The Postville Review from Postville, Iowa on March 12, 1892 · Page 2
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The Postville Review from Postville, Iowa · Page 2

Postville, Iowa
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 12, 1892
Page 2
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The Postville Weekly Review. P09TVILLB, SAT'DAY, HAH. 13. W. N. BURDIOK, Editor. Bnltred at the potloffice at Postville a's 'stcond-clait matter. THE i-ABOB QTJE8TION. T HANKS to Congressman Duller for a bound volume of inutnorlnl Hclilrossus lo Ilia memory of Hon. Dnyiil Wilbsr, member of congress from New York. Tlis Galeli bill passed the senate last Tuesday, Senators Gntch and Drawer ruling willi (lio democrat*, iliut giving tlio bill '27 voles, onn rooru limn tlte «jnsliiulionul majority. We vory much doubt wlietlior it will sui-cccd in the home. Tate property from corporate debts, \ cnllRclIon, $10.37. Total, $ and not only that, state, which is di«- \ At the public meolinjjt buth Tuesday lingmaliexl for Us miunifncluric* nnd i nnd Wadncsdn* evenings tho Marnnnl other industries which employ a vast j opera liutiso wan unckad. The' gold number of hands, would be in an ] lutdal contest Tuesday evening wm a We givs tlio tolloTTtui; article, which ts attributed to Boh Ingersull, and is ifoinjj the rounds of tlio democratic and labor pruts, for the purpose of making som* fueblo comments on it: "Kvery man." says Colonel Ingor- aoll, •ought to he willing to pay for What he get*. He ought to desire to givo full vnliin received. The man who wants $2 worth ot work for $1 is not an honest man. The mnn who 'wants others to wovk to sueli an extent that their lives are burdciu Is utterly liaartloss. The toil of the world should continually decrease. Of what uso ar» your invontiotm if uo burden is lifted from industry? If no additional comforts find llioir way to lite home of labor, why should labor (ill the world With wealth and live in wantf Kvnry labor saving machine should help thn whole world. Every one should tend lo shorten lho hours of labor. K UIVIOII- nblo labor is a source of joy. To work for a wife :iml child, to toil for thoso wo love, Is hnppincsa provided wo c:in make them happy. Dut to work like u slave, to »oo your wife and children in I'ags, to sit ut a table wln're food is coarso and scarce, to vise at four in tlio morniug, to work all day nnd throw ' your tired bone? upou a misertiblo bod at night, to live without leisure, without rest, without making those you love comfortable and happy —this Is not living, it is dying, a slow, lingering cru- cihxion. The hours of labor should be shortened. Willi the vast and wonderful improvements of the ntncleunlh century there should bo not only the necessaries of life for those who toil, hut the comforts and luxuries as well. What is a reasonable price for lanor? I answer: Such a tiriVu as ivill enable a man to live, to have the comforts of life; to lay by something for hi* declining years, so that he can lnivo his own homo, hit own fireside; so that hn can presorve the feelings of a m m. I sym­ pathise with every honest v.tCorl mndo by thn children of labor to improve their uondiliou. That is a poorly gov- orned country in wliieli those who do tlio most liavo tho least. There is something wrong whan men are obliged to bog leave to toil. We are not vol a civilizod people. When wo are, pauperism and crime will vanish from our land." Perhaps one of the hardest crilicisms on Injersoll's theology, or luck «f it, for him to answer, is '.he assertion that whole aim of his assault on chris- "C ZAU K KKII" has been triumphantly vindicated by the supromo court of the United States in his rulings as to a quorum by the ur-auimous decision of the court, democratic as well as republican members. 'Ihis is glory enough for an ex-spenker am! for the party of which ho is a distinguished member, and no one enn rationally dispute the justness and common sense of his position. It is only a shamu thai the rule was so long allowed to prevail that to beat a measure members could sit in tkeir seals and refuso lo vote, thus preventing a quorum nnd blocking the wheels of legislation. It never can bo dono any more by aay party. If a member la present he will bo counted present whether ho voles or not. Iho tianily is to tear down and build nothing in its place—to take away the stall' the christian leans upon and ofTer him no support in its stead. To ns it suoius that a similar criticism is applicable to tho above article. It is all vory nice to say, in well rounded periods, that the laboinr should havo not only thn neccs sarics but the comforts of life, and thai kis hours of work should bo shortened and made so easy that his labor woald only prove a pleasant pastime. But Hob forgets to tell us how this is to bo accomplished, and MiU is just what mankind has been looking to And out for G,000 yoars, or since our first parents were driven from the garden, with the curse "in the sweat of thy faco shall thou oat bread." Glittering fenoi nlities sound pretty but they eon- tain no meat. Mr. Itigcisoll wants #400 a night to deliver his lectures, and he wauls $26,000 or $60,000 attorney's fee lo presacute an' important case in the courts. How, then, can ho advooato the rich giving all the profits of their business to tho laborers, instead of retaining it themselves, as ho is doing? Mr. Ingersoll will not take his own medicine and nobody elso will take it as loag ns huruiib nature remains as it now is. Nnturo and education havo given him a capital that will command a dividend of $500 a day, and ho lakes it. Tho samo forees havo given the largo majority of men a capital that will command only one or two dollars a day ami we take that. In other Aords wo nil take just what we can get, no move and no less, and it is all based on supply and demaul. If there wero as many Ingersolls as there arc common laborers he would havo to work