The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas on March 5, 1927 · Page 1
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March 5, 1927

The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas · Page 1

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 5, 1927
Page 1
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SMer Ship Looms Up and CrewW boomed Craft Is iTaken Aboard From Life Boats. New Voj slor.v ot t lie of (In! y terns mil . ' 'rh« Oil I till,* ihiii'lil )ii-r:ili!(>il I nlf^ht to Thp \V<-ekl >'r Rr-Kistcr. Kstabllshed 1S67. ; Th- Ifl.i IMIIy li.Bistir. KstiitillshPd U97. Me Ducked |-k. Mar, 5. (AIM A iit -y \v;is •afldi'il to (lie lo(I:iy in tlH^ rpj<- lierbisin Itlie SCI crt-w of •10 (if (In- fir('- (iWC|>t S|i;ibisl! frolKliliT Ciilici Hiit- iiiiilirt off Niw York: i> Torres, HIS K T ship (I VisHfl. elilcrKeH nil i il..: •o :ii lli<' hhirlilK'Ss nf til jilIKi' ilf*l*If illollfsifle till' biniiiiiK slilji W I KMI llu- iiiiinsi aid ; WUM bcliovi'ii lnlli 'H ii\v;i.v. Ho* I'uiUitiii Zalvdlfii iii'il his <rcw wiTf iilrkcil (111 Imni iliiii- sinriii-tossisl lifolio.ils after iiu'> • liad a^)aiiilotic'il tlieir .sliip ItTtiely tol(i ill- a raiiiii niessajro; 1 Tho <"al »o Tfirr ^s stood hy llie liiiih: iliK sliip tliroii;;li the iiiKlit in iitkiie •«if s,alvaKiiiK I KT lodav. "•SOS make all spei ^i. We arei afire." was the first iite.ssage that, «ani(; HirouKli the air slMviJy beifinj) ."i o^clock joiilerday -,ii ;e! iij' (loKen vc'i.scis •rushed to h <-r aid. i: The ; call for liel|> < (iiitiiiiiei! Ii .ij about it\\-<-iity niinttles, sradualljj; KrrnviitK weaker and finally d 'e:lj ! Uaillo ;l )roadfaKtii )K aloll^- the <•n^ tirt" Allaiitii. loast wis Ii-ilt -^d tii leafe the air In.-*;, wliile land (ioii= :iiid 'slii |iK stood by to await furthft- word from the sbio MI dis- Ircss. I ' Tlieii, after a wai' tif tun hour.-; vumn t ;lie ^uossai ;e:' "Lifi> lioat piiiked 11)1 ivith , i:i men.'" \ It wa.s .sent lir the Caht* Torresiand relayed by t'Jie Ia;ian>-i^ freiBhtlT Washington ilnri, NATIOpLS IN ANOTHERTRY FOR SHANGHAI [Strenuous Effort to Hit } Town Through Railroad Is Being Made Now j By Cantonese Troops. Sliaiisliai. Mar. ."1. Successor; to; The lola Daily Rpfitstcr. The lola IXiily Itecortl.' n,nd lol.i I'ady Index. No Ej^irdditipn [Papers ForMnandMrsJWihon Governor I'aultd Refuses to Issue Papers to Return Couple to Independence to Face Charsfes of Kidnap­ ing Maud Lee Madd Goi^on. Topeka. Kan., March 5. (AP)- lAI- The Governor Paulen refused today to seek extradition of Mr. and Mrsj. Victor Wilson from Oklahoma to face, trial at Independence 'Kanisas, on charges 1 of kidnaping Maud Lee Mudd Gordon, wfealthy Indian. ! A requisition for a nrit of extra.-* ; p idilion wa.s depioii to | .Montgomiiry I ''alifornb Southern I'hiiiesv uriny is tnakine st:eiiii'<iis I'fforts to'reach SliHn^!i:0 wa.s ilepioil Coiiniy, Kansaii. aiuliorities. who ' Willi tile tnaiji line of rotntniitii 'cjii'iii of i .\li;rsliiil Ch.riif, T MHIU- t'liant; lii- .Sba'nUiiiK lorre.-i. n^ tdaelii;; i!ir shuttered reKiments ot; \I,ir-li:il situ frili:i,ii-Kailn. bave the la'-U of |irUeiilui(; the Southerners from eni'i'oarbiiiK on the pivotal Instead of Kansas. No KansttH <:oa.rt..he .said, would have „ , , , power to cpinpel witnesses to come ijilesireii an opportunity to nrfje ibe : i,pr,. from iCalifomla. the law does not con- liat any person I K to be i tried in o|ie state for c!6innti((lnK ii<-|u crime lit another." (he lawyer st:.iiii'<iis elforts to real h bllanK!l:^l 1 ,, , ' ........ !, • . ., i •• I -1 ... JKOveinor of Oklalionib to peiinil | "He-sides • by. way ol ihe .xanlimK >•'''•«•^^^j ,,,,.,„,„ tile XViLslun.s into i-n.s- j (wnplate I luijy at .Miami;-Okla. (iovernor rauleii refused lo ROAD BILL IS Duelled for Her Hiie Ibe. rei |iili«itloii a SHIP IS DRIFTIX(; ' AND BURNING NO\Vl New,London, (,'onn.. .Mar. lAI'i The burning steamer Calio I'latiei-- as from •wbiih forty men were re.s- eued at .sea ll .'i tnibs .soutli of Hloik Island, last ntrfiil. was drifting out to Sfa today at two kiiois an hour, the eoas; Riiard destriv- or Wilkes reported by radio. The report said that the Jire was burninf? brightly in Ihe alt bunh- •ersand in the" maehlnery s |)aee, ^..tnil it; aiuieared the ves-sel ^was doomed. Tile Ciibo' iHorrea sister .sljiil) of the Calm Miitteras, wliieh r«*sei:e<l tlie lafti'r's ci'eiv. tho eOBHt Kuaid destroyer .Monairliaii ^•ud the patrol boat Calliilin were •• sfufldliiK by. .Iiiil:re'(III retire IV. \H'nr^U t>\' Wnwvlv, liiiln iljdiri want lo be |ihiiliii ;'rii|iiieil, sii lie iliielied. nhen the eaiiuTii itMn aimed. Ill- is (lie I 'iL 'iire itt (lie leil in tlie lipiier piedire. Tlie,lower plmli). liikeii preiionslj. ,shi »H> bun (he Jtuiue' looks. .Indue Di-arili and (M -ori;e ; iiale, .Viiiieic edl|i-r. Iiaie< b |tf >n baU (liif_' eaeli <I( I I»T. .Ittdu-e l»eai ;(li eoiMieted lliile oi coiileiiiiil. and reeenlly ordered >ltmi'ie news, biiy^ (.<! sf>|| 1)11 mure' ropii -s of Oale's neitspaper. HOME TOWN NOT EXCITED , ciiy 111 ."^1; el.-- I'111 lie 1 of til, ii .'ii,i liiile.s advaiM e « iiil-^ 1 IM^is in;: Ml K lit : « .114 nl I fli.'l I .•-iil^ <'iiMliii :iild> . Kai SlieU. di'r. have or iindi-rs I jio .'^iiion will lieiiiffered lo the ('an-1 ' tmii-se oil iipatioii of Hliaimhai. it ' is inipossiliie to ahiaiii •int'liorilative ;r>iirir:r,ati>iii oi* diiiial of the re,' I'or; adviser. J mine A. S. hini "there is no eas(' Wilsons in Kansas." point<d out (Hat tin .III.; I M». The Sonth '-ru- 1 was allem-d to liavi- arily ijre direeiing most j at |ii 'iitii )ii: a^aini-i Sooehow. I .vi-.^it 01 Sliaiicliai: t'lelr lard.s iie re |iiii 'ted to be l (roMi 'lliat place,' It reports ar'<- ilnnlat- iiiiiilatiK'circles 'Ihe l<"ft ( aiiloiies .'i that Ci 'ii•A Cliaus. tile .Vnrtheni •, ainr Ceieral i'bang tlie fant .onp .se coinman- iir:i-.ijd al an aKreemelil andiili; wlK 'reby no op- ter his lej; dl Indian Ki}i"l leen kidnaped added. "Wo do iiijt try peoplri Ifl Foiilk.s. told i Kansas for! stealing horses in (7oIo- imainst iljejrado. So |we slionld notfnttcinpt ludKe FoulkHjto pioseenfe anybody In lliis slate on a ehariie of kldnaplnt^. soine- lH )dy In" ciilifornia. HOUSE TODAY • i ' ' •] I ^ . ' : Parkhurst Joker Removes Section to Refund the I Taxes Collected Under District ; Plan. ' BOTHHOUSES LOSE NUMBER OF MEMBERS l.iU 'V, i-i'-. ;'iee t-' no coiifirma- liiiii .».' iiHiilly ' piilili-^bed reports tiial Si .i'|!al iit<,ie liattalionj of tiiii.iv^ h;i \ie licrn ordered to Shaii^- Nirie Senators, Members R^jtire to Private Life at Close SOUTH AFRICA •if Session.' Iiai Vi'iiii niosi liifti ' rinll'ei- tr ; ileisloiiil : liillets i.s \eiifiriK lljie ' .Viii'Tican aboard 111 tnsland. It would be •iilt t<i> find iiunrlers for lops here, and it is iin- (liai iiraliility lo provide iiie of tlii; reasons pre- laiidiii.:: of Washinj;ton,' .Mar. •senators and : 53 re i'otrhefsjtrom; South Africa, .Mar. AIM—Great ituiiil>ers of hopeful Llaiin I A I')-Nine prcsentativel, : many of them wlieel horses of their liarly organization, r-tired to pri-. ,. , . . .\aie liiP o|; went to other public I'''a'"""''" P" t>rasfonlein farm j tJie J.:.'iui „f,i,.,. „j,|, „f tlie Si.\tv- today with the same frenzy as they lo.ce.» -still .,uartered _v^,.,,,,.„.,.,^ • raced over, the roiigh. trackless traiUMlorl Cbaninunt. i i ... , .. , . '. . 1 , ' •'bmt veldt to stake claims ye.sti-rday. .A.\IERICA^'S TAKE- ^ STANDARD'S SHU* eongrc i :iKlit S -Ir,!,; their chairnnn. (-oil while iiiittee.-^ in the lnniHe Fact ; That Yates Center BoV Leads Air Force | In Nicarajfua Docs Not Create Any , Excitement. llai'kow. .Mai Standanl Oil imiior only two minor lomiiiittee <:liair- m '-U retired. _ -Vn'oiif; the .stahiarls of the seif- ."i. t.M'l -The'ate to retire was Sen; tor Osear W. ve.-;.sel .Meiiinn}:.' L'tolerwooii. Demof:r: t. .-Mubani^i. wiiich was coitiniaii'l'iTed tty Clii- LOOPHOLE TO [ KEEP mm\ Wiir Department Believes i It Can Maintain \ Strength. ; Washington. Mar .'i lAI'i \ He'ft-il iooi.liole liy means uf wliich •'lie army nijy in- .-^lueil froiii a ilasli of. ;!l.'ii"l men lietweeii now • and July first, is iielieved to have iR 'cn found bv war departiiieiii officials. Tim" rut was llirt'ateued Ijecause of failure,of tlie senate to pa'ss the (Appropriation bill yes- li cari'-ied many, itim.