Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on December 31, 1949 · Page 14
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 14

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 31, 1949
Page 14
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ALTON EVENIK6 TELEGRAPH me Gains Oee. 31 (#>--Tho Market h»a a little trouble Us Balance today. ,• ^refit-taking sale* clipped the - ^ Wings of tome of y&rierday's high- ,'"'Itylng stocks and buying power \ generally was on the skimpy side. *~ the result was a scramble of " gains and losses, few of them !' exceeding small fractions. A wide variety of leaders remained at Friday's closing levels. Business was better than usual ' for a Saturday session. Yesterday the market took off on a year-end sprint that carrier! the price level almost to the highest point In more lhan three years. Turnover topped 2,000,000 shares Chrysler, up 1'* yesterday, lost H smnll part of the rise. Others vner- Ing downward included United i > Aircraft, International Business I Machines, Consolidated Natural j Gas, Allied Chemical, Weslinghousr? ' Electric, Santa Fe, Southern Railway, Southern Pacific, and Ceib- tex. Among the steadier spots were Bethlehem Steel, General Motors, U. S, Rubber, International Harvester, Douglas Alrcr-aft, Schenley, ZenltH, Consolidated Edison,'Union Pacific, Culf Oil, and Warner Bros. Corporate bonds were on n firm price footing! Abbott »... 51 Al Ch & Dye 205 Allied Sirs 33 3-4 Alfis Ch 32 3-4 1 'Am Can ....106 1-2 Am Car & Fdy .......... 26 Am Gas & Elec 50 Am Loco Iff 3-4 Am Pow ................. 1$ 1-4 Am Bad 13 7-8 Am Smelt » .' 5b 1-4 Am Snuff 41 1-4 1 A T & t .....146 1-2 »,*Am Tobacco 74 1-2 1 Atn SJinc *.•<.-.'..'... 6 1-2 1 . Anaconda 28 3-8 \ Armco 28 n-8 ',,Armour 8 ;,A r T ASF 101 1-4 ' 'AVco 6 V ^ .JSnld'Loco 11 T '*;;^Bendlx 36 3-s \V* : ':-,Beth Steel ............... 32 V ',?feorden 50 3-4 -;-'¥Borg-Warner 581-4 ;£ tBrlggfs 29 '•Jt'Caterpll Trao 351-2 -.•IChes & O 28 1,2 * 'Chi&NW 111-4 "f'CW Rl '& Pac 41 1-4 ' ' Chrysler 67 1-4 i$ ."iComwealth Edis 30 1-2 T* } Congoleum-Nalm ..'...... 27 1-4 I . Cons Edison 27 5-8 -• 'Cons Gas .1 ..431-2 " 'Container .'. 30 i COM can M 5-8 ; Cent Steel 133-8 '-*• Corn Prod' 72 Crane j 27 3-4 Curt Wright .<... 71-2 Douglas .....v .....721-2 , Du Pont".. 61 5-8 Eastman • • • • 46 3-4 Eaton 30 1-8 El Auto-Lite .« 45 3-4 O E ,. 42 1-8 Gen Foods ................ 48 1-2 'Q M 71 5-8 Goodrich ',. 70 Goodyear Gt Nor Ir Ore Gt Nortel Pf Greyhound * • Homestake • ., Houd Hersh • < Hudson Mtr .. 44 3-4 12 41 10 8-4 46'3-8 13 14 V 1 " 13 ........ .......... .... 36 1-2 r«2tolancl ........... ,„, ...... 30 Con Cort ..... , ...... 135-8 ,Harv , .....;.,.. 27 3-4 pf ,..,.„;..;.;..,180 1-2 Can 28 1-8 i....... .*..... 9 1-8 '. J JKennecott .'...,..,! 50 7-8 fr Keystone'S'&W 16 24 3-i 62 1-2 24 '54 7-8 «•£.- ,nasn'jvew «»«..».»<.•*•<«• 17 1-2 •; /, Not pUfcuU, ...„,......... 39 i-a ;•, Nat Cpnt .,.,,..,,...,.., 71-2 11 Nat Dairy ......,.,.,.,.,, 39 '/it Watt Steel .;,;..., 92 1.2 M NYCRR ,...* 113-4 S Mo» Am Avia, 11 3-8. , 'PJ Glass ,-pbby MoN & L ,,,,,., Marshall Field ,',.,, ......... ,,. Amer 19 ff, Northrn Pac , 17 1-4 Ohio Oil 27 1-2 Owens Glass 64 3-<l Packard, ..............,.,-, .4 '\ Pan Am Air ,*.';. 9 i-s Param Flo ............... 22 86 1-1 f 'J.,< Penney Penn ........... Pepsi »,.;, Phelps .......... Phillip Mor Phillips Pure Oil RCA iTvCO »*•«*•»*•»••< Repub Stl 23 3-4 Scott ..,...,,,.,...,,.,,, 70 Sears .....,......,,,.,... 44 1-S Shell Oil .'..... 37 M Simmon* 27 1-8 Sinclair 23 1-8 Socony Vac 16 5-8 South Pap 50 KJ 17 1-8 8 1-2 : 48*5-8 52 3-4 50 3^1 20 1.8 12 1-3 11 7-S Spiegel s 7-8 St Brands ...,....,,..,,,. 21 1-4 St OH Cal ... ........... .65 St OH Ind ....... , ....... 44 3-4 St Oil N J ... ...... ...... 68 3-4 .^-Sterling ..... ,,,....,,.... 37 1-2 27 5-8 35 3-4 60 3-S 151-4 1-8 ........... 