Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on March 4, 1927 · Page 6
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 6

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, March 4, 1927
Page 6
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PACf SIX TrbopA Has Lk EquipmeMatl i West Street" e Amount Cj/* eadquarters Qti Men Are Working ..Tlio iijuestion,as to whjjt and how niucti Troop A.; 114th' cavalry of tliie kansas 'Nfttionaf; Guard. .amount!) io ,by bciig maintained in jidia ha^ jbeien as) cd many times. Very few fpeoi^Ie lake Interest •enough to visit the-Armory during drill practice which is held every : Wednesday night at Armory Jiead- tiuarters on WeA street, and which . ^ould be Intferesting to anyone who enjoys watching'u lot of youiig men in uniform marching and maneuv- .ering under the command of a competent captain. . There is nothing that engenders •pride, .lovd of country and the stars and stripes more than the weekly drill of soldiers. Not only this liut it is. an inspiring spectacle to lan audience (o watch it. . Many a mplli- er who does not ewn liellovo lit war feels her heart swell with pride when she sees her -hoy marchinK under thq Stars und Strlpis. Iie- cn^HC she realizes that If need he lie will stand for ihc defejiHf- of hi.K naiivc; Ian<l apit |nst all comers. This iiiotlier Knowsj too'that when' her hoy J;i nt»in|llnk, drill iliadlce uii(l6r a Mtun wljli jlii> fine reputii- tltm ol. (,'ii|iiuln| Cjlieon, he Is In! I iiMKih -Ix 'itiM' i-'iin|ii (ny' than he htlghi (iih <rwlsu he! If ninning the «tre (-(K wlih iiii(Htl («iahlc yonth. The jciivtilry linlti; of the Kiinsas National (fii:ii'd located In lola has u full! <M |iilpHicnt of government liropiTty. and the niL-nibers of the Troop tiin be inobili /ed for active work Ip the field. If called put, within iiii jhours tinic. Kvcrytliiiig aliotii ih« armory is .so orderly that it mak<!,« tjor efficiency in jothcr lines of ehileavor for the j'ouhij; men •who are nit 'inbcrs' of the troop. There are 2:! Vavalry horses kept; at the stables at the fair grounds. There are flS ariiiy saddles aiid bridles. ji; roniplete repair onjfit for! blac-k.siiiithing ami horse shoeing i is kept aiitlie fair.groiinds: also* SI kit for repairing saddles and all] leather goods. i .\t the armory dn West street the' arni.s and aniniunition are kept. Thi-re aicj. six automatic rifles which can iie fired at the rate of 600 slioliS per minute, and theroris absolutely ;no recoil, when fired. There are two iract^lce rifles bfl22. Caliber wl ^ch ;lre valued at |51.00 each. There aiie 7:5 jiiagazinc;rifles of :!0 caliber each- and 90; Colts', ipistol.s of -t.T caliber. There are VG .i sabers. • There are'73. cartridge { belts with packs attached. T.'iere are 12 lont range field glasses and an lengineer's kit for niak- j Ing road Siketcl es. There are 2 portable telepho le outfits for fiieM work. Thelre arc tent*, cots, stoves, blankets, etc. 1E facti anything and everything I for the use arid comfort of- men. in| the leld.. In the diili room are 06 lockers iwlth fiill fequipmenf tor fiefld work and whldi Is held Jn readiness at a moincni's notice. -There is mend mc^ foriOC. men. Cotnperisatlpn of tho officers and equip- The hours of 60 first ]for drill practice follow: tiaptain draws $8.72 .for IVi tjime, provided 60' perj cent men are' at practice.; Thd lieutenant gets a (ittlei over |$6 uni- der the same conditions and (second lieutenant a lUile over J5J The first ifergeant. $3.40: ihc se|rgcant 52.^.0/ corporal $1.20; fir^-cfass private ?1.40i privates $1.25 ^ach. ' The average attendance during l!)2o was IS nicn. Under the efficient leadership of /Captain Gibson the average attendance during 1926 was brought up to 32 and for Febr runry just past the avoj-age attendance at drill has l>cen 3». If it were possible to recruit up to full strength of- 65 men which >vould be Hie limit allowed, tlie |Riy roll per (iiiiirtcr would b.