The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas on March 4, 1927 · Page 7
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The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas · Page 7

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, March 4, 1927
Page 7
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ing';p'ress«re was renewed ugaiii in''itoddy's] stock market after an early perioa of strength, seniJing prices- Irrejgularly 16wer. . A break Ijofnts in Continental based ou unfavorabU Xnmors, unsetiled the or ittVer 7 Baking! A divideniU Motors llslt in the early afternoon; on tlie recurjrence" of w^re sold early bulge on a ^ I; . pessiro ^Ud reports, regarding in- •j creasing cimpetlUon and irice tut- ' ting. Rubbers moved np Ind down with thjE EStalil «rfce la niotors. shment i of the seversl years by highest jPure Oil ,5eaturefli jthe" petroIc'uiA gronp whicb $howed evidence of organized support. ' . Tno "Styi Kamllles Mote to Hnm- lioldt this Week. Ameriran Lesion Play Jiefji Xnuvt iK «*lpls kankas tltj IJicsloik. kansfeisfjCity. Mar. 4.1 (United North Maple JGroYe and Central Alvetiue (Mrs. Arthufj RalshI ; Feb. 2S.—Moving fa the order ofj j the day now. Tuesday Mr. Lambert j moved to the Elwood Myers farm, i . M CSS V K. Churches. Churchill. Ger^ I kfn and Raish helped him. Wednesday Paul Lassman moved to the HadW: farm; Mr. aftdMrs. Franklin. Mr. anil Mr|<. KaUh helped lUein move. Sat'irdayt John Frank-i rin moved to the iCjbdfrey farm: , Mr. and-.Mrs. T; 4 franklin «nd HORAN NEWS OF THE DAY Farewell Party for lie Larsons Wh» Will Kewufe to .Irkan- - norld.niiie Prayer Day :0b»ene4. (Kranci.s Cnlv'.'r.l Humboldt., Kan-:.. March .'I.-t-Thc Stales jDcparinK-ni of Agriculturei jse<ond ami li'i?t performance oi the^^j ^Pl- and'.Mr. and Mi[«. Paul l-a»s- Hops 4.t)|)0: sifjw, uneveiK mostl.y , ^„j.i,.,;i i-o ni e d y. "Sweetheart , man helped tlicniniote- 15 to^oc 'Of"* ,|:*»^-J'»'.^*'JfJ',',t I Town." sponsored l.y the Hunibolilt Mrs. Vcmon IfV-ilbur came .Mon~"° ' ' Li-gian. was prci.-nted ; 'lay and Mr. Vcrndn Wilbur came •Thursday to visit nis parcnt.s. .Mr. 11.30; (it^sirable 240 to'.T25 lyouni butefaers $ll*ill.35: packing sow Cattle f ^SQO: calvea lOo; I.ire;*^!? U plcanup trade on killiirg jvlih m;t cnotjgh represeiitatioji ti test \~alues; few loads conimun tii me<lium steerk $6.7ii <?i 7 .,V^ veal top J12.60; stocktrs and feed<;i .-5 tirnil. ShetJ? 1..500: lambs 10 to lot Iftwer: top |I4 .7 .">:Tolhers .$14.40^ • 14/70. •• \ •: • so PCHLjIC held S.iiunl Pavilion. .\UCTia .V—Will be ayj at Bishop's Sale AUTOMOTIVE Antomo (.Mrs. «. 11. Fo:-d) AlORAN, .Mar. l.-rThis. the first day of .March, with the ground cov- 1 ered tCith .several iiii-lu.-i of ."now. is not at all suggesiivu of spriug tiinje, ihui if We must liavc more winter wju-athcr wc- of cfiirse prefer it iiow. I The farewell party in lioriur of yU: ana Mrs. VB.irncy" Larson A USED CAR lei Agtinclea Is as dependable as lice. The best place pendable 'used cars, have a complete the dealer w^o sells it — Dodge Sales and Serv to bii.rgood. il .