44 84 Unw ., 13 5-8 26 i-a 38 1-4 26 5-8 be marked by bers. FORMAL DANCES IN SEASON —Upper photo shows couples dancing at parly given by Phi Tau Omega sorority at Mineral Springs hotel, Wednesday night; lower picture is of grand march .at Zeta Beta Psi dance at Western Military field house, Friday evening,—-Canter Studio photos. Upper Alton Walch Night -Services Wfltch Night services will Ijo held at the Upper Alton Baptist Church this evening. Beginning 'at 9 o'clock there will be n motion picture program, n social hour with refreshments nnd then the /innl pnrl, , of tho evening, a religious service that will include the Lord's Supper. The Rev. Robert Murdoch will deliver the sermon, At Calvary' Baptist, 1ho evening will open «t, 8 o'clock with n social time, refreshments a'rid devotions at midnight The Messiah Lutheran -congre- Ration. -^?Hl gather at the church at 7:30 lor an hour's devotion. Pastor, .WbsSler will have for his sermon topic: "The Call of the New Yea® Brown -JJtroet. Baptist will hold a fotlowBhlp-4 hour at the close of Uit» evening service Sunday Instead nt a watch night' service' Saturday. There will bo a reward for tho largest family attending. and Al Wiseiwuv will shosv the motion picture, "The Man That For&ol God." Members Of Main Street Baptist will assemble this evening at 8 o'clock for the monthly business mooting, After this there will be entertainment and refreshments until 11 o'clock when the group will go to the sanctuary for an hour devotional service. Music will play a groat part In the service. There will be a men's quartet, mixed quartet and duels,: all by the church folk. Extemporaneous speaking by the congregation of Hlllcrest Church of tho Nazarenc will mark tonight's service at Hlllcrest church. There will also be 'a sermon -by the pastor, oonureKatioiml and musical numbers by. smaller groups, 'the whole making an Informal : program. The people will assemble at 0:*!0, From 10 to inldnipht, tho membership of Allen A.MK will join In a song and prayer .service with additional J31ble readings. At 7.-3Q Sunday evening, the .'Tribe of Joseph will sponsor a candle-light service at t.hc church unrtor the direction of assistant leader, Mrs. Gladys William^ There will bo a ;'5 or 30 voice choir, a reader nnd eight candle-lighters. Youth ot tho Free Methodist Church are going to Bethalto this evening for a watch party at tho homo of Miss Sharon Keed. They will leave at 7;30 in the church bus. Games will occupy tljn evening up to 11:45 wht?n the rest of the ilmo will bo spent in a devotional service. The youth are meeting at tho church at 10 a. m. M9nday for one of their "workdays" anil us the entire day will be spent there, each will take his own lunch. At 9 o'clock members of tho Main Street Methodist will meet for a youth sponsored party and a devotional service at 11 o'clock, A New Year's service will b» hoW at Edwards Street Assembly of God Sunday night which will reception of mem- Owulw* Ghuw Tuesday The OwaisH class of Main Street Methodist Church will meet Tuesday evening at tho home of Mrs. Wllltam Rogers, 3500 KoehlervMrs. . Virginia Klfgen will be the assisting hostess, Those who plan to attend are to meet at 7:15 at the church for transportation, Babe HeturueU to Hunpitul th Duncan, the Infant of Mr. and Mrs, Wlllard . Puncan, 3705 Cptlege, was tak- St. Joseph's Hospital last suffering from pneumonlB, This )« the second ttUacit the baby i» recent weeks but this jiro to be af Curtis of Marietta, Ga., inet. today for the first, time sincestheir bibles were horn lost year and for th"jtccs. E. Kuddes, representatives on council of Lutheran Church board of directors; and those serving the second year of their terms are' H. Phelps and W. Wiedenhoefer, elders; E. Duelm and A. Moeller, trus- creator |4art. of the dny swapped Ideas on .miring children which they hnve> either learned by experience or through Instruction. The bnbos are sovori mrmfhs old Ron- nld Eugene Elfgen and five months old James Curtis. Mr. nnd Mrs. Elfgen have been In Alton since Christmas Day and remained here today In order to visit with Mrs. Curtis, who arrived this morning. They are at. the homo oF tholr parents, Mr, and Mrs. Elmer Lngemann, 2816 Residence. Various dinner parties and gatherings have been'.