Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on March 4, 1927 · Page 8
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 8

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, March 4, 1927
Page 8
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Indoiri Meet Will Be Held Oii^ Board Track in i ^ohverition Hail; New Coaches ^or Teams. KafiiJas JClty, Mar, 4. (AP)—Tho Tlgefiiind tlio Jaylinwker will clash -for the twentj-foiirtli time . on the -iKiard track in'ConvV'nllon hajl here,, tomorrow nlRhf In the annual A^saouri-Kansas dual In- 'dpor track and field nieet.^ Kvith what information, is- at hind' on which to. base cbncliisions ^ie guiesses favor .Missouri to win .lor the twentieth time. Kansas has won but four of.the ppst twen- ty-fthree meets here, i Missouri won the meet last year 60: to, 2:: " -'Captain Farley and Edington of Mfasotiri.aie expected to take both places: iin the 50-yard dash. .Farley is 'joint.. holder of the record .ifor the event, which also is the .'world's record. Mis sburi, "wiMi Stuber and Fergason, is conceded first place inr both Tiu-die eveul.s. with Kansas claiming second by virtue of Gaprtaiii Doornbos' prow- . CSS. i . • Bj- Us record in the recent Kansas Cliy'.^thleiic CI II b| meet. .Mi.s- .sourl lis i5i» favorite in the quarter mile dSiiih and the jrclay event, as jn the half milo run.- •Frh«ier,j of Kansas,, jwho lauped the] fii-id in the two mile run in tlie! K. C: A. C. meet is expebttd to win thai event easily tomorrow night. Thornhill, ' Kansas sojrho- more. plained third in tho shot put in the jllliiiois.indoor relays recieut- ly and beat McAneiley of .Missouri, who i>Iaced fourth, by nearly a foot. ' j • i^ith teams | will jippoar under the gijidance ^)f new coaches. Dr. If. "JTiHnff Is ihc new coach at -Kansak and (Jwlnn Henry, .Missouri football coafh, hag uncceeded lloir H|mpi >nn iis irack nienior for (ho.TlKt'r!Ji. ! nie 'uvehiB and cnlrlcH are: .lo-yardJ dimli: .MlHHourl l -'m .-i and HdjfiKioii; Kaiisas :Cnwly. ilays. ihi'isi? and liuiAing. , OHO^ mlji' run: l«Hodrl--il:ir||MM', .Maih<-WH i|i'"IM"<honey: KanHim- HiirvlH,, Silnreninan. .Springer and Frazh-iil | ' SO-ytifd high hurdlcH: .'^Ils.sourl - F'nnioiit, Kiiii"*., MartU I.— liptivprjlilil, VUMmru, Han^m >:iiit«inwi*iK'lit rluiHi|t|on of flip j iiilddlenrtit, iiinl Tiiiiini) .Mil-.' raun, KiiiisHs MJjv Kanwi<»; tmiuht \» tt drNw in 10 JIPUI'IP-! i'lil riinii<<« htrp lnKt;iilffh( i»n Uin oiwiilnirrnrd of \ the local Amerh'nn I<<>irion Huht |<ru. irrniii. 'it 'ivnM tlip first flKlii; liridj In .I'ttttKoiis for u miniitcr of >+niis. i'rpllmlnarieH werei Jo,«ie Vfrnttfidex, KtiiiMis ("Ifj, Kiin«H >4; vs Tnnimj- .Snilrlj .SllppifJir. H"^ liiintiiniuelirJifv six rounds nni Archlr Tatter, son. > Yflein i Kansas is. Willie IHxoii, I Kaiisas City, Kansas.- litrlitn^le'hl*'. elpbt rounds. .Ill (hr<>e ifiirlits were draws,' nen«|ia(»er men decided, i REFEREE; IS PTO STOP FIGHT Sharkey and Majoncy Are Logical Contenders; Fight Is Ended In Twelfth Rourt|^. ,yew York. :Mar. j. (.\P»—.As ih<« res lit of scoring a tli-fhnlcal knock- j. ou! I 'lM ni.zht. from' .Mike .McTicue.-. •laijl; Sharkey toihly slandsi with I I S POR Al.