Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on March 5, 1927 · Page 2
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 2

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 5, 1927
Page 2
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7 I ItKHKMKKIt. 1 rojjiftmber a diiy of HUH niul stlnK- In jFebruar.V; wlihn tvi-rv hash iJial ' Jlcw • - • ' ])owii from, the froRl nilhcdnilH of / ;• thfiibiiK'. ; Swnng fn n tlioiinanil sliimincrinR Ihr^ads Ihroiieli tlif iciclo I'ves : l>ciow. -; Iremeriiber a day of sun and snow ; andj yon i ~ Flaming in beauty over tli(> stars of ^now. H j^nd a'waterfall'bubbling he only • sons it knew, t The oijr iTParli could hear.jlhe sonj all lovoijs know. old SOUK, yet a jsoiig so out of the mist jof long It was aij • newi A melody '^ love, ]' love, I [worship .you-Uii' -Do.i%'6u niarvel that I roinfniber a 'ilay ojijsnn and siingin;k snow? —John l ^effert in Xew Vdrk Snn. Hw/ptloil or (•".iFrWwiflirrs At fonntrj VXnh . The ret;e)tion tendered;last evening to yir. and :tfrs. Charlie Fairweather by members of flje lola ttrtlee »t HuKlnn Star Vhth ThCimcinberK of the Order of the KnKfern Klar Chib IieJd a meuflng Kridayj afternoon In the dining r4)oni 0f the MaBonic Temple. Mm. S. A. EIIIB . president, presided over the mdeting and the conect. prayer and singing of "America" preceded the biiHiness. Mrs. J. H. Herr, business chairman, announced an anhiversafy ;meeting for .\pril 1. .Mr.s. T. B. -Vordgreu was in- charge of the tprogram, consisting of a piano solo bj^ .Mr.s."Willis Pcreau: reading'by .Mr.s. D. P. Northrup: vocal .solo by Miss Viola Ualgarno; musical reading by .Miss, L.aura Shorman. with Miss Oleste Griffith at the jiiano; ••ln.sp|iratjon" finacted 'by Miss Xullie Twadell, -Miss May rrcderif-kson and .Miss .Alijia Lieurance, wihq Impersonated a njirse And two siuilent.s. witli -Mis!^ Grifflth at the piano.-Refreshments were .-served by the hostesses wlio were; .Mrs. A. THElOlA DAriiY BEGI .Mosher. cl ters, Mrs. Sherman. K. B. Smith. .\lrs. K. H. Stewart. A. airman; Miss .Vellie Wal-! \V. H. King. .Mr.s. H. 11. Mrs. J. F. I)e I-app. -Mrs. .Mrs. E. W .XoTdgren. .Myler and .Mrs. T. K. I. . • Other n^embers present -were: .Airs. Anna! Heard. .Mrs. W. Z. B:ir- tels.. .Mrs. Samuel Urown. .Mrs. Harry Bishopl- Mrs. Joe Berger. Mrs. Cotmtry C^ub, to welconwf thini i jJi>ua-Hro^n. -Mrs. L. G. home from' their winter-long .vi.sit j jiri. p. C. to Scotlainil. was participanil in by upwards dfj seventy member.^ of the as a most epjolabl*?! Kenneth FJoust. .MrsG. .M.Grover .Miss, Cath lionor. o ^ feel •e glad dub and. ^• event. i | The first thing, of. course., was The greeting of. the guests o who certlainly were made | that their 'lio(ne friends wv to see thiern back; again. "Jll^n diii- ifter wa."? I served by the n<ii? la- i 'dies and that was another cji: joyable feature of Uie occasion, I '. i Dinner disposed of Mr. (' i irles F. •'Scott, speaking on IxOuflf if the 1 members of flie club, ^xii 'iided ito i Mr. and'Mrs-. F:iirwoaliter i&ie fqr- • mal greeti.ilg and welcome of ihe I ciMb, to which .Mr. Fairweathnr littin«Iy W'.sponded. •Th)- Pro." • • waft dre.tsed in his native/Hits, as • • WasTiis smnll son Krnest/ \ ho ac• companied Ihis father and 'inoilier on the lonfijtrip, and a ver.r .striking; ind handsonif iwir /thei made. .Of course they .enjoyed ilie r visit • to their did home land and lo their relatives ; aijd friends'. .Mr.j^ Fairweather said.