Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa on September 25, 1959 · Page 6
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Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa · Page 6

Carroll, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, September 25, 1959
Page 6
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Urgent Intervention Reason- Steel Strike Threatens to Unbalance Budget By STERLING F. GREEN WASHINGTON <AP) - The Eisenhower administration had a new and urgent reason today for possible intervention in the 10- week steel strike. If it is not settled soon, it will unbalance the federal budget. Budget Director Maurice Stans Thursday unveiled a new and MOVING Local and Nation Wide Storage — Crating — Packing Ph. Day 2540 Ph. Night 2618 Carroll, Iowa John Vanderheiden Moving Agents for North American Van Lines, inc. Timti Herald, Carroll, la. Friday, Sept. 25, 1959 higher estimate of federal spending for this 1960 fiscal year. It carries a 95 million dollar surplus, a 25 million increase over previous estimates, built on the assumption of prosperity and rising tax collections. Government revenues will suffer quickly, Stans told reporters, if the mighty steel industry fails to resume production in time to prevent a spreading industrial paralysis, dropping income, and declining profits. "If the strike is not settled in two or three weeks — or if there is no Taft-Hartley injunctions or some other action to get the men back to work — the surplus would be rather quickly wiped out," he said. Chances of a quick settlement of the strike remained uncertain. Negotiations have been meeting spasmodically in New York with no apparent progress. There had been previous indications that early October would be the deadline for serious consideration by President Eisenhower of strike-stopping intervention. The new budget revision disclosed that the 77 million dollar spending schedule which Eisenhower announced in his budget message has become a $78,905,000,000 budget. The shaky surplus which he foresaw in January — 70 million dollars — has been preserved in the revision, and even enlarged a bit. Business profits are smashing records, and Uncle Sam gets about half of every dollar of corporate earnings. Stans said the government reckons that profits will total 484 billion dollars this year, a record Corporate tax collections, aug Now! Brand New A^fff f f*0/ TV at Sporrer's 5-YEAR WARRANTY ~~ ON PRINTED CIRCUIT WE SERVICE BRAND NEW Admiral TV Sets A» low as $200 s^sH per week BUY WHERE YOU CAN GET SERVICE GUARANTEED Longest Trades Ever — Easiest Terms CDADDCD'C TV * APPLIANCES UKKCK d "We Service All Makes" 9th and Salinger Open Every Night Except Sunday Plenty of Free Parking mentcd by higher income and excise tax receipts, should produce aft unprecedented 79 billion dollars in total revenues, he estimated. This is eight billion dollars higher than in the previous best year, 1957. But a serious prolongation of the steel strike, an unexpected business slump, or an international crisis could upset the apple cart, Stans said. And the hope of a general tax reduction in the reasonably near future, held out by Eisenhower in his budget message, has gone glimmering, Stans indicated. Sgt. Uremovich Re-enlists in Army M-Sgt. Mark A. Uremovich, assistant unit advisor to the local Army Reserve unit, rc-enlistcd for a six-year period in a ceremony at USAR Headquarters in Council Bluffs on Thursday. Sgt. Uremovich has been assigned to the Carroll area in the Western Area Command, Iowa Sector, XIV U.S. Army Corps (Reserve) for the past 18 months. His current tour of duty is expected to be extended for another 18 months in the Carroll area, Major Louis J. Gcmcr. Western Area Commander, said. Sgt. and Mrs. Uremovich have made their home at 814 North Main while on duty in Carroll but plan to move to 408 West Seventh Street about Oct. 1. A veteran of the Korean War, in which he served with the First | Cavalry Division. Sgt. Uremovich i is advisor to Combat Support Company, 3rd Battle Group, 17th Infantry, in Carroll. IN PHILIPPINES . . . Thomas J. Domincse. son of Mr. and Mrs. L. F. Domincse of Carroll, has arrived at his new base, Langlcy Point, P. I. His new address is Thomas J. Domincse, 973, 70-89, c/o F.P.O. VP 40, Navy 961, San Francisco, Calif. Handel, composer of "The Messiah." wrote this best-known oratorio in only 24 days. Reason: he was bankrupt and needed