The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas on March 7, 1927 · Page 1
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The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas · Page 1

Iola, Kansas
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Monday, March 7, 1927
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VOLUMjE XXX. No. 114^ FEEDIRROR The Weekly Reiflater, Estobllshcd m67. Th.- lola Dally n.fflstcr. Bxtabllxhed 1897. lOLA, KAN., MONDAY EVENING, MAR Luther prentice:' Doesh't 1 Know His Feed, So He fa Sent To I Jail | Anjll ParoI<i Is Revoked. A tire trail or Whfi I Kiin .'|(<>r», l.iii to |«ralii tiitlKT I'^Mi' (lid Jail yos HDUtir <if till•k Into tlio (oiiniy flnlkh iiii Imozu Hi -nliriicc f om ' Till 1H! UvaB. : H"-V IllOIltllh ilK". toiiilty orrii -f»-K. It; nil JMIK uv ycsli'Vdjiy iiiuriijiK;. offl<->-r,s !<;iy. ' when Kr<-il .S/iicl:tir. 110 fioiitli Siij(-on<l.!<ln'(!l. pnitchafifd ii s ;i ,<'k fif lirpn mid ii Mociiiid Sack or Hhoi'tH iitd starlcdf home Uicm. J fic Hft tlHMii outside (if tli('>;araK<' for a few iniiiitoH and icturiU'd to find tlicy iiad disuppoarcd. Karl l)oddJ|assistanl i-liiof of jio- Ik't'. waH caljcd and tralU-il (lie pralii. and. a ket of footprints to llie l.ullicr rrfntlce lioiiie. Ho rfiiun- cd tJD town ai^d enlifli-il the scrvifPs I). Smock ailil iiiu^vr- wiio obtained a of ShcHff l\ Klicriff Ed IJiiinfc. search warniiit. , , The oftiPoi H say tlK -y •found tlH t ^^S 'l on . top of a withniaisli. "What ha\^ qnrr cd jOodc "TiB-o jsack cd Pi^entiCe. "T IBt |S wli oxplalried. ntcrcd :Uid sacks iif feed pcrc(i<Ml [5:'.-Kallon harrd rill .cd voii iu the sacks." I ' rcspoiid- of shorts.' it trapped liiin," I>i)dd Vioii sec.: liej forgot • to only one. sack: v<>i":iii>cd look, and shorts.' Prentice wjis out <>li; parohf oii a licino'r pb.sscsKJon coivviclion. so (IK rouniy ^'as saved the I '.Xipi 'nsc of trial when Prientke's parjil voked. The Judge Constitutional .Guarantee Given Negroes in - Primary-Ais Well As in General , Election. Fedenil Jiiilw I'Veil .M. It;ij. MIOIHI preslile oter thi- trial of Ihf !!i |.(|llO.IHIV Ilhrl su:( liropiflit 1iuain>t Ilcnrj Ford lij Anroii SapJru, at Dwtroil. 'I'he vxxsv. is ^^t fur .>Iarrh. I.'i. CONCEIT WILL AHRACT MANY Ticket Sitle For Kansas City Syinphony Con- WaslihiKion, .Mar. 7. (AIM- The I oiiHliliilioiial guarantee ne- Krocs the riKlit to vote applle.s to priJiiiirles. as well as general, elec- lliin .x iiMlie o|iliiton <ir the supreiiie court. I OveiihrowliiK a Tc\as slaliite under whiili iieuroes arc prohibited rri >Mi Mil ins in ileinoiralic primaries. I he ciiurt found toilay even thou:;!i llie primary is not mentioned ill the federal constiluliou. fed- I'ral jurisdiction is sufficient to bar I he slates froiii inakins primary laws out of harmony with the con- sl'tiiloianl Knaiantee of equal richls lor thr- races. •Siuies may do a K"'>d deal of cla.^silyjiiK that it is difficult to believe rational." said tlie court in a unanimous opinion, "hut there arc limits, and it is too clear lor extended argument that color cannot he niade the basis of .sl^Jutory cl!i.'tsifii;ation ' affecting the right set IP ill this case." . •|"tie court saiil it was not' even ii "i tssiiiy to (ate into account the fiftijentii aiiieiiiliiieiil. which gives tin-!iif-:;roes tlie right to vote, be- luse the injustice of the Te.xa.s sta- tiile was suffif ieiitly apparent wtieii I considered merely in the light of jllie foiirteenlli amendment, which { iirohihited the states from making jaiiy law to abridge tlve rights of cit, I iiji'iis (> iiacfoiint.of race or color. : I "The statute of Texas»**assuines 7. (AP)—,io foiliid negroes to take part in a was re-' Mlnij^icrs ^vlio will carry the iiies- 1 primary electi<-in. the importance of sage of .Me"li."lisi.i lo various Kaur | «lii<Ii «e have indicated, discrimin, , . . , . ., . „ aiiiig against lliein by the ilistiiic- sas commuiiilies .iiiriiig llu- com