-! •y. • riues-iion .':iill reinaiiiB incd by legal oft'ii er.s •nineiit. stop orders on re liciiin withheld and l-rfoii has iH -en tak<-n i- ^w.holrsale reductiou deficiency t'-vday wiiii for the arn While th( to be exan of the gove recruiting ii no other a toward an of the arm There is kiid tti be no doubt as to legal an huriiy. tif the pr«ident to 'incur a defic-i; lor feeding the amiy. Another law forJilds e.v- pendititres jn excess of.aiiprnpria- (;oi;s so farias tlie jiay of the army is conceriieil. but that act contains ap e.vce|)tion in rifgard . to iray- mentis due on c.iijiracts already entered into. i Army eniistmenlis are .-ir lually <-ontt;aets l><'tween i the itnlividiials and .thii, government and it is pointed' out that congress has .specificaliy authorized in the <-iu- rejtl alipropriatioj;! bill an eiili.sied strength of,-llS,7r:0 men. GT COURT Yates feiiler; Kail., Mar. .'i. (.\lfi I'niil a year ai;.> a s!;-'ii i >f l .ei; .Mason's iieivi' w .i;-i |ia )iiti .-il 111 di'ipiiy I tier .s on the .'.lie.! il'lin Willi of; Ilie town waiii- laiik. 1:'.^ feet In' llie air 'I'lieii lie- tiiiik was re- r/iai'.'d uiili bliicli |j,iiir. the sign was "llilillell CilM: ill III' plO 'ess aifd I M.iiion, loi; till iliii • tta:- i'A'- i,;<ill'M|, ! The iilhei dav He tn\\:i lic .i (d Ilia: l ,ei M ,i:<iiii li ;id li'• II iiiejilioji id 111 lows ill: ]iaii b. s a^ the coiji- :niaii'|er id tli-' .Niiar.iKiiaii air fori- , es. Aiiaili lie lici aiiie_ I he Miliju ^tt j ;ot ccnvi isal7iiii in ilie'towii si|iia're | as jlie Ava.'^ when ||.- ilecoralei| the; welter tiitik back in I'.ill.witb bis ' cja.-'.- tiaiiie and colois. iiiiuli to the 111 till- lily counetl. I '.iji till le w,is s 'lni 'll 'iiig lacking in I lie (ilk al'iiiit l .ie .MasDii. Kiniie liow iji" lai I liial lie. was coin- Iiialid r I't till- .\ie:ir,imi.iii air forces dirln"; seem 111 iiiiieir;^te. Was it not soiiietliiiii; tjiat a little Kaii- ,sas fanner lio.v. a lioine boy; oni» they kiie.w and likid. wlinsoipar- ieiils still-lives aiiioiii; tlKiii. shmild , have liiiiie oiii iiiio f,ir. s(r.ini;e: places,' a reiire .s (ii;ativi^ of Vales' (•cniir. t.) lisaiiiiiiizi' ol,' lliciiard i ll.irfJiiiu llavis. to tin ili'aili jfnc -d' be? . ; Surely tlieii' is siiiinlhinic in bllcli a lad III .slii Ibe ioiamniition. , .Many iiij;h .si liui.i Imys Ibjive painted ili'-'ir class colors oii; lia/.- ardons higli |.iaces but fewliwere as small as l .ri- .\t :i.-i 'n and fyw of the places w^re ,:s La/.ardoils as' the water Tower. : I'ntil a daik ai)d r.iiiiy. ni^litMii ilie spring nr i;i(| when M.Mson painiiil the si'.'ii. iiinr class of be was ciinsiilered eMra- niVlinary iin 'rely because' he was so very ordinary. Ile'was ord- iiiaiy in his siiidiis. liis. manner and liit conversai imi. .Vidindy was surprised, to nieel biiii: bis iires- ence was iievi'r iilijeetiunalib : and be was never ;iiis-fil whin he wa's goni'! : -Viiw h" isniarked as a little follow witli iii -ivc. WIDOW WILL (;ET CARNEGIE MEDAL !!'s,- .Vaiieriarsiis iie :ir .Sliasi en K',!., i;a'y 1 V. ii.i-'iicii recoveri'd by the lipled States giiii Imat rigeon iji ,i .r llaiiKo'.v. TIte I'igeon. which bad been •li'oklii;; tor tiu' Nieihiing. spied at liavlirc.ik yesteiitay tied u|i op- iposile the iiatiyi: city. The gun I boat iliew 11)1 tilongside and the Sl .ijiil.iMl f>il enin re ognizeil it a.siwho werei ' an' Atnericaii War vessel. They I aiiglit riiiies iiermill ilig the I'igcon to imv the .Melibiitig . Into mid- siri .iin. rile ^'atlonalist ' troop.'i a'lriard] rlioiiglit | luiu nf their own ! I'l'i'ttice sM.iei .iiN .'..I- i^i«iji|- th.-tn III the' ill 'b' I'iri • li 'iii of W'n I H ii iitilil .-1 deiaeb- , •^'cw Mil III ,ri <iMi He- j 'u;ei,u Imarded the I'iial. il I r:ii mill t|i |i< ii '<io |i< and took .Democratic and who closed a 30 ye;^r earner i'u ciumreHs-. where as le.ider in botii the hoiiiSC ate he held the liighi (lar 'ly could offer the to t;.ke things ea.