** but t (iey coiild not close-their leyes to (the faci that Scotland iatiill was suffering from - the effects' the war and wes feel- ftig keenly the industrial ant) Jinan- dial depresJ4ion that had fdllowed it,-particularly as a result of the long.: coal] Strike. Tiijies ute liard In the Old Country. I Duriilg the •winter thiere were two weeks of good-weather, but.for /^the most part 1 in by.; |,o. Mrs. S ton. .Mrs. pjass. .Missf Viola Dalgnr- A. KUiR. .Mrs. A. J. Ful- il. W. Fiuikhouser. .Mrs. j'niKlit in the doniesiic science rooiu Hubbard. , \Vm. H.-ivej .Mrs. W. Ri Kerr, Mrs. .\. -Milne. to tile'memhcr.s of tile firsi and rine Goss,. Mrs. (.'.A. second boys' l)aski-ii>aii t-';ini». Tht .Irs. r-:i.ura I lough. .Airs, i hroe-conrsi> spread was under llu fcolt. .Mrs. J. H. Herr. .supervision of the . tj-^aclK-r. '.Miss Heyl^nun. .Mrs. G. .V./Doris Childs. and the food was W. O. Lenhart.. .Mrs. J, j prepared by the pirls witli her as- Irs. Joe .McKinley, .Mrsi sistan'ce. J. \V. .McCikire. .Mrs. O. T. Peterson. .Mrs. H. B. ening. .Mrs: K. \V. Slack, [ MI-S, \V . iK. Smith. .Mrs. \y. K\ ner. Celelirnlps dining tab! coritetits wtre- gifts Th Wm. ley a .Mrs. fwere Hoke.! id soii it (was cold and fogg.v/ days When ati ^jj ^J, \ pouti noon onci could lio^ f^ee hik hand | ,rp,;,>o„ig^ ^ „ before his face for/. the i ^l;. aml|.,,.j tJuilocL Miss Violet Atkins, was Ma with tnle prei^dcnt, l^nr^ Ida fluir, In.cha'se. T .wenty-flve ofllcera and ina^bcrti- wdre preHtfnt. MIHH Mary Dorilba,,, pMrfotIc ^in- Htructor, Kttv« d{ alk on liiW-rook- Init bodicH, UHlrig (he topic, "The I <obbylHt at niM or JJcf DcKt." which wftH inMpir OK and' InstnicL- Ivc, ,Mrt<. ({race Decker W»IM pre»- eiit. having been Jill foi* a. iiuniber of weekK and un 'uble lorati'end thi meetings. <• <r <^ ConiplIinrnMnir Mts. Cuss A grdiiii of friends coiuplimented Mr.s. Florence Cass with a picnic supper ye.sterila.w evening in tlie home of Mrs. (•hos..'F. Scott, as a farewfell courtesy. .Mrs. who has b^en city liln-arian for the last thirteen years; expects to leave in a few; days to ioin her son iind wife in .\ew York City where she will make, icr future home. The eveninK wt;^^'.spent informally with games and contests. The group consisted of: .Mrs. H. C. .Mathis. .Mr.s. J. C. Class. Mrs. Paul Husfaril, .Mrs. A. F. Chastain, .Mrs. W. C. Faust. .Mrs. V. C, _,\rch- er .Mrs Philu Trout, .Mu.s. iG. J. Trdmbold, .Mrs. C. K. Perhaml .Mrs. \V. E. Slarks. .Mrs. \V. It. IK'VJiiiiin, Mrs. J. \V. .Mcfllire. .Mrs'. J. E. Powell. .Mrs. F. W: Sherwood, .Mrs. U. H. .Nichols, Miss .Alary' Ronis- berg, .Miss Fannie Voorlices. .Aliss Alice Hendrick" .Alrs^T. B. Slian- non'. -Alls, c: E. Cumminss. .Airs. I.. A. Tweedy. .Airs. A. I{. .Stroiip. .Mrs. Travis Morst^. Mrs. John Oelajip, .Air.--. A. F. Florcuc^. and .Airs. f".( K. Remsl)erc. <• • • Girl Iteseries as - Hosfesvpt The Cirl Reserves of tlu- junior higli s<-liool RaA-e 'a supper l .a^t I t ^f^-v ^ ;n ^../^ -5?^; SAtrUBDAY EVENING. MABOHS. 