The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas on March 7, 1927 · Page 5
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The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas · Page 5

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, March 7, 1927
Page 5
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Page 5 article text (OCR)

• ' i " •! 1 - ^ ' • ; •" • "1, . SLAVED 0 \^£R Hie FACT IflAT X AM NOWAPAKTAiBRIN "niEMAQlCMUOeo KU.XE.MSM _.. ' TO iNve -STTsrooR Moiifey TORNCffHlMQ -ir VJOOUiU'T SURPRISE. ME IV YOOtOST Ev /eRW CENT i4iW{r<«o??»ietL, P«M>0#rtfl»R UKe •riwrynTHMM i • - LIVEfSTOGK iHones. Cattle. TeUeles 4^ IJL'ROC JERSEY—Sow and 12.p,!gsi, purebred. F. W. Bremer. Phone i970F32. >IARE MULE—ConiitiR 4 years, ex- ira good, well broke. Kepneth Siiarp. Humboldt and.-; Elsmprc phone. TE.\M-r<;ortd Hmooth mouth team pt hoi-ses.: A. B. Hopbinf. four mile.s north, 4i-l. east LaHarpe. ! • <• <• «•<• -* <• -* .* .<• * * •* • I What Hns f.'one • BeJ'flro Oarrelt Folsom is stabbed t(> death while swimmini: at Ocean Towm X. J. Fol(i|)ni's liathing . oonipaiiions . liad ttaen Roger. .Neville, a biisi- n<-ss partner; Alr.s. Helen Harna- bv aifd rarnielita Valdoii. .\iiastasia Pol.soni. «'((cntric -and auit|tcrful slxter^of tlie dead in:iii.'.'ir^iveH and takes ctininiand. At the iiiKiurwi it is b-arned that -rhi- deatih weapon wan ii pii hai|. an Orientii) knii<-,T|nd it had ix-en biiiiKlit' lui the boanlwalk. It i> learned thai'<ni<' /"royilori Heurit lr< u funcidr iif <rMrioii>< vvf«|)<(iis. M'<''udinits btiyliiK two kiMvos lui! iioi tli*. |di.h«i|. AlftUta Seed YIN^T iBe Good. ^mong those who are igolng to m^^ke sure oC t6ieir alfalfa seed thiii apring, are G. H. Strang, .Mo- rhn, 'Harrj- ^'hetion and E. H. -J3r|>wn, ilola. |! Tliese men have ordered seed from 'a field which has mair wiili (luiet Binlplicity. "And have the! iVdlice assured themselves?'* askid Riggs. •'We rant be piusllive." Giddings returned. "Wlien .\ r. Sears came ..^.^-„ ^^^.v ..uiu .<> ..t... .. the second time I tlijat evening he |,een In alfalfa for 18 years, and was iurt s<i mui^i inteKested. for j (he Keed was inspected both in. the " ' ' " • • field and In'the bin (by reprpsenta- tlve.s the Kianaas Crop Iniprove- menl A-isociation, and declared pure. In buyln* such lertlfied need, {lie Imyfcr .know-s ab .Holulely he .sales were Of isniall lots or .singlM piei'es of am^ll value. But he di^l pi(.k up t\vii ior three numbers, iiMf of wliicji contained an 4 )1.1 pil-kaq. Then why i.sirt lliat po.sUlve?", what he is getting, and lakes no 1 )1 ok'- ill Uobin i|i ickly. ihan<i' on Kitting weed seed.s, iin- ••l!e<an.''e tliere waH anoih.'r bun- afi'iliteil .seed Or other troubles, dli- <ir lf)t boiU. Wllirli UIHO COIl- ! ~I tallied an old-))i.jiat|. ant!. no o«e ! l-lme INR I\UHUU KeedlnK. 'can sav vliich Was the weapon' Pn«nk Smith of Ooneva has re- "ilai-r . xliihit-.i aiiilie iu<iiiej<t." ' eont ly ordered u-car load: of lime- 'sioiie for ugl^lcultuml purpones, j 200 pounds $I1.7.5@ 12.00medium to good kind. $ll .&0eil .73:; best id kind. $ll .&0eil .73; best i bulk 210 to 240 pounds averages ,$11.40iB11.7.-); bulk 260 to 300 I pounds |11.25«11.3S; packing sow^s !SlO.40f?10.65 mostly: pigs »U.50@ jJl.S.'i: heavy weight hogs $11.13@ AUTOMOTIVE J^saanofcllCT tor -Sale > 11 Reports Hafve _ JFoDo With, rend of Prices on Wall Street. 1 2 .1 )0: , siaughti Tatil.' up to ; FOR SALE OR TRiVDE—1S26 Chrysler "aS" coupe: 1925 Over•« Irlt'V-- "".V "Vf,".'i.^tii?f.?"