-'arranged this week for Mr. arid Mrs.' 131fgen, who Iff t this afternoon. Thursday night they were entertained at- a family Rnlher'lng arranged by Mrs. J, W, Lagernann, 3300 Main. Mrs:';Curlls" whs accompanied to Alton: by her sister-in-law, Miss Norman Curtis, 1322 East Fourth, who spout the., holidays in Marietta.' '•'.'• "Si'hoolmntPM Kcunltert Women.who were graduated to- Bether '£> years afio from tho high school at. Eldorado, III., nnd who had not soon each other since that clay, were reunited Thursday at tho homo of one of the women, Mrs. Ivy Smith, Humbert, Rorul. The other, Mrs. Anthony Martin, Of Elgin, came to Alton with her. husband and children to spend, n low days at the Smith home. They will return home Sunday. Mr, Smith, who wab gravely Injured ii\ August, when the tractor he was,driving overturned, is improving and a'cast is to bo removed from nn Injured arm-Tuesday. Home front Florida IV. Don P. Hawkins, rff Shurt- lolf, his wile and two children, returned yesterday afternoon from Daytona Beach, Fla,, and other towns In central Florida, where they have been spending two weoks, While fllllPd with Shurlloff, DC. Hnwklns has nlso' beun pastor of tho Baptist Church at Greenfield and has driven each Sunday to Hint town to conduct services. As a Christmas gift, the church released .him from services Christmas Dny so that lie might have his southern holiday. This vacation wns in addition to other nifls from the church, ho said today. lu'l>orts Aocldont "It jusUnhout killed me," Is the summod-up report made by A. W. Rechor, 3301 Jackson, of nn automobile collision Tuesday evening, on Foslerbui't,' road, n little east of Fork eyvi lie, as he w«S return- Ins .from the home of his daughter, Mrs. Waller W. Nll.sche. • Mr, Keener says n pick-up truck backed out of u trailer camp and that the front end of the Keener ftulomobilo was damaged. Thrown against tho steering wheel he re- ct>ivod chest injuries and ,yes(erd»y undenveni X-ray examination at Memorial Hospital to determine their extent. Sore and stiff, as well as suffering from shock, he had been condni'd to bc>d at his resi» dt-nw vintil yesterday. Instnllutiun uf t)fficerit Officers elected fro«i the co|jr to'setvit Messiah Lutheiv «n Church during 1950, will tw Installed in office tomorrow ;n)<u'n« ing ut tho regular 10:30 cervlco Uy Pastor "" ' W. F. «ad 00«8ld Kud- dos will be |.n«t«U«4 pn the hoard of elders; Paul Mcolet, Verboal Schmidt, c. E, Van Hoy end J. \'«n Ohlin, board of tru$tefis; L. W. Holtman, president; & R. Chrtg- ti»n, vice-president; p. V, Ston* 1 - bftck, secretary; K^nory Church, treasurer; Jnnies Angel, secretary; Rimer ant finaiwlal ; Korite, (J. (inane* boar4; E. , g, 5 "*^|i^jrA * Giving Annual Concert The Christmas concert, given annually at. Alton State Hospital by the combined voices of Trinity Lutheran Choir and the chorus of Lutheran Young Peoples Association, will be given at 2 p. m. tomorrow. The Rev. R. H. Seboldt will direct the group. Pastor Wessler of Messiah Lutheran. Church and • Lutheran Chaplain for the hospital, will give the address. TJie concert, follows n custom established ! a few years ago. Notes Alton friends of the Rev. Guy B. Hall, who resigned from the pastorate of Calvary Baptist Church nlrnqst three years ago, will be Interested in learning that ho has recently become pastor of i lie Baptist Church at Russelville, Ky. He has been minister to the First. Baptist, church at Lawrenceville. Mr. and Mrs. Rolland Cook, 2025 Park, had as guests Thursday, Mr. and Mrs. Orland Snyder of Ben ton Harbor, Mich., and Mrs. Mary Williamson and Mrs. Siebert Lowe of Springfield, 111. Mr. and Mrs. Charles D. Plunk, 2009 Clawson, ore expecting to iiavo with them over the weekend Mr. and Mrs. John Plunk of Springfield. Mr. nnd Mrs. Leo Larsh of St. Louis and their children came to Alton yesterday to remain over the weekend with Mrs. Larsh's parents, Mr. and . Mrs. William Pointer and to attend a family gathering there tomorrow. Mary Lou Sexton of Carrollton, who has been nt the Pointer home since Wednesday, left, for home today, Mrs. Lulu Wheeler, who has been in Alton with her children during,' the holidays, has returned to her home in