The Postville Review from Postville, Iowa on March 5, 1892 · Page 2
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The Postville Review from Postville, Iowa · Page 2

Postville, Iowa
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Saturday, March 5, 1892
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The Postville Weekly Review. POSTVIX.LB, BAT'DAY, MAR. 6. W. N. BUBDIOK, Editor. t -'•-, • : " 1 — Entered at the pontofficc at I'ostville as ucond-clais mailer. REPUBLICAN COUNTY CONVENTION. HON. II. II. FoiiKr., OHO of Hie moat prominent atlonwvs nnd ilcniocralie puliticiaris of tin- Key City, died lust Sundny of pneumonia. BLAINE; is out of the pi Imt lie seems lo have a linntl with liis lato ilivoioiul law, Mrs. Jas. (i. Maine, esiilential race campaign on il»ii{jter-iu- Jr., wliieli 'I'hore will bo held » dflWalo convention of tho rnpubltonns ot Allntusikce county At the Court Holim; in Wanton, on Satiiiiliiy, March [2, 183:'. nl our o'clock p. m., for tliu purpose of elect- inL loo (19) tlelcgnles to roprosciit AMnmikee county In tho state com'on- tion to be held at Ues Moines, Thursday, Mmcli 17, 1HU2. Also to elect the sntne number of ilnlogrile* to attend the congressional district ilelejj.-Uo touvcu- tion y «t to be called. And for tho election ot a county contra! committee for tho ensuing year, nnd tho transaction of ineli other business as may properlv como before the convention. Tho ratio of representation will be an follow*: One vote for each township and one additional votu for every 2o voted or major fraction thereof cast for Hiram C. Wheeler for (jov«rnor at tbe general election held un Nov. 3. 1HH1. The representation to which the rari- oii» townships in the county will bo entitloU is ns follows: Conter . 7 Linton . .3 Pairview .S Ludlow . .0 Franklin .6 Makno .1-.' I'rencli Creek.. o I'liint Creek.. . . 7 Hanover .ii 1 'oKt ..10 Iowa .n Taylor o Jefferson ... . .r, Union City. .. '. .2 Lafayette .1 Union Prairie. . .8 Lnnaiug K Waterloo . A Total MS Chairmen of township committees will please attend to call of ••luu-'.ises and get out as full delegations as possible. C. M. HEKMAH, Chin. Co. Canl'l Committee. THE GATCH BILL. AVo give in this issue a synopsis] of the bill Introduced into the Iowa seirUe by Mr. Gatch, and while there seems to bo some prospect that it will become n law wo sincerely hope it will not. If we can liavo no better license law than that let us retain the dead prohibitory law. Wo are opposed to tho Gatch bill for throe prominent reasons: 1st, it is not a Iosal option bill at all, but a aotinty option. We would liko to know what business it is lo people residing a dozen of more miles east or north of l'ostvillo whether we have license or prohibition hero. It' we have licenso wo have to incur the luioossnry oxpenso for marshal, etc., while the country districts have none of the oxponsu incident lo si corporation, and hence they are not entitled lo tho benefits of the licenso fee. And this constitutes our sesonil ground for opposing tlio measure As we have before slated on this point, the towns have numberless necessary expenses that the country lim no'., many of which, liko lUlown'ks, crossings and good streets, are almost ]y advantageous to the country people tributary to tho town, as they are to the residents of tho town. In all fairness and justico tho corporation should havo the bulk of tho licenso fo<», if not all of it. Pulling the county license al iJjOQ it will practically cut the small towns from any licenso nimoy at all, as that is tho maximum fee that saloons will pay, and town boards will be elected which will not exact any additional licenso, or at most not more thnn $50 or 9100 for corporation purposes, which will bo equivalent to nothing at all. Our third objection is the sweeping strlagonoy of tho law, which can only result in what tho prohibitionisls charge, tho disregard and non-enforce- mout of the law. Its provisions, if lived up to, will make it practically prohibitory, as no man will or can pursue the business under such ironclad restrictions. Wo favor a stringent law, but it is ovident in this case that the idea is to mako it so stringent ns to amount lo prohibition, which is not the reasonable saope of a license law. If wo wero in tho legislature we should voto against any such moasuro as that. If we could not gat a fair and reasonable corporation local option lair we should lot tho people have prohibition until they worn ready to voto for a license law worth v of '.he name bids fair to keep him busy for a time. Wo should havo supposed he would have treated the matter with silent contempt so long as no dofenso was made at the trial. Our idea is that all such family matters should bo kept out of the newspapers if possible. Publicity only makes a bad matter worse. fr there is anything that seoms to us superlatively ridieultins it is for the republicans in the legislature to hang out for resubmission. If they do not want to support any kind of a licu»se law lot them simply vole against all lieense measures, leaving the prohibition law as it is. They know perfectly well that the amendment will not again be submitted to thn people, and if ".hey oppose license all they have? to do is to vote accordingly, and the people in the next legislative election will delcriuijio what they want done. IT seems a little strange in view of the fact that the republican slate convention is to eoiivenc.)i) the hjlh of this month that nothing has been done towards selecting bounty delegates so far as we know. A mid winter convention for this purpose is impolitic and unnecessary, lull the county cominittou, it senilis lo in, should have met and ehosju the delegate! before now, so that arrangements might be made for them lo attend. Perhaps