Algona Courier from Algona, Iowa on November 9, 1894 · Page 5
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Algona Courier from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, November 9, 1894
Page 5
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54SK-, V *wat >•> fr., i,y -, i',Vv; W\ i - '(n^rt ; B, TIME CAEDS, CHICAGO South ...,...... Pass..., ........ 8:88 pm Mixed ........ 0:07 pm M»6d train &tt Lves in Chicago at 8 ft. tn. v PaSSiawIvesatOhloftgoatT a m: arrives at »XJesMolaeaat8:l8pra. Lv.Dea M. 8:30 a to. CHICAGO, MILWAUKEE & ST. PAUL, PASSENGEtt UftAINS EAST. , Milwauk'ee.St.l'auIana Minneapolis trains- No. 2 departs at N _ _ t 10:12 (i. m J6i 4 departs at.." X.".".".'.".'.".".'.'.'.'.'.'.',..'.8:'05 pi m! l?ASSEfrGEB TRAINS MTEStf. Jfa. la*.- ,....,, .......,8:68 am Ntf,9M../.,i...'. ..,,». .,.4:28 p. to < ...Freight t rat 08 east that eaffy passengers; No.Bint,.'... Ii45ptn. No.76 at ,.,'.ll:00pm ' iFfeiph. tralhs west that carry passengers i No.7i at....,i9:15p. m. No93at,... 1.11:56am ,, . B. 0. R, & N. AT EMMETSitURG. k 'North—Pass Nort&—Freight. No.65.... .,..3:00pm No.67 11:05 pm North-Freight. No. 61 9:00 am a big ...... No. 63. ......... 8:1)0 am. ..South— Pass. V*' , NO. 62...... .;,.9:04pm -LOCAL NEWS. feter Winkel is at Tenhasseb, Minn.., these days. •< Jas. Taylor has a word to say about overshoes la this paper. Jas. Gowan has commenced work on 'two residences on East State street. ,-vV V *> i / >• "".'"S/J; O'Neill bds returned frota his -trip south without finding anj'thlng that just suited him. Durdall & Co., have a big ad in this paper. If you are Interested in the clothing problem look it up. "E. S. Wishard of the new store at Wesley, has an advertisement in this paper calling attention to his large line of goods. A new daily paper will be issued from the Freeman office in Webster City. The first issue will appear in a few days. .This 'has been a bad t year for nlbnes.' The republican twister of the $th has left us democrats all ked to pieces. s The brick work on the Gilmore block has been finished. • It is a first- class job and as handsome a building as there is in the town. The Armstrong saloon keepers appeared io court at Estherville last week and two of them was fined $300 «ach, a third had his case continued «ntil the next term of court. The Lu Verne News reports that Nic Berber of that place has made another shipment of 13,000 pounds of llrn- burger cheese to New York City. His factory is now closed for the winter. 1 ' According to Supt. Eeed's report to the state superintendent there will be exactly two hundred teachers employed in our county schools during the coming winter terms. This is a fine showing for Kossuth. 'Miss Maggie Eutherford and Miss Cora Hlbbard are home from school at Ames. Miss Eutherford commenced her winter term of school in the Kain district Monday. Miss Hibbard will teach in the vicinity of Cylinder. Both are excellent young ladies, and number one teachers. rx The November term of the TJ. S. i^i v circuit court commences at Fort ff^lDodge Monday. The following gen- '* f l£ tlemen are on the petit jury from this ;,I'^county: E. W. Hanna and Lesley 'I, jf Barton, Lu Verne; 1 James H. Sheri| v t <la"n,' Bancroft; L. 4 '0. Smith, Burt; H. '-Vv'jEu A. Llllibrldge and Th^os. OasmQdy ' ' of Whittemore. J® Gilmore is having sale ofa crofckery. v Barber Jhelps'wife has been quite sick for Some time past. A. Hahfl of Whittemore, was In Al- goha Monday transacting busitiess. A son was born to Mr. and Mrs. Oheever Hudson last Sunday morning. Hailen & JPetersbn have opened a grocery store in the Helse buildibg on Thorington street. •Barney De'v'Ine has gone to California to spend the winter, tils* wife arid two children accompanied him. _ Jas. Warburton, a good democrat of Germanla'J was down Wednesday. He reports tbat 25 democrats remained away from the polls in that township. The young people of Algona will tender a reception to Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Ingham at the court house tomorrow evening. There will be good music, refreshments and dancing. It promises to be a big party. 