Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on December 19, 1898 · Page 4
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 4

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, December 19, 1898
Page 4
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To Business Men: Let the Telegraph 5how What it Can do to Bring Customers to Your 5tore and Bigger Balance to Your Bank Account dead. _ (lie fatare Is . Think of HT- Ing • »<*r or two •lier one In dead ; dead all practical Intents and parpown,— dead, with the iiuto- (rrnph of death Inscribed on brow tnd cheek and tip. Thou*Knr]* of women live for M year or two after all help- fulnexn and happineM hare gone ont of their live*. When a womtn become* hope- le*»ly helplesi and unhappy she l» prattle TIME E NOPK NEVER Assistant Secretary of State on Expansion. Hill AMERICA MUST CHOOSE AT OXOE. TOU: -_ _- _ dreary waste, the young wife wbo Is • helplesi, nervous Invalid, the mother whose babes are • burden In '•teadof a blessing,—all thene, unless the* lake tbe right measures to recover theft health, are Better dead than living. In the majority of case* these ghosts of women owe their condition to weakness and disease of tbe distinctly feminine organism. Frequently they have been deceived by the Incorrect diagnosis of some obscure physician and do not understand the true nature of their trouble. It only costs a two-cent pontage stamp for a woman to write ana describe her condition to Dr. R. V. Pierce, an eminent and skilful special- Ut, for thirty years chief consulting physician to the Invalids' Hotel and Surgical Institute of Buffalo, N. Y. He will answei letters from ailing women without charge. He Is the discoverer of Dr. Plerce's Favorite Prescription, the greatest of all known medicines for women. It acts directly on the delicate organs concerned In maternity and makes them strong, healthy and vigorous. It banishes the Indispositions of the anxious period and makes baby's coming easy and almost painless. It cures all disorders and displacements and checks exhausting drains. " PrerlotM to motherhood ray wife was nry sick," write* DennU II, Connelly, H«q., of CIwi Water, Wright Co., Minn '• Two botilw of Or. fierce a ftjvsrte Prescriptlou made her well and strong," Dr. Pierce's Pleasant Pellets cure biliousness and constipation. One • dote, They never gripe. FOR SALE. Th» Dr. Hard; •t*. LotlZfo corner Bth tnd Alby 2 dweUlnee. A 4-room dwelling on Baston street bet. 10th and IHh its. Lot 45x120 foot. Price 1700. Tbe residence of Oeo. Klrsoh on B«Ue street; t room* and batb room; In good repair. The 10-room resldanoe of B. H. Nichols oc Luudonst. Lot 70x170 teet. A flae location. A flnet-room dwelling (newly new) wlthbtth room i heated byfnrnaoe; In Middle town. The flne lot of Drrld Doyie on Blaff street With 4-rood brlok dwelling. ..The J. H. Tonur hbmestMd containing about 41 acres: nne 10 room dweHlng;trnlt ot all kind. Some flne lots on Bluff street with brick paring and sewer i no grading, In T. L. Poulds Md A flne S-room brlok dwelling, heated with •team, Lot laOilSO (eett fln« fruit; lult block from Henry street. o A desirable residence on Prospect street with 7 rooms. Heath with furnace. Lot «0 feet on Prospect street. A flue property on thenorth side of Second ttreet, west ot Langdon street. TC^room dwelling with let IZOiWO feeti fine Jolt. One ot the finest location In Middle Alton A t-ruom dwelling with about IVi acres of ground. Fine fruit and (had* tree*, t blocks {ram oar line In Upper Alton. A flne lot on 4th street. Beteral floe lots on Belle street between Itth A two story brick utore and dwelling and a two story brick dwelling on «ame lot corner of ted and Vine «U. A good Inrestment. 4 fine lots os 4th street n«ar Mr. Girsiang fMtdenoe The street,'wltn all modem Improreaienfa. i Flaaa Foundry, ererrtblng oompletei tout 10 lota; switch connection with 0. * A. "f- _> One doable dwelllncot Mr. R. Oantang, seated _Arei BeUeal The I udlog lOlota; a...,__-. Alton Nomlty tiff. Co. property en ad etreet, nolndi&sT 4 loti. t nuoTota la HlghUod Park, each 70 by about A an room dwelling on Bute atreet. Prtot & good S-room dwelling on Second atreet. JTwo flne lot* on Alby atreet: The Arable brlok dwelling, corner TUM ana Iby streets, one of the finest looatloni la Alton A gooT 7-room dwelling i good lot and flne VB*W ten room dwelling la Upper Alton, good A good lot aoilad (eet on Eaaton atreet. , r Agood brlok «w*lllng with Uk lota In Middle-' * Gonrenlent to motor Fine location. A .nvestnssnt i fine residence ot Albert Wade on Belle > rooma and flnlihed attlo, b«t> a. Ooodoellar. Gaa and water, rlagehooae. Lot N teet front. .