The Postville Review from Postville, Iowa on March 12, 1892 · Page 3
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The Postville Review from Postville, Iowa · Page 3

Postville, Iowa
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 12, 1892
Page 3
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Mile Weekly Review. EY8SY SATURDAY "W. N.BURDICK. BY ti.oQ A YEAR IH ADVANCE. JCAL REVIEW. IkOystsrs at Hart's. pool election next Monday. . and Mrs. C. A. Abel Siwdayed iriHn. alns Bros, til* next Wednesday, tieib. ner Marsh visited at Rock Hap- 2b«vron Dress Goods. JOIIKCROIBT. L'lemracns rolurned to Coggoa •tyillc baked bread, 6 loaves for 1 at Baton's. tfJH|. Sraitli went to Monona Jay evening. [red Tangeiuau ' residence has rented the F. Eokar has 'Week. had a touch ol »r Smith *ra* tjuilo slak sev- f this wook. you ever seo any duller time nets than this? R. N, Douglass hut returned h*»it at M«G regor. Jring l)re«i Goods are here. JDHM CROSIJT. lino of Spring "(Jloth- at Gray's Clotli ' Fred Kluss W talking farm machin- ;y these days for ilia Jiouae of A. F. anion. —Poultry bought and sold at Hart'*. —Wasn't Wednesday a rip snorter? 'Chevron Suiting*, 7 ct». a yard. JoH* CROSBY. —Miss Cora Miner expects her brother hore to spond Sunday with her. •-Now it is Mayor Clinton, if yon please, or it will be when he qualities: - Our line of Spring Wool Dress Goods is the most complete ever shown in Postville. JOHM. CKOSBT. Washing Bone. 1 will do washing for those desiring it. (2w) Mas. U. M. FABEH. —fie sure and read the new advertisement of Carl Holier on this page this week. It will pay you. Hiss Mary Crosby, Teacher of Painting. Order spooialty. Cord Dress work a Mtf —Look at our Bedford Goods, all new shades. JOHN CKOSBY. —Wu holiovt. Rev. Burton will exchange with the Crosao Congregational minister noxt Sunday. Misa Ansa Boston Instrustor on tho piano and organ, Poslvillo, Iowa. —C. A. Dayton, of Anita, Cass Co., Iowa, visited with Ed. Prior this week. This office was favored with a call. —We should like to havo you see our lino of Dress Goods if yon do not expect l« buy. JOHM CKOSIIY. Miss Nellie H. Abbott, roseher of Vosal and Instrumental Music, X'ostviJle, Iowa. All desiring Hair Work will do fell to call on Mrs.-J. Riley. S<vi!ehes ' *.islty. !>w JV. 8. Webster went to Onsian last ay to settle tip his lossas in the re there. Horse-Shoeing. . No hit and miss, bnt a good job every clatter nnd prices very reasonable. Tuos. SnOK'fRiEb. For Bale Cheap. A second hand cook stove, Mo. 9. with stovepipe shelf. Will take woud, dry or green, in payment. Inquire of MKS. N. J. BKBIJIC I the road* should pot passable Pftn we should llkt, to pay cash for a koods of wood. For Sale or Kent. My residence on the north sido. If not sold at onco iho rooms will be runt­ ed as herntofofe. MRS. II. B. IUZLETOX. —Goo. Redhead is now the sub-contractor On the Wagner star route, vice H. P. Hawkins, who has transferred his contract. It is something more than a pastime to carry this mail just now, and will be for a few weeks to come. —Fred Miller, of Cherry Valley, came up in the blizzard Inst Wednesday witb seven head of cattle that tipped the beam at an averago avoirdupois of 1»0G. Four cents was the price received. They were daisies and no mistake. — Tho corporation caucus drew out fifty reproannlative citizens and the result was a good ticket. It is au encouraging sign to see csuouses so largely attended, for thus we got au expression of tho paoplo on their preferences for the offices. —We neglected to state last week that E. Swemnn, Ksq., had settled with Mrs. II. J. Kltm aud taken back lbs farm which ha sold to Mr. Kluss'befare his death. Mr. Swenson now has mors farms than he needs, though they are good proporty in this section. —The third bank is talked of lu Waukon, to be incorporated under the state law. If this is done it will compel the other banks to incorporate. This should be done anyhow, not only for the protection of the public