«'S^'J land sedan. Ross Arbu'ckle's Gar- 3iMllirl^;rv'^;':''A""v*V^-'fl**'^^^ «e, Chryslqr Dealers, i Phone 5G. /uCll V I $41 .40 ^12 .00: light: light -$11.2 .1 (6.] . T—^— ' - aekin? sows $10 .00© 10.7.5; r pigs $ll.0O©12 .00. . > IS.OOO; mixed yearlings 2.40: yearling-heifers $11; 'bulk veiilers |10.50<fi 11 .00 ; ouwidr lers $rf .iu«« 14 .0 (1. • l^.tiO; wooletl laiiibs $14 ..i0 ''z 1.1.;!.") piosily: {t'wi heavy loads •*11.2.")'r/l."i,i)ii: best natives; to shippers $1.') In: shocp steady: fat ewes $.s.."»iii f».2.'>:. feedInK ami shearing lambs sijroni;: early sales $r !.7.')«i j lim weight shear- ; TEN PIGGV SOWS—Will ;farrowj in one week to three weeks, req I ones, white, ones and blaek ones I weigh from 26ir to ?.M pound.<j ^ each; one Durham cow. just fresh I giving feitr gallons milk per day {one Holstein cow. just fresh, giv : ing seven gallons milk per day lone Guernse.v. just fresh.i givinf j.^^^ gallbn.i- mlllv per day: .ONF \ Red Durham, iust fresh, givin? ifour gallons milk per day. THest cows are from 3 to .=> years old Will sell on time or w^ill trade foij fat cattle or stock cattle or hogs J. C. Butcher: " FORD ^0.\DSTER—winter enclosure, heater, new hires, McKone and Selberling. a?d 1927 license; motor In Al ^'condition: $200.00. Phone '973F4 jaftet.: six o'clock In the eveiiing. B; E. Gregg, 4'2 miles northwest of idty. PonltiT and Supplies 44 B.^RlfiilD ROCK EGGS—For hatch j ing, S.'J.OO per-hundred. Mrs. Fre<: Geer. LaHarpel Kans. Phone .56S -r: BABY CHICKS—State accredited 'jBrooder.s and poultry supplies i Custom hatching. 4c per egg , Sturdy Chick Hatchery, 220 AVes^ I street. .yew York. March 7. (.\Pi—The stock; market, apparently having nxhatiRted all the good news in sighti continued to lose ground (OT duy itndcr the pressure of selUnfii'' '"^ < hoit «• medi for both accounts. Mq.iiilailon '"'"'is *l.",.oo. piobitbly was Htlmulated by tbol , pubilcution of tite ll»2ti earhingK re-' I hlruso NITALN. ports" of thi" American Woolen.' fliicaRr). Mar 7.' (APi—Close- .\tarland and f. S. Rubber c>o»n-! .)(av $1.41- .Inly llii'i 10' EGGS—Pura'bred II.. C. R. 1. R. 100, or 50c s 973-4. B. E. Grigg. "'^1^H^'.!,~,^'"7"" 5PO^:^|:^^if$3 per lOOror 50c setting. Pbon. —"2;. Oakland landau -"edan, fine -—' _ . shape: "24 Ford roadstei^; '22 Ftird c (>m )e, goiid; 'IH Focd criupe. chi*ap:, 'J-J Hudson sec^tin,' good EGGS—For silting. White Wyan di'ttes. $.';.00 per hundred. l'hon<i sliape!;' '23 Chevrolet; >J1 Stude-! <)f!4.i2. t'nkcrl 4 -pa8s. ci)upe, fitie shape; '2r. Chevrolet touring. Some other very cheap cars. Cash.; terin? or tiade. Hobart-Steele Motor Co. BARGAIN}! — 19211 roadster:^ .Maxwi.lji il Ford : tiinringsj Supply Co., Hiilrk FX;GS -R. 1. Reds fn.m winter lay ing hens; also, baby chicks. Pii in your order now for bali.v chicks Phone lOlfiJ. .Mrs. Clyde Gordnii 1202 .\orih Buckeye. >omV and Peltoii thinks iil^ tiii- cle' had been doini; some lilnck- iiiailing. Robin-Sears, ("roydon's soli, is worried now liiat «in .spi- cjon, i-! i'esliUK on Ms li^ther.. Riggs^ tells liiii) .he lias lejirned that j<'roydoii .Sears had ' |)ur- <<l a third dagger. AncHica Fair. •Robiii's fiancee. <l!ie-ui<>ns Ro.^^s. tlv deinl man's inrniel- valet, who tells li'=c he thinks .Sears had visited l-'ol- som'.-s Uonie. Now KIU On IVIth fhe Sl.)i:.v ,, ,, .... i., ^"le south part of the county. KnOiii. -Of c.uirse. bed SI v.- a ic-i., ,„„„aRt. i£ ,jn,e |s i,eing iilioiw ^iiani.-. and. 011 the "t ler , ,,i3,rii,i,ted by the Monarch Cement l .au .l. do y..,i suppose my father 1 ,,|.^„t „, Humboldt, would In. s,,.!. a Jool as to buy a- ^ ^ ^ .!ag«.-- h.i-.. where be ,s ^Ve ,^ the county the ...Se of lime know, and -en Uo out and kill |j„ ,„ .s ,),„..i.,Hiy wif 1. It T . , I Ing of clo'vel-.-; and alfalfa, and will «.Hld >nrs only nn, -l po-u.^. ,argH dividend.s. Geo. W. Tip- lii.