The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas on March 7, 1927 · Page 2
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The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas · Page 2

Iola, Kansas
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Monday, March 7, 1927
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tttE Ot» CHrRCH fHijres. il;^bave heard svicet chimes a-ring- , ; Ilbvn the lam s of hiemory, !Heai^i Uiem cul ing, heard them .. n rthe days tl at u$ed to be. Ida the Bweeies:, purest, cloarosi. : tti^Ing iijifel faces nearest, Mi kinp life divi tcM, dearest. ' ' .^re'itbC; old cbtirch chimes to me. . i Mr. land Mrs. G". B. Slodghill vn- ; lertali ed . the inaiiihers of the Krl- 6ay J9 ight Dinner Club in their ,4iOBie, 523 Soutu'Washington ave- nne, Saxurday qighr; j. D|ni ler • vfas ;s<'rt'ed at .seven "o'cloc : followed hy hriilK'*- • George C- Dalgaino, Jr., and Mr. C. J. Jtitchey re«eiveii liigii .sQore faTOrS at bridge, Ur. and Alrn. K. 0; CbrlBtlaa were guests. •; Clifb members [neseiit were: Mr. and Mrs..E. E. Lynn, .Mr. and .Mm.J Qcjbrge C. Dalgaino, Jr.. Mr. and Mrs. R. W. Harrk Mr. .^n<l Mrs. Kenneth, Mr. and Mr.s. .1. D. Mlttelftaih and .MJr. and Mrs. C. J. fiftcbey. J ] • * I*la )r istc riuh Program . jThe m|mb«rB M ihe I O I. T Mn.sic CNb V 111 give their regular program tomorrow : afternoon ai 3 o'clock inithc hoij A^augh \lrs. I )ie of Mr.s. I'. E. S. Mitchi'll ami Miss Hazel Cliuc Will be huslesses. Tihe pr^fopi willi be as follows: "best Thou Know?" from .Mig-B O U i-.-i '- Tlioniaa . j J- MrK. Cfine "iVoddmg -March,"! from Loheii- —I I. . Otillr ^i. at- 1 KINGDOM TAX IS DISCUSSED .-.grin i Mrh. Miller. .V "Ave Maria." from' ItuBtjcuna MiHH Cl "To Art \Va«nor r». SIninionH Cavalera .1 .MaKcaKlil Vook Evoulng Star." from Wagnur-Mszt I ugh : Summer." Floiow Presbyterian Pastdr Tells Of Differences Between Taxes. ffanhaiiscr „.^{ Mrs. W; "lihe liast nose of i from Martha ... ! ; Miss Dorot,hy Oltflii ; "Berceise," from JoccbTi _-G(»lanI Miss I-islher Sehafrer "CranO March." from Aida .-Verdi • -Mu Mitchell^ .Miss Kohler •; :- «• /•:• . . • Eirt«rfJ III' Former Neighbors Of Twt Slates .] Mr ,,ia*l^lrs. IJ-'^F. Griggs and diku ^t !r. Miss FrankiP I-ee CriggB. had their guests Sunday. -Mj-. and Mis. J. W. Hesser.tfnrt family; Mrs. Ci therine Hesser. .Mrs. Carrie Thomas, and Mrs. J. Wi Stanford and 80! s Kehard and Gladden. Miss Loree Stanford and Miss Velnia France 1 Stanford, of Colony. Kan- The 3riggs land Hesser families were o d-tlme friends in Iowa several years agp, while the Stanford family was: their next <loor neigh- Innr fo^ several years iii .^ppleton • City, Missoprl^ ! • • ' \ j. * <• '> Pfonfz-McKlitne)- Mlss Marie LucJ^^ Pfouti and Mr. Virgil Camden McKinney. t}t Olta- wa, W^re united in marriage Sat- itrdayi evening at 9; 30 o'clock by the Rev. H..G. Mathis, D. D.. at the Presbyterian: .Manse. The ring cefeindny w^s iised. The young people were nnaceom'pnniud. • Thel bride has been a teacher in the primary department of the .Trlnltiy* Methodist Episcopal churth of Ottswa. ,The bridegroom is a iiepheti' of Mr. W. U. .MclClnney, of Sonih Buckeye streei .lolH. Mr. and Mrs. .McKinney will make their-home in Otiiiwa when* the bridegioom has a honiu in readi- neni f< r