The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on November 29, 1966 · Page 9
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 9

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 29, 1966
Page 9
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Cancel Evelyn Turkey Day is over and now we can await Santa Glaus. The last time I was up town there was evidence in every store 1 entered that he is on his way and I suppose Dasher and Prancer and all the rest of the reindeer, even Rudolph are being shod in preparation for their hurried travels. Do reindeer need shoes ? I dunno. * * * Wouldn't it be fun to go back to the childhood eagerness and zest for Christmas? Even better would be the family gatherings, and here I am, sans family, but luckily I have such wonderful memories. * * * The Littles, Estelle and Sherman, are still roaming. The latest card was from Tijuana, and I also had a Knott's Berry Farm folio and a map showing that all roads don't lead to Rome, they lead to Knotts. It was fun checking the many towns I had been in - from my real love, Pomona, to Beverly Hills and Santa Monica, down the coast as far as Laguna Beach, and east to Riverside and Corona. Hemet wasn't shown, but 1 was there, too, where Uncle Walt and Aunt Stell Henderson lived - and the interesting places in between Anaheim, Fullorton, etc. Well, I suppose the Littles will take in a bull fight, but Ab Long, who saw one said, "Never again!" * * * The zoo at San Diego might interest me, but having seen the one at Houston, Fd probably vote the one at San Diego out. I liked the birds best at Houston. * * * It makes me so MAD to spill things and the other morning I hit my glass of milk and it slopped on my "Tidbits" top sheet. I told Don Smith, who picked it up, unblotted thank goodness, it was the first "milk fed" copy he'd ever had anything to do with. * * * • I am no art critic, but goodness only knows how that Picasso picture valued at $8,000 could rate such a price. I couldn't even make out what he was supposed to have painted. Could you? I think the - refrigerator where it was found was a good place for it. It should be kept on ice so far as I am concerned. * * * I braved a cold, windy day to see "My Fair Lady" and it was worth it. It was a beautiful picture, very artistically done, beautiful colors and all. But sentimentalist that I am, Fd like to have had it finish with him taking Eliza in his arras and assuring her of his love instead of sprawling behind a newspaper and she getting his slippers. On the way home, going diagonally across the street from the former bank building toward the hotel to take to the street, Velma Hagg says, "There's a man who apparently knows you trying to speak to you," My eyes were, tear-filled from the cold, so who ever you were, I wasn't being "Mgb hat." I just wasn't seeing clearly. * * * My father and motljer celebrated their birthdays Nov. 13 and 14, respectively, Mario Lamprigot and her daughter-in- law, Mrs. William kampright, celebrate theirs the 21 and 20, respectively. * * * Our trays Sunday bore favors made by the Tltonka Junior Auxiliary. They were made of apples, a slit in the back held the tails, brown cardboard, cut to resemble feathers and red "feathers", a little smaller in front of the brown ones. A split in the front held the long brown neck, red wattles (is that what they are called?) was on the neck and the eyes were sequins. Toothpicks made the legs, so the birds stood up nicely. Other decorations are being made by some of the women at Good Samaritan. A brown turkey cardboard back, and a tail made of folded Readers Digest pages, then sprayed with gilt. Very cute. I wonder, who thinks up all the novelties ? * * * Nineteen Brownies, troop 429, and their leaders, Mrs. Merle Chamberlain and Mrs. Charles Harmon, were here to see me Monday. The age group was 8 and 9. They brought favors for our trays Thursday. All such cute "youngsters, one with red hair, reminiscent of my own childhood. All were such sweet little girls. (Page Maurice Chevalier and his song "Thank Heaven for Little Girls.") * * * Now that we have had "My Fair Lady" I hope we can have "The Sound of Music." I saw "The Music Man" and enjoyed it a second time on TV, but there's nothing to compare with the theatre. The huge screen, the perfect coloring - well, TV is 0. K., especially for a "shut- in", but the theatre is way out front! The new management is fine, too — courteous and kindly. The smell of the popcorn makes me drool but Fm not supposed to eat it so I say "Get behind me Satan." Some remodeling was spoken of in the paper. I wonder what is planned and didn't think to ask. . * .