1927. .Air. and' Mrs. I >Jind pre moving to lolii and will Jlv<> a Wulnnt street. Mr. Lan ployeo. at the Iqla Pet pany. Mr Lewis Thompsoi., carpenter contractor, who (has lie ?ii hery visiting with his family, will ri-iurn to his work at' Tccui iseli, Okla.. tomorrow. .Airs. \\". .Al. Tecard ojf Fort Scott xns North 1 is ail em- .Milk Com- returned h6nie today with her sister. .Airs. C. Blonio. Mr. John t)uly and family have moved to lola from Jamestown. .AIo.. " .Air R. A. Morton.lefi this afternoon on a business tri > to Kansas City. Miss lola English, vlio underwent an operation last week, will be able to return to lik-r liomo in a few da.vs. iter a'visit .Airs. Julia O'FIahertjj City is here to speni end with her son. (^'Flaherty and family. of K.insas the w.'ck- Mr. T. E. 'arrott, .Alr-s. O. H. Park('.,E. Pennington. -Airs. St.-i'rks; .Airs. 'C. 11. Stephens, ilrs. (". C. Thomas. Mrs. George Vo^se and .Mrs. F. -A". Wag• • •:• Flily-Seeond Birthday A surp^ii^ party was given .Alarch :!, hVuioring the fiftyTthird birthday oH .Ajr. Frank Hoke, of Giu .Nortii Fouiltli street. .Air Hoke was taken awa.v from home until the guests arrived. The guests were received at the door by prfsenting calling carjls. Dccorati<^ns; were u.sed in keeping with Sjiint Patrick's day an«l a large birtl^day cake holding fifty- two lighle^l condles centered, the iaines and guessing eatured and several e. irecdived. guetjts were: .Air. and .Airs -Air. and Mrs. Jim Had- Olen Hadley; .Mr .and riareice Hoke. Mr. and Mrs. and daughter,- Eunice Mrs. C. Bullock, Leoi)- nlghlswhen it wai; smpossihle to be: jj.! xiieod <!omroftably warm |before II19 "I'^'n i '^^iJ -'Q^j^yen grate fires that are. the custom "f,{;f,wen. Mil the coimir.v. There were:: some 1 bright spots. ' though, notably •'Bums Night" wheir there was a itlinner at the big jiotel and spci-f-li- !es and Kongs and"topsi.s that were tiot drunk In wafer-?'.'(Jh Huch a jjiligllt!*' But the " IK si thing, ;ifler : till, the pro. declarW'. was i(» be back houje again with bis frli'iids jhround him, and i^iie'(haiici' ih:it I iiboDt thriteout of fjiui; of tlie days /jv'oiildibe bright jiiifl a man i could |,){e<}p war n.; ! ' MrH. FiilrwiMillicr WHS liivlied to KIIV declined wIlli llie r<-- «hn "hiid lii'i-n Kohi-r nil liifi HO i-,|ii-| liiid U') rt-iiori Grace Atkins. • •:• •:• Wedding Ajinlversary of .Hr. and .Mrs. Stetcnson .Mr and S17 East -i just a liitli or of the i: falk. but : ! pmi^ tliaj jhe lline io liliike' i Tti« ri'iniilnder of. iiVeiiltiK H'or'liill^, iiJid till' ociHM- :i «lt;Wftii liifif.tluii wjll li.- loiiK re I iiimjibiH'x 'i I)* IIK ' loiiiiitx i>r IIM- HMu'Jilify <Nilh;, ^ » « III SIIIMIJI ): dliincrt IHMMI iir. Kelii't ll<il«'l, .'><lc, '»<: <- « * , .School JIHiHertes IVofldJWjii' \i»y «r Ifniyer i.; lii r^'coi;n:ltJiin 6f ibe woild -wlcle : day ; of; prnycr filr intssloiin' llie il«u«iltcrs <if JeflerMm s(-!inoI ii <ld a j «pee,lali'chiiipel iiM'etliig ycsterd.