Fayette County Leader from Fayette, Iowa on October 19, 1961 · Page 2
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Fayette County Leader from Fayette, Iowa · Page 2

Fayette, Iowa
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Thursday, October 19, 1961
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Established In 1914 My Neighbors NATIONAL EDITORIAL AS(g)cgT|<j>N Subscription Rates In Fuyettf and Adjoining Counties Outside l'nyctto and Adjoining Countlns A I (I < I A " ! • M t If H M- $3.00 P.T Year $3.50 Per Year The Leader is published weekly in Fayette, Iowa, and distributed on Thursday morning. Entered at the Post Office at Fayette, Iowa as ?rvnn<\ class matter, under the Act of March 3, 3878. Maurice Stoneman, Owner and Publisher Chattin' With Stonev cers for the coming year, are: President, Mary Manson; vice president, Linda Nilcs; secretary, Janeen Dillcy; treasurer, itoil- Kanna Gamma Linda King; historian, Janice ^ L] iL^? P L G Z^Zn Stannard; reporter, Judy Langer- for the Westfield Worthy Winners. Women teachers meet At hotel in Oetwein Twenty f >ur members of who Gibson; treasurer, James Ingels; historian, Larry Dean; reporter, Donald Dean. Phi vice piii'.iden 'i, secretary, Larry Creek Bottom Comments By Reuben Authority and responsibility fh'iuld lie just as closely correlated in actions taken by a high :-rh.,o! faculty, in regard the ,•'»'<>.•)•: of narent': or the police. V.'/ien<-vcr there is the authority to punish, there should he also !)>"• 11 .-ponr'ihility to counsel. If a fncid'y tne'iibrr knows there ar • fen-ace fisticuffs in the making, he should try to stop it, or f-iirly reftne it He should NOT [;••( a "party of the second part" to y.i'r.ess the fiyh! as a "second" or a "squealer". llayiir: the "IQ" by which to i et a teacher certificate does NOT automatically make a young man tvidlcman or a younij woman .'i lady. This liltie old hog farmer well remembers a certain male t ticlu r at the local high school, hack in the now long-ago days of the early post war (World War 11 years. This smart-aleck hypocrite had been an Army sergeant. He was very apt at the art of calling a high school lad a blank- ity-blank-blank. in low muttering tone?, when he was sure the superintendent would not over- Letter to the Editor I am writing this letter after a study of the article by my faculty colleague. Dr. Vearl Mc- Ilride, in hist week's edition of the LEADER. As a statistics teacher, I feci compelled to make two technical comments on the use of statistics in the article. Dr. McBride stated the Second District bus '2,000 mentally retarded children and 17,000 slow learners, based on the results of J.Q. tests. He then infers over 19 000 families in the Second District are affected with the problem rf the mentally retarded child or the slow learner. This inference carries with it the unstated assumption that no family has more than one such child. If intelligence, or hick of it, is in any way hereditary, then a family with one such child may well have more, than one. I do not believe the figure of 19,000 families is valid. But much more basic to his discussion is the assertion that it is more than a coincidence that this country has four million unemployed and the same number of mentally retarded. It can also be said that it is more than a coincidence that as the average ministerial salary increases, so does the amount spent for alcoholic beverages. This illustration is true, hut few would feel it involves a cause and effect relationship. Yet, Dr. McBride seems to imply, without further statistical evidence, that there is a primary cause and effect relationship between unemployment figures and the number of mentally retarded. The relationship may exist, but it takes more evidence than a surface similarity of figures. This is a very common, but very serious, error in the interpretation of statistics. In conclusion let me say I have no political axe to grind and certainly favor, in principle, aid for the mentally retarded. My sole concern simply is to r. 