Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on March 7, 1927 · Page 4
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 4

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, March 7, 1927
Page 4
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lOEA DJUEY KEGISTER CHA8.r F. «CbTT "^tered at the. loJa rostotttem u Second Oaaa Matter. ii Am, .. T «l4ihone (Private BntLCh All' Departments) 1i ConnectloK OfttcW Paper City of lela. •. OfflcW PXftr at/of Bastett Offiblaf Paiwr AllMi County. : IsuBSCRiPhrtON' BATES. By Cs|?rler In lote. Oas City. LaRarpe —\ and "Bassett. One-Wedr IS Oentt One Month .....^ 70 Cents One year .„.r...17:80 BY: MAIU f Outside Allen County ^ One Tear- ; ........^,.XM: Blx Mohths' ...».6« Three UonAin 11.60 In Allen County One Tear • '.: M.OO SIX MortthH J2.06 THrlse—Montha .;... = ... r. J1.2S one- aronth >i.;...: j.....coc Mei^bei*^. National '^Itortal Anoclatlon. Kanufs Pros* Asioelatlon. The Kaftaafs- Dally Mague. AOdt Bureau of Circulation. , Prest ConortitiOf the World. inland Daily Pre** Atioelation. MEMBER ASSOCIATED PRESS. ,Th8 B*Kt«t«"r ciIrrlM Ilia Aiwoclatpd FVfcs.H re'iHJft by ^r.poclnl • leased wire. • The A»>io*ii(ted Prefw Is. exclusively en- tlkled to . the usn; for rppuhllcntlon of all n^« dl»p.tlebCH credltijd' to It or niit otherwUtt ciTdlted In this paper, and nlxo tli>i local hews niilillKhcd here\il All rlKhils orrKpuMlcjitlon of spe- <ll!'p!ilfh)»- h^^ehi are ali-o reserved. litbile Thouffht for Today. He lookoii foF a city which hath foumlatrons, •whose! builder and nVaker is God—Helf. 11:10. eil SIB.SIDIZINC; 1*HK K.4IBS., The Iota ReJsis ^Jr insists itSfcJll I»e perfecUy consiBtent slml good ReptibTicanisin tbi^ Kansas con- gre.s^men. all of whoni' supported the, McSary-Hangen bill, to come home this fdirmitf whoop 'er up for CoolMge. who vetoed fhut Wll.—Ft. a -ott Trtftoaie. I I . The Tribane did not read ^he Register's paragrai »h with the care the paragraphs inj this paiier deserve, to be rea'd or ^t vbuid have discovtere^ |hat th4J Reki^r did not say wKiU the Trihune Bdj>8 It said, The Wichita Eagle published an ^itoriai saying that the P^-esident's veto of the McNanrrHaiisen bill In the face of the fact that so inany Repnhliran Congressmen supporjt- ed t'he.bill "prdm ses a real contest in the ' Republican party." Commenting upon'jthat remark the Reglstier said: "Not heeessarily. Kansas Con- RrnRHmen ardently supported the BntuH Jaw ond h^d no difficulty wiii>n they came t^oroe- in Just .as ardjently. supportink the man Who vetoed It. All the same Poly Tin- cJier is really the. [)nl> memberjof the Kansas, delegition who can make speeches fo^ Coolldge two years' from now ,without embar- rafismeht." | Which is not saying in so many words that It willj t>e inconsistent for Kansas ronfct |esBmen, except Tincher, to siipporji Coolldge: but it certainly strongly implies it. What it does say id that Cbngress- jfien who want to ^tay in office do not allow a little matter like consistency to stand in their way. Th<up i.s an epidemic of favor for .'ililiropHailons for fairs. While the iijlls liave not been finally approv- il. it is nrobabrt- thai there will be 1 propriatlons not only for the ^Siaif Fair at jHutchinson .and for rlu- Topoka fair, but also for the Wichita stock phow and for several other fair asso'cintions in other p ^rts of the stale. This Utiril OIK* OI I wu llllllM^ will iiuiiifcii , , . ( . , -either the state will .be helping '^^ S'^*^" "n" 8«> a fiUhnster ti. finance a Ki;eat many fairs, or against the Missourian's resolution ilie whole ".shoQijnf match"-wlll be.which tied the Senate into a hard abuudoned: The State Fair is an "knot the last three tlays of the ses- ••(liicationuJ lUHiitution but the , ,!