Centralia. She has visited at the home of Mr, and Mrs. Roy Bonnell; 2613 Yager, and with Mr. and Mrs. Ray Newhaus, 24^7 Brown. ' • Donald Watspn, here with his parents, Mr. and Mrs, Francis Watson, 2612 Judson, will leave for Wllmore, Ky., Monday night to resume his. studies at Ashbury College. He Is to accompany the Messenger Quartet of the College south. The quartet has been on tour and is enroute back to school. Samuel E. Sanner, architect with offices In the building on Washington, is looking forward when the new home he Is building at 2050. Alby, Is completed. The erection of the house, a brick and stone structure-with radiant heating, is being done by R & R Construction Co, . Miss Lois Vnnn, MOO Brown, will arrive home next week from Sa- juilpa, Okla., where she has been spending the. holidays with an uncle nnd aunt, Mr. and Mrs. Carl Welch, While there she. has been making various trips to" surrounding towns and Into Texas, Carpenter Critically Wounds Wife, Kills Self . CHICAGO, Pec. 31 UP»—Pjjiloe said a 63-year-old carpenter critically wounded his wife last night In a hammer attach and then took .his own'life. Detective Richard said the bow* of Fwite and Elsie Camlc was a shamble* witji furniture overturned an4 "» path of Wood through (he house to the basement," He said Camlc apparently attacked his wife with a hamnter following an argument, then went to the garage, shut the 4o«f* hi* car. Camio'i deaXh I due to earban n\oj poisoning, ^«. e«8vip,.5&. fts<* ttm Soulli Side hopie to * nearby *rn* • , , . Farmer Losing , *L * . ^ O Ham and Eggs Feeling Competition By SAM UAWSON NEW VOftK,' Dec. 31 Uf) — Plunging prices of ham ahd eggs —deiight/ul for the city dweller, painful for the farmer—symbolize the end of a golden era 6n the farm. For eight years the farmer has had the price advantage. Competition to sell surplus foods is ending that, and bringing the issue of the government's role in managing competition to the bitter stage. The things a farmer must buy have receded In p r I c e slowly, some not at all. The things he has to sell have dropped sharply, or are supported precariotisly by the government, currently almost out of funds earmarked for that purpose. , Now the farmer, particularly if he sells eggs and hogs, is asking: "Why the spread between what t get for my products and" what the grocer gets for them later on?" : Medium quality eggs, selling for 20 cents a dozen on some Midwest farms, sell In New York at 35 cents wholesale, and at New York chain groceries at 49 cents—more than double what the farmer is getting. His prices dropped when the government recently ended its support price for eggs of 45 cents a dozen, New York basis. , Later on, the government Will support prices again, .at 37 cents here. In the Interim^ the egg market at, the Midwest farm level has gone to pot. Chicken farmers are clamoring for the government to put Us new 75 percent of parity plan into effect. Unrestraint! Competition, aggravated by uncertainty, is ruining them, they contend. Cornbelt farmers say buyers are getting their hogs as low as 13 cents a'pound. The price in Chicago is 16% cents. The price of Smoked ham of popular, nationally advertised bands is 49 cent's a pound today in New York chain groceries. . This ham, however, came from hogs purchased some time, back at considerably more than 13 cents a pound. Nevertheless, the farmer, noting the difference between 13 and 49 cents, asks how come. So, let's look at the middleman's account of that story. First,-the Chicago price of hogs has dropped 30 percent from its August peak,. But the price of smoked ham also has fallen about 30 percent in price at. the retail stores. The spread has held about same. , • Eggs in New York cost 15 cents More a dozen retail than at wholesale last June. Ttoday they cost 13 Mi cents more at the chain stores than at the wholesale percentagewise. The middleman contends that the- price of the farm product is only a part of. the total cost. Processing, transporting, distributing costs remain high. Labor gets' as much or ipore. Freight rates are up. Rents and other overhead are as