Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on August 29, 1972 · Page 7
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 7

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 29, 1972
Page 7
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Nixon tells new cut in war zone troops By FRANK CORMIER SAN" CLEMENTE, Calif. (AP) — President Nixon announces a new cut in the Vietnam troop ceiling today, perhaps to the often-discussed "residual force" level that presumably would remain there pending a war settlement. The ceiling will drop to 39,000 on Friday, but the Saigon command has said the number of uniformed Americans now in South Vietnam is less — 37,700. In advance of Nixon's an- noun cement, there was speculation that his 12th troop cut statement would lop some 10,000 to 15,000 from the Sept. 1 ceiling. Such a move would reach, or come very close to, the level often spoken of as a likely residual force of ad- 'Visers and support personnel. All U.S. ground combat troops Mrs. Ogilvie to dedicate BeDeville trauma center SPRINGFIELD — (Special) Mrs. Richard B. Ogilvie will dedicate the area-wide trauma center at Memorial Hospital, Belleville,' in ceremonies Thursday, 1 p.m. As an area-wide trauma center, Memorial Hospital Joins some 40 Illinois hospitals as part of the statewfde network for the critically injured which has been hailed as a "model for the nation." A little more than a year ago, Gov. Richard B. Ogilvie requested two 'young Illinois surgeons to develop a statewide plan for accident victims based on principles of successful wartime care for wounded. Ogilvie credits the fast, expert care he received after his severe wounds in World War II with saving his life. The result of Ogilvie's request Is the Illinois trauma system, which is concerned with the critically injured person from the site of the accident through physical rehabiltiation. More than 14,000 persons have been cared for in Illinois trauma centers during the past year. There are three levels of trauma centers: local, area- wide and regional. As an area-wide trauma center, Memeorial Hospital will offer specialized care for accident victims with complex medical problems. Those requiring the most specialized treatment can be transferred to the regional center at Doctors Memorial Hospital, Carbondale, or to other special centers. were withdrawn weeks ago. In a CBS television interview earlier this year, Nixon hinted — without getting precise —that he expected the eventual residual force to total. 25,000-35,000 uniformed Americans. U.S. forces in South Vietnam have declined steadily since a peak of 543,400 in April 1969 — three months after Nixon took office. Although troop withdrawals have continued since Hanoi and the Viet Cong launched a major -offensive last February, cutbacks have been more than offset by increases In U.S. forces waging air and naval warfare from Thailand, Guam and the 7th Fleet offshore. The American presence in these sectors has doubled or better to 49,(KW in Thailand, 39,000 with the 7th Fleet and 20,000 on Guam. The Vietnam war will figure In a Nixon journey to Honolulu Wednesday for summit talks with Kakuei T a n a k a , Japan's prime minister. Although Nixon and Tanaka are not expected to discuss the subject at any length, the President will meet there Thursday morning with Ellsworth Bunker, the U.S. ambassador flying in from Saigon. The 1972 campaign will not be entirely forgotten at Hawaii, either. Nixon is expected to get a campaign-style welcome at Hickam Air Force Base. JMM PfOl* NATIONAL WtATMt* SMVICf, HCAA. V.I. Dtp. of Comm«r«« f»«lplt«H*n *•» *4lt»H4- C>««»» U««l fert««*t Alton Evening Telegraph Tuesday, August 2'J, Ii)i2 