<..<• . saine arsument.s which apply toPrevented jit from tran- Ktaie colleges over the-slate' are! ^acting business. As a result the alibut as logical when the "fair" | Ciovernment will be greatly incon- ij.'ct is <liscu8Ked. Oh the other | yenienced, veterans' and widows of Senator Jim. Reed, of Missouri, introduced a resoliition a few days before the close of the late session of Congress, giving the investigating committee of which he is chairman, authority to i sit during the - vacation. Senator i Reed, of Penn- process may be continued :,y3n,j, want this anthor- K" 01 two tilings will happen j, ^ «rik„.»„. -1 -Sll ha of jiid, every one can see the lack wi .eiloiii in attempting to run displays and fairs -when other items arj' Kfally needed.—W. Y. Morgan, riie loregoing oliservations call . at eiiiinii to a legislative habit i ,wMch has grown up here in Kan- Eai tiiat we never could under- si; nd. and that is l,he habit of sub- sit Iziiig with an appropriation from thf State treasury tlie two fairs I hill are held at Topeka and Hutchinson. Topeka "Started It by te 1- Ini; the I.eplslature the purpose was to hold each year jx great "Free Fa ,ir" at the Stlate 'capital which w<|uM be of .fio rtuch. benefit Rj Ihe enlir,^ State a.s to Justify an ap- prjipriation from the treasury. The sniart representatives from Hutchinson saw a chance to "ger some- thljnK," and so by the well known proiess, of Itig-rolling, Western Kansas voting fir a, fair at Topeka in consideration . of Eastern Kans !u voting for a fair at- Hutchinson, Ihe thing was done. And now, _ we] see by .Mr. Mprgan's letter, the Wichita Stock Show is to come in fon a piece of the; pork, on the plea, we presume; that the Great South- we ^^t must/'get something." •jVhat is the logic "of it? Why should the. Topeka or Hutchinson or Wichita fair be subsidized and thq Allen cpunty fair have to hus- lle for itself? They say the State fairs are "free' ; fairs, hut those who have attended tbem say.that only the gate is free. Once inside the> gatfl. one can't get anywhere In' \vants to get or see anything he wants to see without paying for it, so that in fact it is a great deal iniijc expensive to attend" one of th (jse fairs than it is to attend a fair where a gate fee. is charged. Ami so far as that, is concerned any fair could be~«iade a "free" fair if tlie State would put up the money to pay preniiQnis and other c*.\- p -'nses. ' • •So dowai here in Allen coijnty, wliere we ijave built up what is 'Wiier^Hy cfincede<i to be the best veterans of the Civil War will not receive-, their pensions for two months, and the army will have to dismiss :i 1,000 mep unless some way Is found to mpet the expense of- maintaining them. And now. after causing^ all this trouble. Senator Reed, of! Missouri, gives notice that his comitaittee will go right on doing business during the vacation, since it already is! ^enipowered to do so by the repiolution under which it was originkily appointed. And that is the kind of a statesman Jim Reed iB.j fnlroduces a resolution, that he himself now says was unnecessary, and then becaiiae some fit her 8enator| objects to It Insists on keeiiing it before the Senate from sheer stiiibbornness and thus prevents the passage of bills for the proper 8npp|0rt of th* Gov- ernmeiit. For barrow minded obstinacy the Mlssoui^i. Senator runs the Missouri mule a close race. US CITIZENS Hr. H. S.