^y her-lo regain his health. TJie IJepitbliians lotjt (wo of thefr veteraiis in Wadswili-th of .\'e\v York, tiinl Lenroot Topeka. Kan.; .Mairch i .">. (.•\l'i-- Tb| road bill giving the'.state liigb-j waj- cominission $4iHi.niii) a year for; doiing unsurfaced gaps in iliel stale liigliway system, was pas.sed ! today by the of ll"ii|esetita- 1 lives OS to M.aiiil stnl to the .•^en- ale, r • Ahliough ^lie measure contains' a Hcctioii to i*i;(inire the rejinburse- inent of taxes collected for lo.ul building uncier the' benelil district plan,, u "Joktr" inserted by liepre- sentalive Parkhurst, of Allen coun-i ty. virlually iiullilies the inundiitory j provision. A reservation "in thi < origiiial foriu of tl.f bU stal-d that "reimbursemetit.s shall nut commence in aiiy contiiy where any; proceedings la re now under way for, construction of a slate mad in accordance with some federal aid ' apecification." The house accept-1 ed "I'arkhurofs.jniioceiit aji|ieaiing amendment' wliicb removed tiiej word "now." So reinibuisenient '. will be inipijLiisible so long as •pro-, ceedings are nnder way for con-' struclion ol a s'taie road." if the! sentfie Tails to cliange the wording ' The senate has voted consistentjly | in both the VJ'-iit and yxi'i ^se.ssiolis | for directing' the largest possible; ainonnl of money fur 'luii-^triiiiioii • of new stale roads. rai'klliirsl's' joker hastlie i^anie purpose. Itelief for taxpayers i:i benclit winners were digging' for i districts was providi'd in another ' bill passed by tlic bouse. This bill liy Jackson of liourbon cininiy. will permit only one road ib-vy on real estate located in two lieiiclit districts. It also provides for lejai- bursenicnts to ta.xpuycrs land is,in over-la])pii)g di.-4tricts. The bill to place $<i (iii.ii(ifi :it tin- disposal of the state highway for closing road gaps also retains the announcing the farm open for pilb-1 l"-esent .state aid tijnd wliich i.s lie diggings. It was the ' secoLid I ""^ ""Kbwa.v conimis- T ^„... rile new Intidis to be known county free fund." 53 House 1 Great Numbers yfho Won In Race foj- Claims Are Digging for the Spak-Klers Now. JEIGHTPAGES SUNDAYFILM Cndel'lyiug t li e .>iens :iti »niil Wiilking stick duel fmigltf on a New V-ork slrcel lij Ciidon'el Kilwiird ('. tarringoln.; once caiidliliilp lor r. S. Senator t'roni .3larylainl. iind ('iiin|ibell Carriitgton,-Ills neullli} broth, er, is i.llrs. .\iiiia Walsh? Car- riiigdiii, the odonel's eslranged ,ivii'e (above). (°iini|ilM>ll lias been inameii eo-responilent in the eiiiilnel**, iliwiree action, and deiendiint in the e.oltinel's t>).(ilill,lMMi suit for allegeil Allien- ill ion of his wife's uff eel ions. A race with sonic liS.OOU entrants including inuiiy women, started at the drop -pr -a large Union Jack, after tlie jreadiug by the mining comiuissioncr of the proclamation time the derenuiuy was staged, 'as ; !i '^""j„ FARMERS OUT OF LUCK FOR SEED BUYING n • eft- I't !"•" i of the bill. The membership .it- the: III .III ello It heir c aims were nullified and or- , ^, , , _„ . .. ... i defeated ( after ser\jinu in tli t welve and nine years WailMWojTth I 'eturll.^ in .\"''»- li.'nrk, whil Ktw in Washington. I Ill -Ill .1 -liiii'' •1 THIEVES FIND NEW APPLIANCE Use More Than ijOO Feet Of Hose! to Syphoii OutWhiskcv. llOlHe. Ogdt York, powerful i ways and means cot ' out of offii i; to aecei^t I iin -ier -seeretary of .and J. N. T'incher o ilargest man in congp itliresque figure in t|; f Wisi'onsiii, ir re -elccll(in seilHle for ri.'.spei tlvely. to his. farin Leiiroot will their dainis were nullified and orders we|-c ii.ssHcd for another rush. ThrouglV almost tropical heat the lieggers run nearly three miles over bum iiorky. broknl ground, then set o work feverishly to stake as itiucli of the best territory as pofisible. Many of Ihe run- groles'itie outfits.! Ilatti- and pajamas were con- No Funds Available i Seed Loan Bill, No"r- beck Says After Meeting Today. Senate Committee of thj^j W^hole Approves Bill, But Actual Vote Js to Be Taken :! Monday. Topeka. Kans., Mar. 5. (Ap> The legislature marked'time toddyi on the iiropostil to an amendJ inent to the