Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on December 20, 1898 · Page 1
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 1

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 20, 1898
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•«w ' £^ A YEAR, (BlUMUhtd ttantrj 14, IM«.)» ALTON, ILL., TUESDAY. DEC. ao, 1898. TEN CENTS PER WEttK Give the People a Chance to Patronize You-You Can't Expect them to Come to Your Store Until They're Asked. Try the Telegraph. EAGLE BRAND CONDENSED MILK. OUR lltUSTRAtfeOPAM'PHlEtENTITtCO"BAftlES"SMOUlO BE IN EVERV HOUSEHOLD. SENT ON APPLICATION. i NtW YO»K CoNOENStD Mii.K CO. New Vor.w. Carpet House has slotne fine new patterns tn Carpets, just the latest thiftgs out, and the prettiest to be had. Rugs 'of all kinds, Linoleums, Oil-Cloths and all kinds of seasonable, household goods we can shtyv. Orders for Carpets should be sent in at t qnce to insure prompt delivery. A. J. HOWELL, 117 West Third Street. We Have an Elegant 1 inc of WINTER SUITINGS for you to select. Also a handsome line of $ien's Furnishings In Latest Styles. JOHN M. SBLLBKS. of E. C. MACK, Corner Shields «r* 8077- 3-r.a/r ••i in ii i "•• !» i ~VT rV4 » Alien 'jj-hl Now is .tho time to Subscribe One Year, - $4 OO 10 Cents a Copy RPER'S WEEKLY 1899 will contain complete, concise, and accurate" accounts of all noteworthy and interesting occurrences as they transpire in our own and foreign lands. Eminent men of lett? an guished artists will contribute to its ;, ,lmns, a readers will have the most impar|. and the m and distin- -st :/M> uis PICTORIAL HIS ORY OF THE YEAR During «899 HARPER'S WEEKLY will be especially rch in fiction, containing serial stories from he .L of H. 0. Wells, author of "Tlie War of the Worlds"; "The Conspirators," by Robert W. Chamber^-, „ romance-of De Solo's last voyage, bv- 1? S, Van Zlle, and short fiction by authors of international fame. Articles by special correspondents In our new possessions-Manila, Honolulu, Cuba, and Puerto Rico, with other .Interesting matter, will fill the Fpaca left by cpntemporary events. Trial Subscription, Four Weeks ;5c BIH in the Interest of American Shipping. IS INTRODUCED IN DOTH HOUSES. Fire and Water-Proof ^Of|j- Gravel ra Composition ROOFING MATERIAL* Cnllnm Nntlflc* Hin Senate* of HU tnten- llon lo Cull I'p tho Atttl-fkmlplnK Bill —rmiudelpliln ttxpntiUlon Hill I'MM-il lif ilia lluUM—Helalllorr HBsnliillon Agnlnflt Germany Intrmttlced lu the Senate by Maion. Washington, Dec, 20.—Hanna Intro. duced In the senate and Payne In the hou«e a bill to grant subsidies for American shipping-. POWDER Makes the food more delicious and wholesome A REMARKABLE SCIENTIFIC AJM) WONDERFUL SCIENCE. gy „ post, j)re»ent ana future life. Washington, Dec. 20.-i-At the opening of the senate session the chaplain, in his Invocation, made touching reference to the affliction of Jones of Arkansas, "over whose threshold of late thrice has passed the shadow of death," and one of whose sons Is III now. The vice president announced the committee on the centennial celebration of the city of Washington ns the capital of the nation as follows: Hoar, Hale, Perkins, Simon, McLaurln, Clay and Turley. Lodge, from the foreign relations committee, favorably reported the following joint ||solutlon and asked for Its immediate consideration: Outrage Upon Bluliop Cranston, "That tlie president be and is hereby requested to communicate to congress so far as the same may be done without detriment to public interests, all the Information in his possession concerning certain alleged outrages committed upon the person of Bishop Earl Cranston and other American citizens In the city of Pekin, China, by subjects of the emperor of China, and what steps, If any, have been taken by the state department in the matter of demanding suitable redress and int- denmnlty therefore." The resolution was agreed to at once. Cullom gave notice that he would ask the senate at the conclusion of Platt's speech to take tlie antl-scalplng- bill .from the table for consideration. Chandler Inquired if it was Cullom's purpose not to have the bill referred to the interstate commerce committee. Cliumller Gives Nollco. Cullom replied that he proposed