high or higher. Competition whittles at retail prices. But it also .puts more, emphasis on costly packaging, ad- vertlping, premiums / and come-ons. The public demands -more service, better quality. It wants tjeliacies the year around, rather than in, their season, as once contended it. All of this, the middleman contends, will keep the price spread between the farm and the table greater than it used to be. But the farmer isn't convinced, and some congressmen from the farm belt say they are going to look into the matter next month. P._,Sister of Man Stabbed To Death Seeks $15,000 CHICAGO, Dec. 31, UP)—The sister of. a 31-year-old Joliet laborer who was stabbed to death in a Chicago tavern has sued for $15,000 damages under the state dram shop act. . Mrs. Carmen Rodriguez, Joliet, whose brother, Donald Medina, died of stab wounds Nov. 28, filed the action in superior-court, yesterday. Named as defendant was Theodore Nicholas, owner of the Lucky Star tavern, Mrs. Rodriguez claims Nicholas sold drinks , to persons who fatally stabbed her brother near the tavern. Under the act, tavern operators and owners of property in which the tavern is situated are responsible for the actions of; persons to whom they serve liquor. Medina lived with his sister. Welch Factories Restored DUSSELDORF, Germany, Dec. 31 (ff> — A German official said today that every dismantled factory in the Ruhr, "except the real armament factories," ,is being restored to operation. Eric Nbelting, minister of economics of the North Rhine-WestphaUan state government, issued the statement to the press. NOTKIKb LEGAfc NOTICE STATE OF ILLINOIS. ) Its. COUNTY 'OF MADISON) In , the Circuit, Court: Citizens Building and Loan Auut., a Corp., PlamUH, v». CJiUord C- Chapman and Carrte B. Public notice is hereby given that In pursuance , of a Oacrea mad* «nd en- fered by ia!d Court In the above-MUt* led Cause, on the 39th day of Novum- her. A. B. m», I, J. C sW«, Social Matter In Chanew of th* Circuit Court <>t MadUon County, IlUnoi* wfil on Monday. n» JflU» day of January. A. I» IBS) at the hour of 8:00 oWk in the forenoon o{ «ajtd day, on (fee 807 Lot NumhMfK} Numbered ™~ man't 2nd River. » .ulrfFYWSf fc» tbg" Bow Hete W *? •i.J, reqBirtrJ. Wfll toft f with adequate Irngerie eutid fe'hesd dfiMrt* ment within 2 mwrhs. Good StirKng salary plus comniis- sroft plan . Share in profits^ liberal bewefifs. Apply fa j»ew6fi Tuesday, Wedtesdo?' Jan, tttd and 3rd, S to 12, i lill 4. Sears Roebuck and Co. Pernmnnel Department 8«» WASA AttdN, ttJL. tit -rurth«««ff t C«-tlfic*t* showing^ the amount of the bid or bids, a particular description of the premises told ana the time when the purchaser or purchasers will ba entitled to * deed or deeds for (uch l«nd». unless the satnt shall b« redeemed according to law. Dated December 24, 1949... J, C. STEELS. Special Master tn Chancery of the Circuit Court c4 f. KDWARD M *T^S. C8Unty ' tlllB018 210 Smith A*e.. East Alton, trilnoU. Attorney for Plaintiff. _ Dec. 24. 31. Jan. 1, NOTICE OF CLAIM DATE Notice 1« hereby flven to -all persons that First Monday In February, 1950. -Is the Claim Date M the estate of Bonnie Summers. Deceased, pendinn in the Probate Court of Madison county, Illinois, and that claims may be filed against the said estate- on or before said date without issuance of summons. Dated this 12th day of December, 1849. EUZAfiETH STUMP, Administratrix, Attest: JOSEPH HEALEY, Probate Clerk. JOHN B. COPPINOER, Attorney. Dec. 17. 24. 31. _______ _ LEGAL NOTICE STATE OF ILLINOIS, I : ' (SS. COUNTY OF MADISON) In the Circuit Court: Citizens Build- Ing and Loan Assn.. a Corp,, Plaintiff, vs. Myrtle E. Schmoeller, Defendant, Foreclosure Chy. No. 16013. • Public notice Is hereby given that in pursuance of a Decree made and entered by . said Court In the above- entitled cause, on the. 20th day of November A. D. 1949, 1. J. C. Steele, Special Master In Chancery of the' Circuit Court of Madison County, Illinois, will, on Monday, the 16th day of January, A. D. 1950 at the hour Of 9:30 A, M, In tho forenoon of said day, on the premises at McArthur Drive, State Route 140, Cottage