-Albangh Pnrebssed Jte- Dnnnld Home—.Wrs. DefMinter lalle«l to Bartlesvllle, Oklnhonia. (Opal .Mitchell) . .Mar. S.—.Dr. H. S. Alhaugh has purchased the John .McDonald Iwvme and will move the ihouse to South .Main street. He bpught the lots belt>nging to .Mrs. .Mary Mc- Oinnis north of her home. .Mrs. Depointer was called to Bartlesvllle. Okla.. Saturday by the of her husband. Harry- Depointer. Ray Wagner iLrove tip from Pittsburg Wediie.stlay evening for a few days visit with his parents. .Mr. ami .Mrs. Will Waglier. —^liot Ci-oss Buns ever)'; day during Lent at the City Bakery. ' .Mr. Robert Yancy has,Imiight tlie old 'Ituxtun place on .N'oith Harrison struct and will move the onto the lot iioriih tif the HajV'e i..iiiies place on North .Main. .Mi.sH .Mosley uf- the .Martha iJee Toili-tries is giving free demonstrations at Waters & Danfoiith's all this week. —1926 crop of dates and <|o(»king figs ill bulk at City Bakery. .Mrs. .Vina Creeii cnleriained the 'V. .M. club Wednesday afternwii; .March at jlicr home oiil North Taylor sireet.j Tlie aftern-wn was , sf ,ockeV.s. the meeting place, spent .with fancy work and jolly | Several expect to s-t incubators conversation, i .Mrs. Ci'eeii ."erved f ,„.j[i'.Mon^lav lively refr.-shments. assisted by j 0,,^' heart" "goes o-it in svmpathv Mrs Stella C.reen and Kthcl Per- 1 the. grief-stricken rela'tives of kins! The gue.sls of the evenin.g | :\;rs. Carrie Kinnev. .Mrs. Kinnev were:! Mesdames Maud; Barker.; Once :•. re.Mdent of our ueigh- Gertrijde Davis. Elhei i'erkins and ^[.oj-hopd years ago. Hattie: Kllis and her daugli- I Pfeafsant Valley Hifl jMar.i 2.—The imeasles [ patients haive ail got well a.^ain. Harry Streetei- movfd into his sister, .Melia Streeter 's house for a couple lof weeks, and will complete hlfe faifm work there, then move back Id Nebi-aska. .Mr. will" occup.v' the Shockey farm which .Mr. Streeter vacated. .Mr.' Brook moved on to the. C. D. i ?Wright farm and Irl Smith onto i.Mrs. fJeo. Ellis's farm. We are very glad lb report .Mr.^., iCbarley Stroh •iiightly im-ir.ived in^ psonie ways but ihe still -s in Quiiei] a serious condition. She can lie' down a short time each day' now, whieji she was not able to do for five weeks as it caused sniot!iering spells. •Jack .McKowu went to Wii-hita Saturday and visited over Sunday with his little granddaughters. Florenie Wild Deloris i?olin. Roy I'aul and family will live on tile Osborn place the coming season. • .Nettie Osborn visiteil .Mt.^s Sarah Preston last .Monday and found her .-Mttiiig up for a two-hoar period which she .'loe.s to v. s» each day. She stems ratlier ;liin and weak but y^'t- her same cheerful, jolly sflf. ai'thoilgb slie .Miffers iniii-Ii at tinij 's. Ralph Kliss had the misfortune: 1 1<^ have his <istern cave ia and he was obliged'to make a! new ojie which he completed la;.t 4Vr-( k before this moisturi' arrived. The I'.. W. club was- postponed ; from Feb. ?A 'lecause of measles at [Mrs. Kalpli Kllis. spent wet-k wiih.Mrs. Cliart her home. STAR VALLEY (.Mrs. S. E. R OSSI ^ar. ."..—.Mrs. C. 1.. Kester and | chjidren, Billie and Shirley, of .Mo-: rait Kans., .Mrs. W, ii. Kester.and; .Mri. .tewett of lola called on .Mrs. B. 'A. Ray Friday afternoon. Mr. and .Mrs. Will .Campbell of Cross Cdkrents (A. fc. iilile daughters. .Members present: .Me-sdames .Minnie Becannon. .Minnie fr-in-law. Stevenson. I-utie Livingston. Edith one day Iftsi Johnson. .N'eltie Fowler; Gladys j jcy Stroh :i Lacey. Ethel Yancy. .Mable Lew- 1 \ve are glad to be back < n the . .