- w<:n:.., thai .^ri .::;d.d v.eli m.t t „, ,3^, ^.^j ^^.^.^ O t „„a of ine:;..i .....binK aii .l the, tu.) w..nt!,.„rpd alfalfa hay per acre from uwav lowa-rd I ^ .l„ acre fie!d.,seeded the previous spring, and this was an upland field not naturally suited to alfalfa CHAPTER XXIV •Vnu think: Don't yoii growing, trick. Lime and '• manure did A. K. Nicholas, La- know? i liiiiiif. ' . , i - Vi.ii st -i-," bi.'Kali Roiiiii "-agerlv. ! but til.- Dtlier sliipjied him. I vListi-ii lii-i'<-. Ijiiy.y Riggs said. iTh •••.Say all you lik<' I\I ilie, or to your-' ijiilur, or 111 v.iui- .iw.-etheart. but 1 ter ]Samp. Elsmore and numerous •rops on the ounty by promi- porteii by buying lief that the presf-nt *7 would be innintained on the additional .stock to ill. isMied ufti -t' till' distribution of the recently iiio- posed 40 per cent stix -k dividi-iid. Oils ami inotorH il«-veli)|)fd several points of WHakncss and tiie nierchaudi.-^ing Issirc.-. failt -d to niakt-i niucli response to tlie n -imrt- ed increase in earnini ;s liy jmue of tile lirge cliaiii stores conipaliies last month. divi.lenili* + ** ** + . I • ^- + •> REAL ESTATE TRAIfSFEBS • '> iBtueci Dally from onica of .• '> ilola Abstract Co. < •> I • , • • * * + + + + + * *** ** U, die, or to yoiirl Harpe. Frank Harris. .Moran; Wal- "t 1 . ^ t of alfalfa in recent years on horn.-? Angelica Fair msr^N^^^^^ -Wbvnof." [gray upland soils of the i-ount He wa.s once, to m> kno«l -i f,,^ ^ne reason: that they fhe use of lime. -As'one pr ;aii> iiivaiiabiy w-<ong. For in: st.iix-i-, i;i.-' biiyi -r of that bundle ' Kiviiit U .fiytftious nani>- doesn't nent farmer puis It, "I am doing iny best to ."lolve the "Farm Problem" by growing 3 ton.i of alfalfa write uini dij^ui a murderer at all. f hay per acre wber<» my neighbors grow one ton of timothy.". edge." replied Ro^•s. "What was the occasion "It-was a .sort of recc-i.iioii. .Mi-s Fa,ir,, \lr. Fulsoiir was liavJiig a ?niuU exhibition 01 liis an ii !-a-- ures,! YDII know, \lr. Folsom irav- eled'Ja lot'and-- coll.-cti -ii many ihiniiH r ^iK-h as Interc -M Mr. S.-ai--. 1 remember -stjr -ins liini ai Dial , time, but I'lri not sure of any otbej- |,|.,„, I., SI-\T, (ii^autini; yonr!,puduct an orchanl demonstration time, .\lias.';, latin r lioiiglit iliui dagger, and j at the farm of W. H. Prllit in Sal- siil >-^ei|uentl> . ctiosii TO use it on',,111 township. somebody, tiiat would not prove .p],,. pruning.of different varle- ; lilni a. tool, because whoever did ,|^„, of fruit trtes, and of gripes ihat kiiliim' depended on the sea lol^jH he demonstrated, and the <-on- ii.rever the weapon of htSjtroi of insect PEAXN and. diseases il.- may be) an antique dealer in a , .siii.'ill -WNY. Si ho. if. he gave ills real iiaiii'. ami lunl tiis piirchases traced, ;>.|.,I<! II K I I)U< HL»>\> Ibi 'Ill the ex- (trrharil Demonstration WedntjsiLi) Wednesday afternoon at ;;:0o p. irbitaiit, pii ^-e.- wiiuli he no doubt ! ni.. County Ageiit, Roy E.Gwin will (.March .", 1927.) .Matlie Loos, wiikiw. to Mrs. .Vamiie .M. Kastliam, lot and 6. with ilie exception of t> ft. off ..N'oitll side of lot bbiek 1. Pal- ci^ion by the Inlerslate i.^;^;;/'--^ Addition to LaHarpe. Comniissi(iii in a ca.'e•involving the •recapture clause." ami indications of a flowing up in the loadings of general merchandise liad a bearish effect on tlie railroqd siiares. Verl Slotler Lindsley iind Iins- b.inii Che-^tj-r Marion, to Benjamin H. and William .M. Hfoller. .\. »L. Kan-ius 1 it}- (lose. Kansa.i City. .Mar. 7. i.Al'i — Clost: Wheat. .Mav old |l,:{s"-s; .Vlay new il3-"s; .Inly |1 -'C-'N. Corn. .May 7l ',sc; .liiiy 7:', ; Sept. SO'^c. 2 .')