hl» bride. - * • •> SfAmnilN .HiiHlrMi riub Bttntiie iN .Verting . The )l-monthIy business meeting of the Moments Musical Club will be hel( Tuesday afternoon at. 3 d'ciock In Library Hall and directly afterwards iil 4:30 o'clock the Juhibr Moments i^uslcal Club, und «r th< supervision of .Mrs. I.loyd N. BroWn, will hold a meeting. ' All business connected with the Cola ftinina concej-t recimtly spon- Bored tiy the Momepits Musical Cliib will' be disposed inf and prcparai- tlon. win be made for the next en- seinble I program which will be held March 22, when Mrs. O. I.. Cox will 1*6 chairman ot the. lea coinntittee. M • • • . . Host and IIoRtes^ At Party ' . Mr .and Mrs. A. iL| .\eete. of GIO North, Btreet, were host arid hostess at a pajrty in their home Saturday night. 'i The evening waif spent "Jrt play- Mg gatbes and cards, tefresh- i^ents yien served: The guests were: Mr. qnd .Mrs. "Waiter j.Maudlin. Mr. and ."t rs. Geo. Stille. Mr. and Mi's. Chai-les A. Cilft; Mr.and Mrs..nichard A. Tobey, Mri. and Mrs. Cljarles E. May andMriaud Mrs. Charle.-* Toliey. ; <• * « 1 '\ SlatOter and Line Party Miss Anna Rnnisey gave a Hue - party at the Kelley Tlieatre anil a slnmber party in Her home at 215 Life." The North. Cottonwood street Saturday .New Soiig," night. A dainty two-cmirse breakfast was served by .Mrs. Ruinsey • Sunday momiag. These girls were the gnestfl: MlM XncilFe Canatsey. Miss Ger- tniSe Green, Miss Margaret Jonei I and Miss Delbres Frv. •• . • 'C- •:• ;* '! Initiated Into Sorority Miss Helen ilates. daughter of HJir. and iMrs. G. \V.! Gates, was in, Itlated litb the Kappa ICappa Gaiii- ma. sorority Saturday at the Kansas • State Agrlcultui^l College at .Manhattan. . : : ' i , • •* « rKMrrtain Noek Crrak Seelai Honr t'lafr \ • Mra. J. P. Copenine s'nd .Mi>i. Iforalii Orlzzle were hostesses Fri- «lay night to the mf-jmlwrs of ihf Hock Creek Social Iloitr club an ^l I Yesterday was conference day aid a number from tlie First .Methodi.stuhnrch attended I're.sby terlan chiiri'h scr\'ices. .Next S.t1> bath is "Every .Member Canvass Day" for the cliurch. Clias. K. Scott made a statement at the morning service fcncerning the budget and the plan for supporting ,i.he .budget iliis year. The choir Isang "Consider, and Hear Me," VMis.s Viola Dalgarno taking tlie k^lo parts. The pastor's nie.ssagc was on "The Kingdom Tajt^T'' "The beil^fits we receive from paying the (juvernment tax are protection of tile courts and police, city water, I lights and heat, schools for training of oTur children, telephones, paved strectt.. automobiles. The benefits we receive from the Kingdom Tax are: the things that tend to make' men honest, brave, truthful, upright", cl^an and just. We could liyo; without the former but' society jcian not long endure wit:hout integrity, justice, brotherhood and reverence for God's laws. We must pay the (ioveniment tax.' It is our duty to pay the kingdom ta:i." I. S. -Marines emburking on th<^ transrHirt lleiidcrsDii ;it ljuantico. Va., for .Vicaragiia Where olijve; uniforms «if liieir service male.-; liav l )e- iition. S IM ; the iiitfiisi.-Iy iiitcnsi.