Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on December 19, 1898 · Page 3
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 3

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, December 19, 1898
Page 3
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XMAS SLIPPERS Men's Faust, Black and Colors, $} per pair. s Vici Kid, Opera Everelte and Columbia, Black and Colors, $i to #2.50 per pair. Men's Velvet Emb oidcred, j$f to $2 per pair. Boys', Youth's and Children's Slippirs (same style as above) 7^ to $1.25 per 1 pair. Ladles', Mien's and Children's Felt Slipper, fur and braid trimmed, in black, blue, tan, brown, red and green. Children's leather and cloth Leggins. MORRISSEYBROS Retailers of HIGH GRADE Footwear. BY THB TBLBWAPH PRINTING COMPANY. MONDAY EViS., DEO. 19. Mr. and Mrs, Ooo. Weaton, of 8t. Louis, spent Sunday In Alton. Reduced prices on Capes and . ets for Christmas at IIAAQEN'H. HANDKERCMfS. Having taken advantage of the closing out sale of J. M. Locke & Co., Chicgo, III. We are prepared to give some speciil values in Ladies' Handkerchiefs, at 5, 8, 10, 13, 15, 20, 26, 35 cents. Remember the early buyers will have the best selection. * H. F. LEHNE, 113 W. Third st. Mrs. J. 8. MoOlellan, of St. epent Sunday In Upper Alton with relatives. Scott la the busiest tailor in town. Christmas cards and calendars at R F. Body's make nice holiday gifts. Mr. Q. W. Perkins, of Mlddletowo, ha? a pair of twin boys at bis home who arrived last night. Turkish, Vapor and Plain Baths at Frank Bauer's barber shop, 306 Belle at Mend broken dishes with "Climax" Glue Cement. Druggists and grooerf . The Author's Club will be entertained tomorrow evening by Misses Mills and Dickinson at the Conservatory. Good Cook Wanted Bluff street. -Apply at 330 We keep open house until 8 p. m.— A. Neormann & Son. Montloello Seminary will close Wednesday and the young ladies from Alton who are attending there will come home Wednesday night. Try Nelnlnger's Magnolia and new improved Fig. At Globe, Arizona, Lthe snow was aeven feet deep. At other points in Arizona it was from 2 to 5 feet deep, with the mercury five degrees below zero. Silk handkerchiefs, silk mufflers, and a new line of kid gloves in all the latest shades for Xmasat MIUIKEN SKIPPED WITH $80. Illlnoli Glau Co. loses a Clerk and with Him Qulle a Sum of Money. XMAS PRESENTS. Elegant Pocket Book in Seal,Morocco, Monkey and Snake Skin, from ••• • * 2 to *5 Cheaper grades, but good 7SC to $s Sterling Silver Tea Spoons, per set $4 to $6 " " single " 7SC to $a » Nail Files, good quality S°c " Hair Brushes, heavy and strong.. $3 to $5 Also Silver Cloth, Velvet and Hat Brushes $i, 1.25, «-5O Dtn't forget we sell the best plated Knives and Forks made and guarantee them and will give new ones if they are not as represented. J. H. BOOTH'S, 119 West Third Street. Dr. Q. A. McMillen, dentist, post- offlce building. Lew Jones, engineer at the water works pumping station, lost part of a finger Saturd iy by having it crushed in the pump. Amputation at the flrat joint was necessary. Shampooing "and vapor baths new barber &op. A- J- Zap g8. 21 ° Pla8a 8t Smoke floll's "Keystone" W cigar. % Fresh Nuts, New Orleans Molasses, New York Buckwheat, Fine Fruit Cakes, i, 2, 5 Ibs. Fresh- Eggs. Oura are fresh and best in quality. Sawyer & Keiser, Madison Bid*.. Phone 185. LADIES ! MAKE YOUR OWN DRESSES. BROWNWELL & CLEMM, 1026 Second st. How Do We Do H? By having No AMOK, No Peddler*, No Middlemen. You pay ono small prollt. S«ve One-bill 7 styles to select from. Complete with all attachments Favorite Singer. .$ 9CO 10 Year Guarantee. CbamplonSlngor. 1300 Now Quoen $18 00 Our Pet 1500 Beauty 2400 Princess 2000 Cabinet Machines. 2800 Also Drop Head.. 200' Just the thing lor a Xmas Preteat. Here is a wonder never offered before. The Celebrated "Automatic Machine, $35." Never sold for less than SC5. All latest improvements. Ball bearings, oto. Call and nee Machines at the office Front and Henry st. HAPQOOD PLOW CO. N. B.