to ask for consideration at t.Vs time. "Well, 1 give notice, Mr. President," responded Chandler, "that there are sennlors here who will insist that the bill shall so to thft committee." Sullivan of MlEstsslppI protested what he termed "an extraordinary proceeding," nnd demanded to know what Cullom'B lurpose was. "I propose to call up the anil-scalping bill for consideration," replied Cullom. "We can discuss questions relating to the request when we come to them." Teller gave notice that next day he would address the senate on Vest's anti-expansion resolution. In accordance with notice previously given Platt of Connecticut addressed the senate opposing the resolOtion offered by Vest, declaring that under the constitution of the United States no power is given to acquire territory to be held and governed permanently as colonies. lloaae Proceeding*. Bailey of Texas, the leader of themin- orlty, created a flurry at the opening of the session of the house by offering the following resolution for reference to the committee on rules: "Resolved, That the committee on Judiciary be and it Is hereby instructed to ascertain and report to this house, first, whether any member of the house has accepted any office under the United States; and second, whether the acceptance of such office under the United States had vacated the seat o£ the member accepting it," Dlngley from the committee on ways and means offered the resolution for a holiday recess from Wednesday, Deo. 21 to Wednesday, Jan. 4, and it was adopted without division, A special order was also adopted setting aside Jan. 5 for ths consideration of bills reported by the judiciary committee. The Philadelphia exposition bill passed the house 142 to 70. MASON WANTS RETALIATION, In Case Germany Prohibit* Importation of American lleau. Washington, Dec. 29.—Senator Meson has Introduced in the senate a resolution directing the committee on agriculture to Inquire into certain legislation pending before the German relchs- tag to prohibit the Importation into Germany of American sausages and other meat products and directing the committee, should the legislation become law, to report immediately a bill to require the Inspection of sugars, meats, wines and other food products which are Imported into this country from Germany. The resolution went over until next day. It Is as follows: "Whereas, It has come to the attention of the people of the United StaUa that there Is pending In the German reiehstag, legislation which is calculated and intended to prohibit the exportation of American sausages and other meat products Into Germany; be it, therefore, "Resolved, That the committee of agriculture be herewith Instructed to Ill- quire Into such legislation and If the same becomes a law, that said committee are Instructed to report forthwith a bill to require the Inspection of sugars, meats, wines and all other food products which are Imported Into this country from the empire of Germany." For Senators to Visit Cuba. Washington, Dec. 20.—Galllngcr attempted to report favorably in the senate Proctor's resolution for a committee ot flve senators to visit Cuba. This required unanimous consent nnd Senator Hale objected. Proctor said he thought it was Important to get Information. Hale said he thought It would be a foolish thing to send a committee there. m Spanish Ministers Will Place Their Resignations. MAY BE IN NEW CABINET. MI'lillr-lmvn, Conn., Uoo. 20.—It is stalp<1 on Hi'. 1 authority of n member of l!u> rmiimllU'" tippolnled to mnkr an liivcstlRnllnii of UK? no-called Jcrncgan PI-IICORS c-f ••xtrnctliiK K<il<l from sea wn- tpr thot Hcv. T. F. .Terneprnn, formerly of this city, who. Is now In Brussels, lmn actually sent to the directors ot the Klpftrolyrlc Mnrlne Halt company $76,000 n« n fort of tt pence offering, pri'llminnry to hln return to the United StatnH with his family. Jornrgan converted nil hla stock ami securities Into money previous! to going abroad, and it is nearly ono-tlilnl of the proceeds that Se has returned. y& M Twin Sister* Cremated. Horg-antown, W. Va., Dec, 20.