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The Postville Review from Postville, Iowa · Page 1

Postville, Iowa
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 5, 1892
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•VXHT SATURDAY f.m. BURDIOK. •1.00 P«r Tear, Strictly ta AdT&noe. • AiMfthlng Medium to reach HOrth-tastern counties. •Watt Oorntr Lawler and Tilden HI- ADVERTISING R. Tl «K i A raps W. N. BURDICK , Editor and Proprietor. INDEPENDENCE OTTK POLITICAL CREED; THD GOLDEN RULE OUR MORAL GUIDE. TRRM8: $1.50, IF PAID IN ADVANNCB. XIX • POSTVILLE, IOWA, SATURDAY, MARCH 5, 1892. NUMBER 50. 1 week ... 1 weekf.. 8 week* .. 1 month . 2mont).8. 8 months. i months. 1 yt*nr 1 111. a In. 4 In. $1 00 It 60 t« so 1 60 9 SB 8 7.1 II 00 3 00 n mi 2 60 8 7(1 o a - ) 3 00 4 60 9 00 4 00 o ar. 11 SI B 60 8 on 15 00 10 DO 13 00 18 0>> M collW coV I cul J i on,' »; oo B «| 8 TO 7 50 10 00 0 SB 1* 00 ii vs 17 on 10 00 20 00 80 00 a; oo 88 00 45 00 $10 M 18 M 18 00 19 00 25 00 85 00 80 00 SI 00 Business cards not exceeulnR Ave lines, |5, 1/). gut ndvertlsi-rnonta nt le^nl rntee. Advertise* merits Inserted wltli no spcolno Hme will l» ouMlshe I until ordered out unr* -:liarged for accordingly. All bllli pnyahl • quarterly JOY IN HEAVEN. |> DeWitt Talmaore Discourses ieaveoly CongTatulatlona" 'Among the Angels Ovor n Soul • and (he Glorlom Welcome l Such Into the Ranks of the Redeemed. eavenly Congratulations" was tlio t of A recent sermon by Rov. T. IHTalmage in the Brooklyn tabor- the text being: /1M Joy shall bo In Heaven ovor ono Bin- that repenteth, more than ovor ninety and Jut persons who ncod no ropontanco.— XT., 7. loit sheep! Nothing can bo more lOronghly lost • I look through the " .aow of a shepherd's houao at night. • candles are lighted. The shepherd «'Just placed his stall nguiiist tha antle.' He has taken oil his coat, a out of It tha dust and hung it see by the candle light that there oighbors who havo como in. Tlio herd, fagged out by tlio long imp, sits down on a bench, and tlio •nd children and neighbors say to "Come now, tell us how you id the poor thing." oil," he says, "this morning I out to the yard to look at the ilc No sooner had I looked over the » that I saw something wrong, fact was they did not count right, lety-flve, ninety-six, ninety-seven, olgth, ninety-nine—only ninety' _ __MoDonald, you know we had huntfrWt,- - Aji.d I pandered which was gone, and 1 began again, and innted nlnety-flvo, ninoty-six.ninety i, ninety-eight, ninety-nine, 'ell, I whistled up tho dogs, and 1 ted over the fields and across the gee, and I tracked tho moors and I ,pod the gullies, but no bleating of poor thing did I hear. I said to ilf: "The lamb must havo fallon a ditch, or a pack of wolves from mountains must have torn it to is and sucked its life out." But I could not give it up. You sea was a pet Iamb. It was that one ith the black spot on the right shoul ler, that used to come mid lick my and as I crossed the field, and some ;ow I could not give it up. So I went m, and on, and on, until after awhile |I ,heard the dogs Jpark, and I said What 's that?" • Then I hastened to tho .top the hill and I looked down, and there I saw tho poor lamb. It had fallen into the ditch, and as I came where it was, and bent •over the ditch, and stooping clown to lift the poor thing out, I wish you >i3 )iOHlV »*^>n the loving, and imploring and tender waVtflfJ looked at mo. lifted it out, and it was all covered with the slush and the mud. It was an awful thing to do, but I lifted it out, and it was so lame and so weak it eould not walk alone, so I threw it ovoi my shoulders and I started homeward; •md the -condition of that lamb you may judge of from tho coat which 'have just hung up. But I tramped on and on until it 1 B safe in the yard, pooi thing! Thank God, thank Qodl Then the shepherd's wife spread the table, and brought out tho best fare that the cabin could afford, and thoy Mt up very late that night, and they 'talked, and they laughed, and thoy tang, and they ate, and they drank,and[ they danced, and told over and ovei I and over again the story of the lost •fceep that was found. With such tenderness and rusticity ol fitaatratlon does Christ represent the aonVa going oft, and the soul's comma back, when H'o says: "Likewise there Joy in Heaven among tho angels ol Ood over one sinner that ropontetrj •aore than ovor ninety and nine jus! persons that need no repentance." To fapent, is to feel that you are bad, and to be sorry about it, and to turn over a aew leaf, and to pray for forgiveness and help. Just as soon as a man dooi g ist they hear right away of It is eaven. -There are no gossips In glory, golna around to chatter and laugh when a Ban falls) but there are many souls in • jlorwwho are glad to run about and l _jU)£j»"When a man is saved. The nowi COM Very quick from gato to gate, and nom north wall to south wall, and trom east wall to west wall, and la three minutes every oltizen of Heaven ..teas heard of it; for "there is joy in •eaven among the angels of God over • CMM sinner that repenteth." • s I eangvery easily understand how there should be joy in Heaven over a Pentecost with three thousand souls • aaved in one day— no mystery about ''.that; I ean understand how there -•should be joy in Heaven over the pariah of Sohotts, when four hundred souls were aaved under one sermon of Mr. Livingston; I' can understand how 'there should be loy in Heaven over the great awakening in the timo of Har- fend Page, when in one year four bun- 1 4red thousand seventy-three BOUIS ^rer* brought to God in the United State; 1 can understand very easily aow there should be joy in Heaven aver five hundred thousand souls eon- verted in 1857, in this oountry; but Bierk you, my text announces there is & ln Heaven among the angels of over one, just one sinner, that re­ penteth. *> Some cathedrals have one tower; aome cathedrals have two, three, four towers. Did yon ever hear them all ring at onoe? I am told that tho bell • In the cathedral of St Paul, rings only an rare occasions, for instance, at the teeth or birth of a king. Have you seen a cathedral with four towers? and have fou beard them all strike into one great ohime of gladneBs. Here is a -nan who is moral. He 1 B an example to a great many professors of religion In some things; he nover did a mean thing in his life; he pays all his debts, end is a good oltizen and a good neighbor, but he say s he 1B not a Christian. i Borne day the Holy Spirit comes into hi* heart, and he sees that he ean not ^depend upon his morality for salvation ,/Jle leye: "O, Lord God, I have been dei-' J P«ndlng upon my good works; I find I 1 a sinner, end I want Thy salvation. ird,,fw Jesus' sake, have mercy on And; flod pardons him, and im- itSjiy Pne of the towers of Heaven »».