nt tho samo prioo they do or starro, as go mo of thorn do. No law has ever been devised by man, or will r.e, that cau put tho raett on an equality so that one man cau have or hold just as much as every other man, nnd whoever talks it, wuolhei It bo Ingersoll or anybody elso, talks nousenso. It is tho moat egregious error of our. times to sappose that every man who carefully saves a few hundred or thousand dollars, as tho case may bo, and goes Into business, has left the ranks of labor and should be the legal and rightful prey of all other classes ot meu. Nine out of leu of these men who oiubark in business would die bettor ofl if thoy had oontin tied In tho rolo of employes rather than employers. And more than this their labor would have boon lighter nud their mental strnia ten fold loss. You cannot make nil Ingersoll ora Jay Uould out ot every man, neither cau you bring ihsra down to tho level of the average man. Ami about l<ie only thing you oau do is to let each occupy the sphere that nature assigns him. just as has been done all through the past. At least wo must do this until some ot the great reformers blaze the way that leads up to the Utopia of which, they dream, but which, up to dato thoy have not, uufoldod to the average vision. P EKIO XAI .I.T we think the Stale Register away oft iu its demand that the statu convention instruct its delegates for Jas. ({. Blaine. No republican can be placed on Ihw delegation but is a friend lo Iilaiuo and would bo glad to sse him president. But he hns declined to be a candidate and for Iowa lo nstruct for him would be almost an open insult to President Harrison. It would be perfectly safe to let the delegation go uiiinstructed, and we believe it would bo the proper tiling to do. When the convention assembles at Minneapolis the proper thing lo do will bo to present the best and most ayail- nblo name and then rally avour.d it wiih unanimity and proceed to elect our man. No paper iu thu state abuses Hill (if stivh a thing is possible) more venomously, from day to day, thau the democratic Dubuque Telegraph. And yot it has beon forced to the wall and com pelted to admit that it will support Hill zoalously for the presidency if ho is nominated by the democrats for that position, (f this is not 111* height of parly subserviency wo would like to know what is. If it was merely a personal grudge, or a diidike to the man from sonio trivial cause, tho position of tho Tolegrapli would be tcnablo and proper. Hut ihis is not the case. He is denounced ns a aorruptloulsl, a stealer of a state legislature and everything thai ought to make a man contemptible su<l beneath the dignity of any ollico. It even went so far in a lending editorial lasl (Saturday overling as to advise his expulsion from the U. S. senate. And there is no doubt but everything it says is true. And yet. if by a continuation of frauds, steals and corrupt practices he succeeds in securing the nomination, thou he will be supported as heartily ns though lie wero the best man in thu United States! If party politics hava got to this level, toon indeed, may we have gravo fears for the republic. It is offering a premium for the most gigantic frauds ever perpetrated, and no honest man may ever hope In secure the nomination to any oflice. It would bo an honor ami a credit to tho democracy to be dofeated with such a candidate and li would be a disaster to It to elect stioli a man. We know that the desire for party success is great, but no party eau afford success at tho prieo of dishonor. While tho democratic party has fow statesmen in its ranks it has many puro and honest meu, oven besides Cleveland. One of theso it is its right to domaud as a candidate. If they aro all ignorod and such a man is Hill is put up for their sufl'ragos it is not ouly their right but thoir duty lo refuse lo support him. Wo do not bellevo that the party will dare lo nominate him, but if it does wo havo confidence enough in the American people to defeat him by an overwhelming majority. ABOUT CORPORATIONS. uproar and confusion, but every state in the union would follow suit. Not because capital was intimidated or threatened with confiscation, but because laborers everywhere saw tho greatest possible danger to themselves by such legislative interference with tho corporations which furnish them employment. It is folly to denounce corporations aa monopolies. There are monopolies that aro oppressive, overbearing nnd tyrannical, crushing wherever they ean get In their blows 'o advantage, but as a rule they derive none of their powers to so - crush from the fact of their being corporations. A partnership wilh three members, each pu'ling into the business a million of dollars, will prove more of an obnoxious monopoly, grinding and oppressing labor and the public, than a corporation with that amount of capital stock. The corpora- lion would probably have a hundred members, and a hundred persons will not oonibino to raiso prices in tho manner three persons would. The parent industries which employ the armies of men are not private partnerships. The reason is obvious. A man with a million dollars' worth of property which ean be taken for his debts will net go into partnership with men who each own but $10,000 worth of property. Ho is not going to place his million where lliroo or four men with SIO .000 can cranio debts for bim to pay up to thu extent of his million. In CHSO or bankruptcy his million may go and their ten thousand is all Ihey can lose. Wktn capital must lake such a risk it will not bo investod. THIRD ANNUAL SESSION Of Northeast District Lodge No. 1, I. O. O. T., Hold at .Maynard, Fsb'y 33, 134 and 85, 1893. The report of tho committee ou credentials showed tweutr-two lodge, represented by sixty delegates present. There were also about twenty-lira visiting honorary inumbors in attendance, aud wilh the Maynard Good Templars, il was the largest meeting ever held *,u tho district. The