* * • : I was reading the other evening and a gnat lit on my page. Hooked at the tiny thing, if s wee gossamer wings, and I didn't have the heart to kill him. Such a wee thing. I wonder what makes him tick — and what sort of insides he must have. I forgave the bites his relatives have given me, I even forgave those who got in my eyes when Mother and I used to sit on our back porch. I wonder what sort of a stomach they have, and heart. Surely they have both - but you wonder how anything so tiny can live and flit around so gayly. * * * Re-reading my copy before having it picked up for the office, I was reminded of "Gone With the Wind" which I saw twice, and it didn't have a sentimental ending. In fact, I was particularly pleased that Rhett told Scarlet off, for she had used him shabbily. When he let her know he was leaving her, she asked, "What is going to happen to me T Rhett answered, "Personally, I don't give a damn." Curtain I * * I- The Erwin Wiltgens have named their new daughter, Stacy Louise. It meets with my approval, which Qf course will matter greatly to them I * * * A note from Glenn Naudain enclosed with his Rotary Bulletin says "1 always enjoy your "Tidbits." 1 expect your leaves are very pretty now.*' (Alas, Glenn, they are gone arid there's been a lot of yard taking, but until a few weeeks ago I think we never had a prettier fall). "York County Fair is on now (Oct. 16). I am still a director. I help some in a building like your floral hall." (You should see it now. The dome has been removed but it is still a nice looking building, and best of all, it doesn't leak. Barns have been built and the grounds look very presentable). * * * I think this glaucoma unit is wonderful. My cousin, Harry Goddard, lost the sight in one eye from glaucoma. If he had gone for a check-up sooner, his sight might have been saved. * * * ' 'Miss Mclntyre, who died recently at the Good Samaritan Home, was- my first teacher, and on a visit here a couple of years ago, came to see me. We did some reminiscing, but when I saw her a few months ago at the Home, she had become very frail. Kindergarten was held a short time in the First Baptist church and at recess we'd go out on the east lawn. Many are the times she held me on her lap. Then when I went to Central School in the fall, she was again my teacher. Also Ruth Suckow, noted authoress, sat-aeross the aisle from me and years afterward we exchanged letters of her teaching methods, the songs we taught. She rated highly with Ruth and me. * * * Did you ever eat sauerkraut relish? Well, I did and it is delicious. You hardly realize it is kraut, it is sweet and has pimento in it. MargDahl brought me some and the cutest little pie. She got the shells at Pella when she was there on a visit at her daughter, Shirley Pratf s. Also a cranberry mixture to carry out the traditional Thanksgiving. She spent the day at Rock Rapids with her son, Craig Vinson and family. * * * So THAT'S the way it's done. Discotheque patron — "I do a terrific watusi, and I never had a lesson. All I do is tie my shoelaces together and foxtrot" * * * This might do in hot weather "Nudist camp:. Place where nothing goes on," NOTICE AU grave* presently located on land the Federal Government is buying for the Saylorville Reservoir will be relocated to sites outside the reservoir area. Next of kin and groups control* ling cemeteries and graves involved will be contacted by Government representatives. Any information would be appreciated concerning public or private cemeteries or in- Ctf nptttta? Catty; Algona, (la.) Upper DM Molrm Tirattfay, Nov. 29, 1966 i cttstnu rua 4 mr ma nm m n*u n vmv dividual graves, otter than those, listed below tod b?»*ved.V, b S located on land to be bought tat this project. This information should be reported to: Des Moines Heat Estate Project Office. Building 65 Grubef Street Fort Des Molnes Des Molnes, Iowa 90315 All of the following known graves are located in Boohe and Polk Counties: . . Hopkins Grove Cemetery in SB 14 of Section » of Union Township. S1& miles northwest of Polk City, off Highway 45, Polk County. Unknown cemetery In SWU of Section 12 in Maldson Township, tt mile south of Polk City on County RMd "S" Polk County. Elk Rapids Cemetery on the left bank (*a*t side) of DCS Mdines River, just north of the Chicago, Milwaukee. St. Paul and Pacific Railroad Bridge in Section 34 of Douglas Township, Boone County, Coles family graves on right bank (west side) of the Des Moines River, Just north of the Chicago, Milwaukee, St. Paul and Pacific Railroad Bridge In Section 34 in Cass Township, Boone County, Iowa. (90 & 92) v, \Wt Nothing warms like Incendiary new fragrance To change an occasion into a big event Exquisite Perfume $5.00 Spray and Splash Colognes $2.50 Poxed. Soap $1.50 Bath Fragrance $2.50 ,, . , Bath Powder $fc50 . , $Cv*M* • 50C«*fUt » iOOCvfcfll* WISCONSIN FILM SERVICE, DEPT. IS, LA CR08SE, WISCONSIN MM! (85-07-89) Barbershop EXTRAVAGANZA Tfct AlgMM Con Bill Chom prwMris ... River City Chorus The Astro-Naughts The Panics IN AN EVENING OF DELIGHTFUL HARMONY Thursday, Dec. 1 • P.M. ADULTS —$1.25 GRADES — 75c GARRIGAN AUDITORIUM TICKETS AVAILABLE AT • WILTGEN'S • ZENDKR'S « HONSBRUCH'I ^9-90

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