The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas on March 5, 1927 · Page 8
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The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas · Page 8

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 5, 1927
Page 8
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.1 PAGE EIGHT if- •I 1 »j THE TOLA DATJY REGTSTER. SATURPAY EVENiyTG. MARCH 5, 7 ' Quintet Trims Frcdohia 15 to 14 iii Fast Game; All - Tournament Team^ Named : , Tonight. Kiiiiil Kiimcs ho plii><!(l. hrf- pUiPs will by a vurdcU. all-tourna- iiiont teaiiis wil be selected, lola junior culk 'KO will'clash with Foit juni<ir i-oIleKo '8 nritation . tourna- to' a i'lariDg end KANSAS DEFEATS , K. S. A. C. QUINTET I.iiwirnri"'. • Miircli fi. S|if('l:il KiillHliM I'lilvcl'Hliy cloKeil tin- I>IIM- kethiill Hi 'iiHoti licic- liiiti IIIKIII liy <l<-r(>uHni; KuiiNaM AKKi<'!< 2!) in The KJiiiU- Kciil IhiJ.AfK 'fK lo'-.v- er in .Mfstiouri Valley .'•l;iii>llnKs. l\atis:aH already him won the lille. I'eterson. IcadinK scorer (if. the 1 e'oiiference. adde<l leii poiiils to his total.' while llyer.s ol the Apples another seoriiig ace. eouiiti teen points. Homer Smith I Has Shopped Thousaind Punches Id ^ Scpit and' lola fourth annual , uient will tome! tonight. J^ate this afle(noou. will cjiish with lioldl will play thi) scnii|-linal rbund. The Ida seconds Gapett and Htiin-j .'hivnutc Seconds in i will for clash al S: (he tourney championship. while the losers for the cpnsolai jo This nioi:ninK - play at 7:3U o'clock jOn award, in a second round battle, lola seconds t'(iut;ht their way" into the Heijii -finals by defeating Kredonia econds 15 to 14. Carneti iicri 'ornifMi a similar feat the losing end of witli- .Mildred on ii 29 to 21 Hconj • ("hanute secoii went into the of the fastest g! th.' touruauieiil. bcfoie the {'han lis - and Humboldt ^enii-fiuals in two ities yet playioil in VHII'S CeutPr fell rle, s(mad 11 to 1:; in one of the liKlit<-sl games of th( touniament fivi'-uilnule .lt< peri playing ;>d. Jhe. i-xiiH 'petliod, of hartl p^ay Inillcati'd thai ('lanjule will he lip- sot liy Iliiiriii'ilrl «qiiail will go nd that to that iiijto Ilie finals l;i|.-il Jlepler l!l nil- rcilleil w suriiriscs, Kin- L'fealed riilolildwii < giime. lola I.»HarrK> I'l to 2. in a forfeit from piin-toiiniami'iit he l<da thIrdK If, njiir-Colony gamej well played, with ling.17 lo 10. lien-. ame trom-.Veosho ;21 10 .s and He|d|i'r J Falls: :!5 to 12. lOLA-FORT GAME Fori Kiott" juii lola jmihir will itlasli itt ih !1::!0 o'c-Iock' Ion cape gaiiii' to h this- ye :ir. .This game will and consolation ; invitation; tournar Coach Ira Sto< will st .Trll the fo and Monzie. suan Kronk and tiroff I -wards. , .. Wogali ;will he scoring threat. COACH IS TEACHING I FOOTBAIJL SCIENCE I I'hiladeiphia. on the