The Postville Review from Postville, Iowa on March 5, 1892 · Page 3
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The Postville Review from Postville, Iowa · Page 3

Postville, Iowa
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 5, 1892
Page 3
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Mile Weekly leview KYKRY SATURDAY W, N. BURDICK. BY 511.bO A YEAR IN ADVANCE. AL R EVIEW. Oysters at Hart's. aueus Saturday eveniag. ; commenced on Wednesday, he stormy March has coino at Mrs. •rt. J. E. Perry is TislliDfj at so NoTtltios in Jewelry, just arrived, LUHMAM & SANDRR8'. r—•• • •« tm't enyy the milk haulers day Postrilte bakod brond, , at Baton's. 6loaves for Miss Mary Henderson has raturncd aaMngton City. -Corporation eloctlon tiKxt Monday. i Saturday ovoning. • > _ - -Little Queon, in Photos uext rrcok the Btedy Photu Gallery. -Sanders <& Kuplci- avu j i w Lt i «nf in Irapricg stock of lunibor. -Jetty in 20 lb. pails only CSc, nl JOHN TIIOMA'S. Ttio rnasquoriule ball on Tuesday ing was n grand success. E. E. 3woD«on undo the home run m Minnesota last Monday. Sea th* uew lino of Spring Cloth- Jray's Clothing Store. il_to »eo Fiof.U.iirris if yon any trouble witli yc^ir eyes. in Lois Tultlu will be home from this ovouingfor a uhort visit. few lino of Dress Ti homings jnn Ivod, at LUHJIAN & SANDEKS'. We are greatly rejoiced to learn t Hardy Barnes' condition is improv- -Prof. Harris in town this weak. —More local matter on other page. -Poultry bought and sold at Hart's. •-Sum. Wnleia' wards Frsnkvillo, new house, over toil up and inclosed. —Onr nun, Art, is roady for a farm engagement for the coming summer. Washing- Done. I will do washing for thoso desiring it. (2w) MRS . M. M. FADEH. - Paris Pane), tho latest and most popalar picture out. See samples at the Beedy Photo Gallery. miss Mary Crosby, Teacher of Painting. Order work a specialty. 4Stf —M. F. McUahcran's sale aggregated over $4 ,000. Good stock and thorough advertising did it. Miss Anna JSaston Instructor on tho piano and organ, Postville, Iowa. —Prof. Harris l« located in Milwaukee and comes to you reremmended by the best physicians of that city. Armstrong has bought out a largo clothing store in Knckford, Illinois, nnd will take po*snssi "H March lfilh. Hockford is a big oity but there is no dou'il but Mr. Armstrong can fill the bill there as well :ii ia a smaller town. Such a man will get to tho front anywhere. — March came in like a lamb and according to tho prediction of "the oldest inhabitant" it will go oat liko a lion. Wc should not oare so much how it acted if it would give us rouds that would enable the farmers to bring in wood, hay, etc. We have had no really good roads since early in the fall — '•Mr. Frank Larraboe and wifo, and Mrs. Judge Williams, leave to-day for Dos Moines, where tlioy join Ex- Governor Larrabeo, wifo and daughter, and after two or three days spent in tho capital city, tho party will sturl out on a trip to southern California, Oregon and Utah, to be abstut several weeks sight-seeing and pleasure. We all wish them a plaasant journey and a happy return." -McGregor News. Miss Nellie H. Abbott, readier of Voenl and Instrumental Music, Postville, Iowa. —Wo had a light snow fall last Sunday night but it made no sleighing. A plenty of mud was the result however. 