\t present yvi line of both ijjcn and closed models, pri.ed io sell. Elli.s .Motor Co., 211 Nor h Washington. H.UDSOX-ES^KX'-Sales and Service. Bud Whit*! Motor Co.. 219 Help yv«ate«t—Male ; 9t LET US HELP YOU .MAKE $2(10 (u $(00 a month; An old reliable institution capitalized at one hni^- lion doUarsJ hak> an opening^ 1<*- cal'v for ener.?eiic man ..interested in building; permanent, profitiable business ;or,ills own. Write Dept. 36. .lohn. Sexton Co.. Box lli H.. Chicigo. I IjjyE STOCK tfa^tk—Llrestock 50 STORAOB BAROAINS—KiUfld^b. nine leather (toofold, 2 uaedirock- em with g"ntiin(! lo^ther iH^^U «tM . 'bagki'. all frames uf . (luarteret onk wax ftnlMh; the threef pieces $37.."A One new st ^incb ^ixten- ' H I OU dining t.iblc. quartei 'e^. oajf war finish: will foir «0.' 0 «i Ufit -d (|uartere<! oak >WB X ~ (i^ishetl buffet. SlH. One used ^dnofcild, black imitation leather. In'^ Socd condition. $22..50. On« used'oak drci-.'er with good bevel plate mirj-- ror. *16. One used ({ua^ered oak . dressing table with chair tttmatcll. S17.-10. One massive 'quart^ea oak ; library table. $13.^0. ..Onfe .l^ixlt ft. new e.xtra heary Inlaia i linoleum " remnant. $12.30. Ope 12x15 ft. new extra heavy'linof-. leum remnant. ^13.50. One 10x18 ft. new printed linoleum remnaat, ?S. A. R. Sleeper Furniture Co.' I t ti .WANTED Ue and W.V.VrKD—Unud to plow. Will pay If iin acre or 7 -'e an acre -and board. H. Balzor. Phone 9.5i)-23. WiVNTED—Kxacrionced 'prune apple trees. W. Moran. Kans. ^ BUYi-All kinds cat- J. C. Botcher. 7IKKIS for Sale BARGAIXST— Triinks. traveling bags. f}Ul« c isei. tents, tarpaulins, and all efinip'gouids. Honniiigors Ftirnitura Sfore. Hnslca^ Merchandfee PlAXt>^We have in lola a bran new Gulbransen straight piant^. us'.d only weeks; ^arge fir^ pavmenr made oh it. Will sell tor. halaucK <in easy terms, .\ddres3, .Martin Bro^. Piano Co.. Fort Scott. Kanpasi • " ^ - _. 1 REAL ESTATE FOR RENT Farms and la'nd Tftr l^ent ITO ACRES—Ijnproved, near loli R. M. Cunninehara. \__ Honses for Rent man' i n A. RiLsh.! .- ! . , COTT.VUK—Foir rent,-four rooms CHUNK WO6D-Korsale.^$2.:.0 in, j,^, Ptouc 17W. ^ Swinfid' 'Sue 5l7' •'•ic ()fT .Va ^>-4 room, with- i ^ragf Sftinfordf, phtjne 518. .^^^^^ ^ ^^^^^^ 1^^^^^^ ^ 11.1 moderii bungalow, with garagf $1.5. Arbucklo Real E-state. j : ! l.VCUBATOR-240 isize. cheap. Lenhart. |So tth Gas. clee fliili. id .Mrs. Both i>crformanr..s-;wcre Saucrs. : jn-ople }veri- present: .Mr. Mirt <">>iul fin:in<-ia!ly iihd tli<-iiicm- .Mr. Smi Mr<. Carl Cation. Wosco j j^i,,, jtanbi-ck. M:: and .Mrs. I..-.-,-, IcTS of Aliy Dafy Post of the ;,,„] (•.ilb.-t sptut Sunday with Mr.. jj,. i^vaticll. .Mr. anil .Mrs. Alva 211 West strti-t. Phone .il.'>. or by wood. lola. Kans.. or phone i*7i-i.: KanH W'lieat to kiinsas lily (•niiiu aajCity. .Mar. 4. i.M'i receipts 114 xars; l^c highiii; .\o. Z dark luir.l $1.:U ft 1.40: .vlu. 3. »l.:j;J'r/i.:i!i; .Vo. :: hard M..-f4«(lf,9i-: No. :!. .n.:!-= No. 2 red $1 .^01-.';, i.:;2; .Vc. *>i.31. . Corn, uiii-hangftl; .Vo. :; wiiji'.