Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on March 5, 1927 · Page 5
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 5

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 5, 1927
Page 5
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I •©1027 B/NEA SeaVICE INC What IlanO'diie Beifon* (;»rrpU i FoIhOm In Hlal>l)<>i| to '^i'iilh whilu swimmiiiK al (Kiaii 'I 'dWIl. N. J. , Kolseims bulliiiti; < onipaiiJniis liHiI Iwcii Udijifr N'cvilli'. a hiihiT iK-gs jiarlnor: Mrsi. Helon Uatna- hy and CarinolUa Valdon. ^ Ana!;tasia Folsoni. roccfntric niahturful sister of the ilcad mail: arrives and takes fOmniaiui. At the inquesit 5.1 is loarhed that the death weapon .w"a.s a pithaq. an Oriental knife, and it had been bnuglif on the boardwalk. It. is. learned that one Croydon Wears! i.'J a_£aiu,ier of curious wet^unH'. lie admit.s biiyins two . knivf-s but not! the piehaq. .\p.aHtasia eiiRaRes Titiis RiRgs, an iir<;hitc(:t. to work on the cus?. Dan 'Pelton. the dead nifcn's iiepUeU-. arrives and is intrigued .•!o-ni>' c-uri()us French dolis. in Folvom's _iooni.'. rr()y<loti SeaTs's " initials• ,'ne ili*(.-ov*ered in a notebook of Fol- ."ora'sj auii Pelton thinks liis .un-. < IV- had been doing some blaek- - inailiijg. Robin Sears. Croydon'-s ^(ln. IS w<)rrieil now that snspi- < ion \H rostiiis on his fatht-r.. Uigcsi tells, him h'- ha.s ilearned that |(;roy;loa Sear.-; had pur- cba.-eil A ihfrd dascer. ><.w .«> On «Hli the Stiiry THE lOLA DAltV REGTgnm; bAhJTmPAY EVElhNG. l\;iABCH 5.19gr. Ceaxiiyn becaiiHe?" she KiM »ke evenly and I loki-d .strai:;hr at him. lie m -I wl ea'.isn I after yol I fearer lier Raze hfiu'arcly. tell you. tnit'ani. lie- saw some mitn lookiiit; II. and you wer*) alotie. and i there misht t)e a jMissi- MORANNEWS OF THE DAY I It. K. Sli4iii«p FnniHyifio 1" Kansas f i lllj lo IC«-ild«- Mr-*. Wrltcht ; j KIrrled rrfe -Wi -nt of i Soror.lj. '1 t r t.Mr.-. a. H.I Ford» .MfiUA.V. .Mar. •>. Chnnli nicht al tlje M K. Chiinh wa .s largely t.ility c.f tiielr .-ptakins; to.vou." ;in,-nded and provei/ .specially en-| His fac". honest, earnest jind j/iyable. .\fter the Idinner a bnsi-i sincoie. carried it.s own guarantv. ness liour was j bserved. The; and while he stood in the conven-. yarious rejiorts froln the different! ti'iial attitude of the well-Jrained branches of the church work was! servant, he seemed to show K1- especially gratifying and the | most a fatherly care for the per- iiuuch nn-mbership is rejoiced' 'haps imprudent girl who had wan- that these reports to be presented! 1 dereci .s^ far alone. this we k at the annu'ial conference; '"Vou iire right. Koss— your name in session at Tojieka will be most !j is Koss.Msn't it? And; it was be- j cause o( my ea'4erness to accom- \ liiish a certain piirposc thai I have 'come farther than 1 meant to. 1 1 wonder ii" Von can help me." she isai'i, suiidenly. for the man was in j i'.is ^)atUing suit. "Have you seen i 'in bathing a man in a ^reen suit'.'" •.\ green suit?" and the puzzled ' lace broke ^|rto a smile. ".Vo, miss ' l.