^XANI>ER A HERO AT AO. WMO WiUl. *>iCk uP THE CAROlNlAUS WHERE ME l-EPT OFP "N ^ WORLO SERIES ! nil- DAYINIOLA FortSfcott and lola Will Clasli After Close of J junior College j Basketball . | Tourney. my .Malonoy. ajnother ruirgfil | l !i'.>Ji()n lioavyweialij as the logical j contender for (jjcnc i'nnneyK: < ri 'wn. . • I . Sharkey .scored a technical knock-1 I';'- ••\i\iy'}Kh '•'•.''.•!•" I'J out over AicTigue in the t-weifth of; ,.,;„v a Ifi-ronnd niajcli. .is li.- .-I.;!!!;.'! i'iivv:iicl ;ii lii.- - liefercc Kid Mil arlland .stopped :'•""j''^^- "'^ clurK • theifiEhl with McTiKUe >|till on liisj:"'"' " ' Round .Six. lV"i. nut cut. halt ired (ind blord-if The xnxri- wiis - IUVMI - u'^w .'.^ ni .x ins' from .the mouth in: a sfream. •"••"in-i ;ir..i .v .,,fj,K..i ii,. i, .i- 11 apneanjl thai the veteran Irish- [iri^.ill^o'ufi'^.uMr'i,:.n .!'''ia "i.nh^ nuiii had been scvl-rely slashed in the jiiw and he was in bad jJh'ape^! spall.:. Ml face to waist With blood ' 'Vrwi'^^J.^^V/f 111.- referee iliierv'cneil. ' fiil sii:iil>'- ' SlK,rk..y w;.^ Ie4lin« by a deci-.j r,?,;-'';;:;, ''^Ini^i'^;,' .^V.!"' Spitball Now ^ Used by Se^en Tossers < hicauo. i.Mar. 4. (.Wii-Onfy seicn rpnialn.of tlir tanlsltinz trlti<> of uiiijor lenitnp| sidtbull ItftcHcrs uitt of 17 iierniittpd to retain tlip kiialst dplhtfrj- when hnspliall rjilpd out <<allva In l!>20; (If tie four surf hrors In (he Anipritjin Leairup. ({uinn of Hie AtiilplfcH has IIPPD in (bp iiia.(ors IS )ears,<Fabpr i»i fhl- ciiuo'l:i ypiir.s and Cove|le|ikIp of Wu^iblnKfoi and .ShorJtpr of >i.w Yorlsl II years. ' In the .National .nitchell of PlilludPl- pbia IMIS iippn a iPiiRluer II jears and' Doilk »f Brooklyn. and (iriinek of N w York II .vears, I>oak rp i^ras to Urook- l \n this <^p^isoH af or a period^ of rpfirpHi^nf whp n lip was a' Kl <:r:da re:il estatt dpaler. Ghamp Again ARK CITHS li<*ik-i til thi- li-.i.l. liiit S '!k ! two li-ft< .l.-.p ilil" J;i.'H'.-';l»"l>. .M<li' i was jtioNiiit; i-iilir.l.v n.iw.^ i . inu The loin ,'junior colb^Kc lomorroy ["..j^"j''Y,^;,'''','i'v 'i1 I'.'l.r' coiisolaiji tola ji|ni k<ll.:ill lien- loilay. Stubi-T a l)i>ornbos 'no -yapd iid; Kausii!* - iJodd and Ccrlner. ... low hurdles: .Missouri — filtiber and Fergit^on: Kans:is- Dooinbps^ Hays and Jouci. 440-yar! dash: Missouri—Oan- lelH and Ku.sanhcini; Kansas— Coopei-,; Vooils. Kngle and ISurt- 5ne. M ' . . • I ' Two mjje run: Missouri—Slcjelc .and .VornUgstiir;—Frazier and SlirvSii. I SSO-vanj run: Missouri—Ep.-teln, Phclan, If !rdue. ;tnd..AlleRri: Kansas—Saur niman. Springer and Dowelj. Hifih. i\\ npt -Missouri—Lancaslcr and 'Yonl ers;'. Kansas—^.I'nderhill and Dpdd. Pole va and T2ngll Benton. I Shot liiik: McXneni -i: Siv<' iiiarKiii 'oil p.iints . when theldKlits n. ili.- <liiti t.. unc.xiu-ci.'.i came but'Mike i'Lli" li:i(l pui up a game, nive anil take! Ii:itll'. Till! sa:li>r jlisvil llis bi.ii a<l- j hi;;. iin.I iiiKiii '.Mile- I" III.\,i >'Ulii.lIi';; •I Sil:irl.> .V':- li.'ll. Sli:iiki\! Round Seven., , • 111- <>in. tii'ili -inn niglil uil '.le luist lo Ihe Kurt Scoy. junior ccf lese baski-tball <iuinl<-l iji a game-V'liich will liiiiii; to. a cU- in-.tK liasknbiill play in lola Ibis wek. The twill li'aiiis vanla.i:.' in wti.:;Iil tojiile up a lead ii'i piiinl.