money in a hurry. Guest Day Held; Ben Vance Speaks (Times Herald News Service) LAKE CITY - Ben Vance, horticulturist from Iowa State University, Ames, was the speaker at the Lake City Garden Club's guest day held Sept. 17 at the community building here. His theme was "Trees." He showed slides and made demonstration sketches. Mrs. Howard Prathcr sang "Trees" accompanied by Mrs. A. M. Short. Guests were from the garden clubs of Rockwell City and Lohrville. About 40 attended. Mrs. Clifford Owens presided. Mrs. Clarence Clark and Mrs. Paul Kirby served. Mrs. Owens was at the coffee service. Guests Tuesday and Wednesday of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Chapman were Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Jensen of Arcatc, Calif., former Lake City residents 53 Killed In Crash of French Plane BORDEAUX, France (AP) — A French airliner bound for Africa crashed and exploded within minutes of takeoff Thursday night, killing 53 of the 65 persons aboard. Three children were among the 12 survivors thrown clear before the four-engine DC7 blew up and burst into flames. Most were burned seriously. The plane made a two-hour stopover in Bordeaux after an uneventful flight from Paris on a regular trip to Bamako, French Sudan, and Abidjan on the" Ivory 1 Coast. Officials of the privately owned TAI (Transport Aerien Intercontinental) airline, operators of the aircraft, said several prominent African politicians were aboard. Among the survivors was Sckou Sissoko, health minister of the French Camcroons. Most of the passengers were French. Airline officials said there were a few Britons aboard but there was no immediate indication of any Americans on the flight. The plane plunged into a forest two miles from Bordeaux-Merig- nac airport just before midnight after making a shaky takeoff. The pilot appeared to be having difficulty gaining altitude on leaving the runway. Many relatives and friends of passengers watching the takeoff saw the crash and hysterically broke through guard rails in an effort to rush to the scene. WE FORD DEALERS HAVE JUST COME BACK FROM DETROIT AND WE'RE TELLING YOU... "We've seen the Falcon and OH BOY! GET READY. . . for the nicest surprise of a motoring lifetime. We have seen and driven the New-size Ford—the Ford Falcon — and we're really excited. What's it like? Listen— 1. At ohoftriwr "MW look" for tfw American road. This New-flize Ford will be the easiest car in tlie world to own. But is it "economy" looking? Stubby looking? Not on your life! The new Falcon is all snap and sizzle and looks it! 2. Moro hood room, log room OM I hip room than you can iRwginol You get full-width, full-cushion seats. Texas-size people will be completely at ease, with hats on. Yet the roof is just 54 % inches from the road. And if six of you want to go places with week-end luggage, no one will be left standing on the corner. The ride? Just plain wonderful! 3. No iut-oot M yoo oirtor. The "dogleg," that projecting windshield pillar in the doorway, is gone. Door openings are generously wide in both 2- and 4 -door models. 4. The finest visibility yov ovor hod from an automobile. The Falcon lets you see the whole world up front, all the cars behind you and the traffic light above. Yet you're out of the sun, front seat and back. That's Ford "built-for-people" design. 5. Stoors, parks, stops so of artlessly, no power assists necessary. This is the nimblest car you ever drove. It shoe-horns into "impossible" parking spots. It corners the curves like a sportster. And brakes have so much extra-easy stopping power, you just plain don't need power brakes, either. But you can have the Falcon's own 2 -speed Fordomatic Drive. 6. Single-unit construction, liki the Thunderbird's. Body and frame are one rock-solid unit, virtually immune to rattles—with even the gas tank built within the structure. The front fenders are bolted on for sensible, inexpensive replacement. The grille is non-rusting aluminum. Large areas of the Falcon understructure are zinc-coated to prevent rust. Everything in the Falcon is designed to cut motoring costs. Your tires ... insurance ... everything! 