Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on January 3, 1950 · Page 7
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 7

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 3, 1950
Page 7
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OUT ALTON 1VBNIN6 TBLEORAPH TtmiDAY, JANUARY I, !»* ; ^^^l^^^ ll ^g IMH ^^ aMHM ^^ tf ^ M l Catholic Party At Bunker Hill BUNKER HILL, Jan. 3.— (Spe- ." elal.)— A group of 15 families had *'t Christmas party Thursday eve- 'nmg at the new parish hall of the Catholic Church. The party opened with a pot luck supper, afier which cards were played. 'Plans were made for a public card party, Jan. 10. Ladles Aid And Men's Club BUNKER HILL. — Members of the Ladles' Aid and Men's Club of Zion Lutheran Church entertained their families with a Christmas party Thursday evening in the church basement. Over 60 took part In the games under the direction of Mrs. E. Allen Rust and Mrs, Edwin Schreier. The men spent the evening play- Ing dartball. Gift exchanges were held by the various groups and refreshments were served to the group by Mrs. Nelson Weidner, Mrs. John Wright, and Mrs. Wll- II* Wolff. . New Year's Party BUNKER HILL.— Jlmm Bertagnolli, Ronnie Bartels, Glcnnle Bruckert, Philip Trusdale, Donald Hlldcbrand and Jimmy Noble were guests of James Williamson Thursday evening, when he entertained with a New Year's party'. Games were played and prizes and favors awarded. Refreshments and dec- , orations carried out the New Year motif. Pioneer Girls Entertained BUNKER HILL. — The Pioneer Girls were entertained at. the Baptist parsonage Thursday afternoon. Christmas pictures were shown, games were played, and a gift exchange was held. Mrs. Earl Brown, Pioneer guide, was assisted by Miss Gertrude Hlldc- • brand, . Mrs. Ben Fenstcrman, and Mrs. L. Sncdeker In entertaining. Bunker Hill Note* BUNKER HILL.— Mr. and Mrs. Harold Romelln and Shirley, Miss Edna Bauser and her guest, Miss Bernlce Sauser, are visiting the Rev. and Mrs. H. Johnson and family In Michigan City, Ind., for several days. The Rev, Johnson was a former pastor of the Baptist church. Mrs. Chester Pennington, who has been a patient, at St. John's LADY SHERIFF AND THE MAYOR—Mayor James M. Curley (third from left) who has weathered many more serious situations in his long political career, seemed downright flustered yesterday when all his bodyguards were unable to block Deputy Sheriff Margaret C. Long, who sought to serve a restraining order against issuance of permits for two drive-in theaters on him. She failed in the attempt pictured above, being hampered by a Curley attache but later served it at his home anyway,—AP Wirephoto. North Alton Hospital, Tuesday. Springfield, returned ListMacoupin Bureau Meetings CARLINVILLE, Jan. 3.—(Special.)—The January schedule for the Macoupln County Home Bureau units Is as follows in the Alton area: L L. group A—"Saving Time In Home Sewing" (major); "Hotel Etiquette" (minor;. Jan 4, Carlinville night, Mrs. J. L. Wlnslade; Jan. 5, Hagaman, Mrs. Iva Rob Inson; Jan. 10, Bird, Mrs. Claude Wheeler; Jan. 11, Polk, Mrs. George Gibson; Jan. 12, Plalnview, Mrs. Walter Frank; Jan. 20, Car- Jin vllle day,. Mrs. Grace Barto; Jan. 26, Piasa, Mrs. Bertha Craig. H. A. Group B—"Planning for Long Time Housing Improvement" (major), "Hotel Etiquette" (minor); Jan 4, Brushy Mound; Jan. 5, Hettlck, Mrs. Nona Best; Jan 6, Spanish Needle, Mrs. "Wayne Young; Jan. 10, Enos; Jan. 11, Bunker Hill, Mrs. George Gugger; Jan. 12, Honey Point, Mrs. Edward Hughes; Jan. 17, Brighton, Mrs. Anna Nelson; Jan. 18, Chesterfield, Mrs. W. Followell; Jan. 10, Shipman, Mrs. A. G. Schoeneman; Jan. 26, Hllyard. Macoupin Yule Seal Receipts total $7422.52 CARLINVILLE, Jan. 3.—(Special.)— While the 1949 Christmas seal sale officially closed Dec. 25, contributions are still coming In, according to the executive secretary, Mrs. Ruth Conlee. A sum of $7,422.52, has been received to date, which is far short of the goal set for 1949 seal sale. Follow-up reminders are being mailed, urging everyone who did not get in his returns to do so as soon as possible. ' It Is to be remembered • that the work of the Tuberculosis Association which is financed through sale of Christmas souls, Is a year- round program, If the 1950 funds permit, the Association expects to continue Its high school tuberculin testing, X-raying of positive reactors, doctors referrals, and group surveys In townships. Parent* of Twins CARLINVILLE.