Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on December 17, 1898 · Page 5
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 5

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 17, 1898
Page 5
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style as , -L^IT " r " ; -- J " ; y---•="--" • L _ [_-"- - . -p —-L -!.t-.~- t --_i• '^-.y..- •.-- L _ : . - . : . ^ - t - n . „__«_«„.«,«„,« XMAS SLIPPERS Men's Faust, Black ;n,! Colors, 10 to $$ per pair. Men's Viet Kid, ()p.i;i Hv< ivtle and Coluiiibin, Hhick am.' Colors, $i to #2.50 per pair. Men's Velvet Emb oidered, 7^ to $2 Boys', Youth's and Children's ilipp.-rs above) 7^ to Si.2$ per pair. Ladies', Men's and Childrrn's Felt Slipper, fur and braid ttimmed, in black, blue, tan, brown, red and green. Children's leather and cloth Leggins. MORRISSEYBROS Retailers of HIGH GRADE Footwear. !IV n>FJ TRI.-F.DUAI'H I'KINTINd COMPANY. HATUHiJAY IOVK., I)K !. 17. liKr'KU:: TKLKORAPH BUILDING, CoHMfBTiimn A'T. PI»B« RTS Till! DAILY TKl.KCrRAnl IB dcllrcrcd lif Pftrrlcm to ml I'srlnof Itio dly of Alton, North Alton nml t.'ppiv Alton, for 10 ncrAn |mr week. Miilln'i to nny jddnw. at tho r,-.'.<? of BO emus per -notuh. T11K TEI.Ef5R.vriI h»a tbi tnritrot circulation nfuny puppr In Alton, and In tho bP3t medium fc/r atKrrtieor.'i. rORMtR Tnillll »HI> V'lASA HTKKr.Tfl. Tri.«" PROMK NO. 3S. •:- FOR-:Saturday and Monday 12 Per Cent Discount on Ladles' and Children's Lined^ Kid Mittens. Men's Lined Kid Q loves. Ladies' and Men's Pocket Books and Purses. Also this humming special: 15c Ticking, (warranted to hold feathers) at We a yard. H. F. LEHNE'S, 113 West Third Street. XMAS PRESENTS. Wrx. T. S. Thompson, of Nashville, Tonn., in visiting Mrc. Win. O. Tlager, in this city. Scott is Iho busiest tailor in town. Christ mas cards and calendars at H. F. Seoly's inako nioo holiday gifts. Sheriff Kuhu was in the city today nnd was accompanied by Chief of I'o- 1 co Ilau", of East St. Louis. Turkish, Vupor and plain BathB at Frank Bauer's barber shop, 305 Hello at John T. Paddock and Mies Inez/. Hawkins, of lOist Alton, were licensed today to marry, and will be mnrrled tomorrow. Ladies' Capos and Jackets at reduced prieon for X'nas nt ,_,,„,,„ HAAGlvVH. Mend broken dishes with "Climiix" Glue Cement. Druggists and grocerr. Mrs. E. Trenchery who has been confined to her residence for three weeks, as the result of a fall, is now able to he about. Qnod Cook Wanted—Apply at 330 Bluff btreet. M™. A. M. Oaldwcll and daughter, Miss Emma Caldwcll, havo returned from Denver where they were called by the illness of M". Martyn Oald- weil. Wo keep opeu house until 8 p. m.— A Neermann & Son. . ^ The ice gorge did not break up last night, as was expected, and held PO!idly all day today, notwithstanding the rise iu the river and warm weather. ^ Miss Carrie~¥eibold, Miss Angle Murphy aud Mr. Qeo. Gill will be pleased to see their '-«•"*•«* $2 to $5 75C to $5 $.1 to $6 75cto $2 So'c Elegant Pocket Book in 8eal,Morocco, Monkey and Snake Skin, from Cheaper grades, but good Sterling Silver Tea Spoons, per set, " . " single " " Nail Files, good quality " Hair Brushes, heavy and strong $3 to $5 Also Silver Olotb, Velvet and Hat Brushes $i, i 25, i so Din't forget we sell the best plated Knives and Forks made and guarantee them and will give new ones if they are not as represented. J. H. BOOTH' 119 West Third Street. Tho caee"oT"Orjob vs. the Big Four railroad was given to tho jury last evening. Mr. Job sued for $15,000 damages. At last report the jury hid not agree;! on a verdict. Try Noiuingor'a Magnolia