Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on December 19, 1898 · Page 1
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 1

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, December 19, 1898
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JL-x SIXTY-THIRD YEAR/ (Bitebllihed JifitJirr 14, 1M«.)» ALTON, ILL., MONDAY DEC. tg. 1898. TEN CEKTS PER WKttl Give the People a Chance to Patronize You--You Can't Expect them to Come to Your Store Until They're Asked. Try ffle Telegraph^ You know there is much more painting done now-a-days tlinn of bid, but did you know there is a far better way to do it? Painting is no exception to other things. 'The art has not stood still. You can still buy some white lead (are you a judge of it?) audBome oil (are you a judge of that?) and find a neighborly painter and have some Are you awake to the fact that you can get a paint that is tnado for the particular work you wantdone, of the best materials combined in the best proportions, tnlxqd iu the best way; aud that will do more than any other paint will do? If this is not true, then The Shcrwin-Williams Paint factory with its tons of daily output and its thirty years of wonderful growth iaa pure miracle. "Paint Points" will help you paiut right. It's free. THE SHERWIN-WILLIAMS CO.. PAINT AND COLOR MAKERS. m»Bu««rtXt.,,eUn|«| «lw Cl«l»lua, »•« paint made; but as , sure as J you are Jalive there is a bet- I ter way. Spain Will Govern In Cuba Until December 28, ALTHOIKJII FEW TROOPS AHE LEFT. Will Not n«con«liler III* Snylng Tlist «u»lii«»« In- tercMN IVeniMiid HI* Tlmo^SpHnl«h Sol- 1 ilium KxnraM i> naitiro to Enllut In.the £ervlrm or tlie United SUten—Deitltnte I'cnple In llnvnnn. New York, Dec, i troops will not be nhl vanna by Christmas. "*>wgSHJ»g3SET!i. says The World In a ^'^^T 1 *™ 1 "* 1 '* Although the soldiers' r t>ttve be __ ._ drawn from the suburbs already, the city will be held until the last moment agreed on by the commissions. General Arolas, In speaking of the attitude of the Spaniards, said: "The Spanish government will tfy to retire from all military possessions by Dec. 28, but It will not he possible for the Americans to take charge until th* specified time. The American official* BAKING POWDER AUSOUIIEBirPVRE Makes the food more delicious and wholesome ONE CHANCE AGAINST DEATH. the Took It, and Wm Bf»Tely Rcicnod :^ the WtlneMw. HDanbury, Con.. Dec. 19.—Kate Don- Selly was caught half-way across the wooden bridge nfear Chestnut street by ft local express on the Consolidated road. She had no time to go forward or back Below swirled the Btlll river, Its surface choked with Ice. Behind her death ruehed toward her at forty miles en hour, and never a chance to escape but one. She took It Just as the engineer threw back the throttle and put on the alr-brakeB. The train crunched and ground and dug fire out of the mils and came to a standstill. It Was One of the Most Surprls- | ing in History. . NOVKMIIKH OUTHOSE BY DECEMBEU H. W. CHAMBERLAIN, Agent. HowelPs Carpet House \. has some fine new patterns in Carpets, just the litest things out, and the prettiest to be had. Rugs of all kinds, Linoleums, Oil-Cloths and all kinds of seasonable household goods we can shpw. Orders for Carpets should be sent in at once to insure prompt delivery. A. J. HOWELL, 117 West Third Street We Have an Elegant Line of WINTER SUITINGS for you to select. Also a handsome line of Men's Furnishings In Latest Styles. 203 West Third Street ElectricTT^ower. We are prepared to contract for Electric Power at Lo* If'you know of any manufactrer who s seeking lo- •* . . • . . UAn «si*'^j'4 i«rt T n llC. will go Into the custom house before that date, but Bpuln will still retain control and be credited with the receipts until the end of the year." General Greene was called upon by many Americans who are In Havana, who voiced regret that he has reslgneJ and hope that he will reconsider the matter. He has impressed every one with confidence In his ability to deal with the present critical situation In Havana and from all sides come expressions of regret at his decision. The ;eneral said: £• General Ureeno Will Not lUetmillder. •I came to Havana In an entirely military capacity, without any Intention of remaining here when