#Uyery ohime, for there are WI0 rttt» heavenly temple; fMa 'men, who is ban; he know* *4r aftd' everybody else knows h« i ^bjt',b.g i»,not an outoa<»tt far awiy iwo oi Uio towcrB ot neaven strike a silvery chime. Hut hero is an outcast He was picked up last night, out of tho gutter, nnd carried to the police station. He has been in tho penitoutiary tbrco times. Ho is covered and soaked with loathsomeness and abomination. Arousing from his debauch, bo cries out: "O God, have mercy on me. Thou wliodidst pardon tlio penitent thief, hear mo cry for mercy." And tlio Lord listens and pardons, and no sooner is tho poor wretch pardoned than three of the great towers of Heaven strike up a silvery chime. But hero is a waif of tho street She passes under the gaslight, and your BOUI shudders with a great horror. No pity for her. No commlssorution for bur. As sho passes down the street, she hears a song in a midnight mission, snd as Bhe listens to that song sho hears: All may como, whoovor will, Tlila Man rocolves poor sinners still. She puts into that harbor, she kneels by the rough bench near Iho door, sho soys: "O, Lord! Thou who didst hare mercy on Mary Magdalen, take my blistered feet off the red hot pavement of hell." God says: "My daughter, thy sins nro forgiven thee; go in pence." Now, nil tlio four .towors of Heaven strike a silvory cliimu, and thoy who pass through the celestial streets, suy. What's thnt? Why, the worst sinner must havo been saved. Hear all tho four towers ring, nnd ring, nnd ring.' And there is joy in llenvcn among tho nngels of God over one sinner thnt re­ penteth." My subject impresses you, I think, with the thought thnt it is possible for us to augment tho happiness of Heaven, People think thnt souls beforo tho throne are as happy ns they can bo. deny it. Look at that mother bofore tlio throne ot God. When she died she loft her son in this world a vagabond. That son repented his iniquities and came to God. The report of that salvation has readied Heaven. Do you toll mo that mother beforo tlio throne of God has not her joy richly augmented? Thero is many a man in this house to-day who could go out with a torch and klndlo a now bonflro of victory on tho hills of Heaven. If yon would this day repent nnd como to God tlio news of your snlvntlon would reach Heaven, and than, harkl to the shout of tho ransomed. Your little child went nwny from you into the good land. Whilo sho was hero, you brought her all kinds of cabinet minister or the death of beautiful presents. Sometimes you president, or some mutter of very groat came homo at nightfall with your pock- moment. When I find all Heaven adds full of gifts for her, and no sooner journinpits other joys for this one joy, did you put your night-key into the I make up my mind it Is of very great latch than she began at yon, Baying: importance if Heaven ca'n afford to ad- "Fatlior what have you brought mo?" . journ all other festivities to celebrate Sho is now before the throne of God.! this one triumph. Do you wonder that Can you bring her a gift to-day? You so many of these Christina people may. Coming to Christ, and repenting have toiled night niul day in this of sin, the tidings will go up to tho j work of soul-saving if it is of such vast throne of God, and your child will hear importance? Do you wonder that Net- of it O, what n gift for her soul to- tleton and Fiuloy, and Bishop Asbnry, dayl She will skip with now gladness and John Wesloy, and George Whitc- worOB: "Dotner saved," •moinor saved," "son saved," "daughter saved." And "thero Is joy in Heaven among tho angels of God over one sinner that repenteth." My subject also impresses mo with the faot that tho salvation of the soul is of vast importance. If yon should make two hundred thousand dollars n year, do you suppose that news would bo carried to Heaven? It would not bo of enough importance or Bigniftcanco to bo carried heavenward. If at tho next quadronntal election you aro mndo president of tho United States, do you suppose Mint news would bo carried to Heaven? Do you suppose that tho news of a revolution In France, or Spain, would bo carried to Heaven? These things are not ot enough importance, but there is one item thnt is sure to be carried. It Is the salvation of your aoul; it is your ropentanco before God. The flying hoofs of God's couriers clash through tho gates, and the news goes from gate to mansion, and from mansion to temple, nnd from temple to throne, and "there Is joy in Heaven" among the angels of God ovor one sinner forgiven. It must be of vast importance to be of any moment in Heaven, your solva­ tion, In that lnud where glndnesscs lire tho cvery-day occurrence, in that land where tho common stones of the Hold are jasper, and emerald, and chryso- prasus, and carbuncle, and sardonyx. And yet the news of your salvation makes joy before tho throne of God, You remember, years ago, a stage- driver In the White mountains became very reckless. He hud a large number of passengers on tho stage, and tho stage was druivn by six horses, wild and ungovernable, and ho drove near tho precipice, and he drove off, tho stage wlthoits precious freight rolling down tho embankment, nml ronny wore slain, but few were saved. I suppose when they wrote homo they wrote with congratulation of their rescue. Tho angels of God look down, nnd thoy sco men driving on the edge of great precipices of ruin nnd danger, drawn by wild, lenpiiig, foaming nnd ungovernable perils in this life, nnd if any shall escape bofore they enp- sizo do you not suppose the angels of God rejoice, crying: "Good! Goodl Saved from sin, saved from death, saved from hell, saved forever?" Tho supremo court of the United States docs not adjourn for anything trifling. It must bo the death of a THE LATEST NEWS. GENERAL NOTES. have shoe RHODE ISLAND prohibitionists nominated a full state: ticket. CUAHLKS K. MKAKS , a New York manulauturer, nssigned Tuesday. RKCIPIIOCITV negotiations between Austria and tho United S!ate» are about to be opened. A YANKTON man ingeniously avoid:* paying f. r >00 duty on .in imported telescope. H. W. MiTciiKi.i,, a traveling mini, died of blood poisoning at llloomin^ton, III., Tuesday morning. CHAIII.KS II. RICHMOND . Michigan's director of the World's Columbian exposition, is de'id at Ann Arbor, aged 71 year*. FLY & Hung., of New York, dry goods, assigned Thursday with preferences of 3S8.000. HON. ROIIKUTOOUCIII , of Nowliurryport, MII?B ., in insolvent, with liabilities ol 835.000. TUB Canadian pnrli.iineiit opene Thursday, Lord Stanley delivering tl.