mid m w 1 nprovod Fig;. Today wa7~p^y~c:ay at, the glass works, about fe-10,000 being distributed among tho employee, and being the lust p:iV day before Christinas much of tiio tuonpy will «nd its way shortly into the channels) of local trade. Dr. O. A. McMillen, dentist, post- building. Street Commissioner Bcinielle had ft force of men begin rrtbulldirg the stairway an Fourth utroet, bota'isfin 1 Market, and Piasa streets. Tlip f.lopH I are much used anil are vnry conven- ' ioiit, PO that Iho traveling public will | appreciate the decision of th« rily to rnbtilld Ihinn. IWiiMer's IH the pluc.n fur you to gi nnd )nir- ciineo an NIHHH present for jour gentlemen friends. A nico urnhrcllii, a pair of drpRR glnvpB or flno Bimpewl- er* or nn elegant neuhtlo will provn to ho jUBl thn thing. Heo thnir window for hoantifnl display. Oo to M. Morltz'H tor your winter hondwenr. The largest Htock nnd latent Rtyos. Tho fond between Aldjrman Weg- eiernnd Contractor Kyan linn HRBUIII- ed a new phase In that the contractor •.villiiHiuitffl the offensive and aayn ho ho will inntituto a suit for damngcH against Mr. Wegoncr, for eHmlor. Mr. Ryan is much incensed at; tho charges against his Integrity and bun decided to tako the matter into cour'. Stop that cough with Stanley'? White Pine.-Paul's Pharmacy. Small Pox and all olhc r contagious diseases have no terror for those wearing a magic, medi'ialed disc, for adullfl und children; price 25 cents by mail. Agents wanted. The Sonneto Co., Alton, 111. No complaint of lack of water pressure could bo mudo this morning by the lire department. With the automatic arrangement at tho tauliH for confining tho pressure from tho pump to the water mainsf the supply to the tanks wan cut eff instantly and a powerful pressure was given to the dro- mon. At ono time the pressure was so strong aa to render the nozzle nl most uncontrollable.^ Caps! Caps! Caps! at your own price for three days. All kinds and good quality .--Casper Horn •llil E. Second street. Hard Spring Wheat. "Cream of the Earth," $4.00. ALTON ROLLER MIUANO Co. Ohas. Porter, of Upper Alton, was bound over to the Circuit Court grand jury by Justice Brandewiede, thia morning. The lad was charged with having destroyed an electric warning bell placed at a crossing near Upper Alton to warn of the approach of a train. Three other boys, John and Frank Clayton and Wm. St. Clair were charged with tho offense and Porter was to testify against them. H developed that the state's witness was the guilty person. Portor'e bond was fixed at S1CO and his three companions were discharged. UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE : : THE :-: PIERSON & CARR D, Q. Co. Will be Found In Their Office In the Second Story of Dorsey Fuel Co On Piasa Street. $55,000 fIRE. Pierson & Carr Dry Goods Co.'s Store Destroyed. H. J. Bowman & Co.'s Store Badly Damaged. 01 HER BUSINESS HOUSES SUffER. Pierson & Carr Dry Goods Co.. .$30,01)0 H. J. Cowman & Co '5.000 Pfeiffer S Bailey 2l50 ° L. Pfeiffenberger l ' 0u ° Damage to Buildings 7,000 DON'T MONKEY With your health, It's not healthy. v Oet Rood Mediciaes sid jet Cured. \ When you buy drugs, medicines or anything else you get the real thing at PAUL BROS., Prescription Specialists. "THE CORNER DRUd STORE." < Henry anil Second. S 13.50 Ladies'Fur Collarettes for Xmaa presents are desirable. They range m price from *2.r,0 to 9i»at i Fresh Nuts, New Orleans Molasses, New York Buckwheat, Fine Fruit Cakes, i, 2, 5 Ibs. Fresh Eggs. Ours are fresh and best Jn quality. Sawyer & Kaiser, Madison Bldg.. Phone 185 .Haw Do We Do If? By hiving No A«tnl«. Nu Peddlers. Mo Middlemen. YOU p a y Ono HTlflll proilt. Save (He-hull 1 suleu to soli-el. from'. Complete with all attachments Favorite Slns<;r..S f'fd in v on r Gnamnlo ChamclmSinsor. 