> $1,251.64. The iiiuiiey .value of equipment IncludluK ihe cavalry :1i <irseK atiibihits to $:!n ,U(li). The following uniounts wi'ie paid during the Inst qiinrtcr of the year. 11126. Tilt- federal, drill pay was tM'A.iW; the .xtate drill pay was 12S,H(i; caretakers pay, iOTS; paid" 'or pHKlure for the liprses, ?ip8; ncldehlals. ?2S.02: foi'ilKe fcjr ani- niils. $4S!i.70; rent of urinory and tables. J .'MS; vetcilnary s ^up 'plles, 11.50. JTnial. %t.?M.Vl. T|iis {inioiint Is; for one. 'quarter ot tlio- •ear. .Multiplied'by foiir we have ^n.137.GS. i ..Most of itliis money tomes from the federal govemmentj and the balance from the state of Kansas. All this income is a direct benefit io the people of lola and Alien county becpUse of the fact that the moiiey is spent id lola and Allen •oiinty forii rent of buildings arid or hay. corn, oats, etc. raised on KUen county farms, and it doesn't 'ost any citizen of lola nor .Mien •ounty a single cent for' the main- lenancic of'Troop A. lUth cavalry. So wh.v [shouldn 't we be proud )f the Troop and give It all en- •onragenient possible. .Mr. .loe Martin is 1st sergeant of (he troop and has charge of the armory and (he equipment,and also keeps all Records and- makes out pay rolls, i The Ueglster repor (er is him for (he data, for this s(ory. i j Although allo((ed dates by the Grand Circuit stewar^ls, it now appears doubtful whether Grand Kap- ids gives a meeting on the big line this ypar. i ! ^ • ' I Faults which humble us are ofi- en more Bi?neficial than good actions wiilch inflate us with pride. NEOSPQ VALLEIY (C. L. Arnold.) { i\ : Services'at Sale^ Chapei as Xollows: Sunday scljool at lu| a. m.. preaching by the pastor. Rev. X: L. Vczie at 11 a; m.! '- Christian Endeavor at 7 p. m. No preaching in the evening, r 'rayer meeting on Wednesday evening. Woman's; .Missioiiary meeting ou Thursday of the present week. . v^tr. aiid Mrs. Roy Snately had a family of friends from lola visiting them Sunday afternoon. »; .Air. Clayfon .Hicks and family were guests of Mr. and Mrs. F. B. Shuhz from Frida'r nhtil Snnday. tVh'ilc calling fir efly in company with our sister, Mrs. W. H. Rpot,, at the J. M. Preston home in Jola quite .rfecehtly Mis^ Sarah Preston' Informed us that by letter she hdd learn <ja that Maridfn Fair who with his father and . other members of the family, some years ago, lived on ll}e Butler farm.- died more than, a week a^o at hi^ home in Iowa, so another of !onr near neighbors who but barely rpach'od the stag© of life wlien he| could be called ii young man', when lie went away i.s no^v gone and Icates a family to niourti Ills going. Others of the Fair family a.rci living in Iowa; K. H. Howerton jias resigned an teavlH 'r at IJnion ami .Mi^s. Charles (Chrlsiyl SehuHter i|s finishing out tlio tei 'm. Giir nepliew. Warren Arnold of W.-iHliingtoni was with us and other relallves'l hi lola a part of last week. He went to Crandall on Saturday to remain liever -f til days' with frlenils there, after which he will make a trip to> Ft. Scott :iii (l (Marence.Mo.. before re- tiiriiliig hrime. . ( .Mr. (I 'liy Hale and, daugliler. .Miss Ver.-la. \X-ere at the homo of. his. parents and her grandparents. Mir. and .Mrs. R. V. Bab Sunday. Jack ToWney and Earn Williams have been hauling kafir corn fodder (hat they bong&t at 3'^ cents a shock. Comparing the fact tliat stock will be on pasture in six weeks, with the an(ount of fodder -pn hands, one wotild guess that some fodder will be, burned. The process of the community meeting at Xeosho Valley last Friday evening is Indicated by the following program: | i Song—Swanee Rivei-, by, community: piano solo. Sirs. f.. .1. Iia,xley: song.' Keep the Home F'ires Burning, community; recitation. Wille((a Williams: piano solo. Mrs. Willis I'erean; leatHiig. Hazel Conger; song. "Georgia •Lullaliy." Irene Snavely and Audrey Talley: recKation, Robert Baxley; song. Sunday". Audrey Talley and Louise Ralston: song, i^panish Cavalier, community; musical number, .Audrey Talley; spec3a!l number by the men. a mock trial: they tried .Mr. Hook for mi.streating his dog ifnd not getHKg mar||icd, S. T. Bax- i ley. judge: Kdgar Steele, clerk of the court: K. H. Grook. attorney for St3f&-: Chas. Willianis. attorney for defendant: I Roy Siiavel..