Algona Courier from Algona, Iowa on November 9, 1894 · Page 1
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Algona Courier from Algona, Iowa · Page 1

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, November 9, 1894
Page 1
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'? "i l "'" ? " ' '^W'''- f '^ f r • t ^ , " * "i ' •--*;' ^'• \ r "V s ? "•''. r ^^wl" i? ' <- j !'' '' r / ,' ~J '• . x"'-<• '• "j/'''. •',' " ")'. , v ','•*)'' •" • ' 'T " ' -'V i 43? I i , ' ' ' ' 'f ' •*'/ < -, ,- •.'.'. . •• ' .'-.. • , 1 ^ • ' J , ' , \ - - -*- , %: 4 -' ! ^m TENTH YEAR. ALGONA, IOWA< tfHIDAY, NOVEMBER 9, 1894. Brownell Has Them He -UP TO DATE IN STYLE BOOTS, SHOES, KUBBEES, KTJBBEK BOOTS, GLOVES, ., MITTENS. Perfet Fitting. Best Quality. And Greatest Variety from which to make your selections. Don't Fail to Call and See Us. No trouble to show goods at the Brownell & Allred Cash Shoe House, IO-W.Su. SUCCESSOR TO O'NEU/Tj & GETTY. R 8. NORTOJM, i And all Kinds of Building Material. F. S. NORTON, C OME one, come all, and see the dis- ' ' play of Lamp^^haniber^etSj Tea Sets,.JWater'"Sets, and everything in fancy ware. We have the finest line of these goods ever on exhibition in this city. Don't.take our word for it, but drop in and be convinced that we have the right line and. the right prices. We also carry everything in the grocery line, fruits land vegetables of all kinds; can furnish potatoes in large or small quantities at the lowest market price. OVER A CENTURY OLD.— *Drinks Whisky and Has Used Tobacco for a TVhole Century. The Chicago Times of a recent date contained the following special from Manchester, this state, concerniugthe oldest man in Iowa: One hundred and fifteen years old! That is a great age, one attained by but few in the history of mankind, ret it is the correct age of Christian Conrad, who lives quietly on his farm a few miles from Manchester where he aas lived about thirty. He was 8 years old when Lord Corn' wallis surrendered at Yorktowm He was 20 when Washington died* He HOT RACE FOR LIFE. Two Hen at Swca City in the Hands * ' of a Hob* A special frbm Bancroft to the Ke- publican this week says: Quite an excitement was caused here Tuesday, when it became known that Geo. Hill had made a hasty departure from Swea City Monday night without hat, coat or shoes and came by the nearest and most direct route to Bancroft, arriving at about 2 o,clock Tuesday morning. It seems that Geo. Hill and B. M. Eyan were sitting in the Anderson Bros, hotel, when a mob variously estimated from 7S to 200 men, surrounded the hotel, and one of them came in and said that Ryan and Hill were wanted. Hill pushed through the crowd and ran toward Bancroft, about BO men -,»' was4S when Jackson became presidenW^ursuing him. When he got a little i-VOld Stand. WALKER BROS SPURBECK & bAMBERT, Manufacturers and Dealers in ALGONA, - IOWA. " We will save you money on tjie following: Belting of all klucls—leather, Oancly and rubber j complete stock of Engineer's Supplies; Gas Pipe and fittings; Globe Valves; all kinds of Steam Fittings, Hose and Hose Fittings; Oils of all kinds. Wo Uavo a largo stock of Cylinder Oil and Cup Grease a specialty. Large stock of other goods too numerous to mention.' Give us a call. Factory and supply house near 0. & N. W. Depot. He was 65 when the Mexican wa broke out. He was 82 when the, late civil War begun. He was 28 year old When Fulton's first steamboat plied the Hudson. He was 29 when the first steamship crossed the Atlantic. The Iowa census of 1885 has a "roll of honor" in. which is recorded : the names of about a dozen centenarians, and among the others appears that Of Mr Conrad, whose age was then given March, 1882, as 106. All the others have died, but our veteran still survives and retains his health, while his mind is remarkably cluar. He is a very small looking man, and will not weigh over 100 pounds; in fact, as he expressed it himself he is a "good deal dried up." However, his figure is erect, his eyes bright and clear, and he walks with as much steadiness as the ordinary man of 70 or 80 years. He says he enjoys good health has a good appetite, and never was sick a day in his life. His greatest pride is in having seen Washington and heard a speech from his own lips. Of that occurence he says: > "Yes ,sir; I have seen Gen. Washington. I went down to Philadelphia on horseback for that purpose.