this has been dono. and the delegates informed, but if so it has not been made public. We think it -VSK rcrr uuwi-.e to call tbe state couveulion so early -three mouths before tho assembling of thu Minneapolis convention -and thu inly excuse must bo thai it was tho intention that this convention should give tho legislature the cue upon which to a«t on thu liquor question. If so it should havo very little weight, as tho rank and file of the party will have no voice in tho selection of I ho delegate*, and very little loproseulatiou on Hie delegation. Thn politicians will compose the l)es Moines convention. Wii have just read tho complete history of the NIIW i'ork senatorial steal at tho election last fall, iu tho New York Tribune of Fob. 17th. ll shows up the blackest election crimes ever nnuarthni' iu any northern state, and if true it. ought to hind every man connected with il in tho penitentiary, not excupting U. S. Senator Hill. If it is false the Tribune should be driven to the wall by actions for libel, both civil and criminal. lint while it seems incrediblo that such things can be true in a state claiming civilization. Mill it would provo that the Trihuue was nisnno to publish such an arraignment if the facts did not warrant it. Kvory- body ought to get the Tribune of that date and read tho history. It is no wonder that respectable democrats demur against thu nomination of Hill for tho presidency. Tho election of such a man to that honorable position would be such a dbgract to tho nation that free government could scarcely stand against il. New York must wash its hands of such crimos. and the party at large as wull, if il hopos to stand tho shadow of % chance before the American people next fall. •w.fl"" 1 ". •'•M'iii»iiiEiM .,.«r, THE GATOH BILL. "THE l'ostvillo REVIEW is oortain if the saloons sro not bgulizud ngsUn in low* this winter— for tho benefit of such 'luxuries 1 ns schools and churches of ooiirso—that, next yoar tho domo- orats will make ssinan swoop of tho state, and elect a successor to Sun. Wilson. Tho howl is nionolououslr familiar, for haven't wo hoard similar pro- dlolioHs by It of defeat for the parly if tho tariff was not removed and the coiiQlry blessed with froo trade?"— \Vnukou Standard. The above Is another spoulmeu argument^) from the' champion falsifier. While we nover advooated "free trade," and the Standard well knows it, w» did say that the MoKioley bill would beat the republican party, nnd who is there that does not know il did boat it at tho next elestiou "out of its bootsP" Wo also laid that prohibition would surely beat the republican party in Iowa. Dare anylody dispute that it has? If it has beaten the ropublioau party in two stttte elections what Is Iko so use iu denying that it will do tho samo thing in tho uaxt purely stato eloctiou, a yoar from uext fall? Wo claim no gift of prophecy, but we do know that "like begets Ilka," ami It is a safo judgment to judge tho future by tho past, where tho same ooudilioiu prevail. With prohibition left on the statute books there is no earthly power that will prevent I«wa from continuing to bo a democratic stato after this year of grace, 18911. TUB Burlington Hawkeyo was burned out oleau lost Sunday morning. A* the oflito was fully Insured it will rot cripple the publishers, although It will be a great luss and Inconvenleuoo to th«m. Tbeio U no business thai lit m disastrously affoQted' by... n fire «» lie prlntlug business, urea though- tho T »1• M*,o|;»hrnJ»t»»'l*l 1# eoytirtd by: Jnimv *mt4 As the Gatch bill, yesterday ofl'erod as an timeudmoul to Mr. Gronewig's measure, is likely to pass Ike senate nnd Is CJ pectud to receive tho approval of the house, lhs following synopsis of its provisions, uiiulo by the Das Moines News, is of public interest and importance: •'Tho bill is a county option moasuro and provides that the boards of supervisors ot iliu different counties on presentation of a petition signed by two fifths of the qualified electors of such county shall submit the question to a voto of tho people whoihor or not spirituous, malt, fermonted and vinious liquors may bu manufactured and sold therein. At the aleuliou no other question shall bu voted upon nor shall such election bo hold within ten days of any general or spooial election. All pur- ties entitled to volo at any general election shall bo entitled to' volo at suoh sleotioii. A second special eloctiou may not bo held within less thiiu tlu'eo years from the lltno of the first election, and thereafter suoh an election shall not be held oflener than onco lu fives years. Nolioc of election must be given by publication for threo consecutive weeks ir. two newspapers of opposite politics, the last publication to bo at loast ton days pilot- to data of election. TUo boards of supervisors shall oan- vass thu vote and certify Iho result to tho clerk of tho district court. Anyone falsely nlgntng another 's name to a petition asking for an eloo- tlon shall bo deomad guilly of forgery, and all laws relative lo bribery of voters aro made applicable BO far as possible to bribery of signers to theso petitions. In case the majority of voters in any county vote for the issuance of permits, they shall be granted subjeol to restrictions and regulations hereinafter provided; uxcopt that no permit shall be issued iu auy ward or township .whioh shall oast a majority of votos against the granting of permits. Applications for permits must be uiada in the district court and must set forth that tho applioant Is of respectable character, good standing and a resident of tho statu. It must desorlho the premises and bo signed by tho ownor of tho premises upon whioh the sale or manufacture is to be carried ou, by a major- Sir of property owners and residents on both sides