Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on August 30, 1972 · Page 11
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 11

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 30, 1972
Page 11
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Duckling is oven-roasted then browned and crisped on grill; corn and chutney peaches are cooked on coals too. Lively change of pace in Long Island duckling By ALICE DENHOFF There's many a plan underway in this great broad land for a bang-up bash of a barbecue during the Labor Day weekend. And since it must be something special, it could well be barbecued duckling instead of the usual cookout fare. Long Island Duckling, as the bird is termed, is a real treat, juicy and succulent with flavorful dark mp;it for all. Quarters are easy to grill and serve. One duckling yields four servings. It's easiest to pre-cook duckling in the oven first, shortening grilling and watching time. A number of birds quartered, and cooked ahead of time, leaves time for those extra flourishes of sauces and accompaniments at barbecue time. Then fifteen to thirty minutes over hot charcoal is ample to crisp the skin and add flavorful barbecue sauce. To prepare the ducking for the oven, first remove giblets and neck. Wash, drain and pat dry. Score skin with sharp knife over entire surface at intervals of 1 inch. Quarter duckling; remove back bone. Season quarters inside and out, with salt, pepper and paprika to taste. If desired rub skin and cut sides with a clove of garlic before seasoning. Arrange quarters in bottom of shallow baking pan. Toss 1 cup chopped celery and % cup chopped onion over duckling. Bake at 350 degrees F. for 1% hours. For the barbecue, arrange duckling quarters directly on grill 3 to 5 inches above hot coals. Grill, turning occasionally, until well browned and thickest portions are fork- tender, 15 to 30 minutes. Brush duckling with barbecue sauce during grilling. Sweet corn roasted in the husks goes beautifully with the duckling, as does chutney- topped peaches. Loosen husks just enough to remove silk from ears of corn. Dip corn in pail of salt water; remove and shake well. Rowrap husks around corn. Plunge into water again and let stand until husks are soaked about 30 minutes. Place corn on grill over coals and roast, turning often until tender, about 15 minutes. Husk and brush with melted butter. Ah! For the peach treat, drain canned cling peach halves well. Arrange 2 peach halves per serving, on square of Cooking cues Take proper care of meat leftovers immediately after serving. Cover closely to prevent drying out and store them in the refrigerator. To save space, cut meat from the bonss and wrap tightly in plastic wrap or bags or alumimvn foil. It is best not to grind or chop leftover cooked meat until you are ready to use it again, unless it is to be frozen. The Telegraph will send bridal questionnaires on request. Wedding information received three days before the ceremony will be given preference in publication. Bride's photo should accompany information and will be returned to name and address on back of photo. (Picture used for first marriage only.) If information is received more than 10 publications after ceremony, a picture (if available) accompanied by cutlines will constitute wedding story. heavy-duty aluminum foil. Shape edges of foil up around peaches, but not covering them. Top each peach half with a spoonful of chutney. Warm on grill with duckling for about 10 minutes. Here's a classic sauce that can be made ahead and kept in a covered jar in the refrigerator until needed. Baste the duckling with it or serve the sauce separately. 