- ibove the foitrtll iiian on the gang- cdine tlie symbol; ol! .Vinerioaji interv ed sailor li.ingliiK oyer the side (just plank) scriilinlziiig.tlie Devil Dugs as tliey. tile aboani: A si-rKisini, in the lii.sei. Ka/.rs fondly Upon his young offspring for the lime Ik -rore he sails. . | i EASTIOLAKUMBLINGS (.1. P. Hell) HORVILLE U. K. Kecle has bouglii ol used cars wliiih l)i. Francis Sironp and famijy have moved iiiio the residence | at l"-"> South Second street. .Mr. Siioiii): . ! is meter! reader fiir tlie cllj>'. ' Ulit tl^ stock .^Michel I had accumulate I while operating the Grand .Motor Co. and has moved them fi' the .Mitchell farm on South Kentucky wlierel ho will en.i;age in the liiisincss <if s< Hint; am! trading. .Hay Hardin oT -IIT, South Thiifl street, who has jieen ill for si'veral (lays, was able lo be up town Sat- urd.'iy aftrriioini. We are not a prssiinist. iiiir are we i-lui.sin.g the "almighty dollar" iiut it .seems that ithere are still Home people wlio iire iloiiiR that very thin?;. It nia.Y he that some people, because of their pecuniary condition, have lo get after the dol- far with considerable speed., but there's a liinit iii this as well as in every other earllily enileavor. Wlien a man soes beyond the liinit of common (iecency in order to gain a'dollai iie generally loses the resp.vt (if he bver had any) of his neinliihirs. and tlu-rehy loses moire tliiiii he mig|it gain by re- sovtitiK t(> dirly tricks. .Mr. and .Vf/s. Hohy wore d'-liglit- fully suriii'iHfd TImrsday I 'vcuiiig by I heir irlifinl-;. .Mr.«. Koliy was liie.'ienii'il wiili block.-^ (itr .i friind- Bliip (|iiilt. 'rhe commiiniiy wi.slies tlifiii .good luck and pni.-iperiiy in Itlieiriiew honit;. Tliose in alle;i(l- atice were: .Mr. and .Mrs. .Monfort anil laniily. .Mr. a<iid .Mrs. V'rue .•\Hsliii'. .Mr. and .Mrs. l,ewi.4 Ihiw- Ijind and r liildreii, .Mrs. CIar;j H DW- l.-ind; .Miss Anna Fellu'riiKifll. .Mrs. Ai:sliii. .Nellie'Austin. I.ulhi r .\u.'^- , tin. Ira Austin. .Mr. ai.ij .Mrs. I'at- j I"r.>;on and Grandma l'aiier:.oii, Mr. and Mr.>:. Clayioii ami ylrls, Lowell HHffonl and .). - 1',. and ATTENDANCE GOQD AT TRINITY M. E. Attendance was good at Sunday scliool yesterda>^at Trinity Metho- .dist Epi.scoiial church. The morning ."service was under the auspices or tlfe Young Women's .Missionary sociely.i which' has closed a month's study of tithing. A jilay- let, "Salvation Ann" was firesent-" ed by the members. Epworth League was under the lendersliip of Peter .McCulre. The evening ser- .vlce • was .conducted by Wilbur Hawthorne, who Is studying for the ministry. He preached on "Temptations of Christ" emphasizing the thre(!-rold temptations of (Christ as applicable to the temp- tittlons of today. His sermon was Well received and was heard by an unusually large congregation. nigh SrhiKtlj I*lny, "Daildr," at .tli'iiMirtiir llnll, .Mnrrh 16, Aiis. .• pices trl'lLyceuni Hurenu --P^honul Items .N'KOSIfo F K L I^. M4rch 5-The Kiv. .Mr. Tod^ii or Cliantite preached at the CiaiKi^ag.-itional church here .Monday eveniihg to a very appreciative audien<!<!. At the dose of the service the jiinimiftees from both churches mi)ii with him and the Ki V. .Mr. Wejls of Wichita to con- fi-r concerning the matter of hiring one iiieiicherjl for' both churches here. Annoiiiicenienv will bo made alter confenince of the M. E clitircli now assembled at Topeka, Hampton Hice. as l<> the final outcome. The -l-Il chill niei Willi Mrs. i •'^I'-^s MarKaret Klizabeth .Shewell f Clavton .'