13 Oil New ijnuan Our Pot ........... ir,,ini 13....-iuty ..... l'rlr.c»8B ......... 2u«i Cablnot Maehlni's Also Drop llo J.. 2D « Just tne thlnxlora .\ntas Present. Here in a wondi-r nrtver olli'i'fil b.'iun-. Cflebratod ' •Autoni;,lR' Miichme. «.)•'• sold for less than «». All Inii-ni Iniprovri Ball hearliiBS,«tc. cull cc - tbo ofllce Front and Henry »'.. MAPGOOD PLOW CO. >{. B._\VO have no AH nip, Cnnvin^rs, or Peddlers. . *l' J 2I» ni nts, at LADIES ! MAKE YOUR OWN DRESSES BROWNWELL & ioz6 Second st. It Pays to *••»• '^ u ""' Best Goods. Prices Ki'jht. A Irial Order ( i Convinces. ^ T. M. ANDERSON, GROCER. J Phone I7>. - 938 Union Street. (I For ft good shave, hot and cold bath g« 10 Maul A Hall, Piasa st. Corporation Counfiel Baker has filed in the Circuit Court his bill for injunction to restrain Alderman Wegener from quarrying in the BtroolH of Alton. The bill was illud yesterday but no date of bearlngjiasjjeen set. Tho damage suit ol II. 0. Matthews vs W C liauer baa been ordered transferred to Ihe Alton City Court for convenience of witnesses. Mr. Matthews is suing for So.OOn damages for injuries to his child inflicted by a bull-pup belonging to Mr.JJnger. For factory pants see Norman. Boyt,' 600, 00." and 7.V. Men's §1 and i»l 25; pood pants lor boys and youths 81, $1 2), §1 So. Men's corduroy, 52.25. Good Boy Wanted—To learn barber trade.-Maul & Hall, Piasa st. Smith's pond is now drained effectively, tho iflflt of tho water being run out today. The hole into which the water ia 'drained has not yet shown its ability to ditpcso of the water and it i-ilhe opinion of experienced men that it will not do so. "hurtlctl School ot ) MUSIC AND ART. UPPBK ALTON. ILL. W, D. ARMSTRONG, Director. Q. E. WILKINSON, M. D. PHYSICIAN and SURGEON, .—Uor. and and Market Bts. Dorsey Fuel Oo. lutve lull Be.Ui etreet and are now located ,il »H Piana street, (live them u call. Fresh Baltimore 6>HtcrB, cranuor- I ries and celery just recoivod at Sum- ton & Yeakel'H, 2nd and >l:ulu t. dun and 1'ioit roirtmng done by Hubbol.- Jarrelt buildini?, o. 2nd st. Buy "I.aBollo The b»«t. St.00. Automatic Sewing Machine $35. Never sold for leas than $65 to §00. Latest Improved. Did you evar see n ladv who used an Automatic thi t would use any other? Gall and see them atllapgood Plow Co. Private Investigating Committee. Tho Filth street paving contract s-cn-19 to ba the jisturbinc element in city nffairs. First there waa a light on'the ordinance re-quiring Ibe raving to be done. Then there was opposition to tbe use of North Alton brick, which had oeeu specified. Mr. Wogenor startled the council later by his charges of stinting on the part of tho contractors and at last a committee was appointed to investigate the charges. Tho committee reported that Mr. Wegener was justified in bis charges, and then came the news that Mr Kyan will sue the Seventh ward alderman for damages to hia character. Now a special investigating committee has been appointed by the Mayor and Mr. Ryan that is of a private character. Tbe committee was to have investigated the work this afternoon nnd will report lo the council. Card of Thanks. The undersigned return sincere thanks to the ttrernen and all others I who aided in extinguish!,IK the flame* at the r Place of bDMneBB Urn morning andauou, our patrons and friends fur their nvvny expressions of r,.Biet and pondolenco because of the des I traction of our Property. wSrssss: 7 -r *•&** ««_• Alton Conservatory Eighth Year. Third Terra. r e c. M«.lc, Art. E.