2 cans (4 ounces each) tomato sauce y a cup finely chopped onion 2 teaspoons sugar l / 4 teaspoon salt Dash black pepper 1 tablespoon vinegar 1 teaspoon Worcestershire Few drops liquid smoke seasoning Combine all ingredients in saucepan. Slowly bring to a 'boil. Simmer, covered, for 20 minutes, stirring occasionally. Makes 2 cups. Since this will be a special holiday barbecue, how about a special dessert to round things out. From "down under," from our Australian friends, comes: Caramel Bananas 11-3 cups brown sugar % cup cream i/ 4 cup butter 1 teaspoon rum (optional) 1% teaspoons vanilla 8 bananas, cut in halves across and split lengthwise 1 cup whipping cream % teaspoon vanilla Mix sugar, cream and butter and cook 4 to 5 minutes in pan to caramelize. Remove from fire before mixture becomes too brown. Add rum, if used, and vanilla. Place bananas in a dessert dish or in individual sherbet glasses. Pour the sauce over them and allow to chill. Whip cream, add vanilla and garnish bananas. Strves G to 8. Happy holiday! VACUUM CLEANERS WASHING MACHINES MIDDLECOFF'S PARTS & SERVICE 828 E. 7th 462-4423 Watch For Our Ad Each Thursday! TIMEX® WATCH REPAIR Wo Are FACTORY AUTHOKIZED Under the Timex® Guarantee Watches out of guarantee . . . small charge "Genuine TIMEX Electric Watch Energy Cells Available" HARTMANN'S JEWELRY & GIFT SHOP 17 E. Ferguson, Wood River. 254-3911 Summer has been dry COLOR See and Hear CONN ORGAN Corn, soybean harvest late WARREN W. BUNDY Connty extension Adviser EDWARDSVILLE - Com end soybean harvest will start a little later than normal this year.. Planting last spring was delayed by wet weather. Then dry weather caused crops in most fields to start growing slowly. Leaves of soybeans in some fields are turning yellow indicating approaching maturity. In some years soybean harvest began in late August, but no fields have been observed this year that are ready to harvest now. Some soybeans should be ready to harvest about the middle of September. Weeds will be a harvest problem In many soybean fields. A desiccant won't make weeds disappear. But properly used It can dry the leaves of both broadleaf and grass weeds to make harvest easier and reduce (lockage when you sell the beans. Paraquat is registered for use as a harvest aid for drying weeds in soybean fields. Apply the material when the soybeans are fully developed and after at leas* half the leaves have dropped and the remaining leaves turned yellow. If you apply paraquat ton early before the soybeans are TV & MUSIC Sultry H ml Service \ A< (i.11. \\utHl KlM-r Jacobv on By OSWALD & JAMES JACOBY NORTH 30 * AJ8 V J92 4QJ84 A10 7 3 WEST (D) EAST A62 4743 VAK1084 VQ73 • K1096 4752 *Q5 +J982 SOUTH * K Q 10 9 5 V65 *A3 + AK64 East-West vulnerable West North East South 1V Pass Pass Dble Pass 2 • Pass 2 * Pass 3* Pass 4* Pass Pass Pass Opening lead—V K Couth ruffed the third round of hearts and hummed softly to himself. If you had listened carefully, you would have noted the words were: "Where, o where is the king of diamonds; Where, o where can it be?" Look at the hand. You can see his problem. If East holds the king, he can enter dummy with a high trump; lead the queen of diamonds and let it ride. Then he can play ace, king and a third club. The defense will win its third trick, but South will be able to ruff the fourth club in dummy and make Ws game. Suppose West has the king of diamonds. The finesse will lose and eventually South will have to lose his fourth trick to the queen or jack of clubs. South didn't hum very long because he knew where the king of diamonds was. West had opened the bidding with a heart with just seven high card points in that suit. Without the king of diamonds West could not hold more than 10 high card points and would not have made a vulnerable opening bid. As extra confirmation, East had passed the one heart opening. H e might well have responded with the king of diamonds and three hearts to the queen. Since he knew where the monarch was located. South proceeded to make his contract. He simply led his low diamond