-. sheriff: Wjllis Percau. B. H. IJruni- 1 TrtE ipLA DAILYiBEGiSTOWpRIPAy JBVBNTN<p. MARCH 4, fijfiaNG ON YOUE MUSTANG! 1927. .\ow that he's got the hat, all President C<>olldge nel-ds |y chaps and a mustang. Pretty .Miss Cody Allen, gra»ld»ught<Jr of Wllllani V. Cuiiy (Uuffaio Bill), presented the liat when she callnl at the White lloiisi- i'> Invite tliq President to attend the opening of llic Cod.v: .Aluseum at Cudy, Wyoming; i ^• llnms .l .lohii i'aiiletlc. Bob Oriicli, .Mr. Snavely and Mr, Hopk. witnesses. . J The found ;Mr. Hook guilty and sentcii'.e;! pay a fine ot one clgir lo each member of court. Cake and fruit salad was served following the exercises. .Mr. and Mrs. Snavely and family. .Mrs. "Crook and .Mr. Williams werti up ac the Baxley home a week ago to help arrange the coniniun- ity program just rendered. .losh Valentine'has been staying on the Baxley home during the recent past, helping head kafir corn. Claud) "XValdo and Willie Creason " have al^o turnjed iu as emergency men" in this t^sk. .MrSj. Kinney, whose death was noted in Saturday's Register, in the ".seventies" lived .oii a farm \Vith her husband. Mr. .N'athan Kin- tiey ill Kntcrprise district, and those still living on the we.<t side Who knew them at that time, were impressed with the significant e of (heir christian living and high standards of genuine citizenship.^ .Mr. !Uid .Mrs. AValter Rush and .Mrs. Blanch Cory, of .Morau. and ."VIrs. Bessie Hankins of lo!a. were evening visitors i at the nonie of |V. Bale last Sun- K. P. Williams mond. Will Young, and jurymen, .Llojtd ley and Don CleaveK Divlghi Wll- ,Tack Tawnoy Baxley, Ctiar- Mr. and .Mrs. R. day. '.Mr. and Alr .'^.i have had the assii(tance of .Mr. and Mrs. .Mcrryman and their daughter In getting "St j -aightened around after gwiiig. through the l.isk of moving, i—^' •During ."i gviaicr pari iif the week Vaugli'i and Ker'i llnnti.r have been quite sick with i.-.":isK:-x, but both arr getting b-'ttei now. J. W. .lohm^n and Sam will remain on ihe Punlom farm lor another year. ' We slioulil liave hail in our li.-:t last week in 'vveuiiig visit from Dvvighf. Wi liuiii.s ami family at the Baxley hoMe .|;in ivhirh -ite cream plaied an appreciative i)an. S. T: and I,: .1. Ma.\ley hnw aiij;- m 'cnlt'd tiit.'ir iiioney n::ikiiig f ;irni in-essure by ailding a fe'>v dairy breed cows to their inconu' piodm:- iiig farilities. \ .Miss Alva Reynolds .^^pi'iit •.Saturday night with her .-ii.sti r. .Mr^-. .1. B. Pauletie am! family and on Sunday she w'as »-oiiveyed hniiie by the Paulctics who spent the day at the parental home. .Mr.--. Roliin <*. Biiller i>' al |ires- ent having tht" measli-s and hip- mother. Airs. Bassetti of lola. caring for her and keeping housi hoiil affairs in balance. .Mis.s r.dvoniu Donica .Tad AT We:< Chapman came ovtT 'Jie filJ of the week and took Ksinond Rich home with tliem to ilo l:irm work. ICsmoniC.-; Iirotlirr and sisr tei- make their! hoiUe al .l!ie= linniia farm.' Mr. I,. irii. wlios.- fum-ral vas held in Jola Tue.><(luy after­ noon wal another, old settlers froln the west side. .\lihough he inovcfd into town stime years ago. he' nev- I 'v allowed the chain of nefglibor- sliip to be broken widi' those; with wliom he had pleasant associations during a greater part of his life, but continued by his .i;entle ijgree- ahlp ynd conserrative maimers while physical a,ctii»n wa.-^ yet| normal, to strength-'u : the.s.