Fayette County Leader from Fayette, Iowa on October 12, 1961 · Page 6
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Fayette County Leader from Fayette, Iowa · Page 6

Fayette, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 12, 1961
Page 6
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Fayette School News were made on them TJy? friend- joying (???) seeing all those dar- Jy letters then were put <>n the ling (slimy) worms, leecnes, and bulletin board for the students all the other sweet little, helpless home near Hawkeye, Sunday, as tember birtndays in the family, a belated observance of the Sep- _______ to read. Friday everybody gym in the school eye tests Kindergarten— This last week we have been lalkin;.' about our homes; how many rooms there are and the i\ nt '.f . of all the rooms. We are Mi:,m ( ; pictures »f each room out .1! I!I.I;:.'I/H:I , S a'id pasting them on nil! -d u.-Uon paper. When we finished we will have a book!i I a! <:,!( "Our Houses". 'I'll' \< a ['.rial big fall tree on on: 1 J: 11 i 1 • J in hoard. It was hard I'm- '.: . to cut the leaves from the inal'iial hi.I we were very proud of it when it was finished. I'ni' dav we went for a walk to i'.'ik 'il all the pretty trees. When v..' ,'aine back, we each drew a tn e that looks like Fall. < 'oimic S<a#o. Cheryl Denny, ;:ii 'l Delibie (Joeken have just eel- e'• .-riled iiieir birthdays. Each one of Die j ;irls brought treats to us, which we enjoyed with our milk. ~ Mr.. Downing Seventh Grade — In science we are studying about birds. Pam Curtis and h Y Marline Brause Brenda Lchs gave a report on This six weeks has passed very "Warblers". Patty Alshouse and quickly for us because wc have Max Grim Rave a report on ducks, been getting our notebook for In language we are starting a hobby club. The officers in our club are the following: Steve Butlers, president; Patty Alshouse, vice president; Pam Curtis, secretary; Marjorie Henry, trcasur- science and our project books for social studies ready to hand in. Also, this week we elected now club officers. They are as follows: President, Dove Olson; vice president, Barbara Farney; er. Steve Butters as president secretary, Ronnie Lau; and trcas- First Grade — — Mrs. Scheidel Tn health wc learned that people need proper food for growth. 1; row in", bodies need balanced nourishment (0 meet the needs of the day. Milk, a basic food, is oft*n called "the most nearly perfect f o! " We drink milk as a b(|u:' • '•' i' I. !<)•!•; visit In pi - ; man'. and 'c we eat it in butter, '-. it-.' cream, and other .Sawdust also told us that iiould brush our teeth and our dentist regularly, scit nee wc are enjoying a mil. We have learned that • baby animals need care, babies of most fur-bearing animal:; require much care and Jr.-'"inf.;. The animals that do ti'if care for their babies usually ;.i I.: c a ere at many. In many 1 -'a^'i-.i, we assist a mother ani- • .1 ii c :rin? for her young. V.'e each made a dahlia blossom ..~:.-iC lc-vej in art. Now we have a big plant in full bloom on our bulletin hoard, also appointed a float committee and a program committee. Three persons brought their hobbies this past week. They were: Janice Stoneman, plastic horses; John Zaharis, rock collection; and Pam Curtis, coin collection. In social studies wc had a test on the Louisiana Purchase. In spelling we arc having our six weeks test. We have been planning our float for the Homecoming parade. James Popcnhagen and Roger Williams are going to make a report about prisms. We are learning how to multiply by two-place numbers in arithmetic. Johnny Orr, Steve Butters, and Tommy Thomas are doing an experiment on the sun's rays. Johnny Zaharis is doing an experiment about gas-filled balloons During this week we have been having educational films. urer, Gerald Miner. Our new re- por.er for writing the school news is Eugene Weyanl. In club our dues are really mounting up because most of the people have been paying. Last week we decided what our slogan for our float would be. We will be using Eugene Weyant's wagon. The float committee are: Connie Dahlquist, Cathy Alshouse and Ronnie Ycarous. Eighth Grade — by Howard Hubbell and Janeen Dilley This week we had a number of six weeks tests. They were arithmetic, history, language and music. We all hoped wo fared well in thtm. In arithmetic we have been studying the metric measures. In language learning how This 'n That — Well, will miraelrs never cease to happen — wc made it through the first six weeks Now our parents will see how much (or how little; we havi been studying! For myself, I'm piaying for a small miracle. Congratulations in the king and ctucen candidate.. It's really an honor and a memory that you won't soon forget. Overheard at the < ye tests Friday, "this is the first test I've passed all year." (slightly exaggerated, I think). Have you ever noticed that when the girls go to get their eyes tested, they will put on their "Masses for the ti st soon as they have sucessfully flunked, stick those specs back into their purse .until next year — same time, sami place? The bookkeeping students are doing very well in "juggling" their books. Carry on, kids! The senior class play is "Meet Me in St. Louis". Sounds like a real good one. I'm beginning to think our school is a breeding place for insects. We have wasps in study hall, gnats in the English room, and flies in history. Those cute little bu"s that invade the senior English class ev- (thank goodness) animals. Please, Mr. Jackson, leave them on the shelf and we'll all be better off that way! As Mr. Jackson remarked the other day, "the difference between a Fayette athlete and an ordinary athlete is that a Fayette athlete plays till the game is over." And how the football boys have proved this — both against Waukon and North High. It was quite evident that pure determination won those two games. We just want to stay humble and keep winning. One last remark: Let's keep backing the boys and watch them win the conference this year. Wouldn't that be fun to do? Hot Lunch — Monday—Vegetable beef stew, an ," ,; 1S crackers, tomato juice, milk, cake, peach sauce. Tuesday —- Baked beans and ham, green salad, milk, cherry cobbler, peanut butter sandwiches. Wednesday — Soup, crackers, ham salad sandwiches, relish tray, milk, fruit jello, brownie. Thursday — Weiner in bun, corn, cheese sticks, fruit cup, milk, cake. Friday — No school. BELATED BIRTHDAYS Mr. and Mrs. Otto Popenhagen met with the families of their children, Mr. and Mrs. Dale Pop- we have been ery day keep us hopping. Right, enhagen and Mr. and Mrs. Harto write friendly kids? Buzz had rathe r a complete old Tope, all of Hawkeye, and letters. We wrote letters and collection the other day read them in front and comments In "bugology" class, we are en the Duane Popenhagen family of Cedar Rapids at the Harold Tope Don't Wait--- WINTER'S COMING NICE WARM MITTENS — For cold days ahead (all sizes). Get them while we have a large selection of sizes. CHILDREN'S HATS New Wool and Wool Blend Materials Nice Line of Corduroy Material JUST ARRIVED — New Line of Dress Flats. Also New Fill-in of Sizes of Cords and Canvas by Ball Band — both in Men's & Women's MAIMER'S SHOES AND CLOTHING FOOTBALL CONTEST ENTRY BLANK Loador Football Contest entry blank for games to be played on Saturday, October 14.. All entry blanks must be mailed or deposited in the store of one of the sponsoring merchants before 5 p. m. on Friday of each week. Winners will be announced in the next issue of the Leader. Second Grade — These past few weeks have b"i-ii busy ones, and we are finally vetting into the full swing of sehi ol. In numbers we have learning how to measure and we have enjoyed finding out iiow big some of the things in 1 ir room are. For our language \v all brought a picture to school -iid made up a story about it to '.••II to the class. Most of the stories we told were very interest in v. Our health booklets are coming viglit along, and before you know,ft we will all be practicing poou' health rules every day. Third Grade — — Mrs. Knight Last week we had a spell down in our room. Cheryl Stepp, Dawn Zaharis, Paul Miller, Doug Langerman, Jane Bo wen and Sue Beck were winners. We are happy to have Mrs. Aanes and Mrs. Thomas for our ro.'im mothers this year. Everyone has been working hard in arithmetic class learning to tell time. Many of us can already tell time and we hope that scon all of us will be able to do this. Danny Boiuour and Rickie Ycarous treated the class in honor of their birthdays. Several people have brought plants for our room. Thank you, Beverly, Elaine and Donna. Fifth Grade — — Mrs. Everett ' Last week we were quite busy With tests in nearly all our subjects. Everyone in the room learned many interesting facts about insects in science. Our test results showed that we had really worked on that subject. We had only two perfect papers' in pur six week test. Marsha Frey and Dawn Pattison were the good jspellers. } In social studies we are now working on booklets about the Louisiana Purchase. We have had some films, made maps, and heard several good reports. We are al- iso learning the poem, "Old Ironsides". Most of us know the first two stanzas now. Ricky Scheidel and Linda Himmel were the first ones to say the first two stansas without any help. I We are writing letters In language. Thursday everyone wrote 8 letter to Mrs. Everett. She read them to the class, but left off the signatures. We all enjoyed these very much. We are doing creative writing for language class, too. Each week a short foory or a poem of at least eight lines Is to be handed in. This is to,, help us learn more about .wprds,. sentences, paragraphs, jxSnciufltions, ©tc. Is -Ofr* sculptured birds with thick Ivory suds this week for art work, ftbe backing was heavy card- $ard and when the suds had gardened we painted the birds urith tempera, The completed tfctures are very bright and jgpejly on our bulletin board. via artthnjftio% learned the abbrev totfts of meat - ^jJg^Ja pi we for 28 also two :}*Oavld are thmetic working CONTEST ENDING OCTOBER 14 Army vs. Penn State Yale vs. Columbia Navy vs. N. Caro. State vs -Presbyterian vs. vs. vs. vs. Cornell Alabama- Davidson Georgia Tech- Texas Tech- Baylor- Indiana- Duke T C U -Arkansas -Iowa vs. -Michigan vs. Michigan State-Minnesota vs. Northwestern-Grinnell vs. Coe-U S C vs. Notre Dame-Air Force vs. Cincinnati- SCI Kansas vs. Clemaon- South Carolina- —Augustana -—Iowa State —Wake Forest —L S U vs. vs. vs. Upper Iowa vs. la. Wesleyan- Fayette vs. Postville- Name - . Address FOOTBALL A CHANCE TO WIN 10 WEEKLY 1. This football game prediction contest will appear each week in the Fayette Leader for 9 consecutive weeks. 