Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on March 5, 1927 · Page 3
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 3

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 5, 1927
Page 3
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.Miss 'Flissle been ill this wel Murphy, .Vrho has ekk with the .measles, is impro\-^ng rfapidly. and' expects soon to be back in schooj. She is bnior high school. a .student at J -For Sale, neighhorliood Urnflersdn Realty: Co. Mrs. C. A. N< rthcott and children Or tradls: .Small grocery '< business. of Sn. .Norilj-S. this weelc' with their parents and Krund'pa rents. Siouffer at ' HI -For lient: rooms. w^II U-all.v Coi , .Mrs) \VJ R. Calhoun 8|reet rhi'umatlsm. tamore street spent .Mr. and .Mrs. K. M. ffalo, Kiins. IJKhf, airy office o(at'!(l. Henderson Triplett of 21 East is reported ill with Mr. anc^ Mr.<!: .1. Tarplcy of 412 Kast Lincoln sHeet, who have befen spending the Winter at .the Old Bdl- (iiers Honpe ;i)t Fort 0O(1g^. have retiiined lioni'j. —.Are you fW'ng foi- the Kelvi- nator EleHritj RefriRcrator? Free! inuing Co. Electric lt:s and . Mr.«!. .M. Honpwcll of 309 South Hiirkeye streit is having a new Ixirtli tiiiilt oi her home. liiliie ihitlrmi, who was absent from • school ijor .several day.s this , w.'.jk, was able, to resume lii.s : .'<imlies at .luiilor hisb school yes- J. iilay. i Aitenlloii Masunx. -Hi -pori all,.Masonic Tt-mple at ,:! o'lloik Suniia>''afiernonto attend ihf funeral .services of Bro.lUenry liiiuen. . C. A. FllEKM.XN. W. M. MiMs" Mildrieil Beamaii of <I2S .\i :iIli-Elin sti-eet. a .studejiit at .lun- i <ir lii);h .school, who has been abf st -nl frtint sehbolfor several weeks on aicount f|f illness, eipects to hi- .-ible to relori) to school .Monday. Mrs. E. T. (].«thorne, who has been ill a hospital,at .Savannah. .Mo^ for I he past four home. .Mrs. larm west (if weeks, has returned Osbortie lives on a Mie rl\er. en. hot biscii .Sau'iil'T Ii|ii. ! Special Sunday ninner: Chick- ts and lemon pie- at (Uorge M, .Reynolds and H. H. Ketlierlin were business visitors (n Kiireka aiid .Uadisoii. Kaus., Wed- ii «'S (lay. [ i I Mr. and Mrs. T. H. Benton of Topeka. Kaus.. will be week end P liens of -Mr. and .Mrs. J. jL. Os- fmrne of 52» Soiitji Third street. — If yoij want to buy or bulid-a jhoine. The ;lola KuiUlin^ &. Loan .\ssoeiatioiii will loan you tl|e money, ea^y terms, no ' commissions. Organized ihi 188.">. Now "located southwest; i-orner of sijuare. G. E. . Pees, Seoy. , Miss Luella .Murphy is reported •11 at her home. 8U1 North Jefferson avenue. It will be necessary for her to miss several days of ^ school. Ray Goodale. Emory ^IcKean and .lohn Williams, students at Junior hiKli .school, .nre confined to their homes.on account of illness. F. L. B. LEAVELE; M. ». Special attention given Diseases of Colon and R4(:tum. Electro-TheraiJy and Physiotherapy. . . Office Tola State Bank Bldg. Phones—H7- and 705. Mrs; Frank AVeston, whb has been (luile ill for'several months, is re-. poiMet! improving. ; .Miss, Luella Freeman; a Junior hig-li student, was unable to attend Old this week on account of 111- ncj^s. Attenlioii' KiilK-hft t^lil|>l)i^. i-Reporf at. asylum Esdraelon foiiimandery Sti. 14. Sunday. March 0. i !t :;r, at 2;3it p. m.. to attend the I 'liui -ral of Sir Knight James Boweii. V. A. llUBHARD.C^immunder. Mr. and Mrs, W. A. Hall of ('.iMliaf,'.", .Ml)., will arrive on the iKdPii train j tomorrow for a visit with i Mrs. Malls moiher, Mrs. l..'iiora J'orterKonI and family <if .North (."otioirwood striet. See the iiew grey .Sealllte Kel- vinatoV on displ.