~ ~ 1 man. Alice Richardson. Leona .Mor-j jnh of cotrespoiidence afier being Wnn/linn X\Un Cn Line • n.-'on. Stella Green and the hostess, j ,ji,it,. indisposed for the pa.-^t month 'WOOdSOn-Alien \./0. IjlllC ^^^^ ,veoks -M,-. BruUMJcman moved ..-iio the t.Mis[ Vernon Ostrandcr) } ji-^'i.],,!, will meet with Mr.-*. Anna | i.„te" Beahni jjlace which the jiar. 4J—.Mrs. Fred Churchill. | ,,'.,^„j.j^. i Danaway family vacated. Duna- Shirlev and .Mae. spent Saturday, and Clark poultry and i wav'.s moved to lola. v. . " • • ... _ . Tommy P. Ravins, who was fice Saturday, who was a Jew, nn- l.,;\ilarpe spent the week end at ; ,„ii,,;,}{abiy so in every feature. As jwu were talking, an lola business , with Mrsj Taylor and Margaret. —^—-{ i .illrs. ciaude Wrestler and Mrs. A .salesman dropped into the of-, Johnson ^pent Wednesday afternoon Willi .Mrs. Lewis Chogwill and .Miss L.vdia. i the Will Kelley home. •Mr (. C. .McCarty. .Mr- D. B. McCurt.J and .Mr. George Stratton of lola Were. Sunday afternoon callers at the S: E. Ross home. Mr. and Mrs. .Oscar Stuckey. of Rossville, Kans., have moved back In this neighborhood. .Mr. and .Mrs. Frank Clai'k and Imby, Caroline, of Coffeyville.Kas.. Were Sunday visitors at the Beaiy Ray home. The farm bureau ladies met with Mrs. Ida Ov<!rniaii Tuesday and finished their 'garments. Mr. and .Mrs. Will Campbell antl famllv uf Lalluriie, .ilr. and .Mrs. Will Kelley and Mavis spent Sunday with .Mr. and .Mrs. lloiner Crook. There was a iarge crowd out man ' approached from behind and gave thei^eniite a resounding slap ou the hsick. When he turned around, the lola much surprised, .Mr. and Mrs. Cleve Jackson and Lois and I.Mr. and .Mrs. Je.sse Jackson attended the W. I. Jackson sale at Aliceville Saturday. .Mr. and Mrs. Frank Slrack and stock remedies. All guaranteeil. j Waters and Danforth. . .Mr. and Mis. W. S. Teasiie are ! expecte<l home Saturday from j Welasco. Tex., where f)iey, have beeii visiting for several inciiith.-;. •--Reserved seat sale for .\llpress .Allj-Star Company .Monda.y inoruiug. .M IS. Kngle. who has been in poor health for some time, bad a la b. m. was very I family took Sunday diunei; with diizv spell.about noon on Wednes"Oh I beg your I-^'''- -^''S' Alvin Hirack and da;- and fell in such a way that ^t I f:iniilv. ' ; broke the large witidow in t^e living nxini of her home on North pai'don." he j.said, "i thought you were O'Flaherty."-and walked on uul llie door. The dark complexioned one slapped his thigh and roared. "O'FIaheriy!" hi- ,gasped. "Abiti's Irish Rose! Can you l)eat tiiat!" • • • • It's a dry year in France. Tlie wine crop In so short that there will he only lllO bottles for every man. woinnn and child In the coun- family. .Mrs. Albert Wood spent Wednesday with boldt. Mrs. J. day with [Mrs. AValter King. lays took Thursday din- .Mr. and .Mrs: Ray Hays. Frank ner with .Mrs. Jo Mrs. L. O. l^uld of Hum-! "^'rri^.m. Fortunately she dhi not •• get cut bv the fall, and neighbors. B. Henderson spent Tue.-i;""-. and Mrs. Sominerville. who ' 'heard llie crash of the glass, Weill over and lift-d her oUIo a <-oucb and. Were successful in reviving her in Ellison and Joan spent fha .