Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on December 20, 1898 · Page 2
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 2

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 20, 1898
Page 2
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it Cured Her Bog* mr «» Georfe wai *4, fa* wa* ftrkken with a ter- lOfe oerrcKa a«fietk>iu Pfay- «ieiai» nof medicine* betped him. Hekwthi»peccfa,uteo{ limb* and eooM faardhr mr«t- low food. Betwefachj^fin- bbed a batik of Dr. Mile/ Nervbc be couklutk and cat weft, and 5 fxvttles cur«l him*. mn. 1o»* (TOom*. WiaM. *nw», 7? Restorative Nervine ft »oM t/y all tlfr«afMl« "« jfo»ranJ« ( fifrt twill* t«ni*l» '" «wn«r *«**' Bonk on heart a>»> nefTei »ent free. Or. «W*» M««cal Companj, Elkhart, livrt. Alton Conservatory. EtfktliVMr. Ibirdlerm. Fee. l«f. Art, Ekortto*. DdMrte M< R, C. MILLS, •nt&f CWaiofM, S hurtlett School ot MUSIC AND MUSIC AND ART. UPPER ALTON, ILL, W, D. AftMSTKONO, Director. fin* yt. zztuj. IHK. Tot I Vocal Mn*lo, Etoca- £a ALL WOMEN i oft ft* pita whlob women •uflw U o«u**d by vMkiMM or tb« orftM of menitrutllon. when • woman if not well th«M orfta* »r« Affected. But when they ere etroiic and he»lthy * worruui to very eeldom ildc !f n«turs'» provldon for the refit- latlon of the merufrual funeilon. U cure* ill "female troubles." It to equally elfecllvs (or the elrl to her teen*, the young Wife with <Jo- meitw *n4 maternal care*, ami the woman approaching the period known M the " Change ef Life." They *11 need It, They m «0 beoettttwl by It TOM. I. OOOffH, Tvptfe, «!»•., MfM "Mr fl P & >, I'" Utrl DtrlK, Bolloiu/r for Compl'Up. MASTER'S SALE. •Utaof Illlnolt, county ot Hadlnon, SB. I th» Olroult Court, October term, A. D. 'b«rt Wad*. MifT 8. Wtdn, Hamu«l Wadn Carollno B, Wado, v« llcnrr C Prle»t W. I'ennlngton, Jacob Ungulra. Charlo» and Tbonu Dlmmook. In Oianocrj' lotlod It boreby given that by vlrtua it a do* ot »«la oourt. mado at tbo Uotobor term D., IMS, In ibo abotd tntltled «au»o uniforilipiM, Mactor In Chancfry of »ali otqrt/ will Mil at uubllo vonduo tojlfie lilghci •ia b«t bidder, for o«»h In band, on TUB8DAY, TUB THIJID DAY OP JANtMIlY Ai P., 1WO, ; th* bour of t»n o'olook a. m., lit tbu north •o»t door of tU« City ilall bulldlngln the oily o n, the followlnif daaorlbod roil onUlo, iltu In tbe county of Madlaoii and BtaUi of 1111 'Somh'bilf of lot No, eight (B). In block Fr« <I1.) Alton City FruiMir, In the city , county of Madloon and Btato of fllf WMt forty-two and ono tmlf («2l> No. «lx (0) In block No. twniro (U) Proper, In Hie olty of (Alton, county and8Ut»of Illlrioln. No. thirty-tour (84) In tl>« town , oounty of MadUon and HUH) o ^...oept the railroad right! of way >Tif block. oompllanoa with the aboro inrmn ani rotal of the maator'i roport nf aale by irt * do«d or d*«d« will bo mounted b; ' aid III oonfoimlty wltb >«ld do JOHN r. fioOINNlS, Uutor In Cbanuery. 1 $ In Cferlitnui With Our Soldlen, It 1« «afe to nay that Christmas day of 1888 will be a strange and Interest- ittg one to ft few thousand American townteMi who are •tatloned In Cuba j^orto Bloo, or away aorois tbe Paolllo Jn tbe ftoOlpplne*. Many of theie •oldlem land lallors will thli year ipend their flrnt Christmas away from bomei many of them heretofore have never been teen more tban a bundrod mllei from tbelr native town, Ol ooorie they have a little twlujjo of bome»loknes«, but tbe average Amor- ma loldler In good bealtb and spirits doetn't aeed much sympntby. He Is golog to bave a good time, and Is itiro to celebrate Ohrlstmiui in a Uttlug and :, ipproprlate way wberever be in, , *OrtP r IUoitratfoD, taken from the ObrtttoM (time of Harper'n Weekly, •liOWl one of our eoldlerg In a bospl- rfiM tent at Santiago, and If tbe Christ- Jiiw box u not a nome Obrl«tma« dinner, Ik I* th ItOW't TOW I W« offer onehundreiJ dollftra reward — — ' owe of oaUrrh that can not be HaU'i Oatarrh Oure.