Algona Courier from Algona, Iowa on November 9, 1894 · Page 4
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Algona Courier from Algona, Iowa · Page 4

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, November 9, 1894
Page 4
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ll^^^^iil.^:^^^ Ijgfc yr^g^feo* l4^'^:fi''^^'^'^ r ^fc''''-. >:-' >- - - - l ^ffl y^.-fca^r .,,.,. *-.«,• ,, r r,. v, i,,i,, ,- • i ...nv^T, • r , -,-,T, • ~.~ .^, ,,„ M,, n . ,., ,, ,.*, , V.^ AJ .. r , «... J^yj™™^!!™"" 11 ?^^ J1 $St$l8*ttii Ctftttfc*. iWABdumLVfteioBuwiM, pppnm |p A Vf inrTAT^vTi-i i-^F« /i'//^^,^ •; ,,- -/ s l fey* ...... A ^ ileftft <***«"* iiMftM JxDr uDLILA \ V K J ()K Y. P DCT I FI D,p 1 ,;* Sft&SCllfP'WON RA1ES: Oae edttf* one year, in advance, *1.GO , One copy, six months ...... ...........1.1., 75 Oftecopy,threemdnths 60 Mi FINN6LL, Democracy's Great Defeat. , The election just held,as well as the g&'tfetotqft fdlldwJfifcUhe passage of the |v wc1£it)feylb1lfj t>roves that we are a jjl^V s Very flclfle people more Clearly than It fetors anything else. Prior to the en> jj-v^&c'tment of the McKlnley bill the re- |T^\^ublIcah party was commissioned by •ithe people to revise and maintain high IftfptectUm-, That party executed Its P|||ijltyln the enactment of that law, fet r jtthd immediately the people punished wr Jit lot doing So. In the last presiden- te^ftialElection the people Commissioned Fl? the democratic party to reduce pro^•v tfective duties or to remove them ai- ^'^ together, and as soon as it made a step in that.direction the people ad- ' the most emphatic re- *lfa r ttke a party ever received 'in this ^country. It,would seem that the *ViflLiberlqan people take pleasure In sport with parties--settlnsr i up for the fun of knocking*them ,/v There would seem to be this element ,-^Jft thft cause of the great defeat of the i-ififi democracy, but there were, no doubt, >*v-'iother elements. The hard times -Vrhiclr the republicans, luckily for ' them, escaped by their defeajb of 1892, ^fellwith crushing weight upon the democrats. The republican press and politicians constantly howled that /thef democrats were responsible for i$r,thfe depression, and too many people 'Tj^elteved them. Whatever politics ^Jpma'y; have - had * to do with that de- %fi*6ssion, lt' t> was republican politics YvAfyrtwlly. Bufcthe democrats were in s/^ppwer and had to suffer the odium. J^Atidvnow,"- after the country had 're- ^hjcoy'ered'and had just started out on >I.«<an era of prosperity, comes this elect^"''""''""d.-gives the republicans the of ^Representatives. M"ow ,we S8irT ___..- hear , republicans shout, "See ^'how; the country prospers! Confidence |p|isfreslto|ed! We did it!" etc., etc., etc. ^Circumstances as is the democratic spine extent the democratic , is itself to blame. The dispute the Wilson bill was too long and bitter. It gave the republicans ?^opportunities to poison the minds of |||;the'^eople against the party. They & ! proclaimed its' incompetence and barged it- wittf a thousand ....faults, hen as'a matter of fact that pro* ilonged and bitter discussion showed ivjttie independence of the individual |j|^dempcratic ^ember's in contrast to " ring-led republican nonentities, gave the reading and thinking |fp~eople s a more thorough knowledge of ||<the,tariff system'than they ever had '- But Whatever may be » the or vices ,of the party, .the ver- ct), of'-1894 - is,-rendered, , and it