Algona Courier from Algona, Iowa on November 2, 1894 · Page 7
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Algona Courier from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, November 2, 1894
Page 7
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\ "' -• . ~ vT.^WKT"^??^^- .P 1 '™ J r » , ' £ THE COURIER,. ALGONA. IOWA, KRID.A.1T MORNING. NOVEMBER 2 ; ,1894. E. B. TIME CAEDS. CHICAGO & NORTHWESTEKN. North— South— .Mixed 8:18iim!I>ass.. -^Wpm •pass 3:8ilptn | Mixed........t!:07 pta Mixed train nrHves in Chicago nt 8 a. m. Pass, arrives at Chicago at 7 a m: arrives nt DCS Molnos at 8:15 p m. Lv. Dos M. 3:80a n>. CHICAGO, MILWAUKEE & ST. PAUL. PASSENGER TRAINS EAST. Chicago. Milwaukee, St. Paul and Minneapolis No!| 'departs at .10:12 a. m. Mo. H departs at 0:05 p. m. ,f j ' PASSESMEB inAtNS VTEST. 'sro. i«t • -M 8 ,?™ No. 9&t.'. 4:26 p. m Freight trains oast that carry passengers: No.04at. ... 1:45pm. No."Out ..i. 11:00pm Prelph. trains west that carry passengers: No.71 lit 0:15p.m. No93at ll:5oatn B. 0. 11. & N. AT EMMETSBtfKG. North—Pass ' INo.Gl .'...4:22pm. No. 63 0:80 am. South—Pass. .NO. 80 l:40pm jNo.63 ....9:04pm V North-Freight. No. 85 .3:00pm No. 07 11:06 pm North—Freight. No. 04 9:00 am LOCAL NEWS. Harvey Ingham and bride are home €cdm Chicago. Carl Setchell is having a run of typhoid fever. 'Squire Clarke last Friday married Ben. Habeger'and Minnie Struckerin the county clerk's office. The Andrews Opera Company never fail to please. There was a good audience out last evening to see Falka. The official ballot appears in this paper. Look it over and study it, so that wh'en you come to vote you will make no mistake. Mrs. M. N. Dayton ' and daughter, Mrs. Geo." Morniu, of Cedar Falls, mother and sister of Mrs. J. W. Robinson are here on a.visit. F. S. Sbcnigh went over to Wesley a week or so ago and opened' up a boot and'^hoe store. He has now sold, out to A. L. Kleinpeter. of Corwith. • <, ..flDave Ramm, Peter Nelson and family and JphnJBbrader, all of LuVerne, will start for' Germany the last of the month to spend the winter. J. W. Tennant is up in the wilds of Wisconsin with a party of sportsmen on a big deer hunting expedition. Be prepared for some big yarns when he returns. Col. Coolce is becoming a noted traveler. He can get around to a number of places in a very short time, and incidentally inspect some small arms too. Mr. Archie Hutchison expects to leave about the middle of the month for Lake Charles, La. He goes to look after the extensive property interests of Ambrose A. Call. He will be. absent for some time and may, perhaps, move down there for good. The old gentleman, Russell Cook, died at his late home in Burt last Thursday. He was past 70 years of age. He bad many friends in the vicinity of Burt, and was highly respected by all who knew him for his many good.qualities. See What The Wigwam has to say in this paper. , Galbraith & Co., advertise a new line of cloaks. E. J. Gilmore advertises a big re moval sale in this paper. Geo. A. Frink of Wesley has opened a clothing store at Buffalo Center. Postmaster Giddings was over from Wesley Wednesday. He reports that burg as very quiet just at present. Mrs. Elsie Millls, an old lady 67 years of age, was taken to the' asylum at Independence by the sheriff last Monday. The assessor of Spirit Lake has assessed the drug, stores of E. L. Brownell and E. C. Renkin under the mulct law, neither of them holding legal permits. Mrs. J. N. Hancock and three chil dren of Rolfe, were burned to death in the hotel flre at Seattle, Washington last Saturday. Ten other lives were lost by the flre. It has been a magnificent fall for farmers. The weather has been perfect and they have had every chance to take care of the crops and to, prepare for the winter season. . See John Goeders for special bargains in dry goods. Myron Schenck is reported to be down sick with typhoid fever. S. A. Thompson is home after an absence of six months in Wisconsin and other points. John Adams is visiting his parents. He is located at Genoa, Neb., in the lumber business. J'as. Taylor was,in Chicago over Sunday and bought several hundred ladies' cloaks. Jim is haying a great trade on cloaks. Dr. McCoy arrived home 1 Tuesday The polling place for the Third Ward will be at the Free Methodist church. Frank Bestenlehner was over from Whittemore yesterday. He reports business good. Rev. Gorrell married Jacob Engert and