stiite's Sunday "blija law" eiiactdl in l.S)i,S which would.' li-galizi' Sunday moving, pictuij^ shows in the .Siintl'ower state. Aftei' tipfiroving the bill for, passage las^ pigbt while working] in committ^<j of the whole, the seniite tp .day .pbs potted until .Monday a final vote., If tilt' bill passes the senate anj(l| the house and is signed by GoW ernor Paulen. it vyTli perinit Citi44 and townships of Ithc state to^ |i cense nioviug picture shows iffiti Sunday, it will mark also tlie see {oiiil move by the state legislature : to lireak away from laws regulat iiig the so-c:\lIed 'personal liber- tic."5.", the Kansas 'aiiti-cigarett!( statute liaving been , repealed iji! i-enlly. ;J .' f Passage o£ the .l>ill also woul] legalize the Sunday-la'bor 6£ publl< servants, ilii.-gal. according toj.senaj- torial interpretation, under thjt present 'blue law." This stattltjO makes it ille .^al tor any person "tii perform any work other than thki luiin:eho!d offices of ilaiiy nec^ sity, or other work or necessity. oj| cliiirity. on the first day of thi week, coin.nionly i ailed Sunday.' .\n amendment adopted jalread by the senate legalizes the 'wor of telephone girls, bus i driveij^ street ca."- <-omliictors and othep emplcyecs Of piibliciutilities whiCtt o|)ersite ou Sunday. Violation of the jiresent law is £t mi.sdcmeanor, punishable by a $.25 fiai'. Ill offering-tKc amendment^. Sena'or Bennett of Wasliingt^ri said tlie statute never was euforceei in this respect. ; ; - -•' The bill was approved by tlli ,'Jienatc by only a slight margin 'Of _ votes. ' Its final passage; even. |iii loritlie upper chamber, is uncertain.' [ i .Methodist ministers attending tte annual conference of their ctiurcill ; in Topeka called on their sfenatotji Uoilay to protest against ijassagc hi the hill. • ; . II 1.. .Mills (if |f .'i <ior on the ! iniiltee. went ' the post |if; ner .s woi^e lug suits Spi(-tlOtlS. .None ofi the hardy pace Willi the wotne'll and few of Veldt men could keep Ihe scores of trained O K; ireasui^y.''•"'""-•rs liiri-d by large syndicates Kans;is. the!'" slake (jlainis foe them. Most of ss and il pic- i diggings fell to athletes e Uepiiblican i *'''" been imported from all of the Transvaal at great j ia. and John Phillip tan. .Marylaiiij. win; j rciire.srnled probably. isp.'ki-n views for ant, hi'iitioii in congress. TEMPORARY party for years, will |{o back hiinie j l'"''!* to engage III the friirinisiuess. [ j <:ost. "ther spi-claiiilar! ri-pri-sentu-1 . Whether the syndicates will be live* to leave the Imilse were \V«I-! repaid for the e.\pense is a qiies- li;in I). I'lisbaw. Detiloi rat. Ceorg-; lion, for while the farm is gcnerai- flill. Uepiibii-|ly reputed to contain immense ai- cotnmission is incretised from tbn -i to six. The governor is to appoint i ! • ~. " . , •A tneml)ei= from each of'the six. Wasliiiiutoii. Mar. .I. lAI'i After road eiigineeriiiB disli lets now in ciinferimes today wiili President existence. The coniniissiou is to | ••ii.I'd'.;' riiid "Secretary Jtirdlne.- select a sta(o -" highway .ilireclor. j Seii,,i,,r .Voiliei-l -r. Hepiiljlican, South "who shall be a practical biisimss: I'akota. antli'ir of tin- $.s,Him,niiir man. chiisen solely,for liliiess. jr-' • .ed loan ii-n)^ in the lost defl- respective of liolitics, belief or jif cieiii y ;ip;iiiii iriiimi bill, declared lliliatloni^'." The director iwill ap- .iiid;i> lii sav. nii=liii|ie fur govern- point the state highway engineer.' inenial ,iii| m lariinn in imp f.iil- (,'illes will receive ?:;."iU fur every MMI- iiii;i iiniil the r:e-il i niign ss. mile or fraictbm of a mile, of streets j s-iniarv ,lai'iliiie. li- yaid. cmi- OH lite highway system. !|i iid'^.l tin-.-e was no fund available The road bill is largely tin.- prod- i,, ,.;,rrv mit ibe provi.sioiis of the net of .Mack of Ilarviy (ouniy. H ,iiii|i „rizin4 loins to farmers has been pN.nounceil by Covi-rnor ,„ ),„v ...,..| i,nil lertilizer. Pa'jlen as "probably the best road law-that Kunsils can get ti,nilcr tbe present constitution." THOMAS MILIjER TO TELL STORY Convicted;Man Says He Will Tell "Exact ~ Story" Soon. respectively the most oiit- agaitist pro- fliiiagii. -Mar. i,.