-iy iJUdrnlirgriitO o'cloclj. i' The i $(jng;, "Oii \v;ird fhr 'isiian Soldiers'' »">pened tjlio program aiid jj the eittlrel student ijiody reiieal^d tihe • One-JHundredtlii Psalift. the Lord's Prd.vler and gave t .)ie jflag sa- i lute. Thel first grade, st.udenl.s sang 4 song,Of praise j tlie sixth| grade sttudenls .Ti song of prayer. Mrs. N. Mr. S ixiis am I 'lilla Coje,! IIK'III liavi Ic t'ltid aOclii .iiitoni; lolal Mooberry; .Airs. Cdlda d son. Kaymond .Alc- s Sylvia Hoke and .Miis Irs. R. IJ. Stevenson, of ackson avohue," were married foj-ty -iiix years yesterday and the us^ial family dinner was more imporiaiit injioji- [vein. ri.son came to. lolu in •H. Sleveiisi)!!.. Ilieii .Mihs ill IH7». aiiji IMIIII iif lecn u power in the clv- I life of lola. Tiny are p. Dodge talked on t day.,of prayer, em .lives' of heathen, ehi ppverty \k- fore they lie nation-wide jihasizing t\ie dren 1,11 tbeii- ^vork long be-' burli'siiuc on a recent oper- aro old elio'ugh. : These i'''la which had been given by a iho have to children iiever bean -fore ^he tnissionariei w-ere sent t ieach them and the speaker empha , ilzed howj her .voung lietp by prayer. SU: _ |alk with! a short prayer; and tin pldsing njumber was • - -• • -BeauttfuU" snng bv- • <' Mr*. MHchner Sppater .VI VUy Fednration .M>>eHng j Tire city Federation members i ::ordially invite alll members of county Cliibs.'as Weli as the women H niftHi bi-bivi-il c li/.eriH rind ihi-fr ijrii'iuls iniKi ihe,' nifiy ritli'bi'iiif* iniitiv itiorr liiippy niiill- Vi'lMllllcrt lllllOIlK llielll. 'I'lM'lr rlil |dren imd KMnidil ildi'<'ii lin-c.i'-Ml ill IIM ! dliiiier v,ifi<- Wi't, (l>Mir|/)<. J' ji'roiMliold niid ell Idretr 'ieorpe ,1, j;i , WiilUT ii'iiil Wtlliit'il; MIX , I'hiin 'I'roiii nml ton llnberl » « <• ifelHltalf. i old Mocliil pici-linu Mi-inbi'l 'H lit Kebi'killi i.oilgr Sii. tii'ld n »<M 'l)il ili'»i'l|ii(> in the loili'i' room liiHi' niKlil 'iiiiil following tin- rcujular lodKi- work aipro- isralii was jiri'setiled by lhi> enler- ininnient <<immitie4> (ii wliich Mru. ('. /,. Montijoniery is ibairman. The JoIl:| Five, the junior liigli .school orcUestra. cimiiiosed of Lucille Canats^ey. .'Vnna Riinisey, Waiter Mandlirt, jr., Paul Howard arid ' ,;,„v'iVi? 'to th".."/,' Harvey Herr'played severap num-j Mr. .M,|„i7.,.ri bers. "Roitieo and Jnliet," directed by .Miss! Daphne Stodghill, .ind played by .lack f;riffin, jr.. Harper Beldin.g. Elmo Hester, and iPercy Pereau, was particularly well re- leeived. As an encore, they gave a Tlie failles wereideconitod in the Girl Reserve colors, blue and white and' tlip girls wore blue crepe pa- pt-r capf;. " • ' , A program of short toasts was given b^- tlie girls who .sfood between Ihe boys, thei toasts being addressed to the two boys on eitjier side of the spe.nker.! Tin- girls san.g (omic songs, i SAiLEM (Hazel .Alar*; ley I r .Alar 1.—.Airs.; Ernest Pearman and family arrived. last week from Hartville. AIo.. and will make their home on 'he Cole fiirni. The Pearman family lived in iliis (om.mnn- ity a few years ago and tlieir many friends are glad to wilconie them back. • ' ! •Mr. and .Airs. .Alarioh Rasseil of Kansas City visited ,a few Jays last week in the hpirie of his |iar- cnts. Mr. and .Mrs.rCioorge Rutisi-II and family. ' I .Air. and -Atrs. Claude Siuteville and family spent S iiiilay afternoon at the Frank Stanford liomi-. Joe Johnson and Dlilnia .Alarkley of Siivonburg spent Sunday at'ihe George M;irkley lio^iel H(n-at-c and Sam l.owei called! in th'- :>fier- uooii. ; - Weiidi-ll Right ai)d . AUSF Lehman visited Sunday .tftijrnoon willi .Mr. and .Urs. Fred Bowcii. .Airs. K. E. Kalni entertained a few friends ."