district degree was eonfoired upon sixty-seven delegates and honor ary mcmbors. The District Chief Templar announced his appointments of committees on juvenile work, gospel work, literature, oy-laws, courtesy and advisory eom- miltce. The oflicers' reports wore presented and adopted. The report of tho secretary gave tlio present membership of district at 1490, an Increase of nearly 100 per cent during the year; an addition of nineteen new lodges; seventeen with a meniborslrp of 641 organized br Sister Anna Id. Tyng, who in her work had paid her salary and expenses, oxcept $G.7G, from collections in the field, tho dislrict lodge paying for the supplies of lodgos organized W136; Sister Tyng's work in the district had also added largely to tho membership and efllnienay of many old lodges. The treasurer's report summarized marie tho following excellent showing: I.EITUVE Fl.'NO. DR. On hand Fob. 25, '92 $ 67 97 Receipts 300 59 success in demonstrating that Northeast District, No. 1, possesses some most excellent ornloneal talent, in pleasing the large audience ns aliened by the attentive interest and enthusiastic applause, aud iu giving expression to wholesome temperance sentiment and truths. The contestants were Misses I'erlo /olinson, Kosa While, Edith Ellis. Maud Day, Ucua Hill, May Wilbur and Kra (jibbs. The judges "awarded the medal to Miss Eva Oibbs, of Wnnkoii. Hon. D. V. Wright, of Charles City, presented it in a happy spoeeh, iu the course of which he took occasion to say that the young Indies had all done so well that Mr. Demurest should have setil a gold medal for each one. , The exercises of tho Wednesday- evening meeting evoked much enthusiasm. Interesting papers were read by (?. S. J. T., Mrs. E. M. Remington, of (,'ednr Rapid*, and Grand Scc'y, Perry Perkins, of Des Moines, both of which wcu< well received. Hon. B. F. Wright, of Charles City, gave a rousing address on prohibition, presenting his views iu strong and convincing words and impressing his arguments wilh apt and forceful illustration. Throughout the papers and address Iho stubborn facts and earnest appeals wero saudwiched wl'.h bits of wit aud humor that made most palatablo the Intellectual feast of the ovening. A pleasant surprise was tha prcsenta- liou to Sister Anna M. Tyng, our district lecturer and orgauizer, of a gift of silverware, as a token of the appreciation nnd esteem of her friends all ovor the dislriet. Bro. U. L. Hubhell made the presentation in titling words, and Sister Tyng gracefully responded, ami If sho tried, did not conceal the fact that to be thus remcmbured by those among whom she had labored most faithfully and successfully, was very gratifying. The" exercises ot both evenings were interspersed with excellent music by tho Maynard choir, and well rendered solou by Miss Belle Day, of Mnynard, aud Miss Maud Starrett, of Minneapolis. It was said, by thoso who know, that this Mnynard session was the largest and best and most euthusias'.ie district lodge session ever held in the state. M. J. N ICHOLSON, D. C. T. E. M. W OODWAKD, Dint. Sec'y. ITS! —Brother "J. II." delivers another exhaustive locturo iu favor of socialism In this week's Graphic. The "constitution and by-laws" and nil tho theories of socialism are given. There seems lo bn nothing to reply to, as no course is mapped out or advocatd to briug about the leveling procoss. ALL READY. POISONED DISHE9. Are Incorporations Detrimental' to the Public QoodP 6EX&TOR A IUSOH is not a candidate for president. A better man could not be solooted, but it is not always the oaso that It is politic even to nominate tho best men, when there are so many good ones to seleot from, r sssMBjsjssvsBSBesesfSBas 1 T HB Iowa state republlsan convention will convene at Dee Moines ce*t Thursday. We don't believe It will be very full convention. Td« spriug election, In ll>« »sst are vtry Urxvljr (;oing rtpubliosD, This Is ft )t » Tory Urgf straw but itlll it It * >fMr *«r- ICUnton Age] The Ago answers emphatically no! Thu Age is also as omphalic in tho declaration that there aro uo politics for tho doiriooratio parly in the wholesale denunciation of incorporations. "Down wilh monopolios" may bo a popular cry, but the gre.U voting world will mark the wide distinction botwoen Incorporations nnd monopolies. If the farmer is excepted eight-tooths of tho pooplo of Iho United States who earn wages receive them from corporations. Tho farm, too, is benefitted in an extraordinary degree in the samo manner. There is not a farm implo- inent from tho hoo to the threshing tnaohino but has boon materially cheapened by incorporations, nnd could not have been so cheapened in any other way. There is not an article of clothing that eutors tho farm house but has beon mado cheaper by tho machinery and labor employed by corporations. Corporations have iu the past fifteen yoars roduood tho pvioe of ooal—both antliraolto and bituminous -fully ouo- half, nnd thoy hare reduced tho price of lumber during that Umo more than one-third. In n word the eost of getting ready to llyo comfortably and Jiving comfortably has boon materially lessoned by tho oporations of corporations. Evorythlng ot muoh moment has a corporation behind It. Go into any eity in America nnd It will bo found that tne thrifty industries are managed by corporations, and tkey could uot have been built up in any othor way. All the prosperous building associations are Incorporated, and a million homos testify to the wonderful benefits derived therefrom, aad these associations could not do business except they. were incorporated, And those homos might never have been built except tor those associations. Labor understands till* faot, nnd will tlje laborer be a party to sweoph.'g away a plan of organi- isntiQU which has enabled him to build and own a bomeP •. • ". TJts prosperity of the labovev depend* upon the prosperity ot corporations. A blow struck nt the corporations is a blew struck at labor. Introduce & bill in the Pennsylvania legislature to »bol- Jih corporations, »r to vepeal that pro* vili »tt:«oi the. yWlvtoh : pr|. Total $45K 5C CONTHA. Disbursements . On hand Feb. 24 '92 .»1»B 74 . 