-iy at K. (". Electric A :- I'liiiiibiliK Co. Itonald Jetinor es e^gbt-plece or- if. will broadcast over station WRE.N' Saturday night from .12:ti(i to :i;00. This is the first orchestra to-broadcast from this station since orily test programs hadj been given previously with Victor recording records. The orchestra Will give a prograin of popular numbers featuring noVelty singing spe'cialtie.s. Porter Thomas, .=oii of Mr. and Mrs. C. C. Thomas, is a member of the orclestra. ' —Bargain in 5 room m idem cottage, with garage. choic« location; easy terms. Henderson Realty Co.' Sixty bird slides, showing the iisefnincss pi tl^e birds in coihbat- ting Insects, wieeds and rodents, vv.-is shown!at chapel hour at Junior high seliool ^hursday. The pictures, were^ accompahied Jjy explanation^ bl the^different pictures by Miss Mulle/i.' the general science teacher. . Another set of slides on "Fight the Fly" was shpvirn to the meinbers oB the general science class. Friday was obsjerved as a 8ea.«cii of prs^y ri conducted by the ii'ev. Reynolds oir the FJrst Phristiain cbureh. ..-..1 . .JJr..and Mrs. Herbert Doyle and .Mrs. J. T. Maddox went tb .Fort Scott last:night to attend the convention being held there atv the Xazarene church. Mrs. Flowers, pastot- of the Ida Nazarene church, who went to Fort Scott Wctjnesday morning, will accompany! them home. .Miss Grace Rodgers of 430 South Kentucky, quit school and has i)c- cepted a position at Snitth.v 's Ca ^e. —F <jr Rent; n Ti}om modijrii cottage, garage, close In. Henderson Realty Co. Mrs. J. T. Maddox returned home Thursday morhing from Nevada, Mb., where she was called Sunday by the serious illness of her mother. .Mrs. G. W. .Martin. .Mr. arid .Mrs. J. L. Hudson. Jess Hudson arid Miss Jessie Maxiile Sentei*. who were en route to filackwell] Okla., accompanied Mrs. .Maddox as far as Ida.; —Special ^Snndtly dinrieir, noon and PTPnIiiir, Kelley Hotel, •'i<lr, 7 '>r. ..Mr. and Mrs. .M. W. jicobson ajid family of Savoiiburg have nioved to lola and are temporarily located at 411 East Lincoln, street. .Mrs. Jacobsou was the Register correspondent from Fairvlew district. • ' ] ~-Jiut like Angel Food Cake, Van Hoozer's Bread, 2 for 15c. Mrs. Delia Nelson of Kansas City .will he down on the plug tonight for an over Suiiday 'i \^isit \yith her mother, Mrs. Leiiora i I'orli-r Ford and w-ith her sons. Harold and .Morris -Velson. —For Rent: Up-to-date bungalow, garage, furnace, furnished or nnfurnislied. Ilender-sotf Really Co. Dr. Caroline Hedger, well known in Allen: cohnty, having formerly lived herje. was one of the speakers at tlie .Midvvest Confei'ence on EducaUoii for I'aienlliood at the Hotel President, in Kansas City, .Mls.souri„ Thursday of this week. She urged that the' boys be trained for pareiithopd asi well as (he girls; • Dr. Hedger is a daugh- te;- of .Mrs. M. 1.,. SeyuKuir and a sister of George tieymour.; She is «ow living in Chicago. —Filling station and blacksmith shop, doing good business; will tratle for farm. Heuilersnii Realtv Co. The Rev.i EarL.V Blackinan, associate pastor (if .the iLinwood Boulevard Christian ch|irch of Kansas City, .Mo., who Is otj a walking- itour of England withj Sinclair I^wls.. novelist, will return to Kansas-City the latter part of this month. . Rev. .Mr. Blackman was formerly pastor of the Christian church at Chaniife and W.