peace was finally concluded. My business affairs are gojng to pieces in my absence and on this purely personal ground .1 have resigned. I had offered to me a flattering proposal to be governor of Havana, but, while. In time of war I was ready to offer my services to my country, now that the work Is merely the organization of a government I feel that my private claims should have more consideration. There are many men competent for this poit. General Ludlow Is an excellent man and no better appointment could be made." A force of Cubans, mustly from Menocal's command, will police Havana temporarily under Col.n.1 Moulton of the Seer nd Til nols. The Cubans will be re- quhed to tnke the oath of allegiance to the United States. Nrw Solillur Mnterlnl. Many irp.-nish so d ers and some officers have expressed a desire to enlist in the s rvice of the United States ani probably will be accepted. Surgeon C. C Jolliffe, formerly attached to the Eighth Infantry at Huntsville, will establish an American hospital at Havana. Many complaints have been made of the treatment of Americans during the yellow fever crisis by Cuban surgeons, and Dr. Jolliffe has received Influential backing for his undertaking. Richard S. Howland, who went to Havana as the representative of sundry relief associations, has sailed for home. He has thoroughly Investigated thecon- ditlons of the poor In Havana and will report with a view to supplementing Red Cross work. Dwtitule Numbered 30.0OO. Mr. Rowland's Inquiries revealed a terrllle state of affairs In the city. At least 30,010 people are practically destitute living In horrible hove's, he says, and afflicted with all kinds of loathsome diseases. Medical attention Is needed before even food, and the segregation of those suffering from contagious complaints Is imperative. He declares that yellow fever Is rampant In the. lower part of the city. These cases are without medical attention and the first task of the new administration will be to remove the sick and burn their present habitations. The engineer and some of the passengers noted a (lying figure as the girl daringly leaped down to the lee below. Her feet went through It, anil she plumped In up to her outstretched arms. "Quick, on your life!" yelled the engine driver, as he Jumped to the ground, followed by his tireman. the rest of the crew and some of the passengers. "Hold hands!" he cried. A chain was formed, the engineer at the front.. Over the Ice he went, the water half the time over hl»:boottops, and out was dragged the shivering girl. Battered" ftnd/wferulsed, and cut and shocked. Jilt ailj, right If pneumonia leaves her;alone. fe operating all kinds of machinery; pumping water, .n fad any mechanical application, call on us for _»„ , • Incandescent Lights, Electric PRESIDENT AT SAVANNAH. Fire and Water-Proof rROOFSfj*- Gravel *^ Composition ME ROOFING MA TERIA LS Be Rovlewn tlie First Division o( the Sewn 111 Army Corps. Savannah, C3a.. Dec. 19.-The presidential party arrived In Savannah at 11 o'clock In the morning. The Savannah reception committee boarded the presidential train at Guyton, thirty miles out of Savannah. D. G. Purse, chairman of the committee, presented to President McKlnley the good wishes of the citizens of Savannah. The presidential party was welcomed by a large crowd and driven direct to the reviewing stand under the escort of the Georgia Hussars The first division of the Seventh army corps, two regiments of the second dlv:slun and about 3,000 other enlisted men and artillery under command of Major General Kelfer. passed before the president. The pro- gramme for the day Included a trip by the presidential party on the pilot boat J H. Estill down the Savannah river a reception and a grand banquet at night when the president and mem bers of the cabinet spoke. une nuncffcd~und ten undertakers o Indiana underwent an examination a Indianapolis conducted by a commit tee appointed by the state board o health WOMEN VICTIMS OF KIRK. One Fall, ami Ii F,itillly Uurt/iuiil Another llnrni til I>«iilb.^" Chicago. Dec. 19.