sclenre ol .ing given I candid; 111- s VUlanova 'College •preliminary, ro Ooach Harry .Striiiil}lr<>her. former Notre Daiiie star, started t'lie clas^•- es ill Older to keep his players' minds on fnoilta ^l KcasOii. There 4V ominalion on the H IP <if football I •dreher plaii.s sev hull giUJies will and has orgaul ?j ream among the HOMERllTH o 'O'clocli Winners i tonight i an extra FigMer Has Met Hardest isunch in Prize King Today—Johnson Hard for Him To Hit. lliinil«)ldl lief. 13 in ii f:i; I ;;ivi 'I'he first roi •(•iiooHily with f- donta Ni-i iinds d •in to 2 In th seconds ilefcaled .Mildred won liroMsnii. Iiiit ill game , d<fealed ! Jo The Val^-,- C last night was >ate:: Center wid ler won itJj first Falls. to 12. Humboldt deltited Xeodeslia sec- llJy,T. S. t'larrell.) Kidaniazoio. ."Mich., .Mar. (ATI .\ja\i. d;'lil-,l the llgliliiiiig and Jler- cules;'wa.s rated' lough, loo, but they, never I knew llnmer Smith, seeretary-treasurer oi a company iiianutaeturjiig silos at, Kaiamazoo. In adilitiiiu to bi-iiig ii maiiiil'ac- turer he l.s a iiiigiiisi. He -has foilglil lleiiljisey, \\ ills,; Firpo, ;lte- iiaull, fireiiiiaii, .Meehaii, Sliaikey, rauliiio, .luhiisoii ,iiid niore than iliio other .-.eiecKd: b'<iii- crusiorri-, along and Mlill livi-s in light another ':day. ; ! - . Homer Smiili diii .mil stop any . , at these opponents bill he louglll Quintot DeiiipM-y sioppell him in a two. anil i'liiilino in lo.-^t llel'i.-lions lo Hauling l.eviiisky. llioin, round. Wills in Seven'. Smith Jack .lohnr<'iii. •finds IS to 12. Chanutc se<-on<ils defeated I LeKoy .lack Sliaiki-y and .lai ^k Uenaiiit He lio.\ed no -decision bouts agailist Firpo, .Median and lirennan. li a li.'.i siioi 'ild lie awarded for the bo.xer establishing the best, record tor li-ori/,o:ital coiitacl wiln ,ilie caiivas. H.>mer would be a contender. Keports dil 'ler as to the iuumber of tinu-s Kirim t'joored liini. Smith says it was ••siJiiiething over ten t .iiics. 1 lo.-,t count."' i 'V M- KiCiglil the iiardesl bunch 'of any man in tin- ring today. " iie- <-lared Smith. "And iKibody put ibis C TONinHTi '"""''•'""'"'^ on me. eithi-r. The only • Mbi .nes rve been getting broken^ in ithe ring are in my right hand. Its TWO A^JERICANS \ ON OXFORD TEAM I.ondoil, ,Mir. .1. —Foll(.wliig a decisive 1 defelil of IJIrjnIiigbam Iniversity by the Oxford j l-nlvers- ity lacroiis.te^im to-1111' tiine of 'Si lo 2. ••hair-hlnes," tiic vUrsity lacrosse insignia, were awiirdeil to uvo American members ot the Oxford team. They are <;. U. I'fann. '"ormer .star quarterback i of ' tiie i Cornell foothall team and now •tliodes sdmhir from Ohio, and K. .1. Vandcgrial-f. a graduate of the I'niversity of I Alabama and also a foriner star ,f]ootball playt-r. MIULLENTO CLASH WITH WAGNERTHEN villi will meet Friitiklo Lloyd of I'icker. Tb<v I.liter Is beir^^r known •I'r .111'- '•l .fiixler Kill.'' .These two liiiy.