The Postville Review from Postville, Iowa on February 27, 1892 · Page 3
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The Postville Review from Postville, Iowa · Page 3

Postville, Iowa
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 27, 1892
Page 3
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itville Weekly Review. —Poultry booght and sold at Hart'*. At III: I.TJIJIY. SATURDAY BY] W.N.IUWMCK. I: $1.50 A YEAR IN ADVANCE. >CAL R EVIEW. —J*lly In 20 lb 4818 pail* only 61c. JoHH THOMA'S. -Boys' Underwear, worth 80c., for I 9fe. fait at SstLTOx A TAMOBMAN'S. Washing Son*. 1 will do washing for thoie deiirlng IU. (2w) Uu. M. M. FiMR. jrfealk Or* lin at Hart'*. BW. Daw** li expected here •h Hon* Radish, at Jonn THOMA'S. Jobs Crosby, Sr., arrived in Cali- nafelr. -foetvllle baked bread, 6 loav** , M laton'e. for Jew Suiting* and aew Ore** Qoed* BMLTOH & TANOBMAX'B. -EX-OOT. Larrabe* and wife and daughter. Mi** Helen, will make a trip to California tn a few day*. Kin Mary Oroeby, Teacher of Painting. Order work a ipeoialty. 43 if —Charley Abel ha* brought another lot adjoining tho** already purchnied, opposite the Burlington depot. Xia* Anna JBaston. lnstraator on the piano and organ, Poitville, Iowa. ^Novelties In Jewelry, just arrived, LnnuAX 4 SANDIRS'. — .: '—fnniey Naval Orange*, at ' JOHNTHOMA** —J. E. Mariton will lell at auction early In March, hone*, oattle, farm machinery, etc. Boar It in mind. ~j — New line of Drat* Tilmniiug* jn* received, at LOBMAN A SANDERS'. Kiaa *elli* H. Abbott, Teacher of Voeal and Initrumeutal Muiic, Poetvllle, Iowa. —Local* on other page. Read'em! -Read W. J. Hanks' change of ad' —After the donation supper, next Friday evening, the company will be entertained by singlag, speaking, etc. —Mill Gibbs, daughter of the W »u- on station agent, secured the gold medal at the Maynard oratorical centest. —Egg* have dropped to 13 ct*., and thi* price 1* three ct*. more than they are worth jadging from Chicago price*. 10 CENT*. Good, No. 1 Washboards only JOo. Who over heard of it boforeP LuiiMAV it SANDKIU. —Mr*. S. F. Clinton ha* bean quite •ick for eeveral days. Tbl* morning *ho I* reported very low, and great fear Is ontertainod. Ohatauqua Circle. Will meet with Mr*. Carl Hotter next Wedac»d*y afternoon. Study - Amer ican Litoraturo during theColoalal period. —Wool Stocking Yarn*, at 46o. lb., %». JBKBLIOM 4 TAMOBMAM'S. -M. F. McQaherau had a *pl*ndld ry-for hi* *sl* yeilorday. —A good many hog* have been marketed her* this week, although the weather and road* have been bad. —Louisiana Dimeneon, Cypres* Shingle* and Arkansas Yellow Pine inisbing, for sale at SAXDCRS 4 KAPLBR'S. - U. Washingtoa didn't aeam to be visible in Postville last Monday. W* didn't even hear bis nam* mentioned. -It.,was summer overhead ve.iter- r, but underfoot, oh, ruyt -Grand masquerade ball at Turner hall next Tuesday evening. • Both Mr. and Mr*. H. B. Taylor are now in Beatrlee, Neb. W* are not informed a* to when tltey will return. P—See IB* new lin* of Spring Kg at Gray'* Clothing Store. -Mrs. M. E. Taloott it la Rockford king her sister and friond* thi* OaU and Settle. Cloth- 1 ^" P*r*ons indebted to u* will groat- ly oblige us by calling and making isltlement. WATBBS 4 NICOLAT. 