Mary Erickson, two Irvington young people, last Wednesday. t Shiidle & Long's butcher shop was entered one night this week and a quantity of beef and a number of hams were taken. As the COURIER goes to press Thursday evening we are unable to give a jjr. muuuy cUTiveu iiuiut: j-ucouajr —« - — « , - mu,» from a meeting of the surgeons of the Deport of Mr Deliver s speech . The Milwaukee road at Milwaukee, and a meeting was held in the opera house. visit up through Wisconsin. His royal nibs, Mayor Boyle, was C.M.Doxsee has bought the Henry I over to the opera Wednesday night. Winkle hardware business. He will take possession as soon as the stock can be invoiced. We wish Mr. Dox see success. W. F. Carter is here packing up his household goods and making ready to move with his family to Mason City. He has been in Michigan of late attending to the packing of apples for the wholesale trade. W. A. Sroufe of near Sexton, has disposed of all bis interests in . this Judge Quarton sentenced,three men count anfl hag movecl w|th h t sl > ain n y , to the penitentiary at Spirit Lake last Pocalicmtas county . He is a good week. M. F. Swift was sent up for five years for burglary, D. B. Harris was sentenced for one year and Irve Strong for nine months. Eagle Grove has let the contract for a complete system of waterworks. A Mr. Schriener of Des Moines is the contractor. The Grove is fortunate in having any number of flowing wells to furnish'the water. Mr. Ohas. Stolte, one of the leading farmers and staunch democrats of the north end, was in Algona last week on business. He reports everything booming up there, democracy with the rest. G.C.Howard of near Corwith has lost over 100 hogs during the last month, from a disease which he thinks is not cholera, but a disease of the .throat and lungs. The infected ones were shipped in from Omaha, Neb. The Burt Monitor says that several creameries of the county have been swindled of late by a sharper soliciting business for a commission firm that never had au existence except in Mr. Sharper's mind. The day after the Dows fire the city council met and passed an ordinance prohibiting the erection of frame buildings wibhin certain limits. And now there Tire seventeen fine brick business buildings going up in the burned district in that town. Marriage licenses have been issued of late to Adam Elbert and Lena Krom, John Redding and Annie Lenerte, Benj. Habeger and Minnie Strucker, Sever Erickson and Carrie P. Johnson, C. V. Elvidge and Eva L Tubbs. Forest City haslet the contract fo her electric light plant to a St. Pau Work on the The Cou* E R is going to kick pretty I concern. Work on the same^wa soon if ,maU more Algona bachelors I commenced last week and the plan go to foreign parts to get married. A little variation that way is well enough, but when the thing threatens "to become epidemic we must draw the line. There are no more beautiful or accomplished girls anywhere than here in Algona. One mop. case, how- eVer, will-be allowablopP'' ,. Mr. O. E. Minkler Tias been nominated by the democrats of Algona for the office of justice of the peace. Mr. Minkler, if elected, will make an excellent justice. He it a very competent man and. woul£ transact the duties of the omcein an efficient and satisfactory .manner, and without fear or favor of any body. Vote for Minkler for justice. '» ^'1* . 5 :C'l' s 1 iS T V r $l '^rl? jm',s'i ,'4,1 -'Ji •/'I- Mrs. Hall, Of Manson, brought suit against that city for damages received from a defective sidewalk, and the jury awarded.her a verdict of $2,250. Whereupon the Manson Journal says: While our citizens .feel like damning Tom Healy of .Fort Dodge in the town case they can't help but admire him --Has-an,-attorney. There are but few young men with greater legal ability than Mr. 