\Pi—More i tban lion feet, of hose was used ! liy thieves in siphoning bonded i whiskey frnni a, gDveriiment ware- liiiase to ill! aiiarl.meiit building, it was revealed 'arly today A<ter , imlice. and fedir.ij agents had cap-i^Imulay on a tempi tary lured; four nn tj; in a spectacular n,,. .Wosho on the West lii.stid fight an.J re.overed thous-'road. in order that anils of liollai-.s'worth of liquor. id,, mw-$Gr,,inio ri^ncreti Tin- four were William "Klon-'l |„.j,ij.,, i,p liivlal deposit.s, there are some wlio cling to' the belief thSit a majority of tlie seekers are doomed to disappointment. , There was excitement enough BRIDGE Friday wheri the false start | Tn Rl? ClT'AOTCr* ^^''is made, bit' because of the an- 1 1& i.\J, Bfc, JjjlAKTED noi^ncement-several days ago that' diamonds valued at .Vu.liOtl pounds "'h-'ii;,,! heen found in one liole on' the MEXICO GETS ANOTHER NOTE ' Siiiainr Curtis. Itopiiblicaii, I'vaii-i sas. acconi.'ianied the Honth i jp,, pj5 ^(.j s-tory I DaUota .eiiator to the V.-hile House, I ^.^^^ .,t "the'proper time." !s:-ii| the pre.-idetit had iignetl to-j Miller was convicted by a fede; IV York. MarcJi .^i. (AP)—Conn- >r Thiiinas W; .Miller, conviqt-' coiisjilracy to defraud the go^-^. ent of his' unbiased seryiceij Hui alien propeirty custodian, has proiH- oftii .Nisei I ed of ernn Ibe Nle-!:!':i ;ib the jiresident of Sif\V.\\\i--:-in .\.i:riciillni:al ! .\.-isni ;:i'i<Mi In urge binr tji tidvalKie ;iii ;-iny in western farmi-rs for rlieir ' M—:! .-iitiidy. Si nator Curtis said ti;- p;''--ident was an.xioiis to help ^ i , the l:irniei-s but that In- Had tio Further Exchange Started • '•y-'y "<• "n'e.s.- .smne loanable Ci'cdit I ,„„re ti,a„ 70 hours disagreed in the case Over Several Subjects. ; fund *va ilisiovereil. . I • THE WEATHER dike" ()"|icinni-ll. whO; was held for .1 time in connection with the slaying M SwigKin last year, William "Kiir" Sanimons. known to police :is a g.'iiiglandj power. John Barry and John Davis. • \ fifth man was piiisued over ; tlie roofof the warehouse but he escaii.-d amid pistol fire by drop- l>'.nu I'.i 'wn a. wall of tin- Iniiliiing. whil II houses ' ' •"pre-wa-Y" liquor ^ With arrival of lutlibcr and er mal.-ri;rls. work \fill be .started : f;,rm. even greater tln-ongs were Mian .of i attracted iyesterday. Hundreds of St rriet policemen, most of thommounted, jonstruelion rifl^.T,. required lo control the run=*l>^n ! ners and spectators at the starting slartell <soon. Woikiij„e ' Washington. .Mar. lAPi^A ioti till Started c<onerelt' as soon striict as ihe ire will be ! further e.xclianse of notes bet'.ii-en the L'tiited States and Mexico is in pmgress and several subjects ap- pciar to -be involved. It was clearly iiiilicate,il today, h'rwever. that the particular con- KOi: K.WS.VS (Jenerally fair tonight and Snn'ila^v;, souiewlmt colder tonight. Teniperai.ure -Highest yesterday .VI. ai p. 111.: liiwi-si last night i:i at. 1 a. 11).: iiprniiil for today, 4(i excis.s yesterday S:, excess .iinc^. ^n""a^: "l^rf A^mb^ i. ready fo; |;affic. JOINT MEETING '!"'""'"r> MOTORISTS ARE troversy which has been .so shioiid- -'''""i"-^ 2«.-. degrbes; this; date BUYING 1927 TAGS FOR LEG valued af Jl.tMin.OlKi. '. Ol>oiinei| and Marry were found niMiining two high itn-ssure imiiips ' from wliiili 111.- raiders trailciljlie i long s!!-,i(ii of'lii'se to n battery I i .f tanks ii: the: aparl.nient building. Tlie tanks already had re- 1 i-ived wlnvkvj'.; which federal au '-nls isi'tnitiil was worth $200.- mm. ' i The American I.e .Xni'-ricaii I.eujon hold a joint mei-tini^ ing in .Memorial Hi I lu' .in infoitnal soc:: i fresbinents will he bidle.s. A large cijowd present. vd :to he ONAmES ..Mien county motorists are buying 1927; license tags. . ; ; Tliat is the decision arrived at j 1011 and the i,y chief of Police .Custer Pavls.! ^yiixlliary w^ll after' arresting scores of motor- i Monday evefl- jsts. Virtually all of those lak- : I. There will u-n to police headquarters have ap- • lioiir ahd re- idled for license plates, lint liavo, served by t le not rec-eived them No one has yet is expect- Ucon fined ed in mystery for nearly a week was not touched on in the presi-nt of commuiiicatiims. in- i-liidiiig oni? that went for 'A -ard yesterday through the embassy byre. LIBERALS! ARE FORCED TO FIGHT ROBINSON TJO BE FLOOk LEADESR! ARE FINED TODAY .