-i are f.-alherwelghls and are eipially mali 'lied. Ita.xteii Kid IiaH iiinny frii'iids in this part pt the .Slate, due; to his willingness to'inLx, at fill limes CUemeiis is reported to lie the .«i!iiie caliliie of figliter. Tile siiceial event of eight rohnd.s will bring together, '•flab©" Hunt "if ronciV (,'iiv,, and Jimmii: Other Strong .Fights Arcli '<'«K<-^'."^ Lrtivenwt.rti.] VMK Hum " " ~ with fans in this dis- last card h>re -wihciii Billed for Amclrican Legion's Card— McMulIe^ Is Ready. SEVEN GIVEN TOPITTSBUliG Running I in Game Last Night-^Coffeyville I Is Second for Season. ! ."•).—(Sjie- ri.>AI ,i .STA.MH.\(;S. Kansas Junior College Title By Defeating Java City Crew Last Night. t<ipi)lcd .\eo.slio SCOTT 1.. IV(. .\iltan'>n>> ( ilv • ] .sss II. Sl<|ll •1 ' rar-iiii» ;j .7t;ii Kiin>a^ I .It ,1 1 .«5(i7 ( iiiu-juH:* 7 li .lO.'l lola s Independence 1 s- .III (•a.rden ( ily II •> .IHHI .\rkaii~as ( il;.- .jiiiilor ciillcpi- ior .ciillege and i idllejgv basket si|uads!i' •-n, i,. ,. i . i-.. lii "li school Hi H "'^ hardest hitter I ever ' in the fin!^ i ""Slit-^ That lies between Demp- «,l in n.W *^>' ^^"-'.o. They hit diiler- plaved in lola ;,„,„,,. j,^ (tick of a mule and the kick of ia ;lraft horse. Dempsey has the mule gilt follow the finals fourth .annual lo ^i ^J^Mo.-'col.^g: Ifl^i^.'i^^''!;;:;!^^ ^""'•'^ ."^"t^ •; lawful. Firpo -1- kebrimd iirqbably : lowing: • Melton s: .Mann, c-enter: 1 ojr IJurger, for-' the Fort Scott jar you something (cinie like the kick—slower and mighty .Mar. -Lectures footiialt are be- fiir the l!i2 luring the off II be a final ex-, theory and prac- r'.lune. Strillll- lal spring fool GOLF (;iVEN UP FOR TENNIS NOW liir as I'S A l.ui ked "BO Is Svii .FraiiiiM-o, uii rac,|,i,.| .that w nearly three deeac Ilfteir-agaiii in- If'turnju'iieiit .petition. It lliirdy. * .Siin Fnjnelsc Const sii^Kles cliatr^plon Hi­ ts presi(|ent (i |f the Ca|i- ssoclatiijii first love : golf, ijii- he retirt'cl 1S»S. f-^rnia l^iwn Teiihis i'l In gohigj back tt his ttr,. tlaroy is reno'upcin game he Took up n-jietl fromjactive tennis-oamiijelitlon. He explilins itlie' inovii jSimjdv. "Ten- J. his fras injore. act on. l-brotljer. .Sam, he Coasj doiil^les titl^ .six tween isni; and IS ly; WESTERN GROUP !MEET POSTPONED; ' i ": • ' si. .loseiih. Mo., .Mfir. ,">. (APi— Tending definite a>surance regard-; ing ihe entry of .loplin. Mo., or j Muskogee, okla.. n tlhe "Western : lorsp"s eavy. "Tlie hardest man for me lo hit vlas .lack ,Iohiisoii. He knew more 4a .vs to keep from being hit than nybody I ever b<i.\ed with. The losl awkward man to box with uas Willje .Meehaii. He is short lid- fat and wa.s Jiard lo get al. Ijle has a big.jaw but you can't lieach it. And besides thai he ; illowned all the time. - j ''The punch that hurt inn most {Was hit by IJob Koper. He sent jiin upper cut to the chin that I fodllball team I »asn I looking for. .My head burl Isprlng training. 