10 CENTS. Good, No. 1 Washboards only 10c. Who over henrtl of it before? LirmiAM & SANDKKS. Horse-Shooing. No hit ami miss, but a good job every clatl'.r nnd priuos vory reasonable. THOU. SlIOKTUEKI). For Sale Cheap. A .ii 'cond hand nook stove, No. 9. with stovepipe shelf. Will taku wood, dry or green, in payment. Inquire of MRS . N. J. BESDT. M. V. Kidder was looking after tho nite "industry" hereabouts on Wed day. -'Jas. Hoy is now "at home" in his gent now residence, south of the M. church. —All desiring Hair Work will do oil to call on Mrs. J. Riley. Switches ypcuinlty. 2w —Mrs. C. II. Mills, of Chicago, is TTvWlW^t^r j)anj^, Mr. and Mrs. 1\ Coraoran. - The painters aro already busy- llnr than usual. and paper hangers about a month uar- For Salo or Kent. My rcsidunoa on tho north side, not sold at once tho rooms will be rut ed as heretofore. Mns. II. 15. HAZLRTOX. MADAME MITCHELL At Homo Permanently for 3 Months, Madame Mitchell will toll your for tunu to perfection, tall what you aro best adapted for, and show you the likeness of your fuluro partner. Call and be convinced of hor wondcrfal powers at her residence, north of the Milwaukee depot, Postville List of Letters remaining uncalled for in tho postntTfou atPostyiik-, [own, Feb. 27. 1898. Par­ lies calling for any of them will plonso say "Advertised:" Miss Ellen E. Anderson, Peter Halm, Olivor Petois, Mrs. Retta Rogers, Ross Thornton, Edward Trudo. JAS. PEURY , P. M. Corporation Caucus. The qualified ekelois of tho incorporated town of Postville are requested to meet al the hook & ladder house in said town on Satin day evening, Maruh 6th, 18!)3, at7:S0, for the purpose of noinin- nlinjj candidates tor the soveral offices to be voted for at the corporation elec- tioa tu be held on Monday, March 7th. Tho MeGaheran Sale. CLHRMOKT , Iowa, S-l-92. Jji>. UEVIBW :—Please announco in your looals that tho MeGaheran sale was a success in every respect and netted *497».0G. Oyer 500 were in attendance. Havirland nnd Markham done themselves honor, especially the former on the hjiscs, they being the hardest stock to sell nowadays on account of the low markets. Bnt "Sandy" brought up tke rear in lino stylo on the short horns and poland chinas, which sold at big money. Tho Acmo herd of polaud chinas averaged $21.72 a head, thirty-two in number. Ohio Gent 22499 wont to Farmer Bros., Osborne, Clayton Co., Iowa, at $. r >0.0t>. Mr. A. MeGahoran bought all the aged sows but two, paying as high as (60 for some and not less than 115 for the lowest. He secured eight head, he knoiring well their valuo, and will continue the business at tho MeGaheran horaostead. We bespeak for Ambrose a sucoessful trade, as M. F. has made the Acmo herd one of tho leading hards in this part of the stats, as was proven the day of the salo by so many prominent breeders being prcsont. Among the poland china breedors of the state who wore present were: Allen Crocroft, of Independence; G. and R. Humphrey, of Creseo; Farmer Bros., of Osborne; W. B. Linn, of Siuiner; Baxter Bros., of Lansiug; W. II. Miller, of Independence; and Joseph Gordon, Minoral Point, Wis. Taken all in all it was one of tho largest ind best conducted sales ever held in this part of the state. And the way the business was transacted was a erodit to M. F. as well as to his two excellent clerks, Mr. Nicklaus, of Elgin, and F. M. Orr, of Postville, for as soon as the last animal was sold tho book accounts and notes wcreall given in ten minutes after. „*, J. W. WARD 8B COS Great Special Sale AND Great Clearance Sale ! Commencing on Carl Holt ESTABLISHED 1883. Our New Spring Selections in —Don't forget tho donation at the Congregational church this (Friday) eyoning, and especially don't fail to