- .Mil other dealrable property not i&rlak dwelling on William atreet. "AS room dwelling with t good lota on Fifth a.r«*t, eaat ot Ridge atreet, Price, $1. WO. A good 8 room brlok dwelling with a lota on A good 7 room dwelling with nne river rtnw, heated by hot water. [FOR RENT, ' The twv atorjr brlok dwelling with 8 rooms,on BeUerlew avenue now occupied by J. Moulton, AO-room dwelling on 3rd atreet with bath roWB-with modern nxturea. Sew etoro room and two 4-room tenaaeota with bath room 12nd atreet near Cherry The L. J. Clawaon homestead In Upper Alton with 10 rodma, barn and garden, now occupied BT Mr. Oeo. Lerla. Potseaalon Klven by Julr 1. good tDTMtmeot *»•»»< ' REAL ESTATE, INSURANCE, and LOAN AGENT •OOMU.P. 0. BUILDING, ftennot Bellrro It on Evil for th« Kturi and ftirlp«a to Flout O?«r Any People —Loading Whlrh Advocate Kxpantlon Are In the M«Joritr—Aa-nlti- •Idn Prnpo»«ft In Ilelftaxe MpnnUh i'rl»- oner* It United Slate* Will I'«y Hit Men. Washington, Dec. 18.—"Expnnslon of civilization" wan tho tapir of the address of Hon. David J. Hill, a»slntant secretary of elate, at the annual banquet of the Baptist Social Union. "Thli year," aaliJ Mr. Hill. "Is one of the moat Important of the century. To aome thin period appears the Ix-glnnlng of an era of Imperialism. A malignant disposition could not have selected a worse word than Imperialism. A better word which expresses the true condition, la expansion. It Is not a new one and the Idea la not a new one and the Idea |g not novel It ban exfMeil since the Inception of national growth. Civilization must go on until there U not one province, one inland, one Individual upon which Ita benign light does not fall. Europe, congested, IB seeking new outlet* for trade and commerce. European nations are dividing the empires r,f tbe east. Now In the Time. "1C riot now, when iinrj how can America expand, when threi'-funrths of the globe are appropriated? It Is a choice between expansion now or expansion never. "But I am asked what IB to become of the principle nt self-Knvernment if the people to he governed are riot accorded the right to say what Rhnll be their form of government an-1 who shall administer It. To this I say that nations aa well as Individuals munt pass through the periods of minority. It was BO with this nation. See how closely our forefathers guarded the right of franchise. All constitutional lawyers agree that the franchise Is not a natural right, but that It l» a legal (rift. The natural rights are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, and I cannot believe that It Is an evl! for the stars and stripes to float over any people, and It Is therefore our duty to extend the blessings of our civilization to all men capable of receiving them." WILL NOT DISCUSS THEATY. American Peace Coiiiml.tlonen gull from England for Home. Southampton, England, Dec. 19.—To tbe Interviewers who besieged tho American peace commissioners who have sailed for New York on board the American line steamer St. Loula, the commissioners said they could not discuss the terms of the treaty of peace with Spain. Whltelaw Reid and Judge Day were much Interested In the interview of the Manila correspondent of the Associated Prega with Rear Admiral Dewey, but they would not discuss either that matter or the protest made by Agonclllo, the representative of Agulnaldo, the Philippine leader. Judge Day said the treaty of peace would probably be delivered to President McKlnley on Dec. 24, but he added It waa Impossible to say whether It would be presented to the present sc-nata or to that which comes Into office In March next. This, the Judge added, Is a matter which the president will decide. AOUJMALDO'S PROPOSITION. Will Release Spanlih Prl>onort If United Btatai Will Pay Hit Army. Washington, Dec. 19.