<- speech. HON . L. I>. HIIADY , an early settler ind prominent citir.'n of Auioru. died Saturday morning of paralysis, at the age of 8'. years. G'oNoiiKSH has ruliiit>d the act of tho Arizona Territorial legislature niukiiii; an appropriation for an exhibit at the world" fair. ONE of the Washington rumors is that Secretary Noble will soon succeed Whito- aw R?id ns minister to France. THE special committee appointed to in tignte the ninnngeinent of the pennion ntlico under Mr. R'luni, begun its task I Thursday. ! SECIIKTAUY lii.AiNE bus n : nt a loiter to Premier Salisbury strongly protetting against Canada's rctusnlof copjriuht to United States citizens. REV , Dit. TALMAOE'B tabernacle, Rrcok- lyn, not jet complete:', is to bo sold un.ler the hummer on a meclmiiics lien for 8.V2, 000. THE I'ilUlmrg l'osi Publishing company was tined $1500, and Messrs. liarr and Mill, presiden', and editor, respectively, were lined $50 and cents each, in the Quay libel suit. Mm. IIAHUIHON wan on Wednesday reelected president of the society of Daughters of tho American Revolution. THE Chicago clearings for the week ending r'ob. 27 were $81,521,712, Chicago taking second position in tlio union. The clearings for the corresponding week hut year were 806.352,3:!!). OVIDE MUBIN , the violinist, has been purl 82,500 by the Great Northern railway because delay in the movement of trains cau.-cil him to miss teveral professional engagements. REV. GEKHAHDUH Voa, of Grand Rapids, Mith., and ll-sv. Dr. George T. Purves, of Pittsburgh, Pa., hnve been elected to professorships in the I'riiiccton Theological Fouiinary. Mnnduy, killing four men and wounding many others. Coi.. TOWNF.H , of Grand Forks, N. \>., is wanted for financial crookedness in connection with the Towner Land company, of Washington state; he hue sailed for parts unknown. FIRES AND CASUALTIES. KIIED STEPHENS was killed by an Illinois Central train at Grand Crossing, Cnicigo. Mooday night. FIFTEEN bu'iine.-s houses at Hot Springs, S. I)., were burned Sunday night, causing a Uw of 37J.000. Ex Gov. KI.IAS N. CONWAY WHS acci- nti.lly burned to death in his residence at I.ittl.) Rock, Ark., Sunday. IHE Mondav morning destroyed <i small frame building occupied by a family named Simpson. Three children were burujd to death. T'E Pennsylvania express run down pleasure party no,ir Pill-burgh, Pa., Mon day night, fatally injuring three young I people. 1 Two ni"n were killed and Iwo injured, one fatally, bv a dynamite explosion near Kirkliovi'n, .Minn. THE b hoarding school at the Winnebago agency, Neb., has been biirneil with all its contents. Loss 815,000; no insurance. THE t-latio-i of the People's Klectrio Light and Fuel Company Moline, HI., burned Friday ev. ning entailing a loss of £1.000 and disabling the street nilwivy. A NINE-YEAR oi.l) child named Thomas Christopher was run over ,\nd killed Monday night by a Western Indiana 4r,iin at Forty sixth and Iowa s'.reets, Chicago. Tine Crescent lilo.ik a' Falls, a thiee story building, the upper floors of which w»r>' filled with lodgers, was destroyed by lire. There were several narrow i scapes; loss, 850.000. AN incendiary lire in Geneva,Til., Tues- lav night, caused damage to the amount of 810,000. Tho ollice of tho Geneva Republican was totally destroyed. r 'niE started in the basonunt of tho Cresconl block, Spokane Falls, Was! Tui.-cday morning, nnd before it could he ( xtiiigutslied completely gutted the build ing. II. T. (iiiEiioKY, a brakemiiu on the Chicago A: Alton, was run over and killed at Atlanta Thursday morning. He was ged twfiity-eight, single and came Chicago from Richmond, lad. CONGRESS. tender dollar. II provides that twenty- live and eight-tcntbs grains of gold shall be the standard of value both for public and private me. Mr. Vilas introduced a bill to amend the pension laws. It proposes to havo the pensions of invalid pensioners who desert their familcs paid to their wives (if nny) or the guardians of their children. Mr. Claggett spoke in support of his claim to a seat, and Mr. Pugh argued in favor of Dubois' Hot'sE—Speaker Crisp occupied the ehnir. On motion of Mr. Loud, a bill wa« passed, setting apart a tract of Inml for the use of the Lick Ohi'»rvatory, of California. A resolution was adopted authorizing an investigation of the operation of immigration laws, and Ihe importation of contract, lalnr. Mr. Catching* reported a resolution providing for the consideration of the Silver bill, Tuesdey March 22 In ecinmitteo of the whole, Mr. Ilolnian offeicil an uiniueadment to the Indian appropriation bill making the appropriation for the Carlisle school i plicablu to pupils now in attendance. TUB FAVOK III! tVASTKl). A SPECTRAL VISITOR. An Apparition that is Grpntly Kx- eititig the People of Richmond, Texas. An Kniigritiit Wagon Which N'iglilly PRNSCM Through Hie. Streets of the City. The Citizens mid Olllcerf are Unable to Unravel the Myste­ rious Allah'. Mi on tho everlasting hills when she hears of it I was nt Sliarpsbnrg during the war, and one day 1 saw a sergeant dash past on a lathered horse, the blood dripping from tho spurs. I said: "That sorgeant must be going on a very important message: carrying a very important ine^sag" "or he wouldn't ride like that. Here aro two angels of God flitting through tho house, flitting toward tho throne on quick dispatch. What is tho news? Currying up tho story of souls ropent- ant and forgiven, carrying the news to your kindred who aro forever saved. O, "thoro is joy in Heaven among the angels of God ovor one sinner that re­ penteth." And supposu this whole audience should turn to tho Lord? Heaven would be filled with doxologios. O, Heavon, bent with all thy hammers, that tho rock may broak. 0, Heavon, strike with all thy gleaming swords, that our BOUU may be free. I was reading of a groat king who, after gaining a great victory, said to his army: "No, no shouting; lot everything be in quiet; no shouting." But If this hour your soul should come to God, nothing could stop the shouting of the armies of God before the throne; for "thero is joy in Heaven among the angels of God ovor ono sinner that io- ' penteth." I In Borne families thoy keep a vaoanl chair and a vacant plato for the departed; but if In some ot your household! you kept a vacant ohalr and a vaoanl plate for those who havo gone away from you Into the next world, the vacant chairs and tho vacant plates would outnumber those which are oeoupled. 