go. Because tho roads are bad it is all the more necessary that all who can should attend. AND LASTING- 30 DATS. The largest and best we have ever shown are NOW DAILY ARRIVING-, and we are better prepared than ever to serve and please you. - Mr. A. Winston and wife, of I<a Crosse, parents of Mrs. S. F. Clinton, arrived last Saturday night, being tailed here by the serious illness of their daughter. We aro glad to announce that she it rapidly convalescing. —If you want wood leayo woro with |e or any of iny teamsters. P. J. BBUCHKK , Drayman. — If anybody wants a small business building in a good location, wo will put j|ip ono adjoining this office on short " notice. Card of Thanks. Wo desire gratefully to acknowl«dge tho kindness of neighbors and friends ii. our sad afltiotion and tho burial of our husband and father. Mita. LIZZIE Ki.rss & FAMILY. Boll of Honor. Thi. following subscribers are entitled to credit and thanks for cash on subscription, and it comes very handy this dull, muddy weather. Three of I hem are new subscribers and unsolicited: G. K. Hanchett, A. Spoo, Jas. A. Brooks, J. II. MeGheo, \\ . J. Campbell, Herbert Waters. -Tho Japanese lecture, by Jay Kono, at the Methodist church, last Tuesday evening. Was largely attended. Mr. ICono is a very blight young man and possesses tho elements of a good speaker, though he has not yet mastered the English language sufficiently to speak easily and readily. He has done ro- markably well though for the opportunities he has had. —Louisiana Dimenson, Cypress Shingles and Arkansas Yellow Pino Finishing, for salo at SANDERS & KAIM. Bit's. —ltov. C. A. Marshall will preach at the Congregational church on Sunday, morning and* ovoning, in exchange with Rev. Burton. — Our old lady friend and patron folio! these ninny years, Mrs. J. Glincs, kindly remonibored us with a sa.:k of very largo and nice fresh eggs, for which sho will ploaso aecept our thanks. She ovidontly know our wsak spot. - Friend S. B. Finney writes us from Fayctto as follows: "The town of Fayette has entered upon an era of prosperity and is sought as a desirable place for homes, and the eollege was never in so good a condition as now." —Utad J. W. Ward & Co's now advertisement from top to bottom. Thoy at,vays say something important whan they spoak to the public. —Como in und get one of thoso Good, No, 1 Washboards boforo they are all gono. Only 10 cents. LlIHMAN & SAKIJEIIS, **"••-' ' - l , —Mrs. J. II. McGhee and children cam'J oa Wednesday to visit father, sis- tor and friends, all ef whom aro glad to sco her again, after a long absvneo -Owing to tho great amount of work required to keep tha matter straight wo shall discontinue our premium publications April 1st; and mako a cash diseouut itiBload. If you want cither o. r thoso papers come in this month. —Wo have had no kind of a show horn for several months, and a good theater company would be well patronized. An Uncle Tom's Cabin aompany wont through towu tli's week, and everybody rejoices that it did not stop, though it would probably had a big house if it had stop pod. Tho old chestnut continues to draw liko a porous plastor. Take Notice, That tho Poitvillo Steam Roller Mills wiil grind Feed, Corn Meal and Graham Monday and week hereafter. Having added a line of wood-working machinery wo aro prepared to do Planing, Matching, and all kinds of sawing, on short notico. Bring in your togs and havo them sawed. • Respectfully, E. D. STILBS. Bussian Donatora. WAUKON, IO ., Fob. 29th, 1892. ED. REVIEW :—The