-f. I>' THE D.AYf.S XETfS. ; J. Butler Wright, the new United States Minister to Hungary, has had wide diplomatic training 'and experience, although he is not yet fifty years of age. Graduated from, Princeton in 1890, he spent six years in New York ^n banking and then, for two years .j raised stock in Wyoming. In 1909 he entered the diplomatic service, serving for four years in Honduras and then went to; Bri^ssels for a year. For the next two years he | was statipned at' Rio de Janeiro, ahd in 1915 was acting chief of the D| vision of Latin American Affairs.' Then came a year in Russia, followed by three years as counselor it. the embassy in London. From ^ndon he returned to Brazil and from there went to Chile. whei:e he remained until l.'»24, wiien lie was,recalled to Washington to become an .Assistant Secretary o( Statci- Two years ago tAe Legislaturi? I York. Prlday night at the school house. y(,„ i,ad. Thev'll probably The pupils and teacher Mrs._Claik.i,,y^.p import some from New sent invitations to all living^in this dL^trict and everyone responded. They had a very fiVui program and g04id music'furnishwl bv .Mr. and .Mrs. G. F. Klink. -Mr and Mrs. Russell .Mcfieiiry, after' whicK reilresh- ments of sandwiches, cake and cof- -Asa fee were served by the pupils. .Mrs. 3. E. RO.SS and .\lr-=. F. X. Willenburg. Marriage isn't a word, we were Informed y«'siprday by one who ought to know. It's a sentence. i « « w • The ouestiou is often asked: i"When is so-and-so thinking of get- Miss Grijce Ross spent Sunday',;^ married?" The answer usual- with Miss Rutli Gard. i !. 7 The Star'Valley farm bureau unit will meet with .Mrs. S. E. Ross Tuesday. .Mrs. E. H. Brown will :iy is: 7 "Constantly.'? Friday with Mr. and Mr^. Feeuey a ul Genevieve. Irl Ha>s. .Mae and Li Sunday % ith .Mr. ami .Mrs. .Nourse. -Mrs, Cli IS. .Miller. .Mary Jane and i Charles .spent Thursday with .Mr anil -Mis. S. (.'. Mauii of Humboldt. Arthur jWade and Roy l-'aulkuer called:;at 'the Elsie llillmes home -Tuesiliiy. i . " - ytr. -aud Mrs. Vernon psJrander apd. Mary Evelyn spent ' Saturday evening ai Walter King's. Mr. and Mrs. Clivc •JackSRh and Loi.s spent Sunday afternoon with .Mr nnij'.vlrs. Chester King of Clui-- nute. i .Mr. and Mrs. Albert AVood aud family spent Sunday with .Mr. and .Mrs. Duj-ad Young aud Alien Wayne, j ^ , ' .Mrs. J. B. Henderson. Mrs.j Wal_ _ The world's slenderest woman is, , give tire decorative..stitches and! describet^ in dispatches about a re-Ii""'^ -'""ior spent Satur- Mra H..V fu-iii fnn .t» Tii.i niifri I • ^, . , ^ I day atternooii with .Mrsj Itvelyu .Mrs. uo> looiis and -nutri-[gpnj ci,jpag„ j-jrp .^.JI I P I , report that ., ,• I "she esdaped down a waterpipe at There was a very .small crowd at 1 , , the school house night i'"''a'-^ °f owing to the storm and misunderstanding about the night. Queen Mary is ; adding yet another to her many "(-ollcctions" of things. She is making a collection of photographs of scenes and incidents sent h<>r by the Duke and Duchess of York in connection with their . The colle(-tioi: is expected to fill!should be many albums before the tour ends. Lsmoked .J At a jrecent wedding in Leeds. I England; the bride^ entered the church to a wedding march composed for the oc<'asion by the bridegroom, a well-known musician. A wealthy Parisian who died~;recently sHP'ihited jn his will tiiat present visit to- Australia, j his daugiiter's share of his fortune forfeited if she eier spent .Mrs. Gurwell. Mrs. Ray Hays and Royce Saturday night with Mr ani; Frank Hay^ of Humbbldt. Mr. and .Mrs. Oren Haugh balled Friday evening on Mr. and! Mrs. John Ellison and Joan. Mr. ami .Mrs. VernOn Ostijander and .Mary Evelyn spent Slinday wi^h Ml. and .Mrs. Oreii Haugh and Claude. I I . .Miss Opal Taylor i=pent ?atur- da.r and Sunday with VLvian Strack. LAHARPE. .Mar 4.- The Philathea Sunday school class spent an enjoyable evenini; in lire. Epwortb i -eagiii' room at the .M. E. chi'ircii Tiiesilay ev.iiing of this week. .