Algona Courier from Algona, Iowa on November 9, 1894 · Page 8
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Algona Courier from Algona, Iowa · Page 8

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, November 9, 1894
Page 8
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Page 8 article text (OCR)

*-' V' . * v '\1%'^"' "^^^ ~zi~ r '-A'l r f<}^' •v * V", ,T\i t £-, IT 6' PA: fc" l& H'v %• &> fe< r^- *&•• 19', !!>^ A' S5S5C,<; % a*'/ • «w-v ^ t , •fMl'- >; • ^ "^Kv, , : ''A,-J&, i, ' ' 'tL.' *• f : y.•'•;.:•, fi i ' m-"' &^: : m;^. *'Ji 4 *•: ffi-a ii Mi' fefV. MB OQjOBtttB., * d, F. PRESTOJ^, M. D* SPECALIST. Spectacles scientifically fitted and guaranteed. MASON CITY, - - IOWA. -AT- Sexton, Iowa For Bargains in Dry Goods, Groceries, Hats, Caps, Boots, Shoes, Hardware, Harnesses, Paints, Oils, Drugs, Patent Medicines. I handle the Best Minnesota Flour At the Lowest Price. All kinds of farm produce taken iu exchange for goods. I always pay the highest market price for butter and eggs. I want 10,000 dozen eggs this week. i^Give me a call.,, i AUG.STUDER, - Sexton, Iowa. wr&ms no H?!<Ts §erman Constipation Sylvan Cum purifies tho foreatha SOLD BY L. A. SHEETZ'. PROFESSIONAL. CARDS. GfiO. E. CLAUKE. OKAS. A. COHENOtm CLARKE ACOHE/NlOUR, ATTORNEYS AT LAW. iLGONA, - - IOWA. S,S. SESSIONS, ATTORNEY AT LAW. Money to Loan on Chattlo Security. iLGONA, IOWA SULLIVAN & JVI C MAHON ATTORNEYS AT LAW. Offlco In Postofflce Block. ALGONA, - - IOWA. E. V, SWEETIN®, ATTORNEY AT LAW, Money to Loan. ALGONA, - ... IOWA. JH. 6. M°COY, PHYStCIAN AXJ) SURGEON. ALQONA, - - IOWA. M. J. KENEFICK, PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON. ALGONA. - - IOWA. F. L.TRIBON M. D. Homoeopathic Physician and Surgeon. Calls answered promptly at any time. • Office in A. D. Clarko Block. Consultations iu English or German.' ALGONA, - IOWA. A. A. I3EANE, PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON, BIJRT, - - - IOWA E. E. SAVERS, Veterinary Physician and Surgeon. Office west of the Thprington House. Good .Hospital Accommodations, ALGONA, - - IOWA. E. S. GbASIER D. E). S. DENTIST, ALGONA. IOWA. Special attention given to saving the natural teeth.' Office bver Algona State Bank. A, b. RIST, D. D, S. - DENTIST. ALGONA, IOWA, local anaesthetic for deadening pain in .gums when extracting teeth. JAS. /t. ORR, PAINTING. Graining and Paper-hanging. All orders promptly attended to. Give mo a call. Shop on Call street, Algona, Iowa; P. DINGLE?. A. W. MOITATT. DINQbEY & MOFFATT,. Real Estate, Loans 1 Insurance Have lor sale in Kossuth County and ad- Joining counties a full list of wild lands and improved farms. Will pay taxes for nonresidents and redeem lands sold for taxes. Office,—State street, Al^ona, Iowa. ALGONA, IOWA. We would call attention to the fact that we are located here permanently, for the manufacture and sale of cemetery work In Marble, Granite and Stone. We now have and Intend to keep in stock a fair line of finished Monuments, Headstones, etc., and, will {guarantee all-work to he equal to the best. We are the .only manufacturers of cemetery work In Kos- suthCo. Therefore, please give us a call before placing your order and be convinced that by fair and honorable dealing-, we are worthy your patronage. & COMPANY, ALGONA, East State St. , IOWA. Scott & Dailey, -:- Artesian Well'Contractors. -:• ' We have the only cable'steam drilling machine owned In the county. Sink wells for .water supply for towns, cities and railroads. Special attention *to farm well work. Esti. mates'cheerfully made on application. 