-. I Rour )d 'One. *rin-.v *-;i!iif liiili fjf;litjn;; :inil wln'ii Mike- Illis<.'il .1 I..ll,|irllp tll .-V liiillllihll .liii-li. Mik.- f':*l<'fllll.v fioill •.•liuir I'fl whil li.-liiml (I liiiiK iiiiii Shiirk.-yj l"..r.-.l iri. IM.III fi-is flyiii>;. [ It'll ini;i/tl'' to sri'.ri ' '•* »*".-- iiiis.s,.! .J .^h.'iii, •iUhl iliittii MijiK I ihi...- lift h'Kiks loj h M.I. Till- I'.ll IMiin .fl rii |M<. Twi) I'lis H .-.-i .Mjili.i'-!'s il.-f.-ii-v I'lil thi .Miki' lit Willi llis ii «lii th.-it "III ll 'il' Illy 111 flush I 'll Sliirk-vs 1 .liilut .-v.-ii lilii:k. Miki- w; liiixlnil :iK:iill. r Kli.ll U.-.v SWIMLJ- .Mik..- ..iii.i ih I Ijip.ui;:' !"\\ It ^.II'.' ritl. . til'' I'tiii.-n •h. It ! .11.1- lill .1!.'! . Ml I'.l' !" iliiln't 'i' i.ri ,1 .1 Illllt II" ill"V-v 1« .Mik.'s- ilhiii "M ilf 1 - - , i.ut s's"|i|nil :i I 'l-Mv li|.|iiriil I' IIVi-tlv.l.»-. Mikf,|,i.. ,.j .4iit -i'l .Mile- - si'iiiiM-li. .<lriil Jlll.l ll.-ail.v W.-III „.:is: . "llllil- Illy il"~"l :ll III' I.. CAGE TITLE Qiiintct Wins 44 jto From; Independence LastTNight; Ft Sc-ott-Iola a I i '^actor. I 17 MANAGERS IN OBLIVIONNOW I . • • ] . j i . : Fame Lasts Only Moment Then They Nearly i^ll Pass Off A Baseball ' Stage.' New York. Mar: 4. (AP>-^Vhat becohies j of . the managers of worlil's ohampion baseball'cliibs? The qubstJon might., be .asked \iy the fans {Who have seen the leaders: of the last two title-holding I clubs, teill .McKenchnie of the Pirates and Roger Hornsby of the Cardinals,! pass to other folds so, shortly after tra^'ellng the royal ' road to' fame. , Sometimes a fork in the roSid leads over a hill but it isn't al- way.s toward the poorhouse. •Hornsby, for instance, has i $40,000 contract with the '• .N'ew York (Jiants for two years. McKechnie is well berthed as a coach with the World's Champion Cardiniils. pi-obably happier at least than when trying to keep the gunwhales of the Pirate craft clear. But it's worthy of note- that only four of the si.xteen" managers who i piloted world's chainpionship clubs | since luori have kejrt their jobs. .V fiftli. Bill Carrigan. who re- I tired after leading the Red Sox to.i lit li.ii-K'.l ill t'l I iki- \ nvit iii'ir.- 11 :i'kliii -4 l^ll -i mill M JiiiriuK' riKlft I" III'- I 'liiii. jlt'ilil .'yiik'- ili't'w' .iw;l> t" -I'fl iiiil I'lni'i'l. Sliiirk.-.v il|>- nii'i'l afli r the II ami final rmiiKls in thj- ^ir colic'K.' Invitation basL wiili j aiH 'lhi-l' |i;ti.r .if rmWii Jiiil liil'iii' 111. iiiinaniciM (ipcnc 111.' vli lue of I^MIIK ili'fcali 'i 'an t'lly luiiliir I'OIICKC '.i.v jiniul. ^llillVt. pus .Itlllil i 'I iiK I III' Fori Sniit siin:i(l. il(r""'<'iil U iiii .'."•ciiii'l plar.' , ii-Sfa i Jiiiiiiir ciilli'i'.i' .1111- lol:i. Ii>] In .Vikaiil •inly dill' uf ilcr.fiiil wliiili al ill-Ill" Kj Ir+Cllci!, HaliUilijy iilxbi'.s •J.MW will mark til" ofi'lciiil i!<isi: 111 111" l|'l ball .si 'asiiii in lola. lola's only rciii:iiii- liiK tailH' after llinl with Fori Scolt ill iKiiil:-. I" .Vl'l"' I'.-ll. Round Two. ' .Mik" IIKH'.'I 'I'.I fix'i'lilv Willi ll. '1 lllll "'.l "!l Wi -lll i^ltii :l ill -lr.ill 1 h'l'. Sh;iil("\ s i-i u'tlvli,;; stji.iHli. Mik" Illl'IM'il lllf: ''ll'ill IIKIII I lillMli'l I" Sli iik"\:> ^'lilii lllll i III" liii-liiii li".\ |i ..uiii| 1 •.iil|.