-\fter, devotionals uiiif. a business ini-eting Kaoies wei 'e played. .Mu<-li ni'.'rriinent was < uused oy a potato liunt. .Mrs. itert Jobiisoii .tucci -eded in winning the ••potato purer." .A iiumber-of •"precncious yoiingsli-r.s" W".>re discovered in ,"the school contest, in which th" course from the |,kindergarieu to the Iiigli school jwas completeil iu M minutes. Mrs. Bauniunk won the prizes iii. kiii- idergarten work and arithihelic: .Mrs. Culberison in the .-V B C. class and literature and .Mrs. Uiiugherty in geography. Daint.v i-efreshmcuts were served by the following hostesses: .Mrs. Will Woods. Sirs. Geo. Roe. .Mrs. ('has. Bryan. .Mrij. A. .A. lloldeman. .Mrs. Geo. Rose. .Mrs. Russell Henderson. Alta .Mc- Giiuiis. .Miss Lucy Jury. .Miss Effie Stevenson and .Miss Clara Par- lasca. —.N'ew spring patterns of Wall Paper. Come in and let us siiow thetii. AVaters ii Danforth. Drugs and'Jewelry. Yesterday morning while B. C. fJilford was leading a cow she became unruly and he became fan- glcd^n thcj rope, throwing ;him and breaking liis arm about tlie wrist and bruising him quiet • badly,! manager of the Pigiily Wiggly store at Cla.v Center. Kans... for sometime, has besii transferred to S:>- lina. Kan.5.. anil is now manager of their wholesale house tliere. which is a promotion .to a better job. He is the son of Mr. and .Mrs. Barney Ravins and was reared and educated here, until ready for high .school. His ])arents and brother still live here in tlie Valley. DIAMOND .Mar. 2.- Wayne i'arisli wa<: absent from s(-hool Tue::da.v on ac-- coiiiit of a bad cold. .Mr. and S'.y .N'elli.- I'oss spent Sunday evening at .Mr. .VIcKiune.v's. .Mr. Thomys and .Mr. Ross lielptd .Mr. .McKinney niov,.' Monday. .Mr. Skinner will lu.ivi. lo tlie farm .Mr. .MciCinney- vac -ati-d. •i-Iyler brotliers are haiiiiii.i; log- to the Spur.^eon sawmill. The SI10U-, is going a'li! I Inroads jiooii Avill be good .-.t;ain. • Dicliciis brothers aie naiilin;, | log.s to the Spurgeoii saw mill. Thft farmers' union meeting held at. Diamond school hoiisle Friday evening was v.-ell attended. -After the busiue .ss ; e ;i.sioii- refrKbments of oysters and pickles were served. MwaysaWt ' You want to be beautiful. You want the tireless toergy, fresh coifiplexioh and pepof youth. Then let Dr. Eawarffe" piive Tablets keep your s>'*sfem rom the poisons caused by> cfogged )wels and torpid liver. . . , For 20 years, men and women strfTet- ing from stomach troubles. pimpR?s, listlessness and.headaches ha\e taken,! D^. Edwards' Olive Tablets, a success-, ful stftfetitute for caloihel. a cwnpeond of vegietzbl*. ingredients, mixed with plive oil. knbwn'^by their olive color. jTIiey act &sily upon the bowels With- nut gijping. They cleanse the system land tone up the liver Keep youth and its many gifts. Take Dr. Edv.-ands' Olive Tablets nightly. How much better yoii will feel-faiid 15c, 30c, 60c. All DruEBists* To end The 24'h<mriyay —There's a way to,end colds so pffictent. so complete that we paid ;$L<i«O.'>0o for il. That way is HILL'S. It stops colds in 24 hotirs. i-hpcks fi'vt-r. opens, the Iniwels^ jtones the entire system. The millions who know it always . rely »n it. Go start it now. fln.L*S CaK *ra-Broii)iiIe.Qa >mM 1 Be sun you t't HILL'S, in tba red b«K •1th portrait. A( ail'diuttltUr-aOc. , , •- •.i)f C UTS-SORES Cleanse wjthoun VI ^^^^ Safety and quicltly TeUeved-~ ^ the exclusive'Ludenmenthot- iiM blend .is soothing—beallng —and does not apset ,tb» stomach. Children love them. —For prompt results use the Classified .ColumnsJ ami inggesi , couiity fair in ihe ] «*Ve Kamias a State jBanner. which world and done it with our own work and our owit money; We don't «iuire see why Topeka. Ilitl diinson and "VVicbita should not jfinance their <.iwn fairs instead of' taxing alli.lbe SlJUe for the Jnioney. The Ifegirtler whieli never pre- ten<le <l to be his political friend IniM made some remarks more or h-iiii Ortiical of Senator Btirah. but It iiii'ver salil anything (|Uite so iiavafje as the following from Victor .Murdock who never pretended to be •his political enemy: "If there is some way to do il . friejnds of Senator Borah should Buri -ound him and mak^ him stay in ibis present fight to . the ^nd. Boraii is easily the most Inter >st- Ing! figure in the Senate. "But B6rah hasi a perfectly ;maddeniDig way of starting a row and fading. jHe beajts the torn tqins Instily. gets everybody f\isjied (ip and thea sud- denlly changes | thg^snbject. The ef- fecti i.s that of a nen-ous mail ma- nipiiiating a radio." , 1 In has been formed a "Bonehead Ciiiii." Nearly every towii has Imiiebeads enougli; but!lit mightiy few to^ h)^ shtB a whjj orrflnize them Into a club? j thing ever iappenedl was a dark blue rectjingle. witlt the imprint of a sunflowjer I D the middle. But now comes the present I.,egislalure and gives us a Slate Flag, which is a dark litue rec-^ tangle with-ffae greai seal of Kansas in the renter. Fifty years ago the matter of a Sfaje Flag was broached and The that day. iha le up of ex-Union sildiers. Ihe Stars anjd Slrli^s was good enough; for thfm. Anjd that is what most people will think ncvw.. Anyway what do we walnr with TWO State Flags? i.eglslature of in large part answered that - i : • -r-^,— J.iyhawk Press: Did you ever hear of anyihlQg like this? At a recent meetiBg of tke Overbrook Commercial Club one of- the members made some.Yerv compllmen- tarj-remarks aiwut the local paper and the gbod It was dbing Jn tlie community, uiiting i»Tery one to' give It the fullesj measure of sup~" to ap- port. They Went] so point a committee to lutions to thai effect surely has ii, right to .1 ;j . draw up reso- Tlie Citizen jfeel. proud for •]^"--'e..nnr:|Trv Btj-r-Tv^E, POOP?. -TMiviGr IS USED -lb 'SfAWlwe- IW -THE HOUSE. SiCvC AMD biE OUT IM "TUe. , HE. MA ? T7 OOM -r BE RiMGrit^Gr ME ItJtt) '^VAIELL HE'LL HAWET&I GEf USED IS i-T! EVEFW- T IME . - i I GO OUT OF ti-JiS HOUSE . ; I LOOk LvKE X'O B LEKi RiOlKj' A VAJHITE. HC|)RSE BAREBACi^i VNWV iv/E GO-tf ONi A SfReET CAR , LOOKlNl L\w:iE. io B EEKI SLEEP I^ FULL PACV<i\WirH Av^ AMSORA <aOA -ri HOvw A-iPiiwer THIS Sl-ZE CAW PRODUCE EMOOGK i HAIR -XO ME LOdv< LIWCE tVim\ OKI A tllEVM FORlCOfq- EWERV MORNi^jlGr \& BE^ND WE CARPENTER , vj^H^ MOT«4ERS GET <&RPM U".R WilLif^i^ • - •• I - i.i ' .7. .r; .March- 3.—Mr. Kivett. Fred Rees and, W. W. Baker threshed kafir corn last week'. .Mr. and .Mrs. John Rees. of Tulsa. Okla.. drove up and spent the week end with F"red Uees and family. .Mrs. Baker's mother. Mr.<. Riggs. 'was sick last week, but is better ! uoxv. . There seems to be an epidemic of colds through the neighborhood. Report of Carpenter Schtiol. Dis- 'rict No. ft. for sixth month' ending February 2.'>. ]!>2T: Number; enrolled 26: hoys I'c. girls lu. Average daily attendance: Girls fl ?M. boys L". Flag :-alutes given 20; cases of tardiness 2. The following were perfect in attendance: Howard Kiinkel. LesJie Baker.f Helen Hall. Kicbard Kinnej. f;uy; Baker.' .Mary Baker. Rol>ert Douglas, Lawrence Kunkel. Merrill Baker. Lorn Kunkel. Karl Heinz. Margaret Baker .Nellie Hall. Ruth Troutwine. Leiha Troutwine. Frederick Cork- in.s?