—Wo havo no Agents, Canvwsars, or Peddlers. Dr. and MM. Q. A. McMillen have Issued Invitations to a dinner and dincingpSrty at their home January 2. Miss Margaret OaeBaday, of Minneapolis, will be the guest ot honor. See J. E? Holl for Smoker Xmae gifts, 648 east 2nd at. Mr. B. W. Greene, a prominent resident of Shlpman, was buried yesterday. He was a .wealthy and highly respected citizen of Macoupin county. He was a brother of Mrs. Merlwethej of this city. _ For a good shave, hot and cold bath go to Maul A Hall, Plaaa st. Good Bny Wanted—To learn barber trade.-Maul & Hall, Piasa at. An incipient flre was discovered iu Zaugg's barber ahop on Piasa street last night. An electric light wire that carried the arc light current was exposed and touched a wooden support iiside the snop, to which it set flre. The blcze wan discovered before there auy serious danger. There was quite a sensation lit the office of the Illinois Glass Co., Saturday afternoon. T.B. Milliken, ayoung man from Atlanta, Ga., who had been taken In by the glass company three weeks ago under circumstances that at the time, led his employers to think be was »n upright Citizen, decamped from the office taking with him $80 In cash. Milllken came to Alton somo time ago and set about at once to ingratiate himself with church poo- pie. To an Alton minister lie told n hard lock story and enlisted his sj m • pathy and assistance in procuring work. He was most devout In his participation in church services at several places, notably the Washington Street Mission, and his actions were such as to lead his employers to believe him honest and trustworthy. Appearances are ofllmea deceiving, however, and Milllken developed into the worst kind of a snare and delusion that has been eeen In many months at the glass works. Saturday afternoon while the deceiver was in the office alone, Mr. A. E. Bassett being absent upstairs paying off the men, his chance came and he improved it. A lady from San Francisco, who does business with the Illinois Glass Co., was in the office and wishing to make a payment of (80 on account, tendered the money to Milllkeu. He took the money, signed his own name to the receipt, and gave it to the woman. Milliken pat the moLey iu his pocket and a few minutes later said be was not feeling well and aeked permission to leave. He left and the last heard of him was that ho was on the way to St. Loots. Mr. Chas. LeviB notified the St. Louis police and Millikeu is now a much searched for man. It was a strange coincidence that reports of Milliken'a want of integrity at Atlanta had been received and he was to have been discharged Saturday night. Fancy leather pocket books in seal and monkey skin, just the thing for a Christmas gift at J. H. Booth's, Third st., opp..Belle. Hungarian Paprlca Pepper at J. H, Banman's. Notice. All bills we owe may be preiented to us, and all bills owed to us may be paid at our office over Dorsey Fuel Oo.'s office, 314 Plasa street. UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE : : THE :«: PIERSON & CARR D, Q. Co. Will be Found In Their Office In the Second Story of Dorsey Fuel Co On Piasa Street. Capsl Capsl Caps! at your own price for three days. All kinds and good quality.— Oasper Horn 410 E. Second street. f hurtlett School ot MUSIC AND ART. UPPER ALTON, ILL. W. D. ARMSTRONG, Director. "A? f* in innfcr HIM*>»•»• --- • d Palntln* B»nd tor i Q. E. WILKINSON, M. D. PHYSICIAN and SURGEON, Olfice-uor. and and M « khelB * t8> OlMS'TW-pholVio" 1 Kesid'ence .903- Alton Conservatory. Blghth Year. Third Term. r ec . Ut., Art, ElocuUcn^DelMrtc «rf Special R. C. MILLS, Bendtor Mrs. Katherine Donnelly, wife'of the late William Donnelly, died last night at 12:15 o'clock, at tho home of her Bon-ln-law, Wr - MiohaalKeefe, at corner of Twentieth and.P.i'sa Bjreet? f Mre. Donnelly wia born in the County of Galloway, Ireland, 59 years ago. One brother and ona sister, Mr, John Kelly and Mrs. Margaret Donohue, of Chicago, and threa children, Mrs. Michael Keefo and B'.essrs. Charles and James Donnelly of Alton, survive her. Mrs. Donnelly's death was caused by a paralytic stroke. The funeral will tako place from the Cathedral at 9 o'clock Wednetday morning. Kingan'a iiled beef chipped to order at J. U. Ba»m«n'n. Chrlulmas shoppers who have not looked at Secly's fine clock of Iloliaay Good* are making trouble for them- sclvi s. Something for pverybody oan be found tl;ero and It is so easy to Uufl what you want. Go to Seely'a boon store. Dr. A. 0. Karr, dontiat, 118 W. 3d it Stop that cough with Stanley's White Pino.