-is generally known as the 'fighting parson." . \i —Special dinner Sunday at Cafe, TiOf, featuring chicken. . Miss Ruth Cunningham of Mildred Is here attending the basketball tournament. While hdre'shie is the guest of Mrs. Jennie iR. Jackson. 516 South Sycamore street. —Siiwlal Sunday dinner at the Portliin^l Hotel, iiitr, Mi .ss Bon Ke.ssinger and Miss Stella Ealrweathcr drove- to Chanute last night to attend the home talent play, "Circus SollV;" which was given under 'the auspices of the Business Women 's chib. -T-CSiicken dinner oil lihiirsdays and SundaJ 's at Lewiriart 's Cafe. "Home-cooking." . j .Mr.lj. O. C. Myers ,of Colony a business visitor In' lolu vestei^- day-. • I .;_ i • • .Mrs. E. A :. Halbtirt and daughter, Harriett', are over Sutiday visitors of" their parents airt graiid- parents. .Mr. and .Mrs. T. P. McDonnell in Garnett. Kans; —br. A. B . QBteopath. Mew Globe flld^ Phone 191. - I —• Miss Prance.s -Marshall, one of the Jiigh school teac-hers, is spending |-the" week-end wirti her aunt.. .Mr.s"^ jRula Chambers of Ottawa. .Miss Dorothy .Simons, .siilislitute toaclier i ^n Junior eidlege. left yesterday for a week end visit in Kansas Cily, Mo. ; —Chicken will be servell for Sunday dinner at CUnkenbeard's Cafe. Bi R Thompson, ageiit at the Missouri Padffc station,! Is taking a short vacation. R. H. [Wright is relieving him durjug his absence. Mr. and Mrs. Connie KNuse will drive to Wichita tomorrow for a visit with .Mr. and Mrs. Harold Zollhrs. , . ! • ~, • —If you. want a Iqati on your home at a low rale of interest and wish to avoid monthly jpavriients. see Stewarl & Funk. ; Ira B. Fr^ntz vs. .Mila Hayes is the title of a law suiiiithat was filed in the district court this morning. The • petition; | of the plalnUff. presented when' the suit was filed, asks for-the dissolution of tjie partnership now existing bebveen the parties to the suit under the name of the IraJB.Frantz Optical Cmopany. and thSe appoint- rtient of a receiver'to tajke charge of the partnership property. " collect thf bills due the company and pay the accounts against the company; and make ap equitable dl- vlsJoii/ of the remainder of the prooerty involved. The! firm is . THE iOLA PAILY.B3B(gSTEB^BMTmDAXEViEanKG> MARCH .5.1927. Fntt^Hll bi Frank ^IlK The funeral iervice of Fi-ank Mills who died . Thursday night *H1 be held kt Humboldt Sunday afternoon at 2 p'dock. Interment will take place Cemetery. in the Humboldt Bud Wootb a,nd family went to Kincaid today to attend the funeral .service of an uncle of "Mr. Woods. ^1 . —Dr. MontgoinerT, Chiropractor, (ola Laundry ^dg. Pbone 138. The Allen furniture stort^ Is closed, today (>n account of the death,of Mrs. Allen'js father, .Mr. Harry Bbwen. .H. L. Wagneit. who soclated with A. T. Went Street . .Machinb rented the business kiss Constdnce Tijfplett is quite ill of appendfciUii at North SUte street. lier home, 213 :riiss Nellie Twadclf went to Chanute on the noon tj^n to spend the ?.fterrioon with her sister, Mrs. Lynn Runer. AttPJiUhn.KnIghLx of P]rtUa!)i —Special meeting; ou March i 9'. Please: attend. By Lorder of^ the Chancellor Commani^r, Homer M. Dreher. .Mrs. ,W. A. Rice, .Millinery, is spendlnij with her husband in .Mr.s. J. W. Gordon {of the United the week end Augusta, Kas. of 411 North StJuthi Sycamore sUeet and I^.pro- parlnij; to open a ^nachlne rei>alr .shop.: , - —Dr. Fred Woodbury, graduate foot specialist. Treats corns, btin- lons. weakened arches, etc. No extra charge for residence calls. Phone 300. 