->- "I |i|l- III 111" lii.iK uliliiiiii iK'i I 'liii; III .Mik" s' . iitiai 'k \V;i' lll "n'''l\ ';. SIlillk ">'s HMIIIlilll'U lliii'ill'- .1 I '-'l "Il.iirt" .\ I'll ll 'i 'iU I Mik' t 'i'>' »<"i >• J"i'>< ili 'l 'Sll .ilk- llll.-. .1 I ll till j'l Ij' V iilll'fl '.1. ll 111' I ill'.... •,V nil li' 11. .M' ll," II' i('.' ll. ll i^l'iiiiiii l'il' ll" ll .'V I'l tui'lll' 1 '1 1 k Sli.ii!. lil'- 111 ll. .1 RotinJ hiil'l I . llTi .li .-l^ ;r h;-- \-:\. |."il; 1.1 Round Eln'it. .Mik.' VJas lli ".iv,; I'.i'kiv i I'l .-il i' f:lH*-"li|» 1I"W ^>'l I 'Kli'"; 1 Il .itl ..''.|r. Uif>'iiic I'-fl iitli- ill hi- I. If .Sif^"}''.' lii.k lll 'lll .11 lll "-ll' "I' i""^! '..• II' 'I • 111 lliiilith. iii-i 1" !" !l hi' 'l-.;l'l l ,"-ii'' I.. .V1.K':~ I .Mih 1" .M -cir tllv. .hi" -Milil.-lil.v l""k 111'' "If-lisn-. ''-.-.ii'i; iii 'lils .1'.,! |..|i . |.. .-:lM^;;•^ I.-..I •• i 111' \- ll.'llliil. -''I ll I" II |., ... ll '. •• .I '.T Hi -.' I l'"l ..^I 111... • r-' 'I III" h'lXiliy -lliill II'.W 111' ...iM li.rl .1 ill 1.-' .1' .1 li. v.,'.- : • . I ll.' 'till' 'i. i I ll .1 .\l' '.'I'.;':.' w I ' .1 S!i;;i'.. . ll. 1 ',•'...Ih .'11 ll:- I" II ' ! 'I 'I •,li'. I. 'lllll, Roi.nil Nine. . Slink. •' .1. .'w ' |.f. i|'ll .Mi. h I. I .. i; I 1 II : iiii'l ' I'll I ' !i k'lll -i li'v'.f \.-..---Mr. .f '! Sli:il l ..'V . ..II! !l : I .1 ' 1 . I;;. I :l I ' Iiilii ii'ii^la ! . n i —; l''.i"ll ' 'III'. I" '."'. II u. : .1' 1.1 .1 .. '••'•||.ti a!;..iir'..'lli lilll- .M' ll \^ .111'. .I."u-i Round T^n. C. C. Vi\^ i lost the lioli-se ion.4hip of ed his till nuni at .St (ii ('i)lurtibu.s siiiic tojisind Aderiia in'l!i2:!' the recent '11(1 .111 *1 .**'li 11 k' I ml" III" i.-ii" iii .lllll. k' al 111. I ..11 . .' rl' l;;.| :l .Mi, ll. i 'Ti"iuli.;ii'-f. |.\lar. iSprttiai— ^••?.ilas;'s ciiiv ..-(eppeil oh<» g;imo .lij'"- In il:<.'kaii-as .liinior t'liUeue "o^irciviiicliaskcthall title here last iiiu-'iii. ilefeaifHK Independence t'lin- .111' c'lll.'sr" liiisketuers 41 to 17. La":! iM.niii'ii game, following .\r- li..lis:n City 's; ili.f«!at of lola junior iiiIIi'.;" Ill" i|igh't before, virtually :is-ili.s III,. Arkt'lty scjiiad of Ibe I 'iaiii ;iiiilisiii |i. ' Til" .Vik'iiifias (•iiy'(|iiliil"l iii;is' w 'I I'lily nil"! iif'llM Iwi) reiiiaiiiiiig • : V I I.I ilili. ll lb'! t-lle. If Vnrt .•s .ill i:. .I' by lola al iola [ |,,.„|,.^„|,lp. I'liuMuw I '.Uilit. Arkansas f'ilv wlilj .•)•)„. otui'rs? • |ii tlll'tilll if ll.lnSi'S lilil'i IH. ri'iiiainriia gaineH. ; ' . i triumphs in I'Jl.'i and 1916.; [has I I'l coma-tack;to try his luck at! the "'• """""P Min.w. samo ll elm.' • ! Fred J'lari John .McGraw, who won the first ; ha.s gmie 1 jworld's series under modern ri'iles.! jij;;,!,, aftei^ in lito .'i; is very much in the' l!i:;7 i hectii pepnaiit hunt. • So is bis iVhieri- I an League riVal of those days. Counie .Mack. '• Kach has three world's championships to his cred- ii. But of the. rest, only .Miller lluggin.s, who put the Yankeis al the lofi in VXI% and BuckyHarris whose youthful courage lifted-the Sttiiatoi 'K lo the peak In I!)24,; l>oLli .•If .Mcfiraw's exjiense. remain; lo reprcHcni the acini'' of CeorR.' ; man' "V ili j l !llt. is wi national.'