—Mrs. There-pa IU;1- linger, wife of Emil M. RollirVtr, a cook, was burned to deatii at htr home. 1S6 Racine avenue. Firemen found her charred body In a closet. A broken lamp was found near the remains. It Is supposed that she went into the closet with the lamp and that her clothing became Ignited. She was the only- person In the building when the fire was discovered. The damage to the property was nominal. In the afternoon Mrs. Johanna Newell, who lived over the stables of C. .Tevne & Co. at 189-191 Orleans street, Jumped from a second-story window and was so badly Injured that she died the same evening at the German hospital. Before Jumping Mrs. Newel, threw her 2-year-old child from the window and the little one was caught by the crowd below. It was uninjured. Mrs. John Walin and Mrs. Samuel Patterson escaped with slight bruises. The damage to the building was slight. Futill Gna Explonlon. Muncle. Ind., Dec. 19,-The electric light plant, owned by the city, was damaged to the extent of. $3,000 by an explosion and Superintendent WUHani Wagner will lose his life as a result of the accident. Wagner lighted the natural gas nre under a boiler that has not been In use for some time. When the torch was applied there was a terrific explosion, supposed to have been caused from the accumulation of natural gas. The superintendent caught the full force and was hurled a great distance. The flesh on his hands, arms and face was cooked and he Inhaled the flames. In the Immediate vicinity buildings were shaken as If by an earthquake^ ___ Klralfy Sued for Divorce. New York, Dec. 19.—Bolossy Klralfy, the well-known theatrical manager is being sued for absolute divorceMn, the supreme court by his wife Mrs. Lisle Klralfy. Lawyer Hummel, for Mrs. Klralfy, asked Justice Cohen to award his client a large sum for alimony and counsel fees, pending the trla of the suit Klralfy'B counsel obtained an ad- ournment. claiming that Klralfy was n Europe. It was necessary, the lawyer said, to get the affidavit of Klralfy and other persons, which would take some time. _; former JO/Y/V M. SELLERS, of ^ Louis, owl, Now HUnteu 1 HOM», 1 . • o*. drop » poa*»l W <" Cl11 °° E. C. ' MACK, A REMARKABLE SCIENTIFIC 4W f> " WONDERFUL SCIENCE "SOLAR O/O1OOV- MD AOOMATW K FOHEWIO. SSSSLg.:?;.-•" Q - T 7«S HOUSAN08 OF DOLUM. jSSSSS^j^sfS^^ 1 ^ SAPOUO. THE EXCELLENCE OF SYiUP OP FIGS is due not only to the originality und simDllolty of the combination, but also totbe care and skill with which it ia manufactured by scientific processes IEBOWP to the CAMFOBHIA Fio SVKUP Co. only, and we wish to impress upon all the importance of purchasing tlie true and original remedy. As the genuine Syrop of Figs Is manufactured By the OAuroMiiA Fio SVRUP Co. only, a knowledge of that fact will assist one. In avoiding the worthless imitations manutoohired by other parties. The high standing of the CAU- FOBS". Fio STMUP Co. with the medl- cai profession, and the stttisfaoUon which the genuine Syrup of Figs has given to mUHottS of families, makes the name of the Company a guaranty of the excellence of lu remedy. It u far in adranoe of all other .laxatives, M It aoto on the kidneys, liver and bowel* without irritating or weaken- in* them, and It does not gripe nov nauseate. In order to get IU beneficial effects, please remember the name of the Company- CALIFORNIA FIG SYRUP CO. Shipwrecked Crew on n .arcl. London. Dec. 19.-Tlie Danish steamei Thlngvalla, from New York, from Christiana, passed Dunnet Head and signalled that she had on board hr crew of the British steamer Gavin, which foundered at sea on Dec. It. 1 ne Govlno, Captain Dickinson, sailed fron Lelth on Nov. 26 for Baltimore. bh. was built at Sunderland In 1SS2. lie. dimensions were 287 feet long. 37 fee beam and 27 feet deep. She was owned by the Columbia Steam Navigatio company °*_ 8u J?j?.Hl}.^!Ll; .. •Trial* For Vlriluu KliilerH, Carllnvllle, Ills.. Dec. 19.-State's At torney Vaughn Is busy arranging fo prosecuting ail th epersons Indicted fo participation In the Vlrden riot. Th cases will come up at the January ten of court, Judge n. B. Shirley presid life Governor Tanner. Indicted for palpable omission of duly; Manager Lukcns and the Thiel guards, manslaughter. and the men charged with attempting to kill J F. Eyster, the Climax store manager, will be compelled to str.,,0 trial. _._ SiHrrluBi-" 'I'•' ll To "° v " l[l Brockvllle. Out.. Dec. 19.