-i that what you are looking for?" !. "Yetf.! am. Have you seeji otic ion anybody? .Vol today—blit. well. !aiiy tinie. I .say. I{o.s.s. walk along •the beach with jiie, toward home. ; I want to talk with yy.:." • creditable. .Miss Kilith Strong-wil go Thurs- . day . morning to lola to a(ten<l a series of business nieetings in con-: nection ' wi:h the ;Farin Ilureau work. I K. -.N'. .Mct.'ormack is abl-' lo be pn' auain after, an illness contin- : uing last week. B. F. Shonse. who has^ been' in busine -ss in Kansas City l,Jie past few nionths. laine down la^t week and assisted his family in loading the bonsvliold goods to be taken by truck to ti\<- city where the family will now make their home. The best of good wishes from a' large circb' of fri-nds her. CHEVROLET IN lUILDJNG SPREE JanuLry Production Dou- blcsj That of the Same Month Year Before. PAGE FIVE, FIFTlY MILES TO GALLON IS SEEN High compressii>n autumobU» engines .iru nearer. In the opinion or soni» observers of automotive trends. One has been hearing- for s'-veral years about the adoption of this prill'. i|ile DU n wide .scale, witii prospect of creatini; an ! Kesponiiin:,' lir a wint<T ibnianil ^ for cars unpr.ieden'eil iit the hi.s: tiiry of the company, the Chevrolet .\l4lor Conipany in .lanuary .•Vgainijihatteredj .'ill i/rofluetioh rei-- ,,.„ii,,i "rds lor that ;!nonth by building i/iant T:'..fiT<; lunits. almost ::O.'J(M» cars .{iitunix iui:-s I The •ion of -ioi; hij :;ibu;ii niore iuan wer.e mu'I" iu January lile whi<h will ffive 50 1 ib'' ga.lton ot gasoline, hief obstacle lo the adop- [euKinos of higher compres-. s bv-cn an inadequate dls- !n of tile grade of fuel |cs-. tor this type of po>ier; This ob.-^tacle rapidly js be-j___ |eri-.rme. .Motorists in jno the family :to their new CjH.UyKR XXX111. •"Thiiuiny fatluT had a good lea- son, for'not niniTiotiiiis tite third." Hobin jSears'said promptly. ".Viul ;< tha| tlip -d weapon the otn- th.-U pierc'd the Ijodv of Ciairett Fol- .soni. wlieu my father was several hundred feet aw -iv?" '".Vow. Itobin." .\!iK'-I Fair sail!, lier '•>"es fiill of understaniliiiij. but '.^ consiect her Hps .setting llieiji ,..lve-- In a firm line, "dori't take it that wayi 'i n ^eaii. We all know and aiipre- , "Viale yiMir leseiitment anrl your in- (iigtiHtli .iii. but tiuy Won 't jgei ii..^ auywlLne. L.-fs hear all Higg.'* I. 'ill 'efl then -CI lo Work on- iliN niw i -videtii •• " Ti 'e IIiKUs lookvd al her adiiiu- ;ii:;lv . •All.i niii;-. he hald. • \iiirii- right," Miild Itobiii. hl« • Ml- .-iiildeiily opeiieil 'That's U .iil'- .itiiiude. hlKh and mighty. ^'iiViilill. above-silxpli ion geHHire. i-ighl. Itiggs; Jii-it how Is suspicion voil cil and by wlM'tO?" "i'lv polite don't v:ili e ii audl- lili. but il's like a ilistanf riiiiibl<> III i.liundiT and al! that .-orl oif , fiiiri;; , They are galberJiig a li'tle neu'- evidence and then they jiro- (iiisc to come out in the oin'ii and li'.ilary i!i<'!r beliefs." ••That my father killed .Mr. Fol- jaoni"" "Itjiiiay eome to;that.!' ••.\nd the iliotive?" . Carrett Folsom's valet was too well trained and too experienced; f',"ii ^\v to be surprise<l anything his su-: ^^^j^,, IKTJors asked or ordered, and he ..,rc clad to know tha-" lell into step with her at on. e. ..[,„ke Myres. who has been at the Fort .Scott hospilai th- i>ast few- days following a tiousil- operation, is now so miJ<-li improvid that he LEANNA i .Mar. -J.