7. Built in the U.S. for U.S. roods-the world's most experienced now car. Tested for 3 years and 3 million miles, a whole fleet of new Falcons is now on a final Experience Run traveling every mile of numbered U.S. highway, to show you exactly what the Falcon will do, what it will save, in your area. 8. Amazing now gas records! We can tell you this now—the new Falcons are so far averaging up to 30 miles a gallon of regular gas, with oil consumption zero. Even in stop-and-go driving you can expect to go as much as ten miles farther on every gallon of "regular" you buy. And that's for a 6-passenger car! 9. The engine is up front where the engine belongs. And what an engine it is! It's Ford's most modern, short-stroke "6," created especially for the Falcon. All the turnpike speed you'd ever need—and so smooth and quiet you hardly know it's running. Yet there is not one thing experimental or untried about it—and it's mounted up front for greater safety and stability. Because it's water-cooled, you get safe, sure hot-water heating that never "steals" from your gas economy. What a thrill you'll enjoy when you drive a Falcon! 10. The purchase price is your first big saving! We can tell you this much now—the new Ford Falcon will be priced so low that you'll always wonder how Ford ever packed so much car into so few dollars! And you get the benefit of service everywhere, from every Ford Dealer in the world. We're so genuinely excited about the new Ford Falcon, we have ordered our stock to the limit and we hope to have enough to go around. For your convenience, we're taking orders now. Come in! We will give you the latest facts about the Falcon. COMING OCT. 8TH IN THE NEW-SIZE FORD 4 -H LEADERS TO MEET A boys' 4-H leaders' meeting to make plans for the coming year will be held in the Farm Bureau building at 8 p.m. Tuesday, September 29. Program suggestions will be discussed, materials distributed, and enrollment prospects analyzed. Leaders of all 13 boys' 4-H clubs of Carroll County are requested to be present. Hardrock Miners Dig Lair for Mighty Titan By RALPH DIGHTON VANDENBERG AIR FORCE Base, Calif. <APi— You'd think they were digging a hole to hell — but it's really aimed at the heavens. There will be times when the hole is a veritable inferno. Smoke and flames and car- splitting thunder will roll forth, then struggling up through them will rise the deadly snout of a 20th century dragon, on its way to space. Young Capitalists Use Khrushchev to Turn a Tidy Profit COON RAPIDS, Iowa (AP)— Two 13-year-old capitalists used communism's No. 1 man to turn a couple of bushels of corn into a tidy $100 profit. Twins Vida and Vicki Peterson charged 50 cents an car for "souvenir corn" during Soviet Premier Nikita Khrushchev's visit here Wednesday. They sold more than 200 ears. The corn, at market value, was worth about $2. AT CONFERENCE Eleanor Dinsmore, county director of relief, and Ruth Evans, county director of social welfare, are attending the 10th annual Governor's Conference on Children and Youth at the State Capitol in Dcs •Moines Friday. B. G. Halverson, county superintendent of schools, who left Thursday for a two-day special education meeting under auspices of the State Department 1 of Public Instruction, also will at- ; tend sessions of the conference. Its mission may be the destruction of an entire city. Or it may seek only to scour the skies in quest of new knowledge for man, its master. The dragon really exists. It is called Titan, because of its size. And hardrock miners, toiling around the clock at this West Coast missile base, are digging a lair for the ocean-spanning missile. Forty fect across and lfiO feet deep, the hole will be ready for occupancy by the end of January. The hole, called a silo because it is used for storage of the 90- foot missile, is the key part of an eight million dollar project. Three smaller holes have been dug nearby, for storage of the fuel, liquid oxygen and control instruments. When finished, this will be the country's first underground Titan launching site. The missile, which has a record of lour successes in five firings from surface pads at Cape Canaveral, Fla., is expected to be operational here in mid-1960. Beer from crushed barley was made in Babylon 5,000 years ago. The Babylonians and Egyptians looked upon beer as a medicine In the. lllHtrlcl Court of IIIWII, In IInd for ('nrriil! Count> NOTICK—PROOF OF WILL STATK OK TOW A, CHITOI ) Coimtv. ss; ORIGINAL TO ALL WHOM IT MAY I'ONCKKN: NOTICK IS 11KRKBY OIVKN. That an Instrument In writing, purporting to be the lust will ami testament of Anton A. Klocke, Deceased, was this day produced, opened and read, l>v the undersigned, and that 1 have fixed Tuesdav, ihc '.20th dav or Or- j tober, 