^aiiirjiay i-viiiiiig | at her home in honor of Mr. and \\nt. Bill KaPii. ThiiM<! present w-e^e: .Airs. (Maude .Siiitei illi.-. • Mrs. Fled AVixxoft. Airs. Liivvrenre Kalni and i-hildren. Alary ai»I lluzel .Marlcley. and .fack and Urady l..afhani ("lys- |er .-Joiip was :''ervei( b;. the lioslfis. Mr. and .Mrs. Rpy How.'U :ilid children spi-ni Monday . iifieriioo!! Willi Mr. and MIH ,'Fred llowt n. Alihh Kiiiliiriiii' 'rrowbridRe and \ll ,tM LoiilHii Fuiili of lola IIIHI .Mr iiiid Mrx l(. (' (!.'ii'i|ili|i- or fia-ivClty M|M <ii> Hiiiidav III liie J. \V. LbUiT liollie.. « Mr Iind .\1iN U'I'IKIII LVIII- (fli<! fiMilllv of. lot.) loolr ii|i|i|ii r SmidiiV evenlni; III Mio CIiiiiili' Kli|l>>\ill<- lioliie. Alfriifl Clitirili id Liiwr"ii(W-. KJIM, Is wiiv(itli'; fur <lei)|gf Miirliti-v. 'I'M'- llusm-ll iliildn-ii ,ii'>' out iif liool i;iiis wfi'k on acioiiiil of mi-:i-.i.f,.; S. ,1. Marklcy and Mnlill:iy al lli.> Gi-o Mrs. E. C. Courier Sit:: .North street, who underwint an'oiiera- tion at St. Jobn's hospital .Moii- da.v. is reported as ge ling along nicely. AIi?s Xina Freeman. Iieen seriously ill u-ilh is reported improved. wlio has; ihe iiK-aslcs .SIM .N'ortli brted riiiite Mrs. Tho.s. Long of Sycamore street is rep ill of-^ho flu. Mrft.A. E. Aloore. wli,''! Iris bcrii taking'care of her I 'lioili.-r. Airs. James' Williams of Isiiillieasi of LaHarjie, reiiiriii'd lionnf last even- -Mrs. C. AV.. ilackett of 221 South Cott(m\yo6d strett, whi -lias been ill for "the past four wi eks. is improving and able to I of the time. Mr and Mrs. Hen : Hiinibnidt and' .Airs. ( liinis are hero, (allml b of Frank iAlills. .Mr .Alj; brother and Mrs. Will! ter Of .Mrs. .Alills. lallory ni i!''l'-'^''i"'K. K: nsasj nil R. Murphy of Coli ny Thursday afternoon ivitli brother W. M. -Murphy ind'f:;mily of .Mil .Vorlh Jefferson avenue. arrie Wil- i'i'"' '^reen fl the death i!''">'- illorv is a |; , j , Mrs.C. S.IChilLot; ,icl!(|slniit street i;fii('iiils ill Wave <pcnl Mr .ind Mrs. C. C. W K, AVcsT Scott sirert a to their farm lot-aied on east of Gas. rioris Ballard, tlie lit ter of .Air. and .Airs. R< is ill with thi- metisles a of her grandmother. .Airs. .Murphy. ,sfil North Jeff, nue. R. 1. .Maliier was a bii[:iMi-Fs vi.-- ilor in Huniboldl and c|iaiiiil>- today. .Mrs. n. F.| Christy, wlio has lieen c|iiil(i ill at her lome I2iil .N'orlli JffferHoii avenue, is report• d a.s improvingt .Aliss Sadie Kolili-r. a iiiirsi' at the ('oilll(;j| Grove hOh|Hlj|l. lias lii-in visiting h<r Kister. Alr.<. Ileii- liili Fii|i|< ofj :!07 .Noiilr .Icffi rwiii avciiiii- for till- ihi.^i wii-li. II. i'V Sliiirp litis Koii"! I" Itlvir loit, lllliiobi to ilii'iiil i|i>''tuiii-i .il of liln iiiiillii-r, Mi -1. Gi-oiilit- Sliiiipi- .Mr. and .Mrs. Leo N. went to iKnnsoK Clity today to upend the week end. Mm. t-larV Osborn. 803 .North Chestnut, went lo Parsons yesterday to visit her husband. Little A'inja Beasley is reported very ill at lier iiome on - .North Tliiril street. \. . Allen McDonald of Humboldt was a guest today .at the home of ."lilr. and Mrs. Harvey. Parker, .'117 .North Fourth street. •:\irs. .