—Mr. and Mrs. Edward Gosch of Bunker Hill are parents of twins, a boy and girl, born Thursday at Macoupln Hospital. The babies have been najned Gene Ray and Judy Mae. There FRIGIDAIRE SCHWARTZ APPLIANCE CO. Sunshine Claw Meeting The Sunshine Clnss of Elm Street Presbyterian Church wll meet at 7:30 tonight at the church Newly elected officers will be in charge of the program after the business meeting. Members have been Invited to attend tho meeting to be Introduced again to the new officers. ftSril Wedding Anniversary Mr. and Mrs. Georgo Winger o 16 Knsl Delmar celebrated their fifty-third wedding anniversary today at their home. Mrs. Winger who Is 75, has been 111 the past two weeks and the anniversary will bo n quiet one. Mr. Winger is 76. The couple was marrfcM Jnn. 3 1897, at Klsah. Mrs. Winger is the former Miss Lena Bestcrfeldt, nnd Winger was the son of John Winger of Dow. The couple moved to Alton in 1906 and hnve lived at their present home on East Delmar for the past 27 years. Itoyal Neighbors to Meet Carnation Camp, Royal Neighbors of America, will meet at 7:30 m. Wednesday at the D. of U. V. Hall on State street. The program will include the installation of the group's newly elected officers, Buck to School Again Miss Martha Wood, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Leo Wood of Godfrey, has returned to Normal to resume studies at Normal University, William Rice, son of Rev. and are three" other" children in the Gosch family. Mrs. Gosch was the former Miss Bertha Mangels. Mrs. Marshall W. Rice of 2336 State, resumed studies today at James Mllllkln University in Decatur. Delmar Schrumpf, son of Mr. and Mrs, Delmar Schrumpf of Hawthorne boulevard, and, Ken ncth Walter, son of Mr. and Mrs. William Walter of State street, have returned to studies at the University o£ Illinois. Mr. and Mrs. Don Reining have returned to Bloomlngton, Ind., to resume studies at the University of Indiana. Relninp Is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Henry Reining of 4050 Alby, Mrs. Reining is the daughter of the Mayor and Mrs. Earl Linkogle of 1813 Liberty street. Mr. and Mrs. Richard Ycakey will return to Rolla, Mo., where Yeakey is studying at the/ Mis' souri School of Mines. They have been visiting with Mrs. • Yeakey's parents, Mr. and Mrs. ' Joseph Yungck of 24ffl Virden, during the holidays. Miss Ruth Oehler, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Louis Oehler of 2513 lardy, left Sunday for Stanton, Ky., where she will resume studies at Paniel BJ.ble Institute. Misses Mary Ann and Ruth Secies, daughters of Mr. and Mrs. 'rank L. Eccles of 107 Gerson, re- urned to Carllnvllle, Monday, A'here they will continue their vork at Blackburn College. Boore coming home during the holl- lays Ruth spent some time In Chl- ago visiting several hospitals to heck on the necessary requirements in entering their nursing classes. She also stopped to visit with a classmate at Bloomington Brighton Churches Present Awards BRIGHTON, fan. 3.—(Special.) — Awards for perfect attendance were made to the following pupils -- ----.-- „ or the Presbyterian Sunday school, formerly Miss Norma Ebbert, eld* p. m., Thursday, -In the «hurch basement. BRIGHTON. — Mr. and MM. frank Ebbert have received the announcement of the btrth of i daughter to Mr. and Mrs. Chile* W Clous at Cub*, Mo., on Christ* rhas morning. Mrs. Clous Wat Sunday: Five years, Robert, Jean, and Sue Towse, «nd Judith Oberlander; three months, Peggy Butt, Sue El» len Watt, Janet Kaitip, and Larry est daughter of Mr. and MM. F. Laubscher. The following pupils of the Ebbert. Dinner Methodist, Sunday school were glv- «n awards for perfect attendance during the Sunday morning service: Nine years, William, sr., William, jr., and Neal Burkj four years, Colla Ayres; one year, Eddie Well; six months, Louise, Maxine, Helen, and Tommy Mayberry. Congregational Meeting BRIGHTON. — The congregation of the Presbyterian Church will have Its annual meeting Thursday in .the parish house. Officers will be elected and reports of all departments read, A potluck supper at 6 p. m, will precede the business session. Women's Guild Will Meet BRIGHTON. — The Women's Guild of