. Spe- Tuesday, Jan. 3, 7 degree. Visiting breth- A. F. Tindell,, W. M._ I* -t-OiT—iVrBAVBO.-iirOl.ih LOST— From corner of North Rodger* and Agnes boulevard, large black shepherd 'dog. with white and brown markings on stomach and throat. Re ward. Call 2-5135 or 3-8307. LOST— English setter, black' and "white with 1 black eye. Answers to name ot "Jack." Reward. 4-6287. XJST— New bicycle wheel; Left on sidewalk opposite Royal School 01 Music. W_o»t_4th_ street. Dial 2-6653. LOST— Black" and tan coon hound Name and addrega on collar. Lout on Piasa Creek near Airport road. Re. ward for information leading to re covery. Dial 2-25B8. __ _ LOST— Saturday night, package con talning child'* dres*. cap and ladles wrist watch. ,1-3581 _ " CASH for New Year NEEDS Old Year BILLS • I 8000 START htlps Miki fir • ftri yiar! Wi'll atilit yw ID pttlnf tff tft tkt rl|hl fMt flftiMiilly, M«Mjr itfviHtttf for •\t bills , . . Ifr liylni tkliifs yti tNtf .,, tr Itr ttiir pi'* pttfl. AUTO - CO-MAKIH - FURNITURE ALTON FINANCE & THRIFT CO. 318 E. Broadway Dial 3-5622 MA ' I WOULD LIKE TO TALK—To reliable men who would like to train in spare time to learn welding, metal work, •pray painting a* relatea to Auto Body end Fender repairing; should be mechanically Inclined; will not Interfere with your job. For Information about this training .write at once, giving name, address, ege and working hour*. Auto-Craft* Trainlrig,, 500, care Telegraph, IB WOMEN TO SEW—Our readl-cut "Rap- A-Hound." Spare time. Easy profitable business. Hollywood Mfg, Co., Hollywood 46, Calif. 18 $50 WEEK TO START!—Sell beautiful solid brass Door Name Plates. Write National Engraver*, 212 Summer, Boston. Mats. _, VETERANS Why accept anything lei* than the best? Thousands of mechanically inclined men have benefited through C. T, I. Training. We will aiiixt you in getting part time work while attending school to add $80 to $115 per month to your government subsistence of $75 to $120. Learn one of the following splendid pay trades in only 20 weeks: Auto or Diesel Mechanics Body and Fender Repairing— Painting Refrig- — Air Conditioning Radio - Television Servicing Electricity - Electronics. You will be taught on modern equipment in our large shops under expert supervision. Free placement service after graduation. Living facilities available. Write today for complete details. No obligation. Commercial Trade* Institute. Box 120C', care Telegraph. RADIO & TELEVISION SERV. MKN TO SERVICE YOV JAKE DEAL SHOP 720 I. BROADWAY - 3-9411 it HEATING AND PLUMBING HEATING BARGAINS We are moving and offer the following at bargain prices: Slightly used stoker. Has been cleaned up and 'in perfect condition. New Coleman oil water heater. Slightly used 30 gallon gas water heater. Used Winkler heater. oil circulating HELP WANTED—MALI WANTED—By Fuller Brush Co., man with car to take over established territory. Make up to $2 per hour. See or write D. R. Ginther, 227 Hickory, Edwardsvllle. 111. WANTED—4 or 5 men, full or part time. Make $2 to $3 per hour. Write Box 1180. care Telegraph. MANAGER WANTED — Local young man wanted to manage a paint and wallpaper branch. Experience in this field helpful. Contact sales and merchandising experience in an allied business or major considerations. Active interest in civic affairs would be a valuable asset. THE SHERMAN WILLIAMS CO. Contact R. O. Hinton, Hotel Stratford. Friday after 9 a. m. WANTED — Vear-around reliable married farm hand; house wired for electric stove, and garden. Write Box 1120, care Telegraph. II HELP WANTED—FEMALE WANTED—By Fuller Brush Co., 4 or 5 ladles to sell Debutante Dazzett and Romsdale cosmetics. Full or part time See or write R. D. Ginther, 227 Hickory. Edwardsville. 