'Healy. He certainly has a brilliant future before him." The "Midland Monthly" for November contains imuch valuable reading matter. "A Story of Devastation," is told by Harvey Ingham, with thirteen pictures of the wreck made by the recent cyclone that passed over this territory. The Midland for this month contains a great many interesting articles. The subscription price is $l!50 per year, and It is well worth the money. Jas. Taylor's stofe was entered Thursday night of last week.but nothing has been missed from the store. The lock on the'back door was broken off and the the next morning the door was standing wide open,, .As nothing tms beea missed it way have been 'the work Qf some one looking for a supply of groceries and made a mistake in their calculations, and instead of , striking fcangdoh & Hudson's got into • tbe wrong place. That same night a • quantity of tools were WKW, fr° m *» j, Wilson's mUJ» where \ VputfciRg iR ttJ9 flew is to be in running order within € days. The contract price is $7,000. T begin.with there will-be 300 incades- cent lights and ten arc lights. The gang of "blue sky" swindlers that were caught working in Hardin county and nabbed last week are now in the penitentiary.where they belong. Willis was sent up for five years, and Baker and Little for one year each. Little's home was at Prirngh'ar where he has a wife and several children. He was at one time editor of the Prim- gham Eepublican. The Bancroft Keglster reports that G. H. McAdams of Ramsey, 2i miles northeast of Bancroft, has struck a small fortune in the shape of an arte- sion well. The/flow was struck at a depth of 259 feet, and flows at the rate of 70 barrels in 24 hours. The water comes 3 feet above the ground and seems to be getting stronger all the time. Mr.McAdams is to be congratulated on his good fortune in securing this valuable well. Estherville has a force of men putting in her water works system. The Democrat last week said: "The "waterworks company has a force of men digging trenches in which to Jay the water pipes. They are putting them down six feet deep. The company started to pay the men seven cents per foot, running'measure, for digging the trenches, but have reduced the price to five cents. It would seem that seven cents was little enough and at that price it required a hard day's work to make fair wages," Dr. Sayers has purchased the Pratt place of 175,,, acres, about six miles northwestjdf town. He got it at^a bargain bjfp'ajing spot cash, Ho also got in the "deal four acres of timber land near the Thompson place, south of town, The Doctor expects to devote his spare time this, winter to cuttipg'cord wood, Andriw connec* tion with this, we might mention, incidentally, that the Doctor is w ex» collect young man, quite well fl^ed, financially, and would be a gooc] c,atch for sonis one of our many good iMtyvs youW ladies, 4 word Jto the wise, i to Pocalicmtas county. He is a good man and Pouahoatas may well feel proud of all such new comers. The baggage room at the Northwestern depot was entered Sunday night and several trunks were broken open. It is not known whether anything of much value was taken or not There seems to be a good deal of petty thieving going on. A young son was born to Mr. and Mrs. C. D. Loomis Wednesday morning. This makes the second heir in their family, and their many friends extend to the father, and mother hearty congratulations. May the boy grow up to be a good and useful citi zen is the wish of the COTJRIEK. F. M. Miller of Plum Creek was in town Wednesday. Of late he has been suffering terribly from a. stomach difficulty and after trying four or flv f our home physicians concluded ,hat he would go away for treatment. He went to Ipwa City to consult.with he physicians of the medical school. Mr. Ernest Bacon, one of the wheel horses of the republican party from Burt, was in town Tuesday. He doesn't speak very highly of the "ral- ,y" they had up there, or of the speech by Mayor Hillis. It is also said that a great many of the Burt; republicans are not wearing the "ring" collar this fall and will vote just about as they please. Good for Burt. Arthur Dutton of Cresco,-'an honestj; hard-svorking and highly respected young farmer, was taken to the asylum at Independence la&t Monday for treatment. It is said that the loss of one of his children not long ago had something to do with bringing about the present state of his reason or mind. It Is hoped that ho may soon be able to return to his home, family and friends. Geo. Simpkins is on the lookout fo the sneak that took a load of balec hay out of his barn Thursday night of last week. This is the fourth time that hay,.has been taken from there after night by unknown parties. Mr. Wm. K. Ferguson was returning from his farm quite late that evening and noticed someone at Mr. Simpkin's barn with a team. One of the horses was a white one, and that is all the clue that there is as to who took the hay. ' > Deputy Sheriff BrunsonVwent to Ledyard Saturday and arrested three hard looking characters. They were held here