—Paul's Pharmacy. Fresh Baltimore oysters, cranberries and celery just received at Stanton & Yeakers, 2nd and Market. Gun andlook repairing done by Hubbel.—Jarrott building, e. 2nd e.t. HAAQEN'S disp'av a beautiful assortment of fancy fahiuaware for Christmas at extremely low prices. The only place to buy aUlespleOoal is 814 Plaaa street.—Poraey Fuel Co. Mrs. AniT Scott, widow of Joseph Scott, died yesterday afternoon at 5 o'clock, at the residence of her sister, Mrs. Geo. Oartwrlght, near Upper Al- tjn, aged 71 years. The funeral will take place on Wednesday afternoon, at 2 o'clock, from the residence of Mrs. Qeo. Cartwrlght. Beaitiful Pur Collarettes and children's Angora Sets in !*"•»« variety at The condition of the ice tteldsacrosfl the river is still very satlufactory and encouraging to those most interested In the harvesting of an ice crop. Wolle the ice is covered with water from the melting snow Jt has suffered little actual damage and underneath the Blushy covering la seven inches ot clear ice that a few days of cold weather will save or a harvest. HAAQEN'3 have plenty of clerk.) and Plenty of goods to take care of the Ouristmas rush. The Ridge street station of theO., B. & Q., was visited by burglars Saturday night, being the fourth time in the past two months a d twice In one week. Agent Thomas has become wise by experience, arid never leaves money iu the building over night. The thieves wanted money and nothing else so they were not rewarded for their pilns. The entrance to the station waa piled open and the door to the ticket offlje was broken open. A bicycle In the office was not taken nor was anything eUe missed. For dolls and doll beads, souvenir cups, vases, ornaments and « large line of novelties for Xmas. Cull at Norman's, 822 oust Second street. After the Fire. The flret adjusters of insurance companies interested in Saturday's flre arrived in town today but have not done anything. Plerson & Oarr Dry Goods Co. suffered such complete destruction that their loss will be easily adjusted. AU the company's books are in flne condition. Regarding plans for the future the memoers of the firm wrll say nothing at present. Both Mr. Pierson and Mr. Oarr tod iy said that they bad not given plans for the future any consideration and will devote their tima for the present to settling up their loss. K. J. Bowman & Do. will havo u.ui'. e a task to determine their actual loss, as much of the store iu merely damaged, and not destroyed, the complete destruction of the ss-o'f bei. g j considered »a usually au aid to a prompt settlement. O-ie adjuUerfor the flrm intimated that a complete invoice of the goods will be demanded by the insurance company, and no settlement can be made until an invoice is taken. la the meantime rooms are being prepared for the store iu several locations and the Bowman Oo. will soou be back in business. Umbrellas for Christmas. Fine Umbrellas, gold and silver mounted, with fancy wood and silk covers, at J. U Uootn e, Third street. Lovejoy Spoons. A new aud fancy design of spoons, just out. For sale only at J H BLOB'S. Christmas Buyers Etiquette Is Not to Pay More Than a thing Is Worth. In tho book of etiquette that Christmas buyers use as their guide the prevailing rule Is that nothing shall cost more than it is worth, aud tho JOBS you pay the more elite are you. This is the rule that prevails iu that up-to- date dry gcods bouee-Hasgen s. Shopping is there made easy and the buyer is saved much perplexity as to what can bo bsught for a roas uublo pr'ce, and at tho same time bo just as nice and just as dainty ao any one can wish for a Chriatmas gift. The bny- ere are the ones to be plaased, and this ttrm baa after much proparatun accomplished this end. A new corps of clerks lias just been added to the force and the stock is being added to in order that all who come can have whatever is wanted even to the laitmlnule before Christmas. Any shopper cau find just what ia wanted. For the ladies Ilaageu's are showing some pretty fur collarettes and all of the latest ehaJes in alee kid gloves, either one of which will make a valued Christmas present. Au Oxford inufflar or a box of silk or linen hand kerchiefs will suit any guntlemin, while a husband could please his wile with any one of our selections of Mexican baud drawn work, China or Jap- aneao pottery, or sterliag silver novel ies Rogers & Gallet perfumery m bulk, they are handling for the flr.t time. Beside theae, there are countless articles of every doy UBP, such as fancy hosiery for ladies and gentlemen, pretty pattern* in dre« goods, capes aid jackera of infl.iito design and even fur sets for children. Haagen's never had sucb a stock before and there is not room to ttll of h ilf of tuo nicest fiinga. 