-^-.Mr. and .Mrs, Lester Heilman iihd family spent .Sunday with .Mr. and .Mrs. U. C. (.'i^nning- liam and family-' howls Eaven.s is a jiew scholar iii the I.^anna school. The Ladies* ^\id spent Wednesday all day with .Mrs. Ji-s-; Craft. . .Mr. and .Mrs. H. F. Hurghart and will r A free train ride to'school every; nornlng andl home every evening is the unique contribution to eiiu- catlon provided-by the Colorado i^iel,& IronjCIo. for children of its employes in southern Colorado mining canps. The train stops at :rossings attd mining camps for t-he 160 pupils it carries. The railroad runs tbrougli mquntains whe )re Uiehways would cost millions of dollars. keep yoiir eye out for a a green bathiiig s.^it." she "And :n;in in added, as they went on .\ngel was pleased \ at •meeting ?h3- mail; for »:je suild.-nly realized that it was betteir to have ail allendanl and. »• he was so i lose- d .with til..' tragedy of the liour. he iniuiit tell her .soine- tiii.'rj; .ibou' i'. 1;ii( tile man w .i-i iioi i oiuniuiii- (aii\.-. IJ'-spiM itiilly 111- answered hiT iiuistious, caiefiilly h.e guard- 1-1 ii>-r loiiistcps. Iiiit iHil -iili- 'hat. Ill- was the WiMidenfai I 'll. oti-e- "•liiiiiu-. .-lervanl llial Oaraeit Fnl- '"iin had jifiiiiii 'd him to be ••\Vi ;iM 'i wi't'i; you al I lie ijiiie vii'ir liii<s|i ''r| wart Ulll'd?" -Ill asliiil. a! Ia'<t jiiili" •'iiiaiiH" slle. could t 'llMl iif 'iiith ^lg elie til say alioul II. IliiUi aliyllilii.; \ . . "Ill liii •iiji .itiiii '-iit .j w .iiillig for iiltu. M ")i Kaii'.":|i" rciiliid. and a Ii'tle lit sai'liessi )n jiif. \iiii.> made lier liiliili that, alli-t all. tlii< wooden mil' ii .id lovi'l rlie man he had attended. ' ' • ' ViiU w -'ie follil of .Mr. Fol­ ium''" s'le s .iid. gi 'iitlv. ".\-. fond a- a H UM' may be of lua -ier wlio employ:, him." to 'T ley expect to get that later. •Vnu -ijo. if they get circumstantial eviij .'Mi e pierty tiriiily established, they j'.:(> jahea''.." R'li'in'thotight a iii'iitieiit. . "Tli'iii 1 liavo !wo thines in ilo-- j^l in>;aii rig-ht n.iw. I must iiuiit 'ijiat green bather that Dad ran prove he not near s":ii.,auil 1 must iiut rview tli'- tioii man. Which will Auceir Tit" niggs sniileii. 'I'll no al'.ng thi- If said, at oin e. "aiid .-ee if virdant friend. Vou yoii .'•aid Fol- :nu do. take up til'-; :iiid we'll meet am tioii 'ill lunch I S .e DUr •t 'Iressi 'd niul of it. •fiu:" said itobiu. "('lood huiit- "Hiiiubhf'I! " -!ii; remarkeil '!:e!sell. Itut aliiu 'l. -.slle.sail!: "Ko?i. will! kilkd -Mr. Folsoni'.'" If ..'-he liud lioiHil to srare hini ini:i a fiore Hfeiike demeanor, she ^ failed for he <inl> said, grav'ely; "I diiu'f know. .Mis< Fair, f hpre i v"re many w|;o had motive, there 'vere ni:'ii.\- tfibu-^auds who had op- porttiuily. bu» from them all I can iiak:'' no sel.Mtioii. 1 supposed, houuh. the delc'lives-would do. so. |befi-'r.'. this." I "H-ive you any reason to tliink it was Mr. SeUr-^V ] "Mr. Hears?" ; . . ^"Yes. .Mr. Cniydoii Sears" ! ".Vo. .Mis-^ Fair. I'vi' iiu reason to thliiA so." "Do v.ui ktur.v .\li-. .s.'ars'" "1 havi' sei-u .liiii. of i-uiuse I i! in't know him -noi as I .-ay l|l;no'.v .Mr. .\e\ill>- or more iiHitnate fri'.