1 We 'employ only expert drillers. 'Address. , n - - STOTT & DAILEY, iAJgona, Iowa, -years established.'••With our facilities we can nate,i A, D, Clarke & Co, FARM LOANS. WIIITTEMORE The quietest elefttfon in 55 years. tt. F. 1 McGovern* catao homo fr&m flatteville, Wisconsin, Mbnday morn- Ing. •• > Marshal Smith had a tramp in the cooler last Wednesday. A" number of our young people attended the dance at West Bend Friday evenJbg. The wedding mentioned in one of our correspondence will take place about Thanksgiving. There is a case of diphtheria reported la the city. The city council were in session Monday. Many democrats are. voting the republican ticket this year of our Lord. A. D. 1894. Mr. Weir has opened a restaurant in the Munch building. G. E. Boyle was a visitor at the hub Monday. T. F. McGovern caught coons while in Wisconsin,three pelts were trophies in evidence at his belt on hife return home. Headmaster Woods Is putting in a side track for J. M. Farley. E. Ohrischilles, Thos. Corcoran and Thos. McEnroe went to Emmetsburg Saturday to hear Duncombe. The Czar of Eussia is dead and now there seems to be a difference of opinion as to his being a humane ruler. John Fairburn has just returned from Chicago, so keep your eye peeled for something nobby in his line. Four tramps struck our town Wednesday and about.the.first thing they done they sniped a suit of clothes. Two of them were brought before his honor and plead guilty and were fined 8100 and cost, in default of which they were sent to the county stone pile for thirty days. Our election passed off quietly but the voters knew the responsibility that rested upon them and responded manfully. The result, a big republican gain in Whittemore township. The democrats are scarcer than the dimes in a church contribution box, and you cannot find one who will own to being a member of the party. ALGONA. IOWA. Q. T. PEEK. M, P. HA.QGAHD. 1 r 'l JHAGOARD & PEEK, (Successors to Jones & Smith.) Abstracts, Lands & Collections, ALGONA, IOWA. FARMERS 8VV!NPU5P. Two Philadelphia Sharpers Operate in tlie West. The Philadelphia Press of last Monday said:; In April last M. M. Browning and a young man whose name is not known, opened 1 a store for the sale of butter at 137 Margaretta street) 'In this city. Browning watched the business here and sent the young man to the West to negotiate with farmers for the sale of the product. He returned to this city with a number of names on his list and consignments of butter thereafter arrived from the West to be paid for upon delivery. Three weeks ago Browning suddenly left town and last Tuesday the youn'g man followed after, closing the shop. Since their disappearance information has* been received from farmers in Illinois, Iowa and South Wisconsin, particularly Jefferson county, that Browning had failed to pay 1 for consignments aggregating over $25,000 in value.' Steps have been taken to capture the fugitives. , For Sale LITTLE FOLKS, Washington's Oriental Bftby. She is the daughter of the Chinese tniu- Istef»And she lives fa the Stewart castle At Washington with her father and mother, fier name is Tain Yew Me, and she is a little mote than 2 years old. Margaret Spencer, who recently called at the castle, bas,Written quite an interesting article about this little princess of the Chinese embassy, in which a portrait is given. Among other things the article