1 lenty of clerk sand plenty of room will make shoppers omfortable and will assist themr. Bittliiewhat ia ncc-deil in a Bhorttlm i. -i.^J'^O DON'T MONKEY > < Wllh your health, It's not healthy. i < Oet good Medicines and net Cured. } ! When you buy drugs, medicines or/ anything else you get the real thing it PAUL BROS., Prescription Specialists. "THE CORNER DRUG STORE." ' lltnry and Second. j t~~ — f -*•***• ^.•**-~sv*-r*'* *^~^~ 13.50 Notice. ALT-.N, ILL., Dec. 19,1898. To Our Friends and Patrons: Owing to our recent lloss by Bra we have opened a temporary ofljce_at No. 302 .State street, opposite Alton Na ti mal Bank. All persons indebted to nVwHI confer a favor by culling and adjusting their accounts BO we may balance our books before the first of the year- We are pleased to say that indications point to our early roaitmp- tion of busineifl. Youra respectfully, H. J. BOWMAN & Co. Christmas Greens. Ohiblmastreep, Christmas green", hollv, mlBtletofl aud cut 11 jwers should be ordered for ^'["'""Vl^ store, M'Vike bld'g. Sunday School festivals. Christmas day's falling on Sunday this year has thrown all the Sunday school celenrations out of joint. Christmas festivals will be held on a variety of datys, ranging from December 23 to 27. The following Hat of dates set for festivals was obtained: Congregational Sunday school, K. A. Smith. Superintendent, Friday evening. Methodibt Episcopal church, S. H. Cosuaboon, Superintendent, Saturday evening, December 24. St. Paul's BpiECOpal churcb, Saturday evening. Tri.iily chapel, Mond iy evening, December 20. Baptist Sunday school, W. O. Gates Superintendent, Monday evening. Unitarian Sunday ec'iool, Rev. Oco. R. G< bluer, Superintendent,- Friday t vening, December 23. Evangelical Snuday school, H. Wm. Bauer, Superintendent, Monday, Da- cember 26. German M. E. Sunday school, Henry Dude, Superintendent, Monday evening, December 20. Cumberland Presbyterian Sunday tchool, T. H. PerriD, Superintended, Tuesday, December 27. Presbyterian Sen lay school, O. P. Stowell, Superintendent, Friday evening, December 23. Cherry Street Chapel, R. Gibson, Su erintendeut, Friday, December23. Washington Street Chapel, F. M. Brazier, Superintendent, Saturday December 24. A. M. E churob, Z Crawford, Superintendent, Saturday. December 24. Union Baptist church, \V. H. Joiner, Superintendent, Saturday, December 24. In all of the Sunday schools elaborate preparations have been made and interesting Christmas programs will be rendered. Is all we ask for a wai ranted 20 year Gold Filled Ladies Watch. A genuine snap. Only a few at this price. Our stock of Ladies' Chains is very low in price and high in quality. Solid Gold as low as $6.50. Gent's Chains and Scarf Pins at. II prices. All suitable for Christmas presents. Don't forget our $1.98 Umbrella for Gent's and Ladies. •*-> E. H. QOULDINQ'S SONS, Alten'i Old Reliable Jewelry Home. Patronage hangs on a thread; that thread is your satisfaction. Treat you honestly and it's as strong as a cable; abuse your confidence and it may snap like a cobweb. We are striving to build cables; therefore we handle teas and coffees imported by Chase & Sanborn. This name means a great deal in these days of cheap everything; ft is a name that brings you a guarantee and satisfaction that no other line of tea and coffee will produce. fHOS G0UDIE. Agent for CHASE & S\ N BORN'S]lmportations. No. 26 West Second st. ' •- -j Telephone r K, 1 H\j Fresh assortment of Kennedy's Cakes at J. 1'. Biuman'r. EXAMINE OUR CLOTHES a Mado-to Order Suit that h«B stylo, fit and flnlBh at a fair price, com* to un. BuilncH Suits $16 to $20, Cutaways $20 up. Ovcrcoats.JIS up. Anyway come In and BOO our goods and pricoa] L Q. Brueggeman Tailoring Co. 821 Plasa st. Your Husband and Brother must have a nice Xmas Present. One of our 'LLA Would be just the proper thing. H M. nu A m * Third Street Clothier. Death of Miss Minnie O'llaver. Tho death of Miss Minnie O'lluvcr, the announcement of which WAS m.ido in Saturdays TKUsmi.u'ir, occurred late Saturday afternoon. Thu young lady hud taeou ill for ninny months with co.