Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa on September 25, 1959 · Page 7
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Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa · Page 7

Carroll, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, September 25, 1959
Page 7
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Page 7 article text (OCR)

1 Junior Editors Quiz on- HISTORY SWEETIE PIE QUESTION: Who was Peter Stuyvesant? ANSWER: New York was named after «n English city called York. But the English were not the first settlers in New York Dutch colonists founded the city in 1624. They called it New Amsterdam, after one of their leading cities, and the whole area was called New Netherlands. Peter Stuyvesant was the last and most famous of the Dutch colonial governors of New Netherlands. He served from 1646 until 1664, when he was forced to surrender New Amsterdam to an English fleet. He later settled down on a farm in what is now the Bowery in New York City. Stuyvesant's rule of New Netherlands was harsh. He had lost a leg fighting for his country and the clump, clump of the wooden leg ne wore was the symbol of his tyrannical rule. He was disliked so much that his people refused to help defend New Amsterdam against the English. FOR YOU TO DO: Like New York, a number of English colonies on the Atlantic coast were not settled by the English. Delaware was one. See if you can find out who were the first settlers in Delaware. (Catherine Lynn of Notasulga, Ala., wins $10 for this question. Send your question on a postcard to Violet Moore Higgins, AP Newsfeatures, in care of this newspaper. If duplicate questions are received, Mrs. Higgins will select the winner.) CARNIVAL By Dick Turner 'Rememberl Success in business takes very careful planningl You don't marry the boss's daughter by accident, you knowl" SIDE GLANCES By Galbraith T.M. Rif. U.S. Pit. Off. <B 19J9 by NEA Strvlc*, In* 9lS "Same old dormitory room, but anyway the boy friends are different!" By Nodine Seltzer OUT OUR WAY BY J. R. WILLIAMS "Little children should be seen and not heardl" TIZZY By Kate Osann tJl !<,. IjJS Nl M. "I don't mind your humming while we dance, but could you hum the same song as the record?" Space Age Answer to F'ravlou* Puzzle ACROSS 1 Missile target 4 Fasten 8 Peruse 12 Mineral rock 13 Explorer 14 Cornbread 15 Sack 16 Northern Islands 18 Bear falsa witness 20 Stakes 21 Plaything 22 May be outmoded by space ships 24 Stay 26 Transmitted 27 Male 30 Envelop 32 Latin case 34 Aiternoon nap 35 Wipes out 38 High transportation (Pi.) 37 Munitions 39 Impudent 40 Ascend 41 Indian weight 42 Willow 45 Follow back 49 Backward 51 African cape 52 Berserk 53 Again 64 Cover- 55 jNoises 56 Weights 57 Half-emg DOWN 1 Cries 2 Russian river 3 Noes 4 Prepared 5 Heraldic band 6 Former president 7 French coin 8 Whirls 9 Garment 10 Mrs. Lindbergh 11 Cape 17 Irritable person 19 Memoranda 23 Mountain range 24 Sage 25 Indigo 26 Sky bodies 27 Wretched 28 State 29 Bird's home 31 Steps 33 Candle 38 Sheep 40 Exudes vapor 41 Simmers 42 Mouthward 43 Half (prefix) 44 Sacred image 46 Level 47 Money 48 Finishes 50 Rested BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES Anonymous Donor BY EDGAR MARTIN F 3 0^ GOfoU \t^ jp/ pa you tgl REALIZE WHAT IT WOULD HAVE COST TH' COM/ PAWV IF WE HAPN'T CAU6HT YOUR MISTAKE kl "THAT AWP owe cm TH' DUMBEST MEW IN TH' SHOP CAUGHT TH' MISTAKE RIGHT AWAY.' WHO MADE THAT DRAW IUG, YOUR OFFICE JANITOR? LOOK AT EM RUBBIW IT IW.' YOU'D THIMK GUVS AS HIGH UP AS. THEY ARE WOULD TRY TO WORK IN HARMONY/; CONTRARY TO ALL j OPINION, IT AWT ' HARMONY THAT MAKES SUCCESSFUL COMPANIES-IT'S WORKIN'AGlM EACH OTHER ...1 KNOW OP A »6 COMPAQ THAT HIRES BOS5ESTHAT HATE EACH OTHER AND WORK THEIR HEAR5 OFF TRVIW TO SHOW EACH OTHER UP.' THE FATHEAD DEPARTMENT 1-13 JtO.WILI.I *««9 OUR BOARDING HOUSE with MAJOR HOOPU1 •TMAT .FAIR HEH-HEH/ IT'5 NO SURPRISE' YOU FAILED TO f?EC06NlZ= ME, I LADy— WE M00PLE5 CUSTOMARILY V.0VE |N MORE- CLASSICAL CIRCLES VIWEM IT CO^BSTO MUSIC.'*"HAK- KAFF/-*, WHERE 1$ /WK.TOADDIO JACKSON'S OFFICE ?7J\I&DECIDED TO SN£ HIMTH& HONOR OP INTRODUCING A\Y MEV4 ONi HIS PROGRAM. DADDI0 SUREDSAWS >Tri& CUBES THE Ri<S ON THIS ONE- WAS HOT 5TDFF', WHSM GAS;. LIGHT WAS ' TH5 LATEST , 6om t m JACKSON,. 6BBS BY H MCMT 0MLV WOULD FEBRUARY CONMENIEMTI FOR YOU ? tn crmEC V^ORDS, SEAT o'» lit U»*to. Vi«. TM. »f, M S »n It*. BUGS BUNNY With Pleasure PRISCILLA'S POP Well—That, Too BY AL VERMEER ALLEY OOP Upset BY V. T. HAMLIr He is, OSCAR,ONLY IT'S QUITE A COMPLICATED PROCESS... | GEE,05CAR, VOL) ) I'M AFRAID SO, LOOK TERRIBLE.' / OOP! I'VE JUST 15 SOMETHING j MADE AM MORTY MEEKLE Mystery BY DICK CAVALLI FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS Hard to Please Sl9S9byNEA Sorvlc.. Iiw. tM, U.S. f*. OJJ_J BY MERRILL BLOSSER THE STORY OF MARTHA WAYNE Mild Attack BY WILSON SCRUGGS CAPTAIN EASY Under His Spell BY LESLIE TURNER nTwa it HZK Int. Tilfr *f W-i V0U CAM IEM(S TO MAKB USE OF SU&CON5CI0U* k\6W?R.Vi HEBP UP WORD...HOW \THB BVEKCISES IN SELP-MVPN05I5! TlfAB FLIB ^l BUT Vl lU HBLp V0 V ^ LL I CAN', y 1WB LBW^VJBO *A0RB ' ^ •— y AR0UT l*APK0VIN(3 t PARED HOPBI iSUPPEWLV ^SHANPU 5NAPS HIS PlNfiBRS... BUT PgWNy- HVPN0TI2EP IW5rAWTUV/ WILL MCI/EK RECALL IT1 >

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