* 71'/i«!rp '4c: -No. :!: «7(i/7U ; No. Ilciw !74*/7.>: N... :!. ri'tir'.c: P mix'ekl 71<(73c; .\'o.-::. <.7'-jf/ •'/2 2 ye No. 70c. 0;|!s.'iiricIianRt'd: .N't). 2 tvliiie ^.I9p: So. •:!.|4f'?/47';ii:. I -.M I ,T niaizd J1.16T/l.2:j. Khfir '«1.0S/fj : Rv-e. !t !>',2rn !:il.(jti|ij. Barley 72(ff7ic. Kansas Citv Ciostl—\yi:oat. ^a old.;$l.:«",: Mav uew. !ji.3::: .lul ll .2 «34. , Corn. .May 74^i^^; ./uiv Sept. !>r-.>c. .Vuivritan l.t'j^rion verj- wi>Il sat- i^fl'il iviih Tliciiv prodiiction. .Mis.-: I.oMiv i;i!lt i)f the Ingram I'roitiiiias Cel.. ilir-ctin- ot the musi- itil couiiiiy. " ••.SWfc-hoart Town." left yi"j'evilay to'i oniiniM- her wbrk in ani>t!i-'r of the -"atf. Tfc- t!in«i;>l D: .M I--. Mary Witl:- :ii.:'i>li.; w*: ! K'-li. 'J.'. at II liosi )iial In .Ashland. Wix-on- .•^iji. was h'.'lii hvTr ycsfiTday ai'.er- roon :i' th<' I'rt's^.^tvrian ihiiroh. to-; .). 11, K')W .Tl )y of loia. who !)''>- cani'." iiO((::a!!>i •! with .Mrs, With- 45; ina'on • (iuiiii:: iiis. ii'ii.H^craff herf. condtKted, the ccr-iniiiiy. Interni-.'iit " .1- . nir!i!i> ii: .Mount ilope leiiu- aii-^oncp. !"ry. Mrs. >!:ny WithiBJpfim was I 'lOtJ!--;- it! H -nmi' h».-rt- wiih h-T hii .ISS2. , Aft' r .Mr. Withinstoij .^ODie '•ii ;IHc't'n Witiiinpton r':nai!!'( ami .Mrs. Dale Cation and V«>stpr. I ^,,,1^ j^r. and Mrs. ClifL Ca:iron. .Xdolpli Croisant had the niisfor- 1 ;,,„i yi^.^ flan-iin.- Kti-k-r. Mr. tune of getting hiti on the mouth |a,n] ijrs. Frank .Martin. .Vli. ;:iid with a lioard wlillejiat work in th" j j{,5y Hattk'ti. .Mr. :iiid .Mr". i)as'?rnfn.t of 'ho Liith'-ran church, j •(•;,,nrouiflanl and .Mr;j. l-.-oti- roRH Uoadsti»r for sale. $lx In-; Muirc .-.21 Sou|h Second street. FINANCIAL I!- iTa.i taken to tht- Payne hospi- r:!l i-nd a conplf o lies.' the woiiiik!. M last ro- (;,.,„,.y _\rk . Wwlncsday ;:m! will at port ill- was set'iii Mr. tir.d .Mt;.». Fa .Marz'in-t spent Siitn('ay l,as«ni;m's. Mornice Ft::ish lis h;ivins tht nica .lps. Orvil Croisant was" hat k. in .-•.hoiil .Monday aftor thr-.'c wivk.s' claiaps put on FORI) «(»AI>.'>TER-l'&2.i. enclosure. li!«' Kiiiio .'Ui' .S winter ! Koney to Loan—Mortgages 40 or trade! Adding machines, any make. Pifbiic stenographer, no- i tary and muUlgraph work done. Room lfj-11. over filobc Clothiers, j t.'oiis. SS.OO eacli'. Phone 9.!6F^. iitjI'SK—Six room, modern houife. Parih H?rt. Mr. and Mrs. Larsmi'.v -Mx-f to Ii <aVK for ihfir new lionV ne;ir j; along fine. Micht-als and I'anl take.with t!i</ni the bi-st oi v'»>'>'i wjshes for s'lccoss in all tlif-ir dertakii!,5s. Fritiay. .Marrii !. tli" day ><-i ;i- t(.r world-wldf j rayor for mi.i>ii!!s. «ill !>o ob.-:c:vi-il 'ii >..-i' v.itii ;i filling program al tiu- Chr'-itiah '.•hnrih unoi-r tho diroiiinn o! ,':\'various missionary soriciit-s i .f tl -.t- (.•(•:isi-: inCili; ll'IIII.IKP. Pill o'( to. k in til )!; U:l!t;i III liter, new tires. Mc-1 pARM LOANS—Quick Bcryice rnn^yknUFR^M '^\mcU< enml iV-rling. and 1^27 li- 1 reasonable rates. A. D. Haw- rORN FODpER- go ml ri in: Al condliiuu:! thorne. 213'S. Washington, i i .Al^'^l^.::^:!