1 V'r four days. • j "Alosf. punches on the head, tjhough, don't hot her long. Hody piiiicni's make you sore the next ijiiy. I think kidney piiiulies ar.' I)ad.. but, you know, • tliey doii'l l^iirt tiie. 1 li-ive thick muscles on i |iy liaik and ;.whenever a ICHOH' 'caches round lo hit nie there, I SI harden the muscles and he an beat away all night If he aills to, •"1 believe I came close lo beal- ig. Dcnnisey when I fought'him. .^ooii after tile fight hhirlerf I got h ',im on the chin so bard his lialiils opjied. . Mill I was loo slow'aboul \ fi|ii :owliiK Jt up. And the next- Ililiig knew his left c:iuglil me r/i the lin and rloored me. I got up and liapiiened nu.iin. Well, we weiil al It until just before the round jas lo end and the referee stopped e. fight. I didn't like it aiid.w.iiit- lo go on. Floyd Fltzsimnions he's a promoter now yon know, bill he. was m.v. manager was'mad about it too." Smith is willing to go on t,-iking i (~~ <-hance at being kno<iked down j me more anil when he finallyi Is tired, he says he can alwav.s ild silos. '.liiiclied liic iiiisUi lliiill ( luiiiipi'iii-I >liip of the ICaiisa - .liuiior cnlli ge ; <:iiiife ;-enc by i !eli-a;iim Ciiltiy- vilie jniilnr <-ollc.i.-i- to 2 ."i at Cnl- leyville. Al the hall" ;lie .\ik. ("ily .-t|uad. worn out by two hard games ai lola anil lnik-|Miiilencc. wa.- irail- in;; Hi to 17. but rallied lu l!;. last half. (in toiiiglu's gam- hi:i;;es Die; slory of how ibc.v will linlsli af'.er ,\rkansas City. 1( liila deleals Ft.' .Scott jlinior college li<-re tonight, i I'arsons can finish in si (onil place by defeating liidependeiiei- al liid - j pendeiici- 3Ionday niglil. If Fort Scoit wins, rarsons can no! reacli i second place. If lni|epi 'ni |e|lce d. f--,-|ls I'aiSlill.-: .'\l(inday. Kans.i.s cirji- junior college ; wjIL finish ill third place. The onlvi other came rem.'iinine in iln- con-' ference is that next Krid^iy nii;lii between lola mid .\ikaiisas (ily at .Arkaiisa.s City. r will have no cftecl (Ml final s'aiiiliiigs. I.a^l iiivjlil's iir:of.» 111 rifl-linrir ii(er Kor! .Scull i::>\v I'illsltui:: !li,isketliall teata-' lour I'fles iiil«. se,-ison. riil». b;;ri; Il ;:li «icliini| li."i» umi Hie ciiiim|>ioiixh|p Ol" liiijli Hie Kig Seit'ii and I .SiMi)hca>i Kansas leaiiues. uliile I'itlsbiir:; .inn- ior liiL'li »»^iii Hie , .Southeast Ivaiisas ,lui ior lli^h Sclmol Leiiuiie ran; and ; rillslninr Traeliers MIUI (he Kiinsas con- I'ereiice race. Not a bail Ims- ki-Hiall |-ec(ii;il lor liiie lo«n. Affer lola Leads at Half, I KIsmore Rallies in a Big Cage Battle Staged a I Elsmore. Fort Scott, Kans.. M: M\ ciil) -One of tile .'itronge .J ^t lioxinfe cards ever staged in F<irt Scott i by the Ainoricaii liegion. v.i!