\lar.v Chambers of Piieblo. Colorado is visiting her mother. .Airs. Olive. l»au^ and sister. .Airs. L. II. Paul; i Mr J. .AL Harderode of Great Bend. Kaiis.. wjjs jin . lola yesterday vi.siting his sister. .Aliss Evedean HarcJerodif. He left last iiiglit- for a visit with his father iii'or P.ronsoii. Aliss .Alary AA'itihard i^ spending ft- 'IS Picture Starts Monday on A Thr^e Day ; . Run. • i Olii Man Jonea hobbled down the street one day. He met Old Man Smith Htcpping biythc and KUT- Said JoncH di< lie leaned upon his Kticks. . "Hftw did you get rid of your 'rheii-ma-tickB "7" Said Smith. "That Chiropractor hcr« I 've foirtd Knows bow to take a kinii out sf^ and sound." •^ (Copyrighted mi jiitj.' T. Hunter.) Adjustments—lElectro-Therapy ihe week end .Air and Alr.s. L South Walnnt. Airs. Lelia AV: |\ith her parents. H. AVi-shard. :U1 AValnut. wlio hat been niiite sick the past week is Mr !ind Mrs. I cliildren of Ihe t spendins 'u ;fe.w Crandall's mdthe Il'L'.South- IValnikt Airs. D. n. K Jones of San .\n and sistef of .Al ;.1T South Walni .!a.v. .Airs. Is health :and elini lexpei lola for soaie" t i-:;M-I De.'-n Clieslniit stn 0 .11.-1 iiart nieasle^k '1 Mr and A et 1 r». t\ ast. •>l)n South reported as .soine lietter. .Mrs. W< 1st is a daughter of Sheriff. H. D. Sinock.' . E. Crandall and ra|idall ranch are wv^cks with .Air: -, Mrs. O. L.,Cox, street. nnedv anil Mrs. lelo, Tex., mother •s.i H. \V. I'kena, t arrived yester- ly -t.s; mc. is i in poor to liemain in All (Irate of 41!l .North r^p.ined ill with ms a si:-- bertsoii of: j Of all the varipn.^t of en- ps that origi- vacuum tank is and at the same erplexing to Ihe torist. There Is •alve in the vac- s designed to let em when if has gajoline it needs, worsting properly. movinj; iK'no stalling, pet-h; half mile iinaiing from ' the' imost interesting. •:tinie the niftsl j: le diiiigb- l|'"experienced mi; y Hallard 'I 'ln air iircs.=ure Ihe liome !/«nni tank which air inlr) the sys 'iriwn^ln all nii U' thin is njit )aii Rice of Pitil- liave moved to soiithwest of the threat dramatic punches rest on psychology rather than gigantic settings or vast crowds; on thejl elements of suspense and ;terms'' of human emotions rather- than on I vi.sual greatness of In other: words, drama Is that which grips thfe mind rather than that which dazzles the eye. This is the view of Fred Niblo. famous director of "Ben-Hur." who recently comple ed directing j the Co.smopolitan pro luction "The ! Temptress." coming 'Monday fori three daiys to the Elite Theatre, and who! states that it is a great play not; because of it.s, speciaele but because of its intrinsic human values. This ia why. he states. A'^incent^ Blasco Ilianez* iio\-^el "The Temptress" in which Greta Garbo. Antonio Moreno, and a huge oast appear. i'« one of the biggest stories he his ever directed. A not^d : cast appear with the two prin^ipaLs in the .story, a vivid drama o^ South America anil .Vib- lo's first production at the Metro-. Goldwyn-^.AIayer studios since. "lien Hur" I DR. LUCY E. POLSON >ortlimp Bld^r. ! -I. - t ^ 024 North petit Fi;iday with Kansas. ENGINE STALL IS FROM Nlivf SOURCE W. AL rson ave- !!o\vi r. ;it ailmitjs the air into the iiirakp of lliei eng :;ii:e is idling', th; niixMire to ai poi leine is bound to klic |iiH< while, the en- s leaning out, tire It where the' on- MVK Minnie I'llottil III III' Taylor, '.(! (itti-ii III III) |:l llll llerv, llil.