1 and Theo. Luhmaa Jsldo are (till of their Photographic. Something o«w under the *un. Every day, ruin or chin*. Soe the latett out In Photo* next woek, at Beedy'a. —If you want wood leave wora with n* or any of sny teamsters. P. J. BBCCBIB, Drayman. —Miss Nellie Lavelle has gone to Waukon to visit her cousin, Miss Katie Lavelle." —Come in and get one of thoso Good, No. 1 Washboard* before they are all gono. Only 10 ocnts. LCHMAM 4 SA BDERS. _ - -Yesterday was the filth birthday of | the editor of the REVIEW. Time llies, so to'speak. Hone-Shoeing. No hit aud miss, bat a good job every | olattor and prices vory reasonable. TBOS. SBORTBBBD, —Fred Kins* has sold his farm southwest of town for 14,000. This, we bellevo, is an advance of $1,000 over the price which he paid for it a year ago. Wo believe Fred intends to locate in Postville for the present at least, at which wo are much pleased. —Mr. L. Ingles, Mixes Nelt.e Abbott and Edith Ellis went to Maynard last Tuesday to represent the Postville I. O. G. T. at the district convention of that •rdor. Miss Ellis will also compete for the gold medal against representatives from the othor lodges in this district. List of Letter* remaining uncalled for in the postofflce at PostvilU, Iowa, Keb.'S*. 1891. Par ties calling for any of them will please say "Advertised:" Wffi. H. F. Brandt, Miss Bertha Oldag, James Ogdcn, S. S. Powers, Frank Rypcxynski 3. JA». PBRRT, P. M —Your Photos made in cloudy weather just as good. Gunrnuteod if you at Bcedy's. wish. For Bale Cheap. A second hand cook •,. stove, No. 9 with stovepipe shelf. Will take wood, dry or green, la paymont. Inquire of MR*. N. J. BEBDT. —If you want to buy child's, misses' [or women's Wool Hoxo cheap, call at SKELTON & TANQSMAN'S. —Marshal Tullor escorted a tramp •full of boon to his "little tin house" ' tataUCfldar evening. —WlllRolWPrWSiBlBMl with a bouncing baby boy. Ditto II. Thiese. Verily, FoBtville do boom. —Mr*. II. C. Bally i* still at Eikader with her rootber.Jwho, though 86 yea:-* of ag* Is Improving and bids fitir to recover. TOT Sal* or Kent. My residence on the north siilo. If not sold at onco the rooms will be rent ed as heretofore. M RS . II. B. HAZLBTOK —Mr. Will Thomas 1ms purchased a lot of Andrew Thompson, adjoining John Parker's, and will proceed to build a house thor'on at once, we understand. —Don't fail to attend the donation next Friday evening, Mar. 4lh. The churches bore need all tho assistance th*y cau get. —Win. Roilisoo has purchased lots west of A. M. Thompson and will erect a residence thereon. And the good work'still continue*. Donation. A donation supper will be given by the ladies' aid society of the Congrega tional church for tho benefit of the pas tor, on Friday evening, March 4th. cordial invitation is extended to all. Roll of Honor. Our lift runs a little short this week for the tint time since Jan. 1st, but is good considering the weather, aud our lhanks nrc extended to each and all: Jas. Row, A. W. Kramer, Jas. McEwen, J. W. Press, Jas. Shoohy, II. O. Duyton, G. W. Bellows. Suicide of Henry J. Xluie. Oitr piople were shtfoked. on Suaday morning, to hear that Henry J. Kiuss, residing near Bethel church, bad committed suicide by shooting, on Saturday evening previous. Ha sold bis farm some time ago, and afterwards regretted that he bad sold and triod to buy it back, but could not do so. After this ho purchased E. Swcnson's farm, but was not fully satisfisd. with the nurchaso, men of his neighbors thinking that he paid too much for it. The sal* of his own farm and the purchase of tho other seemed to prey ou his mind, and it finally gave way, making it posslblo for him to tako his own life. Ha was in town on Saturday doing some trading preparatory to moving this woek. Nothing espeoinlir wrong was noted, though he seemed a little gloomy. Ho and his wife, who was with him, roturned