| be ' held next Tuesday levelling. .March j a; the .Memprial; Hall when Elmer -McMulIeii . of! Denver,. Colo., meets Johnny Wagner of Fort i Scott. Both are niiddlowelghts. ! . JMcMullen replaces Kdiiie Morris.' Fort Scott Drops Outiofj.on the card, the;laUer having been • ' ' barred from boxing in Kansas al the instigation of the American lii^gion committije of this city. ,Mc.Mullon is 21 years of age. and weighs 154 pounds. Two years ago he. held the welterweight cham- [pionship .of - Kansas. Leslie Fd! miinds secretary of tlie Kansas j lK>xing commission recommends iMc.Mulleli as a foi^niidable oppoii- jeBt lor Wagner. "I am cmning lo I Fort S'ott for the one piirtKise nt beating .loliiiny W.igner" .Mc.'diil- leii wired today from Denver a.- he look a train for this city. Wagner's reputation in lisiii- circles has expanded iiiilii now lor is i -oiisidereil one (if llie best niiddb-- weit-hts in the ceiihal vvl ^^l. He ailded another victory lo liis li>:r last Tili-sday niglil al lola wtiiii be knocked oiil Floyd I'owiis ol cago in ilie seveiiili rmind of a S '.iiedulcd.i< n loiind boiii. Tile other Iv, o bouts on tlie card are aitraeiiiii; .-ilmost as mii<-li in- ti'ii.'st as (he Wagiie|--M(-,.\IulIci| ^<i. In ; i,'ie seinr'-w'induii ol' eight iiiaiiil.--. liatiliiig Clemens of Alclii- woii a liorise I rid on Clie lie won a de<-isive docLsion over Walk^ r Ricli of C.arland. Keagen ' h;i.-> been in a dozen fights thus far and ha.s won most o£ them by tiie K. O. route. , I A curtain raiser ;of four rounds brings the card to'.:!ii rounds of boxing, (leorge Cox of .Mulbei'ry will officiate. Popular prices will prevail. FOR INSURANCE City and Farm ; Phione 131 or 820 Ray Investment Co. .nrs. Philip S. Kar ( oll'ey»il||' ' ;.. Kl. ,Sco|| L. I'arsoiis : I'haiiiile lola _ L lnilr|tcnilriicr I.L I'c«. i •II ,SIH» tl Ij .750 i •>! .fi67 1 JJi ..-.71 -i -17.-. .'{ ..-EIMI 1 von the c| ampion- Sci^iit when school II • i:i -;,i'iri , K;iii . .Mar. Ti. (.Spe< i Diiliiiii' il i:> v.iiining li"!c iiisr, ni.clii. ilcfealing ;";i!!ii'.v i, •.. li.n (laiiilei ',2 to ;i :• 111'"- 1! wliicli Ida held (I i :i -11 I') ;:l Cii- luilf .1- i;.- hill'- Ibis vej-r T!!- .\i-k::i:.Mis fry illlill^el c -ell.-ii.iiy K • i'.e Kiiii-;..-- .Iiiii:iir ( 1 II I- i.-hiltlii 'i MI !-ii .p. i.i:.;.: mad 1.1 S'lll.lli Ol" iiini. jiieiiir 1 nlli-t. lii'S'-I'MM- " il !i -!^e' (;I.M:'': \w I .;1. MI :|h-- •!• I 1' li.,lt LI -IM'.T.•I. hl'i:. .\ , !;;.•! Ir.ill );.-n. K. .I'.liii -on.;ird. v -iis hiib imint man with eievn i.-iiin 111..; field. i .