161 82 $3i8 6C INCIDENTAL FUND. On hand Feb. 24, '92 s) 5 Receipts 31 Total. ..«7 41 COXTIU. Disbursements $18 20 On hand Fob. 24, '92.. 19 21 $ 37 41 JUVENILE Ft;ND. Receipts $ 14 65 On hand Feb. 84.... 9 14 65 Total on hand in all funds... .$196 G8 Reports were submitted from all lodgei represented showing ft livo y interest ir and determined devotion to the principles and work of Good Tom- plary. The committee on audits reported that they had examined tho reports, books and accounts of tho secrotary and treasurer and found thom eorrect. The report was adopted. The following bills were audited and ordered paid: Mrs. A. M. Tyng. supplies, Ac. .887 78 B. F. Wright, pub'g card 10 00 II . M. Woodward, salary and expenses SI 35 M. J. Nicholson, D. C. T. expenses i 25 Sol Gliitllay, Trees, expenses. . 4 75 Mayunrd Opera House Co., rent l r > 00 Tho following oflloors for tho onuulng year wore elected, appointed and duly installed by Graud Secretary Perry Perkins, of Dos Moines: Wairlct C. T., M. J. Nicholson, of 0««ian. " • V. T.. Mrs. Laura SiiaUv of Hnwkcyo. " Coun., L. S. Knckur, of Wndena. " S. J. T., Mis. Anna Mutton, of Alphtii. " S BC'V, E. M. Woodward, of Lansing. '• Trnus., Sol Glattloly, of Elina. " Chap.. U. 11. Gibba, of Wuukon. " M., rhos. Uoylo, of Ossian. " A. Sec'y, V. b. Ambrose,-ot Volga. " G., Finnia Maynard, of Maynard, " S., B. Uttlrueyer, of Douglass. " D. M„ Llzzto Richards, of Castatla. Bro. G. h. Hubbell, of Wankon, was rooommendod as District Deputy. Tho following were elected representatives lo the Grand Lodgo: L. S. Kuoker, M. J. Nicholson and G. L. Hubbcil, with G. W. Van Atten, Sol Glattloy and A. L. Davis, alternates, On motion the secrotary was dirooted to eanso tho card of tho district to be puelishod In tho Iowa Tempertiaco Magazine. On motion it was ordered that tho district subscribe for twenty copies of the Iowa Temperance Magazine for the Inmates of the state Feforin school.' The D. C. T. appointed the following standing committees: On audits—W. II. Naco, H. S. Tucker, A. L. Davis. State of tho order—G. U. Hubbell, G. W. Vau Atten, M. Vlndell. Programme—E. M. Woodward, A. D. Miller, C. A. Rood. Jnrenilo work—Sister Anna Iloltou, Miss Graco Irvine, Mrs- Dr. Ayors. Revision by-laws— G. L>. Hubbell, Miss Nellie Abbott, A. Davis. Medal contest—John £. Mills, E. B. tttbl-s, Eva Slble. Resolutions wore adopted condemning the sale of iutoxlnating liquors at thu Columbian Exposition; thanking' Ike Iowa senate for the defeat ot the Schmidt lleoase bill; favoring full oili- zonship and suffrage for tho women ot Iowa; urging tha free use ot teniper- anao literature and especially commending the Iowa Temperance Magazine; endorsing tho movement ot tne. Werld'a Woman's Christian Temperance Union in endeavoring to secure from governments of the. world tho prohibition of the opium and liquor I raf­ fias; oalling attention to iho imports nee of juvenile temperance work and u( organizing juvenile temples throughout the district; expressing appreciation tor tha preseuoe, at our sessions, of our •onle workers Brothers Perkins and Wright and Sisters Remington and Tyugi and extending, most hearty thanks to Maynard lodge and the kind people of Mayaavd for their cordial welcome and meit generous hospitality, Doeorah was Qhostn tha place for the uext annual sewion. v Tho rtoelpts w«e district degree foes, THEIR WAY8 DIFFERENT. Uow n Mint mid Woman Act When Af- IllotuU wlt!i rtvurtitclie. It's funny the different ways men and women have headache.". A woman has a headache and she walkn around Iho house wilh it wrapped in a hntidkereliief dipped In bay rum, and nlm scolds the sorvanlM, adininlsl rs punishment to the child that don't need It, nnd wonders what In the world »ho ever not married for, nnd wlxhes ulio were dead, and then tins a cup of tea about every three-quarters of an hour. Stio s:iya hive in lnttln It "wear oft;" but lt.'ii the faintly who endure th'> wonriiiK proer-aa, and until i headache has become notlibiK but i memory (be entire establishment en durct< It. When a man t'etn a headache ho comes home and annoimccR thai he lu going to die, and then he goes to bed, line ihc doctor sent for, tahoH whatovor he gtveH him, nrnnnx, and iiinkc» a great time generally, gets* the iiympathy of the en tire household, and the day after to morrow la quite well and ready to go down town and tell how noar he came to dyl.'g, what a close enll ho had, and how only tho skill > t tho doctor and the nursing of I I I H wife saved him. Now tho man's way Is decidedly tho best. He gots rid of tho caiifto of the headache, and as tho entire household has been moaning, 'Toor papa!" ho has their sympathy. Tho woman just lets tho headache go awuy, irritates and upsota evorybody, and It 1 B certain that it will oomo back another day. Sermonn In Saltre. Tho right kind of a emtio novor hurts a prayer mooting. If you sot up for a growler you can always be busy. Thore 1 B UO mansion In heaven for the man who Is mean to his wife. Every time you look at a sin It seems to bnoomo a Utile better-looking. There Isn't a bit of rollglon In making a boy do a man's work with a dull hoo. It la only whrn a man gots whoro he I HIB nothing left to be proud of that tho devil loaves him, Pooplo who blow their own horns do not always furnish good muBlo for othor pooplo. Tho religion that Is noisy In church ts somotlinen vory qulot In places whoro It la more needed. Praying to tho congregation may sound very nlco, but It never attracts any attention In heaven. It Is a stop toward heavon to find out that wo nro mado of tho samo kind ol clay as other people. A Question tlutt Piisxlos. Tho question whether stolen goods ought to be charged to tho thief at wholesale