-nrls of^iiy is expelled home today (Wednesday. I " ! ^ The following ilifm of news will be read with inli.'r-sl by .Moran friends of Mrs. W.; ('. Wright, liei- t '-r ii'iiii -mb.-reil ;i,s- .\l'iss Lillian rklns. daif.;!it.-v of Mr. and -Mrs. W. .\. ferk'n-i. 1)1 s -oiilli ot town: ".\|r-. W. f. Wri;;!ji-has jii-i bi I'n eleer.-(| loes -i .'.-ni "f Itbo .\l|di:i. lln- liivjior -ocii'iy of llzai'k W>'s |ev ;in ''ollefe. .Memlii rshli) lh|•^ year was liiM .tiil lo III.'' t .'ni whiiM' -cliolar- ship and pii>-'>na| si.-indlng weri lili:lie>t in 111- .scliiiol jMrs. Wright H.c itii- iif ibN gnmp (jio -i'ii froiii llie .-iiiirc siuiii-nt .li '.dv. having lb" almv'- naiiieil i .•iiulrinn'iil.'' ; .Mr- Wiliilil H li.asuier of lb" .V W. C A , in on till- staff III I!.'la /.ei .'i and A III! inler Mi the CIIO^'MS that •Ito -i- '.\I,ild"ti,' -pri^u pioujaiii" All et-tint; -ex |i .'rien< •• t jlia'i i -njiiyi-d hi; iijal I lassifiiiiiion id fifty I sjH'ci'S of iflies| tliat wiTe colbi;- j :iii --'Utii win present t olf down g figure it: li' r i;;.trb. and : HotAu 'an' -ini­ tio say. t'«r your ' "Hiyht iiiu." T'iie gjrl. ;sw'iiiig beuiih. a , shinil biigpit lolorei! turiii '^i! In Kigg.'1 deii'l get it." Ii fly,; "h'lt .J.ii:::!''!''^ liglit. It' lini'.' to .stand: around aiiii lluw il .iK' >n!i! -ir'.' It'.^•^iiu ;u-"iou.'" "Wliy not go st;aiu!lt t father .ind put if to him?" "Well, you SI-''." Itobiii siujled. ••.\nu"l 'lasn't -'pokcii to him a-^ she , iljii ; to mi', ttiid h''- still iii tic ; liig'j-'iat stage. He'd -a.v. '.My son We Is arses doiit • i ommit murder.' i aii'l! I'>t it go at, that. No. 1 know ni> ;na'l. and I've pretty w.'!l sound- iivil liini out oil this tiling, and for tlVi' liicjiiieiit. anyway. I've pot 'o do iliitle sleuthing on . my own. ' Tak'- me back on tli' force. you'.'" j' liis -unny ' smile -Aas ,i little I look.-rl at th" coruef". tor, after ill. H"}i;ii was only f .si -tity-siv. aiid: 1 .1 hive.l'ne lionor of the whole S'ar'i lini' on his shoulders a re'Poiisiliility. ! ;"i ".la'l to.'" saiil Kigss. —.Vow-.I . d'. think that voure the one to go -'• 1 .1 <••••• Harches'tei": that"s the iuc- tii.iti"! i'."' •'What ail imiK'essive fianiie." • \"ery. Shall Tgo .with you'?** "I.'ni not afr'ai(t'of the beetle, but I tliiiik whatever iran^ipires be- twi'.'U Its -should • be before a wit- jie -s. .So come aloftg." iiiasi.-^." . , "I sii|>.„,.-(.. iK 'tur.illy. you .iiilv th'' m"ii « h . ciiiue t.i Mr Fol­ som's' hoiiif. U 'li iii.- bil.''iiie-s Irien.N"' . " ' . Mj-;^ .'--a.'i.' "Then." she turiiei .'i'. ^-^ir- iiiM-! l):iv liiiii'i-. AV.,- i'.'?" .. Hn-> li):.'!,e'i siiipr; <;i;'';jit-iit. i "WJiy. yi'.- I ilih'k lu' Ava-. (To Ik-'ioiitiiilieill' ^n him, "then. I- bc.'ti at his • d at h"r I'X- flU" of till :olhei' Very Itlte that .Mr.M. WricI ; bet-n 111'' tei hi i of « liund |i 'd a moHis and bijtl presented to the early in ih.' year. _ II-sid.' ih."^.- outride' activitie,^. " Jlrs. Wright; manages a charming suliiirlian lioljie. doing all h.r own work ''X-" cept laiindr.v. y.r^. Wrichi is a graduate of th.' .'.lorriiti liii:h ,si'h.»«l ,anii former teacinr in th-i lula city si 'hoois."" ' ' The Willing' Workers of th" I're.