ng , ^^^^ ^^^^^^^ ;H 7, 1927. Mtnatiire Twister Hits Hcii Houses Are Damaged at iFarm of F. W. Uremcr,. -South of lola, I-nst Night HVhen Juvenile Cyclone Takes Its Spit Out brii Feathered iTribe. No one can ever convince F. W. Bremer, .farmer and dairyman. living south of town near tli»| Santa Fe viatkict. that thei-e'wasn't plenty of wind last night, even if he wasn't out in the weather. Soi)ietIme last night a freak|> wliidsiorin ficstroyeil srvi-ral hen''.i and bro<MlcrM on liln farm.! Two lOxli! Iiien houses were de- stroycil, a hog house unroofed and, partially blown iiway. • two new addllionH lo hlH ' poultry bourses blown away, farm wagons upset.; Iiuy HL -attered and kalir corn up-j rooted and destroyed. In aildilion.| young fruit trccis were , uprooted nier's storiii was the carryini; of a foiir-rootj leiiglli of weiiilierstrlp. »i |il»areiilly froiii: one of his hen liouses '.a ILsiance of several hiin- dn-d feel. It \^iis driven through a nne-incii Imnnl; in another hen house whcii foMnil. .Neither hreiiier'f; home nor his barii was |laiiiiiged. bul Itrenifir Is inconvenienced in that he must find a place to' house Bcveral liiindrcci and barb wire fences were tornji'ytiung chlc^eni;. He carried insiirp away . . .i Oni! of the freaks of .Mr. Hrc-i RETHRNEDTO IOLABYM.E. 1 Both the Rev. C. I. Gold-'!;; smith and the Rev. J. C. Wilson Are To Return To City. FLIERS NEAR END OF LONG INUNDTREK Major and Companions Are Hiking Through To Casa Blanca With Native Guides. ane^ which vvi|l cover virtually aH the dainagp BIG TEMBLOR Conflicting Reports Arc Received—One Says 113;\^ere Killed, . Thirty Homes jWrecked. 8nccc9si>r,-to Th lola Dally Kcglstor. The lola-Dally Reco d. and Iota Daily Indmc. SIX PAGES Non-interference of Its Rights Only Demand Made in Statement i Distributed At Geneva I Icet. Topi'ka Kan., .March ceri The i -ncoiir morning from AIusi<;ar; Oir SchtKilsi that KnuiiaB j('Ji,v (;rerl jiM joining.along jThe <;oiicerl itlio kl<'m(iria week. .March anli('i|)ating +lic iiftehioon ance*;. . Thp ijfleriKJiou giyei eielusi . <-hiliI!renj and a pah. in the cal ;\ppireelatibn. • this, lieiformance sured as the iiging news itoiiies ll'i^j Konler; Miss Jeaiietle Kalis, ctor of I he lola he ticket sale for the Jllle Symphony COii- lii (Ine shape, lo be given liere in Mali Kridav of this 11. and Miss Kalis is full liou.'<e lor Tholh and evening perforiii- occupy all MisK Kalis children' I her .Moraa .lluml hear j from, ever.v s<]at w A4llibugh llj good seats le fot-niant|e. ihity counted; for I , eralioii i whic the ; nijisic schools i b.v tl concjcrlj lolii .-the red<[rale(l who I are inte of this <|venl work. Mr it.' .. The list of Mr.s. Miiyd Scolt. .\|rs|, Mrs. K .I W. Cook. .MIS, .1 V. W. moil.'}. .Miss KUzi^betih Ap rufMAlls. S .J'ee.i; .Mjrs, (; Tln'se' W( Hnil Ihiise wli where they Hi'als rcservei fa Good. aiing aj-ainst lliein lion of cidiir alone year prepjtred today I" fulUirilieir j„„ assigiimeiilts. which u.eie eoiiilileled "Tin- objection that Ihe subject vesterday al the dosing .se^^iol^ of; mater of the suit Is political is liltle ,1.;. churchs; annua. Kansas O.ii- 1/'j -^-M^.-y np-;.. .-^^ "xmo'iig ih,- as .signiiunls wen- the ill- case of . Ni.Xon. an Kl fo lowing: .ICmporia. I-iist .-huich ,''a^" negro, who sought i.nsuccess- r 1 . ntvgaf .l; (-.race. .1. 11. Sul-;1"">- "' '"'"l-; ^^•'T'-'' ton- '(MixMiil'. Paul .Schmucker-; .''«»"'''"'^« a.gaiiist election judges Ottawa. Fhstl K. K. HucR; Trinity. Madrid. Mar. 7. iAPl—The Spanish governnienl has .nenl orders to. the military commanders in Spanish .Morocco to atiempt immediate resuiuy- tion of .Major Tadeo Larre- Borges. frugiiayan aviaior. and his companions from the tribesmen who are understood lo b(! holding them. <()nccrl .IS being ely for grailie school iromtilutes liriiiiarily education in u'lusi- A full house for is; already :is- lola youugslers will t i.Melvin A. Hoiith: Fort Scott. Fii>ii. O. II. Parkinson: Grace. It H. lolal First. C. I. election who lefiiseil to permit him to vote al a IJeinocratic primary eleiHion. .MOorefield Storey of Ilostoii. his couns<'I told the supreme court that .'