A-7 'The Edge of Ajax' Grass-Roots Net produces soap opera atop ski peak National Weather Area "Weather Sunny today. Highs around 00. Fair to partly cloudy tonight. Lows 65 to 70. Wednesday fair ' to partly cloudy. Highs around 90. Extended forecast Mostly cloudy, warm and humid with occasional showers periods Thursday through Saturday. Lows in the upper 60s or lower 70s with daytime highs generally in the 70s or 80s. Telegraph Want Ads CLICK! Sunny, warm weather Is forecast for most of the nation Tuesday. Cooler weather is expected in the Northeast. Showers are expected In the northern Rockies, east Texas and Oklahoma and part of Georgia-Florida. (AP Wirephoto) Ogilvie stumps in Southern Illinois By MICHAEL K. ROBINSON MOUNT VERNON, HI, (AP) — Republican Gov. Richard B. Ogilvie is waging his own "person-to-person" re-election campaign in the sun-baked cities and fog- shrouded valleys of Southern Illinois. Ogilvie, using his specially outfitted camper truck, campaigned in six communities at the southern end of the state Monday, accusing his Democratic challenger, Daniel J. End-of-month Hurry in! Values like these won't last for long. 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Frankfort Monday afternoon, before flying to Decatur to take in a Midwest League baseball game. He planned to campaign at the head of a mine shaft in Benton today, then move on to Mount Vernon and finally to Carbondale for a dinner on the eve of the harness racing's Hambletonian. While there, Ogi'vie will cross paths with Walker, who also is f o c u s i r g his "people-to- people" campaign on Southern Illinois this week. Launching a three-week camper truck sojourn up the length of the state, Ogilvie told a Republican breakfast in Metropolis he "will put my record on the line as the issue in this campaign." He stressed the word "the." The governor also accused Walker of saying one thing in Chicago' and something quite different elsewhere in the state. "When he's talking to a liberal group like the Independent Voters of Illinois in Chicago, he's supporting a graduated income tax or a progressive tax, or some other tax which would support big spending projects favored by his listeners," Ogilvie said. "But when I come down here and see somebody wearing a Walker button and ask them why, they say they think Walker will cut taxes," he added. Among cities visited by the campaign caravan Monday were Metropolis, Golconda, Vienna, Anna, West Frankfort and Marion. Ogilvie's new style of vote- seeking, Involving sidewalk handshaking and dropping in unexpectedly on stores and cafes, is similar to one employed over the last year by Walker. Polls show the form e r Montgomery Ward general counsel ahead of Ogilvie at this stage of the race. By TOM SIEBERT ASPEN, Colo. (AP) People have been going around this mountain resort town asking some pretty strange questions lately. What is Old Billy's secret? Is young Dr. Malone going to marry Felicia? Will Lance and Eleanor get the money? Sound like a soap opera? It is, produced in all its sudsy glory on a shoestring by the community television station's Grass-Roots Network. Called The Edge of Ajax after an 11,212-foot ski peak that borders the town in on one side, the unserious melodrama lasted eight episodes this summer. By then its all-volunteer cast and crew was exhausted from the 40-hour plus weeks spent taping each 15-minute segment. City Councilman Ross Griffin, who had acting experience in college and has appeared In some local musicals, was drafted to suffer as Mark Malone, a fast-rising medical man and chief suitor of the heroine. Housewife Maura Eggan, played Felicia Wheeler, named after the town's Wheeler Opera House. In