~P. J. Co.. Vnpt,,foloAo, 0. nderijgned, Lave known ' (or the taut 10 years, and perfectly honorable in r out my obugatloni »T TfW! TEU5fl»APt» n;B«0AY BVE., DEC'. 2»- MOT1CR TOAOVERII8RR8. M« rtt»j few trmteat SOSHXI la v*r uvtmrr. -W oww fw faek ami » «f«M H» l*di tot Men «B *i3'p«toe»Bm a».t»,n ID p*r !»-* •oatt tk«n«n«r. •** LH 4 It MT tank tor tfc« flr»t MMrttM. •«« « «••«• a«r fiek fur «K* ntwMMBt l»wrtl«B . Co;>. BUly Bryan bM at lartfonnd time to mmtton free coinage at 13 to I. He My* be consider* tbfl liwae anything but dead, and at the next Presidential election it will be a live too*. The 18 to 1 bo*ine»« U very mach Uk« ha»b may do all right for • meal hot f« decidedly onpalaUkble Wben wanned over. anti-expan#lonp«- tftkm*arenot receiving very many •Ignatare*. All the name* received op to date amount to 2,000, of which nearly 1,600 are fri/m MaMacbniielt*. The balance are widely «catt«red. IHi- no!* bad fifteen persons bold enoagb to »ign their name* a« a proW»t again/it tbe annexation of the Philippine*. _______ ______ STATE Superintendent of School* Kirk, of Miwioorl, w*» Mked by tbe Now York IltrnHd to give bl« opinion of New York'* •cboola. ln»bre«xy, *tralght-out-from-the-»bonMer way, Mr. Kirk replied, showing that the •shoot* of tbe great city are very far from perfect. Be did not mince word*, nor diegaUe them In capenle*. Now New Yorker*, and especially who bave charge of tbe city'* •cbool*, are indignant. Tbe idea that "» man from tbe West"— the wild and woolyWwt, »boold critlol*e tha education*! IrurtltQtlon* of Gotham ! It i* too abflnrd. What doe* an educator from Mludonrl know abont educating Knickerbocker*, any way? Kirk ha* given tbe New Yorker* comethlng to think aocrut. "WiiAT foota tbe»e mortal* be," i* tbe legend f'w.k keep* at tbe bead of ft* title page. Puck should slightly modify it to suit a certain hysterical clam of the weaker *ez and make it read: "What fooln these women be." One hundred and ilxty-tbree women and girl* controlled by hysteria, al- mo*t broke their neck* In an effort to kli« Lieut. Hobtnon on Sunday evening at a public meeting. The only reason why more than 1H3 did not kiisa Hobson, was because Hobson we* worn oat and bad to be carried from tbe stage. Undignified and immodest a* tbe klmilng hysteria la for the females U IB even more 00 to the gallant naval bero. If he cannot prevent tbe women from kidding him be should go back to hi* ship where there are none of tbe gentler sex. franchlw Bill* Defeated. Tbe fifty-year franchise ordinances for Chicago street railways failed of paoaago Monday night by tbe {City Council. A resolution to postpone the consideration of all franchises until after tbe repeal of tbe boodle Allen law by the Legislature, passed the Council by a (vote of 40 to 28. A motion wa« also passed referring al franchises to tbe City Hall committee which I* composed of tbe persona friend* of Mayor Harrison, who are opposed to tbe granting of any franchise* until after tbe Allen law has been repealed. Texas "Colonels." One Texas "Oolonol,"—by name Handle—who ha* won his title by many brutal murder* daring tbo pas twenty year*, was In turn shot and Instantly killed at