Hills, Illinois, selli at public vendue to the highest and best Didder for cash the following described real estate, situate In the County of Madison and State of Illinois/ to-wlt: Lot Numbered Two in River Oaks, a Subdivision In the- East Half of the Northeast Quarter of Section Ten, Township Five'% North, Range Nine West of the Third Principal ' Meridian, as shown on the Plat thereof recorded in the Recdrder's Office of Madison County, Illinois, in Flat Book 17, Page '49; or so much thereof as may be necessary to satisfy . said Decree with, interest thereon and costs of suit, including coat of sale. At said sale, I will give the purchaser or purchasers a Certificate showing the amount of the bid or bids, a particular description of the premises sold and the time when the purchaser or purchasers will be entitled to a deed or deeds for such lands, unless the same shall be redeemed according to law. Dated December 24. 1949. J. C. STEELE. Dec. 24, 31. Jan. 7. _ ., • :AKI> Of I'HANKF WE WISH TO THANK—Everyone for. their kindness and consoling words, and the many friends and neighbors, and for the flowers, the Rev. J. M. Robinson of our church and the Senior choir that sang so beautifully; also •the Hey. F. B. Stratum for the inspiring prayer he rendered so lovely; and for those who donated their cars, and many frlcndsi also for his lovely P,ost number 354- turned out with my husband . and "the Firing Squad of Scott: Field who performed so splendidly; also the Rev. Stoner of Allen Chapel, for reading the Scripture.' We thank everyone for their kind words of sympathy during our bereaytment 'of my husband and my children's father. Mrs. Mary Danyus, Daughter and son, and SisterQn-Law. VENETIAK BLIND COMPANY *^^ A4 " ~ "" -_*._> ^f. i flan St ROSENBERG MORTGAGE CO. MOVSD fO 2616 E. BROADWAY - DIAL 2-7121 OfPICI IN HALfe KtALTY £6. • _^L. SCRAP IRON HIGHEST PRICES PAI& Sidney Arst «>«?82—O.M.AO. fttt Vladnct BARt HELP WANTED — Young -. , bookkeeper. State age. education utid experience In writing. Stolw Lumbet Co. Main Office. Wood ttlv*ft..Ill. It HELP-MALE • PEMALB WANTED—Paper carrier to Godfrey. Apply Alton Evening Telegraph. «1 : 8ITUATION8 WANTEO—BtALB HOME REPAIRS ^- Miscellaneous work, electrical, nlattiMai. Unoleum, tile, guttering—any repair work In hom«. Phone 8-617S, t» BlIBINKSH . FOR SALE-LURCH. ROOM PLENTY OF PARKING SPACE. LIVING QUARTERS tt 1 WANTED. GOOD PROPOSITION. CALL 4-5269. RESTAURANT FOR SALE — In East Alton, doing jfood business. Inquire 101 West Main, East Alton. . . . t» BAItBBB 4KTl> BMAUT* .'--._ CENTRAL iLLiNois SCHOOL or BEAUT* CULTURE 401 Bennr 8tr««; Alton'* Oldest State Accredited Beauty School 18 Yean oi Successfully Graduating Students AMBER W H&NTER — 3-6411 401 HENRY PrM M T- BII8 \NNO11N«1BMBNT» GUTTERING--Spoutlng,« metal chimney covers. Free estimates. WHITE'S TIN SHOP. 2-1424. .. THEE SPECIALIST Trim Top. Take DOwn and Haul Away * Insured. ED KRAUT. Dial 4^9343 BLOCK LAYING—12o each; cess pools and septic tanks built anoV pumped, reasonable rates. 2-5415..2-6500. TO PROPERTY OWNERS - Beware ol termites. They are destructive to your property. For free Information call Century Termite Control. Phone 152. 1019 Ruskm* Ave.. Edwardsvllle. 111. All work guaranteed. CONTRACT CEMENT WORK of all kinds. Onion work. .Free_ «stlmat*. Lynn Wood, 3803 Frano>. 3-9293. 2-1175. . •.__ OBCORATINO , ~ WALLPAPER STEAMER FOB RENT_-. 1004 Phlnney. INTERIOR PAINTING—Plastering and patch plastering. If you are tired of old wallpaper, call us today., we will remove your wallpaper and, with the latest style colors, we Will remodern- 'ize your home. Call today for a free estimate. 2-6030 MAKE OLD FLOORS LIKE NEW-Rent our high speed sander-and 'edser Dial 2-2141. .1004 Phlnney ' FLOOR SANDING — And reflnishing; also painting. Reasonable rates, free .estimates. Dial 3-6514 or 3-3230. PAINTING i PAPERING — Removing wallpaper and patch plastering., John Ewing. 