-TIIO nttor- .ney general has sent to the town rcgls- trar an answer to the question as to he legality of a marriage ceremony erformed In Canada by a foreign mln- Bier The opinion given Is "that a marriage ceremony performed In ("ana- dTby a minister resident In the United States Is not legal." Two cases have come to light during the pn»t year which in view of the foregoing opinion, are illegal marriages. IH-utli of "Olil Sloutll." New York. Dec. lil.-Uarlund P. Ital- gey, the author, known as "Old Hleuth • ia dead of cerebral hemorrhage at his home In Brooklyn. H* was born in New York 61 years ago. In all he had -r, brinks and his fortune was He wrote often '"Only o Photograph." itii-bi-*' MM " '" sllcll| B*" I) "" d> Nlles Mich.. Dec. 19.-Henry A. rhanln the mulll-mllllonalre mine owner and rich,». man in Michigan, U ?Uad at his home In Ibis city. He was 86 years old. P. c,a,cd loaves a wldlw and one son. C. A. Clmj.Ui ..f Cl.l.-a«.>. lie wan estimated to bu worth from ill 000 WO W 130.000,000. Death wai csu»eii by old uue. ' medicine, Mr«. Marof Andemon. Ind. Dr.Bull's COUCH SYRUP Will cure Croup without \w< Oiilpul or VlR Iron tin) f)r<-nl.-.t Ever Known—Slni-linl Improvement I» Ke- runted hi Wool »i"l rutton nn<l l»« Cerc»l»-Iin!xpll«ii1>l<i I>,.iiii>iu1 for Cottun from Almni«l—K«l» >rl " "f Wilful from Hi" Alliinlio HIM! I'm-IIU 1 Coii«t«. New Vork, T'ee. lit.-It. O. D'ln & Cn.'s weekly review of tradi- ^.'f D.>- cemhiT Is adding a surprlslnR <:lu?e to the-most HiirprlFlng yi-ar of American history. N.,\vmber surpa--sed nil other months of the century In volume of business i\nd production, and thus far Decc-mbfl' Is doing i-ven better In pay- mtnIB IhroitKh clearing houses, In railroad earnings, In foie'gn tnidc. in output of pis !>'"»• '" activity and strength oC serur.f.c.-i, and that ia ynylng a groat deal, for In all these and other testa November was far the bi-Bt month of American financial history. December began with a pig Iron output of 23».a« tons wuek:y. aualnst 2SI8 93.1 Nov. 1, and with stocks of unsold Iron diminished 28 S'JS tons in November, which Indicates a consumption of 1,024.313 tons during the month. Not r.nly is the output the greatest ever known, but It has Increased 22',!, per tent, slnre 1S92, when the greatest monthly record then ever known was made, and IlsBsemur pig was then selling for $14.75 at Plttsburg. but until the middle of November sold at $10.10 this year. It has since risen with enormous demand and sales to $1055 there, with gray forge $9.35. but the Chicago market is also strong with oales uf 100,000 tons, besides 25,000 tons billets which had risen at l-'ittsburg with big transactions lo $10. Dcnmml llfj-ond nwluotliin. , With HUiircity uf P'B iron feared, both east and west, there is us yet no rise whatever In Hivshed products, although the demand Is far beyond all production. Steel rails are diluted at $1V per ton at the east, although the LacUa- wanna company has taken orders for 100.000 tons at the west, both the Pittsburg and Chicago works being sold far ahead and bids for 32.000 tons for Australia arc to be i.poned, while Chicago has pending a bid for 200.000 tons deliverable in two years In Asiatic Russia In other lines the demand for finished products is of the same surprising magnitude, especially In plates and in' shccis. The woolen Industry also comes to the front with extensive purchases of wool by large houses and small, helptd by concessions at Boston, to that sales at the threa chief markets have beer 17,Vi6S.700 pounds, of which 13.S60.-00 were domestic, against 15307100 last year, of which''7,143,000 were domest'c rind 10.50-1100 in thfe same weeks of 1SH2. of which 12.303.COO were donifsile. The l.ransaU'ons show a demand fairly up to that of the most prosperous ye.irs heretofore. Phlladel- >hia has good business, bui seems In- lined to ask 1 to 2 cents more than ioston prices for fine fleece, Ohio XX elng offered at n<iston for 2C',4 cents. \ much improved demand for goods ms started many mills long idle, and he prospect for the next season with vool at more reasonable prices has de- Idedly improved. Foreign IJt'imiml for Cutlun. No man can say that the advance In cotton, with a strong milling demand at home clue to orders for goods which tft prices generally a little, is not warranted In view of the heavy export raile. The foic'gn demand is really Inexplicable, considering its volume In comparison with movements of goods 'rom Great Britain, but dealers abroad are doubt Ions seeking to protect themselves for tile future Tlie exports of wheat continue heavy, being from Atlantic ports, H->»r Included. 