^afunlav .ieldest d;uigh(«r of Mr. and Mrs; Mrs. Carrie Har-Ie.siv cam- fr,.m f^ir". was yery pleas- nurlinRK.ii- to visit lid |.Mi.i.!s. '""•I'>'.fed Tuesday evening Mr and .Mrs. .lohn n(diiiK =' "'i'"'"''" I'T friends and and Mrs. Charles Mc.Vi.i.l.y -l;-'--,;^•' birthday. .Vfler a very cordial . MreetinK they all concliided to to' MR.&nik or Wkdittk , Mr. waa h^i^ejBe'flrtt 'iOf ibe wee tending/ tk bnsi IIBS .maneraj but does not fntend i b- more Here mntll fair. , I The many friends ofjMiis. Specht extend sympathjl; to per Lchi|dren and relatives In their grekt grief.- Mrs.. W«ntbing basbeekt fc|eling not quite'ap well for .a fev^-;da:fs. Mr..VapNoratrdnd iiais befnniuch improved' the raa^ several |dayi. Mrs. J. A. McCooI was jcalled to her parents' hop e In Iowa on account of the seri ins Illness o^ several of her relatives. The basket bslli game between Neosbo VuUs . at rt Stfawn Friday evening at Strawi resulted in;Neosho Falls girls da 'Winners «^th a score of 10 to 4. The Neosho Palls l)oys lost with a score of ;20 to 27. (?oach Dntlnaky and his first team accepted an Invitation to attend the district jtournanieht at -lo- la, FVIday and auirday . The high schcjol play, "Daddy" is to lie given March IC at Memorial hall under tde an.spices bC. the Lyceum course. JTiie proceeds will go to the benefic of tiie course. This play will worth seeing. Klroryhbdy Ly^um be well opie. The sophpmorts enterliinod at j morning by a chapel Thnrsda; prof^ani foH'owei dresp by the Reyl Mr. Wei was {much apppr(|ciated hy dentk Mi. and Mrs. Mark DeYol oria. 111., vl8ite<l with their BY SISTER MARTI j BREAKFAST —Winter Peara., cereal, tbin cream, scrambled egga. with .n .short ad iS iwhich the stu- of Pe- parents Mr. and Mrs. Jaines DeVoe nohh of week. towp^the later part of last TlJej play, "A lilttle Clodhopper, was given at Mepiorlal hall. jWed- ncsday evening hy Home tatetit. A bbicken pie dinner and! siipper with frizzled dried. beef, cont bread, milk, cblfee. LUNCHEON -Cream of onioa Boup, croulouB. sweet potato and pineapple J satad, wbole wheat bread, stetimed flg puifdrng, milk, tea, . i ' DINNER—Baked balibtttsfisaka witb dreasincsUoestrlitg pbtiitoiBa. dtindeliob \ .greens «itb bacon dressliq;. 'caramel nut coatard, whole .wbeitkL bread, inilk. cpire^. jAfter making, the ciii^ibelJa'nd spreading it eyeuly ov;er t&e ps(k- ink disb. jgprinkie cbbpiiea nuta evenly over the.caramel. Tlieii.'ii^(l the} custard mixture and bake aa usual. The nuts absorb'aoine. of |;tb« caraihel and binve sih aaiiauail ^.and dellcipua taste. Tb^ 4e ^rc must of course be served Vtiry coW.! . J.. ,..." j I Steaiiied PudtUnx . TUree-foiirtfas ciip chopped. JDtgs, n ,lSt, clip granulate d sugar^ 2 table- fepooiis butter. X egg,. % cap iuilk, i ,i'l|ciip iiour. .1 tea ^poQ taking powder. U teaspoon siall. % tea- siMon vaifilla. Fij'e or six iigi are put tbrougli the food choppeii and tboroughly mixed witb 2 tsblespoona altted flour.{ Cream batt|ef and gradually NmDifferen Face Pbwdei If the face powler you mw^na* does not 'stay oi long -eaongft to Siilt yotj^-Hfoes itjot keep^ tbat nigbr shine aiiway indefinitely— dc ^SfHot make yoiir -skli colorful Ilfieju. jipeaeh--try, tBfs new wpa4Sri||i^ si>eciai Frenph I1roce^^ Fate PS »W^ der called HEIXO-f^LO, Bfraie her • the nanie MEI.,Lp-RJ Tilt re's npthiug like It.