—The Philippine Insurgent leaders have replied to the negotiations started by General Otis lor the release of their prioonere. They express willingness to turn the prisoners over to the United States for repatriation to Bpalu. At the same time they submit a proposition that-tho war acknowledge the assistance received from the Insurgents In conquering the Philippines. General Otis forwards this proposition and treats It as highly significant. In effect, what the Insurgent lender propones Is that they shall turn over the prisoners and that the United States shall pay off and disband the native forces, treating them as auxiliaries, who have earned their money. Tha dispatch seems to foreshadow a aot costly and .early settlement of the Philippine situation so far as the Insurgents are concerned. FAPBUS S-AVOlt EXPANSION. How rind to Out. Fill A bottle or common glsas with your water and let it stand 24 hours; a sediment or settling Indicates *n nnhoalthj- condition or the kldnoys, if it etnine your linen It IB evidence of kidney trouble; too frequent desire to pan It or paint In the back in nlno convincing proof that the kidneys and bladder are ont of order. WHAT TO DO. Tbere Is comfort In the knowledge »o often expressed that Dr. Kilmer's Swamp Root, the great kidney remedy fulfills every wish In caring rheumatism, pain in the back, kidneys, liver, bladder and every part of tbe urinary passages. It correct* inability to hold water and scalding pain in panning it, or bad effects following the use of Tlqoor, wine or beer, and overcomes that nnpleasant necessity of being compelled to go often during tbe day, and to get up many times during tbe night. The mild and tbe extraordinary effect of Swamp Koot Is soon realized. It stands the hlgn- est for Ita wonderful cures of the moat distressing caeca. If yon need a medicine yon should have the beet. At drnggigt* 60f or $1. You may have a sample bottle and » book that tells more about It, both sent absolutely free by mall, if you send your address to Dr. Kilmer & Co., Blnghamton, N. Y. When writing be sure and mention that you read this generous offer in the TELEGRAPH. Baracoa to r-ttle his affnlrs was recos- nlzerl by the Cubans, ret Uf.on ami shot. He Is now In the hosjvtal and Is likely to die. A Cutxin has been nrrested on BUsjJklon of liclng the assnllant anil If the rrlrr.c Is fixed ution him fSi'ncro.' Wood Inunds to make an example. Mnjor Miller Kiti-cci-fli Mnjor Fnlti. Huntsvllle, Ala., D-'C. 19.—Major J. H. Miller, U. H. V., has ttetn assigned as thief quartermaster of the Second division, relieving Mnjor Otto H. Falk. Private Theodore Schomherg,an alleged deserter from Troop A, Second Cavalry, haa been arrested and held at Moulton. Ala. Deaths: Private James E. Smith, Company H, Ninth Infantry, pneumonia; Private Albert Estlll, Company E, Sixteenth Infantry. Mail-lit Uncle tram I'arls. New York, Dec. 19.—The Cunarder t-ucanla, from Liverpool and Queenstown, reached quarantine. Among the pass<rniter8 were Major General Wes ley Merrltt and his bride, formerly Mlso Laura Williams of Chicago. The gallant general hopes to resume his military duties In California or New York till his retirement eighteen monthe hence. LAST RESPECTS PAID. Vuniiral at New York City of Kx-Scnntor CHlvlii H. Ilrlce. New York, Dec. 19.—The funeral of ex-Senator Calvin S. Brlce of Ohio took place In the Fifth Avenue Presbyterian church. The church was crowded and a large number of persons prominent In society and In public life were present. The body In a cloth covered casket, wholly black, was taken In a hearse from the family home to the church. The Rev. Dr. Wallace Radcllffe of Washington was In the pulpit when the body wag taken In and the choir, which wag In waiting, began to sing "Sun of My Soul," as the casket was borne up the main aisle. It was rested on a bier and partly covered with llllt'Si of the valley and carnations. Dr. Hadcllffe read from the Scriptures, after which the choir sang "Lead, Kindly Light." At the close of the service the body was carried out before the congregation dispersed and while the choir sang "Abide With Me." A large delegation of members of the Ohio society was present. Among the prominent persons In the church were: Colonel Robert O. Ingersol, Senator Mark Hanna, General C. H. T. Collls, General Arson Q. McCook, H. H. Brockway, General Henry L. Burnett, George R. Sheldon, Colonel Arthur W. Soper and Richard Croker. The body wan taken to the Erie railroad terminus In Jersey City, where It was placed on a train for conveyance to Lima, O., where It will be Interred. Mtmlr-r In !!"• I'ir«l Dr Virwinln C'iiv. Mi-nt.. Iti- trla! "f Mai tin l'O"l f..r th" \Vlllliim Knnis .Juu< is tfi«l. Wen in \>r'.?i ••-." *ii . ••• i.n havirii; !!)•• II r Mint " •ip.d li ii. l>n» J'J>-l " ' nrnn irmlip-l a x-i'M t 'I r.t-i- W'Tlnin Hi? "Ui-n| ,-.f Vii-l imtl! .Inly I. iv. 10 — flip murder of l. whli-n ha<l .nt>lay •!. (lie jury f nMir>V i r In KMIIP will lni,) Jiiii'i is l>, ill, ..f l-:,lll«r III-...,,,,. Fnri'l 'In Mi. Win.. J).-c 19.- IWHKII. tli.' c|>.«t "llt.>r In th «•<•«(. In il.'