217 West JMadlson. The Allen County Implement Cot^pany has put into service a new International service truck. D. Litwln of the Star Clothing store, who has been spending the week in Emporia Visiting his son, Mayer Litwin and Mrs. L^twin re- turne<l home yesterday. —J»pecinl Sunday dinner at the PoHlaiid Hold, O. T. G. Howard of the Howard^ Candy Shop is confined to hirf home on account of slcknc.«s. .Mrs. Earle Drake and son Jimmy of :tlC South Elm street are leaving .Monday for llulihinsun. Kans.. for a visit with her sister. Mis. C.'irl Olson and laniily. * —^Try It once—you will have no other. Van Hobzer'a Bread. ^ . Clies^ilut street is cdiifined to her has been as- \ ' yc^ount of i (Baker of the Shop has room at 103 :f;iarence Liitz is Uuflding a fine new home at 621 South Buckeye sireeh He expects ^o have it fin- i .shed within a few weeks. ! .Mrs. John AVost left today for Southwest (Mty. .M^.. for a visit with her parents, I). L. Hammond. Ir. and Mrs. .Miss .Myrtle Dennis, who has been visiting lier parents. Mr. and -Mrs. Frank Dennis 6l' LaHarpe. re- f.irnrd today to Emporia. '•• Mrs. E. M. East of Uoi .North Oak stieti left today for Walnut, Kans:. for a f»w days visit! with friends. Mrs. E. y. Henderson, who has. been visiting her daughter. Mrs. V, .M. Harris nnd family of GOl East Spruce street, left t«da\ for Tulsat to visit her sous. From there she will L 'o to DrunirigW to visit her di'ug'.iier, Mrs. MJ. R. Ward and faiu'ly. Craigie McDowell is in for an over Sunday visit wiilil sister, .Miss Lucinda .McDowv the Seneker Drv Goods Co. lola her 1 of entirely solvent aiid the suit, it is understood, has for its sole purpose the dlssdltltlbll at the parl- nerslMp. ;,a mutual agri«ment to that end: being .unattiUi^We. ^d.,^J!.ir..\a The K. C. Electric and I'lilmb- ing Co.. Is displaying the Kejlvin- ator elec'tric refrigerating tna<!liiiie today. yuikvh ofo. F. .\«.ai.; —Initiatory degree work and business of Importance Tuesda.v evening, .March k. Be present. , W. 4-:. AYLlNt;. SecV. " Dr. J. E. ChastaJn of .S4G .\orlli Sycamore strei-t ha.s installed a waliT softener at. hi.s home wbidi adils greatly tojllie taste and purity of the |-ater. : ' Gtprge i>age! and family have moved from Wesl .Mailison aventie to their new home Hi;; South Fourth street w!hich .Mr. Page recently ptirehased of G. W. Hriner. —O. L. qoz. |M. D., Bpeclallit Eye, Ear, Noae and Throat. , E. B. Ilow^erto^i and family have moved from a farm five miles southwest of lola to North First street. ! S. L. Willis and f.-imily have moved from 116 North First street to the basement ^ of the Carnegie Library building. , Mr.s.M. S. McHenry spent from Friday night uptil Sunday mdrn- ing out at her country home, south, of lola. visitingj with .Mr. and .Mrs. Russell .McHenry. Mr. and MTsj Ira Kdly and Jacky spent Saturday in' Eureka. Air. and Mrs. Rnssejl McHenry. .Mr. and Mrs. Roscoe McHenry and lona and Mrs. M. S. McHenry 'spent Sunday with Charlie McHenry and family of Hiattville. Mrs. M. S. McHenry spent Friday evening ivith .Mr. and -Mrs. lyjwrence Harde.sty. - Mr.»and Mrs..Clyde Moss and fajtttty^itrrivedii t^;Iola bUe day last *eefc-j!ft)m Ott^ Inwa. ^cpva. They liav^^ inoyed on a farm' south of town.: , -'• •- P.