2. An entry blank, listing 20 games to be played on the following weekend, will bo printed in each ad. Entry blanks will also be available at the place of business of each of the sponsoring merchants listed on this page. All that each contestant needs to do to be eligible for up to $10 in prizes each week is to mark his or her choice of the winner of each game and deposit the blank in the contest box in any of the stores of the sponsoring merchants. Or the blanks may be mailed to the Leader office. The entry blank in this ad. or a reasonable facsimile may be used. Alter each-game listed, merely check the team you think will win. You don't pick scores, but if you think the outcome of the game will be a tie, check the names of both teams to indicate a tie. 3. If a person picks all games listed correctly, he or she will receive $10 in cash as the prize for that week from the sponsors. If no one picks all the games correctly, the one having the most correct game predictions will receive $5.00 and the one with the second most correct entry will receive $2.00 in cash. In case of ties, the money will be divided among the winners. Winners will claim their prise money at the Leader office and winners will be announced each week in the Leader. 4. An, ine is eligible to enter the contest except employes of the Fayette Leader and their immediate families. No purchase is necessary la order to enter and contestants need not purchase a newspaper. 5. Each, person can submit only one entry for each week's contest. E. AH entries will be held for one week after winners are announced in event a question should arise. Judge's decisions are final. 7. All entries must be deposited or mailed before 5 p. m. on the Friday of each week preceding the Saturday the games are to be played. Although the Editor of the Leader is not eligible to enter the Leader football contest he is still eligible to make predictions, and feels that he can possibly outguess the majority of those who enter. If you care to match wits with him. Just check the predictions below, and those listed in each of the ads on this page, and see how they compare with yours. Check them again after each contest closes, and see who had Hut most games guessed correctly. Penn Slate over Army L. S. U. over South Carolina Wake Forest over Clemson Fayette over Postville Minnesota over Northwestern Grinnell over Coe f Notre Dame over U. S. C. Air Force over Cincinnati S. C. I. over Augustana Iowa State over Kansas HOME MADE PIZZA SANDWICHES — MALTS Cold Drinks — Sno Creme Join. The Football Crowd After The Game At T C U over Texas Tech Ott's Drive-In Otto and Margaret Finger, Proprietors Full Line Of GUNS ~ AMMUNITION SHOTGUN SHELLS - RIFLE SHELLS AMERICAN ARCHERY' EQUIPMENT HUNTING CLOTHES DUCK DECOYS Good Buys On Used Motors Upper Iowa over Iowa Wesleyan MULLINS SPORT SHOP YOUR DEPARTMENT STORE OF INSURANCE Representing All Lines Allied Mutual Ins. Group — Farmers Casualty Mutual Co. Western Surety Co. — Iowa Hardware Mui'.-al Ins. Co. LeMars Mutual Ins. Co. — Hawkeye Security Ins. Co. United Security Ins. Co. — Farm and City Mutual Ins. Co. Dairyland Mutual Ins. Co. — Carolina Casualty Co. Connecticut General Life Ins. Co. Life Insurance Co. of North America Zurich Insurance Co. — Merchants Mutual Bonding Co. American Guarantee and Liability Ins. Co. FAYETTE INSURANCE AGENCY Phone 88 — Fayette, Iowa No. Caro. Slate over Alabama Just Arrived FRESH BRACH'S CANDIES Baylor over Arkansas LEWIS' VARIETY HANES Underwear BALL BAND Footwear Rubber & Canvas LEE & BIG SMITH Overalls & Jeans Children's & Ladies' SPORTSWEAR IN JEANIE « Yale over Columbia MAURER'S SHOES & CLOTHING We Buy And Sell LIVESTOCK Local and Long Distance GENERAL HAULING FEEDS & FERTILIZER Presbyterian over Davidson DUMERMUTH AMJAT. Fayette, Iowa - Phone 207 SHORT ORDERS BEVERAGES POOL And A Friendly Atmosphere Iowa over Indiana GEORGE'S PLACE CAR TUNE - UPS REPAIRS FOR ALL MODELS Wrecker* Service Come In And See THE 1962 LARK U over Navy ARAGE Fayette, Iowa AGRICULTURAL LIMESTONE CRUSHED ROCK Get Your Soil Tested We Can Deliver IMMEDIATELY Georgia Tech over Duke FAYETTE STONE CO., INC Phono 73 mm AVTOHOMtl MIIIO TRUCK! •ARM UAIIUTY eiNiRAi iiAiiinnr . WORKMBN'S COMFINSATtON NPILITY ANP IURITY IONDS ACCIDBNT AHD HIAUTH HOIPITAUIATIOH ; Stale As +e as*" Casualty Usdtrwrlttrs PIS MOINIS, IOWA EARL SCHNEIDER Insurance Agency COMPLETE PHOTECffQN

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