^Siich li$ Indication, as Bill is Passed in House Today. ' ; ): J •Topekii, Kan.. .March ',. (.\P)—. ColTe .yville. now ibe only Kansas i city <tf the lirst class In which no illMlriCt court, sitV,-. iirobably will become the' seat V.if SIK: ha ttibutial fof al piirt - of (-very year. The - Itoii.'V' of repre .-^e'iitatlves passed to. dai' S2 to 18 a iiill iirovJdlng for' fiesslons <>r the Mbiitgonii>ry county xllijtrict court at both ('offcyville :»n}l ihdependence. Inasiinieh as a ! .\ !•• lin-s.-iisji'ivi- ol 'lbe Carnegie hero aw.ird ciiiniiiissinn was in Calil\>ill. Kan.. I:is| week, looking fill' infiiriiMtiiin in ,;in ••tfurt to Iracr .Mrs. |-. \V. .Niclndsiiii. cidnn -d. .Mis, Ni.lmlsiin, if, will a c,-irtn->;ie nn il ;il aw.inled by the rniiiinissinii wlnn In r bus- band bisl Ills liie ai" Twiii Isjand. I'ark.siiiitiii; ol Caldwell. while ai- lempllng ill save his wife's •liClc iliriilln T-tro'iii ilfm tiiiiL-. ..Mrs LVicfi- nlson left Caldwell smui after the tragedy in IHL'I tor lola. TWO SPEAKERS^ AT TOPICS CLUB ••I A PARTY ISSUE Such Is Stajnd of Bourbon Senators Toward Prohibition Wasliinglon. | Mar. (APi'-i Declaration llia|t prohibilinn should | not be regarddd as a'parlv l.^site' 'w'-s ad'iuti-d ;it|aiiieioitsly todav at'^ a caiiciis of Democratic senator(<.; In .1 s'tnteineit after the caucus.: lEobins m of Arkansas, the party floor lenU-r. outlined the! i;aiici!s ;ittioti ;s follows: • •'It is recnmiized that differenc«ts i Masliinglon. .Mar.j l)eino<-ratii- emeus Uobinson of .\rkiins was. r<'-elecleil IVij floor {eader for the gress. i|s, iinanimoiiv "cratie scn;( t \ 1/ rent-eSentative from each citv :«ej-ve*.in Ihe house, the action of speaker at the meeting of thill (-.hamber Was expected to be ""' rnrrent 'I npii s Club m-xt .Mnn- • followed in ther senate. ''•'>' evening will be Frank '• pa.'jsage of the bill, was the see- yer. who |WilI ri-iior( upon i-ondi- piiA Wig victory for .McGugin of (of: as he •Un\i\,\ tlK-m in Florida ",fe}-vmc, author of the b'ilj refieaK where he spmt severiil weeks during the Kansas anti-cigarette law ing liie past winter. If there is ElcGugin came to the iegislature time after .Mr. Lawyer has con- deterinined tp-<io two tijings -leg- dinleil. .\ir. Charlie Falrweather, '^ikelthe sal^ of cigarettfs and get,who has just leturned from Scot-: Hen, it caiinot be-made a nartv is u aialriCt court-for his c^ty. . | land, also will inak.. a talk. • 1 sue " I '.x'ist in i the , political! subietjts and . differeiiees res|iectiug I are tiot to be isati in nature. "In the verv arioliM- states oh, that thei^e'j prohibition ! regarded as parti- nature of tlie quos- I API -At today Seiiatliir ;SeVcntieth elJii- ^ .New York. .'\Iar. i.VI'i .Nic:«-, rauiitin forces an: mnde to fight hy their gi.-aeral .s. who fill the cf.n- for faiOtre to baye -ripfs „(j with liqut>r and tell t.'iem hew wicked the other side is. according to Wtn.'S. Ilrooks. American pilot in the .Nicara^iii'ii air service, in a dispatch from .Mana- gnji. Xic.iragua. la.-ir yi-.'ir -highest 5-0: lowest 34. Precij.-itatidn" for the 24 hours ending at ^ a_L ni. today, T.; total for iliis year" t;) date,;;; deficiency .sine- January Ist. l.i;6 ilii'ln-s. . .\II cliiiidy except 11 iitcbinson. Salina. partly <-hmdy.- .\rkansa.s City. Wichita, fair: roails slippery, exception lliitcliiiison, gmiil;. Wich- it;i niiiddy; Salina. Pitlsbiir.^-, fair III nuiddv. I i court jury yesterday which aftldr delibcratfbtts againsli fojif- nier Attorney General Harry JL Daugheity. I The indictment against Daugb- erty Idler was nolle pressed by! Federal Judge Knox on motion oC United States Attorney BucknerJf .