^:' u,L'::;:u after si.v Al 1.7:! F! pe, John Sli e-ciin- u'Ei -rogti' FARM AND CITY LOAN3 -4Baae , _l>li'me Ml 'i!i±Lll!!^j _ FaU Eanlpment eastern money to loan on farms and city property. Lo* ; rale. Terms and' payment to suit born >er. Stewart & Fiink-.i • tcwn. The iiivi ;ati ,;ito is ixt.-mli-i to all t.o iittend llv.i sper.r.l ( Ii- W"<lnes<lay was ;(',:li.fri Cation's Huniboldt. hnvins? hirihday and after s( UonI si-vcral .and in th :!d'-en came in to play. lunch, .^jrvance. ,..V death of fniit salad an.l 'anael food lake We heartily a?reo witli Mr. ItiMl. v.-r* pasit Mrs. was siT 'ed to Cnrdolla. .losM^hiiie ^ho write's the E.i;t lol;: Itiiin- ' 1 l.vr.-i until a "'Md Hialah Croisatit. .Marion Park- in his m<'Utiori of th-t ".Uld f .w vcnrsau.i Durin:: hiT lone iv.-i.l-"ni..> htre Mr-. Wilhiazton was llAi<!.\NI> -I UeaU-is- Pd.N'TIAC — '27 Pont coupe, Iiilly ei|iiip- I'l-l: 'L'"! Oalrhi.'iU lan-iau .^edan. fine -i.ape: r24 Kurd rouister: '22 Fo:il > .'Upe. |uix)il: 'IS Fi;nl coiU"'.: ( hi '22 ; Hudson; sedan j;jf«l s^iiiie: 'J'! ;C;ievri!!et coiine; •21- ?'a(Iel>aki-r j l-!'as.-(. <;oupe. line i i .shape; •2:;(j,!et:touriii^. Somei J,.,,^, ,„strnci;on lla^-sesi. ill ot;:er Very i lnuip < ars. (asli. tcrn.s : , : - ; or trade. fliiliarl-Stiele .Mu.or Co. j .;;)!.V—The new cla.-s in telegraphy al The lola Bu.-;ne.5s Kooni 7. Evaus jiullrting. . { and D.llry Prtxlucls .V. < lr.«e in. with sara? or 411. Phone 1-16 arp. 4F1. Elsmore. : titjI.'SK -Seven n'lini ni»dern. : Jie -^iiru'^r'. paved street; front ri oni. fiirjiisli'-d. mcde'ij liin-r\ liifpiire .-.02 S. Cottonwool MONEY TO LOAN—Private ; and CirLTIV.\T(^R —Jij.!in Deere lister; KE .KTrCKY. -S. ii'Jl—Six - roor .•le, rrii i'y. ?3=!. water, garage, oiie lot l>;r '-'arrie:i. . i''hoiie 031-12 ealtivator. only used one-season. Phone 9<t6-2l. THKHE ItOO-M HOUSE—Electr c tights, city water, located at 5 (8 South f'hP':tnnt. S"? M. A Schlie i. INSTRUCTION! Suburban for Kent F.XK.MERS—Are yon i-::|dy for the. spring work? Keniemher that we have all kinds of farm impieine;.is. ; also replacenieiu parts for your SIN AC':ES---V.>-t ol r^er Ca|U old machinery. Allen County Im; jJvjjtf:: ^^'^bPii'-l^L. Phone 0?o^ plement- Co. . • ICvelyn. .Marguerite aifd Wayne oikeu Bucket" if wo pro;'erlv :n- Klctzbach. Paulino I ..assm3n. , Ber- j^^prjl his meaning of •h .-.ri kari." USED CARi Chrysler BAIIGAIN.-; — 1926 roadster:. 1021 Ford coupe: .Ma.^well sedaa: several "ord tour'ngs. Marr Aulo Sup'ply Co.. IViiek Dealers. • 192n FORD ISEDA .N—Good tires, good m->i:haiiiinlly. only *1')». easy p.ivments. <I!oyer .Motor Co.. 212 .<iiiith .lefferson. Phone 23. , Fuel, Feed, Fertilizers ALFALFA S'.-.adwick. H.\Y —Baled. G. W. REAL ESTATE FOR SALJg Brokers in Real Estate .lOlN THE NEW CL-V^S—-V tn<' lola Business Colk^'e heguniiug next week. Half in-iie tuition vo 'i\LFALFA—Baled and loose. E. R. all who enroll Monday and jTries- • ^yei.Hn. 5 miles north and :i east _Llay.__: • . • ! of lola. Phone 945-12. ' ' LIVESTOCK 11.40: most packing sows Jli'-.401r l^j.