home boforc night and attended to tb* work as usual, the latter retiring about 8 o'clock, Mr Kluss lemarking that ho would not go to bed then, as he could not sleep if ko did. His wife soon wont la sleep but was awakoned about 10:00 o'clock by some of the children, and called to her husband to pome to bod. Not roooiv- ng an answer she arose and went into the kitchen aud found he was not there, and also noticed that the shot gun was gan*. This caussd bcr to bo uneasy and she dressed herself and went to one of the neighbors nml gave the alarm, and soon a number of men wero summoned to mako a starch for him. At about 12:00 o'clock he was found hack of the barn, doad. He had held tho luuszlo *( the gnu with his loft hand just nbove£tk* roots of his nose, evidently pulling tho trigger with the right hand,.fulling on his right side, retaining his hold on the gun. His whole forehead was carried away, disclosing a sickening sight. Ho evidently died without a struggle. The body was taken into the house by the neighbors presont, and properly cared for, and early Sunday moraing Esq. Shepherd was summoned to hold an inquest, which elicited these faots,.but no othor incontlvo for the rash act. Tho funeral services were hold from tho Lutheran church on Tuesday noon, and the remain* wore doposited in their cemetery in Postville. His age Clcsing Out Sal© About 250 Garments on hand of all grades and kinds consisting of J Cloth Newmarkets, Cloth Jackets and Short Wraps, and Misses'Cloaks and Jackets of every description, including all of this season's production and those that we bought at 50c on the dollar that are from the stock of the large Cloak factory in Chioago that failed. Every Cloak and Jacket Most III Soli ii Will If,»i Misses' Cloaks, 50 cents each and up. Ladies' New­ markets from $2.00 up. We are determined to close out every Cloak and Jacket on hand and prices are made to suit every purse. The goods WILL BE SOLD WHETHER WI GET COST OR NOT. Sale commences immediately and continues until all are sold, and SOLD FOR CASH ONLY at Great Reductions. We Mean Business Call early -while we have reap the benefit of this sale. a Full Assortment and Special Sale of Pine Holiday Goods Carl Kolter, Prop. ESTABLISHED 1883. Our new Spring Selections in (Hung, Hals ui, The largest and best we have ever shown are NOW DAILY ARRIVING, and we are better prepared than ever to serve and please you. I wish to thank my many friends for their past confidence and favorrs and it will always be my constant effort to use you right; to name the Very Lowest Frioe on every article; and Guarantee everything sold to be Just As Represented, or Money Refunded. POSTVILLE. CARL HOLTER. Take Notice, That the Portrillo Steam Roller Mills will grind Feed, Corn M«al and Graham Monday and Saturday of each week hereafter. Having added a line of wood-working machinery wo are prepared to do Planing, Matching, and all kinds of sawing, on short notice. Bring in your logs and have them sawed. Respectfully, E. O. STII.M. —We arc indebted to Secretary of State MeFarland for the official register of Iowa for 1802. These are very valuable book* for reference. —Our machinery men are all getting in their spring stock of farm inaohlo- «ry. Would it mot be a good scheme for them to advertise it a little? —1). A. Jcrald will move into the rooms over Parker's barber (hop next .week. We are not informed a* to who will oooupy the Mlnulok residence. Morse will move to Mlnno-. sou soon. There are. several applicants, (or her house, a* well as for all ~"~oth*frlH»ly to