^ Lois Corkins and (M .iTeiice (orkins. Mr. and .Mrs. Verlin Nietnyer and family vi'jited with Fr^il Rees and family .Siin<lay. Twelvi-' pupils Were awanled si.\ nionths perfect attenilance ,certificates. They were: Leslie; Baker, lielen Hall. Guy Baker. Mdry Baker. Robert Douelas. Mf>ri*ill fJa- ker. Lorn Kunkel, Karl fHeinz, .Margaret Baker, .Nellie Hall, Ruth Troutwine and Letha Troutjvine. We are having an .aritiimetic contest. Iietween the girls and the hoys. The girls are in the lead now. The school celebrated Washington's and Lincoln's liirthdays by having a short program. Alice'Cor­ kins and Clifford Troutwine were our visitors. I, On Valentine's Day the teacher bndx pupils enjoyed a Valentine {JOT. . A few pupils have be»>n absent because of sickness.- Miss Smith visited in th <J Iinnie of Kvelyn Turner las} Wednesday night. To Cure a CdMin One Day} Bronid Quinlnei The tonic and laxative tSbtit of Laxative BROMO QtHMNB Talilata will forti^ the system agaiiUt Grii. Influenza and other serious illa'resalt^ ingbomaCoId. FHceSOc. . The box bears this signatora Since 1889 MI TItr THIS HOME TEST ON -torn. SEEP CORN Treat 35 cornaeedi and-plant them in sntMMed seeds in W^tch tha diSeretioo jsithBAYER DUST losar t>ox. Plant 25 - similar container. in growth. tins seed bmtiealment THROVE to yoursisif this wmter|the valueof treatingyourseed X ^^com before planting. Start Ac home test today. Withii> a week's time you will be amazed at the difference in growth. Ydii will note, tdo, the healthier color and more vigorous stand of tli^ treated seed. The explanation is simple. Th: J new seed treatinent protect)! jon the seed and in the soiL Vhile vmtreated seftd is forced the se|»l from disease organism^ Treated seed has merely to groWi^ to fight the rots and molds which caiisepoor germinatidn, "down com, root and stalk rots—the "troubles" that reduce your com profits._ Makes Poor Seed Good >- This treatment insures KerroiaAtimi Bad sturdy growth never before possible from poor seed; Even selected seed is boiefited by the treatment because of the .-protectioD it is given against the injurious anil costly attacks of •ml-infestinK diseases. Tested by U,j S. Dept. of Agric '- Eztenuve tests by the 17. S. Department of Agriculture show that the EATER DUST treatment of nearly , diaease-rree Dent com gave an in— , crease of 8.S bushels per acre; of Dip- lodia infected seed, 15.8 bushels: and of Oibberella hifected seed. 38.9 bush- ti*lPhytopathdloiy,Janu»iy,1936. C^tsfmt a Few Cents per Acre Yott need no special equipment for tint new aeed treatinent. No tiresome or lengthy procedure is involved. Two busbeia of seed can be treated in less One pound of either treats Bsye^ D I4M: 4 OX. SO C; 1 1 I>. S1 .75J 5 Ibfc $8.0a ijipohm. 2 SOcj I lb. $2,75,- 5 lbs. j - • •«tViS-.*~'J«fc>-r-.»— Stfp jtban three minutes. And the cost ij less than 5c per acre. Bayer-seed treatment comes in two forms: BAYER DtJST for Dust treat- n^t and UiSPULUN for Soak treatment. Most growers prefer the Dust treatment because it is quiclcer and/ saves the trouble of drying the seed. B rth are equally effective.' I Increases Your Profits >YER DUST or USPCrt^uil pay ir small cost many timia'over bi•se they: I ^Permit earlier planting. Prevent soil decay. Increase germination, v Prevent seedling blighf, root aad stalikrot. . - Redoeetheamountor'down' Increase the yield. And'Iiring greater profits. ' Lfac btishels of seed com J PRUG STORE \Ve Deliver .( .V. J. It,

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