111. HELP WANTED—No experience necessary. 18-25. of neat appearance. Apply in person, 5-8 p. m. Sunshine Coffee Shop. Wood River. 111. WAITRESS WANTED — Experience not necessary. Apply days only. Red Top Restaurant. 1201 Belle. WANTED—Elderly lady to care for 2 children. Room, board and pay. 55 West Penning. Wood River after 5 pm EMPLOYED COUPLE — Desire washing and ironing done in your home. References. Write Box 510. care Telegraph STENOGRAPHER WANTED — Medical dictation, dictaphone, filing. State age and experience. Box 1150, care Telegraph. WANTED — Young lady stenographer- bookkeeper. State age, education and experience In writing. Stolze Lumber Co. Main Office. Wood River. III. •IT ffANTED-fEMALB COLORED WOMAN—Wants washing & Ironing. Dial 2-4890. EXPERIENCED—Colored woman wants work 3 days a week. Call 2-7188. New 35000 Gas Floor Furnace. Do you need filters for your furnace? We deliver. We carry a supply of Thermostats, Limit and Fan Controls, Relay Boxes, etc. Day or night service. W. W. AUSTIN HEATING CONTRACTOR 52 W. Ferguson, Wood River Phone 4-6616 Day or Night. BTORAOK— tJOVIMO SMITH BROS. MOVING LOCAL — LONG DISTANCES DIAL 4-6561 10 W. .Ferguson. Wood River After 5 P. M. Dial 4-2329 Used Furniture Bought and Bold _ H A. NEVLIN MOVING, STORAGE ACROSS THE STREET Oil ACROSS THE CONTINENT LOCAL & LONG DISTANCE IBM WASHINGTON AVE DIAL. il-3M McCOY TRANSFER CO. Ua FRONT ST. ALTON. ILL. _. .DIAL a-g03» — 3-Tlei FOR QUICK MOVING OF FURNITURE ALSO REFRIGERATORS. STOVES, TRUNKS, BOXES OR WHAT HAVE YOU? CALL 3-7630 or 9-BMO PRES. BELCHER HORNSEY HOV1NG * 8TORAG* C6 Distance Moving SHIPPING Local and Long Distance PACKING CRATING FURNITURE REPAIRED REFINISRED NORTH AMERICAN VAN LINES 203 W Broadway. Alton Call 3-8021 After 5 P m.: 3-2737. lac •LEEPINfi BOOMS UPPER ALTON — Clean, warm. Try basement sleeping room. Phone, laundry and kitchen privileges. Two bus lines, 1 block from business district. Phone 3-7058. 2C21 College. MODERN SLEEPING ROOM—Close downtown. Wood River. 4-8422. to COMFORTABLE — Sleeping room, excellent location. Dial 3-8584. LARGE—Desirable sleeping room. Dial 4-4435. LAUNDRY WORK—To do in my home. Call 2-3330. References. t* ui'i-oitiuNii'ir» FOR SALE—LUNCH ROOM. PLENTY OF PARKING SPACE. LIVING QUARTERS IF WANTED. GOOD PROPO- S1TION. CALL 4-5269. __ RESTAURANT FOR SALE — ~lh East Alton, doing good business. Inquire 101 West Main, East Alton. ^^^ MAMKM AMU •*AIIT» dNTRAL ILLINOIS SCHOOL BEAUTY CULTURE 401 Hsmry SIMM Alton s Oldest State Accredited Beauty School .. Yean. 01 Successfully Uraduatlae Itudent* AMBER W HUNTER •— Mill «01 MENHV 31 LAUNDERING CURTAINS'— Washed and stretched! Called for and delivered. 2-7658. _ 'between 'Illinois Restaurant and Kraige , T, their opposition to Mr. Truman's plans In the forrii of a positive statement of party principles. The smaller Senate OOP policy committee undertook to thresh the matter out first. The Dqmocratlc policy committee of the Senate met yesterday afternoon and stuck by an earlier decision to make the first order of Senate business a House-passed bill to repeal the federal taxes on oleomargarine. Debate on that measure is to start right after Mr. Truman leaves the Capitol tomorrow. Oleo Kiikr * MUlnkc The Democratic policy unit also recommended that the House bo allowed to net first on any legislation to cut excise taxes. The committee said it would be a mistake to try lo add a general excise reduction to the oleo bill. Some senators from butter producing states arc hopeful such strategy can kill the bill. Other senators feel that Congress should try for a cut In exclws at Ihe first opportunity. Senate majority leader .Lucas announced that the Senate would stay at work on the oleo bill until there Is a vote on passage, provided that i-omes before Jan, 20. Under an agreement reached at the last session, a bill dealing with the basing point price controversy will h»> taken up then. If action on the oleo measure has not been completed then, the bill will be brought up again as soon as the basing point Issue Is settled, Lurai said. He added that he expects no real filibuster on oleomargarine. district's major Industrial centers LO .Er a ,,,lL r ^ d " D .°, f ...^ t , l! n Nov. was 5 percent less than in October and 1 percent less than a ear ago. The decline both fron last month and from-a year ago 'i resulted from decreases in the two largest consuming cities, St. Louis and Louisville. "Operations of the basic sleel Industry in the St. Louis area In November were scheduled at 81 percent of capacity, a level exceeded in only one other postwar month—Sptember, 1948. This rate of open hearth operations was < points higher than during last month and 6 points abovt year-ago schedules. "Coal production in Novembet rebounded considerably with the ending of the strike during the second week of the month. The truce which lasted until the end of November permitted mines to work full time and those In the district produced 8,8 million tons, more than two and one-half times that In strike-curtailed October and only 12 percent below the output In November, 1948." BANKING—Total loan volume at the district's weekly reporting member banks continued to Increase during the four weeks to mid - December. "Average total loans for the four weeks were $33 million below the corresponding 1948 levels. This compares with a margin of 577 million In August, $67 million in September, $48 mil* lion in October and $39 million In Ihe first half of November. The position of total loans relative to « year ago improved partly because of the steady growth in real estate loans since mid-July and the (•regular growth In "all other" (largely consumer credit) loans •ince mid-August, but principally Dime Store, or in American cab No, II NOTICE INCOME TAX RETURNS PROPERLY PREPARED BY A QUALIFIED ACCOUNTANT AND TAX CONSULTANT (Over 20 Years Accounting and Tax Experience) • COMPLETE SERVICE • ALL FORMS INDIVIDUALS • FARMERS BUSINESS EAR! w. MATINS ACCOUNTANT • TAX CONSULTANT OFFICE 201 W. Third St. (Over Hollywood Shop) Phones: 2-8232 — 3-6839 ALTON, ILL. RIDERS WANTED—To 81. Louis Ad ministration Center or Washington University. 3-8658. AUTO, STATE LICENSi PSSS? •»_ M* «• HARRY A. MOOHB PIANO TUNING and REPAlBlNt em rore-t Ave.. AHoev Dial 3-M _ WANTED—Chair »e»i weaving. 