but for the good of the banks themselves. - A W. Lnngo will build a new house this spring for a renter already provided for. That seems to bu tho trouble so far. All the houses provided for up to date have occupants in view in advance. Build a few inoru and chance somebody's wanting them. A Postal Clerk Goes Wrong, J. D. White, a postal clerk runniug through Poslvillo. on the Mnliregnr & Sanborn run, has e.orue to grief, as will bo sees by the following, taken from Tuesday's Telegraph: "Some time ago reports of losses of letters and morctiatuliiD packages on the C. M. Sc St. P. between McGregor and Sanborn, Iowa, began to come in to Chief Clerk Stewart of the mail service at Dubuque, and he reported the mutter to Chief lo«pcctor J. C. Stuart, of Chicago. Enough was learned to faston suspicion on J. D. White, of Sanborn, Iowa, a railway postal clerk run- uing between McGregor and Sanborn, oa the C. M. A St. P. Finally by means of decoy letters aud marked mouoy, While was trapped last night, tho inspector tludiug the marked mon- oy on his person. Whito was b'-ougbt to Uubuque this morning and arraigned before United States Confmifiionar Hobbs. Ho ploadud guilty and gave bail for his appearance at the April term of United Stales court. White broke down completely and made a confession. He said he had been stealing for about three months past, taking letters which had the npearance of containing money au<' ,lso merchandise packages. The postal officers say the stealing has been going on longer than this, and that nftv cases of thoft havo been reported. Whito is an utterly used up man. and it Is feared he may commit suicide. Ho is about 56 yoars old, a temperate man and apparently under no necessily of stealing, as his family was not known to bo extravagant and be was getting a salary of $1,000 a year. He has baen in the mail service sines 1872 except a brief lime during Cleveland's administration. His horns was in Sanborn, where he was Tory hijrlil)' respected. He has an excellent family, including a »on 25 years old. /lo and his family have be mi prominent in church uircles at S:»iborn. He is the brother of J. White, geuoral superintendent of tho railway mail service with headquarters in Chicago." J. W. WARD & COS AND Great Clearance Sale I Commencing on —tThe posioflice will not be moved to its now location April 1st, as expeoted, the manufacturers not being able to complete the outfit in tiras. Hence it will probably remain where it is until May 1st, as Mr. Perry wants to open up in the new location with new boxes and everything in apple pie order. Good Mares Wanted. M. Murphy, of West Superior, will bo al Kit. Shceby's stable, in Poslyille, on Monday, Tuesday and Wodneiday of tie 11 week, :o buy a carload of goad, sound mares, weighing from 1300 to 1G00 lbs. and not moro than C years old and guaranteed breeders. ( yon want wood laaTc worn with any of my teanistors. 1 P. J. BBUCHEB, Drayman. taxes now dee and payable in tho aggregate, inside the latest and most Bar picture out. See samples at edy Photp Gallery. . this which -The : amount | corporation, to 88} mills on the nsscss- I ed valuation of properly. They must be paid before April 1st to avoid penalty. - -H. P. Dawes went to Illinois Monday ovening to visit his sister. He is expected lo return to-day or to-morrow and after a short stop will return to his homo at Willow Springs, Mo., next week. 81 '.