b* vacated this eprlng. — Geo. W. Bellows, the buttermaknr : of the Giard crcamory, was in town yesterday looking.'tis over and calling on friend*. We ara indebted for a call. —Wc are doing somo job work almost every day but we could do a lit tie mora. Oriag in anything you waut doue and wo will attend to it promptly and oheaply. Auction bill* and stock bills glvon the preference a* to time. —In due time R. N. Douglais will move the houie louth of the Congregational church on to thejlot west, which he ha* purchased of Cha*. Skelton, and build a new retidenee where the old on* is, presumably for his own occu- panoy. —S. C Perry and family left for their future home at Storm Lake.on Thursday, followed by the host wishes of a large circle of friends. May they "live long and prosper," and not forget the home and friends they leave behind. - Wilber Dresner will buy or build a residence in town.this spring, as h* gives possession where he is th* let of April, w* believe. We believe J. S. Dresser intends to occupy that residence, and perhaps sell a part of hi* old farm. —A number of Poslvillo Unions went to Caslalia last Saturday to attend the funeral of Philip Swenson, a young man residing northeast of Castalla. The funeral was uuder the auspices of tho Ossian lodge, of which the deceased was a member, and a large number of Masons and others were in attemlaueo. Rev. Win, Lease preached the sermon in the United Brethron church at Castalla, Rev. Schell assisting. „ „ Barrels and Barrels of Candy are placed on sal© at was aboot sc year* anct ho leaves a wife PRICES that far UNDERSELL and OTJT DO all com and sir small ebildren, besidos mother petition, and brothers and sisters, all of whom have the earnest sympathy of the ontlrc community. Tho deceased and the entire family' have the respect and | WHY K[OTT esteem of all who know Uiom, and no family In our midst would receive any more sympathy than they under like ciroumstanccs. It is a great' calamity and our people sincerely mouru with them. M«y the kind Father above *us- Pure Stick Candy, all flavors, 2 lbs. in a box for 15 lain thorn all in their great and sudden c#nts; retail price 25c to 30c. grief. Pure Mixed Candy, taffy mixed, cream, &c, only 10 STILL OONT1NOE8 The Most Popular Family Newspaper in the West IT IS THE BEST NEWSPAPER FOB THE HOME /. THE WORKSHOP, on THE BUSINESS OFFICE, rox THE PROFESSIONAL MAN, THE WORKINGMAN. on THE POLITICIAN. rriSABEPtrowaaKKEWSPAl 'ER, ana BJ eucta le Btlr eoniuow*, OBITTJABY. cents; worth 25 to 30c nmntA *«»». fl Pur0 *™ England Broken Mixed, fine colors and Henrietta Worhan wa. born at Out- savors, 10c; Worth 25C. 1815. in Pure Cream Candy, elegantly flavored, only 20o Tree Lecture. Mr. Jay - Kono, a native —Mr. A. Abel aud wife will leave tt* for their future bom* at Cedar Rapids, next week. This old and respected coupl* villi ba much rallied la Post- Title. —Too paper* from all over the coan- try indicate that sickness ha* prevailed and death resulted in alt section* *f gAMrally a* hero. It is a precarious time. •~We understand that John Sohultis ha» bought two acre* and three quarter* of land of A. P. Abbott, adjoining 3. W. Ward'*. Consideration $700 w* : bell«w. —Mr. Geo. Copu, of Luana, who we referred to last weak as being quite mek, died on Friday morning and was burled on Sunday. Our sympathy la nxtouded to the bereaved family. —Mrs. J}. Hardin has been very sick t wat ilowly improving tb* last w* ).u»rd. Mr, Hardls ha* also had quit* & 4ev«r* tuwel with tho grip. W* 1 jpe th*y may both won r*oov*r. ~'Mr. and