until Monday when the sheriff of Hardin county and a merchant of Union, that county, arrived here for the three suspects. The store of Cox & Skinner of Union, was burglarized the night of Oct. 23, and f quantity of goods stolen. The gentle man that accompanied the sherif here identified the goods and Mi- Robbers were taken down to Hardii county. Tliey gave their names a Donald McDonol.dson, Edward David son and Frank Reed, A reward 6 $50.ihad been offered for their appre hension, which sum of course ou He was dressed In bis best bib and tucker and occupied one of the boxes. Mrs. Anderson, Mrs. Campbell and Mrs. Richmond of Bancroft attended the opera Wednesday evening and remained for a visit, the guests of Mrs. Morse. Bruer Bros', lumber office at Germania was entered by burglars and the safe blown to pieces. The thieves secured $ cash and about- $4,000 worth of notes. Dr. Keneflck is borne from Belmond. His mother died Sunday and was buried at Ackley Tuesday. She was quite an old lady and had been sick a long time. B. Studer died at Wesley Tues- lay of inflammation of the bowles. He eaves a wife and five children. The 'uneral was conducted yesterday from the Catholic church in Wesley. The Jones & Stacy mill is running at its full capacity. It is said that the grade of flour which their new process turns out is equal, if not superior, to that made by the crack mills of Minnesota. • CLOAKS FUR A New Deal. sheriff will get for taking and holdin them. A gentleman of this town whil under thelnfluence of mulct boose last Tuesday went and took out a license to marry a young lady that is working at the Bohn restaurant, where he was boarding. He secured the license and engaged the justice to perform the ceremony before ever mentioning the question of .marriage to the young lady. The justice laccompanied him over to the place supposing of course that everything was ajl right and that the wedding was to take place, When the subject of marriage was .?/' broached to the young lady there came near being a ript» Tlje Justice, escaped upbarmed jyncV ftfter returning The night-watch would have clone a good service to the town and country if he had winged one or two of the gang of young desperadoes that were out destroying property Wednesday night. S. S. Potter of Cresco died- last Monday and was buried at Whittemore Tuesday. He'had been ailing from some stomach trouble for years. He was a resident of Kossubh county or about twenty years. Haggard & Peek have taken possession of the Jones & Smith real estate and abstract business, and are now ready to furnish an abstract on short notice or will sell you real estate at the lowest figures. They invite their friends to call and see them. This issue of the CouiuEH contains many new and interesting advertisements. You can save money by watchiug the columns of this paper, and taking advantage of the many bargains offered by our advertisers from time to time. The Dr. Felling case at Whittemore was still on when this paper went to press. The hearing was before Justice Phfr. Dorweiler and several days had been consumed with the preliminary hearing. County Attorney Raymond prosecuted and attorneys McEnroe and Sessions defended. LATER—The Doctor was not held by the justice. The case being dismissed, so we learned by wire. List of advertised letters for week nding Oct. 22, 1894: Miss Daisy Burgess, Mrs. 0. E. Brookbank, Mr. Frank Burt, Miss Kate Bohn, Ruben Co^'k, Mrs. E.Dunn, Chas. E. Force, Mr. Fdward Hart, J. F. Macken, Mr. Arthur Moore, Mrs. William Olliver, Olof B. Orres (2), Jim Peterson, W. W. Platt, Mrs. Matilda Vaman. Algona is very liable at any time to be mulcted in heavy damages for injury to some person on account of defective sidewalks. There are broken boards and boards entirely out of the walks in many places, and the poor condition of our walks is the cause of comment by all strangers. The street commissioner should keep the walks in repair and have the costs assessed to the abutting property. Several mambers of company •K, of Emmetsburg, attended the big shoot In Algona last week The Democrat this week says that the members of their company repor having had a regular 1894 time of 1 at Algona, ,-They were royally treat ed and everything was free. They had no bills to pay and are still talk- Ing about Algona's hospitality, generosity and—we will not mention the rest. The surrounding towns all sentdelo- gations to Algona