Dallas, yesterday by another Texas "Colonel" numei Brwln, who ha* committed ma murder* and ha* done time In the penitentiary—not for murder. Perlah tbe thought! but for forgery. No man In Texa* I* over sent to the penlten- tlay for murder. He 1* mide a captain for tbe first man ho kill*; a ma jor for tbe second, and when bo has slain a half doznn or moro he 1* called "Colonel" or "General." Want Uncle Shelby'* loo*. Tbe newspaper* have been printing a Btory that Uov. Tanner was tbi originator of the iicbome to have Hen ator Oullom enter tbe cabinet as Boo rotary of tbe Interior; the Qoverno to suoooed tbe Senator; the Lleuten ant Governor to succeed the Clover nor, etc., etc. There are dlfHoultle la the way, and among tne dlfllcultlo la Uncle Hbelby himself, fie Is a stay er In ollloo—one who never moot* de feat, and know* where tbe butter on hi* bread 1* thickest. Tbe Chlcag< Journal In speaking of tbe proposed succession In the ofllce* named plain ly aoes tbe plumps In the way and warns tbe Governor In the following worda: Year* ago Uncle Shelby resolved to outer the Uultod States Henato—how many year* ago no Illinois politician like* to think. It seems as though 1 wore book In tbo Devonian age, or perhap* a few year* earlier. People can recall the exact year In which tbe continental Oougresn hold Its llrst SOB- slou, but It wearies the bralu to try to think when Uncle Shelby llrst wrapped that toga about hi* lissom form and lay down to pleasant dreams. It has been a long slumber for tbouo on tbe outside. Sometimes they try tickling him with a straw to see If be won't turn over In bis sloop and give them a ohauoo to steal tbo blanket, but be never does. The ouly effect U bus Is to make blni arouse himself a trifle, absently pan* an Inter state onmmerco bill or some otlmr Jnaotn prehensJblo and unimpeachable uiea- aure, and then tako a fresh turn on the toga. It 1* a good toga and bo like* it. Quietly, eaally, but firmly Unole bhelby bold* iila job. Ouo of the corner of one eye be saw one colleague kicked up tbe cabinet otalrs to m»ko room for a politician fromOblo. That colleague I* aool- eague no lonuer and hli friends only tear from bJmfat odd time* through newipapar Interview*. Uuole Shelby will probably *ee that nothing of that •ortnippenjtoblm. In faot, it if inifc M bard to Ret that ogauowai ft was before tbeflr«t 'dnlo war, and Juit u bard for Mr. PannartogatltM for any other man o do «o. Icbfi iuooeed* he will aiton- *b ulmMlt Dearly to death. toenA Mrtb front QeibMrffl*0« vaw i*}«<5 t-.- _*gr*T« of *x-M«7Tr V* wtw :. Cre«t«T of ChJctjp, flood*!, by Sir <nl)fh!« of Apollo «,'oBJJH»n4*rf M » ymboi of Ifee i*n\ burial rit*« o? It)* rd*r, Th"! dec«a««<l knl^'bt ^** honored with th? Sn? portion of the p*;k««* of do*t, which win bf t««- nr«J hf tbe K»Jg»it» Tf mplarf sn<3 itriagif M tbe bo<5y a* **< !l ling koi«bt i* cotaStta** «o earth. 7>w* th»a « bs-adrni of Ste white da.rt WM beW is tbe p»!tn of the eminent commander when he eJ<x^3 *S be bead of tbe jtrare with three brother knlgbt*»nd r«-re»d lh« barial ritoaJ wnfcb WM prono«oc*d wben th« bod/ WM lowered Into the gT«Te w than a month ago. Wben tbe eminent consm*ixJ*T r«*d be rl!o»l, be bent down, M he repeat- tbe wordi: "Earth to earth, *«b „. to ai)he«, and do*J to dc*i," »cd »r;»«er«d tbe e*rtb from tbe tiered i npon tbe grave. Tbe e*rth need Soa^ay w the Srrt .om the garden of Gethsemac* o*«d n tbi* coontry in tbe r/oria! nta*J of be order. A package containing 128 >oand< ba« come into tbe pow»*»'ion rf Apollo Cononjasdery. The dost will b« nsed In irparing qnantitlea or..11 it ia exbanrted, aod ft If not hkeSr .bat more will ever be Mcored a« tbe Saltan ha* decreed against i!a removal. A Oteft Werre B«M«. I* «** *«**! 