-jj; v.'i •$i).65: strong weight slaughter pigs ~ 'was'n ^':il'-''?,'f.'J- his home in Idaho, ^"•'•^f TwuhSn'^on Tm^ afternoon with Mrf T. •nral,>^e to ge[ hereS ^ohn Thomas a ]i .l famjly spent, i„ suburban property- recently Sunday ev-nhig at jElmer Thoma-s's. I p{,,.(.i,agert by .lohn Tylei^ from the 1926 FORD JTOrRLNG— New blue paint, five hew wire wheels, new balloon tir.'s. very good mechani- 'cal condition. One-third down .Mc- bbfcs SH^'ofill 6'i- mediiim $11.:50 '"".""""^ rVhn it«ii of loli -Vlrs.'Collison spent Tuesday with , si;j ,eniaiier-e.state. Mr. Tyler will payment. hMlaneo ? terms. Mc- npgs »ii ._oinii.s.. meuiura jii .>o Mr. ;and Mrs. .fohn Hall of lola ^ _ ^..„„h.or \lr<< Frank Sievers „.„«.-„ i.;. .,„T ,.e ;here also. Tlieir Carinv .Motior Co.. 212 S. WaHh- (gl2: ligiht SlLJloTi 12.15: light, light $11 •l.^'Ti 12.15: packing - nO.lSfi li|.So: blaiighier pigs •S11.2.'J @12.10. have moved to Humlioldt and arc ingtoa. Phone .SO:!. CattJe 2 .<(00: bulk he, JSe'lu! mfeaty most i:l writh a spriuklini; of light oEieijings at • $[ij50@S.75: at ;cows-S5.75fi(j.75: heifers her daughter. Mrs. Frank Sievers make his hom sows- •-..,.,,„ f.ntr-.I Wcnnc a'"' fa"i»y- , . j friends are glad they are not leav-j ^ r /laSriia; -u:.:.' X^o^:^":; ^'""^ '•'^ ^'^^^ ^"-^' '"^ '^"^ _ J . Ii;iTl^T ^^This can is at the .Monarch Cement •» » itt.sDUr„. , ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ .j , V | • Mko new j^nd is fully equipped. |7.50iifd9:: i v^alers largely \-v .;ieers some tin!" - »<ter= pi^nt here, havini.' driven to and from IiHa. Humboldt is happy to recei^^e Mr. and .Mrs. Hall aS residents.' C HERRY CREEK Mar. 2.—Mrs. Fted Schaede and PLEASANT VALLEY (Leona Stotler.i Vera Cleaver and Olive I'aul Hobart-Sreele -Motor_Co.^ Auto i;nicks ior Sale 12 1 12.50: loutsijle-rs |13.5<J@-14.5u. - Sheep Sl.o.tJOi': early bulk woolel loads .Mr.; and .Mrs. w'. A. Bycrly have I»retta were shopping in lola Sat.-bei-n in Enid, Okla.. for the past urday. Edna Orace. Mrs. JMike L.vnch and ' ^^.^^^ alwent on Tuesday because . , TON" TRUCK—1021 model in (.nratta wpro ahonolnc in lola Sal- I-UKIJ lu." "•^'-^ ' , 'lambs! Sll .eoifi 15.25: few .hea \T lainbs $14.25(fj 11.7.'>; shepb , will return today, steady: medium :to good fat e\l-^.s .Mr. and .Mrs. $8.50 (rD9 .2r>; feedfni and sheariiiitf i have nioved to Hiinilmldt from fort, /lambs slow: unKhmged: medium ; and have l)ou?ht the prop- fo good finishers'$i:i .7 .'i 'f/ H..".". two .(ays, visiting relatives. They Wagner, who is working I STtoYlPOINT . Fcl>.- 2S.4-.MrsJ Bessie Caldw. ,and little daughter were lola vh tors Saturday. ^ • ' - .Mr. and .Mrs.' Jim Mattocks ai| daughter Lcota spent Sunday ^r. M.Farlands. • / .i Mr. Shelton.s tnioved to the Daji- kertoiK farin Friday awl Benujii of illness. Bi-TOdnthly examinations will <<imo on Tliursday and Friday, so we are quite busy reviewing. Mr. and .Mrs.. Harr>- Strceter are moving to the A. E. Strceter -riy on :!rd and Pecan streets Lynch. I i ! ; f«rni until a little later, when they whe 'iiD- ihev wilt reside for a time. The Friendly Circle dul. met | , ' *, TP^^I., , . . , .Mr Sandersim will establish a Thursday-, Feb. 24 .1 with Mrs. Her- i Several of the chiMren joined ehieken farm here. The fact tha? man B.;uggen».r^,V J quiU wa^^ for .Mrs. I Henry .Peter.