or retail rales Is one that has more than onoo ongiigod tho attention ot tho courts, says a lawyer. It la often a KOitous nuittor for tho prisoner whothor tho goods nro cntlinntod at wholesalo or retail, for tho difference sometimes amounts to that between grand and petit larceny. In several oases the courts havo allowed tho prisoner the benefit ot wholesalo rates, and thus rated his crimo as petit larceny, but, as a rule, thefts of gooda from a ntore are eetl muted at retail, for, as a judge sold not long ago, "Considering tho way tho prlaoner came by the goods, wo oan hardly afford to wholesalo thom to him," i:utUlhn CanmiUed, Dean Stanley stated onoo that Buddha was canonized IIH St. Josaphot, who la commomoratod Nov. 27, by tho ohuroh, and tho statement caused muoh dlsoue slon In England. A oortaln monk—Sti John of Damascus, ho says— was orodlt od with a religious romance oalled "Life ot Dnrlaam and Josaph," It has boon most distinctly proved that tho Story was derlvod from tho story of lluddha. Tho moral tono of tho book mado It vory popular In the Middle Ages, and oVent uully tho hero of tho story was onnon Ized. Tho faota avo vouohod for by many clerical participators In tho dls- etisslo :. WliAt Were Regarded In Olden tinjn aa I 'reserratlTen Ag*alnnt Polaon. Wlien dishes are now served covered it is understood that It is merely for tho purpose of keeping them warm. This was not, howevnr, tho principal reason why they were served covered during the dark and middle ages. It was the fear that polBon might be Introduced Into them surreptitiously between tho cuisine and tho table where thoy wero to lie served to the kings, or the lords, or even to persons of Inferior rank. The covers were not removed till the master of the house had taken hla place. All dishes nfterward served wore, brought on the table In tho same maunor. It wns the custom originally when the dishes were uneoverod for some of the servants to llrst partake of them, but this custom was afterward In part replaced by tlio servants touching tho food with one of several objects which were regarded as InTnlllble preservatives against poison. ThrBe objocts wore the horn of the unicorn, a serpent's tongue, tho fabulous stone found In tho head of the toad, serpentine, agate, etc. The llrst was considered the best, but as the unicorn never existed, Its horn was roplaced by Hint of the narwhal or by a shark's tooth, which wero sold by all tho druggists Instead of it and under Its name. Many persons kept a small pieco of it at tho bottom of their drinking glassos. Unicorn's horn was so rare and precious that It wns worth more than ten times lt» weight In gold. It wan nover proved that the stoiio alleged to come from the head of the tond had that origin, and the druggists who Bold It know thnt what they vended was a mineral dug out of tho earth, but this did not prevent the fraud or put en end to tho superstition. In the time of Louis XIV. and L OU I B XV. the faith In theso talismans had considerably weakod, but all tho dlshos placed on tho royol tablos wore touched, as well as the plate, tho napkin, tho knlfo.the fork nnd toothpick of tho monarch, with a piece of broad, which tho chief of tho goblot at onoo swallowed. Men and Has; Compared. It Is a poor sort of a dog thnt hasn't moro soul than somo men, and what is going to become of all that excess of soul? nsks a writer. Is It going to loso Itself among the murky folds of oblivion like a craft that puts to Bca In a fog, while tho bestlnl nature which animates a tricky, sensual, unfaithful mnn goes on and on forever. Take tho beBt man you can pklt from nvonige llfo; doprlve iilm of spoi oh, blight him wilh popular prejudice, let him go without food und water, hound him with a dog-catohor and a laseo, give evil-hearted boys tho right to torment him, visit your wrath upon him every time be opens his mouth to greet the moon, or frolics off with an old shoo or a discarded cap just lo show the fun Hint's lu htm; tie tin cans to his coat tails and club him if he manifests a proper resentment, and If you will show mo as much of nobility, long suffering, patience, forbearance and forgiveness left In that man's soul oftor twenty-four hours of such a llfo ns Is manifested by tho poorost little mongrol cur that trots tho streets I will draw you a sight draft for a dollar! Yrs, sir; If there is going to be a heaven for some men, there will be an immortality tor all dogs. That explains the condition of this concern to a dot. Our store is full of seasonable goods, and wo are full of energy and honest intentions. Wo therefore feel warranted in announcing ourselves all ready for business, and rcspeotfuliy invite the .mention of the public for a few moments while wo endeavor to show that this annonncejrrnt is of vital importance to you all. Wo are expending our best efforts to conduct a sue- cessful business, and arc sharp enough lo see we eau do so only by gratifying the wants of our patrons. That is what we aro here for, and that is just what we propose to do. If you want to be edified, gratified and almost stupefied by big bargains nnd kind treatment, come right alorg, and we will 1111 you so full of contentment and brotherly lovo thnt you will want to giro every man you meet a quarter. UUR AIM is To sell only first-class goods. To sell thorn as low as we possibly can. To sell only such goods as wo cau recommond. To please all who favor us with their patronage To represent our goods only ns we believe thsni to be. To troat everybody honestly aud fairly as we would ourselves be »reatod. That sounds good. Has the right kind of a ring, does it not? and now plunso bear iu mind wc praulico just exactly what we preach. You need not take our word for it, but come in at aey time aud see. for you rselves. And uow n word in regard to our sleek. We, of course, think it is nice. Wo know wo have made nn honest effort lo socuro the very best nrlicles iu our line