3-3808. IT'* SMART TO BE THRIfTV your ruiis at home with odorlew Fin* Foam. Ruck'* -Paint Store. <5j> Cast Broadway. INBTIITTIO, AIRLINES NEED Re*ervatlonii>U. Station and Pauenger Agent*. Ground Radio Operator*, HMientei, CommunieationUU. Public Contact, non-technical and technical poiUJonn. For information write Central ftchool*, Airline Training plvUioa, •o* tow, care Telegraph. •US ANNODNCMIBNYB GUTTERING—Spouting, metal chimney cover*. Free estimates. WHITE'S TIN SHOP. 2-1434. TREE {SPECIALIST Trim Top, Take Down and Haul Away. Ituured. ED KRAUT. Dial 4-9343 BLOCK LAYING—Uc each: ecu pool* •nd aepttc lank* built and pumped reaionable rate*. »-541» 3-S5QO. TO PROPERTY OWNERS - Beware ot termites. They are destructive to your property For free information call Centiii- Termite Control Phone 152 1018 ;kin Ave.. Edwardivllle 111 A.II work guaranteed. CONTRACT CEMENT' WORK of an kind*. Union work Free estimate Lynn Wood, 3803 Franor. 3-B»3 2-1175. •- , PAPER HANGING—And patch planter- in*; prompt tervice. Dial 4-2389. INTERIOR DECORATING - Plastering, patch Refer .. plaiterlng, removing wallpaper. irence. Tree estimates. Dial 3-gm DIAL I-J14I — For free eitlmate on floor sanding and inside painting. WALLPAPER STEAMER FOR HENT- Dlal 2-ai41. 1004 Phlnney, INTERIOR PAINTING—Plaiurlni and patch plastering. If you are tired ot old wallpaper, call u* today w* will • remove your wallpaper and with the latest style color*, we will renuxlern- Ire your home. Call today (or • fret- estimate. »-«03l). MAKE OLD FLOORS LIKE NEW Ren' our high ipeed Mndei end edgei Dl«> a-1141 1004 Phiame> NICE SLEEPING ROOM—For working person. 311 Market. QUIET, WARM. FRONT ROOM—Closets, bath, stoker heat; private entrance, Near Restaurant. 3-5764. LARGE ROOM—For 1 or 2. on bus line. Dial 3-8406. 628 Henry. SLEEPING ROOM—With kitchen privileges. All facilities furnished including laundry. Call 3-9394 after 5:30. CLEAN. QUIET ROOM—On bun stop*. Ladles only. 838 Washington. 2-5569. LARGE SLEEPING ROOM—Single or double. 17 North 6th street, Wood River. 4-6525. FRONT SLEEPING ROOM — At 224 Acton avenue. Wood River. Call 4-4408 FOR GENTLEMAN—Private bath 2-2386 after 6 p. m. Dial 41 'ROOM AND BOARD WANTED—Elderly lady to "share my home. For further information call 4-8861. FURNISHED HOUSEKEEPING ROOM— Heat, lights, water, gas, furniihed. 1426 East 4th street. ROOM 4-B380. BOARD—For elderly lady. 41 HOUSEKEEPING BOOMS EAST ALTON—2 housekeeping rooms, first floor. Lights, gas. water, furnace heat. Also 1 large room. Dial 4-6685. M 3-ROOM APT. — Furnished or unfurnished as you wish. Very pretty. All utilities furnished. 4-3225. modern heating 4 & 3-ROOM — Unfurnished apis.; automatic hot water system. Call 29-R. Brighton. 3-ROOM MODERN APT — Off Milton road, second house in back of Greer Real Estate office. Apply between U a. m. and 4:30 p. in _ Two— Large unfurnished room apt. Modern, wired for stove; private en. trance. 2-3008. _ _ 4 ROOMS — Modern."Hardwood floors, steam heat, water, lights and heal furnished. $40 month. Phone 2-4098 4-ROOM BASEMENT APT.—Bath, on bus line in Roxana. 4-8336. n*mm uwiruu THI ^ RUSSELL BUND REPAIR . RETAFE - REPAINT Aluminum Awnmfi Aluminum SCFMM TrmrM R«di Driptry Crinti Window Shidn , RUSSELL VENETIAN BLIND MFG. 00. til MILTON ROAD DM B-SM4 — RM. S-MN for free ottlimtM. Th« Original Venetian Blind Man off Alton Wfiert Qualify Comes First 4(1 rVRMSHBU APARTMENT! 2 FURNISHED ROOMS — All modern. Private bath. Call 3-3237. 2 FURNISHED — Light housekeeping rooms; private bath and entrance. Electric refrigerator. 