—Cook Drug Store. be served at Memorial hall. to th^ beat ill sugar. Add' ono or two tablespoons sif te Y3[ flour, beating to mixture perfectly smooth. Add'^gg well beaten. Mix and sift remaining flour w^itb »alt and bak> iugibowder andUdd alternately with 'inilk and vanilla to first mixture. Stir iu prepared flgs nd tuitt juto a .well'/'b'ptterad. mold. Cover iiold aad. jbteaib (or obt hour. \ Serve witbliwbipped cream pr hard sauce.: and children called on IJoljn slicrl time Sunday evening. lloso prc-sent a I,,-, H W (.;,•„,,„ ^ !,„„.„ line party at the Th,'".^.v •l''-''J'-'''-'"'./''''"'';- After e„j.,yi„B this to the "'T- •"• returnedto the Shewell T I:";..;^!;,:: :;;';S:'VW Mrs:'S: =•"•> '—'"""^ ^^'^ l-^tllel Kivel Smith. Thi .Mrs. LatinuT. .Mrs. next meeting will lie ineroiis and lieaiilifiil Kifts for this honor ;.'uest and.enjoying a meiry with Mrs. Karl .Monfori Tlniisdav. withgames refreshments March 1 .1. The roll .all respons- :'^^""•''•'"'"K "f an ;;e| food cake frtJit •;:s will be recipes i salad an.) .oifee were served by the ,, . " , ' , , hostess assistc'l hv .Miss Premaire c.iiarles Cnuziiis retiiriU'ii to George KlingiTisroith went fish-• Hartlesville yesterday .'veniiig aft- . anil .Miss Karnani. Those pre.sent will Saturday. Proceeds will g<j chui;([h fund. .Menil>ers .of the Kansas ^Unities 'Co.. will meet here Tuesday 'evening when a'program will be given a |nd dinner server! Jo the basenient of fh^ M. E. churi-b.' i ; A very happy surprise p tiniied -H" — by Gitace-'and poi-othy Wilsbh; was high si:I^ool teachei-jr here and givert to CharteB jvilson on iia six-j-Moyer of La Cyghe were guests tenth I birthday, number of school mates met:him at the dooj when he started to the {picture sh xw and persuaded him to stay at 'home. A .very happy eyening wis | spent playing games, listenljog to ihij >•£.- dio .and other amusements Hwhich sixteen^ year olds enjoy, painty refreshments were 8erve<l bw:; Miss Grace Wilson.and Miss Alice SLearn- ed. Those enjoyipg the evening were:. Misses Oei|aIdine nbdi >Iar- garet Shewell. Madelyn Siferite. Wllma Dutton. Rachel Heath Catheryn Riddle. Alice Learned.)Grace and Dorbthy Wilson. Messrs.; Jiio. Williams, Jack Douglas DeJbert ing.Sunday Init mi ;fisiii)cs on tliejer spending a few days witii IMiia i number he hooked have been oh- "id -Mildre.l Wilson. Scott Wil-;,, • aiirefl up to this lime. - sou isn't any better at iliis time. Karl lindd. a.ssimaiit poliice chief, r "" ^^''i'"'" ami .Mrs. Ilo.'.'.i have iimvcd !?..(iii I'.i { .Vorth Tiiiril; lo I'l.". . Si.iilii ' (Jhid strc.'t. /'I'lie .iiil|)iisl .it till.' Salvaliiiii .\iiiiy loialci! (Vn Kentucky street were: Cnice iind Dorothy Wilson, CHRISTIAN CHURCH ATTENDANCE GOOD Altehdanco at the;: Christian church Bible school yesterday "was 390. .Mi-saos Celeste Griffith and .\eva Maddo'x sang "Come Holy Spirii." The Rev. ,1. K. Reynolds used as his morning sermdn, "The" Uestoration ot Solomon." The girls glee- club directed by Miss Virginia Smilli sang a special number. The senior Christian Endeavor meeting was led by .Miss Vinita Smith. At the evening .ser- A-lce. Mrs. Lillian Mitchner gave lin address on W. C T. f. work in Kansas. m.'iir the ii|t.