19r<9. at 9 o'clock a in. at the Courthouse in Carroll, Iowa, as; the day for hearing proof in rcla- 1 Hon thereto. | WITNESS my official signature, with the seal of said Court hereto affixed, this 'J-lth dav of September. ; 1959. ALKRKO .1 KI.OCKK (SEAL) Clerk District Court Bv Muriel Rutten, Deputv.j Sept. '25: Oct. a. 9, 1959. • NOTICK OV" AIM'OINTMKNT Of i KXKCl'TltlX I STATE OK IOWA. Carroll Count v, ss. No. 7777 i NOTICK IS IIEKI'.HY GIVEN, that the undersigned has been duly appointed and qualified as executrix of I the estate of J. A Schroeder, deceased, late of Carroll County. All persons Indebted to said estate are requested to make immediate payment: and those having claims against same will present them, duly authenticated, to the undersigned for allowance, and file in the office of the Clerk of the District Court. STELLA M. SCHROEDER. Executrix. LE1GHTON A. WEDEU ATI I. Attornev. Dated September 21. 1959 ALFRED .1. KI.OCKK. Clerk District Court Sept. 25; Oct. 2, 9, 1959. as the day for hearing proof in relation thereto. WITNESS my official signature, with the seal of said Court hereto I affixed, this 17th day of September, 1959. (SEAL) Alfred .T. Klocke Clerk District Court September 1R. 25; Oct. 2, 1959 NOTICE OF APPOINTMENT ! OF ADMINISTRATRIX STATE OF IOWA. CARROLL COl'NTY. ss. No. 77SI NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, that the undersigned has been duly appointed and qualified as administra­ trix of the estate of Clara P. Ross deceased, late of Carroll County. All persons Indebted to said estate are requested to make immediate payment; and those having claims: against I he same will present them, duly authenticated, to the undersigned for allowance, and file in the office of the Clerk of the District Court. F.lUiWieth R Rilev i Dated September 10, 1959 ' L. E. Sweanv. Attornev Alfred J. Klocke Clerk District Court Sept. 11, IS. 25, 1959 I BIERL SUPPLY STORE West of Green Bay Lbr. For Carefree, Glamorous Floors • and Walls at Lowest Prices Armstrong Linoleum % 98c Armstrong Vinyl Accolon Y qd $1.59 FORMICA _ Lovely Formica for Sink Tops, Cabinet Tops, Dressing Tables 75c Armstrong Execelon Floor Tile 14c Only 9x9 inch Til* New Lovely Italiano Marble Like, Plastic Wall Tile 49c Sq. Ft. Plastic Wall Tile in Stock 16 Beautiful Colors 29c-39c M ford falcon. the easiest car in the world to own AND WAIT TILL YOU SEE IT! f| r.o.A.r. BILL BURGESS MOTORS 3rd and Main Sts., Carroll Phone 3501 SEE YOUR FORD DEALER FOR "WORTH MORE" ^> USED CARS AND TRUCKS NOTICK— VHOOF OF WILL IN T1IK DISTRICT COMtT OF IOWA. IN AND FOR CARROLL COINTV STATK OF IOWA, Carroll County, ss ORIGINAL To All Whom II Mav Concern: NOTICK IS I1KRKHY C.IVKN. That an Instrument In writing, purporting to be the last will and testament of Mary Osterholt Deceased, was this dav" produced, opened and read by the undersigned, and that 1 have fixed Tuesdav the 13th day of October, 1959, nt 9:00 o'clock a.m. at the Courthouse In Carroll, Iowa, IS yours the house next door R. J. "Bob" OOLEZAL 3 SECONDS TO LIVE! Before you can read this another person will lose his life in an automobile accident. SLOW DOWN AND LIVE! In the meantime make sure you are thoroughly covered by sound insurance. Consult us! For the answer to your insurance questions feel free to call me at the Dolezal Insurance Agency. Dial 4140. Two houses, built at the same time, stood side by side as they had for years. They were great friend. Day after day they chatted about happy events of other years. On the outside, they looked much alike, except one house overlooked a backyard clothes line and an alley garbage pail. In that house, mother still washed dishes by hand . . . wrapped garbage in old sacks and newspapers . . . and pop was annoyed when the TV blinked as the refrigerator went on. A half-happy home was this. It lacked Adequate Wiring for Better Living . , . electrically. In the house next door, a freezer held goodies galore and mother never touched garbage at all, A food waste disposer rid her of the mess and the smell. A clothes drier had replaced the clothes line and, in the evening, she and dad watched TV together while a dishwasher took care of her after- dinner chores. A happy home was this. It had FULL HOUSE- POWER for Better Living . , . Electrically. about Sec your electrical contractor 1 up-to-date wiring for your home. Iowa Public Service Company

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