- friendship hondn uiitil hebctome n )Oted and groiiiideil in the coniideiice of all.who knew him; .As we understand it after having lost brqthers in battle during the Civil War, he enlisU-d. and shortly following tlie end of tlie conflict, he witli his parents and other members of; (he family s(arted for Kansas. Arriving ill these iwrts in 1S«6. ill is a mournful expprience to give up those v.-lio have ibee"n .so honoirable and ui)rig)it in the walks ot life, and ill this comniitnient. |the;syni- pa(hy of friends goes out: to those of (Jose kinship. TJie iirogfam at thp comihjinity meetiiii; P'ridayi evening wa.s so varied in subject parts that the entifrt::innKr.t bronglit ^together a big (rrowd who all evidently: were plcasfd with, its rendering.; .Air. and .Mr.s. Jack Tawney are spon- .•••i;rs for tlie next enierlainBieJil, v.liiih will be due lo be given on the last Fridiiy eviMiirig in Alaircli.. .Mrs. (;lail.\.s* Crook nlme down from Carlyli' I'tit Friday • ami; ri'- maliied ill the neiglihorhood until Aliinday. Mi .Ks hoiii'm' Itiif.ston ram<^ out from lovvii Friil.iy aflrrii 'iini; itiiil I'arrii-d with iriii\il -i uiitl Nifti -r tin- eiiliTtaiimciir at ihe si-liiiolliimse i ill the evening. •• • : .Soiiic iiaiilln?^ 'if nr :iv«'l: !i-.i;- biiii done on tin- .v rod .•ili-flch ol' ;r .i:iil that i .s bi-iim !c/.iit-lrilrl(il p the .Albi-rt Cleaver'"aiid G. ,W. Cornell pvi -mi .-ie.^:. .\ snnu mea.-:uring''almost jfour iii <-!!e.>;;fi 'l!' Alonday niplit >tliat ;pre- .seiiteilla winiery a .^pecl that witli- SI(K;II the tone of Ihe i-au; for some ifuli- tiini'. It is; believed I that tile .--tiow i .s- a iieiiel 'it to wheat I hut from no other standpoint; has a welcome. \Vi> are Mirry lo li\irii tluit W. A. I Dawtiiu i.-; suffering from a recent I .sfVfiV paralytic stroke tliat causes itlie l !i ^'use .of left side niemliiirs. ; .1. .1.' Ted and .Miss Pcari .\Iii ;!ey Ian- ircm the .lacoby re:fi- \ d 'lKiv ill) CarlyU-. <>. ij. Parks is moving i;i frooi \.\ Ariiolils of tlie The Man With TfwHoiiSdys- The Spring .Mirac * A little glass is a the successful S^T< means TI sash to co under which to staitt pro(ection of a |S3sA catch Hie low rays sun in March is aclos of spring in der this canopy of plants seem to weather even when zero snap freezes thd the le oi* (>Iass. necessity for den. Glass fef a frame seeds. The slanted' to ot the winter of lln> mir- garden. Cn- glass many defy freezing an occasional ground. • When these fraiiVes have no | .•irtiticlal heat lioiiealjli tin? .soil tln-y I arc hotbeds. The jutter are tin* iijiisi useful for certain Htartliig of vcirrtablcs that iii-edja long season of ;;rowtli and for (hose that are tender. Owing ti> tjlie difficulties of ^.lM•llriIlg fresh".st;«bl(^ manure to milk" tile heatipg |compost. ; cold frames ai-c coming into more'.gen- i eral ii .-e Where a few yearS ago and annuals and many of the' half hardy sorts. , ^ .* The ^(andard franie is "3'by 6 feet aedinsually is sold in double units. 6 by 6, with two sash. The hotbed is the substitute for warm, weather and a garden iii miniature. It is; a good " venture^ several neighbors getting together ' and making a frame of siitficienti size Md siiaring the expen.«^ of securing a supply...lof fresh horse Tianure to heat it a small jpace will raise ^luffrcieiit plants to stock several garden's. The hotbed should be constructed properly at the start" uk- it 'is likely to prove unsatisfactory. 'Hotbeds sunk in.(he ground in ,1 the northern states arc more satisfactory and safer than "tlte type'set upoii a'pile of manure on the h?vel srround. For the former a pit^hree feet deep should be dug and extending about six inches beyond the dimensions of the frame. AA'ith: the frame built and the jiit ready: the nianUre i .s the next task to de-. mand attention. It he stacked until it steams befin-i' going into the [lit and then the soil placed upon it .-I 'lid the Inal nili .