=. .^L Sanderson spent iSuhday at home. .>jlary Massoth spent S-^n- dav aftefnoou wftji Miss l^rrtla good condition, clieap. 205 S. Ohio. 192":; TfiqCK—1-ti niod-l. pood HI7 Soiuh Washinawn Ford tnick. coiwlition. 2 Auto Accesjorles; Tires. Parts 18 ^ar .s to .Mm. Milhern's farm vaea| cfl 'by Sir Shelton. Mrs. Once Steward and iwo I tie; (la|iBhte|-s visited Saturd Ik : Willi room ^ t -liicks is luoof I means biihlnes.^. usini.' an cketric incubator quilted for Gns Bra?gei lan's. wlilch| of games in the snow. enoiiuli for 7.0<iO lltili; they plece^pnd s^t logdther. Theyi„sers in the 'good house- hat Mr. Sanderson ali-o qulltild a qu man -Bi ^UKRcnmn ... w<Te prcHien't but WRECKlNGr-DMsnioblle six: .Nash MX- Jone.^ Mx: Oldsmobile-eight, liila Alito i^re.king Co. Pho. >82. •Sunday at .\uslin .McFair- SAVONBURG , . (T. [B. .More.) A i:ne :inow. good for the wlieat. Clias. O. .Smith shipped a car of hay toda .x-. AlMx .Miller the -lilght atid lands. ~ Mrs. Claud Cleminings and .danghters visited Wednesday at i cien Bangs has moved on Mrl McFaHantPs.. j u-ait of land just east of town tliat -.Carl Heckenliable and • family h6 bought of .Mr. iMead. sp*nt Sundav at Charley Stanle.vN. Ciareuce Kiio> has moved i?n the Mrk. .VBcFarland and Lelia. Mrs. It for -^'rH. Mer- j ,,.epp,„g- ,.ontest are goiiig to have " I their parly and treats on next Fri- 7 , , . .I"- ''P''-idav after the Ia.n rcycss. We are K.iig^nd Irene, MlHsAuna Brugge-planning on a good time, man. Miss Mariei-iohon w^re^al- There are a few new cases of day visitors, and ; Afrn. John tnl-• jp^ajjij^ lins and Mrs. Jake Haeu wpre aft- Mr. "and Mrs./Harrv .^^tfeettir ernwn caller?. ' - !a,„l family had llinncr with Mr Mis'j.Rose .MasKoth spent tho;^nd Mrs. Harrv ijtotler last Sun••- Kansas eity is week-end with IVIiss Frances Sicka! ,iay.. in the afternoon all returned Miing his father and mother and home north of Piqua. .,„ the Streeter home to visit. sutefs. .Mrs. \ea Sunday and Ray. jiThomas Lynch jhas been on the] - ; .MlcAdatns. I . . sjick list ihe past few day.s. t fnited Stales immigration BUSINESS SERVICE, nu!<lnes<i| FARMERS Services Offered 18 ;,\TTENTION — Plow 'work of all kinds. Disc harrows sharpened, i Blacksmlthiiis. wood work and general repairing. 301 Houth'st. r C. McCarty & bon._ JloTlngj Tro ^Pg. gtorage » offi -j CORR TRANSFER CO.-Packing. storage,, long distance hauling. Tt.aannahle rates. Phone 140. Mary and Coletta Massoth were.tials along the (':anadian border are j in Vates Center jSaturday after-, using radio in the dissemination of; Professional Services 28 Austin- McFarlund and litt e son and tMr?| Tom' Iixland we e Fort Sc6tt| visitors Friday. Mrk. to^far.y visitLd Friday wicli her (laughter. .Mrs. John Burrows. Edith. lEtheland Lc.