-lS. $litM). Kdwarii C. Hazel D. Walters and wife of Harmbn'.i Addition to lola, $1. : !:i<l> ••TlK'ii WAS a fool." "Oh, well, I don't ;;ui>pose it luar- ter;.u. 1 don't bi lieve I kjiow nillili 'aliout dete<;tive woili. l\iid anyway. I iloni beiiev.- Mr. Sears killed .Mr. i'\iisoiu. do you.'"' I '1 shouldn't ihink so. ma'am." and with thil t*jey wen- in sislit of: tlie ..Majiisaca and .Viinel .si -iir- • riediotf to her liatliliouse. .44 Robin Sear.s- ami ItigKs en- leivd the atictioii j-ooni. it wa.>-- Roli- in;w''o took liie leail. neniandiiii: the! ii!oi;riet()r. hi a tone whi<:h broutjii liini a warning nudge from RigK-f. lie asked UR a private iiitcrviv.v.i On learning who lie • wa>:. tliis was readily grante-l. and .Mr. Gid- iliiiK-'. '.vlio represented the ali.-^ent Mr. -Barchester. look tl iprivate office. lookin;; kle„tlis .lemamled and ob•Id hkelo know. Rohm Legan j^,-,^,.,, .„„,j,,n,.p s. guilt, not reallzint,- tlvit it would! .Ustussed. The! proper care of •almost iiievitaldy bM found." 1 farm orchards ha.s.become an Important iterti in many local farm K:insa> riiy Hay. K:ins3s Ciiy. j.Mar 7. <l. U. |)i. iOf .\KrlcilItUieil I .S .No. 1 alfalfa. $l9V>'i; No. 2 $ii;..-.u: ,.\o. :: $i :!..-.<i I' S .N'o 1 alfalfa very leafy, jL'i' mi <i2t;oii; .\'o. :; li.'i.Doiii ;il.i)i) r t .No 1 tinuitiiy fl7..'.'i: .Vo. il .'i ..iO; No. :! $i ».iH).- ^ L' S Ni>. 1 upland prairie .?H .i;fi: .No. :: $12.0 (1; SIT. :: $iii ..'.ii. ••.\o, 1 slioiild liave Tlioimbt my-elf lll:!l the li.-avy nietal liave 1,. ea uro .Mid into tii forevi -r." j "Ke.Nt, Uigps. oljl man." management systems, andtheire- wouM I suits are outstanding. A letw trees sand ! weirpruned and sprayed, will fur- ;nish the needs of the aveijage Robin farm faniily. and l!armer,<; are now said, liis Jaws set I like a fiRhter. j demandirig to know hciw to I get "w- (ID .•Jtrai«hi tojcroydon Uocii- these re.sults. ' i i-ster Sears with tiiis tale." — •WeV" , i i . Ohlck Feeding Important.; ine "V"s, sir, we." Perhaps the mcst critical tinic in' \,JN,'U\TN , """' reathing the Hntel the poultry business is In the start- iieiu ''Majii.^aca. twc somewihiit harassed , ing of the baby chicks. A single false move at this lime I , „„„„,,,„, ,, „, ^ —-1 • • may cause the loss'of hundreds of igood enough to tell m.- ..^hy the length of face'.'" Seats chicks, and incidentally, the prof- asked, looking at bis son. jits of the business.: Chilling, over••I?e Seated, my friend, and III' heating, over feed(ng. the use of tell you." rf iirned[ Robin, looking musty or niouldy feeds, and many iiack ,ai liiili affectionately. other things- may cause trouble. ' Tlicy all sat down, .-ind now and One of ih^ moSt common mls- tlien prompted or corrected by.Tite takes is the/over feeding of ricTl Kisf-'s. IZo'oin save his" father a mashes or other feeds, too early stri.:t .iiid ful! a'coiint of the inter- in the chicks life., It is much saf- viev with The auctioneer. er to start the chicks on such , . - . . . . , . ^ , .\s the tale finished. Ci'ovdon feeds as seratch grain or cracked •tire nini.s eye was Si-owing bright- ic,^,.^.^ g.,, fj^.^ corn, and there is much ins. merit In the old practice of our Then, reai-hin- out his hand for' mothers in the use o£ bread .. .it yellow- pad of telegram forms! crumbs, hard boiled eggs. etc. poitaiKe of the sale, he .suggesied. ^..^^ ^ pigeot> hole of the Souii'm'ilk should be fed for at "if you 'd be 01 all the knivei, or daiTKors iiiy lather has piought iiere." ••I cau tell you of most of them." the reiily. "but some small items are sohl in baiunes. as we c ;i 'i ihcin. and .so are not recorded iiidiV |idnally." * \ 'i should think an antjqae dag- g-r 'if sufficient importance to be -repnirded." iRobin .said. aiul. as the e in his eye was growing br ;er under the irritation of the'oth-' er.'s suavity, llifes took a hand. "Never iniud Ihe value or ini- nuiiiber i none of that nun —For Ciassifiedl t A. W. .