^ Ill" l!il7 W piling on Mtaff. I • jiir iloiii'i (1 siaft. Trir bil-fciiall I ('l ..'V <l.iiiil lb I'enTsburg. Fli. Here's of the l!ll»!l larli lo "ois Kan brief but s. comi'balrrk. i^iallings. tho Boston ' Br the Rochest ircnce . Rov h CI lit I hi .So.v \ii bacli at 'um- .•\nicrican Kit Jiajrow.. aiiotli plljiit I r 4!lls vinrag" diiio 11 ill" Vaiikii'S' >i.." ! lritirn|ili in Six ri'inalii ; con-I inglcii iinil |ii|'(-leil Willi bas.'ball in some ca-jwUii .McK Mificiiy. tlirec liav.' rcljrcd from I lu".: i'i>iii|i|.M" f rT'iTt «\r rlVii "i'ii.i»^»r i IBaiiio'.'* limelight i altogether and : iliaiiiiniil lii .JIM.rll IILLANEY, :iwo. Frank Chanir.' ami Pal Mo- HO|>CER, is DEAD''""-"'''•^ • '»'>"' Vaiikii 'S' k.r. ,w! inly Ili'/will'ar iriji I liiri '-.'.•isiii (iliii" and |t .s| of llill^l ' V! the lOOl',; Chi- j fodl III will be' March ll at 'Arkansas f'itv. xviiii.;.. .i lii-^ iti;hi i PARS6NS TRIMS lOLA HIGH FIVE h il'iua S |l|| I'l 'i li .i'i .l! r ".IV .I'.I Parsons; .March 4. Special •Pardons iiigh school d"fealeil lola here last inight to 24 in a fast Big Siyen conference game. Par- .sons wa.s. leading 10 lo 4 hit the close of the first quaHer. ' Box ticouc: lii^ I anil Mik'. ..till l.i ..lliiM lji:;lll t" III..1 .M.iil'l. ii'-.l li.- -Mlk'-'.- iliili. i..':'!- ii'.;liJ.i. f."'. -;iia:;:'% I'lllk'jil l .t lyassii,'- 111".. I !.*\\t ill with his Cii*. .".1. i " ,1 .la.-k iil.i Sii !ik. ;.i.i...l •• .'111 II all'. Ill th' 1,1.1.. .1 al -111.'. .\.'V a'l;.. :.'i.. - .. . II ' h 1,1 aii'l > ..I'll li".ivil\ Willi l"'tli ' 1.1 lie- li.-aii. 'I'ln-v c-iii .1 li ^t a era-- lip:; ,-vi-ha'ii -•ital til*' r'-."it'.- Iiii.k .Milt, s Hit li.J'.k "11 Ihi- liiiii wh'-ii li"'tri".l t" si'i>|initi- tli'-m. Tli'> ciini" l.ii;.'lli.r iiKalii. lipi'iiiK ii|i|- "Ills I"., sliii.-k.'il 111.Ill uk wliil'- Sliiik .'V Hi 'al'l.' sp.'l .Mik'- Ih"V W "iii l.-t','k I .-'asli' .1 .1 I 'l'-'lil a .-.ii'l .Mik'- l...\"l .il ..t^i .T li^llt l ...'.i.'' .\ I'-Tt l.""k- :'l"l""^l ;ii .-l a ••1. Ml,' .-411 -k" . ), ,' t,,., I.I I " I 1." r Fielder 'Jones of ' : ' :cago \VhltP Sox is nnli" a niini- ?. -Minn.. Mar. I. l.\P> i „rv to' present -day Ifans. Jak.- -Iiiiiny liclail.'.f.: St. I 'aiil Pgbt Sfabl. leadei' of the lfll2 Red: Sox. a. iv;. '.v. ("in.i ,!i.i,|. her" earl.v Ibis 'passed out of the picture shortiv '"•••'' irv!ii bbioil poi.soning. • Rafter his iriumph of that ivear. Ins. gaiiibl. li'l'c —For pi riasiiiiied C u : -"• '-I i' li'.il'NinL:, S' ll i 'I l ....,k .,1 .1. : .1 "••> •••• ! 'I .'M Mil."'ill,'. 'I '.\:.'.. EDDIE MOJtRIS BARREDFROM KANSAS RINGS felmer McMullen Will ^ On,Ft. Scott Card as Opponent to Wagner In Fight Next | i Tuesday. | Fort Scott. Kans., .Mar. 4.;(AP)—| .'The firm stand of t&e Americati^ Legion of this eity (or clean boxing < has resulted in Eddie Morris, of Sioux City. Iowa, middleweight, being barred from participating i4 bouts in Kansas by the Kansa^ • boxing commission. Morris's "shady" tilt with one Roy Williams of Chicago at Cedar Rapids, Iowa, last Saturday night resulted^ in his banishment. J ' \ ' Leslie Edmunds has aided thqi local committee in securing Elm.eT';! .Mc.Mnllen of Denver to fill Morrfs;] I engagement with Johnny tWagn^t _ ibere next Tuesday night, March ^, ^ I and the card will bo held as advcjf.