toward dummy. West did fhe best he could. He rose with his king and led a trump. South won in his hand; cashed the diamond ace; played two more rounds of trumps to stop in dummy, and discarded his two small clubs on the queen and jack of diamonds. The bidding has been: West North East South 1 » Dble Pass 1* Pass 2 4 Pass ? You, South, hold: 48743 *2 •AK943 #762 What do you do now? A—Bid two no-trump. Yon want to tell your partner that your strength is in diamonds. TODAY'S QUESTION Your partner continues with a jump to four spades. What do you do now? Answer tomorrow Dining Rooi 1648 WASHINGTON AVE. — UPPER ALTON • Steaks • Chicken • Spaghetti • HOMEMADE RAVIOLI AND PIZZA Serving Bar B O Ribs Every Thursday Reservations for Banquets & Parties Carry Out Orders — Phone 465-6281 FREE PARKING IN BEAR Open Till 1 a.m. 7 Days a Week FILM RATING GUIDE For Parents and Their Children GENERAL AUDIENCES All Ages Admlttld PARENTAL GUIDANCE SUGGESTED Some Material May Not 8» Suitable For Pre-Teenagert R RESTRICTED Under 17 require! accompanying Parent or Adult Guardian NO ONE UNDER 17 ADMITTED (Age limit may vary in certain areat) Printed as a public service by ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH fully mature, yields could be reduced. Use one-half to one pint of the material in 20 to 40 gallons of spray per acre for ground application or in 2 to 5 gallons per acre for aerial application. Add one quart of surfactant, such as X-77, per 100 gallons of spray. If cocklebur is a problem, use the pint rate of paraquat. Observe all label precautions. The next two weeks is the normal seeding time for alfalfa. It is grown on more than 20,000 acres in Madison country. Alfalfa is the highest yielding perennial forage crop grown here, and its nutritional qualities are nearly unsurpassed. It is an excellent hay crop and is used in pastures. FBI man transferred ST. LOUIS (AP) - William A. Sullivan, special agent in charge of the FBI office in St. Louis, will be transferred to Philadelphia within two weeks, it was announced Monday. Sullivan. 52, has been in St. Louis since April 1971. Many varieties of alfalfa are available. Bacterial wilt resistance is usually necessary if alfalfa is to persist beyond 4 or 5 years. Susceptible varieties usually decline in a stand severely In the third year of production. Following are some high- yielding alfalfa varieties resistant to bacterial wilt and adapted to southern Illinois: Dominor, Tempo, WL 210, 123, Thor, 525, WL 305, WL 202, and WL 300. Moderately resistant varieties adapted here include Wl 303, Saranac, Apex and Warrior. The 10 highest producing herds in Madison County THE GRADUATE AN »VCO [UBAiSr flUM ACADEMY AWARD WINNER BEST DIRECTOR MIKE NICHOLS 1 I96T TECHNICOLOR' PANAVIS W An »«»ImkoMy !•!•<»« TONITE & THURS. OPEN 6:30 — 2 DISNEY HITS — "Napoleon & Samantha" 8:55 » = ...- :=5l-s= »^ PLUS: "Barefoot Executive" 7:15 (G) Comfortably C001 WILDEY WANTED 8 HOMES THAT NEED PAINTING AI/TON, ILL. — Eight home owners in this general area will be given the opportunity of having the new Saw-Korf Super Steel Siding by Ln!toa States Steel applied to their homes with optional decorative work at a very low cost. This amazing new product has captured the interest of home owners throughout the United States who are fed up with constant painting and other maintenance costs. It can last for 30 years and provides full insulation summer and winter, as well as tlrfi protection. Onr new product can be used over every type of home, including frame, concrete block, stucco, etc. It comes in 7 colors and to now going to be Introduced to the Alton inur- kct. Your home can be a show place in your vicinity and we will make it worth your while if we can use your home. For appointment please write (Including name, address and phone number) to Jack Johnson, 11 West Third St., Alton, ni., 62002, or call 462-8775. Our representative will call on yon without obligation. MID-AMERICA; THEATRE BEL-AIR Open 7P.M. Stort Dusk • NOW THRU TUfS.