of the street ou which it is to bo carried on, to a distance of two hundred fuel in each direction; and If outside the limits of a city by thirty freeholders of tho precinct where it is to bo located, provided that in no case more than a third of the resident free-holders shall be required as siguars. Notice of the application tor permit nud the dale ot heaving shall bu published in two newspapers, and If there Is auy objection tiled hi wilting aaainst granting tho penutt and It la satlsfaotorily pi oven (hat the applicant ban been guilty of any violation of the provisions of this act within one year or is of bad .moral character, or la not iv resident of this slats, or that any foinisr permit Hint lifts been granted to him has been vsyoksd for nuy misdemeanor, thou the uatu't shall refuse t» grunt a permit. T)m f«s f»r permit «f Ilia SR)S or the manufacture and sale under the provis ions of this no' shnll not bo ley* Hinn livo bundled dollars and such additional sum as thu municipality shall lix, such additional amount to be fixed in the city or towns by the council ami iu the territory outside of the cily and towns by the boards of supervisors. The entire f«u shall bu paid into tho county treasury and $500 go into tho couuly fund niid all in excess into the treasury of the cily, incoiporatod town or township. Permits shall bo issued by the clnrk of tho district court but not until the receipt of the treasurer for the full amount of the feo has Leon filed. Section 7 of tho bill provides for Iho form of Iho permit which shall bo issued. It provides that the violation of any of tho conditions shall lie sufficient ground for the revocation thereof. The conditions are as follows: That Ihe permit holder shall not sell or give liquors to a habitual drunkard, to any person in a stale of intoxication, to any minor; that thn place sliall be kept closed from II p. m. until 6 a. m. on all public election dart, on all Sundays; i Ibat the business shall be carried un whcUy in a single room fronting ami opening on a singlo sireet; that no games shall be permitted on the premises; that no adjoining room shall bo supplied with liquors from said place of business; that the place shall bo kept in an orderly and respectable manner; that the puwnil. holder will auuunlly pay oyer the full amount of license in advance; that a copy of this permit shall be plainly posted in tho room where tho business is carried on. A bo'id of So,000 with two good sure- lies is required, conditioned 'hat the permit holder will not vioUte any of the provisions of this act and that bu will pay all penalties that may bo adjudged against him under the not. The bond shall be fi'cH with Ihn clerk of the court, and approved lilt reby. No permit shall be issued for the location of any place for the sale or manufacture of liquors within 800 feel of any sohool house within a cily or town, or within a half mile of a school located outside a city or town. The sale of liquors to any minor or intoxicated person or to any porsou who is in tho habit of becoming intoxicated, or to any insane or idiotic person, shall be punished by :i flue of not less than nor more than 8100, or by imprisonment not exceeding thi;-tv days, or both; and iu addition shall foifeit his permit. Any person holding a permit who shall kuep tho windows or glass doors of his place of busiuoss obstructed by screens, hliuds, paint or by any other means, shall oe punished liy a line of not less than twenty-five nor more than one hundred dollars, or by imprisonment as above, and in addition shall lose his permit. Tho tine for selling liquors on any election day or on Sunday shall bu for each off nso not loss than fitly nor more than one hundre I dollars, or imprisonment nut exceeding thirty days, or both. Any person holding a permit who shall sell or give sway liquors adulterated with strychnine, sli'ouita, sugar of lead or any oilier deleterious substance, shall bu punished by a line of from five to lifly dollars for each offense, and any analysis by any reputable chemis', shall ho a siillicienl proof. Any person holding a permit sliall be liable for the support of all paupers, widows, orphans, and thu expensi of all civil and criminal prosecutions growing out of or justly attributable to his Irallic in intoxicating drinks. This liability may be unforced by civil action on his bond. When any peison sliall become a county charge by reason of iiilempei'anco, suit may be instituted on the bond of tho person holding a permit under this act, who has lice.i in thu habit of furnishing intoxicating liquors to the person so becoming a public charge for any amount reasonably expended for Ihe support of such person. But such permit holders may recover a proportion- ale amount from other persons who have sold or given said paupers said liquor. Every husband, wife, child, parent, guardian, employer or any other person injured in person, properly or means of support by any intoxicated person, shall have the right of action against auy person siilling such person Ihe liquor that caused his intoxication, but such persons interested and liable to bo so injured must give noticu either verbally or in writing iu the prosiiico of a witness to tho permit holder forbidding him to sell any liquers lo such person; or may file suuh nolico with tho corporation clerk or township clerk, which shall bo sulli- cient notico to said permit holder. Every person holding a permit shall be liable lo any person who lakes charge of and euros for such intoxicated por­ sou, provided he became intoxicated by liquors obtained from said permit holders, in tho sum of two dollars a day for caring tor such intoxicated persm. Any married woman or other persen untitled to the support of anyone addicted to drunkenness may