to be found in the market, and know no one can buy closer than we have. The goods aro hero In our store, we hare marked the goods as low ns wo possibly can. the result must depend upon oar aciions, and wu do not worry over thu Issuu. Wo only ask the people to examine OHV good*, loam onr prices, and follow their own eonvic- tions. I'hanking old friends for the cordial support we lure leeched at their bands in the past, and promising our best efforts to merit a share of yo«r future patronage, we remain Very truly yours, Wu. KLUSS, POSTVIU.K. loWA, Manufacturer and dealer in all kinds of harness, ami all other goods belonging to the trade. A full and uomplete stock nlways on hnnd. P. S. We have some Winter Goods yet and aro anxious to have theui all sold, therefore will sell the balance at strictly cost prices. DANIEL A. JERAliD, ^£erclia,ixt Tailor, Postville, Iowa. All wovk ^warranted io give satisfaction. A full line of the latest styles in samples. Wm. SHEPHERD, ATTORNEY AT LAW, Insurance Agsnt and Collcotor, Authorised to practice In all the courts of iho state. Ofllciu OTOI Lien's store, brisk block. POSTVILLE - - IOWA. RAILROAD TIM Postville Dray Line P. J. BEUCHER. Prop. Having purchased the origins. Postville Dray Line I am prepared to d<< all kinds of" draving promptly, carefully and satisfactorily. Good teams, good drays and enreful drivers rlways at tho service of Iho public, at fair prices. All kinps of light or heavy hauling. In town or country promptly done. Granite Cemetery Work, Iron Fouces, Curbing &C. Those intending to purchase Monumental work for future delivery will find il to their advantage l iexamine M. V. Kidder's Granite Work in Cemeteries, as he is doing llrst-elass work at as low prices as eau be procured in tho country. If be has not called upon you drop him a curd at Doeorah and he will l,o pleased to visit you with Designs and samples of all kinds of (Iraultu, at tho lowest possible prices. M. V. KIDDER, 34m6 Decorah, Iowa. L. STROEBEL & SON, — rnopuiKTom or -Postville Boot and Shoe Store. (AT AIUtSTROSO S nOLTXn's OLPNTAStl.) Have a full line of Hoots. Shoes, sTTJlV pels, Rubbers aud everything kept in a No. I general shoe store. Custom work and repairing nently and promptly done. Kverv pair warranted. We keep no sho.ldy. On and attor Snndef trains on the C. M. leave Postville as follol ooixo IA I Passengers] Ho.2. No. 4 (night) Freights. No. lu Chicago Skook. No. 6 Way N«. 12 Milwaukee Stock | DOIKO WEST; Passengers. No. 1 night No. 3 Freights. No. 7 Way Freight.... No. 9 Time Freight No. 11 Time Freight... All Freight trains, mention! No. 12, carry pasietofes »sgrrje| with proper iransporflnion. between N. McC IcGregor Ind Ma M. E. TA SJ COTT, Tho "(Jui>,>ii'h IMpo" H UM (;oun Out. Another one of the relies of fho past has been dono away with, nnd the last week of the old yonr saw It fall Into "Innocuous desuetude." This wus tho Queen's pipe. Her majesty's pipe was a systom of furime H which went by thut uamo, and which have been used for many years to burn up all the tobacco solzod by tho custom house authorities whtch was not subtequnntly released by tho payment of Iho nocoBsary duties within six months after thn seizure, fiomeono in authority thought that thlB was a roeltless and wholesalo consuming of tho weed. Ho thought, too, of tho hundreds of poor In tho various almshouses, prisons nnd similar Institutions, eoatte.ied over tho length and breadth of tho land, to whom somo of this wasted tobacco would bring unspeakable solneo and dollght. Ho thoroforo wont to tho authorities, and tho result Is n stop, onoo nnd forever, to the burning of tho contraband tobacco, which will lu tho future bo turned ovor to the uso of the Inmates of the above-named Institutions, I.iuly WIM O'H Curoer. Lady Wlldo, tho moat illustrious Irish woman of tho day, Is leading a brilliant llfo in Loi don. Thereat her residence on Ouliley street aro given thoso rooop- tlons to illustrious men and women from various parts of tho world which, before her husband's death, In 1872, wore suoh a feature of her life in Dublin. .Mrs. W'lldo, nee Elgeo, was a brilliant political writer for thu Irish Nation In 1847, and for somo of hcruttoranoos tho editor was arrested and tried. In 1U51 she married William Wlldo, a famous ooullst and aurlst. and also a colobratod trav- 0. r, antiquarian and Celtlo soholar. Her most charming writings are her "Ancient Logonds and Superstitions of Ireland" and "Ancient OureB and Charms," both filled with the fanciful and quaint traditions of hot- people. Her two sons, William end Osoar, are known horo, tho former as tho husband of Mis. Frank Losllo and tho latter as an njBthetlo apostlo who yoars ago visited us. JAPANESE FII B. C. R.&n!r, •AJID Not LEAVING AND A! TIME OF p DRCOIIAII DIVHInl. Time Tabic in effect Nov. Passenger going North... .1: " South. 4: Freight. " North, ....3 J. E. D EK 1892. Harper's Bi ILLUSTRATI ^ijtfiprr'* 1B a JouriykA i glvilriliu lntvul iufoniirUCoh tr KiiHhiorhitJUMi-tnc mimorouft .Uu»tr«l (ionfuifl, and pnttcrn-ihfet •uiipletnl iinliBiiraaubto tillka to U\« home ui«»»ml tlio profunisiniinl mudiitto. No rxpiliie if to muko Us urtlntto (itirtiutWeneia ol thfl onlor. Its bright KtorlvB, ninustug nnd thoughtful uasaoa atvtUIy all tut** Inst prt^c ia fninuiis as a budtfat ofl humor, In its wetvkly lianas OTfliythiJ cLuilml which I* of lutcroftt to womon. fi!n fur IH01 will ho written by WalUr William IllKok. Mrs. OHahaiift contributor. Munon Iiarfmnd 'i A Guaranteed (;»vi HI fJecrru- -Kxtrimil, IWrhiiiK, Clnctiic, \U Kfjmdv hut. nu .itiw fi'T ViU:s ol whatever kind, Jilind or Ilh^'diiM;, rem nr 11 t>j cdiiaiv. This IlltVtr llCtMl kllmWI ((• f ;ul. >!.«'(» a l »<iX, (. l.-uji-s tm 3j ,.c»; still h\ m.til |.j en riiiMpt of piic.\ A wimcn C, uni ,< uitc tivelv mvtii to tut it JII-K I I.IMT of <» bvw-„ in ;rilt;is"il ;tl vuf tin;.:, tu ifftiiui thu 5^.. •> i, nut cured. Gii,ii;wiiit- issutd hv k. N. norci'.Ayy, umxb, Solr Afif nt, !'