'm X«w Tor* y«*«ray i&«( a ra««5-8- of lit? Catoffl P«- tbe A 'ilon p-: liii'c--/:* Tro.** arvj SaTir.r? Rick, of Only 4 Days to Xmas! t*f* lyoMts kfiovn. 1 form? ofB«r- »ao n»at***%«« or of ., B-erro i . Vrts** dtsw*. pklftttrttoa of the be»rt, i pbvsJtal »s*3 meat*! wwiknww, dewl- | stjVf <*l UP. eJ«-. Sold b? »• «• I Wyes, I>rcf$irt, AJtcu. bfw roam dwrtttae wiO» c*Har, *H But Fourteen! n «r«*t- *P* to Was. Sons'jsg. ai*o c-yn'r^i ihe 3:z Fc-3.r »j-«;*a, i>J it !• wi-1 ihs 4 , :! !'.«- Vi-.ifr%-i3W iC- witft tfce Eij? F;ar ns-'3, f;-rrn.V5? * gr«*J »T«»SI ibr.i'-zb '.''iio, lediAOJ, {iliri!.* sr.'j M;*?.'.-:n. I: i? report* tin! proni'sen: ^.T. :»r? '^f ti Jrcns o-sr y»ar la for Xasas R EbrCE» Rilw tB SO*»*»TB aa* W««««« r—»r» os* Ji eZwt-rt»»fc« C, A A. R. R. witfe r,-w;icr,: E:.s-x'-:o;e o?'.be Al- toc. Cbrittaa* trte-f. Ccrirtsiu gre«E*, faoirr, isi! r '<»i<H' si-ic-i ?.">•* ^rtfbotild be or<J*rc-d 'or Chr>tas** DOW at ; all c'Sbtrooztj gfvss fi;5-frs#£s have o terror lor IS'*? searirc s cjeg-ie ica;^ <j..»-?, for a<?aJi.e ard ch'ilren: pric» "i f > c*ct*; by maiz. -Azrec's waoted.--- Tne S*r:cs:<> Co.. Aitoc, OL Po«toffic« elerk§ are opj>o*iDg the new role which compels them to wear uniform* while on doty. Tn« rnle it d to be degrading In a sense. The new clAMiScatioa bill which i.i beio^ prepared proTide>» for a rftguiatian of •a!ar!e« among clerk* as it eiurts at prevent among carrier*. The clerks maintain that Moiority of nervics tbootd pla/ »ome part in the determination of the caJariea of the em- ploye*. The objection to the uniform and new rale come* chiefly from the clerk* In large ei'.iee. Jtf (tort. My 7-room hooae in Hteaia beat.—U. 8. Ntron. Hard Sprtog Mteai "Cream of the Earth," 91 00. ALTON BOLLEB MIUJKU Co. Dorsey j<aei Oo. have left Belle •treat and arc now located at 314 Piaas street. Give them a call. Bard Spriag meat. "Oream of the Earth," *4-00. AI.TOR KOLLKK Miu/tso Co. Coal. Bard or soft coal at E. S. Lockyer n oSfico at quarries. Telephone 1591 UPPER ALTON. John Goetz loaves tonight for Ht, Andrewti Bay, Fla., to spend the wm- tei Dr. A. K. deBlols delivered the last of a series of lectures before tbe College Y. M. O. A., last night, on tbe subject, "Christ the Light of the World." Master Fred Lowe entertained bis friends Saturday afternoon In honor of hi* eighth birthday anniversary. Tbe contractors bavejUHt completed two new cottages on West Brown street for Mr. Elijah Owens. Tbe fact that Mr. Owens has taken much trouble to make one of them partlcu larly neat and comfortable 1« looked npon with much suspicion by his bachelor friends. Whether or not their fears are ungrounded, the houses are certainly wolf built and attractive dwellings and add much to the appearance of tbe neighborhood. Hhurtloff closes Friday evening for the holidays. H. M. Roe, of Sedallfl, Mo., Is in town. Tbe W. M. A. closes tomorrow eve- nine for tbe holidays. The dark angel has visited Upper Alton, diffusing a general gloom, and leaving sorrow In several homes. Death seems doubly sad coming at tbe Christmas season, and there In act n- ulne spirit of sympathy throughout tbe community for tbe homes where H has entered. Mrs. Luclnda G. Sargent died Mon day afternoon at 2:4fi o'clock, after a long and severe Illness, She wan born near Lebanon. Term., Deo. 10,1820. In 1840 she married John W. Chandler From this union three children were born, A. T. and J. it. Chandler, of Me dora. and Mrs. K. B. Bancroft, of Oar- llnvlile. She was again married Oct 10,1863, to R. A. Sargent. Four chll (Iron were born to them, two of whom Cornelia and Frank flargont, of tbi place, survive ber. Mrs. Sargent hat lived In Upper Alton many years, anc was widely respected for her kindly disposition and upright character. 