5,4!«.G92 bUHhels, ng:iin.-t S.iiSs.S.5 last year, and from I'iii-lllc P»rta 741.9111 bushels against I,fi20.012 last year, so that for two weeks the outgo has been 11,871,540 bushels, against iMUl.Biiri last year. As the wheat output In December of last year was close to the largest on record, the returns tills ytar show a really surprising gain. While prices have been 3 cents stn.ngiM- for cash, the western receipts for two weeks of Uerember have been about fi.tiCO 000 bushels greater than last yi-ar. The corn movement Is the most astonishing feature of the business, the export" for three weeks having .<ecn 7.IS7.:'.»2 bushels, ugnlnst G,:i2t!.8.i4 bushels last star, mid the price has' advanced 1 ceil I for tin- week. Should siKh tt d.-maml for American corn continue it uookl I.- of ,-normciUH value I.' western faroi.-is. Kail lire* for the weik have been 2(11 In the United Stales, attains! ;t-M l-i*t year, and thirty-one In Canada, against twenty- eight last y^" 1 'Twenty IVrnoli* Diimm-il. New fastle-on-Tyne, Dee. IU.—The Urltlfih Bleamer I'lorremont whli-h nr- river here on 1'ec. S and mibticiiiii'iilly sailed fur the Mediterranean, has been In i-olllKlnii with the British steamer Kilos which arrived hen- on Mec. li and also sailed for the Mediterranean. The i-olllslon took place 111 the North Kea under conditions not explaiiu-d. The Illos foundered and the I'lerr.-mont was badly damaged. Tl In believed that twenty persons were drowned. I.lttlu Mcnvy forTliclr Wurh. YouiiHslown, O., Uec. 19,-Kour bur- ularii effecli-d an entrance Into the of- Mue of the Hennett Foiimlry eompuny In the northern part of that city. They overpowered the irglit wnlchman. John \Veldi-n and gagged and bound him The burglars then blew the olliee sufv with ilynainlle, .leinollHillig It completely, but secured only |23 In money. Mud toiil|il'«iiil»l»B »»'«'' I>i"'«i«»«l"- 1'iii-ls, Dee. lH.-The Journal un- niirceH thai a cane of espionage hen pen illseovereil at Mines, capital of ihe depiirlmenl of Cord, where the earch of the houce of the fa HUT of an x artillery man named Tetrlon has revealed tin fail that he was in posses- elon of a number of compromising war olllce dinumenta. Dciilli of a lliitliii-lillil, london, Dec. IS.-lluron James du jiothHchlld, M. I'.. Is Ho was tlio second mm of the late Huron Alplioiisu Uc olhsehll.1. He ""in'lcd his cousin Fvelina, sinter of the first Lord lloths- •i IU He »'»» a "H-mlH-, of parliament, h, Ihi- U, V loul«t inure.t. for Aylcsbury. THE >'KWS 1>" HH1EF. OiMioral de- Tret, nlan, ftovttnnt general of th» Froinh Hulnn. Is the youngest general In th > army, being nnly 47. Mrs. Siinmcl Johnnon, near Lehlgh, la., attempted her hu band's life by shooting at h m. J.jhnson had deserted his "Ife In Minneapolis. There In a chiropodist attached to every cons In the German army. Henry Norman sayn It Is calculated that Kipling made $75,000 by the serial book rights of his Int.ft volume of stories, "The Day's Work." Miss Penman, n I-mnlon girl. Is a superintendent in the London Tramway company, and ovnisem the work of 500 conductors. She I? the only woman In England to hold such « position. Princeton. N. J., Is threatened with an rpldi-mlc of di|'rither,a and there Is a pns-lbllity of the Chrhtmas ho'ldaya at the village being extended beyond the customary two weeks. Joseph W. Pearson, arrested In Wash- Ingti n for stoning the British embassy, bus been declared Insane and will be placed In an nsylum. The Prim e of Wales won $185,000 on the English turf two yenra ago. This year his winnings dropped to $30.000. Miss Kali' Uigan uf Oquawka, Ills., was shot and probably fatally wounded by It. (.!. Jenkins of Vermont, His., whom she had rejected. Jenkins then tried to kill himself but failed and surrendered later. Cyrus Field, aged CO, attempted to cross the Grand Itaplds and Indiana crossing with a load of wood at 8tur- gls, Mich., and was struck by an engine and hilled. The Soudan Is soon