.il ,-ift'T .'in illiii'n.a eral iM'>nt!i c . ii.if 1 *•''• Mr. TScn I-:<!\vftrd nnrth- c.f sev- . 0.111 was riinni'i •!• -I with various IK-WPI ajif-r pn- t<-rprl«f» in Wlsrdtisln inn! o titlrm"! In ai-llvi- j'niMif'lism i» this city until ISM. lip is Mirvlvi i! '••>• five xiuwn-up children. I Shrrhlilii Ttir Dopnrlinpnt of I,tik<>*. Wnshlnctiin, I id. !:<.- |jy "Ilrwtlon of the prcsl.-li-nt, llrfR.vlli r (Jttii-nil M. V. Hhcrldiin. I'. K. V.. li-i« liven applcneil to ti'inrornry f oinrrmnrl , of the department "f the- Ink'.'.--, relieving llrlgndler Ocniral nm-on. ' Trint TitUr* f'f>"*>«*tinn »>f Mil!*, > Kast Llvcrpo i|, n., Dec-. 19. -The new tln-platc trust has lakfn t'ossefslon of all the mills In this crctlon. W. H. Urannc-ld. of the Irondale mills, is to manner- till* district. »mbriu -Ing Irondale, I.lsV.on and Newcastle. i KillTi- Mny VUlt i-ranrp. . Berlin. Pfc. 19.— Tin 1 kaiser's entourage is d'.'Hlrous <if visitiriK Paria during tho "xpt'S'illoii if the rnnfcrenre for ' dlparmamiint in favmabli' to European harnn(>ny. The kHlsor lioprs to go to Paris In company \vltji some sovereign friend of Frnncp, meaning the czar. uuemen s Arnicr. auvc. Tbe best solve In tho world for cote, braises, sores. nJcere, fait rheum, fever sores, totter chapped bands, chilblains, come, and all skin eruptions, and positively cares piles, or no pay required. It Is guaranteed to give perfect satisfaction, or raoiioy refunded. Price 96 cents per box. 'F.>r sale H. Marsb. Alton nod Upper Alton For Pneumonia. Dr. J. 0. Bishop, of Agnew, Mich., says: "I have used Foley's Honey and Tar in three very severe cases of pneumonia the past month with eood results. Sold by E. Marsh and 8. H. Wyss. Hoarseness Leads On to serious irritation of tbe throat, and may end in a racking, rasping cough. Dr. Bell's Pine-Tar-Honey will quickly clear the throat and leave the voice clear and smooth. It Is an Infallible remedy for coughs and colds and all disorders of the throat and Inn B. Qood druggists sell it. 25o. What do the Children Drink 7 Don't give them tea or coffey. Have yon tried the ne w food drink called QRAIN-O? H is delicious and nourishing and takes tbe slace of coffee. The more Grain-O you give the children the more health you distribute through their systems. Drain-O is made of pure grains, and when properly prepared tastes like the choice grades of coffee but costs about bu< half as ranch. All grocers sell it. 15c and 25o. What Shall Be Done POR THE DELICATE OIKL You have tried iron and other tonics. But she keeps pale and thin. Her sallow complexion worries you. Perhaps she has a little hacking; cough also. Her head aches $ and she cannot study. Give her scon's Emulsion The oil will feed her wasting body t the glycerine will soothe her cough, and the hypophos- phites will give new power and vigor to her nerves and brain. • Never say you "cannot take cod-liver oil" until you have tried Scott's Emulsion. You will be obliged to change your opinion at once. Children especially become very fond of it; and infants do not know when it is added to their food. 5<x. anil $1.00 ; ill druggists. SCOTT 4 BOWNE, Chemists, New York. ' ( SPANIARDS' FLAGS OF THUCE I'hr \miixi-il Our MOD In ln-M llffor«- Suntlneo. (tin DEVISE Hl'GE LIFE IUFTS. Ataebul between Or lot 56x146 on Liberty street d Franklin, for 1600. AlKaore (arm a mUea aouth c^Brlghton, . rove and Franklin, for e farm a mUei aouth . , Mi'e^alf to oultlvatlon, one-half good pasture; new two story brlok modern dwelling near ^rner of Third and George streets. Uroom dwelling house with large lot on Ion etreet wutn of Twelfth utreet. tone story frame dwelling No. Ml eaat froet.urauoo. Lotooiflo. Good street jle frame dwelling house and another , all on one lot In good I3oatloo i. Renta for $88 per month i realdenoe on street on 4iIMonOak street between the Jig Pour R. R. traoka, suitable tor use or manufacturing purposes. ^T) OB eaat aide otAUton atreet, bat. »tarm In'Jersey county, halt alia l station by rail or rirer. Me business property, corner tod ton ata., on easy terms. ' la frame i rsloenoa, new and al ementi, situated on Fourth at,, «, i aoonrenlMi n of Boiuani 1 Bhowi Only Publlihera of South Vavur Auti-Anneiatlon, New York, Deo. 19.