!70.i)i)0 negro voters in Texas liad bfreii excluded as ineligible to par- titillate ill deraocrallc prlniarlcs. i Si'iiator llorali. Itepulblican. Ida- Coldsmllh: Trinil.v.-.I. C. Wilson: Pills- biug. J- I'- .McCoiiiiai-k; Cofleyville. II.i I). IIolii'i-; IiidepeiiiliViice. First. K .M liajlev: Ciaee. .l.^-Tl. Hisliop:, Dswego It K. Suiion; .'^edan. II. T.|lio. exiirissed the opinion that dij- iVigour;.' Tvio Itccror t;ieen: I .il.-1 cisioii in the Texas case "if carrie^l erllv Tlieiidore Poller; Atchison : io lis logical conclusion." a.ssunic^ T-iimadge I) Frv: MaiiliaHaii. O ; the c<iiilroi by congress of primar- F Allison and IS.'A. liogers: Junc-,ics. This isMie has been raised in tiim Citv S liiickiier. i- i seiiaie 's iiive.stigatioli of the I" _ ! Illinois aiul Peniisylvania jirimar-. UiHTII i 'ASTintS HIVK ..,,!'*^'* ~i JSKKVKH IIKKi: »KF«»Khi i—• The IJev. C. 1. Cold'siiiilh has been pastor of the First Methodist i church ill lola for tljiee years, j while Ihe Uev. J. C. Wilson has held Ihe iiasiovan- of Trinity Metli-i odist church lor ii yuar. | MOTHKR OF TEN KILLS ^)AUGHTER| bijt 100 of Ihe seats. said that she received worii fnim Can City this morning lo reserve l.'in sijats lot. tho grade and s|ie "slill has (ildt ami l.:iltar|ie. lo The -chances ;aie liial j be tak«|n. Il .-dl .aiik. -N. .1.. Mar, 7. (APl—' ere aie still plenty <)f I .MIS, Cliristine Sliivide. mother of j for file evening i»er-jieii diildreii, today sliot and killed are going rapidly her U 'l year iild' ilaugliler K 'lse, HUd cVery . iijidicatibn points to a ' when she discovered the; unwed crowded h(Tn^|e. This is largely ac-1 girl, c^owering in the basement y the splendid <'o-op-! of lier hoiiio with a new-born child, has been extended | Tlie mother Ihen Itesged police to AMERICANPLANE DROPS IN OCEAN li: dcparliiicnt of Ihe • palronesses of the w.oineii representing -cliiiis of this town, esteil in the success nd.whi) are willing to patronesses follows: arter. Mrs. t;has.' F. (l;<<orgi' Dalgai no. jr. llagl«nd..Mrs. K. I!. Iluiney .Miller. .Mrs. HherwAod. Mrs. L.W. Sini- Hloreuce Iloliarl. .Miss .Mrs. W. A. Wood- A. ICIIis. .Mrs. Ciiy i:. Williauia. e.icli one ri'pt or Tliesel woni iK'Utlilg a cll|){) of Iota woiiii'ii. h: been; proiiioil (it rough: Hie i ViirlouN orgai i«ulisriie(ory a jil adminibh TIckelH iiiay Ihe .1. v. M. g Ihi- sale ienibershj|i of, ili Izatloiis in ,'i m<. maun ! ic resei'ved iiowi (Itaiil .lewelry Slo > are particular a In III sJuiuld gel lli^lT as soon as possibl Ve ticll^l:. •ir si. •I ill TWO INJURED IN CAR CRASH Cajf Hits Culvert South Of iola Early Sunday. kill her. The baby was dcail when foiinil by piilice. Mrs. Slavole is charged with iniii>ler. FISH AND GAME 60DY IS NAMED Paulen Reappoints Three ' l''or (!onfirmah'on Of Senate. I One of Good Will Planes ' Is Damaged, But No One Injured.! Monievedio. Cruguay. . Mar. ' 7. (APl -One of tJie Ainerlci^n army good will planes fell into the sea shortly after taking off today for the north.. There were no casuair ties. ~] Owing to engiiib. trouble the plane failed lo lake off cleanly and ran into some rot-ks in the harbor. The damage was .said to be slight .-iiid it i.s hojied that (he flight can bc' reiieweii today or tomorrow. The other lw<i "planes returned lo awail Iho repairing ot llieir sis- li'r sliil^. . (;asa nianca. j .Morocco. .Mar.7. (.