-ihyttrian (hiir«Ii will holjl their regular iii'etint Tliiirs.lay : afternoon ;;! th.' I'.nll.' of .M;si .1 .1. :l'aiil. ! ' . • .Marshal (liiploitit i^ ill with t!i'- ' if.easl.'s. th" la-t, iif i!i" family t.)i liav,' thi'!']. Til • ^irls are IMIHI con- vales'inn and will soon be entirely • r"cov.'r.'d. ; | .'•Ir ;ind ..Mr-^. ^w.iii .lohnsnn are g <Tl !nu s'tti.'il in 111. ir n-w hoiiie on ^th" H.trlan Taylor farm. i>t^' wi"it of !lo-, I i'iiiijt!-ry. . ! Martin An.l.' aii.l family, fov- iii'rJy fif III.' I'rairie Hall n"ighbor- kn -'W horid. hav.' niov" I to tin? farm jus' va aied -by .lohn TyhT. and Ih" Kd Havis family, who Jiav" been living liier.' for s .'Veraj Vj'ars. . but may the late The nel j. ilim Scirs. lie ("ills fur cliKlng ill on ( row In the iM'.xl rhiipter help. Tiii'-i -luiw w v.-1io walltei! to c; are qiii'i ill;; log- to Ih .Mr. and .Mrs. .lames. .Milton •. Will linss aiid DIAMOND hard on tlios.' t iheir oats sown, a; few men liaiil- >jiurg''ou saw mill- James Irwin and .nd -Mr. and Mrs. Willis aiid Datrell w.-r'' .i; I!). •oye'.l ; GLENDALE ' ' M;s: V. W. H.alhl .Mar - rill' Hunu''r cli .ib met Tlliir.-da V all (lav «it;i..M|s. (.'ora Vaiil'.'lt. uiilv a fi 'w were there for 'lie d; >• lull in the afleriioon a lars:'' . roivd i ante and ' .I'liilted on III" "•' |.irl)[' (|iiil!"" -.vlii.h -Mrs. \":iii l '"lt iKiii I'iiil:'' ..Vt 'W off'cfrs wer- "l"<l"'! .1,'' .follows: Mr-. CleBia Hr.ok-. p!'•••ideut: .Mts. .Van Wad- dj... vi."-tjresi.i.'ii;: .Mrs. f.'or .i Van Pelt, ir.'asiirer an.I Mrs. Haz'l re.-t'lt -i 'i'-il ; seircitary. A- -hi.rt' program f.illoweil "coiisistiug of se;ip'iire.r-.-iding by .Mrs. Heath: ta.' Lor.l's Tr'ayer in unison: a ;i ;;ino -olo by .Mrs, Vanl'elt. and a laik oil W .i -l'.itmt.'ii by .Mrs. Relle Ilavi.-. Tills talk 'vas v.Ty inter- "stins as Mrs. Divis visited ihe old home of Wt'lshinmon. and told of inliiiy ihiui!^ whiih were'u.sed by (.Meantlm.f. Angelica, not at/ all George an.l .Martha Wash;n.:;ton.' ii'.'crs" 'o her part of I ho .giirne. iiiked merrily along., noting with dartii'K eyes the suit itif ev.ry man sir.e p.':.s.s».d." Tiiough a strikjac fig:ii' in her bright colore.|..garb. her L'.'iy b".'ch c'jpe was voluminous ;i|id. blown by the breeze. i:ave her niore the effect Of a sea nynip!: re- lu'-iiiiig to'her native element tlian a i.'Kirtal iu sear.:h of a man. .Moreovtir. as there vx ere many thousand bathing siiits more] conspicuous: than hers and -otm' less so. she was"^ jiiol so uoticenble as might appear; . ! . ' .•.\l last a sixth sense seenieil le. apprise her thai she was bei'ig followed. She turned.' (luickly am! sudd"n- imd foun-i she was right, but tne -if til vant .follower was Koss. th" valet murderetj inan. and the ser- of Ills nephew. , . .\at;el had seen him" at the iii.|)•.le^:, and.onie or twice siiio. haii; . s.'eiJ him talking to Tite Rigas on the boardwalk. ^ : S.ije looked a! hilii with ijiic-- tii-itjiig eyes but a <'alm absence of ll'-ar or ev^n iiidignation. ' -Well','" sh.i »aid. •"l*ii-'|lon nijj. .Miss Falrj 1 may have been pr"/riiniptuous. l»ul I sau |ou walking ttloue. and I iollowed. |>e('aiit<«—" Refreshments were .served. Mr- LafiT .i \.ai-cer and Hobbi- ;i;i.! Mrs i'ea 'h spent Friday with Mr* ".