8h leaves many friends who will trul mourn her loss. The funeral will tak place tomorrow aftoruoou at two o'clock. Mary Louise, the six weeks old la font of Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Dodlcar died yesterday at tbe parents home i mile north of town, and was burle this morning at 10 o'clock. Service were conducted by Rev. G. W. Wag goner. One Large Scar Is All That Remains of Qrca Scrofula Sores Neighbors Could Not Bear to Look Upon Her—A Grand, Complete Cure by Hood's Baranparllla After Others Failed. "I WUB takun with neuralgia In my uoad utid uyui. Not IUUK uftor thin, a norofula Hore apjwaruil on my led eliuok extending from my upper lip to my oyu Othor uoroii catmi on my ueclc and on my right nrm unit ono of my limb*. Tluty wore vury troubUiiomo and paluful ami noun became grout running Huron. My fuue lookud NO hud that HOIIIO of my nolghbon could nut bc-ur to look at mo »uU advUod mo to wour a bandage, but I feared 'tui* would Irritate tho uore and inako It worse. Bo I Could Not Hide the Bore*. My 11)000, who WBH luinlilur with a ease similar to mine, whlob bnd been cured by Hood'i Bamoporllla, urged me to try U. Finally I wan pumuadod to do no, and In a ukort time I taw It wan helping me. The »orw» began to lioal and tho neuralgia In my huacl wan butter. In a taw month* thu sores ou my arm* and llinbu all nettled; tho«o on my iiaok gradually dlaappaarea and now tbeyaro all yone. I havo never had Buy aymplom ot vorofula •luce. One largo near ou my right arm 1* all tho Hlgn that remain* of my tordblo affliction. Tho neuralgia la alto cured." MUD. J. M. llATOH, Ktua, Hood parllla U tlio bunt-In font Uio Due True Illood 1'urlHur, Gan a-ntf io<k repitriDe doc« by Iobt«l.—Jarre-t b^iksicg,e. 2c-d rt. iNORTrT AltON. Mrt, «ra!s*rErad;*y. o! Upper Al- : on, ia spending 'be w««rfc wish ber >trc-Dt«. Mr. an^S Mrs. B. Sctiee*. : Fred Uabtrer sper;: Sariday in St. yoa e*a find fetus- tfcsrg KiiUbie for everyb-Ddr tt tiopprs CHINA STORE, TOY STORE, W Wwt U st. i flT tkftj rt- S. F. CONNOR Greenwood Lodge I O. O. F. wUl fire a aipf.r Thursday eveniog. Mi*s Katis fiirjx i* epeodicg a few lays with Grafton friantlB. lisa Violet. Korikamp ba» returned roro a visit with friend* near Jersey- nlle, Jobncie, tbe iistle sr,n of of John Mayford, was nra'.-k in 'be eye wish a stone by another boy canning a pain- "alinjury. In tbe back yard oi M*.stfrr Eoy ant stands a co.'l whit* slab of stone, tba* marts the la-t resting place of— we've forgotten hi* naois, bat the rtormsn eal.'firl li;ra "poor fe];ow' r as tbe fender failed to fend and tbe ilf.ij form of Roy's beat bird dog was shoveled oft the track for decent oarial. We are afraid to Bay sa, but we bs- Sieve that the tnsirimonlal inclicaior will beat ail record-! very, verj goon, f not eooner. Who wgrtUl bave ;hoagbt that he cai ed ought bat for h'a KtMi Eitate, Aje«t. <i Lota ALTOM. ILL. Mr. Fred \''}}» t whole increase in 'amily was noted in these columns a r ew weeks ago, has thereby been compelled to move into the more commodious honse formerly occupied oy Mrs. lisgor. 