- H. Sdionat rts who was ojier- ated on at- Re; earch hospital at City, .Mo., last Saturday is recovering nicely. .Mrs. A. B. Dean will go to Chanute this evening for an over Sunday visit with her uKUlier. .Mrs. Annh .McOuiii-' .Mrs. .McQiiin has been quite sick foj*'some time past bill is ri-j )<)rted blotter at this time. T)on Morrell siejiped on a nail which pierced his fool entirely through. This wHl make nulii' a sore spot for some time tii come. The city ehkuion for nominating two candidates for iho office of fiiiance[ coniinissio'nej will be held next Tiuesday. it is e.\pe<rlf(l a heavy Vote will be polled, i Mrs. jvl. L. Laude and .Mrs. V. S. Fees dnove to Fredonia this morning to ispend tlie-ilay with Mrs. Fees's Hister. .Mrs. Rutin. MisSjiHden Ray. a student at junior icidlege. is ill at her home on North street. George E. Pegram of Oxford. Kans.. was here last evening to visit his little daughter. Barbara Pegram. Mr. and Mrs. George Fitzpatrick w-iU drive .toBonner Springs in tJie morning to visit their sons. LJ H. Fitzpatrick and wife and Dpnald Fitzpatrick and wife. -r :.PAGE THREE-- )nesterday Mr. and Mra. Mac Fitsworth. of es Moiiiei, la., -stopped in lola saving irt on their way to Arkansas t^ visit MK and Mrs. R. Loveland. Mrs. s4ilth. 702 Soutli St.. who hjas been nion\h's, apong mu Mr. G. much of ill for the '• past two is reported as getiirig h better. iR. Richardson thinks so Ihe , "Old Home ToWii" that he has changed his mind aboiit the spring and has gone tb houi^keeping at 616'.\orth Syc- iimore in| Mrs. Lula Coleman's I ouse. i • Sheriff ;Smock ami llnder-sherilT lliunfee be congratulated on their selejction of a Jailor. The Star boarders of the Allen County Smock House; seem toy appreciate ihe big Iteartdlnesk and kindness of Jailor iDoc. Dag|feett. Mrs. Mue Fi. HiJwkins, formerly bt Reliance. .\ebr.. is making'her noiue fori the present : with ' her prother G. R. Richardson who con- jiucts thti Pantatorlum. She will eave in the summer for Duluth. Minn., for a post graduate course jmd then to Chicago to enter the inploy of Julius Ro.«enWald. the bhllanthropiiit. Funenil of C 'liarles BI|Ii<>p. The funeral- servic« foq Charles Bishop will be held at thj? United Btetljferi church .Monday afternoon at 2 |)"cIock. The body, a(jcompari- jed by Mr. and .Mrs. C. S.. Bishoj) and Clyde Bishop, will arrive to- niglit on the Sunflower = Special. Clyde met his parents in Wichita this morning. The funeral will be conducted by the Elks l(i»lge and the American Legion'. l>iputh of llenr}- Itowen. Henry Bowen.- aged 9:^ years, pa.ssed away . this morning at S o'clock! at his home. .•il2 .NgHli Sec- .ond street. The funeral! servite will be herd at the Sleeper Servic e .Room Sunday • afternoon .at '•'>.'•'•*) o'clock, conduet'-d by the Rev. C. I.^ Coldsmilh. Huri:!! will l;i^e place in Highland cemetery. The'.Masciiii- gravw service will be giyen, and the Cpmmaiidery vtilttiel as an'es­ cort. . .Mr. I'.owen is Ihe father of Mrs. J. (). Allei} of 21:-. .North liiuk- street. Mrs. Thomas Fitzpatrick. of Pon ?a City. Okla., is expected in the norntng for a visit with Mrs. A. kVilllamsiof 606 South Sycamore itreet. 1 •—.