1 once said to you thero are no vacant ohairs in Heaven; but I recall that Right beside your loved ono in that good land there is a vacant chair, nol made vacant by death, for doatii nevei enters there; it Is a chair vacant foi you. "Will you take it? My subject also impresses me with the idea that Heaven and earth are la olose sympathy, People talk of Heaven as though It were a great way off. They soy it Is hundreds of thousands ol miles before you reach the first star, and then you go hundreds of thousands of miles before you go to the second star, and then it is millions of miles before you roach Heaven. They say Heavon is the center of the universe, and we are onithe trim of the univere, That is not the idea ot my text ] think the heart of Heaven beats very olose to our world. We measure distances by the time taken to traverse those distances. It used to be a long distance to San Fran Cisco. Many weeks and mouths were passed before you could reach that city, Now it is six or seven days. It used to be six weeks before you could vfiyage to Liverpool. Now you can go that distance in six or seven days. And so " measure the distance between earth and Heaven, and I find St Is only a flash, It is one instant here and another instant thero. It is very near to-day, Do you not feel the breath of Heaven on your face? Christ says in ono place It is not twenty-four hours' distance, when HQ says to the penitent thief: ••This day, this day, thou shalt be with Me in Paradise." It is not a day, it is not an hour, it Is not a minute. It is not a second. Oh, how near Heaven is to earth, .fly oceanic cable you send a message. -Ai la expensive to send, a message you. compress a great deal of meaning field, and Paul, and nngels, and Christ, and God, stripped themselves for the work? Around that ono soul circles the mist, the fire, the darkness, the joy, the anthem, tho walling, tho hallelujah and tho woo of God's universe. If tho soul la saved then Hps como to trumpet, and fingers to harp, and hammer to boll, and "thoro is joy amoug tho angels of God over that one soul forglvon." For such a soul I plead. Having found in my own experience that this religion is a comfort and a Joy, I stand hero to commend it to you. In the days of my infancy I was carried by Christian parents to tho house of God and consecrated in baptism to tho Father, nnd the Bon, and tho Holy Ghost; but that did not save me. In after time I was taught to kneel at the Christian family altar with father and mother and brothers and sisters—tho most of them now In glory; but that did not save me. In after time I road Doddridge's "Rise and Progross" and Baxter's "Coll to tho Unconverted," and all tho religious books around my fa- I thor 'B household; but that did uot save me. But ono day the voioo of Christ came Into my heart Baying.: "Uepout, repent; bollovo, boliovo;" and I accepted the offer of merey, and though no doubt thero was more joy in Hoavon over tho conversion of other souls, because of their far-roachlng Influence, I verily believe when I gave my heart to God there wore some spirits in Heaven the gladder for the deed. "There la joy in Heavon among tho angels of Gad over one sinnor that repentoth." Turn this day to tho Lord who bought you. Lot this whole audience surrender themselves to Jesus Christ, If for ton, twenty, fifty years, you have not prayed, bogln now to pray Oh," you soy, "I can't pray." Con you not Bay: "God, be merciful to me, a sinnor?" "No," you say, "I can't say that." Then oan you not look to the throne of moroy? "No,' you say, "I oan't look up." Can yon not then give Bomo signal, like that which was given by tho lad in the hospital? He WUB sick, and suffer Ing, and dying, and wanted speedily to go awny from all suffering and paint and he said to his comrades in the hospital; "It Is strange to mo that Jesm doesn't soe mo when He goes through hero nights and takes others to Himself. Ho goes through here nnd He doosn' see me. I must be asloop and Hodoesn' know I want to go," •'Now, I'll tell you how I'll arrange it. I'll go to Bleep with my hand up, and then when Josus comes through tho hospital by night He will soe raj hand lifted and Ho will know by that I want to go with Him." So it wa! done; for that night Jesus went through tho hospital and took tho suf. fei'ing lad, and tho next morning the nurse, passing through the wards ol the hospital, saw a dead hand lifted, braced on .one side against tho pillow and the left baud holding the elbow ol the right arm. Jesus had seen the signal and answered It O! slok soul, wounded soul, dying soul, canst thou give some signal? Wilt thou not lift one hand or one prayer? God grant that this day there may he joy in Heaven among the angebj of God over your soul forglvenl l.itura Was Ifflsvy nnd Oeor |{0 N'codcd u ; I.lllle Kell. f. 'l/uira," said George, wilii an eager,] tless yearning in his gaze, "May 1 ask a favor of you, dear?" Thoy had sal in the darkened parlor for hours, in the eh ipienl, communion of soul with soul that needs no sound to give it language, says the Chicago Tribune. Hut -omething impelled George to speak. The longing that surged up from his very heart must find expression in word:', i'heretore he hail >pokeu. 'What is it, George?" she whisperad. 'It may involve some sacrifice on your part, darling. lJut, believe me, Laura, it is for tho best." "What is it, George?" she repented, in a voice that trembled as if with a vague foreboding of coming disaster. You will believe me, dearest," he said, with an agitation becoming every moment more uncontrollable, "when I say that I uui driven to a»k it by circumstances over which I have no control, that I have pondered long over it, and am not acting from hasty impulse V " Yes! yes!" tho beautiful young girl exclaimed, with quivering lips. "What it you ask, George? What is it?" 'Darling!" lie. said, and the wild, im- ploiing look in his face thrilled her to the inmost depths of her being, "1 wish you would sitcn the other Icnee awhile. I'll one is getting horribly tirod." TUESDAY , Feb. 23. SENATE .