following is a condensed list of donations received by me for the Russian relief fund and by mo forwarded to Ex-Gov. Larrabee, chairman committee for ihis congressional district. Vory Respoctfrlly. M. B. HEXDUICK, County Chairman. Ilenj. Troendle f Louis Pctcrsou Frederick lla^cr A. DroRsctt (collected by) Hans Simenson (collected by) Presbyterian churct| (KoESville) Waukon Graded Sceool Grain donated and sold llalvcr Simenson Geo. Hill Robert Mulally (collected by) Waukon Uusincss' College J. S. Johnson Rev. Father Walsh Baptist church (Rossville) A. I 7 . Koontz (collected by) C. P. Church (Waukcn) C. D. Uccuian (too bushels of corn) J. II. McGhee Jas DoURherty (collected by) M. F.. church (Waukon) 250° A. G, Olson (collected by) 22 35 Louis Coppersmith 5 00 1 00 3 00 7 05 8 25 7 fro 16 02 39 25 2 00 3 00 1 00 6 25 5° 33 00 3 0j 2 »5 34 48 30 00 I 00 10 93 WILL PLACE ON SALE 500 Sacks Gold Medal Patent Flour, best grade, 1.25 500 " Peerless " " 1.20 SOAP DEAL. 300 boxes Soap bought by us at Carload Prices and guaranteed absolutely pure and to be tho best Soaps in the U. S. One lot "Hustler" Soap, regular price 5c per bar, will be sold one box of 40 bars for $1.00—2ic a bar. One lot "Chemical" Soap, the best and strongest white soap made, 25 bars for $1.00—4c a bar. "White Dove" Soap, the best combination laundry and toilet white soap in the U. S., 25 bars for $1.00- 4c a bar. The two above kinds are regular 10c goods. One lot "Hand" Soap, a pure coacoanut oil toilet soap iand as fine quality as made, 25 bars for $1.00 -4c bar. Will sell 1.00 worth or one box to any one party at these prices. Goods are sold for SPOT CASH ONLY. MEN'S CLOTHING. 150 Men's and Boys' Custom Mads Suits. 100 Men's Custom Made Pants will b« put on sale at Speoial Sale Prices, that will CUT to the bed rock of all competition. I wish to thank my many friend* for their past confidence and favors and it will always be my constant effort to use you 1'ight; to name tho Very Lowest Price on every article; and Guarantee) everything sold to be Just As Represented, or Money Refunded. POSTVILLE. CARL HOLTER. Nuls QuautUlil Thuo. Schwaitzltoff 1 (collected by) 53 io Rev. rather llaxincier 21 00 S. H. Hazlcion (collected by} 3« ^5 Ja;. Cavers (collected hy) 27 oj Jas. Meiklu (collected by) 29 00 C. P. church (Prankvil|«) 0 15 School Dist. No. 5 (Ludlow) 9 20 Jas, McEvfcn And others M 5° Kov. Father Norton (Lyiursus) 22 50 G.W. Sherman nnd family Jacuh Dahl Jus. Habcikcrn (collected by) P, Promnitz D. II. Bowcn c, . , t \ \ Hugh Norton (Lycurtjus).. baturda; of each J ^ R , |ipy Fred Sickcmctcr Henry Strato A. F, Pctrohn (collcctod by). 4 00 1 00 7 06 5" 1 00 I 00 I 00 1 oe 10 00 3 00 —Wo nro imlobtod to Dr. U. L. Top- 1 iff (or a copy of Rti 'Industrial Review' of Winnoihclk county, u book limllnv to tho on* gotten up in Allmuiikoo Co. —Don't forgot Miirnton 'i snlo noxt 'J .'ilMilav. 'ihis will likely bo your luRt oliHBoo 10 buy as good cows and hollers as will be Mold that da/. Ono mile nortlivvott of Postville. —Wn have printed bills this wook for a groat auction »alo to be hold on the Dains farm, two milon eaut of Fvauk- villo, Hi which a largo number of horses, cattle, hogs and farm manhinory will be sold, ou Wednesday, March 1G. t'urthor notice next week. —It is reported that tho Waukon . Democrat will put In a brnueh olllco at Lansing. It would seem as if two oflloos ought to bo enough for Lansing, but perhaps tho more tho morrior. — G. A. Dutchor, the buttermakur of tho fanners' creamery, has recsivud