\P)—.Alajor Tardeo Larre-Uorges, t'ruguayan aviator, aiid liis three companion.s today were Hearing the end of a sixty mile trek thru a sparsely populated; region of Spanish northwest Africa from the place where their wrecked seaplane was found Saiiirday. Guided and jirotccted by a band of frieridly .Moorish (tibesnien. (ho I'mguayans headed for Cain> Jubi. Only w.lien they reach there will it be known just how their piano c inie to grief, and low they esc ipcd. \ They prohab y will have all intdresting siory of their re- C(?ptioiiiby natives, o the region, w^lio in I liie past have attacked avialoril who were 'oinpclled to laud. Wlieiil -Major Larre-norges left Casfi uianca Wednesday morning, it was his intention to fl:>- to Cape Jubi. thence to the Canary Islands and thence across the South Atlantic t() .Montevideo Uruguay. Nothing! was heard from hiiu for some time notwithstanding an extended search by aircraft, war- crafl; aiid ships and the constant flasllingj of signals. Vestei'day, the word canio that they wcjre .safe, through aviators altaclied to the L«'itecoere aeria lines, i i Tcdsyo, ^Ma^cb 7. (.\P» . Ileporls from Osak.-i say aJi earth shock lo- j d ,Ty put Ihd telephones and <dcciric| lines out of coiuinissioii there, but apparently ;'there : was no other damage. '" . \ • _ . It'^i reported, but <vitlioHl confir- inalion. Iliat the Tajiinu- ilislrict. _ which was !wr;ecked in the 1925 (|uake. may; be severely damaged. Coiinictiiijg (iispatches are reaching ihcnewspapcrs from the earth- (|u;ike area. 1 A iues,sagr; ^ from Osaka to (lie lloclii Shiinbun re- poijls n:t killed and injured. KIglily of [the vicllm.s were in a nioving piclure theatre, which partially col- luiiiscd. j The new.>$pai)cr reports liiat ".0 houses collapsed and many Others were ilaihaged. Fifteen lires; were Klarted. ni(K4l o£ which were i|iilck- ly ixtlngulfihcil. The .Vippbn Shiinbun Ki^ngei news agency, ho|wever. said ouiside, of .several injuries in Ihe moving picture collaptic. there is iio evidence of a seriou|> disaster. ' The qualte, according to la lest advices, nitiy have centered at Kobe, where clocks were stoppeil and street jcaY services suspended. <;eneva. .Mar. 7. (APi-Uashiug liito Ihe League of Nallolis palace liite for the privale :sesSiioii of the council this morniiig. ("liil Cliao- Ilsin, distributed a isiatdniinl declaring that China would not raise the Chinese question iin the council., i I "Our atlilude,"- l|he sLilenieiit flead, "is coiicilialorj. and our demands are most legiliinali;, since we have iiolliing U) ask. for but tio.n-interference with mir sovereignty and terriiorial; iiiu-grit.v. "Some thought thtit ChiiKi would suddenly raise in the coiinctl the inlcrnalionaj sitiiatiini in China, but I can assure you' no sucli action will be taken." I Chu said ho was iiistriicted by Acting Pr(!mier Wei ingtoil Koo in Peking lo notify Sir K'riip nriim- niond, the ' league's jsocretary-geii-' eral, (hat the Chiijiese (Pi 'kiiigl government reserved Ihe right tp the British !Jtatenient siib- mil'ted lo the leamit- on February s- • . I • • • He did not kno\V whether an authentii- text of. IIKS Ilrilish statement, which was se|it by inail by way of Siberi:i. \vA\ • yet reached IVkiiigi and up to the present he had re(,'eived no fro:>li instriiclioiis from Or. Koo. t'hu's .slatiMiieut was iiilerpreted to mean that Peking is still holding a protest to thc|l<;ague Up lii-r sleeve as a card to jilay in case of emergoncy. ' ANTI-FOREIGN TROUBLE SEEN THE WEATHER Weather March 7 (o BISHOP FUNERAL ATTRACTS MANY MILLINERY MEET FOR FARM WOMEN opening a moiilli of iiilelisivo Work, members j of I he - Women"H I'i^riii liiireaii iiiet . today Iu ft .h«> Cllaniber of Coiniilerce rooni.1 at .Menioilal hall - for the first of iwo days insirueiloii on <mlllini'ry work .MauileK. DecU.y. nillllnery hpecl;illMt from Kansas" Stale Agrl- culliiral college is In charge of Ihe work, and is assisted by .Mrs. Floreiici- Syveriid. coiiiily home demoiiHirailon agent. Topelia. K.itis, .Mar. 7 (.\l'i - Covirnor I'.iuJen iod;iv nappojnl- •>d Ihe meniher., of Ihe si.iie for- cKlry. fish and gaiire eniiimi>r<itiii. The apliiiiiileis. whine iiiinies vvirn sulimitie^d lo 111! •.eii.tie for (diilli- inalloii. wiTc: (!eori ;e .\. Clerk. Top'ka. lo ! .Merve three years: <; It. Alherloii, j KIdor:ido.. to serve iwo years and l ,ee l.aralif. . I.ih. lo verve one year. ' T)ie goveinor s.tid he woiuM "prolialily reapimiul" .1. II. IJo7.