Mr* Manning w*r* in .ToltvlU* l««t W*dn**d*y night on their *|^ f ,1» M|nnwpolU and w«r« wr». . u by *. jjMMity of FoBtvUI* vooalUt*. fy"^M»nnfeg U th* mothtr ol Mr. J, l^iWUlja {nCOMtftllt lMt Satnrday w* 'WjJIj on A. W. Kramer and BliSlll —Prof. Black, our phrenological baker, leaves us for Vinton thi* week . lit ha* been invited to address the Lin ooln republican olub at Do* Moln««, March 17th, and ha* accepted the Invi tatlon. He ha* considerable oelebrity as a political speaker. W*« Dental Boom*. Dr. Will Cole ha* opened a dental office over th* harness stor* In the brlok blook, where be may be found on | Tuesday and Wednesday of each week, where b* invito* the publlo to call when wanting flrit-olas* work don*, in hi* lin*. •okool Book*. We now have a full and cemplete slock of school book* used in th* Postville school* and will tell them at th* lowest sohool board prices. W* alio oarry a full stock of all sohool supplies at the lowest prioas. Brlok drug »toi * R. N, DOUOLaJf. a nattye Japanese, will deliver a leoturc at the M. E. church next Tuesday evening on tho manners aud customs of Japan, in Japanese costume. Rov. Lookwood say* he la oae of th* toit lecturers on th* subject* di*cti**ed that lie ba* heard. The lecture will be free, but a collection will bo taken up to assist him through oollege. We are thankful that February is as near gone as It, is. It has been about as unpleasant and unhealthy a month as it well oould be. In this latitude it Is always best to have Winter when it I* the proper time for winter. Health is batter, business I* better and everything I* better. March i* usually an unpleasant month but it oan scarcely bo worse than thi* month ha* bean We should not be surprised if this year It was colder, with more snow than we have had in February. ( , i ™, It having been Intimated by some of our friends that the nam* of th* editor of th* REVIEW would n* presented to the caucu* for trustee, we deem it proper to state that under no cireum- itance* whatever can he allow tb* us* of bis nam* for any position on th* ticket. H* reluctantly aooeptod th* appointment kindly extended to him beosase it was only for a month or two, when a *uoo***or would b* elected. So do not condder that contingency further, but preient torn* good nam* and wo will gladly assU 1 ; In hi* •lec­ tion. tenstad, Gnrmany, July 20th, . - 18M she was martied to Win. Worhan IPOl* lb; WOl'th 35jtO 400 and for S3 years and 6 months she remained uncbnngcnblo In all tho struggles of life. She was the mother of 9 children ..6 of whom are living to mourn witli the aged husbaad tko loss of a kind mother and beloved wife. Sho died on tho 31st day of January, having reached the blessed age of 75 years, 5 months and 11 days. Sho was a member of tho Lutheran church and finished her course in the riamn of Christ. Appropriate funeral services ware held Feb. 4th, which were largely attended. Wo append the word* of an eminent writer: ••• •'Th* gaunt and! ghastly thing we fear about us, and liale and foar to look upon, is truth in death's dark likeness lived no more." *.