—Thomas Jones, living near Greer, attempted to light a fire with crude oil. An explosion occurred wrecking the room and the dresses of h!s twin daughters, aged 6 years, were Ignited. Jones was too badly burned to assist them and they were so badly burned that both died •hortly afterward. Mary Tutt Throchmortoii Dead. Washington, Dec. 20.—Mrs. Man' Tutt Throckmorton, who In early life was a leader In society here, died from tho effects of Inhaling illuminating uas. which escaped by accident In her ro 'in She was 88 years of age. In the ^ginning of Jackson's second term as president Mrs. Throckmorlon, then Miss Tutt, made her debut In the executive mansion. Martin Van Buren was one of the young girl's admirers, and her reported engagement to him was one of the society rumors of the capital. Chrtatmai) Gift for On- Huniliera. Chicago, Dec. 20.—Ore handlers employed by the Illinois Steel company at South Chicago are happy over a Christmas present which the company is giving to each of the 400 men affected. An increase of 6 per cent, in wages has been made, but the management dates the advance from the opening of navigation last spring. This "will give to each of the ore handlers a matter of $26 to $40, according to the pay. The average will be about $33 a man, making a distribution of about_$15,000. Hobaon IHukea a Now Murk. Chicago, Dec. 20.—Lieutenant Richmond Pearson Hobson, the hero of the Merrimac, continued his heroic record and established a new mark for public kissing feats when he kissed over 150 maids and matrons on the big stage of the Auditorium. The extra number on the programme came at the close of his lecture on the sinking of the Merrimac, which he delivered under the auspices of the Press club. Aldermen on » Junket, West Superior, Wis., Dec. 20.—Oshkosh city officials and aldermen reached Superior on their special train junket inspecting water works systems. They put in a lively day here and departed in the afternoon for Duluth and other Minnesota cities. The Oshkoshera said the Superior plant was the best they had seen so far. Blown to Pieces by Hynnmll.i. Joliet, Ills., Dec. 20.—David Brown, a young farmer who lived near Mason, was blown to pieces by dynamite. Brown seated himself upon a stick of the explosive and it exploded, rending the unfortunate man limb from limb. Particles of his body were found scattered about tor many rodg. Fire at Nortli Baltimore, O. North Baltimore, O., Dec. 20.—The large brick building occupied by Jeff Rlchreek with furniture and hardware stores. Is a heap of ruins. The loss Is total, being estimated at $76,000, covered by insurance. The business section of the town was savsd with difficulty. Franco Fortifying Tahiti. Auckland, N. Z., Dec, 20.—Steamers which have just arrived here, report that the French are actively engaged in fortifying Tahiti, the prlnicpal Island of the Society group, which is un- fler control of France. Invented tho Solar Compans, Marquette, Mich., Dec. 20.—William Hurt, one ot the oldest residents of the upper peninsula, la dead. He was distinguished as the inventor of the solar compass and typographer of the first typeWrlter.__ Former Marquette Man Kills Himself. Marquette, Mich., Dec. 20.—A private dispatch from Utica, N. Y., announces the suicide of Leroy P, Nidlau, the last Democratic postmaster of Marquette He lately removed from Marquette. three Men Who MIIJ- He A«kcd lo Form a New Mliil*lry—(loiutlp 111 Home Concerning Who Will Hi- III" »»' l'«|>e—IllneM of King Oiwnr "if Sweden—Illicit '" Ko ' gnrd to (lie I'lol of Holy Uround <llven to Kmjtorur WJUlnm. Madrid, Dec. 20.-U IB Beml-offlclally announced that the Spanish ministers will place their resignations In the hands of the queen regpnt. Tho friends of both Premier Sugasla anil Senor Montero Rfos declare they are In full accord on nil questions ot policy. The most dlseusBed solutions of the crisis are a StiRuslii ministry lo Includeamons its members General Wcy'.er, Kenor Romero y Rohiedo and Senor Canalejas y Mendez, a Montero Rlos ministry composing representatives of the different groups ot the majority, or a Martinez de Campos ministry, including Senor Sllvela and other coiiBi-rvutlves. In the event of the first or the last, the cortes whl be dissolved. GOSSIP ABOUT NEXT 1'OJ'E, QuMtlou of Successor to IMO XIII Is Worrying tlie Vatican. Rome, Pec. 20.