-rsei'tl(in ol V^tA. Iia ; pi'iiv.-ii I') liaV..' Iie.iii i|iiife an : M- c'jii>i'i.'dali(iii lo ll|f||ioiir who were iiii.iiili- til hire; rooms In the hotels. The nioliis at itlu' .iiil]«ist are ii.'at ami clean and tlie! charges are v.-ry riasolialili". bt.-im; only 'I't • i-nis 11 night beds. Ueligiuiis si'rvii .-I '-c li.Od 111 the low.T r.Miiii of ilils liiiilding. Sunday scliiiil at HI a. m ••a. h Siimlay ^iml .illi'T sciviccs ale held ^ on .Sunday nitrlit ami \VeiIne.silay and Kiiilay nij;lits. Atl.-i dance at lllese nieeliiiK.s is reported to li.r good. The people of Yates Center :are spoiisorin;; a "niiMiiorial road." -Vow jiisl whal is a memorial roaif' ' .Mr:;. -Applesauce Says she is re-, covering from the dieail ilis.-ase of I 'lay with Gif^sii inferiority complex.! This is good news lo her iViemis lif she .has iinv). Hiiily for the Forjl. The county commissioners of Aiidersun county" car for use,of and the very adclyn Saf.iite. Catheo'n HldUle, Itachel Heath. Heleii Hollz. Agatha Dnlinsky. C.r ildine Shewell, Miss I'l'i-niairc. .>lis|s Farnam-and Mir- L'aret Shewellj .Messrs. .lohn Williams, .lack Houglas. chas. Wilson and Clicster WooHard. ler has recovered ATTENDANCE GOOD AT BAPTIST CHURCH ATltlilNDA'XCE GOpD—12 ; Y Good weather iirought large attendance at morning and evening serrices at the BaiULst temple. Dr., . Sowerby preached on "Fertility as'in Wilson coii.ity up;to March 2. the Essential Qualltv of Christian I Some la vyers have .-i briei cast ~ "Sing a i and their client has.;! grief ease. boii::;lit a mnv I'.ird till" slicrift's force ne.xt d.-iy, the Kord a lo! ot chicken thieves. When tlie town liiaii pay.s foui w.ek were Mr. and Mrs. Fred W'il- •joii ami children. .Miss Cora Wil- s.iM or Vat.-s i'.'tiler. iUi>.'i> ;iiid Uyron tJregg. Mrs. Crace Clayton. .Mrs. Kdna i C.'.ri:.' Wh Wrison and .Mildred attemlcil -Voifrom his reccifl illness and Is able Old Time Tune.-.' niveii hv ih.- Tiicli resiini" his work at his shop, school .Miimlay night. • 1 Tlw Iti v. .Mi-. Wells of . Wichita ; .Miss I'aiiliiie Andre ami L, K. ' preached at [the Congregational .Miiyer werecalli-rs :ii .luliii|cliiinh mornitiK and evening last iiig's a Week atii Sun.lay. jSiind.'iy :imt will preach ilii^re again - - -— .II 'M: Snmlay.lfis sermons last Sun- ROCKLOVV '''='>• ^'''V appreciated. (Tli.Iiiia IbiKi-iHi Kv.ryone is Invited next Sun-' .Mar. - Mr. ;iml .Mrs Will D. .r 'Iiy to coin." .'ind hear him. He and lainiJy spiMii .Siiii<ia.% with \ir. '•"'i"'s as a j niipister from his am! .Mr.;. L.'e Deer ami family. church to assif<t in, uniting the ef- .\Ir. .•iml Mr.'-. Waller St.••.vail an'! '''>'"'s .'f 'he cliiiiches hern if Jios- l{iif::-:ell s>ieii; Siimlay Hiili Mr. aii.l '''''I.', .Mrs. Clyde Coiik. ! .Mr. and Kills Tidd announce the Mr. ami .\;i.;. W.ilt. r I)!ii,'!;;iii .-.nil | birili "ft a daughter. Sunday, Feb- Clalr and .Mi:, .•imi .Mrs. V ill Diit'-! iiiary l!i. gairspent Siiml:iy aftermmi ;.t Ir Mrs. Si hupp and son. William, viii Uaptist's aii'l Willis Cili-im". .'f Kinpo|ia, were visiting friends .Miss Caroliii.- .Ashhv s'lcni .Sun- her.- .Siinda.v. and llel',..i V'A-:;., M. L. Wilson and W. P. Heath .Mrs. lloy Wniv .spin; Sunday w. re Inisiness:^ visitors in lola, with .Mrs. Kos'' Kil/.miH.-:-a:.d .Mrs. 'i'hiir.'