institute suit on tho bond for all damages sustained by loss of such support against anyone who sliall havo sold liquors lo such n pursou, and it shall only bo noc- ossary to establish a prima facie case. Tho city . councils, trustees nud boards of supervisors shall have jurisdiction within their respective limits to ostabllsh rules and regulations as shall bo proper for the onforeoraen' of this sot, unit all courts of criminal jurisdiction shall have power to punish violation of the same. Tho present law shall remain in full force in counties where the issuance of permits is not authorized in conformity with tho provisions of ttits aot." ADDITIONAL LOCAL. Winter Excursions to Warmer Climes. Kxcursioii Tickets lo Mexico, California, Georgia, North Carolina. Florida, the Gulf Coast, Texas, Hot Springs of Arkansas, and Excelsior Spring of Missouri, now on sale by agents of tho Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul Railway. Apply for rates and other information to the nearest agnnt, or address Geo. II. Ileafl'ord, General Passenger Agent, Chicago, Illinois. There 1 H Hiiid lo he n family In Grayson, Ky., four children of which bear a remarkable resemblance to snakeB. "Their heads are pointed at thn orown, eyes small and beady and located near the top. When excited or angry they run their toiiRiies out with great rapidity, exactly like a snake. Their ekln IR scaly and shede off In patches oxaclly the Bame tlmo each yoar,' It IB roported. The parents show nothing uncommon In appearance. Fire at Ossian. Last Saturday morning a dustruetivo (ire visited Ossian, entailing a loss of $10,000, with itisuranse to the amount of $7,000, mostly in W. S. Webster's companies. Five buildings were burned, including tho two story brick store of T. A. L :i nun, willi its contents, and four other smallc' buildings on the east aide of the street. The origin of ihe lire is unknown, hut it started iu Mr. Lamm's store building. Il was a bad blow to Ossian but might have been much worse. Tlio Appearonco of the Devil. A modlajval authority reckons the number of devils as 44 ,-135,650, but It has boon said that thoy vastly excood that J number. Tho figure of a devil, gen- erleally, is that of a goat with two horns in front and two behind, but ho also appears OB a frog, a fry, a donkey, and a spider. Ho assumes any shape, Indood, except that of a lamb or a dove. By F.uropeans ho Is commonly painted black, but tho Africans prefer to mako him whlto. Jcrs \v Take* tho T.ond. It Is possible that Now JeiBey will bo the pioneer Stato in scientific rond building. It has already an admirable law on the subject, and one county— Union—has set an examplo not only to tho rest of New Jersey but the rest of tho United States, of what can bo done In making a county attractive, and in Increasing Its wealth and population simply by giving it good roads. An Improved road convention will shortly bo held In Tronton, and no doubt a now and stronger impulse will be given to tho already strong current of opinion In that Stato for improvod and scientific road-making. Wautod—A Brick Yard. It has been suggested that ono of tho things that ''ostville most needs it a good brick yard. Il has been demonstrated that wo have the best of clay for making rod brick, it is handy of access, wood is plenty anil cheap, shipping facilities are good, and there would be a large home demand for the product. Il would seem that there could scarcely be found a bettor point for the manufacture of brick than hero. We ask that praeli"al brickuiakcrs investigate our claims in tho lino of this industry. The MeUlnlnul Vnluu or Oranges. Women should steadily bear In mind tho suporlor valuo of oranges as an artl- •do of food. Ono WIBO mother of a house full of llttlo onoa writes: "I buy orangos by tho box and lot my children oat than) constantly, in the plaoo of oandy and other hurtful dainties usually coveted by children, and I consider that I save monov bv It-. " THE WORLD'S HAPPENINdS. --II. P. Dawes arrived last Saturday eyening. The four years that ho has been ab*out have wrought but litllo change iu his looks only that like all of us lie is growing old be degrees. He is iu love with his home on tho Ozarks, and says bis health is much bottir there than it was here. IIo docs look better, and wa are glad to noto it, bocause thoro ought to be some great advantage derived to compensate a man for leaving Postrille! lie will go to Illinois next weok and spend a few days, after which lie will return and loud up Miss Lasscy's effects and roturn home to Missouri. MAINE has only nineteen cities within her borders. BLOTTING papor Is modo of cotton rags boilod In soda. THE population of America Increases by 7,000 porsoiiB a day. THOSE who have a will to learn find tho world full of teachers. FOUTY-KIOHT different languages nro said to bo spoken in Mexico. A On AND JuitV of Sun Antonio, Tex., served an attachment on the Judge and ho put them in jail. SEVEiiAii Chicago preachers aro advocating the covering of tho pulpits with the Stars and Stripes. TWENTV - SEVEN different families namod Smith recently attended a ro- outoa at Osborno, Kas. A lii'TiiiP. !)-year-old gbi traveling book agent IB doing a successful biuii- uuso lu Washington, D. G. Singular nnd ltanullful. A Chinaman of St. Louis has n native Chinese plant which Is one of the most curious spcclmons of the vegetable kingdom. It has green bark and a Mower something like a rose, but having the singular peculiarity of being white or rod, as It is placed In the shade or exposed to the sunshine Whon In the shade, or at night, the flower is white as a Illy, but oarrled Into the sun it becomes first a delloato pink, which gradually deepens Into a bright rod. So far as tho botanists have anything to say on tho subjoot, this Is tho only flower which changoB its color on exposure to the light. The Wagon'* Jolt Muvoil 111m. Very narrowly, and in a curious way, lid ox-8onator Jamos L. liaymond, of Lyme, Conn., escapo death the other day. A ploce of beefsteak lodged in ids throat, and all his efforts to dlslodg.