(••.tvilk\ luna. •pa hi I osi- JAS. M»:K\Vl-:N, Osmtrt. Wintar Excursion* to Warm or Olimoj. JCxoursion Tii'kol.i to Mux ton, (* H H- foi'iilti, Georgia, North Carolina, Klor- J U H , tha Gulf Count, T CXAI , Hot Springs of Aikxnnns, Kxcfflsiot* Spring of Missouri, now on *n)o by a«unU of the Chicago, Milwankue & 3*, Paul Unil- vruy. Apply fur rates ttsul oihur information to tho nftMvst agont, or atUlross Gi'.o. II. IluuAVmt, Gtmoral Passenger Ag«nt t Chicago, Illinois. CITIZENS STATE BANK, l 'l /STVII.I .E, IOWA. PAID UP CAPITAL, f25,CC0. TluiaJ "]>nv In end Day Out,"ar> Intend* roiis, nnd IIi'lou Mnrehsll North will spaoialljr nrtiln'iis utvls. T.\V.Hlij9luson in "Womsn »nd Mon," will plouso it cultivated audltns*. HABFEH'S PERIODICALS Par Yaart IIAHPKR'B BAZAH HAUPP,.l'H UAGAZIKB flAHZ'HH'H "WEEKLY IIAIU'UU'K YOUNG I'lECrLK.^ FoBtatto Vrro in nit ftubKcrfben btttU'it, Crtnndu. and Mexico. 'iho Volumes of tho Ua*ar beglnn niimbor fur -Iimuary of eacli ye* tiinn iu mentioned, iiibHcrlpttont i' tho Number current (it time ofrooot^ Dimud Volumes of Harper'* Ba y ntii'fi lir .de, In nmit cloth hiudtri(( t *f hy mail, nosUtfo paid, or by eipp oijjoiihu dirovided thoiwifcsV' oii6 Bollur pur vetutuett'tov £7 I Cloth Oifcff! for oacli voluiiS|_ binding, will ho sent by, receipt of $1 00 ornnh. Iti'iiilttiUiooH uhonld bo mado byji Money Order or l>rtift, tn avoid clianol NcKBpnpoi 's aro not to copy tbt* advfl without tho *ipn;ii« otdcr of Harper »r Addreia: H AHVEI. &. B ROTUKUB . Ni —Hotel Tnlltr was crowded to its utmost capacity laat Sunday night, twolvo trumps Inking lodgings with him. J. SHEPHERD M.D. t PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON, U. S. rilKSIOft BXlUmBB. 0fllc9 tbt rosldsneo on Oroon sbrsel, second house Bust ol H OT AMoNeil's Unrdwase, F.J. BECKER, M. D., ECO MEOPATHIC PHYSICIAN AMD BUIiQKON. Oftloo ou Bocouil Flooi' ol Parker's Building, neur PuilolBcu, Postville, lows. Uo ti (ifia'iiil ])*i,l>ii'g' lliisinris. ami uell Kurtti^ii nul Uiiiustii: cliHii(r<\ Accounts it Fin nn in, chains ami uilicrs iccoiml r.iiri f 11 11 V |lK'tf('U(l. Itiliiivsl );iu'(l in Tine J)( p(«iiM. Invfutiimnls insilo i<;f i niniilc jiailics on farorsltle lerms. I'ltV Kx- Mvi- cisro DRAINS OF QOLD. L OVB fills most scanty moasures. Oiii and truth got uppermost at last, I N Jealousy thoro Is more solf-lovo than lovo. T HE oharnotorlBtlo of heroism is Its persistency. NiaiiT brings out stars as sorrow shows us truth. T HE man who borrows trouble always has to pay big Intorost. T UB dovll always toltos a (loop lntor- OBt in tho people who got too busy to pray. Tan lovo of glory oan only create a horo; the aontompt of it only malcos a great man. H IGH profession and low living aro two things: the dovll is always vory glad to see In anybody, T UB man who does a good ilrod only for pay will do a bad oni just us quickly, if the prioo la raised, W BBUS novor grow when watohed, but turn your baek, and how they jump, It Is the samo with sine, I JBAST of all do wo saorllloe anything when wo deny some pleasant Hung'to th«! body to gratify the. heart, T BH rloboat man ta not tho one who bu tho most money, but'iho one whp' satlslled'WltU th,e im^i U you'wlsli ^p' opitoftr agroeablf In ip»j *l«ty you mu »v wu»«»t~t »>-H'u ^igbt All Thirst for Wealth. Tho olovor lad who has mado a thousand by hie month'B commissions, looks enviously ut tho mnnagor who had $2 "i ,«U0 for working up a trust, and he In turn feels small beside tlio millionaire whoso bidding ho docs, the throe-mil- llonalro has his eyo on tho railway mon who nasoolato iu flocks of $20,000,000 owners, wh • In turn will begin to be sallsllcd when their Income touches a million a yenr—possibly. But death fakes them ff before thoy roach the ennui of .that dream. Thoy must have money, from th hoy restless in his plain home tl.l ho fix tilings up uround homo, and his mother, who "wants to havo things llko othor folks," up to tho son of the mlllloiittlro who wants money to lend Impecunious eons of dukes as u tloketto their Bocloty. IVlivr^ Uoni'y Clay Usod to Visit. Tho old mill at Ashland, Va., to which Hoiiry Clay used to rldo with a bag of his futher 'B corn for tho miller to grind, still stuiuta near tho Clay bora stead; and gushing from a bluff noar by Is the spring of cold wator from whloh the great Kontuckiuu used to drink In his boyhood, It was to this spring that Clay Hint illreoted his footsteps when, 5 rown famous, ho mode a journey from lentuoky to M B blrthplaoo. How Russia's Winter Uoglnn. There Is one curious thing about a Busslan winter. In the lutter part of Ootober or the first ot November the weather will bo as mild as it Is here la September. Not a sign oan be seen of nn apparent warning, a light hnzo will bo soon In the northern sky, and In twenty-four hours tho thermometor may fall fifty degi'oes. Tho change Is so sudden ana violent that travelers are frequently frozen to death before thoy can galu Shelter, It has occurred that farmers out looking after, their Hooks havo boon eaught l» one ot those blluzarda, nnd, missing theii" way home, have lost their Uvea, their bodies remaining under tho snpw until the following spring. The suddenness of a Dakota bUisauj'd Is well known In ttie northwestern part of. our epupitry, ,bMt it J B tardiness persoulftod ^han c^njuarM i\|ltli 'the -rapidity wl< V 1 whlclv % Russian wlutui swiiu ti> u<,« on. DR.J S. GREEN, rursiciAN * suitoaoK, Office ind Kosidcncu Southwest iiitr •f town. All sails promptly sUondud DR, a H. HUNT, I'crmanonlly looatod in Postville. Offioo over Witters & Nicolnr's Hardware Store, Brick Block. J.A.HAVIRLAND, POSTVII.I.K, IOWA. Omse llrst door East of the Coimuci'- Mouse, (iropti St., Postville, Iowa. A lino sot-ef surplciil instruments. All necessary medicines kept on baud Thirteen years smccossful practice Calls promptly aniwerod I'REU. N. BEEDY, :-PHOTOGrRAPHER.