«cut s ,.,,.D«l..r.e .nd Spec... Dr.A.W.Kup. Try HolPs S' i!i({.ir. Don't IOBO your beuriiu;H and go to Belle street whi-n looking for IJom-y Fuel Oo. Thoy bavu moved lo .in | piiiBa street. lor (lent. My 7-room hou»« in Midilktown, Stoam hont.- U. 8. Nixon. R. C. MILLS, ^ Bandlor Catalogue. Hard Sprino "Croiun t.f the Unrth," •-'' u "; , AWON H<.i.i.i-:i. JliuiNu i.o. SHO our flno assortment of EugB. OOIUP now while the aaBortmout id HUH complete.—A Neerrnanii & Son. Shciift Kuhn Icdny said that he I thinks helms an excellent cane againat | Jim Butler, ono of tho Eaht St. Louis m-'iroc'H charged with shooting Tboa. T Hiuuey. The cast-is set forluai- iag Dec. 2M, should Mr. Ramey be able j to nl lend tho trinl. The f'hi i ttnias nu Tiber of the Ili'ivil- If, a journal publUbed i" the interest tho Western Military Aerdomy, iu oiit. Itia lliUulwith mattor of deep interest to nil studontHund fnrmor students 01 Iho W.M. A., in ably cditad air.l handnonu ly printed^ Siiampoolngniui vapor UathH new barber shop, A. J. ZaugR, ._0 I'liisnst The libel casj of MM. Kwa Sumin or» against 13 Jgeno Dc-ew lor printing a liboloUH lellor in the Springlloid iirmrtl, was compromised thin morning mid JiHtica N.ithan dismissed Iho suit. The Kdiior of tho H<vor<l was to have boon made !><rty t > tho Hiiil. Tiio only place to buy OUM*ffii'U'>al in ai-1 PliiBU ull'fi't. Uonicy I'lioi t. o. Coal. Hard or soft coil at 13. J. Lockyer s office at qaarries. Telephone 1091 tXAMINf OUR CLOTHES And yi.ii will ».-» tH« tho 1.,-ilUTns «i- '•>!]»;; l ' ri ; li,. iiMwnm an.l tli» l.fHi. If y»'i my 1 . 1> " 1 ' ,"•„,„i iiMii'lK-lo Di'iUir Suil tllut IIHH hlyln, III i"' 1 llnlbli'at ufiill-pM,.', -»ra" to HM. Business Suits $16 to $20. Cutaways $20 up. Overcoats $18 un. Anyway rumo hiu"'l w 1 "' ""'' KO",H,an,l pllici L. (3. BriicKgeman Tailoring Co, 2i>l Piasa st. You , Hud** -nd Brthor „„,„ hav, a nice Xm... «"..*»/. One of o,,r Would be j'isl H^ thinu _„ «» n.] - ^1. -wi-"*^. W M "i^ M. SeHWEPPE, JBk JB* ^F *^^*W(^ Third Street Clothier. Fire destroyed the store of Pierson &0arr Dry Oooda Co. this morning, and tho stock with tho builiing is a total loan. The flames aud bent spread to the adjoining buildings and did much damage to the stock and stores of II. J. Bawtnan & Oo. and Pfeiffer & Bailey. Most of tho damage was to the stock, all tbo stores being heavily stocked for tha Christmas holidays. Tde origin of the flre is not certainly known, but it U thought to have started from a lire in tho furuaco in the cellar.. At fi o'clock the store of Pierson & Carr Dry Goads Oo. was discovered to be. Iu II unes an.I an aUrni was sent totno lire department through the telephone office. \\hon the first wagon of the lire department arrived the interior of the store was found to be a roaring furnace of ilame iu the first and second storioe, and the third story, which was unused, was threat- filed. A second alur/ii was sent in and tho reserve was cs.lied ost to an- s'st in lighting th.