from his old employes, tho Vernon creamery company, a very fine gold watch as a ohristmas present. Mr. Dutchor will return there and take his old position about April 1st. —J. E, Marston will sell at auotion, on tho Jonathan Kills farm, ono mile north-wost of PosUM*, next Tuesday, Maroh 8lh, a largo quantity of stock of all kinds, including horsos, oatilu and hoj-s, farm uiuohinery.loto. Remember, next Tuesday, at 10:00, a. m. —V. lj. Eaton has laid on our table a sample of bread of his own baking which is good onough to satisfy anybody, and mueh boitor than the average bakery prodnoos. Postville has long needed a good bakery, which we haro not had since our old friend, P«to Miller, left us. But Mr. Eaton has now loarned the trade and horuaftor we oan havo just as good frosh broad as any town can produce. Score another success for Postville. » 500 CO —I will sell at public auction, Tuesday, Maroh 8th, 1892; 40 head.of cattle, 6 horses, farm machinery, eto. One mile northwest of PostTllle. J. E. MAHITON. -Henry and Thao.- Luhmau returned from thoir extondod stay in Wisoonsi* on Thursday morning, their father having bi'on buried on Tuosday. Thoy Intro had a long and sorrowful stay at their old home. Our sympathy is ox tended to thoso who mourn. —Will Clemraeus, of Csggon, this state, Is visiting friends in and around his old home, Hardin. He reports our young friend, Otis Makepeace, as doing a very flourishing business in that little oily. --Jus. A. Brooks, of Wagner, has •old out and leaves uoxt week (or his iuturo home at Vermillion, S. D. The JIBVIBW follows him for a year aud wishes him prosperity in his new Hold of labor. —The n«w butterniaker at the farm mt x 6r «am«ry is B. D. White. Hs will take charge sometime before the 1st of ApiU- -W« believe his home is Du »„ lmq«»...^!lf,.i»' ; t*ld to bo «, Uvst-rtass jaSqlioe ;olH »<i;Wl>ntjr oonvontton WmW <W d tb* roads • J «a ,w«»iher '-'--'--tifjom Pojit, town lllliilfei Mew Dental Rooms. Dr. Will Colo has opened a dental ollioe over the harness store in tho brick blook, where he may be found on Tuesday and Wednesday of each wook where ho invites the publio to call when wanting first-class work dono in his lino.. —As pleasant and enjoyablo an ocea- sion as any of our Postville yonDg people over had the opportunity of enjoying was tho party give* by James.T. anil Miss Grace Corcoran at their homo, south of Postvillo, on Monday evening of this week. The guests onjoyod themselves with the usual sports and tripping the light (antastio too. In due soason an elegant spread of delicious edibles was served, aad all went merry as a marriage bell." Many happy returns, dear friends. We have just reoeivod the call for county convention to be held at Waukon on Saturday of next week. hlch wo publish, although we have no idea thero will be any turn out on HO short a uotlco, We believe it would haro been far better for the county committee to have selectod tho delegates without the farce of a convention at this inopportimo seasou of the year whon tho roads are almost sure to bo '. II such coudlliau that nobody from a distance can attend, School Books. We now havo a full and complete stook of school books used in the Post- villa schools and will sell thorn at the lowost school board prioos. Wo nlso oarry a full stock of all school supplies at tho lowest prices, Brick drug stoio ,11. K. DOUGLASS the Closing' Exercises. FATKTM , la., Feb. 29, 1892 Ei>. REVIEW :—Tho important epochs in a eollege town are the closing uxor cises of each