\rotions ,to set aside the verdlet and for a iiesv trial for Millet 'WlH be heard by Judge Knox Tuesday.' .Miller faces a possible two-year prison sentence and f 10,000 fin.ej Aiii-on Sapiro. counsel for'MiU\^r, saiil revelations concerning' tHo manipulations of the 5441,000 |ir bonds, which*tbe government contended represented "a bribe, ,sharJEJd by Daugherty and .Miller. for the transfer of S7.000.000 in assets lot, the American Metal Company Wo Richard .Merton, a Qerman' indiii- tria Imagnate. will be made if necessary to clear .Miller of the fral«l_ c-onvjction.: cense plates. Chief Davis said. THREE SPEEDFRR COOLIDGE TAKES YACHT TRIPS NOW I Three motorists attempted to j open up; their cars yesterday, ljut each .discovered that it was an ex- penelve proposition. Three speeders were fined ffi and costs each ; in police court this morning. ! TWO NAMED FOR \V.-isbini;li';i, .'\Iar. :,. (W) —President Coolidgi- today resumed the priictio' of taking brief recreational trips on the yacht .Mayflower to break tin- riiiitirn- grind of While House biisiness. Acconipaiiied by and a siii.-il! croup LOST STATUTE ISBAgAGAIfl House Today Passes BUI Allowing Railroads . To Make Rebate. topeka, Kans.. .Mar. T). (AP)-^!^ law 'vhirh was dropped out of t^o statute book by mistake when .Mrs Cdiijip.p voluine was revised in 1923, will'lie C.'f friends, the '''-^'"' ' ' Do Ym Want Local News? '' know w that one IP 1$ • Dii .vou like are Uointf and papier? Well: in that yesterdayReii.ster It.s home new-s and Allen coun In the Count On the Socie In local were 137 namel> Pi-actically a single issue of body in callirigr 1 at your neighbors jind friend.s bf the rea.son.s you take a local y Page tliere paragraphs ou event you i.ster. ,.s columns :y people r ; / Correspondence there were 548 names. should have been pleased with carried the names of 993 Tola were 308^ames. .side the Society page there THOUSAiND names jof home folks in a't' that justify ^very- he Register lit "The on Home Paper Orestes Caldwell and Henry Bellows'Ar^ Npmed By President. . prisidi i:t af'-riinoii Poliiiii.-ic, inorninv 1. !t tin- navy ytiid Ibis fur a cruise down tin !!•• will r< turn .Mondav CREW OF PLANE . SAFE, IS REF'ORT Paris. M,'ir. a. patches .say t liat <Apl -llavtis dls- Miijbr .Tadeo Larre ! .Wa.sbinglon. .March '<• (APi- Presldent Coolidge I IH I HV gave- re rZZT'TsTJ' Y^o'l-""^;!' M. i^..g-s- sV-apiane wlis found ^ixtvil^- suit probably would be neces- Caldwell of_^Ne« „t'\^(nn^:i. U. f"'." ''"V<- J-ibi. on the west -^-ry to determine whetherrailroad* coast, and that the crew The'passed;today a bill wiiich will agaiii permit rail- reads to rebate money to shippers who had been overcharged.' TllB tiilstake nia'le in, the revision'oC the -ii.ittites liaA cost Kansas ship- re -r.- thousands of dollars. Indc-' pendent refiners tilone have elaim:*- iif .$2 .'i,'MMi against railroailx. . ' : Keprericiitative Shukers of .Montgomery county, a lawyer, who ex- pla'ined the bill to the house, flaid'a, probably would be .African ap- is safe. DExMOCRATS 0. K. must make reparatioa for over-, charges while the' law was out at the statute book. ~' " Henry A. ISellows of .Minnesota, to the federal radio conimission. President Coolidge made the pointments after a conferenc.-e with Secretary Hoover. I The nominations of Caldwell jind ' Bellows failed, .in the senate, the opposition having been ba^ecfon the assertion that tl^ey were hand jiick- ed by the commerceL clepartment , secretary. Their appointment will I dav unanimously approved the de-ri'ate way.s and pijrmit the commis.^ion to• organize J eisioa of the Reed campaign jin-^'also rejected a hduse bill proriil- _^___^._ _ ^ . _ The bill which would have REED S ACTION §! given the state tl»e same number - ' ioi premptory challenges as the de-^ AVashington. .Mar. .(API—Ifense in the selection of a jury Demrxratic senators in caucus to- j v.'as killed in the senate. , The sen:: means , committee and begin to function. Uie three j vestigatiiig committee to fo other members having been confirmed. ward with its.inquiry it chose. for- in any ^tate ing for the acceptance of federal^! aid for industrial rehahllitation o|. persons handicapped physically, i

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