•;i:il'tlt and helped li.-r fin- i-h .mil- I'a'-o! i HiikuKin sp-nt Thiir^'ila.y nigiit with Vinc'iit H"ath. j ! Mr. :'iid Mrs Plarl Hickman and < h !''.r'^?i. -.lohn VanPelt and .Mark C.i!lh;)ci spent Frj.lay evening at Ih" Cv Watkin- liome. i'eit Cooper's Moved S.iturihiy "o a r:'rn; '.••est cf Al'Idre.i. Ha-l.-n and .Vellie Hickman sp.'tit Siiiui.'v aflernijou witli X'iyian ati-l Vincent Heath. ' W. J" Vaul'"It's spent Sunday a* the .\n'iv Nil ;iols home near Blue .M.'und. ' ' • V. V" Hea ^ nine f.*r Kaiisa> wi;li| h;s (lau-th;- Ti!"sdi.v, Mr. ;fii.! B Id .ii.ig 'itiT. WiJn'a. a:id "ve- VVedn.'sda.y evning visitors .MiKiniiev li'ime and all en- t!ie evenir.g .tiiii llarrisoii Ji'lpj-d llaroM. . ll .'wb'M g'-; nioij. .1 to i his home U'.'ar l/'jne K'u« Sorry to lose; ill's.. |)i -.i |ili'. Willi are ill (tooil as colli, from our ciiimmunity but wish them 'success. .Mr. an.I .Mrs! Kh^on Ni.kly of (Uiniett vi.'.ite.l Sunitiy ait '-rnoon"- al til" .Ml KiiiiU'V lioni". I.larry Sn^ith h"l|."d with Hi" kafir corn heading Fiulay at th>' Car-l' r heme. Ti!i;s littb' r -Ilow i!"- . lay.'.! Sill h wor'ti ag-niii. .lim Harrison iiiii! Ktiie! and .^li-s Blan .l vi'^ited Sun.hiy wiiu" folks, s.iutli ofiLaHarpe. .Mr and .Mrs. "I'luvmi-^ and Kv.-lyii and C'-orge visiteif .^iiiiilay atler- niKiii at the Mn'Kiniiey honi'. The Farmers I I'nioii m''t Friday • eV '^ning and to<ik in the following new metiibers:^.M:. .ii;d .Mrs. Hiifiis .Martin,- .Mr. and Mrs. rioii Ken-. n"'!.v. Harry and Melvin Kennedy. T'lm Noriu:-jn. .Merritt Hewlett. ' \Vayn" F"rgus. .After the business meeiing all listened to quite an Intern-ling t ilk by Mr. .Mc.N'ight and tlii-n • ni 'y"ii the oyster supper. .Mrs Art):ur Scott has been suf- f "riiic w-ih ihfumatism but is feeling better. \ W "~ar'^ oi .Mrs.i Pow(>!! and .Mr> .S;ri.k"i wno w.-re operated ,'ri .ibout I '.vo weeks iago are get•'n;; a'.ing sowell, and hope they •.cil! soon be able toireturn home. Word was receivetl her" of the' b:r:h of a son to Dr. and .Mrs. Bih- i ; eii :i i.if Chicago, who has been given ' the :;ame. Bohby. j Mrs. John jVii kers bought baby .chicks At fh>» Brnnson hatchery. 1 This is moving'week for thos'' , who hac- not, got moved. .Mr. and ^Ir-. Willard Hasting and fam'ily .\5.'C .ee mil! .M |S .Marion Met:—' and el' l.ln !i of lola drove o'll ami'sti -M .i th" d.i .i. Tue'^diiv' al W. j'. Vanf"it's. i " ' K-ier • Crone siart''d to Mi .nlay. Iidin^'.'ll got biisV T ail.I dr.igt.'i) ~ the '•now of roads which' will he a greii to. traveler''. ft Saturday Citv for a. visit I ^i„v ,>,I on t<? the .1, Q. Roberts ; Mr^ V. L. Mor-; (..rm:' Mr. .ani': Mrs. Owen Beal !le drMe home .mov.d r<> rh" old ClaJ-k farm.. .Mr. and .Mrs. .McKiiitiey ^to a^arm west of lii.i . !iuri!h aid Mr. 'and .Mrs. .lini Hyou and f:«mily the Kp- pley p:.i<e J .Mr. aiiil .Mrs. >purge<tn and .Mr.' and -Mrs. Will Ross and sons vislt- LIIOOI fsdav the help i eii J^Sunday the .McKinne\^ hoiii". the tea. her. Mrt. Baker, took her |.ll!'ii- to| the .woods for a hike Friday afternoiin. It i.« heert- Ie-ii« to say l.hev h .'^i a eoml iiin«. iiniily -pent '•im.lay with -Mr. and irs Koy Rob i .M'ss Krria Ca'-cn »ii:d with honi)' folks, ohii <;''ioii. The !i;st iliKislon of Iv , liies" • .