-MI'Elks meet at Lodge Room at \ :M V .III. Monday to attend funeral iif lirtitlier Clias. Bishop. Services Id lie cDiiduetei" at grave. —.Ml Lej;ioii member.s and other ex-serv*(e men meet at .Memorial lla'l at l :-'!n |i. m. .Monday to conduct military funeral for Ctmtrade ("has. Bishop. .Mr. anil .Mrs. George Lederer oJT Eureka were .visitors In lola today .Mr. Lederer jis in the employ o ib.e Royal G:iiiger company. .Mrs. Billie Trine, who has beeb SKTiously ill for the past.two week Is reported as improving. MIS. .\. 1). Young of 22:: Wesj Campbell street is confined tii her b.-il 1 )11 acciiun; of illness. y,f. and Mrs. Fred Dentnni are spending the week eild in Kansas <'ity. Ralph Snyder, of Ottawa. Kans.ns was In town on itusiness yesterday. .Merle Ball was a business visitor |in .Morau; yesterday. Harold iBushgens was in Kansas! iCity ye.stt,>rd(iy on business. Aliss Alildred Geary, of Pittsburg is visiting in the home of her sister. .Mrs. Ira \. Swain-and family, [of .'>17 .South Syeaniori! street. The ^ittle,soii of Mr. and Mrs. I'au^ Jones is sulTering from u severely burned band and ;u'm. Air. and Alis. C. Jones are moving into their new home at Gil East street. llieiie Ball of 708 South Syea- niore stri;et was unable to attenil .selliiol this Week oil ;iecount of illness, i .MrSf Iddl S. Thoiiiiis liead. Airs. Idell S. -Tlionias; passed away at lo::{o last nichij at ihe home of he;- sister. AI^s. R.- D. Grove, three niile.s north -and haff mile east of Kincaid. The body was bron.Kht to the Sleeprn- Uiider- J taking Kooms. The funeral serv- " 1 ice will Ih- belli .Monday afternuon at the Sleeper Service Ifoom at 2:30 oc^ick. Airs. Thomas' is siirvive.d hy lier h!isl>:ind. a broilier. u'ill Sneilaker anil a sister. Airs. It. D. (;iove. ! Airs. Riith Davis, SOS AVrth ;Chestiiut. is confined to her bed With au attack.of the flii. Mrs. John Moody and her brother." Ezra Lister, arc* motoring to Chapiite today to spend the weekend' with their mother and sister. .Mrs. LewinTj Betty Jean-'Haney. 710 .North Chestnut, is improving from her recent attack of measles but l.s still unable to be out. Mrs. Henry Shuster from southwest of lola was in town yesterday visiting Airs. Ralph Sherrill, 7MI North Ciiestnut street. ATrs. .Mary AIc.Murray. Oil North C^iestriut.- is ill with an attack of [lie flu, but is reported a little better today. - r • ' Mr; Clyde Lamer of Waverly, Kansas, is moving to a farm near lola. Ali.4s Ruth AVheler of 411 North Jefferson avenue is sp<endihg the week end with .Miss Verne Drake west of the rivec. Our new .'^lock is'.-ii-riving 'almo.-st evt-rv i.\a.y. Come in and look it ovei". *^ Edward Diily and' family have iiiiived ID I lola i[roiii Jaiidon, AIo. Merle tiall. who was . injured while at ivork at the feifers (.'andy factory the first of December, is slowly iicoverliig. The injury spokeii of was lo Air. Ball's shins. both Bom him t)\ which were badly bruised, infection set in and has given ots of. troubje. .lereiiiiah; rilgi-r Dead, i J< reiiiiah l'nt;er. aged •; died -.vo.sterday evcnin-.? at 7;.'I0 o'clock at his home iii Lallarpe after an illne.csof a week; Th» j funeral service will lie iielil at the- f'resr iiyteriai: diurch iir L.iH:irpe at 2 o'clock Sunday afternoon 'w^ili the Kev. Mr. Truesdale of .Moiaii offt- ciating. Burial will be iiiajle in t;ie L.'iflnrjie / emetiTy. :Miixiiie (liaiiibers Dijad. Ma.xine Clianiljurs.' ibe; elev.<fn yc;ir old daughter of i Air. 'aiul .Mrs. II. C. CliamlxTs, iliedj this'iiiariiing at ".t::!i) o'clock at StJ Julius hospital fullowiiig a lingering; illness. The funeral service wiM be hi Id at the First Ab-thodist church- .Mmiilay ufl. (.'