2-8795. IN MEMORY~-Of Lettia Ada Cox. We wish to express our sincere thanks to aU our relatives, neighbors and friends for their kindness and sympathy rendered during the Illness and death of our beloved wife, mother, and grandmother, Mrs. Lettia A. Cox. We especially wish to thank Rev. W. F. Bohn for his consoling words; also Streeper funeral home, pallbearers, and donors of cars; also for the beautiful flowers. Husband, Daughters. ...•••,'. Grandchildren. PERSONALS ALCOHOLICS ANONYMOUS — Gives help to problem drinkers. Alton address; P. O. 197. •_ • •-..,l« LOST—STRAYED—STOLEN LOST—Thursday night In North Alton, girl's red 'billfold, containing money and .pictures. Dial 2-8207. LOST—Green^.white Sheaffer's life-time fountain pen. Wed., Dec. 28. ^between Princess" Theater and Upper Alton. Rewards 2-2685. ' *.:. : LOST—Saturday night, package., con tainlng child's dresi, cap and ladies wrist .watch". 3-3581. . •• LOST—2 • strands of) white pearls between lUinojty Restaurant and Kresge 'Dime Store, (<•% in American cab No. 7 Call Doris irellor. 3-7101. Reward. TOOL BOX—Taken from Belle Telephone truck. Phone 2-<044i •_ FOUND—Black, cocker, dog, white markings; owner may have same, by identifying und paying for this ad. Dial, 4-8283. , ,. II NOTICE RIDERS WANTED-^To St. Louis Administration Center or Washington University. 3-8658, V. WHAT- DO YOU KNOW, JOE—Other than Ftaa Foam Is the perfect upholstery cleaner. Buck's Paint Store, OSS East Broadway. NOTICE- I will 1 no longer- be responsible for any debts contracted for by anyone''other than myself. Dated this 30th day of Dec.. 1949. Victor D, Bauswell. 177 South Pence, East Alton, Illinois. ^ • WANTED—Ride to downtown St. Loufsi office hours, 8:18-8. Call 2-5077. DQ YOU BOWL—In league competition? You have 8 chances to win'' $500 In Bowl Inn's singles tournament, Saturday. Dec. 31, Sunday, Jan. 1 NOTICE—I will- no longer be /•espoh- aible for any debts contracted for by anyone other than myself. Dated this 2flth day of Pec., 1949. Louie L, De- Wilt, 006A East 7th. Alton. Ill WANTED—Ride to East St. Louis: HOUW 8 tP 9. Call 8^5130 aHer 6:30 p. m NOTICE— I wliT no. longer b« respoij- sible for an debt* contracted for by anyone qthw than myself Pated th« WUi day of Dec., 1948. Jess T. Edwards. 70BA East Broadway, ilCENSE .^ »eve«u Dtrndml feiir*v* lot* in variout parts of th« cemetery are available QHT «Uy or Qlobe-Dem. rsaiy Ola>. 3-6941. HARRV'A*.' PIANO TUNING and REPAJRINU 603 Forest Av».. Alton. PU1 3-7888 HELt* retail »tw«- eiv. W«ntod.> Box No. 1100. car. PAINTING. DECORATING - Removing wallpaper. plasterln«;'"patch plastering our specialty. AU, work guaranteed References. -Free estimates,; Dial 2-8664, 3-BM2. ' •': '" ". "•' '"'•.'_ ..:..! ... .. ' ' WALL & FLOOR TILE Baker Aluminum-'Awntns* Retail or Installed , Free Estimate . CROXTON §ROS, TILE CO. 3-3069 1405 Rodgera Ave. 3-8386 WANTED—Paper hanging. Good work at reasonable prices. Phone 3-S987 or 2618 Yaeer street ' 85 'ELECTRIC—RADIOS ______ RADIO & TELEVISION SERV. FOl!lR MEN TO SERVICE VOU SQUARE DEAL.SHOP 720 E BROADWAY - 3-9411 87 HEATING AND PLPMBINO HEATING BARGAINS .We arc "moving and offer the following at bargain prices: Slightly used stoker. Has been cleaned up and in perfect condition. New Coleman oil water heater. Slightly used 30 gallon gas water heater. Used Winkler • oil (circulating heater. New 35000 Gas Floor Furnace. Do you need filters for your fur- •nace? We deliver. We carry a supply of Thermostats, Limit and Fan Controls, Relay Boxes, etc. i( , Day or night service, W. W. AUSTIN - , HEATING CONTRACTOR y 52 W. Ferguson;" Wood River Phone 4-6616 Day or Night BTOBAQE—MOVWU- SMITH BROS. MOVING LOCAL - LONG DISTANCE DIAL 4.65$1 * 18 W Ferguson. Wood River After S P. M.' OJ»f*-83a9 \ Used Furniture Bpught and Sold H. A. NEYLIN MOVING, STORAGE , ACROSS TUB StKOtfl OH , ACROSS 'I'HB CONTINENT LOCAL & LONG DISTANCE jias WASH1MQYON AVB OlAi McCOY TRANSFER CO. , its room ST * ILL. FOR QUICK MOVING OF rURNITUIU Most Ail Size« RECONDITIONEb USED FURNACES, Pipe and Pipeless. Low Prices 'WISEMAN'S ' 1128 f!!. Broadway Alton 2-9294 41 SLEEPING BOOMS FRONT SLEEPING ROOM — At 224 Acton avenue. Wood River. Call 4-4408 VERY CLEAN & NICE — Modern attractive sleeping room in private home one block, from bus. 3-5725. 