—The Herald haa made a canvass of the leading newspapers of the country on territorial expansion. Everything shows that a large majority are advocating that policy. Taking the country by sections, the Inquiry «ti >w g that only In the south Is the majorlly found In tho antl-expan- ilon column. In the ivest flic majority for expansion Is more thun two to one. In the middle stales twice « s many of the leading newspapers ure for expansion AS oppose, whll« In New England the majority, though large. Is not HO great as In tho other two sections. In the south flftjr.flve papers are counted for expansion and sixty-four against: In the west 126 for and fifty-one against; In the middle states sixty-three for and thlrtyslx against, and In Now Kngland sixty-one for and forty-two against. Gomel Reported Ueuil, London, Dec, 10.— A dispatch from Madrid says a report has been received hen* from Havana that CU>neral Maximo Homes Is dead. The Cutiun chief hat often been reported dead, and al- wayi came to lifu again. The Madrid report In not Luilcved. Drunken Soldier Vcervi Augaitn. Madrid, Dec. 19.—A sensation was cauied here late yesterday afternoon by the discovery In the ante-room of Benor Bagasta'a official residence of an Intoxicated soldier repatriated from Cuba, armed with a knife, The man was asleep. Cubuut Slioot • Uu*rrlll». Santiago de Cuba, Dec. 19.—A guerrilla who landed here yesterday morning from a schooner hailing from |MONBV TO LOAN, JtearoshipTickets A Narrow Bacape. Thankful words written by Mra. Ada B. Hart, of Groton. 8. 0. "Wu taken with a bad oold which tettled on my lunge; oough «et in and finally ter- mlB»tedla Oonanmption. Fourdoo- tort gave me up, saying I could Jive but a abort time. I gave myaelf up to ray savior, determined if I could aot at#y with toy frltuda on earth, to meet my absent onea above. My buaband was advised to _tet Dr. King*a New Ouoovery for uonaumption, Oougha and Colds, I gave it a trtal, took?In all eight bottles. It has cured met and t&uk God I am saved and now a and Jtwltby woman," TWal at B. marsh's drag store, and II. French Kxperta Plan to Avoid Another liourgogne Illiluter. Paris, Dec. 19.—In connection with the construction of new French trans-At- lantic liners, to run between Havre and New York, the French government Is urged to test practically a scheme of carrying two great, well-equipped rafts, so constructed that they cannot be submerged. These rafts will be carried as shade decks, and In the event of a ship sinking as the Hourgogne did the passengers will have a prospect of being saved. The French experts who present this scheme will make the raft to be carried forward 82 feet long, 23 feet wide externally, and 19 feet wide Internally. The aftur rnft will be 100 feet long, and of the same width as the forward ruft. The two rafts will temporarily accommodate 2,000 persona. KallwAy Ueteatlre Shot. Columbus, O., Dec. 18.—In a fight with thieves In the Panhandle yards Detective James Foster of Cleveland was shot and probably fatally wounded at 1:30 o'clock In the morning. Foster was making his rounds through tho yards when he discovered two men rilling u box car. He attempted to arrest them when one knocked him down and each man shot at him. Both took effect, one In the left shoulder and the other In the right groin. Foster was taken to the Protestant hospital. He Is 26 years old and recently came to Columbus from Cleveland. M«|[owau> AgHlu Full to Appear. Cleveland. O., Due, 19.—Ex-Mayor Frank E. Magowan and his wife failed to appear In court at the time set for the decision of Judge Dlsette upon the plea to abate the indictment In the charge of child stealing. Judge Dlsette announced that he would not render his decision until Monday. Prosecutor Strlmplc gave notice that unless the Magowans appeared In court Monday he would demand that their bond be forfulted. The Mugowans are In Toronto and It Is generally believed that they will not return to Cleveland. Tbe Sure La urippelTure. There la no use Buffering from tbla dreadful malady, if yon will only gtt the right remedy. You are having pain all through your body, year liver IB out of order, have no appetite, no life or ambition, have a bad cold, in fact are completely uaed up. Electric Btttera la the only remedy that will give you prompt and sure relief. They aot directly on your Liver, Stomach No Humbug. Foley's Honey and Tar does not claim to perform miracles. It does not claim to cure all cases of consumption or asthma, but it does claim to give comfort and relief it advanced stages of these diseases and to usually cure early stages. It is certainly worth trying by those afflicted or threatened with these dread diseases. Sold by E. Marsh and S. H. Wyas. It has been fully demonstrated that Ely's Cream Balm is a specific for Nasal catarrh and