< I II rollfllii-d lo liei llollle |or Hev erlil t (lit liei oiliil or llllie:,«, .Mr iiMil Mr-<, Ffed ( .iril»ld of Vales f'eiilf I are spemlliji; l^ie fl.iv -Willi rellilives III lidil. .Mr add Ah: Kennelh' ^pelil Al.-irUIey home.! .Mr. and Miami fatnilv iiyii uutV larm in the I'ralrio bond. Rrady Lath: Cliarlie .Munlzeil ini; today to a llall iieinhbor- 111 "and mot her !a(e .vaeiited bv .Ann llildeibiiek of <;r. «^s Is exju'eled loiiii'.lii vilth Mrs. Iver l-'owbr .North .leffersoii .-ivenite. 1. V. I<;ni- Jnr I vi'il oi ii»:: I ;Mrs. Pat llefferu. of 112 North iS'ycaniore streei, -who le-eii 'unable to be at her woj k in llie ,i)ff!c-e of the lol:i Laiiiijlry. is iiii- pioving rapidly. f Ida. to bii present at the meet-; el'Husband," by .Airs. Tom Goes. ing Monjday: afierioon all 2:30 Q'xiock in the socia I room •«( the ilasonic iTeny)Ie to hear Mrs. Lillian M. Mltchner. i:tn the AVoniiiin's Christiljii Tempeian<e Union, spjeak on "Belter Saturday Movie.s for the Chile ren." The local jWoraaln's Christian Temperance |Unii)n metnbers will jlie hosteKscs at jthls; mepttng.Tand are foiiuiitite in pecuriiig'Mrs; Alltchtier fbr an ad* 4.^^- |t^i Ar w<'dd[n<: dihneif was Igivcn ^ pTJinrsdny Jevening, Mar^-h :i. tn the .jjiomc of Mr and Mri^. AValter OR Sopth Cotjionwddd stred onor dr Afr. aitd Airji.- Melvin t* iiresideni of Fnterfain at! Dinner W Win faeriy tvaij Mi«!»^''i^I Wlrifleia. fftioBW., i. lel ;i. Kami, rriie bfid of school bef ;Kroup of junior high school girls. ijThey also entertained w-ith Charles- Ljton dances. 1 • Partners were chosen for a march to the dining room.. wli >re refreshments were served; !V i .'ts ".America' theiJulia.AA'illiamson was toas£niistr|eis it he school. land the toasts were: ".Aly Mea of a '.Model AVife." .Air J. H. .AIcMurifay. i responded to by an original poem. "To a Model AVife." by .Air, J. ft. Kinser: "My Idea of a .Alodel Husband." .Airs.' J. B. Kenip. responded to by an original poem. "To a .Alod- Eiphty-fivit members and guests were present. • • • If! ,.^.-T,I ^v.-^iBiirtncit. of 404 potiili twtl cntei iMifsJ Marjl WlHe. :, -an Wide. • fdr- ilurkley. of talned nt din- Chambers, of Ulster. Mrs. L. J. Sayfrtr, of Mr and .Airs. R. P. Stephepson. of 5211 Soutl< Jefferson avenue had as <linner giiest^ yesterday Mr. and Mrs. MJ F. Sickly and son. Clyde Sickl.v. of Conesns... .N. Y.. and .Airs. C. jll. Hackney and Miss Hester Hackney, of Lailnrpe. I*. • * f . n. ('. BIrlhduy IHnner 1 The AVom^n's Relief Corps gave a birthday jlipiier yeslorday no(>n to lis memliers ami (he comrad ! M of McCook Pt'sl, the guests of ho i- or being thii'Nc who hiid IilrihdnyH during llie j months of '^Ianuao•. PebruaVy nn|J Mandi. T\wy wei(«: MIsK Mary Donica, Mrs. RlHida M<(r- cer, Mrti. Aiig^linc AVinHlow, . AIJB. Ida Huir, .AlrH. .Adelphia lltoRers and .AlrH. Kllii .Alpore. MrsJ \VlnKlo\f-K birthday rall|« m Tebruiiry 29. bjiit she was incliided i;i the celebration. nuritiK tUJ! dinner two rcndinJgK wei*c glycnby, .VIssfAlina Hudson and Junior FIudHon. In the afternoon the regal»r Corps meetlbg SPECIAL NOTICE 1 Attention Laclibs of lola IIV hare arranycd, at comhUrahlc cj'iKiise, (o bring to our Rtorc, Mi .tit Lrona Pittnirau, the Martha Lee Bcduti/ Spccialinf, for the H 'ciik of