(> as-stale fish \uu\ g;inie warden. Ho/.e was originally appointed by \ • (i'overiior Paiileii today alio an- i Relatives and Friends Are MAYBERRYOUT ON BOND TODAY |.| pointed, C. K.' Holstein (M"' Fort Scolt as a menrber of Ihe ibiiard of managers for the stale soldiers home al Fort Dodge and the .Mother Hiekerdyke home at Klisworili. Bondsmen For Man In Pittsburg. Chaniite. Kiins.. .Mar. 7. (.\Pi — Charles F. Dyer, and Van .\els(|n were injured Iwhen .an automobile which iMr; -Vtlson was driving crashed into the guard rail of"|a concrete culvtrt ..south of lola lit one;o'clock Sunday morning.' "Sir. Dyer has a (lislocated hip. a b: d cut; and' bruijies on tjhe face aid head. iMr. Nelson losij some teeL|li- The car. a bprrowe|d machine wis ruined. Mr. Dyer is en Santa Fe offices he son' is with oil panjl. Pillsburg. Kan.S.., MaK 7. (;VP)— I :. 1 i Karl .Mayberrv. diargeU with the i PRESBYTERIANS murder of his two children, Flor- m wrr- r'AMPATr 'Vi''"^*^ .Mardell and KarliRobert, by: -1511 J l^AMrAlliiN , a ilynaniite explosion the night of j February six. was released from Chicago, .March 7. (AP)—Plans the county jail at Giriard yester- Kverv; seat in the United Ilreth- reii church was filled at the funeral service for Charles Bishop which was hehl this afti!rnoou at two o'clock. The luneral sermon was preached by Itev. ,N. U Vezic. an old friend of the fUniily, and the iniisicall numbers were sung by a (luaitell^j coin posed of Harold Kelley. Aiigelo Scott, Kverott Land and Arthur Carrisoii. The body was taken td Highland cemetery where it was interred with military ccrc- moiiie . .\ii appropriate biographical ski-leh I'liil tribute will appear in II later i.ssue irf the Uegistcf. I FiHt K.\\S,IS: Fair tonlglil nnd TUCMIII.V ; slightly colder In soiilh. eu<i( vorflon {(inlifht. For lola janiil Vk-lnHj^: Fair lo- niiclit anil Tnt'sday; sllghlly colilpr (oiiichl. outlook for ihe perioii. March 12, 1!>27: Occa- sioiittl periody of precipitation in the nofibern.jjiortion and mostly fair in (hc-southcru portion: moderate temperature for the season llie first of ^lie week, becfiniing cfdder in north portion about Tuesday and in sniulh portion Wednesday, rising ,ngaiii befon-ithc end of the week. i ' Tciuperatni4—llipiiest, yesterday r>2. at .'! p.! lit.: lovvest last night, 4S, .it 7 a.'mi.: normal for today. •11: excess I yesterday, H,: excess since .lanuarj'l 1st, ' aS."! .degreed: this date last year, highest, Vl: lowest. 22. \ i i Preeipltaiioii for (he 21 hours ending at 7 a.; in. today. .12: total for this year ilo date, 1.7r>: deficiency since .lanuary I.^l, 1.70 iiich- ,ep. • I • i ^ . Kcladve fiuniidily at 12 noon yi-s- lerday, .IS per cent; 7 a. in. todiiy, !ll per cent;: barometer reduced!lo sea level, 23.S1 InclieH. Shanghai, March 7. lAPl - Development of a menacing aiiti-for- oigni situation at Siiigpo. s'Oiitb iiif Shanghai on the C^iekiaiig province coast, coiiiiiuiniledtlie atteii- l(on of l !ie firilisli jnaval aulhori- ijes here today and file Hril.ish (lo- lll'a leader II. .M. $. Keppil, was sent lo that port. SPLIT SEEN IN CANTONESE FORCES I.rmilon, .Mar. 7. (APi —Renter's Hankow cdrrespoiidifnt declari's in a flispatcli today tliiii there is no question that a ch-'fltiite sjilit is dcr veloping betwee* llie. left wing of Ihe Cantonese and IllKft Calitoiiese military leaders. I Number Four Floyd K. Slreileuliergcr Is (lie fourth niiin indicled for the murder of Koii .Ifellett, crusading' (anion to.) editor- Sfrelt- euliprirer was a cily deteclhe at Canton at the time .Mrllrtt »as shot. I'af .Hclleriiiolt and Ken Itiidiier already are in prison, and I.oiiis .>fa/er awaits trial. REGISTRATION BY PARTY IS TO BUSKED Measure Requiring Voters To Show; Party Choice Probably Will Be Passed in^ouse Tomorrow. SELECTED TO THREE DRA« KILL DETECTIVE Legislature Probafjly Will End S^sion Saturday; Appropriation Bills Will Be Finished in Week Ttij)eka, Kan,. Manh 7. (Al')—Api^i'opriation bills will 1)1! lomplolctl in limc'-jfor the lnfriHlatuN-' to wind up its work SaturcJkv. Chairman >Si.