0. M. Doxsee has taken possession of the Winkle hardware store. He has an ad in this paper calling attention to the fact. By fair dealing Mr. Doxsee hopes to merit a share of, the public patrbnage. Try him. Miss Elsie Hunt returned from Minneapolis last Saturday where she has been for some time as a student in the Minneapolis school of fine arts. She also took a course In designs at the State University of Minnesota. Harry Dodge has bought the Bennett meat market. It :is his intention to run a first-class shop and asks the patronage of his friends and others. He will deal on the square and will handle the best the market affords. E. 0. Bufflngton has been circulating a paper the past week for the purpose of raising enough money with which to defray his expenses to Iowa City for the purpose of taking treatment at the University for his eyes. Everyone should lend him a helping hand. ' The high school building at Milford took fire last Friday morning a few minutes after school had been called in the morning, and was burned to the ground. The pupils and teachers all eccaped. The building, fixtures and all of the scholars' supplies were burned. The reading room of the Algona Library Association will hereafter be open every evening except Sunday from 7 to 9:30 and the afternoons of Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday from 3 to 5:30. Holders of pupils' tickets will be allowed to draw books only on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. An order has been placed for about forty new volums. The Algona District Conference of the M. E. church will be held in Algona next Wednesday and Thursday. There promises to be a large attendance of the clergy. The first meeting will be held Tuesday evening at 7:30. Gardner Cowles and Eev. Kennedy will welcome the visitors from abroad, and Eevs. Black and Southwell will respond for the clergy. All are invit- toes cor- all. the 1 \\> - On last Sunday, wheh-bne sheriff" of , _ Jackson county, Minnesota, went to i-', serve breakfast to three prisoners he '''7,ihad in jail they attacked and over. ' .powered him and crushed in'his skull •\" with some kind of an, iron weight, .--. ', ( «Dh e prisoners escaped and are still at ^v;!?^'large, $300 reward is offered for their \\. capture., ^t last accounts the^sheriff , .was, not, expected to live. A/) yO) 'credit is due Eev. Frustenau Jf^|>J^ v Lojits'Creek, He has made a house 'W^lpQ^ fcouse; canvas 1 among* his people, , ^^and-raised'upwards of, $300 for Fred """' ''Poinpearid family whose house was 'demolished by the cyclone, The work " " ' 'no person, and against^ the Mil- rUoad 1 tried ,tn the ( ; Attorneys S ., tQ.F6rti,I>Qdg£MQnday' prepared to ' .bo^h; caM >^ finish, -'A' great r wj tpesses'^are' , sji - ^\yhd stifdy o'jne'ng'gayia ild winter^fllledtwith'>b ed to attend the meetings. Mr. TJanck cleaned out his fish pond last week. That Is to say he let the water off and,then took out the pickerel, and mud-turtles-and left the fine carp and other fish that he wanted. And there was a fine lot of them— great flopping fellows that would weigh six or seven pounds apiece. Mr. Tanck knows more about fish than half the,state commissioners, and has reason to be nroud of his success. His farm is finely situated and valuable. We understand he has refused the offer of $50 an acre. He can afford to. —Eenwlck times? i The courts of 'Wright county haye just decided a question that arose in that county/that will prove of interest to farmers and others in this section, as it it involves the pasturage of cattle 'on uncultivated lands. In Wright as well as In other counties of the state the herd law is still In effect a.nd ( ;tbip was^ted^by lilje, defendants in the case'as"'evidence''that defen a •dant's cattle coujd be .herded on the uncultivated land of the plaintiff, ,who r sued to recover damages. The My, but wasn't it a surprise J. B. Jones came up from Molues last Saturday. J. J. Wilkinson has made arrangements to office with W. L. Joslyn. F. S. Norton has the latest in storm doors and