< II were unavailing. Ho became unconscious, was placed lu a wagon unit driven rapidly to a dootor's resilience. Just boforo reaching there the wagon struck a good-sized stone In the roid. Mr. Raymond was Jolted high up from his Beat, and when he dropped back the beefsteak was In his mouth. DANIEL A. JEB.ALD, 3^Cerctv.a,nt Taller, Postville, Iowa. All worktwarranted io give satisfaction. A full lino of the latest styles in samples. 'I llollols Ahmit I'ulelln,'. The oarllcr Christian writ ru that painting and sculpture we: dieted In tho Scriptures, a'ul w soquontly evil arW. Jt m.\y tlonoil If this opinion did not have root In the idea of primitive p,;oj.h .- thu! tho art of drawing was an In-itriiiu"itl ot sorcery, by moans of whl.di one ne- pilred the power to act upun a \ e..-on. Mussulmans sllll have a horror oi images, and the Koran forbids having one's portrait made nn 1 poi: ; '.c^ine; un. "mage at all. PERSONAL PARAGRAPHS. Postoffice Change. We don't have referonco to a change in ponliunslure but simply to a change in the location of tho posioflice, whioh will occur about April 1st. Mr. Perry lias lea«rd of W. S. Webster tho whole of the ground floor »f tho building on the coraor, now occupied by Miss Loring as a millinery store, and by Tony Marshall, as a jewelry store. The room is to bo thoroughly overhauled and a now ami modern front put in. Mr. Perry will open up in his new locution with an entirely uew oultit of boxes etc. I'DSITIIIA has long needed bettor postof- tice facilities, and Mr. Perry assures us thai wc shall very soon have as good an office as any tonn in this part of the stale, and fully abreast of tho progressive spirit that has taken hold of Postville and ordained that it shall be one of the very best towns iu this part of the statu. The present occupants of the building will havo to vaoate, but they have not yet fully determined where they will re-establish theuiselvos. Hut thoy will both be feasibly looatod soon and all will be wall. THE WORLD'S HAPPENINGS. THERE are 800,000 blind pooplo In Europe AoooiiDiNQ to a dootor's estimate, ono person In nine Is loft-handed. A CINCINNATI man was vooontly flnod $25 and costs for stealing a Mirco -oont olgar, A BIUMINOIIAM, Eng., man called Whlto oollootod 540,000 ponulos during his llfotlmo. QUEEN VIOTOMA'S granddaughters outnumber hor Majesty's grandsons by almost threo to ono. IN twalve yoars the elty of Paris has expended $270,000 on statues and $85,000 on ornamental fountains, THE ourious custom of plaolng dolls on gravos prevails among lot holders In tho Baltimore oomoterlos. A OHEOK-for over $25,000,000, paid for tho Klmborly diamond mlnos, Is said to bo tho largest ehoolc ovor drawn. MAKOAKBT FIILLKII'S pinonshlon is exhlbttod and regarded reverently at the woman suffragists' fair In Boston. SPISAKGU C 'niKi' Is u vory oloso roador of tho dally nowspapoi'8. Ho Invariably reads them the first thlugiutho morning. THIS foreign diplomats at Washington Indulge In tennis noxt to horseback, but not a singlo forolgnor goes In for baso- ball. AT Harvard 210 courses are offered In tho liberal arts nnd solenoes. It would tako a student forty-four yoars to pursue all those courses, Two TRAINS between Berlin and Potsdam had to stop In tho woods between tho two cities because tho Emperor was hunting across tho track, Wp.u'n EAGIIB, the last ohlef. of tho Omahas, is burled at Sulphur Springs, and was interred sluing upright on tho baok of his favorite horse. Ton largest ohloken rauoh In the world Is wild to bo ou an island In Bel- llnsluun Buy, Pugot Sound. Its owner claims to have 100,000 fowls. THE Czar of Russia and tho Siamese King are among tho monarohs who are alleged to ride bloygleSi The Empress of Austria, has a ladles' surety,. , ATCHISON GLOBULES. THE bottor looking n man is, tho loss he amounts to. IT Is somotlmoB hard to distinguish lnnooonoo from bluff. THE worst crltiolsm of lovo Is that It is so apt to bocomo hato. As SOON as n man gets into a glass house, ho begins throwing stones. CONTENTMENT IB not knowing anyone who has unythlng bottor than you hav t '. MEN are liko llttlo boys; thoy ali llko to havo a groat big rag Hod around a llttlo soro, NEAKIJV any man will spend a hundred dollars' worth of time to get thirty cents worf.h of revenge. MEN and womon nro tho only things ovor oroatod that tho nearer you get to thorn, tho Bmallor thoy got. THE greatest objootion to, sin Is that no man ovor mado It nay. Thoro Is a broader moral ground, but this Is onough. THE world Is always willing to forgive a man who stolo a oow, so long as ho ro- mgmbers lo humbly oluss himsolf among thieves. Bonnow monoy of a man to help you In your business troubles, and you glvo him tho right to ask how you got along with your wife. THERE is ono nloo thing about being a woman: she novor has any Christmas presents given to her that havo boon ihurged to her. MARRIAGE scorns nover so much a failure to a man as when something" goes Wrong at homo that ho can't possibly blame on his wife. EVERY woman bolievos that if hor husband oould be married to somo other woman a week, ho would know bottor how to appreciate her. MICKAEII DAVITT was only eleven years old when ho lost his right arm In an accident lu a Manchester mill. NIKOLA TEHI,A, tho electrician, sayi that tho tlmo will como when a ship will be ablo to telegraph to tho shore without a cable. RKV. Mn. MOXEII.TJ, tho Scotch Moody, '.s said by tho London papers to have seen offered $50,000 a year