-. li .sed. '.Mcilullen-is rep(iirted to an even better fighter than Mortals. The card comprises t}ii-ee all sti bouts: and a curtain raiser. In tl main I event Johnny Wagner ol\ Scott'will me ?t Elmer McMulIIll^ Denver. . j • . _ " The semiTWindnp will bring gether"Babe"j Hunt of Poncii ( Okla.; and jintimy Reagen of Lei enworth. heavy weights^. The sp I'irates event will be between "BattlinR as firm fhments of .^tchison and.'Franklb li'mewhat I ''1">1<! "f Picher. Okja.; " bettdr I known as "Baxter Kid." "Thoy are 'miracle *^P'''j'''''weights. "r'Tnter- | KANE^HADES laud of-! 0-. who champ- regain- tourna- f/cague aiiothi.'r Red LARRY CAP Kan-sa" City' Kan.s.. .Mar. 4; (AP) l .s niii- |Jacki|» Kane. Denver, shaded. I .4irry u.-ilness ' CappO. Kansas City, according tp ;jave I iicwsfiaper meji. In the featjirc boiit- jliasi-bull^ I of a ithow heijc last night. Walke^ Kansas iiiil'Ks. yiiii c.'in af- IIf you can affiiril to • hu iii'i'il fur villi to t [mlil.r results ilumns. iW'asili- : Rich. Tlu'si'. ; -l:ick (lonisby. I , ji r , "> BkKER PEFEATS FRIENDS ¥iy% City, knocked oiiH jVIcDonai'd in the first rauni' Baldwin, .Mar. 4. (SpecIaD- Baked imiversity defeated! Friendjt i here ibst night 26 to 24. in a Kanf- sus crnferencc! Wasketball game. It use the was BJaker's final game ofLthe seai! .•?on. -Mile lit: h; .Missouri—Lanc-isler Kansas—Cash "and .Misso'iri—Brown and Ktthsasr-Thornhill. relay;: Kansas—Cooper, Kngle. i Woods. Beniiiig a;pd Hays. sj wu|ks|(i{ no(j to <-siii't:/«ii K as neil as In other lli'p its n g'ood adugp say anjliilii*!- If }ou • sompthlng good. i lO.LA (2.->) FC. FT. F. , 'Doc " F^ink n 0 : .Masseyi f - - .' . ;! I) 0 ; Kemp. If 0 II 1 '. E. Funk, c - . i I 0 2 Dcnaldsoii. i . .0 I) 0 ^^Icdiiire, g ' 11 1 2 Barber.^ g . .. 1 0 0 Round, g .- .0 II 0 Totals ... - .-...12 1 r. 1 PARSO.NS Ctlil FG. FT. F j Siiiay,. f - _ . _ . 0 2 '1 Lamb, f - I ll 0 : Fink., f . 4 0 " 1 ' Rvan, c 1 II 1 ! HaKli. g' - . n 0 0 ! .Velson. g 0 0 II ' Caili-a. g . . a 4 0 ; Totals -Iti 4 4 J Rel 'i 'iec: Lani-e. Pillshiirg Tcach- -Mik" iliisl'ill v |,ak "ii. !-"i;ir\. "II 111'' 1":"'- ''Ui >!! ll 111" sl.-iriiii-!'. I h 'illii'is h'-.'i.l ;is ihi' iT'iw.I •• Round Eleven-! Its .-i)i|in.v:i!. Tho I" 11 s.iit ' . Jt.-Tiu -H" '•.' -I"'. . i' ' -v ll.v t" tli'-lr: .-oi'iu-is. , .-nr.ii"!:! i'. Jal. .-sli'ik-v, <lt"\ • l''''i Round i^'our. j i i;..;...s a."I li ;" f:l'v. .1 ti,:.. H .-1S l.iiKliiiir .-li-.iiilv aii'I till' .rliil.liiiii; l.'fis I" -Mi'-'i"fi '•'• V • I'.iy-s rmiflFl.-ii." wa.s :i l.i; i Tiiiiil-• I'l'.li- "I'-ir. .''/-/.^ I''"l l'li"k.-- '•"•' .Mik>-..l • "I III III .«liaik.' pll. until iislni; hi.! li fi hmik (is h" i -anii l..ii|.-r 111 • Irishman on ihi. ro|>".u. .Mik" lii'ik'- .1 ^vllsi-ll.llll^ i.iii his ul'.v,' ami Ili',\ liill'.l I '.i- I 'liuis. Til" .'iiiWil 111 ll sfiai'k".\ wli 'iii h" r.'fiis.'il, t" sl'i'k" li'iliils. ' Sliai ki'V Jumii"'! In ami 111", "sinaslud iiiaill.v t'. hi '-i.l anil l.'illV. f"',-l I 'l,- I 'l lilif ill III.' .•i-lltlT- 'if 111" liii.i:. .Mik.- \\:\^ 'Irivlii:; Int" th" .ilia.'k ii'iw. i.iki;i >r llif nff.-nsi\.' for Ih" fiis| liiii" ai'-l 1'U*'tl .i"Z< ll f'oni Shark' vs h -fi <>•.-. 