* Best Roasted Pea Nuts, 10c per lb; 3 lbs. for 25 Cts Best Brazil Nuts, 10 cents per lb; 3 lbs- for 25 cents We Sell Best Winter Apples, three bushel barrels for $2.50. We Sell Best Winter Apples by the peck for 25 Cts Wc have plaecd ou salo a Large Lin* o( Albums, Plush Boxes, Gent's Silk Mufflers, Toilet Sets, Silk Handkerohies, &c, that we offer at nearly one-halt their commercial value. OBOKOE COOK. Mr. George ;;Coon was born Nov. 31st, 1818, in-.Duchess Co.,-.Now York. Early in life he moved with his father and family to Canada and subsnqucntly to 111. In March, 1854, with his wife liu cam* to Clayton Co., Iowa, and settled near Rardln, where,he was living at the .tirao of. his death, Feb. l^th, 18>2. When a boy he was oonverted and baptised in the^Baptist church, but not having the prlviloge* of his own church .a* in the east, he noyer again joined any denomination. Ho became at one time very indifierenl and cold, but never fully relaxed hi* hold on AmoBoit*contributor*•« w, p no WWJ.8,FHANKH HTOOKTON,MKU. PMANOEB HODGSON BOHNETT, MARK TWAIN. BRET HARTE, MAO- BIOE THOMPBON, A. W. TOOROEE. HOBEHTI/OD18 BTKVEN'ON. ROD. YARD KIPLINO, SHIRLEY BARE, BABY HAR1WELL OATBEaWOOB, JOE1. OHANDI.ER HARRIS, and many otnera of OOOHD LITERARY « win a«m tuat THE INXET" r HAHIWFiL c _^ „---^ otnera of OOU^-- TAKE. Stw<UtllU#.b« CMDtlUt THE INTER OCEAN pubUaboa THE BEST STORIES AND SKETCHES IN THE LANGUAGE. ItaroREION and DOMESTIC CORRESPONDENCE la vary axtonalva and tbo baac The Youth's Department, Cariosity Shop, Woman's Kingdom U Tho Homo Arc Bettor than aHacrazfna tor Uja Family. Ona olth* Most Important Ftaturoi la tho Dapartmont of FARM AND FARMERS, Sdltadby EX-OOV. VT. _p, HOARD ol Wisconsin. Editor and rroprlator ot "Hoard'a Dairyman." Tnia la anavr. f«atura and an important onatoAarl- aalturtat*. AN ALLIANCE DEPARTMENT Haa alao baan opanad tor the, apeclal purpoao of dlscufSlno.tbaquoaUona now agitating tbo farmaraot tba country. THE WEEKLY INTER OCEAN Is One Dollar per Year, postn#o paid. . THE .-. SEMI-WEEKLY .-. INTER .-. OCEAN la Pttbllaliad averr Monday and Thursday.ot *a .00 par yaar, postpaid The DAILY INTER OCEAN 1a $6.00 ^Aof J&IB The SUNDAY INTER OCEAN IB 2.00 P^AQEPUIO Uboral Taras to Aotlva Aoants. Bond ior Bnmplo Copy. AddroBB THE INTER OCEAN, Chicago. The Goods Must Go t CARPET SAM! Are you going to buy a New Carpet this spring? Now is your opportunity to see a choice seleotioh of ALL WOOL INGRAINS, Best LL Brown Muslin, yard wide, by bolt, 4Jo. Best Pepperell R Sheeting, yard wide, by bolt, 6 |c. Best Lonsdale Bleaohed Sheeting, yard wide, by bolt, 7?o. . 33 1-3 yards of Calico tor 1.00. 36 inch Fine Dress Flannel, only 25 cents per yard; worth 35 to 40o. 52 inoh Fine Dress Flannel, only 42i cents per yard; worth 65 to 60o. 23 lbs. Fine Granulated Sugar (1.00 worth to one CnrUt. For ye»r» prior to hi* dostli family) for 1.00 1 he iiv«d » con.i.tont ohri.ti.n Hie. Bei |t Water white Kerosene Oil, lOo per gallon. About t .,o ywr. .go be h.d »» .tuck B 16 Q^JJ^ Galvanized Oil Can made, with pump ol U ((ripp* (rom which lis n«r*r rtcoy- *T. l QC ' ^ ^ or*d fully »nd linoe which tim* h* hta Complete, . gr«du»iiy deoiin*d in h«»ith, some- One Large Plug Tobaocio, No. 1 quality, 2 inches tim** bettor and sometimes worse. On Wide by 12 inohdS long, Only 200. last Friday morning;, apparently with out any pain, he (ell asleep at the age of 78 yrs., 3 uio*. and 38 day*. The funeral *ervice* were held frem the Hardin ohuroh. A Tory large con- oourso of old iflend* and acquaintance* fully att*«ting tb* high esteem in whiob bo was held. *.