- I was then a young man, probably 16 or 17 years old. I remember the circumstances better than though it was yesterday. I think it was about the time he went out of office. There was a great crowd and the road was filled with people for eleven miles. Gen. Washington appeared at the bend of the procession, and was accompanied by thirty-two of his old war officer!* and generals and all on horseback. He rode a dapple-gray horse. He appeared to be a tall man, smooth 1'acC large nose, and such a man as we pick out in a crowd. Gen. Vashington made a speech that day nd I heard him." "Can you recollect anything that 3ren, 'Washington said." ' I remember that he praised his gen- rals and told the people to be loyal and true to the goverment, He told hem that if they would always listen o what generals said they would never go astray. That was a wonderful ight. The people cheered as Wast}-' nerton passed. He was very populaf, nd the people loved him while he was> iving. In answer to an inquiry as to his labits, he said that he has used both obacco and whiskey for over lOOyears and exposed himself to all dnds of weather, and as to eating says ihat he partakes of about everythng ihat is on the table that can be eaten without teeth, while to keep up his itality he takes alcohol diluted in water several times a day. As to the future, he said: "The ast card has passed over my head, which means that I will not live until my next birthday. I have had a good jime. I have got a nice home, a good arm, and I have g^ot it fixed so wh,en- ever I want money I can go to the enemg -We Haridle the Genuine &;•>& '&&• ExcliisiveiB^glt to This Wire in' Algon*. • He absolutely refuses to accept a pension under the general law that fives one to every soldier of the \yar of .812. He says he doesn't havq to tajte ' ways he took of his coat, vest and shoes to insure speedier locomotion. The crowd pursued him nearly a mile and concluded that he was too fleet of foot, but some of them wanted to pursue him .-with'horses but afterwards changed their mind. Ryan remained behind and began reasoning with the crowd as best he could for a time but the crowd had several new men In it who did not like Ryan for several reasons, among them being the supposed incendiary burning of the drug store recently, However, the crowd contented themselves by slightly bruising Ryan and let him go. It appears that Hill has been having trouble with some of the boys up there and recently had a fight with several of them and Hill came out first and this angered the boys, and coupled with the above reason, was the cause of the riot. Mr. Ryan arrived in Bancroft about 10 o'clock this morning and was able to be about, but Mr. Hill is lying in bed at F. .T. Byrne's, who kindly took him in and gave him shelter, Mr. Hill's feet are pretty badly cut up and blistered by his nocturnal travel. SOMETHING ABOUT AV/ARDS. Excellence is Specified by the Wording-. —The Kimball Awards as an Example, A Marked Illustration. Notwithstanding the many explanations regarding the awards at- the Fair, it is found that agents throughout, the country do not seem to comprehend the intent of the authorities. A few words on the subject may be of value—even if repeated from the press. In advertising, certain exag- erations lire, we know, deemed allo>v- able; but, as a matter of I'act, there Was no "tirst premium" at the Fair, nor "g'61d'me'dal." Each successful exhibitor was awarded a bronze medal for his particular display and a diploma setting forth why the medal was so awarded. The degrees of excellence are specified by the wording of these diplomas. The gist, thu nub of the whole matter lies in the phraseology of these written opinions of the experts selected to examine the various displays. It follows that careful analysis gives certain manufactures the right to claim distinguished, marked and highest honors. For example: The W. W. Kimball company made three special exhibits —pianos, reed organs and portable pipe organs. For each display they received a remarkable diploma—and, indeed, iu regard to the portable pipe organ the judge specifically stated in plainest English that it was entitled to the