\nderson. olt 4 Tbirte,Jn is deemed so unlucky a I Berne. Switzerland, that the houses there bears -ml. prompt resu Columns. use the ANNOUNCEMENTS Stiiyed, I,ost, Fqnnd -STKTSO .N 10 HAT—BlacJk, lost on ' iola -lliiiQboIdt road Wednesday. } Kiiidi r l«jave at Register. Reward. K:in*ias liij «;niln. Kansas City. .Mdr: 7. (AI'i — TWO Wf ili.mboldt Wheat, receipts I't;.-, ,ars: uiich-nK- 1 Finde^ pK-ase notify H. .M.vnatt. ed; .No. 2 dark hard .•51.;:4 "..'<i 1.4ii: • Kewird' No. :i $i.:;:;'-j '5j i.:!!t:i .Vo. 2 l::ird RK BRIDLES—U)st on and Elsmore road .March Humboldt phone :!I4-41. $1..34»ji.(fi 1.39'.-..; .\o. :3 si.:;.;Ti 1 • •: WRLST No. 2;red $1-•il'-.^i I .:;b: No.:: l .:;ii' . .-wiss. I. fil.32. I ' to Reeisiier Corn, unchanged:' .Vo. 2 wI:iH-'" 71'i«"^73i-jc: No.. 3 (f7':;'f/71. : N... !i 2 yellow 74'Ii7 .')i: .\o. :;'7U/7 !i;'~ •No. 2I mixed 71Tf73c; No. :; (•,7'-'?' ! 70c. i • OatJ!. unchanged; No. 2 wiiit. ffJ49ci .No. 3 44''o 47'-... MII6 maize. $1.16ft \.T^. Kafir. $l.ii7fil.I7 Rvfi. SpUi?/1.00'-.. garlevj 72fi73c. WATCH — White gold t. Reward if returned AUTOMOTIVE Automobile Agencies 1 HIGHEST .>LARKET—Prices paid for cream, eggs and - poultry' Oar triick and chicken coops ar^ , at your service to pick up poul ARGALNS^^ 19261 try. Barker Produce Co. Pho. 658l roadster; lft24 Ford : —i ! •. coupe; Maxwell sedan; several I .lERSEY IIL.\CK GLVNTS-Firs Ford tourings. Marr Auto Supply pi;ize hen and prize cocl^ Co.. Buick Dealers. I Eastern Kansas slrfow 192.">.' E^ig? reasonable. Oscar Brown. La 1923 DODGE. RtlADSti-lR — Good Harpe. Kans. tires, good paintL goo<l mechanical *—•—:—: shape Boyer Motor Co.. 212 s: : QUALITY ELECTRIC H.^TCHERY ' Jefferson. Phone 23. ; ' . - ; Gas City, Kans. Custom hatcl^ing^ 3c per egg, or .')C per lihick. llab}; chicks, heavy breed. $12 per lod light breeds. $10..iO per 100. BUSINESS SERVICE NOTIB?, Trucking, Storage XF& , ' -4 i SEE THE CHICKS—In McKiiirley's CORR THAN3FBR CO-^Packing, I ; window tliaf are eating iiotliing storage, long distance^ hauling, i but Thos. Southard's Chick Reaaoiiable^rates. Pbgne_ 140^ ^ j df.),. pud Professional Serrleu SURGERY —Medicine. Xj-ray. F. Lenskl. Phone residence. 1126W. «|liMiii CHICK OIL HOVER - I one year, iu jrood condition $t;."iO, Plioiie .Mildred. ; Hose King, ^ay ard. Kansas. Dr.! EMPLOYMENT Wanted—LI*esto«k SO P«AGE FiVE MEJKCHANPI^ HoBsrlrald .Ciboili COAL AND WOOD RANGE—Af good one. price $20.• Inquire 30lj Scu^h .Sycamore sireeji. -• FURNITURE—•V\1ien in need otj furiiiture.-don't torget that IcarriH a co^nplete line at j)rices that can'lj be heal. Bryspn Furniture Stofe, FURNITURE-Of S room house, ii'-dS. rockers, stoves, dressers, sewing machine; china~closet, cedar wardrobe, library table, heat- rolal parlor furnace, bed dav'en- 'i>orlj, sideboard, typewriter, dishes^ chains, and numt^viiiLS other artlJ cle-sj. Sadie Adams. 214 E. Jackson Xn<ilcal VencIiandUse Si j PI.-\.\'0—We have'in lola a braiid ! new Giilbransen straight! pianol I useil only weeks; large firsi i payment made on it. Will sell foi[ J balance on' terms.. Address i Martjiti Bros. Piano f (i.. Fort .Scott ! Kansas. . • ALF ; $12. Seeds. Plants, Flowers ^LF.\ SEED—Kan ^Common 60 a bu.shel. C. W- WorkaJ Humboldt, Kans. . KANpT.A—Oats, for sale. Dicken9 Bros.. LaHarpe, Kans. Laftarpe. Phone 663 REAL ESTATE POR RENT Apartments and Flats 74 FrH^\liiHKl>—Entire, upstairs. 3 rooms. 5 2 ciiiset.