—The question who and what the next pope will be is the staple of Vatican conversation at present. Leo will be NO next March, and he Is subject to fainting fits which bode no good at his age. People arc beginning to analyze the components ot the sacred college and to study their leanings both political and religious, their chances of succeeding to the chair of St. Peter and even their stale of health. It is owing to this that the recent dangerous illness of Cardinal OregHu. excited so much attention. He was suffering from pneumoniaand is 70 years old. Leo was chamberlain when they elected him pope. Oreglla Is reported to have said before his Illness: "If even I am elected pope, I'll make a clean sweep of the Vatican," alluding probably to Rampoila and Mocenni, who live in the apostolic palace and art- Leo's conlldanls. KINO OF SWEDEN STUICKKN. .peeping ^MM^^^^^^^^^^^ Consumption Do not think for a single moment that consumption will ever strike you a sudden blow. It does not come that way. It creeps Its way along. First, you think It is a little cold; nothing but a little hack- Ing cough; then a little loss In weight; then a harder cough; then the fever and the night sweats. The suddenness comes when you have a hemorrhage. Better stop the disease while it Is yet creeping. You can do it with HOLIDAY GOODS Wo are prepared to ihow * lirgo iMornmnt at . , . O f mi Lace Curtains, For Hers, Table Covers. Bent CARPET SWBDPERS mads. Besides an Elegant SWok ot CARPETS and Room HIzoRUQS. A.Neerman&Son. OVERCOAT SALE have Now is your time to buy an Overcoat Cheap. \Ve 300 Men and Boys' Overocats, which we will sell for the next 20 days REQARDUESS OF COST. We must clear them out and it will pay you to come, and price before you purchase. Model Shoe S Clothing Co. You Brst notice th*t you cough less. The pressure on the chest Is lifted. That feeling of suffocation is removed. A cure is hastened by placingoneor Dr. Ayer's Cherry Pectoral Plaster over the Chest. A Book FfOOm It is on the Diseases of the Throat and Lungs. Writ* urn rrooty. We desire to call attention to our New FALL AND HOLIDAY And invite you to inspect our line of Beautifut Rockf.p ers, Parlor Pieces and Desks. Our stock is complete and our prices lowet than ever before. Foj good goods at low prices dedl .with the reliable ana olc established furniture house of 210 ft. Third Street. m ESCBJJSCE or sum OF INS is due not only to the originality and simplicity of the combination, but also to the care and skill with which It Is manufactured by scientific processes known to the OAUTOBNIA Fio Sraup Co. only, and we wish to impress upon all the Importance of purchasioK the true and original remedy. As the genuine Syrup of Figs Is manufactured by the (UuromKA Via Sraur Co, only, a knowledge of that fact will assut one in avoiding the worthless ImlUtlons manufactured by other par- tie*. The high standing of the CAM- VOBNU. Pio Bruup Co. with the medical profession, *»<! thfi satisfaction which the genuine Syrup of Figs has given to mUUotts of families, makes the name of the Company a guaranty of the eioeUenoe of iu remedy. It is far in ndvwwe of all other laxatives, as it act* on the kidneys, liver and bowels without irritating or weakening them, and it does not gripe nor nauseate. In order to gut IU beneficial effect*, please remember the name of the Company— CAUPORNIAPIGSYRUPCO. Eioapod Prlionen Recaptured. Wobash, tnd.,. Deo. 20.—James Wurd, the bank burglar arrested at North Manchester two month ago for blowing open the vault of the Flora bank, Retting $9,000, and who with Charles Hunt, in Jail for grand larceny, sawed out of the Corroll county Jail Friday night, was recaptured In Miami county. Hunt was also located In the same county and with Ward was taken back to Delphi. The capture was made by Deputy Sheriff Covlngton, who Hooded this part ot the state with telegrams to oflk-Ials i catch the fugitives. Killed In n Train Wreck. Indianapolis, Ind,, Dec. 20—The eastbound passenger train on tho Indiana, Docatur and Western railroad, due here at 3:60 a, m., was wrecked early in the morning near duion. ttfty-lwo miles west of the city. One passenger, T. M. Wells, county superintendent of Douglas county, Ills., was pinned and crushed beneath tho wreckage and died an hour after being token out. Seven others were Injured, though not, It is thought, fatally. Tho cause of the wreck Is unknown. Kxatnluliiir Auliual Flowon. Ann Arbor, Mich.. Dec. 20.