\i,i :;avi' a siippei night which was well ailini!.'!. .'.Ir. and .Mrk ..\ W. Riiliirls w" to Chanute' Wedne.'day in visit W. .\, Itoittris. whose wi;.' ilieil .Mond'Ay evening- .Mr. ;iud Mrs. .\(i.l.v Kob"rls-i!i.ide a business trip lo Savoniiuru Tucs- (i!iy. • loim Cat !i :ii made ;i !>.!sin.;ss trij; I" Savonburg Tue^cixjy. of T»2i;. . The January. production in iis iiiri Jiliuo .sti tripled Ihe p^od.lC- ; lion oi"^ .l:inuary. lltl'.".. Cnder the tentative- [iroductioti "JlutoniniiiU ' schedule for February the <-om- • pauy •iill he prepared to make a iot:iI in' s |.iM)ii units, which woald establijii a new monthly production r^'ioMi in the history of ihe louniauy. exceeding even the rei- or .l ni.intlil.v output in September. V*2<>. of SL"t:";s car?. Till' ,l.eavy winter production III" ri 'siilt of demand for "the most b"uu!iiiil car in Chevrob't history" wliich Ciii 'vrotet hu.y 'ers have made upon til" com[<uiy'^ dealers since tiie aiitiouiicement o'f lower pri''e-- am! ifiimeroii,'! reriiicments in the .mire vh '.'Vrolet line. I part olj ih" c'ountrx are great superi a few havjios ifficuUy in finding a Itiel (r to that which they uked ^ ears ago. ' .' R'copnition of this" point by tlte itotnoiliile maker is >!een in the 1!>27 i:ar has a hig|lier, ratio than its irapO'i. reil .'i -essor. This is, not- all;inc"S. of course, ijut ue in a sufficient liumheT ;.iefinttely clas.'iify [the 'J!' as a trend. • " fact thai th. ; cOBipri'fisioi! I .Ii:?!'" ! ' true in it is i , to ver; movi -nif an mu Already the Most Beautiful Chevrolet is scaring trie greatest success in Chevrolet history! And why? Because no other car of equally low price ever supplied so completely all the attractions and advantages of a high-priced automobile! . •. Fisher Bodices whosje style, distinction and luxury rival the costliest custoci'built creations! • • .marks of dstinction, such as fuU'Crown one-piecie fenders, bullet-type lamps, aid narrow windshield pillars! j • •. a host of improveiments typified byAC oil filf:er, AC air cleaner, ! coin cidental steering and ignition lockj and improved ti^ansmission! All in addition to Chjevrblet's ilready renowned quality features and powerful, smooth performance—and all offered at amazing price reductions! I' . : ' , ; Here truly is more fo^our money jthan you eyer thought possibldi— jmore than even Chevrolet, w;th its progressive policies and magnif- ^centfactories, bould possibly offer, werie it not for the economies; of tremendous volume; production. iCome in—see the Most Beautijful Chevrolet. Drive|it. Learn wtat makes it the greatest value triumph in autombbil^^history—and why it is winning [new buy fers {everywhere at a rate of tens! of thousands each week! FCHEVROLEf Jbr Economical '^^aniportation *^at these amazing low prices ^Touring or Roadster \wmiyS 595 625 Coach • ••• Coupe •>•!• cjhe4-Door ^ftGC Sedan • > • • | v7v9 ^'Sport ^,^\ C Cabriolet- • I JM,^ 745 9Ae Landaii>*'> Ton Iruck 1 lonlruck AO IW Eo^ FliBcKicliqrn loa 'dl $39S SIS addUiOB to chcs« low priew. Climolctr. <U»ci4l prku Indoda MOTOR COMPANY 18 WEST JACKSC^N TELEPHONE 60 At T. O W t-O - s 1

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