the plot she was raised from infancy by the town jailer after a miner found her abandoned on a dogsled high on a snowy mountain pass. In her 30s she returns to Aspen, struggling to unravel the mystery shrouding her origins. Mrs. Eggan's house became a popular set for the series, increasingly so when it was discovered her refrigerator was open to raiding between takes. Super private eye Snoop Jackson, ferreting out the crooks from his not-so-private office — a bench and pay phone outside City Hall — was in reality archetect Robin Molney. the head of Aspen's Planning and Zoning Commission. And herd waiter Phil Clark, a carpenter and bartender by occupation, doubled as Old Billy. A rapscalion who drank his beer on camera, he connived with secret son Lance and shady friend E'.eanor to get Felicia's shares in the old Sun and Rain, Dopsled and Mining Co. Now worth billions, they had been bought for her by Old Billy and the other miners when she was a waif. Corning up with the characters, said Clark, was half the fun. "A whole bunch of us got together one night and screamed and yelled and hooted till we came up with a list. "We never really knew what would happen to the plot. About 10 days ahead of the episodes the writers got together to decide what to do." The Edge of Ajax was the brainchild of John M. Smith, 37, a former UCLA telecommunications professor who founded Grass-Roots, and several friends. It really was conceived as a spoof of soap opera, said Smith, incorporating local controversies, people and places and involving the community's 2,200 cable TV subscribers and other Aspenites by soliciting their plot suggestions. The idea also was to garner more financial support for the fledgling Grass-Roots Network. "The secret is getting support, money," said Smith, though he indicated it hasn't been found so far. "We've tried everything," he said. * * * * * * * * TV LOG KTVl (ABC) 2, KMOX (CBS) 4, KSI) (NBC, S, KETC 9, KPLR 11, KDNL M TUKSDAY EVENING 8:00-2 Petticoat Junction 4 5 News 9 Ja German 11 Andy Grffith 30 Father Knows Best 6:30—2 SPECIAL: Summer Olympics 4 John Byner Hour 5 Ponderosa 9 Typing 11 Dragnet 30 I Dream of Jeannie 6:55-11 News 7:00—9 Net Festival 11 Movie (BW) 30 Girl from U.N.C.L.E. 7:30—4 Hawaii Five-0 5 NBC News Special 8:00—30 Movie (BW) 8:30—4 Cannon 5 SPECIAL: Star Spangled Boots 9:00—9 Why You Smoke 11 Perry Mason 9:30—4 Go'ddigers 5 Bill Cosby 9 Insight 9:55-11 News 10:00-2 4 5 News 9 Yoga and You 11 Wilburn Brothers 30 Rifleman 10:30-2 4 Movie 5 Johnny Carson 9 Course of Our Times 11 The Virginian 30 Movie (BW) 11:00—9 Two-Way TV 11:05—9 Choral Group 12:00—5 News 11 Saint 12:15—5 Black Experience 12:20-2 Movie (BW) 12:30-4 Movie 12:45—5 Weather 1:00-11 News/Religion 1:55—2 News/Religion 2:05—4 Movie 3:25—4 News 3:45—4 Movie 5:30—4 Religion Wednesday August 30 5:45—4 Religion/News 6:00—4 Summer Semester 6:30—2 Thought tor Today 4 P.S. 4 6:35—2 Farm Report 0:45—2 Lone Ranger 7:00-4 CBS News 5 Today 7:15-2 Fury 7:30-30 Little Rascals 7:45—2 Cartoons 8:00-^ Capt. Kangaroo 11 News 30 Mr. Patches/Bullwinkle 8:15—2 Romper Room 11 Cartoons 8:30—11 New Zoo Revue 30 Speedracer 9:00—2 Movie 4 Lucy Show 5 Dinah Shore 11 Jack LaLanne 30 Flying Nun 9:30-4 Beverly Hillbillies 5 Concentration 11 Not for Women Only 30 Financial Reports 10:00-4 Family Affair 5 Sale of the Century 11 Galloping Gourmet 10:30—4 Lnve of Life 5 Hollywood Squares 11 Bewitched 10:50—2 Lucille Rivers 11:00—2 Password 4 Where the Heart Is 5 Jeopardy 11 Suspense Theatre 11:25-4 CBS News 11:30-2 Split Second 4 Search for Tomorrow 5 Who, What or Where Game 11:55-5 News Noon-2 All My Children 4 Green Acres 5 News 11 Cartoons 12:30—2 Let's Make a Deal 4 As the World Turns 11 Three on a Match 1:M—2 Newlywefl Game 4 Love Is A Many Splendored Thing 5 Days of Our Livei 11 Movie (BW) 1:30—2 Dating Game 4 Guiding Light 5 The Doctors »:00-2 General Hospital 4 Secret Storm 5 Another World 2:30-2 One Life To Live 4 Edge of Night for "pennies a day" j Now you can install * Singer Comtortmaker ' Cooling Unit for Whole i house Air Conditioning ; at the lowest price ever. ', Install now and enjoy < your refreshingly cool ! home all summer. SINGED Get the facts! Call. . . 