* BODY BRUSSELS, , T APESTRY B RUSSELS, UNION & COTTON OHAN Prices Low if you buy. It will oost you'nothing to see them. Also remember that I oarry the Largest Line of Lace Curtains, and Window Shades and Fixtures in the oity. . Yours Reepeotfully, 1^ALTER CHRISS. I At Home Permanently tor 8 Kontli*. Madame Mltohell will tell your for tune to perfeotlon, tell what you' are bust adapted for, and show you the [ llk*ness of your future partner. Call arid be oontlneed of ber wonderful power* at her residence, north of the Milwaukee depot, Postville. ' • —John Waters, of the firm of Water* A Iflcolay, hat leased the Park hotel and will run Uu a boarding house mainly, Of oourw Mr. Water* will ren>a|u In the hardware bu»ln*M. Mr*, W«(«r* tsMlpg charge of th* boarding hou*» In^bi »«lu, '||W'fcMgbj*njpr> •d baeklbbil (»no; A Oood Secoamendatlon. We, with all our people, have long known that Fred Beecry knew how to take picture*, and w* were all prepared to affirm that he ooold not be benten in thi* line lu northern Iowa, if, indeed In the state. But even bis best frionds and most enthusiastic admirers of bis' work were haidiy prepared for *u*h n commendation as tho fellowlug, from the St. l<oui« and Canadian Photographer, a publication that stand* at tb* bead of the periodical* of that profession: "Mr. Fred N. Beedy, of Poatvllle, Iowa, *ead* four cabinet photo* of the best representation of Santa Glaus that we have yet seen, aud the work i* simply elegant. We congratulate Mr. B, upon hi* superior •workmanship. 11 , It may be in order to add that the publishers Jiave sent here for the negative* in order to girt them a* illuitr*< lions in a fnWr*^number of their mag* sine, Only iS* very bait W9rk in J.he United State* ttd a»na4* U thur hon —•True a* the needle to the polo our old friend, Jimmy Row, reported exactly on time-11:10, a. m., Feb. 20th, and deposited ^ the amount required foi another year of the REVIEW. Long may be live to enjoy hi* prompt buit- nes* habit* whioh bare enabled him to make a success of all his undertaking*. Sueh atrlot and never falling promptness furnlshos a good lesson for young men. If all, old and young, would cultivate such habits the world would be a great deal easier to do basluess in than it now 1*. Many thanks, old friend. TEE GREAT SPECIAL SALE! Our Men's Suits, Overcoats. Flush Caps, and Men's and Ladies' Underwear will still oontinuein foroe, and the Prioes are not matched by any competition anywhere. REMEMBER! $hat the Newman Bros. Organs with the patent Air Circulating Ree.d Cell and the Standard Sewing Maohine with its Rotary Shuttle, are the best instruments of their kind in the. world, and makes the most appropriate Christmas present for wife, daughter or sister, and we.have them for sale. Out at Neiv Hartford. Butler county, last Sunday evening, some fiend, or fiends In human form attempted, to, blow ap the Methodist ohuieh while revival s*>rviue* were In progr***. A, dynamite bomb bad been placed under the floor, a* near the pulpit a* possible, and exploded, it was* not hoa.vy eupiigh to do jtny great damago.exoept to terrify the congregation, When, m a olvilUed oomnnn!ty< mob wurkiof Satan-art thought of hoirean •nyoB»'!,' claim that'eivher tb* rallgiou* or moral >' , ton* j» improvlpg r^It WSIBI J O tif *I if Highest Prices Paid for Live Poultry VtU JUKI IT fJtX YOU TO C0*« A BISTXH08 TO TStAP* WITH US. W. Ward & Co Postville, Iowa> A complete and fullstook of Lumber, Lath, Shingles, Sash, Doors, Blinds, Mouldings and Building Paper, yellow pine Flooring and Ceiling oak, ash and maple Flooring. ( --x ,. v All parties Intending to do any building the coming t season will consult their own interest by obtaining figures ffcomme. Particular attention to filling bills. Best of grades only handled. If You Want tho Best for tho Least Honey Gall aM See Our Line of fate Clocks, I Som6 Special Bargains in Jewelry for the Spring Trade. * , W.^^JHANKS, POSTVILLE/IOWA."

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