-ilay. •• Kd.l l!i:'i:ia:!. .Mrs. W;ilter .-rew.irt sp'iit nesday wii'i Mrs. IJi-rt Wi».'p.;iis. . V.'. .1. Diiu^aii w;is .loing .-onic w.irk on his liui n in i'-.iip'h.iit c.itiii- ar hrouKht in ly \Ve(|nes<!ay. Bill Def-r l*^ till- ov.-i Kordsoii tractor. The Marfiiiardt family from •vest f)f town ihas moved into the Li'cdy residenfii?. The L. A. nl! the .M. E. church nut at the hoibe of .Mrs.- Prank • White Thursday 1' :i iii'V. 'ion of officer.ii Mr. Hrean baa cents a piece for potatoes lie thinks I he is hclpinj; solve the farm priib-j lent. \ If it iKippens that everybody must be vaccinated the doctor."! will l>e hard pushed to f|ud a place pn the flapper where the scar won't show. I .\crorriiiig to the Frodonia fler- ald there were : I I M>U I 2.(!«)<) ilcliii- iliicnts in taking oiit auto licenses afternoon for elec- moved his saw Donald. Chester, AV'oollard and th%i honor guest, flia.s, Wilson. | ('has. received nitnierotis and beiiutiful present_8 which -in^de him wish he might always be sw/^et sixteen. Those present iW-clare this Ito be one, of the happjelst events if the season. ! ; Mrs . Boughton enferthint??! a number of her friends and leWi- bors at a ijniltlngi jiarty ^a ; her home this week. 1 This party 'lasted three days and nights wilhja good lime all tlie time.j 1 Iloweveri aplenty of time, was takeu;! for-bfleep. Thoso who enJoy 'Ml the qiQlting were: Mesdames BlacweU .Sn |»ven. Whi^e. Geerge Ly^n, Perry Hrath, Clere SheWell. Fred Jackson, llam- llton. Warren wn»bn, Walter .lack- son, and Misses flladys Lyni^. Rachel Heath and Melt a HouiHiton. The qnllt l«is verj- beautiful, jbeiug a double Hrlah chain of greeil; and white and qiitlted in a rnseS^pajilern. Mr. and Mrs. Wih. Elliot, fof'mer of Professor .and .Mi's. Maben Sunday . I , A letter received from Mrs. ^Ic- Cool s a".e.<^ her in(|ther is very ill. Dr. .Mc^Cool and children were dinner guests at th4 M. L. WJI.soh home Thurstlay. 0nly Real Test /orBAKJNG POWDER isintiic BAKING For Beit RejuIts 25 ounces ^r,25* wHy PMr W AR PRICSS ? Our Goveniment (htliestra Acknowiklged to begone of the nok masteijful organizations of its kind in the c(bun|try, withf26. artists ai|d i ' j Mjss Blish izabeth' iSi^ookffeld Contiialtp Solofsl Seats SOei 75c 100 Make Rfsefvatiohs at Merchiint's Jcwefry Store Memdriiil HaU Sponsored choir sang by Adams at the .Mr. and .Mrs..T. S. iKooks of .lop- morning' service, hud "Shepherd ! lin. "M.i.. are in lohi where. .Mr. With Thy Tenderest Ivove." at tho Rooks is taking treannents of one evening service. I of tlie Uical physicians.• i Mr- -Mr.s. R.iA. Hertzljerg REVIVAL STILL ON '""^r' f^o"' Kansas A ^r IT T> r«IITTD'r<ll''south AX U. a. V^tlUIVV^It i K.iitncky street. Mr. Hertzberg Is i : j i employed at the 1 nitikl Iron Works. I The revival at the United Breth- i Mr. anil .Mrs. Art liowey went lo ren, which has been in \ progress ! Jloraii this morning on business. r,.r ' ' J. .lones and I'amily spent a mill to the Diver farm southeast*! The .Strait of 13ab-el-M:imleh. cop- (if town. The jiTcent.flood washed nectlng tlie Red Sea with the c.ulf.i great numbei; Of logs on the farm of .Aden, is called the Hate of Tears because of the many wrecks caused by its fierce currents. l.