cold in the head. ThJs distinction has been ucnieved only as the result of continued successful use A morbid condition of the membrane in the nasal passages can be cared by this purifying and healing treatment. Sold by drug- g iste or ii will be mailed for 60 cents y Ely Brothers, 68 Warren street. New York. It spreads over tho membrane, is absorbed and relief ia mmedlate. Lost. Man; have lost confidence and hope as well as health, because they have been told their Kidney disease was incurable. Foley's Kidney Cure is a Guaranteed remedy for the discouraged and disconsolate. Sold by E. Marsh and 8. H, Wyss. The person who disturbed tha congregation last Sunday by coaghing, is requested to call and get a bottle of Foley's Honey and Tar, which always gives relief. Sold by E. Marsh and 8. I-olnrlu-k Must Stnml Trial. Milwaukee. Dec. 19.—The state supreme court at Madison has decided that CharltM 1'oltirhek. who was arrested on AUR. 10, 1S07. on a charpe of bribery preferred liy Alderman Ell<- ert. of Milwaukee, In connection with n garbage deal, will have to stand trial. I'oloehek Instituted habeas corpus proceedings in the circuit court on a plea that he was a member of the legislature at the time he \vas exempt from arrest, and was discharged by Judge Johnson. Dentil of !'ro(e»nt>r Scllrnrk. Princeton, N, J., Dec. 19.—John Stillwell Schenck, M. D., for' many years professor In chemlslry In Princeton university, and one of the most distinguished and learned scientists of this century, died from a complication o/ diseases at his resilience on Nassau Street. The venerable professor line! been ailing for some year. 0 past, and feis death was a logical consequence of honored old aj,-e. Carllut Prl»nucr« Tortured. Madrid, Dec. 19.—Count Casa Sola, brother of the Marquis Ceralbo. in an Interview, has confirmed the report? that savage cruelties similar to Uinse inflicted upon the anarchists confined in the fortress of Montjuich, at Barcelona, have been applied to the C'arlists arrested at Bllliao, in order to extract information from them regarding the armament and designs of the Carllsts. American liiimnne Ammclntlon. Washington, Dec. 19.—The American Humane association at its final-session yesterday re-elected the following officers: President, John G. Shortall, Chicago; secretary, Francis H. Rowley, Fall Kiver. Mass. Tin) 'l.iy? Hint fnll'WKl July 3 nt 8:in- tlnsjn wore fillet! :\ it!) iiiiininrrnblo vifitt to U'p! i: imiiicli liiipsmnli'i' fl.iuiHof trnco. To the inrn in tho pits who knnwnnth- ini,'<>f tlini'xigcMi ii.'.-iif ilii'loinacy, tlieso virgin fliixtt \viie us citTi nsivo us those of re<l in" to (In 1 dull. Tliu men linil placet thfir rnvii finf-'s niiniK tli« ontirs lino o. trend. cs. nml (hough they nlTurded Hi pii'inya j»'rfi ct largi-t and lixcd our DO sition 11= clnirly ns Ininys murk out a riico coins'! tbe men wanted the (Ing thorn and felt Ix'tttT »t teeiug them thtri 1 , nml 30 (lure tliey rcinnlned. The trenches fnrnnd a burfii'i'liriu curvo five niilc-i in liii^tli, and the entire lino vim dofiuiitly d. 1'orntnl with unr tings. When tiiey Iliitteied in tuo wind nt ful lonulh iind Hip fun kisHpil their colors, theynmde one of tlie most inspiring oni boantifni picluri'H of Hie war. Tho men would crouch for hours in the pits wiili tin-si' llrtfis rtiftiing above thfiu nml felt well repaid for (Lc'ir sorv Ice, but wht'H llicy saw crawling norosi tbo valley buluw the long white flag ol trnco their wntc'l»fiiln<?fs seouied wasted, their vigiianco became u farce, and thoy mocked and FcolVed at the white flag bitterly. Then- (lugs were tent in so frequently that I tin IIIPH compared them to thf! different war extras of a dnily pnpor and would ask, "Uus that 10 o'clock til it ion jjouo in yet?" and "!H this the baseball edition coming out uow or is it an cxtry?" One D( tho regulars said to mo in groat perplexity: "I cnu't muko out thifl Hug of linen #>»j{. It reminds me. of two kids in a street light, stopping after every punch to nek the other fellow if he's had enough. Why don't we keep nt it until somebody gets hurled?" One of tho cowboys of thn rongh riders ex pressed the sanio idea in professional phraseology. "Now that wo got thoca Mexicans covrnlled," ho said, "why don't we brand them?" — "In tho Rifle Pits," by Kiohard Harding Davis, in December Scribuor's, SORE LUNGS Sore lungs, pain in the chest nncl painful breathing fti-o quickly relieved and cured by tho old reliable specific, Dr. Bull's Cough Syrup. This remarkable remedy breaks up a cold in one night and i», without doubt, the very best medicine for all affections of the throat and lungs. '*It has cured thousands and will cure you. It never disappoints. Try it at onoe. Tbere 18 a Class of People who are injured by the nse of coffee. Recently there has been placed in all the grocery stores a new preparation called GRAIN O, made of pnre grains, that takes the place of coffee. The most delicate etoinach receives it Without distress, and but few can tell it from coffee. It does not cost over % as much. Children may drink it with great benefit. 