307 Bluff FOR GENTLEMAN—Private" bath. Dial 2-2366 after 6 p, m. y ____„ 3 SLEEPING ROOMS—In "all. modern home. 1 block from bus, $5 and up. 900 Main. 2-8053. > 4t ROOM AND BOARD ROOM & BOARD—For eldefly lady, 4-9380. . ..',., 41 HOUSEKEEPING BOOMS FURNISHED—Light housekeeping room Heat, lights, water, gas, furnished. 1426 East 4th, 1 LARGE — Nicely furnished housekeeping room, newly decorated. llghU, hot water, bath, private entrance; child accepted. 3-T331.. . . LIGHT HOUSEKEEPING ROOM-^-SOBA East Broadway. Dial 2-5473. EAST ALTON—2 housekeeping rooms, first floor. Lights, gas. water,- furnaca heat. Also 1 large room. Dial 4-6685. 2 LIGHT HOUSEKEEPING ROOMS — Furnished; side entrance, .gas range. 18 E. 5th. 3-SB79. ••'•'"• ' FURNISHED—Light housekeeping room ' Lights, water, gas, heat. Adults, 703 Washington. 2-1740. HOUSEKEEPING HOOM —'For single person or employed couple. 1100 Washington. '..•'•''.'. «n EXCEPTIONALLY LIGHT — Two-room basement ant; children welcome. 1313 Alton-Edwardsvllle road: WASHINGTON "AVENUE Large unfurnished apartment; 3 rooms, breakfast nook, entrance hall, bath, modern kitchen, cabinet .unit, garage, 1 gas heat provided. $80.00 per month, GROSH REAL ESTATE 1002 Phinney Avenue Office Phone: 3-3576 After S p. m. Call 3-6062 - 3-7894 FOR RENT—4. unfurnished rooms; modern. Dial 3-8183, TWO—Large Unfurnished room apt. Modern, wired for stove; private en' trance. 2-3008. : 3 ROOMS—Unfurnished or partly tur- nlshed apt. Dial 3-8093, : 3-ROOM MODERN APT.—Off Milton road, second house in back of Greer Real • Estate' office. Apply between 8 ,,a. m. and 4:30 p. m. 3-ROOM HOUSE — For rent; Cottage Hills; not modern. Phone 4-7098. . 2-ROOM — Unfurnished apt. upstairs. Wired'for electric stove, stoker heat. Between 6-8. -319 Washington, East Alton.'- ... 3 .UNFURNISHED ROOMS - Privats bath", private entrance. 136 Lorena, .Wood River. TWO, 3-ROOM APTS. — Unfurnished. Dial 4-6931; 2 HOUSEKEEPING ROOMS —' Unfur- .,ntshed, heat and water, side entrance;. 1110 Putnam. 2-6160. 46 . FURNISHED APARTMENTS TWO ROPMS— Furnished for light housekeeping. No objection to ;small child. No drinkers need apply. 310 Mill street., .Phone 2-1948. , 2-ROOM MODERN — Furnished apt., newly decorated, front 'and rear entrance;, downstairs. 2-1548. WOOD RIVER—Basement, a rooms, dry, clean, private entrance, large built-in cabinet, heat, lights and water furnished. 4-5763.- , ••','•-'•• ROXANA—Furnished 3-room apt. Sun porch, gas heat, electric box, water, gas and lights furnished. $70 per mo, Call between 8 and 3 p. m. Phone 4-87B4: , , 2 FURNISHED ROOMS—One child accepted. Dial 2-1107 before 9 p. m. 2 NICELY FURNISHED BOOMS —For light housekeeping. Frigldaire and gai stove. Phone" 4-8094 or 4-85d2. ,, \ 3-ROOM FURNISHED APT. — Bath, private entrance. 624 E. 5th street. ' FOR WORKING COUPLE — Desiring clean, comfortable 2 rooms; inspection Invited. 823 Whlttler. Wood River. 2 FURNISHED - ROOMS—Newly 'decoP ated. close to bus line and factories, 215 Dorrls street. > 2 MODERN FURNISHED ROOMS — 219 Doris! • . -. , FURNISHED APT. FOR RENT — No children. 569 Wood River avenue, "Wood River. , • 2-ROOM -'•Furnished apt. Electric box, stoker heat, automatic water heater. 1244 West Oth street. Phone 3-3047. •• 2 ROOMS — Refrigerator, heat, lights, 'water, gas; side entrance. Dial 3-8093 2 ROOMS—Private entrance and bath. Refrigerator, stoker heat, automatic hot water: All utilities paid. $12 pet weak. 828 W. 13th street. 2-3115. WOOD RIVERr-3-room furnished apt., close to interurban station and all refineries. Private bath. Adults. 437 Short 'Phone 4-542a- HOUSES FOB BENT 1 8-ROOM HOUSE-^-For rent. 2-7288. FOR BENT—3-room house. 844 South 9th. Wood River. FOR RENTip^opm house, '3 " mTlei northwest;, «f Godfrey; all weather road, wfred for electric stove, garden, chicken''home. 2-1400. NEW tSOOM BRICK HOME-Jdeal l£ cation, $100 month. Must furnish ref. erencea. plal 2-1008. 2-ROOM »' adult, only? Neat %ROpM 5-rOom house, fu«* Reference. Dial 2-5100; :p River, 4-8788. 51 WANTED TO BENT *.. ^ -i5T*** WWWPB w«i>n ,1 peardomw IB ' «__

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