« TOMITE IS BUMPER STRIP NITE From the Master of Shock A Shocking Masterpiece "V — PLUS — CLINT EASTWOOD "Ploy Misty For Me" (R) CAPRI nil, ii looii HO Open 7 P.M. Start Dusk NOW THRU TUES. -TONITE IS- BUMPER STRIP NIT! BEST SUPPORTING ACTOR BEN JOHNSON BEST SUPPORTING ACTRESS CLOH1S LEACHMAN THE LAST — PLUS — JACQUELINE SUSANS 0 "THE LOVE MACHINE" (R) Dairy Herd Improvement In July are owned by Vernon Becker, Marvin Stille, Vernon Hitz, Eugene Meffert, Wilbur Federer, Donald Sievers, Waldo Keilbach, Henry Zoelzer, Mrs. Freda Linenbroker, and Leiand Sticner. The herds of Vernon Becker and Marvin Stille were high for the month, each with 1.72 pounds of butterfat per cow per day. The Becker herd of 40 cows averaged 43.8 pounds of milkier cow per day with an average butterfat test of 3.92. The Stille herd of 39 cows averaged 49.3 pounds of milk per cow per day with an average butterfat test of 3.49. NIGHTLY AT 7J150NIYI WALT DISNEY productions' OPEN 6:30-Shown 6:45 & 9:05 [MID-AMERICA THEATRE! BEST PICTURE BEST DIRECTOR WINNER N.Y.FILM CRITICS AWARDS The best film of the year. It is in his total vision that Kubrick's mastery of every phase of his art is displayed in bravura style. —Judith Crist, New York Magazine "Some movies are so inventive and powerful that they can be viewed again and again and each time yield up fresh illuminations. Stanley Kubrick's, 'A Clockwork Orange,' is such a movie." -TIME 3RD BIG WEEK! tTAMLCY MADISON COUNTY'S FINEST! B-A'C CINE RT. Ill, ROXANA 254-6748 FREE PARKINGI Two runaways and a guardian lion, tOSTINTHlWILDfflHtSSf J\I.TDIS\KVSKKMl ; HK:"IV\HKFO()T KXKCt'TIVK"-H:3S OM.Y: 3500 COLLEGE AVE., ALTON 462-4921 HOI 7 PX-STWTC DUSK If you're looking for trouble he's JOE KIDD. Jesse James and Cole Younger's most daring bank robberv! MINNESOTA RAID" SUN. OPEN 1:30 P.M. Shown: 2:00,4:25 6:45 t9:10/ Sell things fast and easy with low cost Telegraph Want Ads! WHATCHA GONNA GET AT BURGER CHEF.? EVERY THURSDAY AND FRIDAY NIGHT—4 P.M. TIL CLOSING. THURSDAY'S! DOLLAR DINNER SUPER SrlEF* The super-duper one. A full V4-lb. of lean beef. It's flame-broiled and served with sliced tomatoes, fresh shredded lettuce, melted cheese, erunchy pickles, onions, catsup, 'mayonnaise on a hot toasty bun. ' FRFMPH FRIFQ Hot, golden potatoes...cooked to I IILI1UII miLO a perfect brown. The oreat "no ANYSIZE DRINK a perfect brown. The great "oo with" treat. Choose icy cold thirst quenchers In your favorite flavor. FRIDAY'S DOLLAR DINNER • FRENCH FRIES ANY SIZE DRINK 1 APPLE TURNOVER Julcy appl68 wrappad !n Naw! Lar S er fish flll8t sandwich with cheese, lettuce and tartar sauce on a toasted bun. Hot and crisp... cooked to perfection. The great "go with" treat! Icy cold thirst quenchers In your favorite flavors. flaky pastry. A delicious way to end your meal. BOTH NIGHTS JUST 49C HAMBURGER A pure beef pattie, open-flame broiled in natural juices... served with catsup, pickles and mustard on a toasted bun. FRENCH FRIES SMALL DRINK Tender, golden potatoes... done to crisp, mouth-watering perfection. Pick any one of our Icy cold thirst quenchers in a host of delicious flavors. Come into BURGER CHEF nofiv where you can cut the high- cost of eating out. Where you can feed your family's appetite from small to large... and stil| save. Where the food is always hot and waiting. Where the seryice is fast. That's our BURGER j CHEF Family Restaurant, you can't beat itl — bUfQCf 727 L BROADWA Y - 1639 MAIN ST. - ALTON Cn6F SOUTH STATE ST. —JERSEYVILLE BUHOER CHEF, BIO 8HEF. SUPER SH£F. SKIPPER'S TREAT and WE ALWAYS TREAT YOU RIQHT Vt trtd«-, marki ol Burgac Chel SjsUmi, Inc. • Cppynshl * 137? - ^jtjor Ctiel S>»lsin», Ins.

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