'nt out that, technically speaking, Dr. McBride's conclusions do not necessarily follow from the figures he has cited. George W. Horton, Jr. Assoc, Prof, of Math- Upper Iowa lUniversity hear. One morning, in P.T. class, he was challenged to a fist-fight bv a senior who was "pretty good with his dukes", but the superintendent happened to come into the cyrn. r.nd that of course got "Mr. Hypocrite" eff the hook. Most all of we boys disrespected this "ehTrader", nnd there were reasons why so. We are NOT by any stretch of logic saying such conditions exist at the high school now. We are emphatically saying ftuch conditions can develop, and a superintendent can be without true knowledge of such conditions. Presuming two lads were disrespectful to the degree of disparagement without any justifiable reasons, then what??? They could have been given the humbling alternative of making public apology to the offended teacher before the assembled fellow students. To penalize (in effect) the whole football team on "Homecoming" day was, in out- opinion, a rather serious error of judgment. In conclusion, down thru the a^es of man it has been just as "normal" for male youth to do tome fighting as to pursue the f mininc gentler. If and'or when tire day comes that American young men are so gentle, so highly refined, such utter gentlemen, they never, NEVER do any fighting . . . That will be the day for a few Castro'Cubans to come over and take over, and all they will need will be their cruel bare knuckles. Gloria Dobhs, a three-year record; Wilma McBride, a two-year record; and Marilyn Kaune, a one year record book. Joyce Hall. Marilyn Kaune, Mary Jo Nabholz and Peggy Fox received signs stating "4-H club member lives here" for having completed one year of club work. Sandra Raatz played a piano solo, and Wilma and Fayc McBride sang a duct. Center township Homemakers will meet Oct. 19 with Mrs. Delbert Wegner. The lesson "Taking the clutter out of the kitchen" will be given by Mrs. William Rodgors and Mrs. Dolbert Wegner. Quick breads will be served ns assigned at the last meeting. Be sure to bring your quick breads Mr. and Mrs. Curt Turner of Waverly were Wednesday dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. Ben Turner and attended the turkey supper at the church. Mr. and Mrs. Robert Hanchett were Sunday visitors of Mr. and Mrs. Jack Reed at Tripoli. Mr. and Mrs. Earl Hall of Oelwein were last Sunday callers in the Lee Jellings home. Mr. and Mrs. Vernon Hanchett of Decorah were Sunday callers in the Robert Hanchett home. Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Oakes and Karen moved to their home in Fayette, Saturday. Mr. and Mrs. Leslie Oakes and' Mr. and Mrs. Lee Oakes assisted them in moving. The Center Do-R-Best 4-H club held their award and installation mp,ht at the Farm Bureau building in Fayette, Oct. 10. There were 14 members, 12 parents and leaders, 10 brothers and sisters present. Beverly Morse, Fayette coun- Mother-daughter 4-H Tea is planned The date for the 4-11 .awards Mother - Daughter Tea has been set for- Oct. 21, at 1:30 p. m., at the Fayette county extension office, announced •" Dorothyey Busching, county, extension home economist. The tea is. held annually to honor the 4-H girls and' their moth- . • • • ers from throughout Fayette ^ango_th^ matter county. The afternoon program will in- For the mst vcr ve have felt that Superintendent Dean Curtis has done a fine iol> in heading our 'o".-il fchool fvstem . . • find we ctill fee) he is a good man in the field of education. Hovevnr, y/e di ai 'ree with him in the action taken with two high school boys as the t's -alt of a fight last week. We feel that methods other than removing the boys fr '»n the football sound might h: ve been just ns effective. We've said it In-fore, and we'll sav if. again . . . we would not uphold any child, including our own, if we felt there was a possibility he or she was in the wrong. But, we would want the punishment dealt out at the time of the wrong-doing — and punishment to fit the occasion. We would not care to see all of the skeletons dug out of the closet to justify the punishment. We're reasonably sure that many of us have skeletons in our own closet that could be used for just as severe a punishment were we ever brought to "trial". In this case the incident that brought the entire matter to a head also involved a high school instructor. And, in our opinion, and such instructor who would let himself get involved in such a situation should also be punished. Our personal opinion is that possibly he is in the wrong field. One of the boys involved admittedly referred to the faculty member, several days prior to the fight, as "minnow" ... a name which he had been tagged with by many of the students. The name is by no means complimentary .. . and on the other hand it is neither obscene or degrading. Using our own nickname as an example,/.which was pinned on us "many -years/ago, we also could take •'offense if we were of a mind to. The name "Stoney" could have several meanings — it could mean we had a stoney look . . . it could mean we had a hard head which resembled a stone . . . and it could mean that we wert) just plain "stoned" most of the time. However, if you're broad-minded and have a little sense of humor, nicknames won't hurt near so much. We. feel that this has been an unfortunate; incident, but there's little thattwe