to como to America. SABDOU, tho Fronoh playwright, Is said to look rather ltko a poor, effeminate divinity stuilentthan llkea successful Purasian. IT must flatter Henry George to learn that that disgusting sprig of nobility, the earl of llussoll, is one of his must fervid disciples and stanchost adherents. CoiiONEL NORTH, tho nitrate king, when a boy worked in a boiler shop. Ho was Bent to Peru as a machinist and thero discovered tho worth of the nitrate beds. Sin EDWIN ARNOLD says that Japan IB tho paradleo of children, for in that land a child from tho momont of Its birth until Its maturity nover knows what It Is to be unhappy. L. PREBOOTT HUBBARD, who has just "been ro-olootod Soorotary of tho Now England Society of Now York, has boon chosen to that position successively for llfty-sovon yoars. MARIE .IANSEN reoeutly wroto In an autograph album: "Fume Is but a breath of tliiKt, But—oblivion Is solid mud." MRS. MACKAY haB beon giving a dross concert In her London house, which for lavish wealth, distinguished company and high-class music has taken tho town by storm. It takes an American mil Uonalro to gild rollnod gold. ALL READY. MORSELS OF GASTRONOMY, BAMIIQO tips are a delioaoy In China, but no sohooluoy will orodlt the fact. A CHEESE sundwloh is many a man's excuse for half a dozen glasses of beer. HOT broad oonttnues to mnke many pooplo bollove thoy have heart disease HOTEL "wlno jolly" has rarely enough strength to hold tho weight ot an infant fly. UNSOPHISTICATED folk suggest feath- ora In buokwhoat oakes to make thorn light. LIVER should never bo broiled until those who aro to cat It aro at tho breakfast tablo, IN tho "swagger sat" thoy have an Idea that ioeoreain and citron mako a good onough combination to go togethor, BOSTON IS said to be the only plaoe nowadays where they put fish In fish balls. And It still leads In baked beans. THE acme of daintiness at dinners Is serving the slierbot lu ice glasses, on the handle of whioh is a. bow ot ribbon, AMONG the frauds ct Parisian oookery are bogus truffles ma'do of pressed clay and calf's fat butter oolored with lead. CHINESE dragon ball—miniature dragons made of pastry stuffed with foroQ- meat—are served at some of the fagh\ lonablo dinners, , >? A TOURIST'S twperleuoe In Paris IS' that muoh ot tho so^caUod opffee Is a "mUture of borso liver roasted In tbt» OYOU, black walnut sawdurti ft^d. flaraii) mol, !V -NowVork^aiKantf •>^prwi^'^ That explains the condition of this concern to a dot. Our stovo is full of seasonable goods, and wo are full of energy and honest intentions. We therefore,feel warranted in announciug ourselves all ready for business, and respe jtfuliy invite the attention of the public for a few moments while wo endeavor to show that this auuoiinco.Ti nt is of vital importance to you all. We are expending our best efforts to conduct a sue uessfiil business, and arc sharp enough lo si'.o wo can do so only by gratifying the wants of our patrons. That is what wo nro here for, and that is just what we propose to do. If you want to be edified, graliticd and almost stupolied by big bargains ar.d kind treatment, come right nlorg, and we will fill yon so full of coutentment and brotherly love that you will want to give every man you meet a quarter. uun AIM is To sell ouly lirst-ulass goods. To sell them as low as wo possibly can. To sell only suoh goods as wo can recommend. To please all who favor us.with their patronage To represent our goods only at we believe them to be. To treat everybody honestly aud fairly as we would ourselves be treated. That sounds good. Has tho right kind of a ring, does it not? and now pleaso bear in mind we praellce just oxaotly what wa preach You need not take our word for it, but oome in at any time and sao for yourselves. And now a word Iu regard to our itaek. Wo, of course, think it is nioe. Wo know wo have made an honest effort to seonro tho vory best articles iu our lino to be found in the market, and know no one oan buy olosor than we have. The goods aro hare in our store we hare marked the goods as low as wo possibly oan, tho result must depend upoti our ao'.ions, and we do not worry over tho itsuo. Wo only ask the people to "examine our goods, leain oar prions, and follow their own eonvlc tlons. Thtinklng our old frlonds for the cor dial support we havo reeelved at tbel hands in tho pnst, nnd promising our best efforts to merit a sunroof yonr future patronage, wa remain Very truly yours, Ww. KLUSS, POSTVIU-B. IOWA, : Manufacturer and dealer in all kinds of harness, and all other goods belonging to the trade, A full and complete stook ^lyvays on hnnd. k> Wo h ,*vq gomo Winttv Good* y$ liuAiwft ^ bur* them »p iold,. Uunf(«rtjC«tlli UM b»i»,r,«o «t Wm. SHEPHERD, ATTORNEY AT LAW, Iniuranoo Agent nml Collector, Authorized to pm^.tlco in all the. courts of tho state. O file a orei Lion's atoro, briotc block. POSTVILLE - " IOWA. Postville Dray Line P. J. BEUCHER. Prop. Having purchnsed tho origina. Postville Dray Lin^ I am prepared to do all kinds of" draying promptly, carefully and satisfactorily. Good teams, gooil drays and enroful drivers elways at tho service of tho public, at fair prices. All kinps of light or heavy hauling, in town or country promptly done. Granite Cemetery Work, Iron Fences, Curbing &c. Those intending to purchase Monumental work for future delivery will find il to their advantage t (examine M. V. Kidder's Granite Work in Cemeteries, as he is doing lirst-ela^s work alas low prices ns can bo procured in the country. If he has not called uponyou drop him a card at Decorah and lie will bo pleased to visit \ou with Designs- and sample* of all kind* of Granite, al tho l.'Wcst possible prices. M. V. KIDDER, 34m6 Decorah, Iowa. RAILROAD TIMCH On nnd attor Sunday, trains on the C. M. & St leave Postville as follows" OOIKO IASTJ Passengers.] No. 2 No^ 4 (night) Freights. No. 10 Chicago Stock.. ..1J No. C Wny .' Ne. 12 Milwaukee Slock UOIHO WEST. Passongers. No. 1 night 12.1 No. 3 10'J Froights. No. 7 Wny Freight 11:0 No. 9 Time Freight 6 :ll No. 11 Time Freight... .8:4_ All Froight trains ruoulijitiSTI, i. No. 12, carry pnsjengersjjlhen pre with proper transportation. If between N. McGregor'and Mason M. K. TAI.COTT, Agij B. C.H.