> lira. Six streams of water wero soon playiug on the fUmes, but the llromen were handicapped by a want of ladders. Fire Ohiof McD.ju.ild -aid, after it was over, that the lire could have been confined to Pieraon &. Uarr'a siore had !aidors been available with which to climb to the second story and pour watsi through the windows. Tbe Bremen climbed over the roofs of adjacent buildings with lines of hose, but found tin rools preventing water from being effectively used. The fiimes fed upon the immense stack ot dry gjodn in tbe Pioraon& Uarr store, aud literally dcstrojtd everything. A sky-light in tho'middle ol tho blore fill-nibbed a way "nd « drought tor tho flumes to f o t J Iho second story. The effect ol the iky -light is plainly visible all around it, tor nothing but ashes and other evidences of defctructiou remain of the building and. etock for twenty feet. The nrat floor of the store had bien decorated for the Christmas season -*iih a lijjht. I nil am- miiblu aflair, constructed of light wood work, handkerchiefs, fancy giods etc, i hat BOOH win food to tiio Ilamos, mi'! made the damage worse thimii might havo bedi. Tno i-Uea front ol Iho sl^ro was broken by i'lm intense heat and the draught that tuur« guiiitd iT.lrmieii increased the lury ol thu tiimes iun-M-1. T.J maktf matter* wor.-.e tho llro began to flp:oa.l to neighboring store* ami divide.! t 10 a lumi ).i')! Uiu Ufa men. Uitluir ho.ii, or f.iuliy uon«truc- lion ol tho buiMi.ig «:.ui«ud the lire to roiiiuiunicato to Iho hu.l ling- 1 a ecu piml by l'(eiilor A U.iiloy on Uio i-a«t and II J. li.nviiiiin & Co. on Hie Wet-t iido Tno joints of tho II K>" took IJroundtboUjwmiM building W.IH iu a fair way 10 follow iti iioighuor when tbo llrmiiun dHoovorod liio .l.ingor. Undorlhelin rjol "I lh« »'wmin building thu llr« ragod llerccly ant wani'MingulHliod only by a dolugo of water that rffoulivoly rulnod a very large part ot Hut ntock of dry goodt iu llmbtoro. 1,, i ho store of 1'fuill.n- fc IJall.»y the ioiHlsof tho culling caught llruund Hie liro d'-p:irtiiu)nt dolugnd tho Btoro with walor, damiigiiiK tho Htock thore to i uilo auuxlni:!. Tho I'lHt vustigo of'llamoBWas oxliiiguUhcd at !>::«) o'clock. Tho m:ono in th» l'iurnon ^ Uarr drygooilrt Hlotv wan nuo of doatruc lion Not a piocu ot goodn in tho Hlorc,iu.p»r ntly.ha.l osc.pud nooruh- ing and dronching. Tho destruutlon was lit) noar compU'to a« it could pos- Hibly ho, both to utock and building. Thelloorsol llui Ihrco «t.)riu« wore iilmost entirely du«'.roy«d, the wood work of tho roof hid buruburund under Iho tin, and the whole had fiilkn in Around tin. Bky light tho w .o.l work of HIM Hour, ilxiurou, otc , with tho «oods, woro hurnod ouiiroly. l-ortunutoly, thu sulo coulalnlug tbe linn's viiluahlo booliH was not in ihe worm Ol tho llro and ovorj^liing wu« ,n good order insidu of it. IntbeBowmaa store the erea test d image was done by water and smoke and in the Pfeiffer & Bailey etoie water alane did the damage. Mr H. M. Carr, secretary of tbe company, stated to a TBLEOBAPH representative that tbe loss of the Pierson & Oarr Oo. would be about $30,000, fully covered by insurance. At this eeason of the year the stock is unnsua ly large and a rough estimate of its value would be about that amount. The building belongs to the eetate of Norton Johnson of Philadelphia, and was a very old one. It can be replaced by a new one for about 86 000. The Pierson & Carr Dry Goods Co. had been iu its present quarters twenty years last August, and bus been iu business fince 1875, without interruption. It enjoys the reputation of being one of the first business houses of importance in this part of the country and In its misfortune now will have many to offer sympathy and regrets. Mr. W. H. Humpidga, of H. J. Bowman & Co., today estimated his firm's loss at 815,000 and insurance on tbe entire stock was about tbnt amount. The Bowman store building is not much damaged except by water and the interruption of business will not be for long. It is owned by the Bowman estate. Mr. Pfeiffer