. ( will t« ry iiiK «n at :! o'clock wilhilu- Rev. . ilamilloli MfficiatiuK-' Burial take^jdace in llii;lilailil ceiiie- Mr. and Mrk. J. J. Adams and .daughter. Lilllkn, arid Airs. George Fitzpatrick ifiturned last night from Madison, Kans., where they visited: Air. and .AlrS. Floyd .^yers. Elder B. R. Dean of Bartlesville. Okla.. arrived 'today and will conduct services i at the Pentecostal church, corner- Second and Neosho streets. Aliss Ethel ;Gruffin, the Uliiid girl evaugeiis^ .wlio ihas been conducting, niejtfngs Utacire, vrill leave Mpndajr.jfbr Pittsburg, -j^^ Ev'.lvn Synimes. daughter of Mr. and Mrs. D. R. Symmes. is reported ill. E. P. Fuller has been III for the past week with the flu. Airs. Hnttie Simpson ha.s.returned home from .'i visit wf^i her sister. .Mrs. -Vniina .Nichols in JJaxt.6r Springs. L. S. Bustard was a business visi-' tor in Chnnutc this afternoon. Airs. Bustard aciompanUd him on the trip. Aliss Dorothy fAleliza is spendinf^ the week witii her mother. Airs .Mae .M"li/.a aiid family of .Moran J. V. Ablrehanl. was a • bnsinesf visitor in. Yates Center this morning. •• C. G. l.sles and George • Donald son are attending the lU-'Y con Vent ion in Fort Scott. The West Street Alachine Shoti is moving to the old Corr Trnnsfe building on .•^iiiith Jefferson avenue I — Airs. H. AI. Jone.s i.< moving froi)| 0112 Soiilh Chestnut street to ".1 Soulh Oak street. * ^_ Friends of K. T. Vanlloozer wH be liiteiested in knowing tlijit hi is report,ed as g'ettiiiR aloilg a wejl 'as L'oiild be expe'-ted.- Alrj VaiiMoozer underwent an opefatioi at St Jiifins hospital Thitrsda: night for app"iiilldti.s. Alr.s. Van Hoozer. who has beeu confined ii|> her bed for several weeks. Is T« port'd ,a little improved. . j .Mrk Heiiry English-of 31G South Third stred. who has been vi-ry III. is reported better today. Air; and! .Mrs. Willis Hill.: who have been! rooming at 2.S South Kentucky i street -have gone lo Wichita to make tjieir home. E. P. Fuller of '.M,^ .North Jeffer-1 .son, is reported ill toibiy. lie Clen Baker' family liave moVed in troin their farm soiilh of tinvii to . VK ; Smith Stale street. Airs. .N'. rL. Vezie is rcjiorttil ill at her iliome east of the (-Uy. Lewis Irininger of LifieMy, AIo..; is here visiting bis sister. Airs. Carrie AIcK'irnin of i;o:! Smitli Sycamore sir.eet. Airs. Ira \\ Smll. ."i2.'. South Kentucky street, is III wilk an at-; tack of aiipeiidicitis and gall bladder trouble. Mrs. S. W. Mullen of Uibette. Kims., is vi.'iting her d.;iif?;hler. M'iss Zi -iiitii Mullen, teaiilier ' in j.laiiior high PCII(M )1. Atrs. Fred Alckean lias received — . J a letter from the suiierintoiideiit \\. V. Fisher and family have | „f ,i„. stale S;iiiati>rium at; ."orlDii moved from 71ll East Ijncoln street j which contained the good news to .S26 East Jack.son avenue. Ilhat lier buslciiid. there foir treat — i metit; is improving in good sliape. The measles epidemic which ; — been ragiiig over^lhe jtown is re-1 ported on the wane. I j 3IATI.V£ES 2:00 p. m. Daily = Hoine of Better Pictures • .Saturday 1 to ll MGliTS 7:00-9:W1 ii.tii- Elite Orchestra=:= Now Showing—Riatinee lOc; Night 10c-2()f RICHARD TALMADGE in "THE MERRY CAVALIER" The romance and ozone of the great Western tini- beiland.s, coupled with the daring deeds and thi;iHing .stunts of Dick Talmaifge at his supreme!. A powerful drama of myst^'fj^ and intrigue, sjjict'd with riotoius humor, vivified with breathless action! . Krazy Kat Karloon Komcdy—Dorolihy Philh 'ps In "The Bar C Mystery'—.