*rdy iccunlly '•0ft same time. fathor of Recorder last Monday at tbo home [('Ills daughter, on Washington Prai- •Miss Pearl Mot ton, of Decorah. hempen led Lois Tutllo home last ok. They returned o» Monday £eni»g. -iSgreat many horses are being •old but ilia prices are not satisfactory | to sellers, especially now that th«y are wintered through. -Tom Knudtsou was in town a day or two recently visiting among eld friends. He has just graduated (rum Dwight and is enthusiastic over the lCeeloy cure. All his friends join in the hope that the cure Is permanent. —The editor has been almost It'oa pable of doing'anything for a week, on account of having more thau IIIB share of a "bad cold." If we are anxious for 10 thing above another it is sullied weather, whether it is sold or not. • —Louisiana Dliuensou, Cypross Shingles and Arkansas Yellow Pino 'Finishing, for sale at Ss.M>cns & Kjii'Lm'g. —Mrs. Morse has sold her residence Hjjto Mrs. Henry Kluss for 9800. A fair Jor the property. Mrs. Morse /will remove to Minnesota. —Wm. Kollinson has moved Into tho [lions* nour the track, vacated by Ed. [Putnam, tho latter going into tho Star yr-d*house, on the north sido. - Mr. W. W. Sfci-oyer informs us that Frank Dean, who a little over a year ago sold his farm near Castalia and wont to New York, has purchased a farm near Toledo, this state, and will return to "graud old Iowa" tit once. Boll of Honor. G. W. Pixler, L. W. Goodrich, Carl M-ycr, Wm. Mott, Tho above friends are oi.titled credit and tiianks for cash on subsorip lion this weak. Pretty good for snch a week lis this has been. to Lietof Letters remaining uncalled (or iu the postofflca at PostrilU, lows, Mar. 5. 189S. Parties calling for any of them will plestso say "Advertised:" Delano Blair, Mr. Jossio Cotrin, Miss Mathia Jonson, Chas. Lee. JAS. PSEST, P. M. — Notwithstanding the despicable roads and the bad condition ot the crossings tho Congrogailoual douatiou last Friday night was well attended and a good social time, wn> enjoyed All denominations as wall as a good sprinkling of outsiders wora prosent and helped to swell the exchequer, The receipts were 930.00. AND LASTING- 30 DAYS. day, with special reference to closing the world's fair on that day. We expect orthodox ministers as a rule, if not as a whole, to oppose Sunday opening, and personally wo care nothing as to whether it is openod or nut. If the point is well taken that to open it would be contrary to the statutes of Illinois, ihea all discussion of the question ic a waste of time, as an injunction will settle it, and with It Inrgoly sotlle the success of the fair, as it will make hundreds of thousands of dollars difference in the receipts. It may be worso to walk around the exposition grounds and view.the wonders of every clime than to spend Iho day in Lincoln aud other parks, viewing lessoi wonders, but wo can't sso it. Sunday theaters are sliil worse, and yet most of tho cil- ies-'^lerate them and they usjially draw tho largest crowds of the week. It is somohow vary hard to force men lo bo good, or to enforce moral laws. ESTABLISHED 1P83. POSTVILIJi CLOTHING HOUSE, | CARL HO LTER, Prop. WILL PLACE ON SALE 500 Sacks Gold Medal Patent Flour, best g^rade, 1.25 500 " Peerless " " 1.20 SOAfc* DEAL. 300 boxes Soap bought by us at Carload Prices and guaranteed absolutely pure and to be tho best Soaps in the TJ. S. - itev. Lockwood preached on the One lot "Hustler" Soap, regular price 5c per bax*. -will subject of Sunday observance, last Sun- De so ld orxe b 03C of 40 bars for $1.00-2 *0 a bar. One lot "Chemical" Soap, the best and strongest! white soap made, 25 bars for $1.0 0-4c a bar. j "White Dove" Soap, the best combination laundry and toilet -white soap in the U. S., 25 bars for $1.00— 4c a bar- The two above kinds are regular 10c goods. One lot "Hand" Soap, a pure coacoanut oil toilet soap and as fine quality as made, 25 bars for $1.00 -4c bar. Will sell. 1.0Q- worth or one box to any one party at these prices. Goods are sold for SPOT CASH ONLY. MEN'S CLOTHING. 150 Men's and Boys' Custom Mads Suits. 