— Uy resolution, Secretary Rusk was asked to inform congress as to the re- ults of artificial raiu production. Senator Paddock advocated the passage of tho pure food bill and was I'ntagonized by Senators lialu and Cjko. The measure went over without action. A resolution wa-. adopted for an investigation into tho rfsources of Alaska. MOUSE .—Speaker Crisp was ill and Mr. McMillan win nam-d as speaker pro tern. Nothing of imp irtnnco was done. WEDNESDAY, FEU. 24. FOREIGN. CON'siDKKAUi.E loss ol life at sea attfuds the gules in Great Britain. .', TIIIIEE hundred lives or more were lost in a storm off tho Portuguese coast. CHILE lias bought now war ships in Europe. One is aaimilnr typo to tin Cnpt. Pratt. THE Rt. Hon. Sir Uonry Colton, late loid chief justice of her majesty's court of appcnlB, died ut London. CAUDINAI. GASI'EH MKBMILMOD , bishop of Louisanno and Geneva, died at Borne Tuesday. THE popo is preparing an address to ho delivered on the anniversary of his coronation. He declines to abandon Ms rights over Roiui;. NEWFOUNDLAND'S present prohibitory dutiCH upon certain of its products has called forth a protest from Canadian merchants. OVER half a huudred workmen were wonndo 1 by policemen in Berlin Thursday afternoon, while n large crowd of them were making riotouti demoustra- ions before the castle of tlio emperor, FouiiTJtBN persons lost their lives by the sinking of tho steamer Forest Qaocii, run down by tho steamer Loughbrow, off ">'aluborongli, England, Friday. A LONDON dispatch says a crazy shoemaker named Revoll, living at BroadB worth, killed his four children Sunday by cutting their throats. He then fatally wounded himself. THE Germou government has decided not to abandon its possessions in southwest Africa, and English delegates havo resumed negotiations with a Huuibutg syndicate for the purchase of coaceisions in thai part of tho world. SNOW in Spain, softened by Btortus, is rapidly melting with the result of Hoods in teveral provinces. Already enormous damage is done. Several towmj are threatened. Tns Norwegian ministry throaton to resign because the king is not inclined to give them a distinct foreign ollice. Tho foreign uffaiis of tho kingdom .aro at pros out controlled by Swoden. COUNT TOLSTOI , who has been relieving sufferers in the famino districts of Russia, is ordered homo by the govornment.wliich holds that a letter credited to him, pub- lie had in London, is un patriotic. SENATE .—A bill to protect foreign exhibitors at tho world's fair from prosecu- pret y they were fc Hon tor exhibiting wart'B protected by | ."^ our own girl.- American patents and trade marks was prosed. A resolution was ugrcod to calling on the president for information as to the late proceeding to arrange for rcciproc; trade with Canada. The Idaho contested cle'tioii case was taken up; Mr. Stewart supporting the eluini of Mr. Claggett to tlio real. Mr. Turplo advocated Mr. DubviB' right to occur../ tuo Beat. A special mcssago from tho president on tho Columbian Exposition was luid before the senate. HOUSE .—A resolution was adopted directing an investigation us to the desirability of continuing and enforcing the dght hand law; and whother any convict CommuiMltitinn a NtHM-sslty Funnel Hell did not. believe in in.nlal or nionil sugar plums in his own family circle, lie. was (pule willing to commend a friend or iicipiaintanee, but, had a theory that his own family would be best mi proved by a Spartan discipline Tin children must learn to do their duly without praise, nnd as for his wife, she had toiled lor fifleen years without having once been told that she was a satisfactory housekeeper. One night the two came homo from it tea party at, a neighbor's house, and Mrs Hell with the eoerago of tho meek, said— F.zra seems to me 1 herd yon prasin the mottoes the Smith girlH worked." Yes, 1 did," said Mr. Hell "Real just likeein. You'd better praise them. It'll tickle 'em rluiost to death. And didn't I Ucar you say that sipnndi pie fir supper was nowi rtnI nice V"' Weil. Miranda, 'tws goo pie." Was it, a mite betlcr'n mine, K/.i-aV Weil, no, can't sas as 'i.was." When have you -aid one word to praise a pie or cako I'vo Bet afore you?" 'Maybe I ain't, praised ye much, Miranda, but then I ain't complained." Yes you havo said Miranda. "Yos you havo! Savin' nothin's complainingsomo. times. Il s just like pushin' a heavy load up hill besides what ye have agreed to ' not The entire city is agog over an apparition wliivh is said to visit Main street every night about 12 o'clock, and which takes the form of a large wagon of the -"ort known as emigrant's or 'prairie schooner," and drawn by two lays a Richmond, Texas, epeciai to he Si. Louis Republic. The phantom, as it is believed to be, \* n cuniiiiun-pliicc pectacle enough and would attiact little olice were it nol for the hour of its visit, nd the extraordinary pin noiuena attend- ng its appearance. About Iwo weeks go the people residing on Main street were awakened at Ihe hour mentioned by he creaking of a wa,((m as it went along, but. thou-ild, nothing of the occurrence un­ title thing wu» repented the next night and tho night, after, when their curiosity 'Oiicvrning its errand began to be aroused. Several prominent citi/.'ii.-. waited ou the fourth night, and when the wagon up roacned hailed the driver, who could tie omewhat. indistinctly Been sitting rather nick in the vehicle. No ,resnonse was given to their hail, which was repeated several times, and at last with some per- inptoritiesi, determined to solve the nuns- ion for themselves, the men run forward nnd attempted to lay hold of the oxen's heads, when, to their utter amazement, nothing was to be found on the spot, where the moment before the huge team was lo be seen. It was gone IIH coni[ lelely as n liiidow before the sun, but, twenty or thirty feet fuither on was presently seen wagon and oxen jolting on as composedly as ever. Iliinib struck at, the occurrence, the men resolved to thoroughly investigate the matter before speaking of the puzzling thing they had just, witnessed, as they feared the story would mutit with only incredulity and ridicule. They ran after the 'vagoii, but failed lo overlake it before it, was swallowed up in the night, and were nimble to find it again, l'lio next, night ill were at their posts a full hour bctoro Ihe apparition umde its appearance, and tlio watchers of tho night before, joined by others whoso .slumbers hail also been disturbed by its passage, waited, guns and revolvers in hand for the coming of the mysterious vehicle. It was seen coming promptly at the usual hour, appearing all at once just, beyond the lirHt house on th" struct, and moving along at a Ici-invly puce. The oxen appeared to bs very weary and dispirited, and every now and then Ihe sound of ii whip snapped in the air could lie heiu'd, but. no other sign of life could be heard or M'HII about the wagon itself. A dark fi"iiro sat on the soat, which was pushed back under tho canvass, but whether the driver was a man or woman could not bo decided. Several of the ke.rn- em sighted declared it tube a man with his hat drawn down far over the face, concealing the features, whilo as many others wero quite as positive that, the liguro was that of a woman wearing n dark Bun- bonnet. eight hand law; and whother any convict r t go nlonir dnv after dav an labor wan beinH used by tho government. ff a 3 of nrai«« K In committoo of tho whole, some time was U K ,.