|il le ell Il..;ided al 1.4 ! iiil raily in the d |l-;i: more points. Kli^iiioidiminutive IliCsbiirg high .school Uig Siven COtlference ship last night at For it lb r-ated Fort Siolt high >2 .'i to IS in a fast game. After tola jdilealed ritlshiirg. Fort Sccrtt lii-id lihe league lead until last tiight.? Last night's victory by I'iitshurg coii |d-d with Coffeyville's to IJO win over Cliaiiiile.; sent Fort Sc-oM liimbliiii; from first lo third idace iiail allowed Coffeyville lb finish the .season in .second place. Indcpend-nee pulled the;- iiiiex- peci .-d by deleatiiig the i strong I'arsons (iiiintet at Parsons 20 to lor its first' win of thej seaso.n. .\ I'arsons win last nigiii would have allowed that team to tiinish iiiij third place 'anil would litive drop- 1 [led Fort Scott on down ti) fourth ; Iilace in the standings. ) lola earlier in tlie week was; d .'fealed by Parson -S. but tin- <-on-j lest had no effei-t on final stand- 1 ings. Last night's jilay cicised the' l!;g ,^even conference season. i FOR vol II CO.WK .MFSrE DKMVKU FKKE ;riif- d:mii;; ID: t ii:i;y uii • liiiitiors Iiaie il fliat Cnai'Ii ( linrlie Miiriraii 01" i'lll-ilinrir is going lo ijoaeli college Ijeanis next year : ml that I'itlsiiurg i^ill.lH' seai'ihing I'or-aiiullier roiicli. Possibly -ii. Ill that ease, ritlsliurg will Inne a hard time r<|iiiillmr lyin. Mur- ujiii eerlaiHi} hi's earned iiiiy .iob lie may! lake hy his wnti^ del I'll • «-o,-ic|iiii^^ diirMia Hie la^t ji-ars. ! .'s .Mtire i: .luhnnn. I" 1;. .iiiiiiisoii. r Haniejs. .Modi-,-' 1; I'O.V. I.. Co:i. •c at • riltsbiir:: liie or si.\ ',t'ol;il . • S.-indii. .Mi.nii. ( Hik-r. II mil. V. ( Lrn, !. 1 l!:,-:-r^.v.-. 11..;|. •I'lii.-il Inn l.';i) other (ollcges | Jjlisi III » wrestling jtrld players. Vetera wa.v lo he KOIIH belonj^s to Hr. Sumner }. Pacific ji; 1S!<.'. a^ii il o ; w With his jiiild ;^lie Pacific times be- .tV^sociation the me^-tin »he season sciiediilie.'/f^j held in St. .lo.sejdi not be h-.-lil until a ateit dat. PurleU. who will manage the Si. Joseph team, said today he lias to ap-ange haVe bi>en .tomorrow, will Mark I peels to have thirty on the roster ("n-hen spring training starts. FAK.W iil KKAr .1IK.MBf:KS Directors of the Farm Hiire.iii are mgiilur monthly iiH nrnoon In the ("h tiierce rooms at Hoiitlne liiiMn.-sH is) MCieil. lit- then -i PINEHURST CHAMP GIVES UP HONORS I'iiieliiirs!. .\. (",. M'.ir. Tl. Womi'ii .11 I'inehiir.-I leel Hie.\ have a hel­ ler I lialiei- III will In goll louriia- iiieiiis now th.ii .Mrs. ,l(din |i. .<;iiap- of I Ireeiiu icli. Conn., has de- paried oil ail rjiropeiiii trip. In the fall of IMl'.V .Mrs, Cliapiiiali [ started her slrlijg of vidnrjes by winning the (iarolin.i -vniiiieirs , toiiriiey. and she coiillniied in I'.O' until i;ieiin;i Colleii -i,ijrp(.d her in tlie Womeirs .N'ortli .iiid Soiilli 1 llanipioiiship. Lasl l;iil .Mis. Cliapiiiaii again won the Cariiliii,i women's ,-iiid llie Silver Foils lour- • nanienis and r'-pi-ated In the Se,is- on Wii'iieirs in ,l;iiiii:iry. Th" trip • to Kuro|ie iii:ide it impossible lor her to defend Iier , ST . Valentine cliampionship. ' C'laiti Ir-'i .