wlhdows. See him before buying. Lem Stockwell has moved to town and now occupies his property on East Call Street. _ Tony Kirshbaum was over at Whittemore last Sunday and while there lost his pocket-book containing twenty dollars. Now that election fs over with and the country gone republican from Maine to California let's brace up and boom things. What's the matter ,with putting in electric lights? The Epworth Leage chestnut socjal announced for Thursday evening, Nov. 8th, has been postponed until Saturday evening, Nov. 10th, at the residence of Gardner Cowles. A dial invitation is extended to Come and have a good time. S. W. Barger has purchased Hoxie property, occupied by W. A. Ladendorff. Mr. Barger will turn the p.roperty over to his daughter, Mrs. H. Eist, to be used by Mr. Eist for his business. They will take possession in about a month. The price paid was $2,500. Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Ingham gave a reception last evening in honor of.Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Inghdm. A large number of friends of the family were present and enjoyed to the fullest extent the hospitality of the Ingham family. It was one of the most pleasant social events of the year. We had the pleasure of an agreeable visit last Thursday with Jo. Paxton of Kossuth county. Jo Is an old settler between the Devine and Fisher bridges and is one of the best fixed farmers in that section of the country. Mr. Paxton is a distant relative of the Blcknell family.—Humboldt Independent. H. J. Kluss of Emmetsburg, of the firm of Kluss & Holman, committed suicide Tuesday morning by hanging. It is thought that the rash act was committed while in a fit of temporary insanity or despondency. And on Monday evening Mrs. George Scott of the same place attempted to commit suicide by taking paris green. Her husband left her some time ago, and she had become despondent. That Excellent paper the Emmetsburg Democrat will shortly move into more commodious quarters, occupying the entire second floor of a large brick block. The paper will then be printed all at home, and, announces that a new gas engine and paper folder and trimmer has been ordered. The Democrat is one of the best papers in this part of the state and promises to be still better when the improvements now contemplated are all complete. The Aigona Matrimonial Association has just made a discovery that sends the cold chills down the back of every one of its> members. Another $10 is going to be called for and will have to come. Once more the truth must be impressed upon their minds that it is more blessed to give than receive. In the present instance Ealph H. Miller will get the $10 contributions. He will also get one of the best and prettiest girls in Algona Miss Marguerite Winkel, and the ceremony is to be performed on November 22.—Eepublican. 3oo - OVERCOATS - 3oo BOQ Me men's overcoats bought i f i by Durdall & Co. for 60 cts. on / the dollar. t * Must be Sold before Jan. ist. „ ' You can have one for less than it cost '' - 7.*. '' •' • ' ' to manufacture the cloth. Come and see them. It will pay anyone to come a 1 ? long distance and get your winter clothing from , J The New England. ( ;•/ yS P..! 8.—Remember we have about 200 Fur Coats to select froin at almost your own price. decisioqof the courts rights;- ' denies any such - They ( are bavjng a fine'' teachers' oonte'st'up in'Bqrt township/and one !j)hat f ji)Yolves a nice legaVpoitit of ],a,w, ft appears tbatfa su,b-^lrep 1 tor i pi i pmls; ed bis scjiopl w Missr^igona,- putiwa? 'by'a third p,arty ,to c,ootf'aqt 'n\ ''- 'djreeitop,'tljer Cflritrac^af tej ' " " ' As Others See Us. Our sister town, Algona, has always been a very moral and temperate town, especialy temperate, but they put up more "blue sky" business ,over there than any other town in north west Iowa. It looks to us as though a delegation to Ft. Madison for a stipulated time would clear the city of some of its atmospherial speculators to the great credit of the town.