&N.E.R. Tlmy Mm! Have ll«-n llnn'y. While a lo;{ was belm? Pawed at n <>i .v mill, throe liiiles from Grant City, Mo., the .ither day, the saw iitruck a ph -v,- ul iron which wus imbedded In the center of the lo({, and which had undoubtedly been there fully one hundred years • r more. It was duy out and found to Inthe blade of a hand ax, anil with it wa .i a tomaluiwk-heail made of Iron. These had been imbedded in tho tree and the wood had grown over them until Hi y were a foot under the turfa if the ImrU. J. SHEPHERD M.D., PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON, OlTi«» ufc vefiirianco on Grmm klvoot, iccc hotibi Euat o( Hoy & ilcN'oil'a iltirctwn; o. L. STROEBEL & SON, — I 'ttorixiHTuits <>r — Postville Boot and Slioc Store. (AT ARWSTRII^n A IIOI.TnK's OLD STAND.) Havo a full line of Hoots, Shoes, Slip- pels, Hubhers and everything kept, in a No. I general shoe store. Custom work and repairing neatly and promptly done. Kvrry pair warranted. \Vu keep no shoddy. LEAVING AND AHRIVII 4 T!HE OF TRAINS. DKC'OliAII DIVISION. Time Table in effect Nov. 15, Passenger going North... fUK©. " South, 4 :80. Freight. " North, 2:<5, ' J. E. PKRltr ,li . N. DOUGLASS, l'ats. JAS. McliWKN', I. r. SMITH, V. 1> I CITIZENS STATE BANK, I'OSTVII.i.K, IOWA. PAID UP CAPITAL, F.J. BECKER, M. D., HO MEOP^TIIIC THYSICIAN ASD SU11GEOX. Ofllco on Kccoml Floor o; Parkor'3 Building, near I'u&tulQcj, L'ogtville, Iowa. DR. J. S. GREEN, nirsniAN u sunt; cox, Office and Uesidaiicc Southwest par of town. All calls promptly attended DR. O- H. HUNT, TJiG 0GIMTI3T. Permanently localn.l in Postville. Office over Waters & NIcolay's ilard- waro Store, Brick Block. J.A.HAVIRLAND, rOSTVII.LI, IOWA. OfBee first door Kast of the Commercial House, Groan St., Postville, Iowa A fine set of surgical instruments. All necessary medicines kept on hand Thirteen yoars saccossful practice Calls promptly answorod Do a General Hanking Homes,*, liny id sell Foreign and Domestic lix"- chnnge. Accnunl.-i of Farmers, Merchants and others received and care fully pn It ctetl. Interest paid on Time Depositu. Investments m :ii !c for outside parties on favorable terms. 1892. Harper's Baza^ ILLUSTRATED. JJstrpor'a naztir IB ft Journal forj Hivi '8 tho liitout information trU^F Fr.Bhiona, nml its munenrtfa ifluitratioui, J tk'Hifiis, nmi ^olirm-fthpct suppltraonns indispMiKhU" ulilw to the home tireiimaktr sixl'l the ]irutVst-imml iiHHiiBte. No cxpamo IN tparcd 1 to nmke \t ~A ttriUtlu ttUracttvonoBi of the hiyho.t ' ortlt*r. Itn bright Htorluu, amuilng comsdioH, nnd thoughtful IHSHOB satinfy all taiies, and lti hint piiKe id fnmous as n budgat of wit aoti humor. In IU weekly tnaties •veijthins !• *n- uIuiU'U whinh in of interest to womon. Th* a«ri- nit for 1HW will ho wdttou by Waiter Defcant aiM William riluck. Mrs. Olhtltauk will become^ contributor. Mnnon Hnrlaud'a Timely TalKnW "Day In oml Uuv Ont," ar« intended foi tna^ rorn.aml Helen Mnrphrtll North will apeclHJAg uiMrcHH girl a. T. \V. IlftfWuson in "Women ami Mon t " will plouso n. cultivated audienoe, HARPER'S PERIODICALS For Tear: IIAIU'KinUIAZAtt ; U 00 IIAttVKH'K MAGAZINE J,, 4 CO IIAIU 'nit'K WEttKl.Y IIAIU'UH'S YOUNG rECFi .x. PiiKtaKc to all BuhicrlljerB In j HtuUe, Cfinr.ila Mill Moxtgo. Tho Volumes of tho Bazar begin i iiinuU 'r for January of each year' Ihno is iiU'iitiunoil. t:ubburiptioni willi tho Nutiibiu- uuiTt'iit ut time of receipt q Bmind VoluiiMiH of Ilarpor'u Itaicarf yeuvH hade, in notit cloth biudlut!* willJ hy mull, poBtiiKo paid, or by uxpreitr. oxpoiiHO (provided the frwi ^ht doei not. ono iollur per volume), fnxjSXyflflJlfcT Wrfmn^ Cloth f 'r -E .'g for Pis >y ^.ii»T. ia snfttble bindim,vjjJH!^o Bout by mail, postpaid, tfl recelpCflffi 00 each. JU'imUaucoa ttltotilt) ho mnde by Pontrm| Money (hdov or l>rufc, to avoid rlianee of IOKB/ Xowspnpcrrf aro nut to copy 111 IB ftdvcrtlienul without thu wxpn^fi order of Harper A lire the J AdilrciiH: HAUITI: &: HHUTIIHUH . New Yorli TONSORIAL PARLORS. NItAK TIIK l'OSl'OKFK.'K. All work done in llic liighcsl stjlo o tlio int. S .ilinfnction jrua r:i II Iced. J. T. 1 'AUKiiit, l 'rop. CHURCH Dr/.nCTCRY. :-PHOTOO-RAPHER.-:- And Picturo Frames. Postville - Iowa The Old Reliable Meat Market, JOHN B, HAET, Proprietor. Opposite - Postville - State - Bank- Nono but tlio best moats purcliiiscd. Everything' in first-dust sliapo. Courteous treatment to nil. Prices nlwtns the lowest. CENTRAL MEAT MARKET ! J. P. GILSON, Prop. Having purchased tho above Market of Sohulor Bros. I propose to kwep n first-class Market In every respect. 1 shall aim lo kevp nt all times an assortment of the bnsi nients-lhu ciunlry affords, and selling at th'i lowest living prices. Having eonm to Postville lo reside I invito a fair share of pnti'Jiiii^e, and slinll strive lo givo satisfaction. JAPANESE. A Guaranteed Cure lor Piles of whatever kind or degree-Kxtcrnal. lnturnul, Blind or Ulecdlng. Itclilnu. Cluonic, Kecout 01- liuredltary. This Kciuettv has positively never boon knowu to [ail. f i.oo a box, 6 boxot for S3.n0; scut hy mall prepaid on receipt of price. A vvritton Guarantee positively given to each purcliasor of 6 boxes, when purclinsed at ono time, to refund ihe fs .oo paid If not curod. Guaruutco issued by K. N. DOUGLAS Solo A(teut, PuUvitlo, lona. ASS, DBUUUIST. CONClHEOATION'AI,. -ttnv N. r.. Il-jrtou. pes- toi. l J ruucl.iii;{ c : \ci;, rv .imriy .v. 10 -.MU A. M. aml7:.10 I 'M. Knljluuli hchuul Immediately aftor li.cM'iiiuij Bor.vloo, Y. I'. S. C. E. moots every tiunilur oveniiii; tit G:15. Prayer Me«t- inC Wednesday evenings. METnODIST.