March 7th to ]J2tK iuclusirc. . • Mi .ts Pittotraif irill makr a free aualijaik of ifour kkhi, and ' 1 ji 'iU o/.s'o f/ivc a free facial, and teach the'scientific method of cariuf/ for jfOitr complexion. To aroid waiting. Phone (17 fhr l.appointmen't, , PJionc G7 For Appointment PRAIRIE CHAPEL .Alir. 11—Fred Brown and .Airs. RutI} Huj-lock of lola visited; AVed- nes(fay ajfternoon at .Mr. ami .Airs. | L. AV. Hpwell's. Mrs. Hurloek is i a datughtpr of .Air. and Mrs. L. AV. i Howell. I ." I Roy, Ar;d of 'Moran was threshing ' in this n(-i^hl>orhood last week; Ben B^con and' B<jb Harris \ threshed itheir kafir corn last Fri- i day and Saturday. •Ward ' Kerr has rented a; farm , near Eureka. Kansas. He loaded ] his household goods Saturday. Le-1 land L Rue Is going through witli } the car. 1 [ J. A. Mattocks and family to^k ! dinner Sunday at J. AV. .AlcFar- • land's.; • : i Charles. Alaxwell visited Friday night Avith Dale .Tones. .Air. and .Airs. Ralph La Riie ami children went to Bourbon county Sunday- aiid visited with ; their daughter. .Airs. Eva Anderson and I family. ' Ben Bacon sold his fat hogs .Alonday to AA'elch of Moran. C. F. Maxwell- anil family visited Sunday afternoon at L. 11. .Alat- locks. . The services at Prairie' (Jliapel has been changed from 10 a. ;m. to 2 p. m. Sunday school everj-, Sunday: preaching every other Sunday. . - Lenten meals will not be a problem if you t; Lentcnl: foods which we have prepared. These CHEESE Oi foil. So • He ke aiivantage of the special stock oi are just a few suggestions: fancy thee.'^e.S/include SAvis.siGueyere. Rocque- Cameinbert, Limberger, Pimento, Phoenix 01«j! Sharpe.. Arid then Ave have Long Horn, York Ci'-am, Brick,'Wi.scoii.sin Cieam, a large variety, of I'hieHill and (lover IJIoom che; fJulk Lim-; beiger, Rocijueforl, Pimento and 'Swis.s FRESH FISH— 1 sltir.s, Satilel Halibiilj Salmon. SMOKED FISH KlfKK Herring-, Milehiier Henink, Mixed Herring, ced Sardines, Smoked Salmon, Rolled 'Mops;, Mackerel, Lake Fish, Skinned and-Boned •ring. Blind'Robins, Blojiter.s. ' CANteD FISH . Clly Buys Graham Bros. Tnick. j The City of lola has purchased a [lew %-t<ir. flrahani Bros, express | truck df the Ellis .Motor company for use in the electric deparfineiii. Caviar, Clams, Lobster, Shrirrip, Salmon. Reorge McH,-iley. who under- ! went an operation at a hosiKiii! in ! St. l./>uis four weeks ago. return- • ed home this morning. His friends j Will be glad tn know thai he is j getting along nicely. j Faiicv' Imported Sardine.s. II AIT ES, FIGS, VEGETABLE RELISHES I PEANUT BUTTER j Our usiiai lartje stock of fi:esh and canned vegetables and fruits.' j Three Phones 401-402-10.3 I Thb Musical Event iof the .1 WE DELIVER : f I' -.1 i. I With Mrs. Elizabeth Blish Brookfieldy Cohtralto S^oist I The Kiansas Ciiy Little Symjihony Orchef =lra is one of the most iinuitie organizations of its kind in Amei-ica. Each of the t \venty-.six arti.sts is ac- knoAvledged to beithe master of the mHtrument npon Ayhich ho plays. You could not afford to miss it at tiny price. 75c and $1. Make Reservations al .Merchant's J ^Avelrv Store. NIGHT, MARCH 11 MEMORIAL HALL Sponsoi-ed by the .Musid Dcpartmenl, lola Publlt* Schools. Mi I w Ail 7 •Ml

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