1 |]'- was niissiiJK '.ri'-iir ii'iw wiih bisi I.ft. .Mik" wint ari.-i'. liini. «nia- klii«! his l"fi .asll.v t.i Sliiik 'Vs D'-ail Willi" -l.ii'k liiiii-olj I'iiik. - ih.- ""'ll lllll Jii'l want I 'l sii.i.! li'iiiltii'.; al 111.' I>.-I1. . . 1 Round iFive; •!<liai -k"v 'aim- i.i I jiil'Miit; with his j I''^i;i l''ii Mik'-'s lU -r. Iisi- was i..., u.;,ii,l. ..iit'slill U'Wiim I'M' all li .'iu s W":il'. Sh.irk. yV 1' ri iai'k , •I'.'iil't. •! -Mik' In jiKiiii.v iii-ai III". i"ii"- nil aiMM-.n".! til 1.'- f'i'il. .\Iik W"<I up. tt'iit l..i,-k I" I' i'i'f,.i-,','*s i'-.'-isi'im','. IMW W.l.o s|.ilV"l' 11 "W lllll .-sh.- ri'ai li"il Ills ll'- 111 tP '-i'i' SI'^'HI aiiil l "*jri ''l .'t '-i.-ti sW'illi'M ...I- ait'l 1.1 !. It lull shiilll.l li'ii - -.III lll-il Round Twelve- .Shai'k. .• .li.i.. 1 !i.i,-' Tisn-s 'i.'.i.l I 'll! Ll 1 his ri.i.lllll. li'- u.'^ SI' fills' l.t liK'.iil. r.'liii..; I.. •-It'.'.il.' baiiinl''! in:? wli'"! sl"pii.'il in t'l si.'i) tli.- 1 Tiiu.l was .11 il- I'.I \' I III il'i il. I'f .ii. ill". i| t !i't M I. Ill '.mill i ."t s.-viTolv "at ami in ll Ml'.:'' .V ; I. ft li.i'k ilr'.v • .l.i.'k biiik .iiiil a i |„irts wfii- lliit in ."ii'' fiiiiill'ii; li-ilil w:'"iif;lil i ii.-lliiii "ii ! nil. in i-aiis'- ili.- .» ' -i Sliall>'..'s I 'll .".'.j *ll WIS aliil .'Sl I I 'l... fiulil Ml- sli'li;'" ll .'II I'.-'-.l M"W. Sli.iik ".y iil'.iiKh.'iI III liv. - . ui.-s. iiim- S '-"iiii.|s i,l 1 ** ' ' • •' ' • ^1,11 ,-h 111'- ,.'li !si\,' j i-.mnil. a jli-- M'l.v ', half il'l- • iitli^ at 111'' •v-'i'. ^Mik.' ik. . s l.'li-' i.iilv. TI '.'.K "lll 'T ft' ^ ..f|. 1 ll..' I'. I. fi I'. .M. •; ."'11..1 ;r"..i i' .1 i.'.f .''C fl.ti.l .1 Ml- I' !'"•"! I",iil - -ll. " •I'.- |.-l I 'HI "Tiuil'' '\'ii« Ki. I ll "I 1... I I . .|i'' SQUARE ! W ' -I'll' t... I: I a ers. Thi.s (jeiitainly might 'have been applied With effect at the Arkansas City 11 ill a Junior college basketball game.! according to Coach Ira Siockehraiid and members of his hard-fighting basketball quintet. "TliP! point spore by' ArltiiD- sn)^ Cityj that bri'uplit an l«ln : dpfipiRll «iinp. i>p<'jiusp sump of Hipi, I's^s'ihootpd the reipree. for n ilp<'l«lon. «i' roursc thp free- 1 brim I bp rpi'erpe. awardpd to ArkanfuK ilty wasn't thp I'ihul |K»lii^^f Ithp inimp, l>nt| It pivp AriiflnMiH ; I'ity » lead MIIP^I tl|PlKai>if •nas nparly ovpr, and incMeritiiliy tlip ganip <i «4pd witb .Arkunsns Citj .Inst ontt lieliit ablead. McPHERSON TRIMS I KANSAS WESLEYAN If.s a I fine thing for fans to shout for their team, but it's a nilghtj- l^d thing whei they yell "out qf thVIr turn." It doesn't do the hOinef team any g<)od, and it certainly "igives .the town the name of beijnp },bard on nsiting toams. It was'just a few fans that acted in that nianner. fortunately. lola. fans liavp lots, of jrood liask ^Miall coming up In the tonrnai^ent which opens this . :afiei |nD (in. Ilomboldt, Gametl ' and loin seeouds' shonid lie nmon^ the stTonicPst tennis. - ThLsl about 'winners, and { this for ta4k cdlumn beinglhb! at takes It all back e to pick prize fight iMike just didn't do it. liplumn may be closed Ifinances. •HowpjiTpr, thff .'ReRlster ppr- tatnlr a nice- Inmonl for th^ f^ht.' rncidf!D(sill}-,-nparly all. .