100 Men's Custom Made Pants will b«puton sale at Special Sale Prices, that will CUT to the bed rock of all competition. CAN'T BE BEATEN. That's just what's the matter with our Boy»' Suits— they can't be beaten. Look at them from any^ stand-, point you please, that's the conclusion you'will come to. We don't say they oan't be equalled in material and make, but we do say that there's nothing that^ comes within range of them at the prices. We pride ourselves on the great Seleotion and Variety in Two Piece Suit*. School and Boys' Suits at from $1.20'. upward. The prices we are naming are lower than you will find elsewhere, but we have extraordinary reasons for lessening our stock, and the quickest way to cut down our stock in a hurry is to cut down price* in a hurry. Our new selections in Men's and Youth's Suits comprise all the latest novelties, and no matter how hard you are • to fit or please we want a chance at showing you what we CAN DO FOB YOU. IK FURTSFISHIHG GOODS, H.A.TS AND CAPS, we are to the front, and kindly refer you to any of our- best dressed young men to verify otir statement. Wilson Bros. Fine White and Colored Shirts (no more expensive th'naty other acood manufacture) are the best fitters made. The Collar Fits the Shirt and they, make you "tired." "The Luoky," "The Buckskin" and "The Indicator" brand ot Hats are sold only by us and the prices are J right. We are Authorized by the Manufacturers to Warrant "Each and Every Hat. Another Auction Sale. C. W. Meiot, administrator of the estate of Henry ( Kluss, deceased,, will sell at auction sale, on the farm of the deceased, four aud a half miles northeast of Postville, on Tuesday, March 16tb, a largo quantity of stock, farm machinery, etc. Sata to commence at <J o'elock, a. m. mn mim SALE WILL INCLUDE 50 pair Women's 5.00 Hand Turned and Hand Welt fine Kangaroo Shoes, for 3.00 a pair. 50 pair Women's $4 McKay Sewed fine kangaroo shoes for 2.50. 75 pair Men's congress and button shoes, worth 2.50 to $3, for $3. 100 pair Child's $1 fine gram button shoes, sizes 5 to 8, for 50c a pair. 50 pair Women's kid shoes, worth 2.00 and 2.60, for 1.25 and 1.50. ., —Edward Standt hits rouvod Into tho ' Jiouio purchased of and vacated by A < : -Abel. Good luck and prosperity to '-.botk the outgoing and Incoming families. —The cauous candidates were elected for iho corporation offices practically without opposition, there boing no other ticket in the field. Only 94 voles were polled, there being no opposition. This is only about half the full vote of the corporation. --Mrs, H, B. Taylor hat been quite ] Nebraska,, but was gatiing bct- hft at last advices. They will probably [from* borne as soon as she Is able to | - What is the matter with takicg steps to secure a canning factory here? Doth the Elgin aud Waukon factories arc paying investments and ihis is a groat deal belter shipping point than either, and certainly just as good in every other respect. Why not work for everything i within our reach that promises prosperity to Postvills? MADAME MITCHELL At Home Permanently for 3 Months. Madame Mitoiicll will toll your for ttinu to perfection, tell what you aro best adapted for, and show you tho likeness of your future partner. Call nud bo convinoed of her wondorfwl powers at hor resldanco, north of the Milwaukee depot, Postvillo. fl-Tha poor old Standard stiysltdcn't see the need of two democratic papers In Postville. Neither does anybody else; Bed Polled Cattle. Frod. H. Sohultz, of Grand Meadow township, is enloring the list as a breeder of fancy stouk. He has somo time baen giving his altonlion to pereharen horses and puland chiua swine, and has now started in on ted polled eatllo, having on Tuesday received from Hon. S. X. Converse, of Cremo, three fine animals of this breed that is rapidly growing in popularity, one thoroughbred cow, one three quarter blood cow and a full blood bull. These will be added to from time to time until he has a fine herd. Mr. Sohultz starts in as a breeu- er with vim and enterprise, and will have nothing but the bost in the breeds ho chooses. -His well known integrity A TtTf. will secure the contldcnoo of tho public * from the start, and wo expect lo see 100 lbs. All Wool Grey and Brown Mixed Yarn for him become one pt the. most popular 45c per pound and sucoesslul breeders lu northeastern Iowa. Wc cortainly desire to sec al! j -,H »Had It not been for the recent cold •nap farmers might have beoa seeding next week, as tho frost was nearly out in the fields. Hut