—Professor McMurrlch of tho department of anatomy of the University of Michigan Is enuaged on the examination of a collection of actinia, commonly known us animal flowers. The work Is being done for the Hoyal Museum of Natural Science* of Berlin. The collection Is from the Pacific ocean, along the coast of Chill. Oscar II IK'coines Suddenly III and I» Con- Iliiod to Bed. London, Doc. 20.—The Copenhagen correspondent of The Daily Mail says that King Oscar II of Sweden and Norway has been suddenly taken ill and is now confined to his bed. Kins Oscar, who 4s the great-grandson of Naiioleon's famous General Bernadotte, was born Jan. 21, 1829, and succeeded to the throne on April 18, 1872, on the 6>Rlh of Charles XV. He married in June, 1S57, Princess Sophia of Nassau. From this union there are four sons: Gustav, duke of Wermland, born in Juno, ISfiS, new heir apparent to the throne: Oscar, duke of Gotland, born in November, 1S59, and who married Miss Elibo Munck, daughter of Colonel Munck, renouncing at the time of his marriage all right to succeed to the throne; Carl, duke of Wester- gotland, born in February, 1861, and Eugene, duke of Nerike, born in August, 1S05. I'romlM-s to l'l|;llt tlie liniperor. Rome, Dec. 20.—There is a hitch In regard to the plot of holy ground at Jerusalem, where the transition of the holy virgin is supposed to have occurred. The sultan gave the ground to Emperor William on the occasion of the letter's visit, and Wilhelm presented It to the Gefi'imn Catholics or Palestine. The sultan had bought the land for 12,600 Turkish pounds from an Arab, but forgot to pay it. The chief now claims the holy ground, and declares that no foreigner shall set font upon it. He has 40,000 Bedouin followers, and promises to'raise a row. Until Caused Ilotlisclilld'n Ileatli. London, Dec. 20.—It appears that Baron Ferdinand James de Rothschild, who has just died, wan suddenly attacked with Internal ualns while out walking. He was obliged to take to his bed, but he got better so rapidly that he. Insisted upon having a hot bath, against the instructions of his medical adviser. He swooned-Immediately afterward nnd never recovered consclousm-SH, dying In syncope. No one but hi» valet was present at his end. Uealli of Huron Napier. London, Dec. 20.—News lias been received here of the death ut Florence, Italy of Francis Naph-r, tenth Uuron Napier and Ettrlck, tho former ambassador who was minister to the United States from Great Britain in 1857. He was born In 1K11I and entered the diplomatic servlcejn 1S-10. FALL an • London, Dec. 20.—The Midland Kail- way company has ordered twenty freight engines in Philadelphia and New York, As a consequence of the engineers' strike the English firms are only «ble to cope with arrears of work. Flrnt New York Kii Route Home, Denver, Dec. 20.--Tlie special train on the Burlington railroad carrying homeward Colonel Barbour and staff and companies I and L of tho First New York regiment of volunteers, reached Hastings, Neb., at 7 o'clock In the morning. The second section carrying companies A. B and D, under command of Lieutenant Colonel Stalk- pole, Is several hours behind the first suction. ' Ilogui Money Ciijiluroil. Buffalo, N. Y., Dec. 20.—About J700 In spurious coin was captured In an Italian tenement house in Scott street. The supposed counterfeiters tire under arrest in the persons of Frank Ferrel and Pusciiiule Anlonach, who were captured during tho evening while cn- PRESIDENT AT MACON. Enthusiastic Crowds Welcome Him to tn» Georgia CMy. Macon, Ga., Dec. 20.