-.sumption. Almo-t one year a'o she w.i» tnkon with tho dread disease aud her health in a fow months decliuod uui 1 it deouiod ueccs- eary that s!ie bu mov.d to tin- 1'aciflo 1 const, win™ it wai hop.'d itutsbo I m ! B tjt ricupira'o heiillh. Sl.o ai-iod thuro for BC.V=.T-I| months but her condition did not improve malerliilly and uho WUB brought homo. In tho full knowlt-dga that her life could not lust muoli I mgnr H!HI awaited the end with truo (JurUllan composure. The end came poacerully and she diod In the full conlldanr.o of tho faith in which Bho had lived. She was a member of the Church of the Redeemer (Congregational) a<ul in all thiues pertaining to church work was an Interested worker. In the Christian Endeavor Society of the church and tho Congregational MIsBlon she W a» an earnest and zealous member a id always could bo depended upon to d> her part. She waa of a happy disposition and among her filpndawll' bg much missed. Mies O'llaver was an years of ago and had lived in Alton "'Vie'"in°erul will bo Tueadav morn- Iutt f oin tho family homo on I- urth «re«tat7:au o'clock. Tho bo, y will bo taken to Kane lor Interment. Small Hox and all oth.roonmgious iliaeuBos huy« no tenor tor tho«o wearlug a rai.Bji- mod oatod diHO, for adiilt» and o hi • Iren; price 25 cunta by mail. Age n U wiuited. -The Benneto Co., Alton, II'. Automatic Sewlno Machine $J5. Never sold for looi than »t»6 to too I/dtcBl Improviul. Old you ever nee a udy who usurt an Auton a lo that would use any otliw* OM uiiU H !( . ilium at llapgood How Co. tost. Krom 1108 George Btreet, a young nuVdoiri Uowan" will be paid for ro- covur^ _ _£_ALiEl umlAN - OotoMrMorllz'B for yuur winter headwear. The largest utook and lnUiststyeB. W. C. T U^Atientlon. A .netting of the W. O. T. U. wfflbe held Tuesday ut 3 p. m. to make final BrrangemenliB for 'the Ohrlrtma. dinner. AH members urged to attend. ' A Contradiction. The statement published last Thursday in a contemporary that tho property holders oa Fifth street do not want the electric railway to run on that street, in contradicted I)} a property owner on tho streat. lie says tut Just the opposi e id true,and that a joti.ion is being signed granting the i K bt of way to the proposed lino. Soe our ft,.o" nssortment of Rugs, dome now while the assortment i* elill complete.—A Neeruiann & Son- Snyder & Budde's store was threat, ned with destruction at an eatly hour this morning. A pile of blankets in a show window wan set a Qre, presumably by electric light wires, and were burning up when tho fire waa noticed. Uttlodamige waa dono as tho lire was discovered by OOlct-r Oolomau In time to prevent a spread of the n imes. An investigation of the wires this morning showed that a (use wire of the incandescent system had melted and the hot metal fulling on the blankets ignite.! them. BOYS! The Modern Mother has found that lior little ones are improved more by tho pleasant Syrup of Figs, when In need of the laxative effects of a gentle remedy, than by any other. Ohlldr.-.n enjoy It and It benolUB them. Tho truo remedy, Syrup of Figs, U manufactured by the California Fig Syrup Oo. only. A pent QHAPC cnt»M or TARTAR powotn You could not please youi boy better than by buying him a nice RIFLE for Christmas. 22 Ca'iber Rifles at all prices from $2 to $12.50. "| Air Rifles from 75? to $i. , "t A. L. FLOSS, Third st. opp. Belle \ P. S.—We are headquarters for Barney anJ Berry ^ Skates. ^ •»g^g^SSSS!SS5r^*r*^"^ • ^^^•••••••••^^•^''•* > *'^*'^™***''^^^^^^^^^ * ] CHRISTMAS FOODS. 1 Good and Cheap. ^ Aromatic Coffees, I Choice Teas, | Fine Spices, £ Raisins, Currants, "| Citrons, Olives, I'ej Oranges, m& Nuts. ^ Fine cUdies. | Fresh Celery and Oysters. J J. H. BAUMAN, No. 400 Belle street. CREAM BAKING POWDER Awarded Hlghe*t Honors, World's Fair Gold M«4al, Midwinter F*ir TOYS! line of TOYS up-to-date Jmt great variety of Penny Goods H. a. BETZ,ft50B.a

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