310 Wood River avenue. Wood River. THREE ROOMS—Partly furnished, In Lincoln addition. $35. month, Call 4-3337 between B a. m. and 2 p. m. 2 FURNISHED ROOMS—Lights, water, heat, furnished. Bath. 312 Marsh. Dial 3-6527. 4-ROOM FURNISHED APT.—All modern; water and heat furnished. 140* George, Upper Alton. TWO ROOMS — Furnished "for light housekeeping. No objection to small child. No drinkers need apply. 310 Mill street. Phone 2-1946. ROXANA—Furnished 3-room apt. Sun porch, gas heat, electric box, water, gas and lights furnished. $70 per mo. Call between 8 and 3 p. m. Phone 4-8794. 2 'FURNISHED ROOMS—one" "child ae- cepted. Dial 2-1107 before 9 p. m. 2 FURNISHED ROOMS—Newly decorated. , close to bus line and factorie*. 215 Dorris street. 2 ROOMS — Refrigerator, heat, lights, water, gas; side entrance. Dial 3-8093 47 HOUSES FOR RENT 2-ROOM HOUSE—For rent. 2-728^. 3-ROOM HOUSE—And bath. All iribd- ern. Adults only. Dial 2-4803. 3-ROOM COTTAGE—For rent. only. Wise and Chelly streets. Adult* I-ROOM MODERN HOUSE—In Wood River. Phone 2-9084. 2-ROOM FURNISHED HOUSE — Two adults only. Near Shell. Dial 4-5819. rUBNIgHED FOR RENT—Modern 3-room house, fur- nlahed. Reference. Dial 2-5100. I ROOM & BATH—Garage, completely furnished, automatic gas heat. Located in East Alton. $85 per month. Dial 3-3881. WANTED TO RENT WANTED—Pour - room house. Working couple. Dial 2-9004. MOTHER—And grown daughter, dedr* 3 clean rooms in Wood River area. 4-6129, WANTED—3-ROOM FURNISHED APT". FOR YOUNG COUPLE WITH CHILD. WRITE BOX 1110. CARE TELEGRAPH BUSINESS PKOPERT* ALMOST NEW BUILDING—40x80, In good business location; larger space can be obtained if desired. For full particulars call at our office. HOLLA H. HARRISON, REALTOR . Office - - - 3-5397 Residence . . 3-3368 FARMS AND LAND WANTED TO BORROW—On real estate, $6,000 on improved farm, for 5 yean. Write Box 1130. care Telegraph. LOTH FOB SAM I'/i LOTS—70x225, partly finished garage, suitable for living quarters. Oakdale addition. Rosewood Heights. Will sell for equity. Phone 3-9373. Houses for Sal* FOR SALE—New FHA approved noroee in Wood River or Bait Alton as Mm a* $352 down and (42 per month are real buys Must be seep to preciated Phone Edwardsville Ralph H Ladd General Contractor EAST ALTON—New 4-room brick. Gai heat. By owner. $5900 4-3735. UPPER ALTON — TEN-ROOM ALL MODERN HOME, CLOSE TO BUSINESS DISTRICT. WOULD CONSIDER LATE MODEL TRAILER AS PART PAYMENT. DIAL 2-224G. t-ROOM ALL-MODERN APT.—Private entrance. Dial 4-8028. 3 FURNISHED ROOMS — With private bath. Inquire at 712 East 4th. " With >. m. 3-ROOM UNFURNISHED APT. - bati.. Til Semple. 2-8143 after e : FLOOR SANDING - And reflniihlM •l*o painting ReasoMkle rato*. Ire* estimates Dial S-SM4 or 3.jtt30 PAlNTtNG * PAPERING* - Re*no*l*v wallpaper end ogtck pU»tertng Je*r> 2-gtio _______ ___ G. DECORATING - Removing wallMPer pigitei ich pUatafjM itag Mi our (pgclalty All work Reference* Free eetlm«te« _ _ WALL & FL60R till AlunlAIMP) CROXTON FILE CO. WANTED-Paper hanging at reasonable price* Mli Vager iltiot __ Goad w«*t RADIOS REPAIRED Promptly - economically DIAL 3-7M3 WOHKMAN'a RADIO RCPAJB Mil atate Street EXCEPTIONALLY LIGHT - Two-room basement apt; children welcome. 1312 Alton-Edwardtvllle road. Wood Diver, FOR RENT—4 unfurnished rooms: mod. em. Dial 3-81B.'). _ u ROOMS—UnfurnUhed or partly fur- nlshed apt. All new. Dial 3-8093. --ROOM"" MODERN APT.