—President McKinley arrived here at 9:30 a. m. He was received by a large and enthusiastic crowd. The presidential party drove out to the reviewing grounds where General Wilson's command passed before the president. At the station the presidential party was met by fifteen carriages. Lined up along the street was the Seventh cavalry, the bright yellow of their overcoat linings making a vivid contrast acainst the fog and drizzle that prevailed. After driving through the streets the president took his place on the reviewing stand. On one side of the chief executive stood General Wilson and on the other General Bates. As the brigades passed the respective commanders took their places on the stand with the presidential party. Despite the poor weather a large and enthusiastic crowd was on hand. Tha troops passed in review In this order: Third engineers (volunteers), Second Ohio infantry volunteers, Seventh volunteer Infantry, Tenth volunteer infantry, Third North Carolina infantry, Sixth Virginia Infantry, Seventh cavalry regulars. A memorial address was presented to the president by the confederate veterans. The now famous reference "to rare for the confederate dead," In the President's Atlanta speech, was framed In a huge wreath of llowers and placed on the pedestal of the confederate monument. The president nnd party left Macon on their special train for Augusta at 11:30, the trip being made over the Georgia road. This was the last stop of the notable tour. Fighting Continues ut Hollo. Manila, Dec. 20.—The Spanish steamer Brutus haw-arrived here from Hollo with 345 native soldiers and seven prlusts on board. Shu reports that fighting occurs at Hollo nightly and that the merchants there are anxiously walling the arrival of Americans to relieve the situation. The streets of Hollo are almost deserted. The Spanish olllcers admit that it Is Impossible for them to maintain their position at Hollo unless they are speedily reinforced. They are surrounded by superior forces ot insurgents, who are estimated to number 25,000 men. Against them the Spaniards have only 2,600 rjtles. American Federation of Labor, Kuntas City, Dec. 20.—The American Federation of Labor opened the second week of its annual convention with many resolutions still not passed upon. There was shown a desire to hurry through with the convention's business and sreech-maklng was left for another Ilino. Two resolutions adopted at the morning session petitioned congress to pass a bill giving to tho citizens of the District of Columbia the same rights of franchise enjoyed by the people of the states, nnd urging the government ownership of a system of telegraph lines, tlie postal telegraph system being favored. , Milt' Slollker was shot and killed at North Crandon, Wl«., by his cousin, Joseph Btoilker. The. trouble was caused by Joseph Slollker paying attention* to Milt Btollker'B ulster, Mrs. Helsel. • The most complete line of Foreign an<i Domestic Wool*- ens for Suits, Paiits and Overcoats, just received. Style, Fit, Workmanship and Prices guaranteed. Come and be Convinced before going elsewhere. . M. Merchant Tailor. 112 West Third sfc Henry Watson, Contractor and BuHdk . VlcAdam, Building Stone, Cut 6'tom Curbing, Doorsills, Window Sills, etc., etc., Alw«y» on hud. AUo., Deal^, la Cement, Lime, Sand and Plaster Paris Side Track! Running Into tho QuorrlM. ' i Telephone No. 31- AI TY)1V IIJL,. Residence 6a8 Alby «t /*L«H'l^f !*-**-»» J. Bauer & Sons FURNITURE, Undertakers and Embalmerg.|j Second Street.] J Opposite City Hall. Alton.!!!, • gaged In passing the counterfeit money. The counterfeiters 1 outfit has not been 'orati'd. _ Not tliu Mini Wuiltml. Btuunti'H, Ills., DJC. 20.—The man under nrrt-al i" Hwitlle, Wush., under suspicion of bvlng the murderer of ex- Btute Benntur Wall, Is not Otto Aleln- inir the farm hand who committed ths crime. The son of Mr. Wall is sure that ho Is not tho man wanted. O A. *»'*? tenth. Mice, Roaches, and Other Vermin. P»r S»l* by •» Drugging Prtc«. U C»ot». NEWTON IAHUPACTUB1NG & CHEMICAL CO., M WUIUB. «««t. N«w York. 7 . W. B URGESSl cor. Sixth and Aiby its Best Brands Staple and Fancy Groceries, Fruits, Vegetables, Buckwheat, Pancake Flour, Maple Sap, Fresh Oysters, Celery, Fresh Bread, Fancy Butter, Flour, Spices, Fine Teas and Coffees, etc. Telephone 69. No! it is not claimed that; Foley's Honey and Tar will cur« CONSUMPTION or ASTHMA in a4» vanced stages, it holds out no sucl false hopes, but DOES trwfbftilfe claim to always give comfort :m relief in the very worst cases afld |j the early stages to effect a cure, For sale by E Marsh and S. H.JWyM, ;

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