It is too early in this latitude. • •'Jl'he Workmen are making groat ^preparation for their banquet which oc- ;;,VMr« on Wednesday evening of next f vlfofsf, Wa hope they will strike » plans- i,,— By the Monona department of the M^tyregor New* we see Vsat Mrs. Wells jfcton, Jjlrs. Geo. Lull *j>d,.Ur. and' jMtf. W, C. McNeil were'Tlsftors at llonona recently. '%Y<<. / ,. ,. t « *v,, ,;~Ueary PoesoU has been setting '< f up In grand style this weak. If j Would, know the particulars ask htm l§bml (hat naw boy that came to stay ||Wta recently. ts out from Her visit School Election. Next Monday the independent dlsS land there Is no immediate prospect ol triot school election occurs for the elec- r there being two. But a great many tlou of twd directors. J. W, Shecl^ nud 8. F. Clinton are tho outgoing members of tho board. The polls wiir be open from 1 to 7 p. m, \[ New Dental Jtooms. Dr. Will Cole has opened a dentis^ office over the harness store In the brick block, where be may be found on Tuosday and Wednesday of each week, where he invites tbe public to call when wanting flrst-olass work done in his line.. Sckool Books. We now hare a full and complete stook of school books used in. the Post j/ville schools and will sell them at the lowest school board prtoes. Wa also carry a lull stook of all school supplies at the lowest prioes. Brick drug stoio B. N. DocoiiAss, V ((•. La Mott Taylor Ma* visiting her parents. " Ifp* account of tho serious illness fj^ar, C. H. Barn** Another Sale. Property conlinuss to ehange hands from day to day. Mr. H. P.. Hawkins has sold his residence and a little over an acre of ground t*> Mrs. W. F, Droas- err, possession to be given April lfitli Consideration 91 ,500. Wa arc not ad- Ha Is it^l J rued whether or not Mr. Hawkins wM leave Postville, but kopohe will decide spring laatory has bsen | «> a lot «nd build hart. &flMfc'llHj«, building at the Of the McNeil Uts. • Wa! - Take Ifotiet, That tb* PpitviUe Steam Eolltr Mills rinaaont or weanslvc It will | hlim -"ij„ n Av 'ni.Slj.-"^ „i .uT hitm Monday »,nd :|*^fd»y taok _ n «ui M » Of f«o^»Wfl!rkJog mmfoto'! ,w« are |»rou* T adto 4f> Plaulpg,;MataWijif, and I it'll »-f t'd .ll. ( ' »L"i*L*. <•'"• • people think there Is a orying need for ONE ropubltoan paper at the county seat. The echo of B.^F. Wright and the New York Voioa. Mas no claims on the republican party. What thesn or­ gans^annot ru^tbey propose to ruin. WOXIOJJ1 The term "Snag Proof -Is a trade mark and is the prlvstc property of the Lambcrtviilc Hubber Co. No other oompany or individual has tbe right to wse It as a name for, or in the description or sale of any artiole. AU parlies using tho term, other than those who have a right to, will ba proseoutcd to the full extent of the law. BKWAKK OF IMITA/TIOHSI Nona genuine unless a picture oi the.Brownies Is on each pair of boots. It HAS n« equal; Is positively tbe Best Hubber Boot oii earth. We have tho exclusive sale of this boot in Postville. JNO. G'KOSHT. Corporation Caucus. At a oltlaens' caucus held at the book and ladder house in Postville on Saturday evening, March 6th, 1892, Hall Eoberts was oallsd to the ohalr and Chas. Skelton was ohosan ssore- tary. Candidates for the several offices were chosen by ballot as follows; ; JJgkBW'o*'' S' ^> Clinton. ^wi**%eoordar, Wai. Shepherd. . treasurer, das. McEwen, »» assessor, f, H. Welsstl. v " ^r «<|(ff *>i:9> N. Douglass and W. n MoNfUri-;,, ' SE such laudable enterprises sucuesd. MA.RBBED. PERRy—LAMBEKT-At the residence of the bride's parents, on the oven lag of March Srd, by Rev. C r. Scliell, Mr. Eugene Perry ansl Miss Libbie Lambert. Only the immediate relatives of lbs contracting parties wore present lo witness the happy event. After congratulations the marriage feast was spread, which was a feast Indeod. The j greatly redtlCed prices, groom is a young man of oxoellent habits and is industrious in his favorite occupation. Miss Libbie is the daugk ter o< Mr. and Mrs. Abram Lambert, has a practioal turn and will do bar part. Both are to be congratulated on the olioico made for a life partner. The groom has rente! the farm of Mr, Anger and in a few days they will ba nicely settled down to housekeeping. Tlioy havo the best wishes of many friends. , DEPEND TJPONTJS FOR PERFECT SATISFAC-* TION AND VALUE FOR YOUR MONEY. Come to us for your Spring Goods and you will come out ahead. ^ o o <*• t-~ i. i Are you going to buy a New Carpet this spring? Now is your opportunity to see a choice selection of ALL WOOL INGRAINS. 