can sav that could We still feel that 'Mr. Curtis is a good edueat- And we'rt* glad we are liv Chapter, international society for women teachers, met on Wednesday, mi ) n Oct. II for a six o'clock dinner in the Town Room of Hotel Mealey The boys' officers arc: Presi in Oehvein, with Frances Fuell- dent, Joe Gibson int* and Garnet Stokesberry as Gary Maurer; hostesses, • After the business meeting, conducted by Mrs. Gertrude Gregory, president, the first program of the year's theme "Developing Human Resources" was introduced by program chairman, Mrs. Hess Greenley. This was a panel discussion regarding the teacher's role in relationships '•villi pupils, other teachers, administrators, and the community. Mrs. V. A. Grant of Independence was moderator with panel members Gertrude McDonnell of Independence, Frances Addickes of Oelwein, Helen Tuttle of Fayette and Dorothy Harrington of Oelwein. It was brought out that, with the world becoming smaller, better human reiations are necessary between individuals working together, between communities, and between nations. It was voted that members of each community represented make a choice of an individual project in the field of intercultural relations to be reported at the next meeting at Independence in November. Out of town members included Mrs. Paul Pickett, Mrs. Eugene Garbee, Helen Tuttle and Mrs. Wesley Ashby of Fayette; Mrs. V. A. Grant, Irene Harrington, Florence Kane and Gertrude McDonnell of Independence; Alta Mae Dickinson and Sena Lauridsen of West Union; Catherine Klaus of Postville; Viola Caldwell and Isabel Eno of Waverly; and Mrs. M. M. Rogers of Sumner. To elect officers The Lima Ladies Cemetery association will hold their annual meeting and election of officers, Thursday, Oct. 19, at the Lima church, at 7:30 p. m. — THEY'RE HERE— THE NEW 1962 LARK Come In And See Them Now Be The First In Your Neighborhood To Own One Of These Outstanding, Low-Priced Cars. ECONOMICAL and DEPENDABLE Zobriskie Garage Gecrge Zcbrbkic, Proprietor Fayette, Iowa Award party held for Winners, Whirlwinds The Westfield Worthy Winners and the Westfield Whirlwinds had an award party at the Farm Bureau building, Oct. 5. Last year's record books with awards were given to all the members by their leaders, Mrs. Joe Langerman and Marvin Ingels. The highlight of the evening was the installation of the offi- or. elude a speaker, awarding' of in f in . a democracy where both medals to outstanding Fayette county 4-H girls for their achievements of the past year, and hon- ty girls 4-H president, installed oring 4-H leaders of long serv the following officers: Doris Al- ice to 4-H work. Plans for the ley, president; Patty Fox, vice tea have been made by the coun- president; Sandra Raalz, secre-. ty 4-H committee and girls' 4-H taiy; Gloria Dobbs, treasurer; officers working with the exten- Peggy Fox, historian. They were sion staff. presented corsages made by Gloria Dobbs, Doris Alley and Patty Willing Workers meet who also made the flower sides have the right to be heard and each has a right'to pur own opinion. We're sure Mr, Curtis did what he felt was right . . .and we ad-, mire a man who stands by his convictions. ANNOUNCE ENGAGEMENT MAYNARD — Mr. and Mrs. Emmett Stromseth, of Decorah, are announcing the engagement The Willing Workers club met and approaching marriage of their Oct. 12 in the home of Mrs. Har- daughter, Mae Louise, to John L. old Whitley. Seventeen members, Judas, son of Mr. and Mrs. Earl three guests and three children Judus, of Maynard. were present. Wedding vows will be ex- P'lttv F,.v P,»™„ pnv T ™,„ 0 Mall 11 was decided to hold a bake changed at 7:30 p. m., Saturday, Whmffi sale Oct. 21, at Zabriskie's garage. Nov. 18, at the First Methodist pin S fn! iS !„?, r fK C "ril" The next meeting will be held church in Decorah, wo hooks. Those who had record books go to the county were: Doris Alley, an eight-year record; Fox centerpiece for the installation table. Doris Alley, Gloria Dobbs, Sandra Raatz, Mary Jo Nabholz, Marti::: Hcitzman, Marilyn Kaune, rk °\n3S' n ?he!r eir S Z^XlT^ ^ ^ Tn.„„,. „-u„ U„J j len Mack at 1:30 p. m. FAYETTE THEATRE Friday and Saturday Oct. 22 - 23 - 24 SHIRLEY MAC LAINE DEAN MARTIN ALL IN A NIGHT'S WORK Sun - Mon - Tues Oct. 26 - 27 - 28 AUDIE MURPHY JOHN SAXON POSSE FROM HELL FOR SALE Coffee Nook Cafe EASY TERMS Available Immediately Contact BILL LANDIS At The Coffee Nook Cafe Try An Ad In The Leader MR. FARMER Why Sell Your Soybeans Below The Support Price? CHECK WITH THE FAYETTE SOYBEAN MILL They have a bonded Warehouse with approximately 80,000 bu. storage available for your convenience. Call 119 Fayette or 144 West Union. 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