-lie VMhrmAn n :ion. I Ferd Schaede and E ivere in Yates Celikter .Monday aft-, ernoon. | i Mrs. Fred Stctifen and children .More spent Saturday and'^....,, to lola .Moiiday afternooii to with -Mr ;yid Mrs. Lynn ..„,.„,i the funeral -of Mrs. Stef- 1 the sniug- line. Frank Huff farm and Mr, Wallgin lias moved to the I'eter Dane.-on farm northwest of town. T. B. Sunday . information to prevent tl •'dna Grace gling of iiliens acros.s the ANNOUNCEMENTS SURGERY-Medicine. X-ray. Dr. F LenskL! Phones: office. 886. ,^aiH»npA h26W. Strayed. Lost, Found 10, i:^fPLOYMENT_ Ceo. Massoth-s Saturday afternoon .,1. in miurboii .ountv. , ^ fens aunr. Mrs C. A. Kinney, spent Siinday evening al Tom Ire- Gi^; '^u^:^^:^^ eaVi 'of'^w;::' .'^^P" .^'--'^ delivered hogs to' . ! C.l .Moore kill move on the ^"l"" 7,"'"^:^^^ -Mr. auU Mrs, Richard Steward of Ch:is. Smith, fruit farm soon.- , f,, ' ^„ Tola, spent Sunday at t:,e home of Ben Drai-er u>iJ! ,<;oon t,i-,ve to"' "^''^U.?'"' -^'A, "''^K^', ,""'7^?'"", PhilipjMoss. , .the W. W. Mo^fif farm. ' *nA Eileen of Htimboldt called at! - IMr'-'and Mrs. Fred P disil! of' T, I\. .More trimmed Frank Smith's ortliard last week. Savonbunr .School >t>tes. • By De'Ifna .Markley and Ceo. El­ liott.i. ^ -I . ; -Vine liigij sciicol sUiiieirts are ::i)-'ent this we.-'R with :lie measle..;. .V larse lereeru 'if the grades are ! HARNESS BREECHl.VC-Lost he-; Help' Wanted—Wale « tween mv farm and W. W.. .MeOie. Reward. STBTS ilola-1 Fihdc -Bronson .spent" .Sundav aft.,-noon at ' ,:^rk Caldweirs; ! —For prompt results use CL ^ssified Columns. ii ivRiSTl the; Swiss to Re IN HAT- Black. lo,-it on umboldt road Wedne>day. leave at Re?is»er. , Ueward. Lallarpe. I y!;x_\vaniii*il to work on farm, lola R. 4. • riar-ied Or single, year rpiind — work for iright party. ^ CaM at iu .A.LED ALFALFA—-And prairie in WHY RENT-Oood room houi verv ,ciieap: SS.Oi'lper month until paid buys it. Call on The Allen County Invesiment Co., jKelle>- JjotefBldg. JgULJCans. Farms and Land for Sale Horses, CatUe. Vehicles; 481 ion or half ton lots. lola Land Co. gL'BL'RB.-V.N'—3i ^2 acres, fair Ini• proVements. good land, some frtijit. located out 4ast. Ste>^t & Funk. BULL—Registered llol^tein. excel-; KA.VOTA SEED OATS—'-Oc per Im. , lent animal, will sell worth the:;,at farm. 4 miles isortheast Els-, money. Phone 994-12. E. R, Van | more. Charles Huss. Bronson. Kas.; — ' Hoiisejold Goods Houses for Sale Buren. 59 HOUSE—6 rooms, fijie condition. trictly modern: priced right. CO.NGOLElt.M ART RUGS—Selling i S. First. Minesinger Pho. 662J 209 mqH GRADE—Milk goat. kids. 7, months old. Call S15J. • . >. . , , ^ — 1 at prices never bt^iore heard ot at JERSEY COW—Young, just fresh.; ,5,5 Rry.son Fiirniture Store. .\"orih' HOUSE—Six room modern, wi E F Peterson, Route 2. Phone | .jefferson ' ' '. • i two lots. Jackson Realty Co., oyer ; : : Brown.H Drug "Store. 043FH. i USED FUR.MTURE—Stoves, cream MARE MULK-Coming 4 yeai-s. ex-I ,p r farm machiner.v. Reak li-a good. ^p»>ke- ^|f ^^t'^ | l,uy.s..