„ , aP .' f i ?U and although he spent in discu, siiig the Indian^ppwprhv , ^ ^Z^Jit s^eSly he rs ^te °« n r n ren1 tt&M Afron, that time try to acton tho theory Dciency bill was non-concurred in and a conference of tho committor ordered THURSDAY , Feb, 25, ENATE .—Tho resolution giving Clng gctl, the contestant for Dubois' Beat, tho right to occupy a seat during tho discus sion and to speak on tlio merits of his case, was agreed to. Mr.llale's resolution calling position. NYmpuisi'd now, and thoroughly nhvrmcd, the citizens resolved to watch whence the apparition came, nnd stationed some twenty men the. following night jusl beyond thu spot near which the team had been fir.-t, observed on each occasion, hut failure again resulted. Tlio strictest watch was kept for the coming of the phantom, but though nil could swear it had not passed them, il *as presently seen traveling nlowly down the street just beyond fn ir post. Where Ihe wagon goes is likewise ^ a mystery as yet unsolved. It simply di.-appear< before tho eyes ol the watcheis as if it hud never be u. 1'he excitement, pri dueed grow* hourly, and the majority of the people, evil Iho ediicn'ed. intelligent class, is vety nearly convinced that the occurrence can have but one origin, end that.i super natural one, though what the object or meaning of the appar.ition is all are equal ly id, a loss to conjecture. The negroes are even more wrought up, nnd meditate an early exodus, as they believe lhatthe destruction of the town is thus foreshadowed. To avert this or to prepare for it this portion ol the populace spends the night and the i.-rcater part of the nay in carrying mi religious 'orvicos, weeping and shunting for iinrcy, and likening the place to Sodon nnd (,oinoraii. ) hey are completely demoralized and cannot bo induced to go to work. Tlieie are a few skeptic it spirits in tho community who persist in expressing their belief tliAt the people are being very cleverly hoaxed by some one, who by me,ms of refraction and ingeuiou.-ly disposed mirrors the rellection of such a |.<:aii to pass down the street every night. In proof ol this they point out, the fact I hut the phantom is nol visible under the electric light tliat has been placed on the street, though on the other side of it the apparition is distinctly seen. Uui the theory is too far fetched to gain credence with the masses, .vho'.are beginning to feel rather proud of the'sensation created by it, and which bring in hosts ol visitors from all over the country to see the thing for llieni- Ivcs. Richniund is one of the oldest, towns in the state and was connected with many of the thrilling events of Tex is' early history. Col. l),m Thurlier, one. of the lirst „,:(tiers in ihe countv, speaking of the mysterious travelers, says thai in 1817 a similar excitement prevailed over a phantom wagon tint traversed the village lor seven days and heralded an outbreak of yellow fever that depopulated Ihe country, lie s.i\s that at that liuu> it. wa-; believeu that tho wagon carried a family of pioneers, or their gliosis, to speak accurately, that had been taken villi the fever while coming from Louisannn, and smitten and dying had passed through the village, but were not allowed to stop even to bury their dead r procure medicine for tho sick, but were forced to drive ou out into Ihe country. he oxen came back in a couple of weeks ill hauling their load, but the wagon s filled only with the dead and decaying bodies. As to thn truth of this dreailfu' story lot. Thurber c mid not be positive, but nows such it was at the time spoken of. Ither old settler.- admit that they have eard this story, and with that ol the ghost wagon they are well acquainted, no or two even remembering having n it in 1 y47. These ate confident that, he appearance presages evil to the com miinity. It is now nearly a week since lie phantom began its slow journeying md according to tradition has but. oil" more trip to make. thnt "women folks" nro fond of commend- dation. AN KLiKCTIUC HOH8K. bo Churned With Mueimtlsin Aa tu Shook livery One That Tauohea It. Gcorgo E, Benton, who reside'* on Indi- on IheTs-jcrotary of tho troasury for copioii ana avenue, discovered aa electric horse of the reciprocity agroaiuuuts, was taken this morning. Uentoii stepped from a up, and Vest moved an nmei.dment asking car at Wabash and Eighteenth otreot whe.tht.-r any stops had boon taken to nt- whilo the horBOa wero being trotted. Ho gotiale a icciprooul commercial treaty with placed his hands on the flank of ono of Mexico. Hero a lively discussion on the the animals', a bay mare, nnd rocoived a merits of free trade was participated in by tremendous shock. Tho car was attached Messrs. West and Halo, but tho ennute ad- to a e« u 'o liain and sped onward. After jomued without action on tho resolution it hud drone a block Benton returned and or amendment. experienced a succession of Blight shocks, HOUBK .