— Ilov. E. J. r .oekv/ood, Pllstor. 1'roachii)^ sorvict-s ovrry Kuiidny at 10:UflA M_ and 7 :30 P H. Knlilmth Ki-lionl hiiuivai- atoly tiftcr iiionil'u: Hf.i-vico. 'I'ho, 1 Kpwovth Tioa ^uo ovry Sunday evoniui; ut ():!)() u 'chH .-H. Prayor iiii ->tiir; ovory Wodnosday OVQUIUH 7 :U0 o'cloeli. You.ure uactiosUy Invited. POSTVILLE LODGIS- »NOBLE LODGE K 0 SI. A. O. I'. W. Thf Loyal Ancient Order of United Workmen meet* the Second and Fourth Saturday evenings in each month, iu tho Mtuonio Hall over thu lirick Drii'< tore. J. W. SiiEiDiiY, M. W. ' WM. SiiEi'iiKitu, ilcoordcr. BROTHERLY LOVE LOEGE, Ko. 204, A. F- & A. M. Hogiilar mcclin^s on Tuesday evening 011 or before the full of thu" moon. All brethren In good slanding arc cordially invited lo intend. K. I). STUBS, W. M. WM. MOTT, Seu'y. Consurovjtlou Cured. An old physician, rotircd from practice, having had pluccd in his hands by an East India missionary the formula of a simple vegetable remedy for the speedy and pormw »nt euro of Consumption, Broiicliltis, Catarrh, Asthma and Lung Afl'eetlons, also a positivo and 1'a.dloal cure for Nervous Dobillly and Nervous Complaints, after having tosted its wonderful ourativo powers in thousands of oasos, has felt il his duty to make it known to his siillcriiig fellows. Actuatoil by Ihis motivo and a desire lo relievo human miU'crlng, I will send froo of oliargo, to all who dosh'e it, this recipe, Iu German, French, or English, with full directions for preparing and using. Senl by mail by addressing with stamp, naming this papor. \v. A. Nor«8. 820 Power's lilock, Rochester, N. Y. 48yl INTENDING 1802. Harper's' Wee! ILLUSTRATED Haiiier'fi Woolly U-v tlio ronilu^ year w; t'lin nifirt' uttr.tdtiTti (fttt.urrs, uioitj mil illUritmU'-iiM, aiul n .-rt-atwr number of arttt)4f$ live intciisn .hL'i'Cbt UIKII wilt hofouiiUIn^ otlior ]M>rimIiiMil. Aninnu tlicno latter wiH;*^' norioH -if «rtlc:li»s on tlio twi'iity-ftvo yreat «r U'i ot Uitj vrorlil innhuliuK tlvo iinnilrml If" tiuni, 'L'liu Columbian KxpouitloDt 'tbe anil Navy, i;rt'iit imblic tivftnta, (lisai 1 . land ami pofi, and thn dolni;n of tbe colol pociph) of tho day will bo tloboribod utift 111' ted in tin nUntctlvo and tlnudy mnnuor. Pfpiirtinunt of Ainittotir Kjiovt will oontl uiidur thu direction of Cnsiutr A. Wliltnsy, bobt of inoitt'tn ivriters will contribute i Htoiics, un.) Iho )nn«t dUtinyulrjbod bitltts 1'iiilin tint il)iifitr»Lii'i:H. Tlio editorial ai'tfi of Mr. (idd'iM wtllluin Curttii v, ill remain as (•^p'.ijh'.i iii,!.('iH'ti')ti. HARPER'S PERIODICAL 1 Per Your: HAUPEH'S WKKKIJY HMtl'KH'S MAC1AZ1NE JUltl'KU'H HA/Alt. TIAUPKU'H YOUNU J'KOl'LK Postn^o Froo to HII Bubiforlbbra In \ho UnHpA H .iittH, C'mmd.i und Mffxiro. Thu VolunicB of tho Wetdcly boai* w»th _. fli'bt Nuuilmr for Jnnimi'yof onob yo *iV*Wh<_„ nn llinu irt inmitloju-d, biibriorii>tfon* VflH Veijlu villi Iho Numbtr ciiiHont tt tho tlinoj.ut receipt of ordor. » Hound VolnmsB of llarpor'H \Y»ek]y for Ibrftf YOUTH ImuK, U' nuut cloth liliidinj 1 , will bo fet?wfe by umlJ, j*fnhi^o pntd, or by rxv^Ru, fr#* oi* expciiKo i)<iovld*>d tho/r*d;;ht douB not rxeead ouu dollar pi r voimnol, (or i7 00 per volume, (>loth <.'tiuorj lor eaoh lolumo, htiitablo for Min'iii^. will I'o utmt hy mull, pcutpulU, on r.'ct-ijit of *M Hi' *.'iu;li. HonditiuiuiB nhonld be rondo by roBtoOlevj Moimy UuUu' or liraft, to avoid uVitxuott of Ions. ' NouBpapora am not to copy IIIIH adv&rtUoinriit without thu expi'oBk. ordwr ofllttvpor A Urothtry. Addrt 'BB : llAiii'Eit Jh Bhoi'iiEieii, K«iw Yovlt. 1892. ILLUSTRATED. Tho KP.KHZIHO will colebrulo tlio fourth Oeu* tonnvy o( Ihn lllioovury ol Aniorlo* by Its Ho- Pisiuvorv, throuuli nrllolos slvlng a more tlinr; ouuh ci])i)»lt[mi tlmu lim bltberto;bticii made ot tlio Hcuont Uuin'pcetlonttiil Development ot Our Country, anil OBiiuotally in tbe Great Wist. Purtioulur Httunllon will also WglTouto Di'»- in»tio 1'iiilsodes ol Amerlean History. , , The Fluid of tho noxt Unroptiin War will be lUncvlUod iu* K«rlc» of l'uyors on tho Danube "From thulMauk Forest to the Black Boa," by I'oiilliioy blitoluw mid F. D. Mlllot, llluslratuil by Mr. lllllot ai il Aided I'uitons. Altlolta -will also bu ulven on tho Uoriimn, Austrian and Italian Aruiloa. Dluatr.Uod by '1'. du 'i'liulttruu. MrrW. V. Howells will oontrlbuto ft new aov- ol, "A World of Cbanoa," oliftraotorlsttOKUy n Amovlcan. Especial )irointnouoft wtllte glY to fcliort Htoiios. vrhloh will bo ooutl'lllutld,. T, H. Aldiloh, It. H. Davis, A. Ooi Mavgavot Doland, Miss 'Wooliea, and nlur writers. Amonii tho Utorary features \ Komlulioonoes of Nathaniel Mk collogu olaasniato and llfa-lpng llvldge, and a I'sraouul ^oqr" by Anno Thagkeray Rim'* HAEPEJ llAUl'EB'S KA HA «l 'EU '8WJ HAMPJUU'SD/ IIAIU'BR'BYS 1'oitnee States, v« P URCHASERS OF IMPORTJ DRAFT OR OOAOH HORSES Te visit our stablus and inspect our large slock of IMPOBTF.II PHISK.WINNINO ANIMALS before buying'; elsewhere. Among them are 13 first, 4 second and g grand sweepstake prise winners, all secured In holly contested show ringd lu •Scptombir, l8oii Will enchsnbo Imported stock (or well located (arm lends,' Will also lessa stallions to responsible parties for Ibe season of isga, with privilege otbuyltlg nl tbe end o( season. We olsojiavea flue lot ol young Short Horn »nd Herford Bulls forsale;; Don't welt tpwuHebtficoiTicetonco ?nd n^ake yom eeie^Uoasj T[ertnses»A »n.d pikes ^thaidflfy cpajaei), |ion,'Xurrespoi Oe ' VAsydEKVROa • GJimlet GU} lawk'' "ft

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