is |found guilty., I •' }^? £ e i ieve tbe Proper government- ar-response' to, thi£ f election would be- the-immedlate repeal >bf the Wilson bjU%nd'the re-enactment of ,'thb' Mc- anleySbill:' The ^people" have" cbn- demne(i alFthaY'.the democrats have v- |ple% ) aVel l1 spat v upon'' < t'be income tax |law/|and: ? it should therefore fbd re- IPJsale'dl 1 The people 'should get what ||they',yote for,, Indeed.we think there $is^ut l Jittle'''douDt" that the- income tax^clause will be;repealed yery soon. , ftTii^ '"'•''' *''.'*'" > " : •< yj > was /committed / upon ary~tti,e national ^in^^oss^ were'accused .f'llft^'^'T'ilno rf&Q •W'B<»' M(?A £T ^° J1A -f l 'i *4ai?ujr ^uriu^ a ^f^Sf^i^^^^.Vi^U^'fThey v "" "'Tie^trial^fao'd fisk?' .that ^he t^^flr^|Tue|^pffer; Cougressman tllectefl In Each District. The Mourns s6 faf indicate that has gone any xvbe.-e ttttta 60,000 to 100,000 fepilbHcan. The Register yesterday morning said: -"The latet election returns ffotu ibwa hare niofe than kept up the republican fecord. At this writing, midnight, the republican plurality on the state ticket promises to be well up In the ninety thousands. It may climb above the 100,000 mark, and will surely be above 80,000, making Jit clearly the largest republican plurality ever polled In the state. Up lo 11 o'clock the Register had received full county returns from 65 of the 99 counties. In these the republican plurality is In on an average almost unchanged. Tor the first 30 bounties It was 972 per county^ For the 65 counties it was 9t7, showing a steady increase in the average plurality t These flfty-flve counties include several strongly democratic counties. If this ratio is kept up, as there is every reason to believe it will be, the republican plurality will bo 96,723, which by almost 20,000 outstrips that famous Garfield plurality, which has long been the high water mark of republicanism in this state. The state ticket runs very evenly, and the figures for the head candidate will hold good for all. The combine prohibition and populist vote will, at present indications, not exceed 40,000, which will leave from 40,000 to 50,000 majority for the republican party, which is also the largest republican majority in the state for the party. Semi-official county returns so far received indicate that the third party prohibition vote in Iowa will be about 4.000, or less thari half the 10,379 votes Bennett Mitchell received as the political prohibition candidate for governor last year. In ithe congressional districts the republicans win decided victories In 'every one. Dolliver in the Tenth leads with an estimated plurality of at least 8,000. That is the strong republican district. 'The lowest plurality Is 507, which is in the Second district, where George M. Curtis defeated Walter I. Hayes, democrat and present incumbent. This district two years ago gave a plurality for Hayes of almost 8,000. The turn in the vote in that district was very largely due to change on part of German-Americans in Davenport and other cities on account of protection and currency questions." , J3I.Q MAJORITY. IN KOSSUTH. , The Republicans Get 'Out And Tote— ' Democrats Remain at Home. While on the face of the returns it appears that the republicans have made big gains in this county, such is not the fact. Their vote is but a little larger than last year. The democratic vote is a great deal less, and it is known that in'some townships'as many as