8anta Claas will bo compelled to divide his auction between tbo Elm street chapc-1 and Trini'y chapel next VIondny overling. But "Old Sandy 31aw6" has always bE;f;n cq jal to such in emergency, and there is no doubt. 3Ut that ne will remember, if not visit :>oth placea on that evening. Toe Elm street chapel will present tbo cantata "Banta CUua at Home,' 1 which will be enjoyer) by all On Friday Prof. iJnrie will cease •josiilitles at the echool. Tho armia- tfceiwill lafct probably for two weeks, although no protocol has been made public. Mies Mary Davis is epending today n St. Louis. Tho words of praise basttrwed upon Hood'o Sarnaparilla by those who iave taken it prove tbe merit of the medicine. Try the Beat, "LaBello," 84.00. Mr. O. M. Dixou, a well known merchant of Pleapant Rklgo, Fulton Co., Pa., baa a littlo girl who IB frequently threatened with croup, but \7bon tbe rtret symptom)) appear, his wife gives ber Chamberlain's Cough Remedy, which always affords prompt relief. The 26 and 50 cent sizes for sale by E. Mareb and 8. II. Wysu. tit*r tJ At thi* time of the year a cold ia verv easily contracted, and if left to run its coarse without t&e aid of some reliable coogli medieiue is liable to reetilt in ibat dread disease, pceiimo- nia. We kisow of no better remedy to cure a cough or cold tnan Cbam- berlain'fl Congb Remedy. We bave nsed it qnite extensively and it baa al- waysgiven entire Eatiafaction.—0!a- gaJb, ftd. Ter. Chief. Tbia is the only remedy that is known to be a certain preventive of pneumonia. Among the many tbon- eacda who bave nsed it for colds anc la grippe, we have never yet learned of a [single caae having resulted in pneumonia. Persons who have weak lungs or have reaeon to fear an attack of pneumonia, ebould Keep the remedy at hand. Tbe 25 and 50 cent sizes for sale by E. Marsh and S. H Wyes. After hearing some friends continually praising Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy, Curtis Fleck, of Anaheim, California purchased a bottle of it for bis own nee and ia now aa enthusiastic over its wonderful work as an j one can be Tbe 25 and 50 cent sizes for sale by E. Marsh and 8. H. Wyes. Many People Cannot Dnnk coffee at niebt. It spoils their sleep You can drink GRAtN-O when yon please and sleep like a top. For GRAIN-O does not stimulate,; it nourishes, cheers and feeds. Yet it looks and tastes like the best coffee. For nervous persons, young people and children GRAIN-O 48 a perfect drink. Made from pure grains. Get a package from your grocer today. Try it in place of coffee. 15e and 25c. Don't be persuaded into buying liniments without reputation or merit— Chamberlain's Fain Balm costs no more, and its merits have been proven by a test of many years. Such letters as the following, from L. G. Bagley, Hueneme, Cal., are constantly being received: "The best remedy for pain I bave ever nsed is Ohamber- lain-a Pain Balm, and I say so after having used it in my family for several years." It cures rheumatism, lame back, sprains and swelling. Sold by E. Marsh and S. H. Wyss. R7R. EXCURSION RATES. MOUCAT EXCVRSK»VS-Vl» BS* Pirar «l « I Tfrr to» r*»» . TS;**t* *eoi ct*ac Dw. p. ' . . . M. ss. ».»»»* «, *»* J««- * »»**=, **£ **' c«a oa O.H. H»ro- -For Ifc? w C * R R V3S « «ck«», « V-» rtt«. trm Altaa Jo .z!3woffl [<«c. »,*,*•*& M. 1WS- in »ai »S, I9W. RMtirn liaii JM. « X MA6 AXoTxEW TEAR R.\TBS-T*eJ Bar- liurtn JtiKtf Till §*a *rc-ar»kja ticket* Deo Bl1 *"'. «9 •» oee »Bd p» for tit* ronad trtp. R«orB lml« jia. I •».—J- B. 