100 lbs. All Wool Yarn in high colors, for 60c a lb. DRESS FLANNEL. One lot 52 in. wide, worth 50 to 60c, for - 28ic One lot worth-35c, for - € 161c Also great reductions on all Flannel Dress Goods. COHSETS. 100 Corset*. Great redtiction to close out the lines. HATS. 100 Men's and Boys' Hats put on sale to close out at BODY BRUSSELS, TAPESTRY BRUSSELS, UNION & COTTON OHAN. Prices Low if you buy. It will cost you nothing to" see them. Also remember that I carry the Largest* Line of Lace Curtains, and Window Shades and Fixtures in the city. Yours Respectfully, WALTER dHRiSS: - Remember the great auction sale of Dains Bros, on Wednesday, of next week. U head of horses and 44 head of cattle will be sold. Also 60 head of bogs and a large quantity of farm implements and machinery, household goods, etc. This will be one of tbe largest sales that are to be held in this section, and all who are in want of anything pertaining to the farm wW do well to be,present. Sale commences at 10)00 o'clock. Two miles east of Fraukvllle. For Every 1 to Reap a Benefit I Chw.'SkeltQn try sot- —When will people desist frofa sand' ing personal cheeks on a leoel bank 'In payment at bills at a distance? The receiver has to take the time and stand thw expanse of sending thorn to the bank drawn upon before he can realize anything on them. Go to the bank and get a regular bank check and send and then the bill is paid. If you don't want to pay the exchange hare it deducted from the amount of the bill, but never send personal check*. —Miss Anna Marshall, the, eldest daughter of Rev. C. A. Marshall, of McGregor, has beoome insane and bad to ba taken to Independence last wsok; for treatment at the asylum, .She 1 h*<f •aver fully recovered from an attauk 61 (* grlppo « y*ar ago, and hat): since gradually declined In health. Mr, MajfhaU's many friends hare, and ill, friends of 1-ha family exttod linear* epndpleucft, and ,hop« aha may soon ' w%' v. ^k%S_V And here it still goes. Best Water White Head Light Kerosene Oil tOc a Gallon. Why pay 16 to 20c at other stores? IE S. K. GMTON. A complete and full stock of Lumber, Lath, Shin-, gles, Sash, Doors, Blinds, Mouldings and Building Pa-'" per, yellow pine Flooring and Ceiling oak, ash and maple Flooring. . All pa/rtiefB intending to do" airy building the coming- season will consult their own'interest by obtaining-, figures from me. Particular attention to filling bills. B est of grades only handled. If You Want the Best for the Least Money Call and See Our Line of I late, Clocks,-Jmlrj t Silverware! Some Special Bargain* in Jewelry for the Spring Trade. W. J. HANKS, POSTVILLE, IOWA. El- E> ! CO. 4 ft"-'?,.--- • C:- ••• lilTClitllMP D U ^' 0HAS:ERS OP IMPORTED 111 I C If IIIIIII r DRAFT OR COACH HORSES .- •• •••'^ To vlisit our itaW«| «lidio»p»ct our lurse stock el )Mfo»rnp P KKI-WIHKIKQ A NIMAU before busiest •teewhere. Among, tlicm |g fir»t, 4 •ocontt and g grand »\vooiniiil^ prize wtonora, all •eoucedjcj hclty eonleded (tioivrlngd III ScplOTibBr, ijkji, will oxclmnlis Imported atook far welt loceted farm' l«ni)«. .Will SIID lestc stallion* to reaponsibl» parties (or the Beaton ot i8;i, with privilege ot buvlpj ei'' (ho end of»e»«on. We sUoluvon Cno lot of yomiij Sliorl Horn ood Horford DulU for tale. Daa't' waft towrlljbuteom .e st onw *ad mskeyour schwdaati .Tarms'casy;sadpricci Uialdnfy eeoaSh "'' WAtt.ER BROS , .Clmrlos CJly, V (Ion, Cigtr«fpp»donco, mm

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