contains the following interesting description: She wore a pink figured underskirt and a robe, cut just like her mamma's, of dark blue brocade. The sleeves fell away from her tiny wrists, which were cbvered with bracelets of coral, beads and gold bands, You never saw such pretty hands—so soft and brown and tiny. The little oval tipped fingers vrere covered with rings, and on one thumb two rings of blue stones. In the photograph, which the big brother of the baby told me at the legation I might send to you, I see the rings are taken off and n royal headdress put on in place of the funny house cap which she wears at home. That is of black silk, with a hole cut out for the crown of the head and edged with black fringe. Across the forehead gold bangles are sewed on, gifts from the family at her birth "for good luck." Two tiny red pompons bob up and down on slender wires, and a gold medal hangs below them. Behind all these a tiny bell is fastened, which tinkles like a sleighbell whenever the little head moves. She wore green silk stockings fastened by garters of red, with fnnny rosettes. •What SIto Ij'.iched. Miss Pussy Eat on the lowest bough Of n waviui.; hickory treo Whispering softly: "I'll have you now, You gay liule robin, j ou'll see! Tho old hem \ralchus her chicks thirteen And ha&such a f uari'ul way Of flying at one that 1 luvven't scnu A bit of fresh meat today," But Mftbler Robia As sho stealthily ui'edpd along, Joining in'd thl'ush uud jay Chirrup a hioi'nins Kong, Glancing sidc-v.-isd once and again Out Of UU .-.MIC/ l!JO, As i" to suj : "You'll catch me then? Well, madam, Mipposu you try.'! "I havo four logs," eaid Pussy Cat, "And you, BIT, have only two. • I have sharp claws — depe.icl on that— And they'll get the bettor of you. I'm stronger, too, than a dozen birds. Look nowl" and she quickly springs. But tho robin laughed as he soared away, "Ha! ha! hut you have no T» ings." A good young grade Jersey Jersey calf practically Cow. Also a heifer full blood. Enquire at this office. —TO LOAN ON REAL ESTATE. , C. B. MATSON, , Instate Bank Block. ' , • WELL . PIM. - , •We have a bran new outfit made to order for this locality, and can do the best of -work, , -Water guaranteed or no pay, • - , . . « i, i HOXIE ' 0I 1I^ QIJT, r ALGONA Friend: "Why do you send your husband's clothes to a tailor, when all they need is a button?" Mrs. iManlofem: "Well, the fact is my husband married so young that he never learned how to sew on a button."— New York Weekly. Notice to Ladies. ' "•» * [ > , ' /" 'Ladies who have two or three hours .leisure each day can make money byi ..assisting me in my business. • MRS. SUEIE BOX ,67, Algona, Iowa. " ~ '. . i i ' Lfist Call, .r'.,''^^' t ^ j j ,^< i * j ' ' ^'Everyone owipg m4 'OQ^accourit or|note is requested tq' settle the same at once. I am compell§djto have a large amount of money 1 for) the new 'mill. Little yuoen TVilhulmlna. Wilhelmina, tlio little queen of the Netherlands, was given on her recent (fourteenth) birthday, by her rnotlier, 30 large dolls., BO arrayed in uniforms of the Dutch arnij' as to acquaint her With the appearance of the various grades of officers holding her commissions; but she at once insisted uponhaviag an equal number of dolls dressed as ladies of tho court to entertain the officers. —Excha««e. Don't jdelay a day. . <• •• . . < WILSON. Little Edgar, -aged'8, who happened to be very fond x>f lemdu 'drops, was out on the porch ono 'd&£ when a sudden and violent hailstorm *came up. "Oh! ohl' the boy screamedWith delight, "it'a'yain- ing taiady!"