463-0222 HARRIS AJSD ST. CIN Hcutiiig & Air Conditioning i 7th and SINKING—ALTON TUESDAY MOVIES 7:00-11 - "Wake Island" (1942) (BW) lirian Donlevy, Robert Preston 8:00-30 - "30" (1959) (BW) Jack Webb, William Conrad 10:30-2- "Rhino! (1964) Harry Guardino. Robert Culp 1 - "Black Noon" (1971) Roy Thinnes, Ljn Luring 30 - "Please Believe Me" (1950) (BW) Decora Kerr, Robert Walker 12:20-2 - "Uncle Harry' (1954) (BW) George Sanders 12:30—1 - "Rancho Notorious" (1952) Mar- lent Dietrich 2:05—1 — "Passage West" (1951) John Payne 3:45—4 — "Tropic Zone" (1933) Rhonda Fleming , WEDNESDAY MOVIES 9:00-2 - "Leave Her to Heaven" (1945) Gene Tierney, Vincent Price 1:00-11 - -Hell's Out post" (1955) (BW) Rod Cameron, Jolui Russell 3:00—2 — "Once "More; With, Feeling" (1960) Yul Brenner 7:00-11 - "Thunder Road" (1958) (BW) Robert Mitchum, Gene Barry 7:30-9 - "The Last Laugh" (1924) (BW) Max Hiller 30 — "Fourteen Hours" (1951) (BW) Paul Douglas 10:30—2 — "The Golden Mask" (1954) Van Heflin 4 - "The Little Hut" (1957) David Nivin 30 — "Teenage Rebel" (195<i) (BW) Ginger Rogers 12:10—4 — "Pearl of the South Pacific" (1955) Dennis Morgan 12:20-2 - "Good Sam" 1918) (BW) Ann Sheridan. Gary Cooper 1:40—4 — "Fort Dobbs" (195S) (BW) Clint \\ alker, Brian Keith 3:30—4 — " Treasure of Monte Cristti" (I'j-l'J) (B\\ ) Glenn Lanyan, Sieve Bro ; ie 5 Return to Peyton Place 3:00-2 Movie 4 My Three Sons' 5 Merv Griffin 11 Somerset 30 Mr. Patches 3:30—4 Mike Douglas 9 Off the Record 11 Flintstones 30 Speedracer 4:00—9 Mister Rogers 11 Flipper 30 Lost in Space 4:30—5 Truth or Consequences 9 Electric Company 11 Gilligan's Island 5:00-2 4 5 News 9 Sesame Street II Leave It to Beaver 30 Star Trek 5:30—2 Hogan's Heroes 4 5 News II1 Love Lucy 5:55—11 News WEDNESDAY EVENING 6:00—2 Petticoat Junction 4 5 News 9 Let's Lip-Read 11 Andy Graffito 30 Father Knows Best 6:30-2 To Tell the Truth 4 Stand up and cheer 5 Night-Line 9 Playing the Guitar 11 Felony Squad 30 I Dream of Jeannle 6:45—9 Our Land 6:55—11 News 7:00—2 SPECIAL: Summer Olympics 4 CBS Reports 5 Adam-12 9 \\hy You Smoke 11 Movie (BW) 30 Man from U.N.C.L.E. 7:20—9 Pulse 7:30—5 McMillan & Wife 9 Movie 8.00-4 Medical Center 30 Movie (BW) 9:00-4 Mannix 5 Night Gallery 9 Film 11 Perry Mason 3:30-9 Self-Defense for Women 9:55—11 News 10:00-2 4 5 News 9 Campus Showcase 11 Country Carnival 30 Rifleman 10:30-2 4 Movie 5 Johnny Carson 9 Guten Tag 11 The Virginian 30 Movie (BW) 10:45-9 Umbrella 11:00—9 Viewer's Viewpoint 11:05—9 Choral Group 12:00-5 News 11 The Saint 12:10-4 Movie 12:15-5 Film 12:20-2 Movie (BW) 11:: 45—5 Weather 1:40—4 Movie (BW) I:j5—2 News/Religion 3:20—4 News 3:30—4 Move (BW) 5:00—4 Religion The Telegraph cannot at- [ wa>s publish last • minute t changes made by the tele- I vision stations. | Whacks him with guitar GASTON1A, N.C. (AP) — A Gastonia man has lyjt-n .•harged with Irving to kill another man with a guitar. Curtis Feruusjii, ;>\, was chaiyed Sunday with assault w:th intent to kill Bobby E. Xnvih :ii. Police said Smith jnd I'Vi^u.on go; into a fight in i)o'.\!!tov. n Ciast'mia and l'Yij,UMjn a!'.,:'! «!}• In! him o\cr i:ie iiea.1 '.v.tti a gu:lar.

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