--. pantry, sleeping-] ponlli, ifroiil piircli. private en-: fraii!<'e.f modern, dose in. Pho. HIH; ilfouseH for" Rent fIOl•.'^l•^- '•• room with ganiKe; alsd 4 n^ojii lionse: lioth good loca-*" tioiiH. $>..()ii each. Phone 946F2. HOI'.-5E- Si.x room modern housed ilrisij- in.-.-.vith uaraxe." I'iione 14(1-'] or 111. .. nni-^E - I'ar'Iy iiiodeni^ .•)- roont lioiis>. Siirage anil garden spot, or i will js'eJl. • Pbon-' I2(;s.l, , _ . ^€^- ~ > IIOU.SE—Seven riK)ni modecn.: dou-l- ' l)le iKarage. paved sfr*tf-tr alsp front room, fiiriiislied. moderii . homi-. liuiiiire .".11:; S. Cottonwood; JKE.NTUCKY. S. 3or-Six room; ' clecjrii ity. gas. water, gara'ge, one I lot for eardeii. Phone 9,S1-12. I ! . _u-- I THREE ROO.M HOUSE—Electric • lights, city Water, located at 50iS J Soiitlh Chestnut. See M. A Schlickl j RgljrESTATE FOg^ALJ Isrokers In Real Estate R SOME GOOD BARG.XINS—In towij (iropeiiy. We liave jbem front $.500; up. .^rbuckleReal Rstate. Help Wanted—Female — i WANTED TO BUY—All kinds bat ;; tie and hog-t. J. C. ButcherJ MIDDLE AGED WOMAN - For . 77—-IjiKRCHANDISE" work un farm: one used to conn-! irv life. Phone 992-i2. i Farms and Land ;for .Sale 8S Isi -BUUBAN—31^ acres, fair im- i provements, gooddand. some friilt ! located out east. Stewai't &: Funki Honses for ^ale .84 •. A. L. i Towiisend., Articles for SaiT Help Wanted—Male- — I Bl'Gt; Y—.And; liarness: also ' aomi 88: tireaking pliW. liuiuire first honse i north Fil ing Station. atl^Ha pe^; MARRIED M.AN—To work' on. —4 —H r.- . 1 farm: be experienced in CHUNK WOOD—For sale. $2.50 In 1 HOU.SK-Five. room modern, aou-,. farm work. .1. W. Laiitz. I-a- timber or $3.2 .-i delivered. A. 4: HariK' R. 2. Svvinford. Phone alS. j HOUSE—ti rooms, (ine,.xpnditiori, , _j. i strictly modern; pri€•t•^i fight. 20^' • S. Kir.-:t. .Mir.esiiiBer. Pho. 662J. HOUSE—Six room raoilern, 1 with two lots. Jackson Realty Co.. over Brown's Drug Store. i - WANTED-Hand 10 plow, iwill pay^^' ' "'i!^'?, I'f>STS-For -- - • - Phoni* syj-./i. ble garage, good locatipn. I Jteiifher. Joba .sdlrii' . K 1 ; $1 an acre or 75c %n aire and bo°J:^L^lI--J -'aiEg?:.. f^*"".*^ ^•'''^.--i-: i Business ana OlBce Eanlpment &4; . i Bil'RROUftHS — Adding ma< hinel' ^ i i bought NEW last year, cheap fo^ [ Suburban for Sale 87, i FINANCIAL .SUBUUB.A.V—.") rooin .iiouse. water*, liglit.gas. ail'acre^of graiiud. Ad-f dress: "R. .\I." care Regiisier. |. Money to loan—JTortpwes i cash. See C. G. Larson, Moran. CXA^SIFIED DI.SPIiAY FARM LOANS—Quick service .and : TYPEWRITERS FOR SALE.—Rent reasonable rates. A. D. Haw-' oj- trade. Adding machines, anji ^ thorne. 213 S. WashlnglOT. ' make. Public .stenographer, noj ^ —'— ! tarv and multigraph work done]' FARM AND CITY LOANS—Base • Hoom 10-11. over Globe Clothiersj .; \ USED (J.\R—Is as dependable as the dealer who sells -it — Dodge Sales anc Service. Tjie best place to buy grod. dependable used cars a complete closed mod- Ell is: Motor •just f..;ii us wliat your recbrds j,^ vi-r-^te oiu a'message 'east two weeks—and no Substitute charge to .Mr. Croydon Sears." , —Ty^p down The list was 'interesting;, thotrgli ;nnt long, and the net result of in- fo'-niation was that Croydon? Sears ;iia<i d'lought. in all. ':!i\ dagqers of •;iii(i<i;'e 6r?ental workmanship. ko'iin was- amazeil. for he knew ot :?in !y tlie' two that were ac- knowleilgefl at the iiiqiiest. Hut- he preserved a (iiiiet sternness now: indeed, tlie young face grew more composed as tiie situation lieellleil to acquire selloH-- nes.s. •T'le iioiice have'iiitei 'ie\wd you lis to ail this?'' be asl .1 ol .Mr. Giddiligs. • • "Many tinies. I 'Speciail in tlie la-l tweiily-IOiir llOlll'-^ ' •Way Ml iiiih II i|tiestion. •'• pi't ill IUBKS. ; ; Hei aiiut- iijev want to .itre itiat it -wai[ Mr. Sears who uif^lii the daRger.iliat killed .Mr 1'. ..ii;i." Gldditiv.:} replied, KtraiKbtli.n-.idd- . Iv. "Of coiirne, tbiil neeiln'! . i-liii I't'jl .