15? and 26? per rackage. Try It. Ask for GRAIN O. . Ttia Kind You Have Always Bought Cough Syrup Will quickly heal Sore Lungs. Doses are small null plcnsnut to take. Doctors recommeiiil it. ITice 35 cts. At all di ugeists. Br. YV'iiHums' Imliua \'ile O:i:tnjc"C ;v/Il curt; titiml. Hlfcilim; uiid Itching I 1 , nbsr.rlt.slliu luinors. !i!hty:i f'O llujmur it L: i'i'. acts u« u relief. Dr. 1 "fl '..ims'lmiii nionti?pr.'i',irril fO! rVci am! Itch- Ing of it'.- 1 prhr.te ]-;sri:.- rvf-ry hor is warr°.?,i ,:i'. j;\ U:M •!,-•:-'.-. i*v mail on re- coipr of jn-ji-p. f-ft L- 1111 ami i- 1 Hi). -' - I'r-.w.. l '.Im Bland. HENRY J. KLUNK, PromotesDigeslion,Chccrful- tiess andRest.Conlnlns neither Opium.Morphinc nor Jflnerol. NOT NAHC OTIC. Apcrfect Remedy For Constipation, Sour Stomach.Diarrhoca, Worms .Convulsions Jeverish- ticss and Loss OF SLEEP. Tac Simile Signature of NEW YORK. ••••••PIPPHIialaaHataii CASTORIA For Infants and Children. The Kind You Have Always Bought Bears the Signature of The Kind Have Always Bought. TMK OCNVAUH OOMFAMVHIW VOHK CITY. Route BEST TRAINS] Nef;raska,Montana,PugetSoiini WM ARMSTRONG. Dealer Ic Yemeni, Lime and Wall Pfasier Prices to meet oompetltlon. Goods de- Urered. elephone 1M Office 107 We«t Second Street ALTON TIME CARD ADMINISTRATOR'S NOTICE. Estate of Daniel W. Collet, deceased. Tbe undersigned having been appointed Administrator of the estate oC DANIEL W. COLLET, late of the county of Madison and State ot Illinois, deceased, hereby gives notice that he will appear before tho County Court of Madison county,at the Court House, In Edwardsrllle, at the January term, on the first Monday in January next, at which time all persona having clalma against said estate are notified and requested to attend Cor the purpose of baring the same adjusted. All persons Indebted to said estate are requested to make Immediate payment to the undersigned. Dated this 10th day of Nov. A. D., 1998. EN08 JOHNSON, . Administrator, Distressing stomach Disease Permanently cured by the masterly power of South American Nervine Tonic. Invalids need suffer no longer because this great remedy can cure them all. It is a uure for the whole world of stomach weakness and indigestion. The cure begins with the first dose. The relief It brings is marvelous and surprising. It makes no failure; never disappoints. No matter how long you have suffered, your cure is certain under tbe use of this great health-giving force. Pleasant and always safe. Sold by 8. B. Wye*. uij. ind., above a V3A.m and Eldneya, tone op tbe whole ays tern and make you feel like a new De- log. They are guaranteed to cure or price refunded. For sale at B. Mar ah'B drug atore, only Kf per bottle. 9>oo< Or. B. Daichon'a A»ti-Diuretic May be worth to you more than f loo if yon have a child wbo aolla bedding from incontinence of water dnrloi •aleep. Oorea old and yonng alike. Ir arreate tbe trouble at once. II. Sold ' r 8. B. WyMj Prnggint, ON Second met. Alton, 111. For Kidney Troublaa there la nothing beUer than Foley't Kidney Onre, everyone wbo trie* It will agree to this. Sold by B. Marab For Hoarseness. Ben). Ingereon, of Mutton lays: be bad not epoken wbiqper for months, and one bottle of Poley'e Honey and Tar restored hla voice. It la used very largely by speakers and singers. Sold by E. Marsh and S. H. Wyes. Texas. Tbe Missouri. Kansas & Texas Hailway Co. will sell low rate round trip tickets on Nov. 1, 16, Deo. 6 and 30, with final Hunt of return to 21 days from date of sale. An excellent opportunity for homesonkers, tourists and Investors to view for themselves the great resources of the State. For farther information address John L. .Williams, P. and T. Agt , 103 N. Broadway, St. Louis, Mo. A Word to the Wlae Is Sufficient. Ely's Oream Balm has completely cured me of catarrh when everything else failed.—Alfred W. Stevens, Oald- well, Ohio. Ely's Oream Balm works like a charm j it has cured me of the most obstinate case ot cold in the head. I would not be without.