'nKCTH, Areot, H »K*ar".. Xaa teramio* *»d ticket* caaoa O. H. Hamilton, T *t* C. k A. R R. S* arranging a aerie* of W.XWT To-ar* al tow raw* to CaM, Porto Ri-c aid Jaisaca ria Tanpa. FtorWa. All Q»ar- titis* rw.J"«fttaJ vttSzsl u»s Itiand of Cal>a bwa nss*d «J tfee regular llaw of Ocean rii; hare their Te«*e!» la wr- -:a » PO C»lilort.'.« »a.— Ttw C. 4 A.R. R. rars «e >: rer OT r»«, p«r»ooiSlT eoodacted erery Ttat»dtT. tetrirg Alice M »:» p. m. running - rii.? C;y, S*-'t Lxkf Ctty »cd the Scenic . For !«*•», r«»trT»ttoc« »nd fall p»rUca- Urs »5>f-^y w O. G. Xorrts, Agt., Alton. Xmas Dress Goods. For personal need.or holiday thought, this stock is ad« mirably ready. Time was when Dress Goods were pushed remotely back to give prominence to trinkety stocks. Now the acceptableness of a dress pattern is generally manifest, Linens for Gifts. Of course! What more acceptable to any dainty house* keeper than a Linen Table Set. We've gathered largely of exquisite damasks with napkins to match. Beautifully and most moderately prices. Special Towel sale for the holidays 20 dozen tringed hemstitched Linen Damask Towels worth 35^. Special holiday price be Burltagtoo » THro-ia Car S«rrtce—Pal- - »oe Steepen *cd Coafr Cars (»e»t» trw! to £tc*u Otr, Ss- Joe, Omaha, Dearer, Billings. Bock lil&cd, Dabaqe'e, Odar Rapid.!, St. Pan! '' 'iiEiearoli*. 1 OBrtsi Sieepera to Pan Fran- Los AagelMj Ca liornla, Portland, ...„._ U D-ETer and Salt Lake CUT, erery We4ae*dar. For raws, rente*, etc., call or ".B. Thomas, ' C HRISTMAS aoi »wYe«r» eicur»Ion«. A rat? ot oaeaaii Mie-intrd fare for the round srip U"k*ts oo sale Dec. 24, 2S, 28. 31, 1SU8, arid Jin. i and 2. 1*W, Halted to return Jan. «, -«riJl tenud-i t-e»we«) all St. Louis-Peoria Un* {*". P. * M. L R. R.) etationa. Minimum w-lisg rat? We. Through tickets from and to «z--«iayr line* will l« »old. Get full particulars trarz. C. P. A St. L. agent. Cor California Toarts 1 s—Tae Burlington Route ~ has weekly touriit ileeperexennilons, per- OTaliv conducted toy a Burlington Route Agent) :rert Wednesday f om St. Loult, and Tnora- .-«^.—j - —— — . —• • day froa K*osas City and S:. Joseph to Los Asgeles tsi S*n Francisco. The route l» *la D»nTer, Scenic Colorado, Salt Laics City wltk S« per ceo*. »oi ahine Uiroughoat the year. ASK pur Ticket Agent, J. B. Thomaa, for partlcu- H tjmese*keni Excursion at ?ery low rate* ila Big specified point* In Alabama, Co!orado7 Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Indian Ter- iltcry, Iowa, Kansa*, Kentucky, Loulalana, Michigan, Minnesota, MlssUilppI, Missouri, Nebruika, North Carolina, North Dakota.Okla- homi, Oregon, South Carolina, South Dakota. Tennessee, Utah, Virginia, Wisconsin and Wyoming. Ticket* will be on sale Nov. 15th, Dec. 6 SI, Jan. 3-10; Feb. 7-21, March, 7-10. For tall information apply to G. H. Hamilton, Ticket Agent. H omeseekers* Eicnrslons. — Upon certain dalfe of October, NoTember and December, the C. A A. wlli Belleicuralon tickets at greatly redaced rates to points In Alabama, Arizona, Arkan&a>, Colorado, Florida. Georgia, Idaho, Indian Territory, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Northern Michigan,Minnesota, Mississippi, MiKjenri, Nebraska, New Mexico, North Carolina, Sooth Dakota, Tennessee, Tei- as, Utah, Virginia, Wisconsin and Wyoming. The reductions In rates are of sufficient Importance to merit the attention of prospeotlTe travelers. For particulars call on O.G. Norrts, Ticket Agent PATHFINDER DEPARTMENT. Three UfcM or ten under thla heading: One tlffl«, Uoenta; three dsjj, « cett«; one week MoenUi additional times tame rets, cub down. tor tbe election ot Directors and tbe transaction of such other bueinesg as may come before It, will be held at their office (hotel,) In Upper Alton, 111., on Saturday, January 7, 1899, from 1 until 3 o'clock p. m.