highest award. For the Kimball piano the highest praise was given for tone (the word "remarkable" being used—the only instance in all the diplomas)," action, design and skilled workmanship; and the Kimball reed organs were given the highest commendation for the same points of excellence. With these superlative words in black and white signed by the judges, the W. W. Kimball company announce "highest honors," and, in proof of their claim, publish in detail the diploma awarded 'each display. And the display was as wonderful as beautiful—for, be it remembered that, these magnificent specimens of the art of instrument making were all from the factory of one company. Never before, in the history of expositions, were pianos, reed organs and pipe organs exhibited in one booth, the product of one company's factories—the whole to receive individual sweeping honors at the,hands of the judges. ' ' , Small wonder that the W, W. Kim- pall company herald the proud distinction to the confines of the country; small wonder that the Chicago- ana warmly congratulate the roanu- CLOAKS Fine Crockery AT THE NEW STORE. Just arrived; bought in Chicago on ray way home from the east. It > v }Ji will pay everybody in Kossuth county to call, as I have th6 ; ?'^ finest stock of groceries that can be bought. Prices 'to suit the • *\1 hard times. J ' „ M; FRUITS of all kinds of the best quality. Anyone wishing to-buy ^ their Flour for the year I will give a good discount and war r -A] rant every sack. Salt c by the barrel. , - '^ Do not forget that you csm buy more from me for one dollar' tha'a^sl at any other store in Iowa. Thanks for past favois, and, ycm^^ will always find me ready to satisfy you wants in my line. ' I 1 , ' j»| JAMES PATTERSON. "• ^1 COWLES BLOCK, — ALGONA, IOWA.% PATTERSON & SARCHETT; (Successors to Patterson Bros.} ain Grocery. •'• • i >ijf U./l We have a large and first class stock of groceries that we will sell as";; J cheap as the cheapest, and will spare no pains to please our customers^ /We^fti solicit a share of the public patronage and invite our frlepds to ,call and see'^ij us and give us a trial. We guarantee satisfaction. / \' ' .- • "''fv«K&& j f , **?,?*<& PATTERSON/ ' iT "-™™™ "••*•» The Newest! The Nobbiest! - ;;v;;?li t . * 1 ,, «W AND SHOES w:m Are to be had at , ( '^'v-t'ffij - B. H. AndersonM-S ' .... At Stougti's Old Stand. a pension, andit^makes him s|ck to lee so many worthless fellows 'Jfeed- ng off the government! He, says he wept to war to i'lick the British," and lavipg cjone that', he is amply repaid,, That's Our Reputation The members of Co, Kwho were at Alg'opa/t last week) are .loud la'their praise '.of.'the/ AlBopa boys., Bv^ry-' thing was ftee, and each mer^be,Ep| Qo/ F.viecJ wjth tt]ie ojihe'r la" making •_'' boys':fe,el athojqei 'ThQAjganft'peo in, general are noted for their hqspai " the. tyjys 'were/ on}y peeping up*' — of foe- ejty,/ If facturers—for the,honors are honors indeed, and Chicago itself receives, although 'indirectly, 1 a share of the, lavish praise bebtowcd, The W..W, Kimball cpmpany went Into the exhibition with their regular warerpom stock, having faith in their 'ability, pride in their products and entire confidence in the result'of fair judgement—but wo doubt if their wildest) dreams pf hopQ equalled the aptual sweeping, overwhelming honors sp'freoly Bestowed i^pon^them by Jbhe offlplftlis of< the; great Columbian ejfpqsltJon.^rSt. Paul Pioneer Press, ' A 1 f UjV.Mp'e Of, the apoye name'fl W, We have a Great Variety of New Goods ^ r - w are selling Very Cheap, ' • - • '.,''',' '"-$$$$ Don't fail to see us if you want the "R««^-^^« want to buy Cheap. ; • ;; ; s State St., j' Iowa. fo«i^e^n*;M?;^' . _2 v 1 ? A 1 *-*.!- — V* 1 T- _ ii@l P t-!iSfeT7.,«l, '/l?«Vj..-.iSk/»a« ^ ^ w "^ T 7 r - ' * r ^ TT i i B WiX ? f^i,*, P ' r r "V., r • ^T jiTt j iTf ***' jr^f^J-^-^f^T^^-tiff^f -^ttS-fTI*^ i?V* Qne'pri'sbort'noM^H-PIpei'ancl^lpe^ttJ ngs aR&b raw jrap^Qfe&w t>Qi?|^jWe'are,jh8r^^ , , ^JMteU Qr^,^ 'Vt\ .,\. C-W-'po >^.? v ^^ i lp ''J^L 1 " ,"' i ^!l *'•{.»! i.» J' 1 ''~*4fl™'Bik' "^ j ~ i"V •i^jiy'y^jfr'ivi' l?!"*'^ jjf&JHjflf^^ JiiVsffivaiW'SKM fis-iwi- v.-f-'fMr^WffiWKK'm j$rfo& a mQmmim$& "isysffiS-^Rwrnh? -i?;«*?« if 1^£,nW

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