fifty democrats never went near the polls at all. " In the county the republicans polled 1,900 and the democrats 1025 votes. McFarland's plurality is 875, and' his majority 669. Dolliver carried the county by. 708. Randall Js'-the high 'man and gets 1,057 more votes than"' Johnstone. Calkins^was badly^cut and so was Ray-' 'mpnd.'"j^juartonvrun~ 4 !along' ,with' r ( the head of the republican ticket. ' , ; • ;f There;.was no excitement at all" the day of election and not-much interest was taken by either, republicans or democrats ' in this town or in ' the country. i , In another column appears a 'table showing the complete returns for the county with'the total vote and majorities for the'winners^ ' l.EDISONSJLATEST. . The Wizard - "" '' , on a Won- '•' . > bid;f^;/make,"all' i hi^otber5wonders f adej nto cpmparat J ve ",'i n's) gni fl'cance. Jllf^pr^nder-Opmnfwnicat'ibia between pppdsjte'end^'pf thj earth possible with ""'* tf *'°—" u ,. tPjep^Qpe' or §n'y oithe qfces/kn'ownVtp / mo^rn ^M v IP^ J ,9! l ?M5lJMPfeiw/ REPUBLICAN VICTORY. — ...... -•- '•-'•-' - -... .** ___,_— .-^ ______ , The^Republican Party Sweeps the Country From the Atlantic' to the Pacific. Iowa Falls Into Lite and Gj^Aiywhere From Sixty to Eighty Thousand for More Protection. Kossuth County Elects the Entire Republican Ticket With the Majorities Rahgltig From 6OO to JLOOO. KOSSTUH1S VOTE. "BOAVg •uttnuaqg •OOSOIQ §: §: g ooes-^555 •I 1-1 ft t-4 T-4 ss-*™ ss ss ss SB ss ss ssg §§«« sis gs ga §9 gs gs gga sa sa sa sa 83" : -83. .88 eSS SJ3.SS 8.8 - : 83 33 SB 83 SS~ : Sg SS Sg SS SS Sg 5 2" ' R2 rtX! *^ ; wrt od S 10 2™ a** S«::.SS 'SS S" S3 SSSS3S5SS35! as ss SB ss ss §ss ss SS V BS ss sa 3§ Bg ES 553 SS §5 38 gs ss af ssres gs ^ ^* ^i r^ ^^ rt ^ TH a : ss ss as g°° §5=° ss s§ as as as. as a 55 Sg SS SS -5S S3 883 8S SS " 1 : SS SS SSS3S333333 *JJ «ll &gB rtl i§| «SS o-oa : e3 n ^p as : :S \ :^ 1§« 31? :::::: :Q : : M AC • i aH ill : i i : i il^'i : iJS| q |™ Is what we hate got to hate for the next six months. Don't ttiake a mis* take Sn buying a HEATING STO?E. THE OAK GARLAND for 1894 is the ackowledged leader in Oak Stoves. The tightest fitting stove ever made* Best fuel savers. THE PEERLESS GA^bANB Tor hard coal cannot be excelled by any stove in the market. THE COLUMBIAJSI STEEL RAJMGES Is without a doubt the best steel range in the market. Takes less fuel; bakes quicker than any steel range made. Note--I have 25 Second Hand Stoves that will be Sold VERY CHEAP, from $2 up. Call and look my stoves over. J, W, ROBINSON, ware; f f6wnerly oTim^^lby;; H. J".':Winkie, .an<i „_ sire to announce to ^'i&eJpilbUQ'tji^^^'gli^^to $$ : ^^??j^?$^ |o^d^a;'Ha^w^Jsto^^^ f!aw.iivinAa"o.Tirt n /ftniiw.oMVoV*4'Vko'4-*vi'<%v»'4' ^^ «/%A n 4^. A « Shoes. You will want them soon; before you buy get posted on prices " , I • . ,J r , " ' at Taylor's. It will be the cheapest place in town to buy them. tl / ; '•',;'' , ,' ' J ''*"/"' ' ""' ' ' « r ''/v''' ^ I -> ' ««^v^ l *^'i / * f t '* \ ^ \ 7 ' ^ ' ' "£*A f ' t 1 *\"^~, j ! \%f£ti.fl "vj*^" ,1, v 1i/-[ * ^ jr i H^ -'ifc * 1 LJ^ ^ * ' ' * 1 1>! /^" t * 1 A** f nCr7*"T"Mr — ' 'i^^^.'^B'^k^ ''j'" 1 ''''•i *• •» *t, '* *"'i * 1*^ ^-"1 ijttw'% ,> ljb *' t ^ ^' ^\^ " V*V •> "^'9 .-• j,5,> .Jfw. • „», m trail*!.-!•* -'tifj >v i/i " » • j'B"- T t(i_i«'T'ria3Pj'-w».*-ti'i^f'siMa,"'-»ijj * pr'rfv naafi.;v^A • ~ifunt\ tui" -v* yK js yie i fisfS6

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