--A. H. Fuller, Seoy. r OR SALE POR BALE.-Old papon, n any quanltf. At i the TXLIORAFH omce. POR BALE—AU In need of klndllnf wood can • be snppUM by telephoning No. «, IlllDOll Boz faotorr. t> per load—B. Lerli. COR SALE—A Farm (our mllea northwest of • Lltohfleld,160 acres. $80 an acre. For particulars addreaa U. A. Brown, or M. S. Brown, Brlehton or T. C. Brown. Alton, 111. I2tf WITH Ol'U KOLDIKUS. A. CIIU1BTMAS-ISOX I''U<>.>I 1.<>MK A UIUWIKO ny \V. A ItuiiKua 1{, |»r...Uu-wl ff.n It'S \V1CKK1A" Waokly. tiy I'triuiwtlou China for Gifts. There's an overflow stock of China made up of pretty decorative piecesjthat make acceptable holiday remembrances. Dainty dishes bon bon tea sets, etc., tf to $j. Kid Gloves and Handkerchiefs. What could be more appreciated than Kid Gloves or Handkerchiefs? We are sure you will find our assortment good. Ladies' Kid Gloves 8jf to $2 a pair. Misses Kid Gloues $i a pair. Beautiful Handkerchiefs $? to $i. "jo each. Holiday Furs. The showing is the most varied, we've ever gathered. Wonderful indeed, the beautiful Collarettes lor $2.50 to $i?.oo. Children's sets $i.<;o to$j. Blankets. Are you seeking a gift for a house keeper? There is warmth attached to the remembrance of a gift. Blanket. Beautiful Wool Blankets $) to $12. Overcoat Time! Is here. The crisp, cold air is lively enough to make I you feel its presence. We are just as well prepared to "OVERCOAT" you as we have always been to "SuiT" you. Our high-grade Kerseys, Beavers, Chinchillas, etc, for $7.50, $10 and $14. No More, No Less. Are values that double the money would hardly purchase elsewhere. We have good Coats that are good for you to buy. Low prices eloquent of economy. H'A-WmtSR- The Outfitter. 632 East Second Street TIMES ARE GETTING HARD. NOW IS THE TIME TO SAVE nONEY. GOING OUT OF SHOE BUSINESS- /} WANTED! 600 Ladies with small feet, Blzos 2>£, 8, 3)£ op to 6 to o*ll and M* what FINE SHOES we *re offering at $1.75 a pair. Thew Shoe* «r* mad* of tbe finest Dongola and Genet Kid that formerly sold for f&80 • p«r, but as the sizes are small we are closing them out at $1.75 * pair. Tbii !• a chance in a life time. First come, first served. Come early to avoid tbe nib. In addition to this great Bargain we have 768 palm of I4dlM" Blffto Grade Shoes that formerly Bold for 92.60 to 8,76 a pair, W« BT* ptariag them out at $a a pair. All kinda of Men's Fine and Medium Grade Shoes, a)I •tylep and widths, going at tioc on the dollar, at this great sale of Irresistible ba&aiof. Also a job lot of Men's and Boys' Fine Russian and VMty Kid 81lpp*n at a sacrifice. This is worth investigating. All kinds of Ladles', Gent's, Misses and Children's Robb*? Boot*. Orw Shoes, s. A. Oven, Storm and Croquet Rubbers, groatly reduced In pfioM at this sale. PFIEFFER & BAILEY, STAR SHOE STORE nneais We8IHr®inilb®rsi®r. Licensed HRCHITECT Snp«riDteDd«nt »d MocnanloU UnnifhUvuui. pATBNTI-TptBrMrtoawlaUuta obttlo Letttri Patent on new InTeottooi M • 4Mlcni, I w 1 TlMuoat* drawing* and ipaoUoaUont and mak« appMoaUom In 109 W. THIRD ATURHT. Tftirtf Flo«r THE HOLIDAY to at band at Marsh's Drug Store. You wW fttkd Cigars, Choice Perfumes, Hair and Cloth Brushc And many oUtw and n»eful tbijiffi •'BREVITY IS THE SOUL OP WIT," 000D WIFE, YOU NEEP SAPOLIO. -"•

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