-i.'oi k'-lir 1 ii'I iia h;i') haul lirk niiii his iu;;i,ir r..;l,.^i- s.Iliad ih y. :!r. wi'ii i;ii It "if i'l'.ie l.ce l!ie |,-i|!iiipi; r.'..- .11 ler ,1 pisla;! te^Mll ! .sJlu. .ki-lir.i 111! :. i.i'l. 'c,iai :ci. of i;cll.'-lir In-' !.:i::: m. I !ie I limr ill .1 :i.- ' Jiiie I . i 'i 11 I.' •-. , le-cau.'- «.!' Ilii r. . : I 'i..' C; I.-I "I his iiii-ii aie vv.iik.i,;: tiii'il" \vit\ IliroiU-.h si!i. 111. H.iill.'l lie In I .ill /pr.ll ti.-l .ill Mil: ll'.-llick ill III! Iiioiilii'g ill sill 11 a 1 il •. hoji' cvi r, iC i-. proli, lile ilial ai lea>l one III liii-iu v.'.iiili! Id- Morkiiig. WUU Hie iiiial game 01' Hie Junior lolleue Imirne.r fnnigltl ami a eonsiilatiofi tinncli, in llililitiiill lit Hie Furl SeolU lii'ii junior college Imllle; a riTonl crinxl shoul'd (iirii out for |iiiii::ht 's urames al ^lie senior liltih selmnl. II v>ill be liilii 's la .st cliaiice lo see li^s. .»<Jir. FC. II II s 1 II FC. 1; II I II II i:: • FT. II II II o 41 HILLYARDS WIN | j FROM K.CiA. C .I ; Kansas City. .Mo., :.Mar. ^1 (Sjicc- ial) —Ilillyards. of St. .losepli. .Mo., trounced the Kansas City Athletic club hero last night 2S to Iti. TIIO.S. if. |||>Ui.r,S, I'risiilenI a. n. BOW'LI',S, Cashier Allen Coiinty State Bank ioi,.\, K ANSAS Ksliiblislieil a Qmrrler ai ji Cenltirj Capital Stock $. .30,000.00 Surplus and Undiv. Profits ... 150,000.00 Deposits 1,000,000.00 INTKKKST I'AIIJ ON TIMK IJKI'OSITS SAKKTY DKI'OSrr J»).\KS FOR KKNT FT. '2 I (i I I II F. 1 2 i 0 II II Kelvinator Once— F'REDONIAIWINS ; BASKET TITLE Refrigeration for Years •I |i' i;ll. Ml e. K;iii . .Marcli ( .1'. I'riiiiiiiia li:i;i' Mlinul «iiii ;h. li:-. |.-I'll ill cl.aiiipioiislii|i Of 111"' \ . r,:.;i;i l^ l \allev I. ;ig:ie last liiglll 11. -||41IJ'1< ||:g Clieliyville IS to .'. liii|ipi(i.i!i iicc' plays III fill: .yvllte l'ini-;llt ilillle lllliil league g.iaie iif ihe si.asoii. LET .lONES \H) i IT! Jones F^leclric Works ; J I'llOVK III:! hetball tiaines here this —Telephiine voiir Cla .s.sified lo l.s. Ads BASEBALL ALPHABFT ^Kansas 1926 Trapslioot \ Averages Are Released (Ily Jimmy Uobin.son ! SliM) at Iti .ike I II'! 1$- -RAH' .-\Ilen County lidbling their rtljUg this aflu­ mber, of Cum .Vieniorial hail. ; being Mans ; -111 4:1 .•.IS t;>i.-. lliJS ;'*.".:i 4,-. I 4!ii iS POft BA/MCftOPT AND Ml9 BBAve^^^' r ANNV W /A9 ONE rvxAjOR • EACUE M^NACER TO <»TAV PUT IN A 9EA?0N jOC V\AN*iC .e«i Al_ R B A R R A M C E IV> e M T ! Lloyd. .1. W.. Wichita , Fornev. J. Ci. WelMngton -Mtirph.v. |{. S.. .Morland ^ ^I Saiii.son. K. 11.. (Juinier I .McDowell. C. |{.. Phillipsburg . . ' Floj-d. F. 1-:. KIlis _ _ -F'erguson, K. C . Hiicyriis BorlK. Henry W. Cladin . nii-kitison. 1) K .