-:- And Uonlor in Picture Frames. Postville - Iowa The Old Reliable Meat Market, JOHN B. HAET, Proprietor. Opposite - Postville - State - Bank- None but iho best meats puruhnsod. Hwirytlilng In fli'st-olnst slmpo. C'oiir- toous Iruiitiuent to all. Priocs nlwii>s the lowest. TONSORIAL PARLORS. KHAR TIII; lWrol'I-'lCK. All work tlifnit iii ihn liijijipst si:lo i) tlio art. M.ili.tfticliou ^iinri'tiitepil." J. T. pAititaii, Prop. CHUaOH DIRECTORY. C'ONOIIEOATIONAI,.-K«v N. I„ lliwton, ]an- tot, l'roiol.hig (ivorr Similar ot 10.30 A.M. and7:SU I'M. Hnbbnlli bil'.uol Inmiodiutely niter :i. rnliiR ssrvlco, V, P. B.C. IS, incuts evory Kuniluy ovontuy at a Prityer Meet- Intf \Vcd»*8ilay evenings. Mi;THODIS 'r ,--riov. 15. J. r .ookwoo'I, Pastor. VroacUluij sovvloes overy Huniluy ut 10 :ao A U. and 7 SO P. M. Hulihotli Bcliool Imiiieflt- ntoly after nioruluB Isurvlce. Tho.'.Epwortli Leaguo evory Huiiday ovening nt (J :00 o'olooli, Troyor lusotliit overy Weilnesilsy OVOII I DK at 7 lOO.o'olosk. Yoo.aru oarnotery I IIT U OI I. PQSTVILIiK LODGES • NOBLE LODGE No 51. A. O. U. W. The hoyiil Ancient Order of United Workmen moots tlio Socouduud Fourth Saturday ovonipg's in eacli month, in tho Musonio llnll ovor tho Hrick Drug; tore. J. W. SiiCEllY, M. W. Wu. giiEi'HEKu, Keoorder. BROTHERLY. XOVE LODGE, No. 204, A. p. & A. M, Hognlar meetings on Tuesday evening on or boforo tho full of iho moon. All brethren In good standing are cordially invited to attend. K. I). 8TH.ES, W. M. W M. M OTT, Seo'y. CENTRAL MEAT MARKET I J. P. GILSON, Prop, Having purchased iho above Market of Sohuler Bros. I i>ropo*u to keep it first-cjass Market In every respect, I shall aim lo kevp at «lf Uraes an assort' meat of the best rasaU the country affords, spd selling at ado lowest living prlosi.'- H»vln« «m»»ito FostvjUft W reside t Invite »fair'hare of patr &nSKti {Wi\ ph nil to ^lyf sjijIsholljM^ Consumption Cured. An old phrsioian, rot)red from practice, having liad placed in his hands by nn East India missionary tho formula of n simplo vegetable remedy for tho speedy and poi'mif snt cure of Consumption, Bioiioliltis, Catarrh, Asthma and Lung Affections, also a positive and radical euro for Nervous Debility and Nervous Complaints, after, having tested Its wonderful ourutivo powers in thousands ot oases, has felt it his dut; to make It known to his suffering lows. Aotuated by this motive and a desire to relievo human suffering, I will send free of charge, to all who,desire It, this recipe, in Gorman, French, or English, wiih full dlveotions tor preparing and using. Sunt by, mail by. jlookj Boulmier, N. T. 1892. Harper's' Wee] ILLUSTRATED. 1 Harper 1 ! Woolily for tha comhiff y«rj tnin more attructiru fvaturoi, inord f ilHiatrutl-m, niia a t'r**ftt«r number of a Uvo, intouso iutorast tlmii will lie fonli ottiov ))t<rioilical. Ainoiitf tbuiie latter S ficrina ut nrticltiB on tho tiv*mty*five ur*a>ff ol Vhu world, inoluiiinjf flvo hundred llll tl.)iis. Thu Coluuihitin ijxpofiltion, tbe and Navy, Hruut public oVentu, dleaiteti ^ lund ontl son., and tin* dolnffe o( theeolebrtl liooptu of tho day will bu daioribod nnd 'lluifl ted In nn uttructlvo and timuly manner. Tl Doyurtmimt of Annttour Bport irlH sontltil] uml«r tho diroutlon of Caspar A. Whitney.. C" bcht of nioili-rn ^rllor* will eon tribute a] KtmluK, utid ^inmost (llBtinyuiahed a.tieta , inuLo Iho illuatrutioot, Tho editorial trtiol^ of Mr. CrniK" William Curtlo will rttmalDftll ctiieeh.l atti'ttctloii. HARPER'S PERI0DICA1V! Per Year: IIAUI'KU 'S WKKHT.Y II Utrlill'H MAO.lZlNK llilll'Kll'K UA/.AH HAIIIKK'H YOUKU rEOVi-B,.... I'ostuno Frcii to nt! subscribers lu the UnJ Btutus, Calmitl aud Moxluo. Tlio Vdliiinos of tlio Wooktr begin wltli llrst NtnntMjrfur Jmiunry of eaoh yoa,r. T nn tlmo Is moutloiiml, subscrliillous »ill , with tlio Number ciuscut s.t tlio ttuie|i)f rei of order. 1 'v., llmimt Volum>s ol Harper's Vnili >»r tl yems lrnck, tu uuiit oloth binding, will bs L by nmtl, iiontftHo imiit, or by oxiirtss, Ire] uxpousn (iJiovtilnd tlio Irotftit dues uut *xtl one dullur vt'.' volume), (or *7 00 per volume,! Cloth C'unrs for oAoh yolumo, sultsblsl bliidiuu, TV III bu sunt by mull, j>c»lynl<l,1 reoetpt nt $1 Oti onvM, , % ItenilitiiuofS blionttl be lund* by PoslofB*. Mun'.y t;rili-r or ]>vK *ft, touvotil (ilinue* ot loss NowHimiiera nro uut tu copy this lUierttisul without tho express order of Hsrper A'Siuilil A <lilvuu»: lUiu-Kit ft B KOTUKUS, Xew Yf »f 1892. •; m er's Mr gazine* ILLUSTRATED. Tho MttKa<lnowlU colibraU the fourth Oe»-. toimry of tho lMsoovory ol Auierlus by Us Re- Dtno.ivory, tlnouuh articles SlTldll a WOK thorough dliosttluu hits tttliertoibeeu mad* o( tUo lUoout Uupreoeduutod Peveloiiinent of Our Oouiitry, nnd espooiully lu tho (treat West, l'unioulur aUentlon also beglvsasto Dr»- iiistlo Eiitsudos of American History. Tho Field of tlio next Knropesu Wsr will be desoilbei) in s, Rurlcs ot l'opors on tbe D MD V I* "From ttioUluok Forest to tb* B)»ok. »•»," by I'oultnoy Blifulowand F. D. Millet, UlUS«r»t«A. by Mr. Millet aid Allied Various. Artlolss will also be giren on the lloriimn, Austrian and Xtal. Ian Armios. Illustrated by T. de 'lbulstrup. Hrr \V. D, Howolls will contribute a uew BOT>", el, "A World ot CUunos," oburaoterlitlcslly Aracrlenn. Espeelnl prominence will I • glres) to Short Btorles, whloh will be contributed by T. U. Aldrloh, It. II. Darts, A. Cousn Doyle, Margaret Delaad, Miss Woulsou, and otbtr joy- alar writers. Among the literary features will lis Personal Reminiscences of Nathaniel Hawtuorue, by lit* college olustraato und Itfo-loug friend, Herattp Bridge, and a Persouul M emotr of theBrowufsgl by Auuu Thackeray Itltelile. l HARPER'S PERIODICALS' 'HARVBIVB UAQAZINB, Per Tear It Oe XHAWEH'S WEEKLY, » i AS HAUI'EH'S DAZAlt, •< 4 OS iHARPEU'S YOUNG JP*OJ >MI, . " i , » 0» Postage Free to nil subssrlbsvs In lh« ValisoV States, Vauada aud Mexloo, •

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