Wednesday evening to see the opera, Burt sent upwards of thirty-five. Among the number our reporter noticed A. A, Beane apd wife, H, 0, Buell and wife, J, B. WJghtman and wife, Harry Dalsel For twenty-five years we have been engaged in the real estate, abstract and collection business in this county, and, now contemplating a change oi lacation we have turned our business over to Messrs. Haggard and Peek, gentlemen of long residence in this locality and whom we have known intimately and well. Mr. Haggard has had years of experience in real estate matters and Mr. Peek has been incur constant employ for the past three years and has had full charge of our large abstract business as well as other branches of our office work, anc we can not say too much in his praise as an abstractor. We have always found him careful and accurate anc consider ihim thoroughly competen and reliable in this work. We very heartily endorse the new firm and be speak for them a continuance of you patronage. Very truly, ° JONES & SMITH. Farm For Sale Cheap. A very choice farm of 160 acres, hree and a half miles from Wesley, 40 acres under cultivation, goodhouse nd barn is for sale at the extremely ow price of $26 per acre. Must be sold his fall. Apply to Lund & Ryan, Algona, or Thos. Gray, Wesley. To whom it may concern: M. P. Haggard has been in our em ploy for nearly four ,years, durin which time we have always found bin to be strictly honest and trustworthy and we take great pleasure in recom mending him to the,public. In ou opinion any business intrusted to h care will have prompt and careful a tention. Very truly, A. D. CLAKKE & Co. We solicit your patronage. HAGGAIVD & PEEK. Potatoes—Early Ohio's. Eighty cents a bushel. Leave orders for your winter supply at my office. 0. L. LUND. Cannelburg Cannel Coal for sale at the Northwestern elevator. The best kind of coal for grates, bakeries, house furnaces, etc. C. L. LUND. For Sale, Three Durock boars. Frank schotter. , . Ben- 2w We have just received a large stock of porbiers and draperies of all kinds at Gailbraith & Go's. Notice to Ladies. Ladies who have two or three hours leisure each day can make money by assisting me in my business. MRS. SUEIE L. RAYMOND. Box 67, Algona, Iowa* Notice. The parties that came in a buggie Saturday night and took my chickens are known. They had better come and settle for them and avoid trouble. , M.V.BUTLER. Fancy work braith & Go's. of all kinds at Gail- If you are looking for furniture call on A. D. McGregor who has some special bargains in book cases, writing desks, side-boards and chamber suits. Buy your machine oils and save money. at Dingley's Last Call. Everyone owing me on account or note is requested to settle the same at onoe. I am compellen to have a large amount of money for the new mill. Don't delay a day. Mrs. Galbraith has just returned from Chicago, after buying a large line of dress goods and novelties of all kinds. Common Sense. That means a great deal when you buy one of my Common Sense Trunks. Drop in and see them, also the largest line of plush and fur robes, horse blankets, harness, collars, and everything you can mention in my line. L . D. B. AVEY. The World's Tribute to Dr. Price's Cream Baking Powder Highest Honors Awarded by the World's Columbian Exposltion« . Chicago, 1893 his office Kicked lijmself for not, Jng the forethought to demaj^ usual naarrlage fee- jn, advance,, The '•---"•'-- grpoJi} 3w been CQiwplllgd/to bparcJink £&ft^M4t$* and^vlfe. 0. F, Elvidge<a.qd wife, G. W- fleidler and wife,, F, 0, Tubbs and ]ady, Eannie Richards, Gertie Paine, Stella Peck, Mauiie McDonald, Bessie Taylor, Joseph World's Fair HIGHEST MEDAL awarded to Drl Price's Cream Baking Powder The highest award was given on every claim, comprising superiority in leavening power, keeping properties, purity and' excellence. This verdict has been given by the best jury ever assembled for such a purpose, backed by the recommendation of the Chief Chemist of the United States Department of Agriculture, Washington, D. C,, who made an elabpr- ate examination and test of all the baking ppwders, Thjs is pre-eminently the highest authority ou such matters in America, TJiis verdict Qpnglusiyety settles tfce, question, ? j , . * , '', _ i i -f f V . „, "*'' ; ' *. . K Jt , 'A—^ ( iKnj. fjfj.ii- W**''>.<t C if t '» ' .TX ' * ^ . . . 4 \ .. ^ "','sl ' f '• I

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