-hoen of the! way.s and rticaijs committee annountretr today. The committee hopes to introduce the executive .sifpply bill Ijomorrow • i Atlanta Policeman - Said He Drew Sho^t Straw, Killed Man. ! Atlanta, Ga., Marcjli 7. (APr-A former Atlanta policeman. ' iiii'Iev arrest in Chattanooga, Tenii.. has cimfessed lo iiiurilering Bert, Donaldson, special iiive.«l igalor for Solicitor .John A. lt<iykiu. Dtinalii- son was assassliialeil in a fasliioii- able hotel here last.JuIy. Charles H, Fitchetl. :;i. in a thic- ument delivered to| llie Allaiita Conatitutliiii, declares lie; killed the investigator at llie \ inslant;e of a group .of rum runners liiid g.-iiiib- lers who also pjaniil'il to "giil" the .salicilor general.. Three men drew strjiws to sec who ivoulil lire lli<" shot. Fitcljilt asserted and he. driiwiug ISst; gol the short straw'. Jack I.ani:e liireil Donalds ui to I the hotel room. Ihe confession said. It. K. I.ovelt invited Ihe two insiile. and hi- tired from a closet wiiii a IUIII'MI'sawed- (rff shot gun n)) llu- inve.iligaior approached a taiile.- MRS. PHILA TROUT RECEIVES HONOR Topeka. Kan., March 7. (.\Pi Over tile proto.sis of Democrats. Ihe house of representatives voted to­ ilay lo comiiel every Kansas voter to regisi<r Jiis jiarly alfilialioii al least lliirly days before ihe pri­ mary.election. The bill, which has already passed llie senate, received approval In coluiuiltei; of the whole, being subject to final vote lonior- riiw. Senator Parker of Kii:p<uia. is Ihe author of the niiiasure. lieprcsentalive Itees. of Ij.voii county;, a republican, lolil the house; the purjiose of the measure kcop democrats from iioininaliiig the weakest republicTtii who seeks nominolion at tlie primary. Uejire- seiilative Tillotson. of .Norton county, chairman of the election com- mitlee. .said the proposed law would "keep democrjits from sneaking through the hack iloor of the repiib- liciin |>arty." (il)jectioiis were voi<-ed by a half dozen (leinocrals who won the support of a dozc'ii repiililicaiis on n iiiotiou III kill the bill. Tin; mo- lion was lost by a margin of another dozen votes. republicans standing bidiind (he bill. .\ law for regis(ra(ion of party afhliatioii would keep many farmers, from tlie polls, declared Bennett, of'.Mar.'-hall county, a demo- cial. C:i'?ier, of Decatur county anollirr democrat.- said'"everybody shoiiM have Ihe privilege of voting J'.s lie nieases." ()dell. ! of JeweM • oujity. al:-o a i)eiiiocral. said the hill: would "disenfranchise sixty per Colli of the voters, because thai many are independent in jiolitiis." Tlie American people will not wear a political siraiglil jaclvel."' remarked Scolt of Crawford county, also a democrat.; Charge ofj Contem^it Result of Probe Into Teapot Dome by Committee of Sciiatqrs. j -i ' r. ! Washington, jMar. -7. (AP)—Sc- lectiijn (If a jii^y for vthc trial of Harrv V. Sincliiir. oil magnate. On a; clmrge of conieinpt Of (ho Bciiate in refu.'jing lo answer ceriajn quc.>i- lionsl in I he T (^-»pol Dome Investigation, reiiiiirtil only a little more than Iwo lioiirM loilay in the Dia- iriei iof Coliiinbta supreme-court. Th.e taking of testimony was delayed until iqmorrow, : -however.' government cimnscl announcins that their witnitsses had been summoned for that i time, 'j Twonty-ime veniremen, were examined Iiefore the twelve men who are to hear thf» cose finally- were chosen. Three failed to iqualify at the ,oiitset. twi announcing they had formed opinions apd, the third informing Ihe cjoiirt hc^hail "served on the grand; jnry which fiidicted' Sindairfor cojilem|>t. After the bo.vj had been filled (ho first, time, cnurisel for defense and for the Roveriimcnl used up itho three premplo 'ry challengbs al- loweil to them.! TwoTiegroea qual-' ified' liiit one 'was challenged l ^r the defense anil the oth!er by tho goveriinieul. i _^ : ^ „ The jury as ifinally selected Tav- eragi^s t) yearA in age. ^ Two ;are only 'Z ^t years old white two others have iiassed till' si .