-^il subside before planling seeils. The manure sliotiid be slacked in a- flat-topped heap ainl iiinied until the heating Is evenly, ills- trilmted tliroiiglioat ilie inass. .\l)out a foot to IS Inches of" ma- nnre U. spread In liie botloin of Ilie pit. Ihe fr:iinr> set upon l(iiind six incites of rlhiJy sifted soil is sjiread over It. rlie space about tl'.e franie lieing well liankeil with soil or leave;^. I'laire a tliermomete'r in the soil und when it drojrs to about !I0 after Mie inten.«ie | heating, it i .s rcaily for planting. ^ i!e;i|- ll'iqiia until ('. ; phtc iime -lKilr mile i river bridge. I jr"oi- seven years tlie supremacy of th-' l "ni;eil Stiites in llie Davis H'np matc|ies lin.'-' been iinchall^ng- jed. In tliij.-e sie-. n years only two 'individuals eiirjtesis out of ihirt.v- j'+f-.'e have I'oen lii-'t in the; c iiallrtiige 'rcunds. CI-iin sweeps were niade over .\ii -iialiH in illt.'n and l!i24.!ov- \T .lapiiii lin ll't;!.'' in, Ifi:;". unil nsra anil over France n hist year. J In ,!!tl':.' .•\iis;i-:io":i 1 V (HI lh(.> doubles ni:!:;l:. ;iiiil in \'.K'\ one of the sin- isles cinies!;. TI witlii-nl parallel i : Ih". D :ivis f'up in nun in is is a record 1 tlie history Of iTelie.^. wliich be- :i!ie liotbed seemed jiiiriispensable. The cold frame cannot fill its place for raising tender vegetables or flowers although it offers a good yubstitute for the hardy vegetables Sciatic-Neuritis -^Tlic sciatic nerve, situated at (he back of the hip joint is. fn'- qiiently the subject of .\euritis, ' aiving rise tn the painful disease Sciatica. The symptoiils .are intense pains which shoot down the. • thig't to the fool, often aggravated by walking, ami with pa ,i4iflil points along the loiirse of " tjio . nerve, very tender to the touch. - • Tile trouble is a ifeiy olistinatc one and does not rc^'adily respond. F to ordinary tre:iimejit. It takes more than (he usnnlfpain sedative even to alleviate Ilie pain. The best way to^ get relief from the • persistent' nerve riuking pains of -Xeuritis is to get a bottle of Al- k?nrhu Special Konnula N'o." 2. which comes in capsille form. Taki? them as directed- and in about 24 hours you slioiilil be iible to notici! that they" have coiib;iderably Te-f duced. if not almo.sti bauished, all- pain and soreness. Continue;, faithfully anil in a reasonable time you should lie able to .work and rest 1 ill comfort once again. Cbok'sj ' Dn;g .siDi-f keeps Allearhii ^pe-' cial Formula -N'o. 2 in stock all the- time and sells, lots of it. YHUR TIRES PAir FOR tHCM! Only good tires can be sold on the instalment plan. They must deiiver tjie milea|g:e before you pay for it. You risk only the down payment—you pay for the balance as the tires render the service. What eould;be n^ore fair t^an that;^ Con^e in. Let us explain In detail just how our weekly Payment Plan operates. You can reshde youri car a)l af-'Otind with a small o.iitlpy of cash and enjoy a year of motoring fr^e |rort tiye wQiry rr PAYS TO RIDE AS YOU PAY. 116 East Jairksori THE LATEST TIRE SERVICE FOR ALLEN COUNtY MK^TORISTS We have always pioneered |1n providing tii-e service for lola. We were the first tol take th^ guess but of tire cost; M W^e sell MARATHON TIRES with a! year's j guarantee^if you have an accident with ypiir car, or cut your tire in any wai', duriiig that timer—we repair it without charge to you. . i ! Vy^hen you buy a MARAT|HON.TIRE you know that ^he purchase cost^ i^ the entire cost for a year of wear, j Now we are introducing an entire new service for tire users in lola. Our Weekly Payment Plan enables you to make a small down payment and use your tirie as you pay th^ balance in weekly instalments. You get the same tire, the same service as formerly, with the added adv^tage of paying as you ride. : A CANATSEY (^UApANTEE TAKES THE *IRE' OUT OF TIRES! C. CANATSEY, Projirietor ""_; i' .-fj .y J\\ L_' 1' I 'L -fj. 'i »-

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