term's work and com raenoemwut. I writo you at this timo of tho closing exercises of the wiutir term of tho Upper Iowa University. First in order came the literary public of the Zeta Alpha society on Monday ovoning. Curiosity has been on tiptoe for weeks for this event, and it moro than met expectations. The societies always do woll, but there is evident indications of a vigorous progressive spirit. The Conservatory of Music presented a recital by the pupils in the advanced course, and gave an excel lent program. Every solcction was 1 given without a blemish, showing both 1 oareful training and good application ; by the pupils. The debate contest on n CLEARANCE W WILL INCLUDE 50 pair Women's 5.00 Hand Turned and Hand Welt fine Kangaroo Shoes, for 8.00 a pair. 50 pair Women's $4 McKay Sewed fine kangaroo shoes for 2.50. 75 pair Men's congress and button shoes, worth. 2.50 to $3, for $3. * 100 pair Child's $1 fine grain button shoes, sizes 5 to 8, for 50c a pair. 50 pair Women's kid shoes, worth 2.00 and 2.60, for 1.25 and 1.50. YARW. 100 lbs. All Wool G-rey and Brown Mixed Yarn for 45o per pound. 100 lbs. All Wool Yarn in high colors, for 60c a lb DRESS FLANNEL. One lot 52 in. wide, worth 50 to 60c, for - 28ic One lot worth SSc, for - -' 16Jc Also great reductions on all Flannel Dress Goods. CORSETS. 100 Corsets. G-reat reduction to close out the lines HATS. 100 Men's and Boys' Hats put on sale to close out at greatly reduced prices. Friday night closed the list and had good house. There were four contest ants (or a prize valued at $30. The subjeot chosen for debat* was as (ol lows: "Do the signs of the limes indl cate the downfall of the republib. The debaters are required to prepar both sides of the snbjeot—and the determine by lot—just before the exorcises open, the side he is to speak upon It Is just to say that each did well, nnd all ranked high 1st debate. The judges awarded the prize to Mr. Willis Fleming. All tho examinations passed off satisfactorily and evinced a flue dogren of advauuemeut in all the classes, greatly to the credit of the faculty and students. The spring term promises to be largo. It will open tho 15th of March. Very sincerely yours, J. W. RUOOLES. STILL CONTINUES The Most Popular Family Newspaper in the West IT IS THE BEST NEWSPAPER FOR THE HOME .-. .-. THE WORKSHOP, on THE BUSINESS OFFICE FOR THE PROFESSIONAL MAN, THE WORKINGMAN. OH THE POLITICIAN. IT 18 A HEPOBUOAN NEWSPAPER, and nn Buch la obly conductod, ttumbarlno Qmono ita wrltai'3 tho nbloat In tho country. Itpubltihoo ALL THE NEWa, and kaopD Ito roaaoro porfoctly poatod on Important ovonts all ovar tho world. Its LITEUAHY FEATUHE3 i Amono lta contrlbutoroaro W. D .. u o^uu,.,,*,,., PRAHOES HODUSON BUHNETT. MARK TWAIN. 11HKT HAIITi:,MAU. RICE THOMPSON, A. W. TOHROEE. KOHERTJ.OOIB UTJ'.VEIJtiON. KU [• YARD KIPLINO, dHIRDEV UAHE, MAIIT HAKIWtLL CATHERWOOU, JOEI, CHANUliBR HARRIS, and indny othorn or BuOilD LITERARY FAME. ItwilimuoboaaonthatTHE INTER OCLAI-I pubiioiwa THE BEST STORIES AND SKETCHES ItarOREIQM and DOM: JKE3 aro oqual to tho*o of tho biBt maaazlnoe, W. D HOmiiLB, 1'HANII II STOCKTON, MHU, THE LANGUAGE. STIC COHREUPONDENCE 10 vory oitonslvo nnd tho boat. The Youth' B Department, Cariosity Shop, Woman's Kir ^lom & Tho Home Aro Bottor than a Maaaslno lor tlio Family. Ono ol tho Moat Important roaturoa la tho Department ol FARM. AND FARMERS, EdltodbyKX.GOV. W. D. HOARD of Wlaconnln, I'M (tor end Troprlotor of "Honrd'u Dairyman." This la a now fjfuuro und an important ouatoArrri- culturlata. AN ALLIANCE" DEPARTMENT Hat also boon oponod for tho apodal purpoco of diacu'sainj tha questions now agitating tho farmora of tho country. THE WEEKLY INTER OCEAN Is Ono Dollar per Year, postage paid. THE .