\lice Day Comed.v, "Kitty From Kil- larncy" .Monday for Three Dslys—2, 7 and 9 p. m. •'ranklin Cane and George IJell Chanute spi'iit yesterday alter- | R. H. Nelson, (if Kansas Cit.v. a representative of the Chevrolet , Atotor Coj. was in lola today on i business With the Shelly Alotor Co. ; local disti-ibutors -for the Chevrolet car. I - Joseph Jpike. of Fort Scott, ip here vlsitlng-'his mother ovi-r Sat|- iirday and Siinda.v. Airs. Helen .Ayres and children of Chanute. hre visiting Mr. and. Airs .1. A. .Morri.son. South St. Bobby Castator. COl Soulh St. who has been sick with the measles, is better now and able to sit iiiiiin ill lola. Air. and Airs. Raymond' Hayes | of Enterprise District, west of tola, have movt -d to their new resi-- dence at . T 17 -North Cliestiiut. Atr. _ ^ ^ . ^ . . ^ Haye.i is an employee at the lola j ^V^^^%^<rV Pet Milk Contpaiiy. : sue was a passioii-Hower, casting the fiery spell of her beauty on all riien. Greta Garbot the great new beauty of the screen, will win your heart, too, in ihi.s . inagnilic<nt all-star production bf Ibunez" best novel, directed by the man who made "Ben Hiir:" ; " From the gay capitals of Europe to the wiUlei' of South .-Vmerica, this brilliant romance blazes a trail of passionate adventure. It is one of the iimsl brilliant and spipctacular photoplays of the year: Extra Added Attraclidns—Matinees 10c and 20c; Nighis i0c4hf! 30c KELIiEY- MONDAY Matinee ldc-2de AND TUESDAY Nightl0c-35c Airs. Leo Tweedv a Alaple Hill are vl.sltin dy's moltier. Airs. V. on North First St. Airs. E. Berry. 2?Sl.. has been ill for t but is rejiorted better Airs Heien Triplett. lid baby of .Mr.s. Twee- E. Cummings houn St.. has been seiioiisly ill for Ihe past riionlh but h ier now. Airs. Sarah .Moore. < is driviiipi to Elfhiraflo end lo visit bt-r son G?) ily. ! Bill Alathi .T and Whiter Aleyer.s ! of Chanute were lola erday afieriioon. Cast Calhoun lie past w'eek now. 121 East Cal- a little b.t- 12 South St.. this week- car and fam- Aliss I.-iabel A -'hforfl. Miss Ethel Leavitt arid .Mrs. Ray visitors yes- Piftsburg today on business. Jlale drovi! to Maliiiec 10c; i'ight ibc ani 20c ^ tO'^IGHT ONLY . FRED HtJMES in "THE STOLEN RANCH" A gripping stdrj' o j a ranc|i ^tplen fron a shell-shocked war Veteran!by the treath- ery of a .supposfed fjrifend. An overflowing cornucopia of wild opening horseniansj Also "the End of the With Buffalo Biir lexcitement hip. I Tr4il," last chapter of fFightliig CLARA Bt)^T anai^ big| "CAPITAL and eye- -ICdmedjj^ aiid [Sew rii .'it of exceptional starl* In I J Once in a decade qomes a film production that sweeps the countiy by the sheer force of its story. Ohcfe iti a decade is found a sul>ject so vast that the v^-hole world pauses to lookj a subject so human that each individual heart is thrilled! Such a picture is this! B. P. SCHULfefiilG Pfesents HIS bkAMAtIC CONGEraON of POUTRAYED iy TWELVE GREAT STARS Clara Bow Elliott Dexter Robert Eliis ; Alee B. I Francis Jbse|Jh;;Kilgouri George Hackathomfe Mdirgai-et Livingston , Maty tarr Edith Yorke Wade Boteier George Nichbls Efldie PhiliiiJs THE- $UPRPME FILM^ SENSAtlOm ADDED 4 COMEDY AND NEWS

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