^r ,t lose present voted for aRotner jAJmerleati Leelon fight card abiufa uioQfh from notr. . Wini alront It American Le. •gfoni 'il! I. . - Mi.'Plierson, .Mar. 4. iSpeciall — -M'I'liei.soii! delV'ileil Kansas Wes- le.vaii .41 to .'!:! ill a. Kansas conference cage battle here jlast night. SCOUT LEADEfc IS AT KIVVANIS iMEET The lola Kiwanis I'lub.wa.i for-! Iiiiial" to liav" lor lln' speaker at ; its_^--.'eii)ar ni.'elini; in the. Port-! b:'itil lloi.'l last nir;lilMr. John E. I AVIl-scin. ' Sijiiiil Kxiciltive of the j Ls'cKan Aii"''a roujn-il itoy S.-oiils of i .\nierica.; I, .Mr. Wilson calii" fio lola just a| Ij-ear avi. at ilK'.titiie when this j Lr.'a wai: being lirganizi'd anil i poke toillie Kiwanis (Uiibj outliu-' linf; lh«' ^ork whiclj wys schediil-• I 'll to lie,i done.; in tl |is ilistrict in;' Kcoiiling 'i' He came back yesterday fi) report I what, bad been iloiie. His reiip'rl was!inspiring to those |who bi'lii-v" in Scoiiting b.H-anse it .^biiwi'd -iiicb a spicndjii record of iiccuiiipli.shinent. .Mi 'iubership. the j •lumber ^lf troops, activities, all : Vore ilohble at the end. of the i ear what they were in Ilie begin- ! linfi. I ; i The towns which are in the Se- ! Kan Area and are contribii'.ing lo ' he suiiiHirt of iA'cnilini; are Cha-• iiiite. Hninbolilt. Yates Center. .\'>'o-«j <I"sha. Ftedoniti. Erie, .\ltoona. and i penedict.l Tola Is In the An -t j j:raphi('-a(Iy but has d.-dined to; (•'irtribu'e anytbinc to its support ' and for that reason is nor' sharing any of the bwni'fits about' which .Mr. \Vils6n spoke bi'St night. Ther... are btil {time Boy Scout Troops ill all operating independently. -^-Telephone your Clasaififrd Ad? to 18. cin OIL CO. DULLEA & DALGARNO Distributors We are pleased to announce to the automobile, truckj and tractor owners o'f lola that R. i.. TRACY ' • . • ' • i '" . , —ha.s been appointed atjent in thi.s territory for Rtirn.sdal! BE SQUARE products. ^ We are plea.';ed to aniKnince that .Mr. ,J. A. Robert.s lias recently , been appointed Service Station opeiator. In keeping with the jiolicfes ol' the P .arn -^^dtdl iRfefining Compahy, mot- orist.s in thi.s community will continue to rec»>ive the .'^anrie high quality BE .SQUARE Oil.s and Ga.sbline that are winning the t pproval of thousand.s'of mator^ist-s who pride them.selve.s in the power and ctficiency of their cans. Authorized BE SQUARE Dealer.s and Servicij^ Station attentlant.s are thoroughly c6m|petent and offer |you prqippt and coiirteou.s .service in every: detail. - ' •: Maximum volatility means power •maximum Tcvaco Gasoline, the volatile gas, enables ycjut , engine to deliver every ouncc^f .traction its desigtjer expected. ] Buy Texaco Gasoline every timp, \ iinJ Texaco ilotor Oil, tlit clean, clear, goldcn-ciilored lubricant. 1 Barn.sdall BE SQUARE Oils are not- ji \.<t "nrdiriary^ oils." They are scientifically manufactured from i)etroleum prodtict.s toU 'oiTCclly lubricate tjyery rhake of car.i . Barnsdall BE SQUARE Gasoline kive.s added life and jmwer to your car—more miles to the gallon—no waste in co'nsunriptioni GASbl [iNE 1^ MOTOR p ILS Phond 921 REFININO. COMPANY R. L. TRACY, Local Agent Washington and Douglas Slreet.s Ibla, Kansas I. i :i^i

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