— West'Bend Journal. Patronize Home Industries. Algona is very fortunate in the possession o'f grist mill facilities, the best that, perhaps, any town in the state possesses. Several thousands of dollars have been expended this summer in building and refitting our mills, and the outlay is one that should be appreciated by our people. Heretofore the products of our mills have not'been as largely consumed at home as they Anight, have been, but that fact was 'to some extent excusable. Our mills were not up to the highest standard of modern excellence, and their flour did not always give satisfaction. But now there is no such excuse. The Jones & Stacy mill, which is completed, is turning out a grade of flour unexcelled by any thing produced in Minneapolis or any other place. The mill is fitted up from basement to garret with the best machinery known to milling science, and with,a first-class miller operating it, the result could not be other than It is. We have tried the flour and know whereof we speak. If > Algona would build herself up she must support her own institutions when they are as good" as exist anywhere. Try the flour, and if you find it satisfactory give' it the preference over a foreign product. ' . Money to loan on second mortgages, GEO. 0. CALL. Eight Mile. . I mean there is eight miles iof warp JD a blanket I bavo for sale, and that Is why It wears longer than any - otber blanket on the market.' My doors are open all day and evening, Call and examine. The ladles will do well to call and-see my fancyi>nous.e -mats In my pew Jocatlon, opposite 'the post offlce.p-D, B.-Avey. ' ( ; , - , ( , Money to loan on, long or short time, . ... We 'have 'j ust rebel veto alarge stqok all, kinds ,,» / , ( , at aUbraitb'.&i CD'S: - / - ; ;• V /"...".•:';.' V'T,iy;f "' ','.\U> ' Playing carda'when, inhere J? oo beep 9 R .K ll lF ?su ^, l8 L $lre l i ^ (u ! Jyi ^W 8 P ( " 1 ^ ''" 7 Fancy .t work of"'-ail l)rajtb s *i Oo'f• ~"' f •!>• Fourth Regiment Colors. In a window of Martin's store are displayed the new colqrsof the Fourth regiment, Iowa National Guard, which have just been received by Col. Foster from the war department, through the office of the adjutant general of Iowa, says the Sioux City Journal. The regiment has always had a stand of national colors, but never a regimental standard, and it has taken some time to < secure this banner from army, headquarters. It is very,handsome, made of the'best and heavlestjbanner ellk. The background Is blue, surmounted by an i eagle workr ed in with, silk thread in natural colors', the design,being the same as appears jon the silver dollar, On the scroll aye, embroidered the ..words, "Fourth/Eeglment^ Infantry,^ J[o t wa National' The .banner ,is 'fringed'with'yeUow Silk, -and 'is, the exact counterpart of regluiental standards ' in' use,' In - ttie United. States army,-!' , .« ' •,, n ' ' < Potatoes—Early Ohio's. Eighty cents a bushel. Leave orders for your winter supply at my office. 0. L. LTJND. Cannelburg Gannel Coal for sale at the Northwestern 'elevator. The best kind of coal for grates, bakeries, house furnaces, etc. 0. L. LUND. - If you are looking for furniture call on A. D. McGregor who has some special bargains in book cases, writing desks, side-boards and chamber suits. Farm For Sale Cheap. . A very choice farm of 160 acres, three and a half miles from Wesley, 140 acres under cultivation, good house and barn is for sale at the extremely low price of $26 per acre. Must be sold this fall. Apply to Lund *& Eyan, Algona, or Thos. Gray, Wesley. Common Sense. That means a great deal when you buy one of my Common Sense Trunks., Drop in and see them, also the largest line of plush and fur robes, .horse blankets, harness, collars, and every-, thing you can mention in my line. D. B. AVBT. /'-J The Woman's Era. L. ^Sw.**. pappy , ,,,..,...-„, Carried—Qn,' Wednesday'. ,< Jtyithin Her Sphere She Reigns - ff ' ' . ••' •'"'.* '' ','--. J Woman clajtns her own. Her field I widens Kvery ,day brightens,her prospegts,' Her , v i, i i' , H ' shadows, the • greater triwinph, will be'hep,in'the' final progress fore*, i'-iU-Vii&l

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