to have a common school Bystem as well as the Gordon Memorial college. There will be a considerable exodus of go'.d seekers from Canada to Labrador next season. i. In apportioning the Wisconsin state school fund Superintendent of Schools Emery has held that a common school In which sectarian Instruction Is given is not a common school In the eyes of the law. HOLIDAY GOODS W* fcra prepared to «hnw * forgo ibBortrofctit Of • • • KllgS, O f a n kinds and prices. Lace Curtains, Porjfiers, [Table Covers. H?ZO nfe'os. A.Neerman & Son. have Now i< y ur time to buy an Overcoat Cheap. and' MOORE MUST 1)0 TIME. United Stales Consul Who Worked Hie Bmlgur Gitme. New York, Dec. 19.—William A. E. Moore, holder of an appointment In the United States consular service will be called up for sentence by Recorder Goff on Monday. He was found guilty of robbery in the first degree by a Jury which recommended him to the mercy of the court. Moore Is thus confronted with a long term of Imprisonment for the robbery of Martin Mahon, who was trapped by him In the Hotel Grenoble through the allurements of Fayne Strahan Moore. The woman will be called for trial after Moore Is sentenced Monday. Moore received the verdict with ghastly face, but regained control of himself in a few moments. He answered the several questions In a firm voice and finally left the courtroom with his old defiant air. Ho uttered no protest against his fate. The extreme penalty for Moore's crime Is twenty years In Sing Slng._ Chll,l'« Horty In Hie Rulna. St Joseph, Mich., Dec. 19.-In removing the ruins of a barn which was burned a tew weeks ago and supposed to have been s.H on fire by an organized gang of firebugs, who are now under arrest was found the body of a child about 10 years old. There are no means of identification. An inquest will be held. THE MARKETS. Chicago Grain »nd Produoo. Chicago, Dec. 17. Following were the quotations on the Board of Trade today 300 Men antt Boys' Ovcroeats, which we will sell for the next 20 days i REGARDLESS OP -&&\ We musi clear them out and it will pay you to come price before you purchase. Mojeljhoe & Clothing We desire to call attention to our New PALL AND HOLIDAY GOODS, nvlte you to inspecc our line of Beautiful R«^ ers Parlor Pieces arid Desks. Our stock is^mor comolete and our prices lowei than everbefore." 3 goods at low -prices deal with the reliable and- established furniture house of 899. ceived. Style, Fit, Prices guaranteed. Come and be Convinced before going elsewhere. and - Wheat- December .. May July Corn- December .. May July Oats- December .. May Pork- January ... May Lard- January ... May Open. .CG 5 .6TA .64% .34 .34% .351,4 .26 .26% 9.32'A High. Low. Close. [ .66% I -65^ * .65% .67% .66% .66% .65% .64% M. MORITZ, Merchant Tailor, 112 West Third sjl 5.10 5.SO .34% .35 .35% .26 .26% 9.40 9.07'^ 5.12V4 5.35 .33% .34% .35M, .26 .26% 9.32'Xi 9.60 5.07% 5.30 .34 .34% .35V4 .26 .26% 9.40 9.67% 5.12H 5.32% Henry Contractor i and Builder "produce: Butter - Extra , c F eam i«ra ^tec^ita^iaa^ rSy^M^-S McAdam, Building Stone, Curbing, Doorsills, Window Sills, etc., etc., Chicago t,lv«8!ooU. rj ff t : ui R Z o choice do., J4.40&4.8D .CO common to Alwayi hind. AUo Dealer la Cement, Lime, Sand and Plaster Side Track* Running Into the Quarrle*. Telephone No. 31. ALTON, Residence 6a8 Alby «t. ^^ » ^ » few . J-overs-. nothing doing; J. Bauer & Soni FURNITURE, Undertakers and Embtli Second Street. 1 Opposite City Mall. Alton, closing »"' w f '"' llBllt ' , 7. W. /j(7/?(J/?SS, cor. Sixth and Alby Milwaukee, Dec. 17. Dulrolt (.rain. Detroit, 17. Hf-t Kcn r Kli- Staple and Fancy _ i _--.. .. t.Ucs, Buckwheat, Pancake Flour, Maple S.p, Fr« Oy-tlrs Celeiy, hfsl, Bread, Fancy duller, Hour, Pt Spices,"Fir.- lu.s snd Ccffeef.e'c. '^ i i ^ A xx Pree Delivery to lelephOnC OQ- Part of: the City. For Rats, Mice, Roachea, — and * Other Vermin. mm liHUPWTURlHO S CBEMlCil CO., M WUttsw »««rt. N»w York. No! it is not claimed: t Foley's Honey and Tar will CONSUMPTION or ASTHMA -in vanced stages, it holds out no false hopes, but DOES tr(*l4) claim to always give comfort* relief in the very worst cases HM the early stages to effect a cur*. For sale by E. Marsh and S. H. ,ix,,',,.,,

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