said that his loss would anount to probably 85,000 and his IL- sarnnee IB 82,500. The office of Architect L Pfeiffenberger over the store of Pfeiffer & Bailey was damaged to the extent of $1,000. Flames from the third story ot Pierson & Oarr'a store entered the olllce, and water wet valnible papers and p'aus. Mr. Pfeiffenberger stated that his loss would be 91,000 on office property. The building is owned jointly by Mr. Pfeiffenfcerger and Shurtleff College. Is all we ask for a watranted 20 year Gold Filled Ladies Watch. A genuine snap. Only a few at this price. Our stock of Ladies' Chains is very low in price and high in quality. Solid Gold as low as $6.50. Gent's Chains and Scarf Pins at rll prices. All suitable for Christmas presents. Don't forget i.ur $1.98 Umbrella for Gent's and Ladies. E. H. QOULDINQ'S SONS Alton's Old Reliable Jewelry House. Patronage hangs on a thread; that thread Is your satisfaction. Treat you honestly and it's as strong as a cables abuse your confidence and it may snap like a cobweb. We are striving to build cables; therefore we handle teas and coffees imported by Chase & Sanborn. This name means a great deal in these days of cheap everything; it is a name that- brings you a guarantee and satisfaction that no other line of tea and coffee will produce. . THOS GOLJDIE.5 Agent for CHASE & S\*BORN'S] Importations. ' No. 26 West Second st. TeleplBme Death of Miss Minnie O'Haver. Miss Minnie |O'Haver died at 4:30 o'clock, after a lingering illness. She was 2B years of age. The time of the funeral has not yit set. Religious Notes. At tho Evangelical church the pastor will preach on "Preparing the Way for Jesus." The subject for the evening sermon will bo "The Birth of OhrUtat Bethlehem." The evening service will be In the English Ian gunge. Y. M. C. A. NOTES. Men's meeting at 4 o'clock will be a praise service to which all men are o irdlally invited. Tho subject of the boys meeting will be "A Little Cake." Bible study at 5 o'clock on construction and use of the Bible. Scarcity of Buildings. The horned out merchants will find it dinicult to get buildings to do business in. There are no unoccupied stores except one on Stale street, the building formerly occupied by the Kire Department. This proves that Alton IH u bncy pi <oo and every aval'- able s uce for bu-inoss purposes is used. The Modern Mother has found that her little ones are Improved more by the pleasant Syrup of Figs, when in need of tho lax itive effects of a gentle remedy, than by any other. Children enjoy it and it benefits them. The true remedy, Syrup of Figs, la manufactured by the Ubllfornia I r i(J Sy"»P °°- OIll >' > BOYS! You could not please youi boy better than by buying him a nice RIFLE for Christmas. 22 Caliber Rifles at all prices from $2 to $12.50. Air Ritles from 75? to $2. ;: i( A. L. FLOSS, Third st. opp/Betle^ P. S.-We are headquarters for Barney and &rry| Skates. " s THE BEST QUALITY In flour for your Ctfristrnad biking is necessary to makf paltry, cakes, pies. etc. W« have the best grades fit flour and every hing in the. line Q table delicacies. Fine*Spices RaisinsFigs, Shelled AlJrnpnd^ Nuts, Olive Oils, Citron, Lem^ on and Orange Peels;' FreSf Eecrs, Boiled Cider.' 6 Swef Florida Oranges an,<jl choK Table Apples. A PUBI GIUI-C CBI»M or T«HT»R POWDIB •DR; CREAM BAKING POWDER Awarded Highest Honors, World's Fair Hold Medal, Midwinter Fair J. H. BAUMAN, No. 400 Belle street. Pftqne 11 TOYS! great variety of Penny Goods. H.A.BETZ f *50B.3j "fel :«w*J"1 BI ,.>,1 L

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