—Speaker Crisp called the house which gradually died away ns the mure to order, and Mr. Hatch was chosen beoamo cooler from standing. Benton speaker pro torn. The contested election then had the mare trotted up and down casoof Craig vs.Stewatr from Pennsylvania the Blreot for ten minutes. Sho camo was called up, Mr. Brown supporting Mr. back in a foam and WBB taken at once to Craig's claim to the seat; Mr. Johnson the damp trround. A dozen men then spoke in favor of Mr. Stewart's right to formed bands, first wetting tho soles of occupy the Beat. After further discussion their BIIOOS thoroughly in tho horeo trough. ; 1 -- - ! "---' ••-*-— As Benton put his hand ou tbo mare every man distinctly felt the shock. "Now one CRIME. ling an.outyast Ra move* in In* a tow,yrovdu. Sometimes in two ' '"'-"-'-.Post h* rouges 111 word* yon, oan put a vast meaning. , Aud^lv ae«m* *Q me ,thftt ft* «ngeV> of God ,wbo (carry news frojn 6fjr$h to U«a«», u.eed to take up^h^'ta JBAN iNGEfcOw recently stated that she did not at all approve of women's rights, "We cannot," the said, "have rights and privileges both, and I prefer privi- DB. M, W". BAWON, at Cambridge, England, Was born in 1790, and ia the aiMfcMwgSW. Mifl P*»o!iiUo»« (n lite ••MO., I-- . '•'...,.!: Kffip 'O' AT Preston, lowu, Fred B. Jacobson, a carpenter, .in destitute circumstances nnd despondent, threw himself in front of a freight train and was beheaded. JULIUS HESS, a gold and silver beater of Chioogo, has been fined 91,000 for inducing aliens to go there and work for him, Mas. ANNIB MAIUJAUET MONTACI U, vho unintentionally caused the duath of her little daughter whilo punishing her, has been adjudged guilty of man< slaughter. J. W. COLLINS, president of the California National bank of San Diego, which suspended November 16, has been arrested upon a charge of embezzling 9200,000 from the institution. WM. FITOH, of Shoals, Indiana, con> detuned to two ycara in the penitentiary for larceny, married Miss Kerns in the jail there Friday night. EX-MARKKT CLBBK HASTINGS, of Alle g lieny, Pa., oonvioted of embezzlement, M been sentenced to pay a fine of ait cents and undergo an imprisonment of eight months in jail. WALTBB ANDEBSON, a prominent attorney at Brady, Texas, was shot and kill ed whilo holding hii baby in hie arm). The assaailn fired through a window IN St, LOHIB. Sunday, Wm. H. Delmar shot and killed Frank BrefiKft a* the result of a former quarrel. DJmar may be iyneb^d if captured, ^K/wiMton pf iv ijWtonaw boiler oo. nitawl ivvmdhow ^ at 8»vi*w»ah, an adjournment was tuken without action. FRIDAY , Feb. 26. SENATE .—Mr. Clagget, who is contest, ing the seat of Mr. Dubois, of Idaho, made an extended speech in his own behalf. Ho discussed tho details of the question and criticised tho majority report in favor of Dubois. He was frequently interrupted by questions, and so much of his time was occupied in listening and replying to them that the limit of his time was withdrawn. He created general laughter when ho wound up a description of Dubois' elec-' tion tactics by saying that, to uae a western phrnso, the sitting joan was bound to "get there, Eli," Alter he had spoken about two hour), but without Hnishiug bis speech. Cluggi t yieldod the floor and the eas.Q went over without action. A bill appropriating $60,000 tor a pub- lio building at Grand Island, Neb., was reported and placed on the calendar. The committee on foreign affairs made and adverse report on the bill to longer prohibit Chinese immigration. HOUSE .—Andrew Stewart, (rep.) was man let goat a timo," shouted Ronton, nnd thoy did so, the shock intensifying IIB each man fell out, so that at lost when tho numbor was reducod to threo tbo next man cried out: "dome of jou fellars cat;h ahold again; 1 can't stand thin." Mr Benton sont the mare trotting again, and meantime climbed the lamp-post. Another man climbod after bin), and caught hold of his hand. He clasped the post firmly with MB legs and gave his diBongaged hand to a third man, who in turn placed bis bund on the mare's flank. Benton turm d on the gas jet and and put his index finger on the nozzle of tbe jet. Instantly a series of sparks flashed through the living chain from the excited horse and tho gas blazed up. Oontun was so exhausted bv this last oxporiment that hu bad lo be taken down from the lamppost. Tho manager of a dime museum has offered a large sum to the company for tbo privilege of exhibiting tbe horse.—Chicago special to the Kansas City Timoa, « unseated and A, K, Craig, (doui.~) 'given his place. Tbe men ore from the 24th Pennsylvania district. The vote was 160 to 58 in favor of Oraig, The urgenoy deficiency bill was agreed to. SATURDAY, Feb. 27. HousE.—ln committee of the whole an amendment to the Indian appropriation bill wus offered by Mr. Bowers, of California, and adopted, authorizing tho president to detail officers of Ihe array to oat as Indian agents whenever vacancies occur. On motion of Mr. Holman it was amended to provide that such officers while aoting as agents be under the orders and directions of the secretary of the interior. The consideration of olaima appropriating $100,000 for the construction and repairs of Indian'day and industrial schools was resumed. An amendment, by Mr. Lynch, (Wis,) was adopted, providing that all school houses erected he built on a reservation or aa near aa practicable. The committee' then rose and the house adjourned. MOMOAYV Feb. 29, •SIWATIII !—Mr. Stanford introduced a bill to detarmlnt the value of the legal n " - ,i'-"Hj.*- ' NOltMAN ENGLIsjU. Different Model of ICxpremlou In 'America and Kuirluud. Norraun English is much more uBed in America in ordinary conversation than in England, where, among the cultered classes. Saxon English greatly predentin, ates. For example, and American would aay "return" when an Englishman would say "come lack." We generally u*e "receive" wher« the English simply "get," and so on to any extent. People who aro selfconscioua in their culture are apt to use the Norman derivatives almost altogether. Just now is tbe fashion to be oft hand in modes of expression, and tbe genteelly elegant prases at those who are not people of tbe porld sound stilted and old-faBhioned. This, however, does not apply tu writing where more ornate die tion la permissible.—N. Y, Tribune. Mrs, Elaiore, wita ot Andrew E. Elmore, of Ft, Howard, died after an illness of a few day*, Mrs. Elmore took u severe cold, the latter part of la»t week, which developed into pneumonia. Deceased wai about 78 years of a** But whatever thu sex of tho driver, the shadowy figure paid uot thu slightest at tention to the crowd collected and Blanding on both f id-is ol tho street, but pur sued its way without so much as a turn of tho head in answer to the questions plied lo it. Tho oxen plodded on without a aign that they heard the shouts, and did uot pjuso even for a moment. Twenty mon sprang into the tho streets us tho wagon nenred; twenty pairs of hands wero put out to grasp its sides, the harness of tho team, tbo team itself, but only empty air did they grasp. Thero was not even a trace ot tlio phantom to bo scon at that Bpot, though it could bo distinctly per- ceivod disappoaring in tho distance. In the meantime that portion of thu crowt that hud remained on the sidewalk con tiuued to call out to