\ty "marlt.^ •. . The jurors V^'re: C. Ci Bell, CI, streetcar nioiorman;, Raymond J. Thoin. .li;. ele <lrician: Albert E. Vancierloo. 25. | real estate salesman: .lames It. Cuff, 34, butcher:' ! Emory I!. liviii. electrical iron- j tractor: .losepli D. Snelling, ^1,; ci- Icar salesman; I Charles T F . (GTcen. JLT.; railway clerk; ,Iohn Schnltz. I .">::. grocer": fsailorc Tirroff, ; 56, i walch^ rejiairei-;: It. Efwood' Kelly, i i;:;. file <lerk: 1 William B. Meiide. parase man: Archie A. Moore. iI7. inniiran(;e sitdicilor. j Les .H than a <iozen witnesses'are ;io b.' called by the gcnrernmcnt. j Whether the defense will have any [will rloj)enil i|pon developments, 'counsel said. VOTE ON "BLUE LAWS" HELD UP No Actio^ On Sunday Movitf Bill As P^tests Flood Senate. CRUSIERSi WILL BECONSTRUCTED The committee will offer measure, aithoCii^h the i ^ienate tion.s for the ,statc school.s, "We will introduce the scliooli >-T7 biH'as.'iiion as we give a hearing i today agreed to alio* an appropri^ it.s own educational ,supply las already voted appropria- to the chancellor of the iiniver.-<ily aiid the jpresideiit of the Pittsburg Teachers college," . Schoeii dared. atlon for that Tho banking departnient's plan is to obtain de- ' a leading attorney for prosecutor in any community where a banker goes on .trial charged with criminal conduct in the banking business. for mobilizing 4U.(HiO Presbyterian laymen for W^ si.muItaneouK cam- day on two bonds "f $5,000 each. ^ L. H. Ma.vberry of Fort Scott, ployed iu t^e •e and .Mr. NHI- refining coin- paigns in fourteen slates from liji-j brother of the accused ^man. J. H. nois lo California to complete a iJMayberry of Cherokee,'.his father, SIn .OtMl.diMi fund for pensions for |f ,I. B. Troyer of Frohtenac, his aged and disabled ministers and j brother-in-law and J. E. Cox and missionaries of the Presbyterian church. <if the I'nited States of .\mericaj were comjileted todaj",- I^rives in slates from Illinois east.- ward have raised more than $9,-. OOO.OOO. • ' W. F. Wilson. Pittsburg men. slgn- led one bond. S. E. Martin of Fprt Scott and Cox signed the other. .Mayberry is to be given a preliminary hearing in (he ci(y court here Wednesday mor-iiin^. The siate's fee for notary public tommisaions will be hiked from $1 to $3.5oSif (he'house coneurswKh the senate and (he governor signs The sena(e passed and sent to a bill passed by the upper chain- Governor Pkulen a bill permitting ber. thfe city o{ Burlington to i widen and straighten Rock creek, a The sendte passed and sent to the hou^e the Van De Mai;]c bill to compel every public school where 15 or more pupils are found to be three yejars or more mentally retarded to prganize a special class for their instruction. The .state lianking department will get; $12,500 for. prosecuting dishonest ibankprs. Ways and means committers of both bouses istream tributary to the Neosho ^iver. Flood waters frotn the cre^k have;claihied four lives dur^ ing the last four years. The house resolution to accept aid for infancy and maternity hy^ feiene under the Sheppard-Town«ir act was recommended favorably by the senate \ federal and state affairs committee, (Contlnuied on Page ?,, Xo. 1.) . Mrs. Phlla f - . • 1 'Iroiii; of llifl lola Laundry coiiipiiny lia.s I ii ilioseii ! chairman of tie Kansas .division ofj the .N'ational .aiiiidry as-otialioii,' which Is spoisoring a, $ l .oiMi .iiufr: adverlisiii_g ca iipaign. .\ folirlli of' the amount wijil be ;(penl; each year for (our years VERNON BANKER IS DRESSED IN Bids Ai-e Asked—Coolidge Probably Will O, K. . Movement. ; Washiiiglon. ' 7. (Al 'i - .