\|r,. Selirn iiHiill It." lie ., Icil i (iiilj-kiy ji ;i he noted Rohiti 'M. t.i • ! j to the'desk. Robin will take jits place for re.snlts. HNV. and send it oif. • J^ave Tite A circiriar is being issued by here. Read the thin? as vou po 'he county agent this week, which down'"' i describes in detail a! simple and bidden, and was !method of starting chicks. It ' is available to all who wisli it. —Telephone your Classified Ads to IS. I ' .1 !.ir,jiV'iJ 1 Uoliin did moi" thau slightly my.stified to find tb< message was to his father's Iirivat'e secretary, and said: "•Riisli Fleming Sloin; here us .soon as possible." Implicitly confident as, Robin wa- of Ills lather's innocence, it was a' sati.sfai-tion to note Iiow the e!(|.-»- jiiiiii hail look 'ftl as In; grasped tile; sitiiatioii. ' ; { To bi' sun-, lie bad waited a few. _ niDiiientw to consider; to be rsnr«', . |). A.JONE_ 111- 'liait. sent a Inirry call for a i (11 Si). Ohio IPIlOM 1M7 ureal .iiid laliioiis dclei-tlve, liut Ills ' . lOLA HIDE, FUR & WOOL COMPANY •GET oiu' pHcea POl'LTOl' JK#D FXTOB We win coiii «.^^i $l |rr. IS - fill!-. I bar e>e.< bad ,>liovMi 110 bint • if tiai- 01 HIUIIIIO lnid bis faee. Ilioimli Ki -avi . WIF c^iliil and ue-' lellj- as be looked .'It liii ;i<iii. I ' ••['W nent f..| t^lolie," Croydiili (J^IMWI tol.l lllitK*. I ' I 'leiallic Slolle' • ~ ! "Vei .Vol eveiy |ill>',^ Ollld COUl-^ iiiaiiil lii-< -lervii e., (to iiiilckly. but ; Al prcsiEht we have line of biith .open and el-:. pri ..4d to sell. Co., 211 North Washington. Kansas City Live>.tork. i — Kansas Citv. .Mar. 7. i United j HUDSON-ESSEX—Sales and Service. Bud White Moitor Co.. 219 South WashiuEton. Phoiie ISO. Antomoblles for Sale II Statei^ Department of Agriculture 1 IIogSj9.000: very siovv; early sales desirable' l.SO to 23() pounds to shiplijers and traders, steady 10 I 'tc lower! than Friday'.* average: weighty butchers slow; light lights dull, fully 2.>c lower; to]) $11.65 onJ 150 |)0un(b<: de^irabl 170 to 230 pounds, mo 11.60;: light lights up to $11.';.'-: , — packing sows $lt»«f /10 .3.=;; stock , nEPE.VD.IlBLK USEDJ CARS—Lata (•.\R BAR"..\INS--192.-)! Nash coach; ijc'j Na^h touring; 1924 Hudson sjiori touring. All in Al shape. 114 ;, XV, UT' -^••i ^l> -Mcitor S.-.l«s Co.. .,stly $t .Kirfr , j„,.,,.,„„ i puoue'720.; 192(; Chevrolet coacli-: two 192-' Clievrolet coaches; oiie 1923 Chevrolet ^ roatl-ter; onej Essex six coa<h. These cars aill in best of condition. B. T. Balrber Garage, ZIL West street. Ph(>ne OL^: pigs iieady $11.7.")W 12.50. .Cattle ll.,=)0(t;: calves l,.',(ii): i>d steers opening fully .steady: other killing classes .steady to l.ic higli- ! er: blockers and feeders strong: | good.; heavy steers, early $11. -V': ; s'everol loads held higher; good , yearlikigs $11.10; bulk medium toifORD FORDOR—19'24 sedan, bal- fooi'i motormeter. fender brace.;, large stej-i-ingj wheel, original j finish, good mechanical ci>nditi^,p. Dne-thinl down.- bal- ,"»nce easy terms. .McCarthy Mffr Co.. |1- good light and mediuin weight J steers $.<!;."i0 <ri,l(t.7.^: gooii'727 pomul . heifei^s $>)..S0: bulk fat cows $Cf/ 7; prai-tital veal fop Jl^.riii. riileuini Lhesiofk. Chicago. Mar. 7. (U. S. Dept. of Agticiiltnre) -Hog?*. l.S.OOn: totiil'SKD $12 >MI. PA'IL for Ito to ICO pound wVlglit: bulk lietter irrailes I'.o to rate on farms, 5%. city 6fc. Longj- or short time. R. M. Cunalagbam.' Farm and Dairy Products •».'