| Kansas Cilv Knox...iV. P., KId.lrado '. i "Hainl. I»y. .Morelaii.l ... . ' Walden.. .1. Purr Oak _ ' F.ccarni's. C. II.. Miilvane ' Ki'ox. -Mrs I!. F.. Klilorado ^ .Liciiiies, F.. 1". .Med'ciiie Lodge . .1. ;W. Liiivd. Wiiliila' tops liigli av ' 11126. The Wichita star averaged .'.ifil'.l nigh rating on the .Ml .Xineiican high a\lr;u;e roll' stale chaiii|>:oiishi|> l;is| ,\iigus» with i;iii.\-.iiii. .1. li- I-'' is ne.\t .!<l ^^l. Forney is tile handiiap and .\11 .^!Mlu: Kansas. HI ' turned in soi'iic scores last seasfii. .Moreland giinin'i, tiikes lliiid place with .Miiipliy the III'.''! stall tllb''with I'll; breaks bii! e ..i . .let.-ai.-il in ijie -lim.t <••! I), .slaiiisiiii. yiiiiitei- and C. H. .Mclicnell. I'lllllipsbiii g. coine-.i!. \i ,ii lim I with over !ii( per cent. .Mrs. H. F. Kieix.' Klilor.ido.-(ops the lady gunnel. of till' ntlilj' Willi 7K Jier'coui. • ! ..- ^ . .'.IMl - - „ ."- ."•.'•.o .'.(Ill - . _ ... 7I1II .. .... i;.".ii . ..I. Til • - . :\-<:M .•.nil ; Ton . . - \ I'l.'.il ; •rage I layli -.i) i .-rs ii Kans .is for, III ir ..".'i I lay.| \v!;lcl; .^iv- 'iiii: a. I.iii.\ li lOppeil Ihf I 111 II. y. W', iliiig'.on. I li C|-.:i:iipi .(ili of ' K. S. .Mil: phy. j lied LhiyrI Ior \ ^ ;:i :!9i; .:ii;!!i ".ill 'MI ; .:i4is .:i:;4M • .;i :!i4{ .ii-i'T j .!iiiii;, .:i I :•."'. .iiiil'i .S:J(I'.I I .TSOii ; PHONE -65- WIJK.V YorP LICIITS GO OCT ol: Yoru PLU.Mni.\'G i/:oKs;u.\D Elbctric and •Plumbing Co. TIIK HA nil > STOKE I.. K. HOIfVIM.F. I'residenI - F. <>. BKNSON, (ashler A. W. BF("K, Vice-President i K. «>. LAND, Asst. Cashier JIAKICV SIlIVKI.i, Asst. raslilir 1 lOLA Sl'ATE BANK Wi: P.AY I.NTKKKST ON Tl.ME DKPOSITS Capital Stock ...$50,000.00 ........$43,000.00 SurpJu .s 'Bfttrr- on ^corner, K. \ HARDWARE &. 1^ IMPLEMENTS \^alv:ays Bftter] 'E know that Kelyin- ator will give you years of care-free refrigeration because it has given it' to others since 1914. It require? no replenishing because it: uses electricity to chill your own refrigerator.: ^ i Aik us about the litv nit of Kehnmatar refrigeration. K.C. ELECTRIC & PLUMBINiJCO. bi'.-^l li,il,iLv< we can iwrn is lo save inoriev One (if.Ml. >i!t. t;.) (It, it tit-ally (hat ii acciimiilaU.s by itlj own vali!<.'--t}ial i.s a lar liirttcr cionceptioii of thrift. Tlitr man. woman or ciiiltj who tan look v<;ar,'^ ahead —when money ,saveri will take care of them in the winter of:(heir lives—i.s the jierson who ha-s foresight. , Such a certain which jjrrow.- ftitiiri •e !s niadi' i)o;s.sii,Ie by .saving monthly a •sum. allowin.t; it to accumulate interest, all*of aniazing' rapitlity. with Start.looking ahead todavl 6% On Savings "THE RADIO STORl^' onel'h K» IIKI K. .Miiilisoii ^ielvin^t(br I' Il f ol. K I c c t r i c 1 r 1 t I) II III r ^ t i e> K r I r i.g r r ii ti i o n- I WO ©iyflQL©a(?ii@ Ml© mim Officf In First .National FJank of lola

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