-Off Milton road, uecond house in back of Greer Heal Estate office. Apply between I «. rn, and 4:30_p. m. «r~ _ a FURNISHED ROOMS—Two adult*, or couple with child: will care for child while parent* work. 3g30 Coronado Dr. S LARGE — Furnished room*; private entrance, light* and water, garage. •8.3Q per week. 412 Dry street, latt Alton. 4-aaai. WOOD RIVIR—3-room*. Heat, light*, water; private bath, entrance. Adult*. 4*4ia47> FOR RENT—ll-room modern furnished apt., private entrance and bath, else- trie refrigerator. Couple only. Ulllltien furnished. 4-8343 3-ROOM FURNISHED ~ APT, — Water. light*, heat, furnished; •utomatlc hot water, Frigldalre. Adult* only. 4*0 Lincoln. East Alton. MODERN 3 ROOllS-Prlvate bath, private entrance, gas heat. Adult*. 821 Eait «lh. TWO — FurnUhed basement room*. Lighti. M*. hot water furnished; cut- Av "' -ROOM COTTAGE—Near large lake; equipped with oil heater. $2500. Bus to and from the Shell Oil Co. each day. Panama, 111. Call Tri-City 2406-R, or write care Mrs. Mange, 1914 Grand Ave.. Granite City. 111. _ . 5. 6 ROOMS—Small down "payment. Immediate possession. Excellent location. 2-7722; evenings, 3-3722. MODERN HOME—With*"gas" heat,~nT tural fireplace, sun porch, double garage. Corner lot. Immediate possession. In East Alton. For appointment call 4-3194. _ Etl M. CREiR MILTON ROAD—New 4-room modern home. Very large floor plan, large living room, 17x19, hardwood floors, cab* inets and inlaid kitchen and bath. Venetian blind*. G. I. loan financed. $U290 iIILTON AREA—5-room modern home, fully insulated, hardwood floor*, cabinets, inlaids, stoker heat, storm sash, sun porch $8106 OSEWOOD HEIGHTS - New 4-room modern home. Cabinet* and Inlaid*, hot air heat, large level lot. Price $6300 AST ALTON- East Alton Ave. 4-room modern home. A-l condition. Large floor plan. Venetian blindb, fully Insulated, storm sash, hot air heat, *5»OO WOOD RIVER AVE.. Bast Alton - A beautiful 5-room modern home. Very large floor plan, large living room with fireplace,"Sarge closet space, hardwood floors, Inlaid in kitchen and bath, cabinet* and Venetian blinds, in- nulated, garage. F. H. A finance (10,500 WOOD RIVER, State Sl.-4-room modern home, A-l condition. Cabinet* and Inlaid*, Venetian bliad*. *torm *a*h, hot air heat (6300 WASHINGTON AVI.. Bait Alton - 4- room modern brick home In good condition. Venetian blind*, atonn window*, icreened porch. A good buy. Small down .payment (UOO PARK DRIVE, Bethalto—3-room home in A-l condition, OH heat, water and light*. Large level lot. Price ....$2500 III M CREEK AGENCY AND REALTOR Office Phone: 3-7S04 1-873., 2-425$. --«T1. 4-663«, »-««30 4-ROOM MODERN — With or without furniture. Immediate poueuion. 'Call Jerneyvllle J29-W. gQB East Arch. FOR SALE — 4-room home. Milton Drive. Fully modern, FHA construction throughout. Sale price, $7800. Dial 2-6335 ALTON REALTY CO. REALTORS 613 E. IROADWAY 5-room modern. Juit out of Upper Alton trooo 5-room modern. 1 acre. North Alton. Price ' . < $6850 5-room modern brick. North Alton «8oOO 6-room. 2 apt*. Modern, central; good income and living quarter* . .$11,050 6-room modern. Upper Alton. Insulated. gai furnace, large level lot. Excellent location »».«» 3-room modern. Wood River. Double garage. Vacant •JJSO e'room home. » acre*. I" .town. Will tell houM and lot for 114.000. Total acreage • • • $90.000 I good house* in qoUage Hill*. Mv priced. I»M*~I'M» fii.xi, ' J.i._, '.,

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