-. SEMI-WEEKLY .•. INTER .-. OCEAN la Dubllahodevory Monday and Thursday at $2.00 per yoar, postpaid The DAILY INTER OCEAN is The SUNDAY INTER OCEAN is 2.00 P SSTAOB A &IS Liberal Tama to Active Aaenta. Bond for Bamplo Copy. Address THE INTER OCEAN, Chicago. unnn PUR YEAR * u ' uu PObTAOEPAID ©AR.JPET SALE! Are you going to buy a New Carpet this spring? Now is your opportunity to see a choice selection of ALL "WOOL INGRAINS, to Reap a Benefit! Another Bale FioptH'ty oonliRuen to change bands from d»y to d»y, Mr. H. P. Hawkina hai sold hit realdenoo nnd a little over an acre of ground toMi'u, W. F. Di'owi- erv, poweirion to be given April 10th. GonMdev.tvtion fl ,5Q0, We are not nd. tiioii whether, o,v'not Mr. Htwklni will •—"An oxcliaugo says wo find now and Ihon n poi-sou who complains about \jin B paying $1.60 par year for their looal paper, thinking it too hi";h, aud taring they oan get tho oity papera so ration cheaper, it rosy interest all suoh lo Inurn that the Herald, the wealthiest of the Chicago dailies, hat discontinued ito weekly edition because, with a circulation of 30 ,000 it failed to pay tho oxpenso of publication -\t $1, and this, loo when thero was no expense for type-setting, it being rondo up eutlrely from the daily. This being true how oan any one exp.eet a oomilvy publisher with nolroulatlon of 1,000 or lens, to furnish a paper for Jots than »l,60. And besides this, the oity weekly demands its pay in advndou, ami very rarely loses anything on eubtoriplion, while it would be safe to assort that the HrerAge ooi)«try weekly• lQHst Q )ie <ajxll> of, H» entire subscription jU'isqiutf-"— AlJftmftkoqJgurniU. —Wo hayo roctivod from Adrian, a photograph containing a group of three notables, so to speak, F. M. llulslet, of the New Hampton Tribune, Major Oakley, of Lawler, and we suppose, Sam Spurgeon Halslet, ef the Adrian Guardian, We inppowd we knew "Spurgeon," and had known him for thirty years, but if the pleturo at the right represents him then'wo don't know- him. U looks about a* muoh liko 8am. i in tho old days when we knew him, ua It looku liko the Spurgeon just deoeasedi in Keglaad,-But time makes great changes wlih ui at) The other piotures loom up "like i sohool house Ju a fog," andw* nhouty kuow tliem flmong ton thousand TMjjkjf. ftjf Jht f ^msfllbranof pyway BODY BRUSSELS. TAPESTRY BRUSSELS, UNION & COTTON OHAN. r. Prices Low if you buy. It will cost you nothing to see them. Also remember that I carry the Largest Line of Laoe Curtains, and Window Shades and Fixtures in the city. Yours Respectfully, WALTER CHRISS. And here it still goes. Best Water White Head Light Kerosene Oil, 10c a Gallon. Why pay 15 to 20c at other stores? ©. F. GMTON. A complete and full stook of Lumber, Lath, Shingles, Sash, Doors, Blinds, Mouldings and Building Paper, yellow pine Flooring and Ceiling oak, ash and maple Flooring.' All parties intending to do any building the coming season will consult their own interest by obtaining figured from me.' Particular attention to filling bills. Be»t of grades only handled. If You Want the Best for the Least Money Call and See Our Line of Watches, C.QebJ^ J. W. WARD <& CO. Borne Speoial Bargaias in Jewelry fo v the Spring Trade. • W.J. HANKS, POSTVILLE, TOW A.'

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