the Evangelical and Reformed Church will meet at 1:30 before returning'to Alton. Congregational Meeting Annual congregational meeting and election of officers of the Klr/l Street Presbyterian Church will begin at 7:30 p. m. Wednesday at the church. Organization reports will be heard at that time, the church will review the. work of the past year, and make plans for the coming year. Young Men's Club Dunce, The Northside Young Men's Club will have its second dance of a series of six at 7:30 p. m. Thursday" at the Shelterhouse. Music will be provided by Harry Luan and his orchestra. Parents and members of the Boosters and Auxiliary have been Invited to take part. The committees have announced that refreshments will be on hand as at the previous dance. The program will close at 10 p. m. Business Meeting Monthly business meeting of North Alton Baptist Church will begin Immediately after the midweek prayer service which begins at 7:30 p. m. Wednesday at the church. Personals Mr. and Mrs. Herbert St. Peters and son Billy of Gerson Avenue have returned home after spending the holidays vacation with Mrs. St. Peters' family in Okla- riomn. Mr. and Mrs. Elmer T. Down of ranite City visited with Alton relatives Monday. Cards have been received from Mr. and Mrs. Jack Turner and son Cecil who are traveling through the West and Southwest for the holiday vacation. Favorite for Over 70 When You Feel 'Run Down' Hera's Welcome Relief from that TifffD filUHG eon sriMKiHr ro won WHCK wtu nrouius ornn MOM Starts to Work at Once H«/p« Kw You Filling Softer Thin in good news for suffering folks who want to regain their energy. Don't gel. old before your time. 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DOCTORS' TISTS PROVI wh «« xou energlu xour body with •ICN, Rio BLOOD f»*.SIOO0 APHTITi STOMACH helpt build STURDY HEALTH to ' «new energy conclusion.: cell* ami for making the cell", ncn m coloring matter, S S S ?C' C , "*" ^finitely grater tnan Liver and Iron further teat* showed utom- *cn Kimtricducomfbrt relieved and food better dige»t«d—' Uwnby g lving tteody ^ BRIGHTON. — Mrs. Charles WifiSlade entertained with a birthday 'dinner Friday evening at their home in Alton, celebrating the birthdays of her husband, Charles, and his sister, Mrs. John Stamper, Brighton. Guests were Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Wlnslade, Mr. and Mrs, Harold Wlnslade, Ruth Hermes, Mr. and Mrs. John Stamper and sons, Bill, Buck, and Bob, and Mr. and Mrs. Charles, Wlnslade and son, Jlmmle, _; ..../. Miners' Day, recently made a national holiday in Czechoslovakia, is considered a new expression of the drive lor greater labor productivity through "shock-worker" movements and "socialist competition" between enterprises there 1 . Hnrdin Man Finds Three Bee Swarm* HARDIN, Jan, 3-(Special) — Earl Snider. Hardin, was hunting rabbits ihstend of bee trees In the Jersey'bottoms'Wednesday, but he heard bees and began to look around. To his surprise he found thMe swarms In different trees, all of them showing a lot of activity. Snider does not plan to cut any of the trees. However, he gathered 38 pounds of honey from a bee tree recently. These bees were in the fallen top of a tree that had been cut for stave bolts. He did not kill the bees, but,left plenty of honey to assure their survival through the winter, n . ' . . • / ii m i • Hardin Main Compiles Perfect Church Record HARDIN, Jan. 3 — (Special) — Roy Bailey, Hardin, was visiting In Colllnsville the last Sunday of the year, so he Went to«Sunday school there to complete his thirty- CHlGAOdrJin. 3. Oft caused an estimated $300,000 damage yesterday at the Butidett Fur- nlture * Carpet Co. Six firemen third year of perfect Sunday school attendance. Bailey started hi* record on the first Sunday in Wit **" m* overcome by smoke while fighting the W*i* and were taken to a hospital. Anthony Mullaney, chief fi's marshal who estimated the damtsge, aald eairte of the blase was undetermined. the first submarine for the U.I. Navy was built by John. Philip Holland nearly So yean ago. )f.J,,:.>:•>•••.- .V..58$CTCTff]$$$^?^ IT'S HtVtR tOO I/ATE TO I)r I U At tlM yean pass, your cyet become i L«t MS txtmiM your cyet... regularly, etp«rt»j». Reap your vision young and you will feet ytan ybinar^ '. 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