\ii indication that President Cmdidge wilL not refuse lo c;iriy out tiie three cruiser provision wlilcli ion-, gress wrtile-inlo ihe aifliro- priatioii bill over his reeoniiiieiid- ation "(l /ve 'lf »ped today when it be- canj'- known lliat the navy de- parliiieiit, had asked bids for;«:on- slfiicriou of Ihi- thrie ships as well a.'< for lliiee i -nilscrs prevlouHly authorized by congress. MARINESREADY TO STOP FK;HT i Tojioka. Kan>,. Mar; 7 lAP)—^ea at.' action on the proposed amcnd- ineiil tl) the Kiiiisas "bliic law" to- perniil cities :inil townships to H- ceiisc Sunday picture sliows was postponed, inddl'initely today as a. sloriii'i of lirolc.'jts was heard by the legislators. The bill was allowed to retain its plate on the.calendar and imiy Ijc ca leil up for vote any limn. ^ ! - I Telegrams pfolesling passage pC the bill were showered on senators dj-shs . IJol)bVisLs aguinst' the aniendiuent alf^o were ini evidence. The Topeka Ministerial Uhloa took lip the battle against inodUl- calioii of the restriction placed o'a the slatiitc hooks In 1S6S. The ministers adopteil^a resolution pledging, the iuiiion "to 'use . all honorahl« infraiis" to defeat the bill. SANTA FE FREIGHT OFFICE IS LOOTED Tliievcs laslj night entered th^ Santa Fe freight office |and stole an I'nderwooili tv-pewriter. Ehitty.. wa-s-inade aftei- breaking a wiiidow on the sijle of (ho .oiffice. The safe /.w.-i.s rifleid. biii nothing tak- jeu. A tool l^ox belonging: to a iseciioii gang Jwas fount opened, i lMit ^n >.)ll |iiiR wjis mi-ssingJ? REVOLUTION IN ECUADOR FAILS Cashjer, For A. .1. Baxter, Former ^rving Term Assault, r late Leavenworth \. J. Baxter, the Vernon county, was prison at Lanising morningr to years for assaplt it was learned It is understood bank examiner coming a fugil apprehended formation at ii feet that application denied Baxter gave real estate dealler, ip .Managua. .Nicaragna. .M;ir. 7. lAP) -Iiiilerl States Ilia rliies —1,'!.'. of llieiii -today wi -re rtn the way to .Mal .igalpa to prevent fighling iiliere hetwepH Liberal :i "nil Conser- iviitivir factions. Liberal tro'ips are to be lo!d llial: if they .utack .Matagalpa they will be fired upon. The ai -lion -"followed failure of the peace mission, aided jiy .American authrjrilie.<^o obtain results. (iiiiio. Kciiador, .Mar. %. (AP)-— An allenipt io| overthrow; the government of Prisldenl JnUUo Ayora has failed anil its leader, Com- inand (.T Abarch, is a prisoner awaiting trial. 1 BRINGS ARRESTS I ! :; , Eight Camlden, S. €., Men Held For Violation! Of Law. ! ! Kan.; Mar. 7 t.M'i formuriyi cashier of Bank in Woodson r'fceived at the state at .2::!0 Sunday ! a teiim of 1 to a with intent; lo kill toda.v . I • Baxter struck a with a i poker, be- ive and j was later Kansas City. Iti- j rison ;wals lo;the ef- foi; parole was' in Yates Center, his occiipatibn as a PEACE IS SEEN IN NICARAGUA Washington, -Mar. 7. fAPl—Min­ ister Eberhardt at .Managua reported today to the state department that he hpd been informed that while.General Moncada, Nicaraguan Liberal deader, would not commit himself, there Appeared to be some hope of a peaceful settlement of the difficulties in Nicaragua. Monraila took the position that the negotiations would have to be carried on, directly through Minister Eberhardt, the report said. C^mdeii. S. |e.. Mar. T*. (AP)— LTrial of eight Camden mein ari;e8t- i ed for playing! Ko'f yesterday iwas ' continued until ;Friday | morning I at the request of Governor John • G. Richards- ijvhen the case iwras called today. JThe chief {execcitive was reported,! as desiring to i arrange for representation! of | the state. The eigjht defendants callted for jury trials!. ; - i 1 ' Two othersj ari-ested appeared before .Magistrate Wl- L. Depass, today] and adtnitited pjajf-. ing golf but contended that their actj was not in violation of I the state's Suiiday| laws as charged. A. W. Burnfett of Canlden. iahd C. R. Walton, ia visitor here, wera the two set up the cilaiia tha$ golfins vas nqt Illegal.

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