(^syl payments. Curtis Bar-^ «=»"">-<., Store.;pe. th Shari>. phone. Humbbldt anil Elsmore ;ain HOUSE— Five roorti modern, acjiu- ble garage, good location. John Reuther. PoBltry and Snpplies i 49 CLASSIFIED DISPLAY BABY CHICKS-State AccriMlited. We are having special prices on chicks and poultry supplies today; and. tomorrow. See our ad on' "iher page. Sturdy Chick Hatchery. 220 West street. i EGGS—S. C. White Leghorn.s; high' producers. t»ne Elm phone 1941. • Mr<<. H. R. Reeve:" Kincaid R. 1. ; EOflS—Purtl bred R. C. R. I- R$3 per 100. or 500 »ettins. Phone 97.3-1. B. E. Grigg. 1 I-X;f;S -R. 1. Reds from wintiir lay-• iug hens: also baby < hicks. Put in your order now for baby chicks. Phone 1016J. .Mrs. Clyde Gordon. 1202 .North Bmkeye. HENS—Young English White Leghorns, ill full laying. See them at 024 S. Washington. HIGHEST; MARKETT-Prlces paid, ' for creatn; eggs and ppultry. Our truck and cbieken cdops are at your service to pick np poultry. Barker Produce Co. Pho. 658. J V,\K. Ly"'r- fa'-o'- I'--- nulrs nln-lh- <-est of lola. \V.\TCH --White gold k«st. Reward if r»*'i:rned iti-r. - work on QUALITY ELECTRIC HATCHERY. Gas City, Kans. Custom hatcliing. .3c per egg, or .5c-per chicki Baby chicks, heavy breed. $12 per H."': . light breeds. $1"J..'.0 per 1"'». SEE THE CHICKS—In .McKinneys window that are eating nothing MARRIED j ^M.VS 1 Thos: Southard:* Chick Pud- .fnrm wo^k. J. W. Lantz. I^- . den. i'arne R-'' CHEVROLET Iv 1 1921 CHEVROLET TOl'RING. .uood shape. 1 1924 FORD TUDOR, e.xcellent condition. 1 I92I DODGE TOURING, a dandy. 1 INTERNATIONAL TRUCK, cab and liody, near- new, will sell-right. 1 FORD TOURING. SHELLY fOTOR CO. .liilh'iijixed Cheirolet Uealers. .f ; lola, Kansas lOljV HIDE, FtjR & Vv OOL V,; COMPANY Get onr prices -on rOULTjRY AND EGG.'* TTe ivill come -after ponlti r. B, A. JONES FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS] 111 So. phW also abler^ sain>r reasoiS. The i)oys Elsninre Fr ,i raa::y of ti'.em for the liask-:ll)i!'. team pkiyed ria .v. night at Elsmore. G B ENN K N'S MARKET 'life pay Uic foIIOTvIn? prices: m •-•Se, 1 E«hfs -U-- — Phone 1-307 1 .\!tiioui,'h the boys were defeated __;i)y the score of 2.i to 20. the game was very interesting. .Mil'Ired basketball tc-:<ms motored ik) Savoflbu'rg Tueiday night, ,\Ii!iireil won the ganie'hetween the K«. i Efrpi' 1—- —I5c Oueckn and plrty Kcir!<-. _»? '•atmi. J.-.- l"«e to IJN- HftUgs, . Kir 1.1 li»i tomtjind i}ld t'ockx Jir One* llides HonE Hldeti^ i J«e iWloo !*'5ire|wni coine after your ponllry.' J. Fi bteiiiian; Produce Co. Xnt Kontoe «iid Elm Phone 4;6 'teams of girls iiy the •.;<• ir •,,';i! 1.) 1>'. owing to the fnij't tnai I 'aiir •• s^ilars for Sa.vonburjd were eith- ,- or could not be presdit. .-HVt 'iihurg hriy.< won by'tiie se^re of 22 ti) H. K ilniilde header Ms jsel'.Odtiied .with Stark al Savon- (biirit on the evening of .March! S. TheHe sliou!d be good g»mes. If tile Iregular li:i"-ups of Ikjth teams ! can; h<- tiresent -• Tile six v.e.l;^'; :ii;s li.-ive !i. , 11 glvtfn-. aad the grade rards will tu> distributed thjs week. , 1

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