!; MONEY TO LOA>I-Prlvate and ^ORN FOD.DER-40 shocks, goo.i eastern nioney to loan on farms f f'JP''- '"•'^^ southw-o.t lobr and city property. Low: rate, i John Sharp. Elsmore. Humlialuij, Terms and. payment to suit bor-; pbone 314F4 n-wer. Stewart ^ Funk. INSTRUCTION^ :! SEED .POTATOES—About 30. bu.: No. 2's. one year from the Nortli Ohio. $1.25 bu. A. L. TowiisemlL Local Instmrtlon Classes 43.. Farm Equipment S5A JOIN THE NEW iCLASS-At the; p^^P^^, MACIHNERV — Good use lola Business Cdllege hfeginning; (jj^,. tongue track, St7..->ii: ^<io(< next week. Half price tiiition to ; s,,pj,.i „r 7-12 grain drill. S4r,.oti all who enroll .MojUday apd Tues-: ,,„(. "pood drill. $1.*)."0: :iome neui 'lay. L .drills, telliifg at less than wliolt •XJVE S'ro(}K ^ sale tjn account of overstock :. -.-Mien County Implement Co. Horses, Cattle. Vehicles 481 Fuel, Feed, Fertilizers UL HORSES AND MULES-Twenty BALED ALFALFA-And prairie IH hpd: one pair .jmare.s.- weight ton or.half ton lots. lola Land Co! 2>i)i<; one pair ihorses.: ^weight .30(1(1: one paii-j horses weight; KANOTA SEED O.ATS—.7nc per bu 2S">t): one mare, .". yearjs old.' at farm. 4 miles northeast Els weTght 12ui»: oud pair iniile.s. .'> j. more. Charles iiuss. Bron.son. Kas years old. weight 2500. extra good. well broke fcr litiy to drive;, one i'^-^'^COR.N^KW pair mules, w.ighlt 2300:; horse. ">! years old: on" pair mules, weight I 2100. mare and a| horse.-^'i and FT] shoc-k.s witli -seed; will make 35 to 4'i busiiel!- acre. ./. M. Willenberg. 4 |ii:I south.on State siraet road. Al'TO P.\RTS—Bakeries, I 'gt-nera»<«s. tires, used patts of all la Wrecking Co. Pho. 7S2. PHRCKI.F^ A 'NP MIS i|;RIKNDS A WONDER ANIMAL. •:<O. UHdedn't." »ald that V '.hgju.. , , ,„-.. „ld ifriends, and I :li.i|>pi-ii to know Ue :iH ,i>n vacation GBENNAN'S MARKKfT We pa; fhe followlnr prleei«: Fanry EKIO. - J i ^SJ!*' JIO. 1 F.w« . l }M' >o. 2 E»nts —— 1 -UK- Cheeks and IHrljr Kgitt lib Hens I 'M- to 2Ic iSprlniTN- - He i« lOc Tannic ind tHd Cocks l-.IJTc CREEN Hides 6r' Horse Hlden ...if3.W» • We XFU\ come after your poultry. ml I 'm sure be will Hot only b«' t;l.i>l to come to my a«sl)<tance but lie -will eiijiiv .1 leW days dow 'n )|ere." " "Your assistance'.'"i aiei 'v ''*''i Ki-i^s looked frankly c.iiriuurt. • Ves just that. .N'o.'Tite. 1 didn't murder Carrett Folsom, not that. i !iif there arc reasons, strong rea- , .sons, why 1 want the murderer J. F. C !re|nnan Produce C^. JSMt flloiuroe'aiii Elm - ~' found, liie mystery ; solved." <To Be Continued I Wonid n inillly man send for A . taniuus .Uetectice ,ip sti^ :lo iolve Phone S;t ihe mystery!? And 'wlU Fleming ' Stope MlTe Itj .vears old, blocky hiiilt; 2J.saddles: PRAIRIE HAY—15 tons good loos. 2 sets work harpess. one extra praj,.;^ j,j,v. E; D. Rapp. .Woraii good set; one whie fire wagon; one walking pliw. foar team! '—F- —1 hitch: oJie harrow: one-mowing j WELL ROTTED .\I.\NURK Fi machiite, alinost inew; One hay! flowers, gardens or lawns. .1. f rake. J. C Untclier. . , i Rutcher. - . VOU SMOIJUDA FE6D1M ALL 7FX- OlDVOO PB6D "TO iw'ELEPKAAiT ?? MO-2 M6 MAC HENNINGER'S FURNITUftE STORE West 3fudIson Street Sail Cases, SOOD sizelSl.001 Suit with straps $1,851--. • t j ' I • I Hat Box Cases frdin $1.50 to $:?.50. I I- TJisi Suit 'Cases from $3.00 to S.5.00. I I ' • Steel Lockeij Suit Cases $5. Locker Trunjks $3 tol $6.50l Trunks S7.50 T6 SlKimer I $10.00^, Warflrobe Trunks S27:o6. $15 ti> Geittiine Leather Suit Case $10.00. I : when in need of insr^age ex-f afninl- our ^oods and prices; | HENNINGER^S FURNITURE STORE Wesi NudKon lola. Kansa<i. BYBLOSSER"! AISTAIL'IA* IJY'IMB.'.' 'J 019Z7BTHCA1 4 £IIVICE.I«Ci ^7

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