those who had essayed to stop the wugon, and, seeing tho mysterious vehicle us plainly as ever,could not but wonder at the discomfiture displayed by the others. Thesn spectators declare that the wugon moved placidly through tho luiilnt of the eager hands that grasped ut it, and to them no roiiBon was visible why they could not have stayed it. Excitement now became almost uncon trollable, and it. was impossible to keep the matter quiet, so that on tho following night the strcot was lined from end to ond with a crowd determined to solve, the mystery or know Iho reason why. Each man carried a weapon, and accroas the stroot was stretched ropes, and even a roll of barbed wire attached to stout posts, not to be uprootod by any gontle means. Punctual to its tacit engagement tbe strange team made its appuaranco, and as the night was brilliantly lighted by the full moon, the white canvas with tho dark body below, wus more clearly outlined than ever. As it approached them, Olliccrs Gray and Counelly stepped out into the street and directly in front of the oxouand called upon tho phantom driver lo halt, The next moment tho mon were Been to stastgor back aud stretch their length upon the ground while the wagon seemed to pans directly over thoir bodies. So sure was tho crowd that this had happened that a volley of nbots from half a hundred guns were poured into tho vehicle. But without even a momentary check thu toam pursued its way through ropeB and wires as if they had boon but shadows of the things they wero. The crowd ran aftor tho wagon until it disappeared close to tho river as mysteriously as it bad como. In the meanwhile the officers had been taken up unconscious, but unhurt in nny way. It was hours before they oould bo restored to tboir senses. Both wero genuinely frightened out of their wits. Mr. Gray says: "Those that like may continue to investigate the wagon, or ghost of one, and what it carries, but tbey may count me out. I have nothing more to do with it, for while I'm not afraid of anything I can hold on to, I'll admit I'm a very poor hand at tackling tbe unreal. No, 1 won't desoribo what Isavi, for I can't, and besides I don't want my miud > a dwell on I itj but I' tell you how 1 felt, and that was as if I'd stumbled on an iceberg in the dark only the air about that ghost ' B team was colder than any ice I ever B&W." Connelly confirms this statement about the inexpressible obill that came sweeping from the apparition, but says that us ue fell baok, overpowered by it. he oaught a glimpse of a number of dead faces in the wagon, and that the driver is a skeleton with buraing e-yes, Thn ropes and wired fencing, which had so little effect on the passage of the phan« I torn, were found to be unbroken and in HtVKKS IN TIIK ni '.SKKT. remihormiM Ntreuin* ol the Great Aitierl- e»n Deaert.* The few rivers of the American di-m-rt are us strange and treacherous as its winds. The Colorado is Hie only large stream of them all, and tho only one which behaves liko an ordinary river. It is ul- wny.i turbid—nnd gets its Spanish mimo, which moans the Red, from tho color of its tide. The. number streams are almost invariably clear in i'.ry weather! but in u inio of rain they become torrents not «o much of Hiindy water as of liquid sand. 1 have set n them rolling down in freshets with wuvea four feet high, which seemed simply sand in flow; and it is a fact that the bodies of those who are tlrowned at such times lire ulniost novsT recoverable. The strange river buries them forover in its own sands. All theso rivers havo heads; but hurdly ono of thorn has a mouth. They rise in the mountains on the edge of ioiiio happier hind, How away into the desert, malting a green gladness whero thei.r waters touch, and finally are swallowed up forever by tuo thirsty sands. The Mnjave, for 'nsluncc, is u beautiful llltln stream, clear us crystal through the summer, only a tout or so in depth but some two hundred feet wide. It is fifty or sixty uiiljs long, and its upper valley is a narrow parndiso, green with tall grasses nut 1 noble cottonwoods that recall tho stately elms of tlio Connecticut Valley. But presently tlio grass gives place to barren BitndbanKs, tho hardier trees, wboew roots bora deep to drink, grow small and straggling; and At last tho river dies altogether upon tho arid plain, and loaves beyond as bare a de-erc us that which borders its bright oasis-ribbon on both sides. —C. F. Luunuis, in St. Nicholas OinilTIKS. The whole thing in a nutshell—tbe nut The promising young man is seldom noteworthy. A woathor profit—an income on tbe Bide of overshoes. A cyclone is like three ladies walking abreast—it doosn't turn out of tho way for anything. "Vo must begin and cut down our expenses, Juke). "Vat for, faddor? Piziioss is goot." "Yah, Jakey. And vo must luuke it a leetlo petter!" -Puck. A Now Sign.—A photographer in a western town surprised the people tbo other day with a new sign which read as follows: "Photographs takon while you wait." Mr. Morris Farko.—"Are you in tho race, Sambo?" Sambo.—Wad race, Bab?" Mr. Morris Parko (wittily).—"The human raw I" Sambo.—"Ya-as, sahj I'se de dark IIOBB, sah.V—Pack. Shriver,--"This IB ono ot those Masonic rooms, isn't it?" Mrs. Defrooi.—"What do you mean, sir?" Bhriver~"It nover gets above thirty- threo degrees," "I had to stay home from school yoater- d*y," said Tommy. "You must bring au excuse," said the toacher. "Who from?" "Your father." "Ho uin't no good at makin oxcusos; ma catohea him evory timo."--Londou Tid-Blts. Vila and Unworthy Of comldmtlou srs nostrums of whlcb it Is »a- serteij—snd there are mtajr such—that tbey cure immedUtelr bodily ailments of long stkodlug;. Tbera are none suob that can. Chronic dltotdeir cannot be laeUntauuousty removed. Goatmalty 1 la tbe uae of • geaoiat medicine, eueb e» Bos< letter's Stomach Bitters, will eradicate chronic physical evil* Not tbe least of these last la the force of lie opposition to medicine Is constipation, to tbe removal of whlcb, U persisted in, lbs Bitters is particularly adapted. Constriction of tbe bowele Is a complaint which should be dealt wUta early aud systems — " ' attendants, lljer »mpli.... thee*, tor wslarla, rheumatism, ecenuir "la grippe, lly commended va aottbled epecite. Nothing can txceei and more n professional _ Bp aie'ltfusaai id dyspepsia. For a. kidney trouble, i,* this filgblyeod medicine ts ao an, can txceet. it, mqre- meaiM ol buparuai strength to the taHVHt.

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