—Youili'a Companion. ? 'One of'tHo root Guards. In 'connection 'with the recent visit of the Duke of Connaught to Austria and his ^presence atHhe Hungarian nianeu- yers-at 'Q-uns.'the Emperor Francis Joseph 'has"-'conferred upon bis royal high- •tiess the honorary 'colonelcy of the 'Fourth 'regiment of Hungarian bus- Are yott thinkittg of buying a new Stove or Range—one that will burn the least fuel, cause the least trouble, give thegreatestdegreeofheat.lastthelongestand ^ Jook the best? Then Jewel Stoves and Ranges will interest you. JEWELS 'STOVES; For efficiency, economy, dura- ( bility, and beauty, they represent the zenith of the stovemaker's skm. Ask to see" them at the dealers. I,ook for the above trade mark. W. H, 1NGHAM, Pros. J. B. JONES, Vice-Pros. LEWIS H. SMITH, Cashier., ' KOSSUTH 6OUNTY STATE BANK. ALGONA, IOWA. CAPITAL), - - $50,000.00. D ° POS Collectt V n1\^^ ™ 1 bankin - Jones ' T - 1 business transacted rischllles. Lewis H. Smith, WM. K. FERGUSON, Cashier • AMBROSE A. CALL, Pros. D. H. AUTCHINS. V-JPres. 0. D. SMITH, Ass't Cashier. FIRST NATIONAL- BANK, ALGONA, IOWA. CAPITAL), - - $50,OOO.OO. , r , ^"Special Attention Paid to Collections..^ Money always on hand to loan at reasonable rates to partleiwho can furnish W. F. Carter, Ambrose A Cash Capital - $5O,OOO.OO. OFFICERS AND DIRECTORS. A. D. OIWIKKE, PRBS'T, C. 0. CHUBB, V. PRES'T, •• 1YH. IiANTRr. CASHIER, GKQ; I/. G-AMjiiAiin, W. 0. TYRHEH,, MYBON SOHENOK. THOS. F. .COOKE. Algona, Iowa. GEN13&AL Private Safety Deposit Vaults! A, N. DRAKE, Presidents WIEMER, Vice Pros. PRANK WIENER, Oashlor. E. G. RICH, > Asst. Oashifir. Capital. - $25,000.00. STATE BANK OF LEDYARD ^•Interest Paid on Time Deposits. DIRECTORS-A. N. Drake, H. A. Miller, J. C. Cook, Wm. Wlemer, Goo. H. Wsner, 0. Albrook, J. JD. NewSomber. W, H. Woods, R. B. Ballard. connection with the blinking we do a Tleal Estate business. Havel ivilcl and improved land for sale or rent. Farm loans made at Lowest Bates. LEDYARD. - - IOWA. , I wish to say to the public that I handle the best Sewing Machines and Organs that are made, and I desire to show my goods to all persons who contemplate purchasing such. The WHEELER & WILSON No. NINE and the HOUSEHOLD SEWING MACHINES cannot be excelled, and I will not be undersold. Store room on Call street* bOUIS loESSINS. ALGONA, IOWA; NEW GROCERY' FIF^M. HALEEN (fiTPETERSON. Four doors North of the Opera House. ' We have opened a new grocery store and will carry a line of Choice Fresh , Groceries of all kinds. We solicit your trade. We take butter and eggs in exchange for goods. We sell as cheap as any house in town. Try us. HALEEN & PETERSON, Algona, Iowa. O?O 1,1 »».; ' ^ Time Notice, -, \ Tp Whom It May Concern: -You are hereby notified that I have this d<iy glven'my son,' .X)tto, bis time and fully emanoipa$oVb.ira from •inyoo.otrol,'j That I^make' no'claim for' bis. future earnings and shall in no-jnannor be Jl^blo for any debts oontragted by him, ' , 1 1 ' \' ' ,'t*, 1 ) Jui<in8 Bi&ivvPi» Dated, LuVerno, Iowa, Oc,tptior;Kth, 1804, ,,[ .W , piroess . , Detail,' Dealer • f f»e^Pft9W»DjfiP?d?w' *&&$&$ W*!%,M''7 .«n»s sSES •^^? "#7T , Improved - Farms. l-'W And to Reduce my Sibpck .so^ I will sell-at . - Dbwii m v>y» 'llr.'jfl.'t ^AVJpF l ff, "f.t ^ W ..vp, =V»t*l ®& &1W *>,Qy»,! ««"L mp-.i^^trL 1 'Ht*M'S I* '?>.• i#?^ 'M, tf.

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