-ind of .Mr. Dl ^cr. c: v.. Francifijof Lyndon. Kans., has traded hisjfarra north of town for four weeks will continue at least through Wednesday. The subject of .Monday night's sermon win be "The Opening of the Books of Revelations. Tuesday night the sermon will be: ."The Jubilee Year.'' Wednesday night will be Sunday school rally night. P"iit of yesterday on the <j-eeli fishSiij;. iJeit reports a good catch i ol craiipie. i Rata— One Penon, from jiOO up Two Pcnoni, from $3^ up their families In the home of the lonner. In Sterling Heights. ! • Game.s, mnslc and daiiclng were the diversions andj reireshmentb -w«re served. ' Tint members and. their families prmetA were: Mr. and Mrs. Homer Dr^her and daugjhters, Mr. and Mrs, 3. A.. Wagner. Mr. and MrtJ.. O^r Wilcoxsen an^l son, Mr. arid Itrs. E. Q;' Bixler anfl children. Mr. *ndJWrs. M. T.. Morrow and soint,' •JMr. aad Mrs. Wi. Li Harmon and ! children, Mrs. Celia HamHton and dansbter, Mr. and Mrs. Frank AH outgoing correspondence rrf the Department of Wash-| iiigton Is carefully examined b« .MargarM .M. llanna to se«> that It contains nothing inconsistent with the policies or Interests of- the irnlfcd States. Officially. Miss Hdnna Is In charge of the Office of Cn-ordlhatlon and Re+Iew. "Take that rliilculouB hat off and; let nji» see your head." said a r..on-' lion magistrate to a woman witness In his court the other day. Jones aiHl «}hlldren, .Mr. .n-nd Mrs. H. Ualaer andichliOren and Mrs. Mary Smith and daughter. SOUTH OF GAS March ".— .Mr. and .Mrs. tjeorge | Ileiuslierg [ c.illed on (inintliit:! > ItemiilM-rg SVednesd.'iy. j .Mr.-<. Robert Shapel and dangh-i ters. of <'olOny;_Mr.'and Mrs. CIsi's- 1 lev (;:irner. of IJayarld: Homer Diif- fie. of Silverlejif district; Earl Jol- llff, of Mildred, and iciias. Hill and sons, of Montevale district, spent Sunduy at the E. Tj Wilson home. Charles Rerasberg ami .Archer Carson attended drches^ra practice In ttas Wednesilay evening. Orpha iWilson ."Ipent . iSaturday night with .Mrs. Mailii Ueeirt. Francis Sherwood! and l.«la .May Snavely called on clurene Johnsoii Sunday aftumoon. ! Homer Dullle spent Wednesday I night with Joe Wilson. f ! I I I I E XPERIENCED travelers enjoy here all the features of cooifort, service, and general satisfaction they always hope for but seldom find. That's why the ALADDIN is so popuUr with discHmi' t Dating' people. by the Afusfc Department, Holit Pabl^ SaooTs •r .1. i \ A He{«pIewMte Suite to Q Proud Of S ELDOKl will you find auchiHepplc' white 'style distinctioh as this, at the ^pnct t»e ask. ;Thi3 Oxford Suite, indeed^ b?? ? charm ordinarily only to be 'seen in ^eat historic ma9terpiecc|5. It ia full of personality—and full of value. Every piece in this siiite Bears the famous Berkey and Gay abp Mirk—and that means supreme artistry in furnittire. You Eight Piece Suit $285r.fl0 China $60Uro Server $45,00 See This Suite in Our Display Window see it in the- exquisite gclin figtaiig of hand-matched crotch walnat, mapfe burl, of butt walnut, gen^ously uaed and happily contrasted. In Httje artistic bits of hand carving,' In charming cxil^y trifles. In the maple burl grille worlf of the china. All say •*dtetinction".. All say "atjrk'V And the price says "purchase agpotixuat^" if ever a price said anything. k R; Sieper •1 -

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