—Fred'k Fries, 288 Hart st., Brooklyn. N. Y. A 10o. trial size or the 60o size of Ely's Oream Balm will be mailed. I Kept by druggists. Gly Brothers, 50 Warren at., N. y. A Little Sniffle, or a stubborn cold, or a deep-seated oougb can be cured for good with Dr. Self's Pine-Tor-Honoy. This famous remedy, taken In time, will stop tbe progress of consumption and bring the color of health to the pallid cheek. Druggist! sell it. HO SUNG* NO SKIPPERS. NO SOIIU!HK.«T. Box.raoBRh fitp500 lliH. |Ki»t-I'liil.un ruruipt ot Me. "»»llt«Co..l!J Uml«r b:...JI. V. mabe tufHn», metallic ea»e», metallic anb cloth ca»h»t». tf uvtul robs* toe labts*, asuUttnstt tmb gttnti) tivsst.», 16O9. Oavo*. [)rs. Q. and H. Taphorn. PHYSICIANS AND SURGEONS. OFFICE m M'PUee Building. Cor. and and Eaaton BIS. Phones 138 and 171. Veterinary Surgeon DR. D. M. MAHER. 'Jradutte Ontario Votornltry Collesn OCr.< over The Model itore COR .THIRD AND PIABA HTR , »LTns II,! Henry Meyers Butcher and Packer And feilcr Ii Prt»k n< Sill Mull u< Urd, lid mint fldirtr tf SUMPS. S» EAST SECOND • • ALTON 111 Chicago & Alton. On and after noon Aug. 14, 1888, trains will leave Union Depot, Alton, as follows- For Cbloago,North and Eaut—»12:33i m. '8:10 a m, *8:47 a m, *10:05 p m. For8prlngflelil->12:33am, «8;10 m, -8:47 a m, »6:20 p m, «10:05 p m For Peorta—«8:47a m, «10:OBp m for Kansas City aiid tho Went-' -47 «m, |6:2C p ra, *9:GOprn. •Dally. fExcopt Snnday. (SeaJoint C. & A. and Big Pourtlme table tor trams oetwooa Alton and St. Loula. ] PANG SUE, LAUNDRY. laundry Work Carefully and Promptly Done. Alio beit of Ten »d Chlneie NoTeltlei oc Hand. 624 East Second at. 306 State EtV'S CREAM HALM Ii a positive cure. Apply into tlie ooetrllH. U la (jnlckly absorbed. H cenw at DnniKiita or by mall: tamplra 10<% l)y mall ELT BUOtllKua. CO Wan-BD Bu^New SorkOltT. . R SCHUSSLER,M.b HOMEOPATHIST and SURGEON OFFICH AND RBSIDBNCB, HOTEL UAOISO>> Telephone 100 /)rs. B. C. & H. R. Lemen UPPER ALTON, ILL. OPKICB HOUR8: 7 to » s.mi 11 to 1,9 to « p.m TBLHPHONB 87. [)K. C, B. ROHLAND, DENTI5T, Oti3' huurt: »a.m. to lit m. 04 i to o II W. THIRD R1IKT CASTORIA For Infftftti and Children, TU Kind You Have Always Bought DISCHARGES OBTArNED IN BANKRUPTCY In Shon Tims, Yager & Yager. Attorneys 300 Belle »tr»et. Granitoid Paving Co. W. &.H. BEISER, Prop's. 813 But Sixth Street. • Alton, III. All kind's of Granitoid Work: Bidewslki, Steps, Flooring, etc., done and the best quail- tjroi material and work guaranteed Order* br Ball will raoalv* pro GJn.ondBioFoiirJoiiJiDeTobieofirojor Between Alton & St. Louis. For St. Louis. Ar. St. t, n .C & A dallv 7 20 an Bte Poor, dally 730am • ....C *A, dally 8 00air •. B f Fo "r, ex-Sun 800am •• ', " " 1000am " « .. I flan, only 924am . ...C&A,dally . 1026am ••-•Big Four, dally 140pm • -Big Four, 8at onTy.. 4 20 pm • " oi-8un 544pm Lv. Alton 6 18am 6 20am.. 0 CO am.. 700am.. 830am.. 8 ID am.. 615 am.. 12 40 pm. 820hm,. 4 15pm.. 543pm.. 820pm 708am 2«ara m C4A. dally... 70Jpm C A A,dally 8.24pm _ /or Alton Ar Alton .C4A, dally. glOp.i '-Four ex-Sun 910am ' ' ' --"T 847am 840pm. BOOpm 1181pm.. » -ex-Bun v™ versa, A, daily, i C^A, dally l 0 4 A, dally:... ... laSilam "M- p our ifokets, Alton aud Jt Louis and St Louts vice any G it A^ and Big JPour Edmund H. Blair. Red Estate and Insurance Agent. MONEY TO LOAN. Notar, Bunington Route. trains wlUloav«8 On and after Deo. 18.19fl8, Alton aa followai ' THROUGH SERVICE - BETWEEN—— ST. LOUIS CHICAGO, KANSAS CITY ROBT. M, STAMPER. REAL ESTATE, Loan and Insurance Agent, MS STRBET. Money to Lomo on Improved f'ropfrij RENTS COLLECTED. Leave Alton 6 50 am Q 710am 800am 10 ws am (Suburban sorrloo) D«lly Dally e»-j3un T. M. LONQ Civil Engineer and Surveyo Map* Profiles and (intimate Furnished. 3og Bell* Street, Up SU)r». 2 46 put 4 (0 pm 428pm Ot 0 M pm Leave St, L. 7 SO am » 21 BIB 10 20 urn UWam BOO urn Dully oi- Sun ArrlreSt. L ( 6 40 ami . 7 64 am 9 m Stfpm BMP* 1 8J0)» ArrlT* Alto. Jsoi AND PRINCIPAl, IV1ADK ME A MAN J POSITIVELY Vtmeiu CITIES OP TEXAS. WIQNER BUFFET^lEEPERJ FREE RECLINING KATY CHAIR GABS DINING STATIONS OPKRATf 0 BY THE COMPANY SUPERIQH MCAL9, Chas A. Strittmatkr Merchant Tailor, 7P4 BA«T 8BCONO dTRfcm QtB«*MM W«0 •»7«' i t* «rtt-Cl«H • TAILOR MADE CLOTHES. «~At» MODERATE PRICES, You are loTlttd to oau itid eiaelne mi NKW STOCK OF GOODS to* conn -dgoet«. , from Uolpn depot. •ffSSt ,XI 8t. (flt. L. 0. *D«.P!Ry.J On and after Nor. H, >«w, trajci '

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