The Postville Review from Postville, Iowa on February 27, 1892 · Page 2
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The Postville Review from Postville, Iowa · Page 2

Postville, Iowa
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Saturday, February 27, 1892
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ad* Tiw Postvilie Weekly Review. VOSTVILLS, BA-TDAY, FEB. 37. W. H. BtJAfclCK, Editor. Entered at the poiloffiee at PostviUt at iteond-elan matter. IT II itated that the Independence Bulletin-Journal bat been tchl for I •10,000. Vroru a glance at lU adver- lliiog columni one Would natural!/ j thir.K that this price wat high. Mr. Wiley, formerly of the Atlaatlc Messenger, is one of the purchaser', and a gentleman of Independence the other. THE Iowa Imtue of representatives passed the republican Australian ballot bill by only one dissenting vote, and that a democrat. In this state that is not a parly question,, though democrats sought to mako It seen. The fact is there was no necessity for such a law in Iowa. If llwro had been the democrats would Dot have favored it. Such election laws aro not received with faror in the south, where above all other sections, they aro most needed. In most of the northern stales they only add to the curabersomencss of the election machinery aud accomplish no good. Slill if anybody wants the law here wo are perfectly willing they should hayo it. TUB Iowa legislature sooras to be the subject of s«ndry^scandals of late. Sonntor Finn knocked out a newspaper correspondent and doorkeeper in the senate chamber, one day last week for scandalously maligning; his character. It was also stated^ that the police, in making a descent upon n notorious dive one night picked up sundry members of tho legislature. Thosu things are not creditable to our lawmakers and if true they should be exposed. It is very truo that too many men who occupy such positions are not what they should be morally. This is true not only at the sessions of the (owa log islaturu, but of the legislators of all other states. As it now looks thore are two chanees for republican success next fall to one ehanee for democratic success, and this about carers the chances: The republicans can win without New York while tho democrats cannot; and thero is at least an even chnnco that tho republicans will carry New York. They certainly will if Cleveland should be tho candidate.- If Hill should bo the caudidata he could doubtless carry Now York but ho would lose all the other doubtful states and thus be defoatod. Houoe neither of these candidates aro available. Now the only salvation of the damocraoy is to choose some man outside o( New York that both factious can unite on and allow to carry that state, and who, at tho same timo, will be strong in the other doubtful states. There is not more than one 'chance in three that this can or will be cloae, and hones it scorns to us to day that there ara at least two ahances to one in favor of republican success. THE fallowing sensible remarks were taken from tho sermon of Hcv. 8. W. Sample, of Minneapolis, last Sunday relatiro to tho opening of tho World's Fair on Sunday: " 'Is the fair going to bo like the saloon, something that is to have an existence merely through the toleration of tho people?' asked Mr. Sample. 'If it is, it should be closed on Sunday. But if it is eduoational and retiring it has a right to be opened to tha people seven days in a week, and It is only bigotry that would repeal that right. Every day should be God's day. If, as it has been said, tho opening of the exposition is an insult to the Almighty, than the gates should ba closed orory day.' " Mr. Sample than want on to show that i( laws were enacted to close tha fair on Sunday, the state would be excooding its authority, as It was not supposed: to take action in religious matters. Such a policy was said to be on a par with that which used to mako converts by means of the rack, the thumb-sorow and tha guillotine He favored the keeping tho gales open on Sunday but allowing tha machinery to be stopped. The people would thon have an opportunity to see tho various displays. " 'Thero will bo two fairs in Cuioago in 18115,' said he; 'one will be the poo pie's, rullnlag and elevating. Tho oth er will bo tho devil's and it will run •even days In tho weak and 21 hours a stay. Tha closing of the first on Sunday will throw the irnde all to tho second, and so tha saloon men and the proprietors of the houses of Ill-fame aro uniting with priests and bigots to demand It.' " "FOB cheek, take ilia Pdstvllle REVIEW. It sommands tho State Register for not being in full harmony With tha party on national Issues till this year, If It la now. Has not the REVIEW heretofore steadily opposed tbe> great republican doctrine of protection to American industries till within a twelvemonth or so?"—Waukon Standard. There is very little use in attempting an argument with tho Standard on anything. It periodically blurts out some slur lika the above, with no reason or truth to back its assertions. If a man or a newspaper will only shnt its eyes and cry "prohibition," in season ar.d out of season he or it Is alt right, no matter what else he or it supports or opposes. And on tho other hand whoever dots not f»ll down and worship at this shrine is a thief and a robber, and should be ostracised net only from the party but from all respectable society. It is true that while protection was imply a theory—an unsolved problem —wo were opposed to Iho radical presentation of the principle, with thousands of other republicans far moro omlnent than the editors of any Alla- icakeo papers. We opposed such radical legislation as the McKinloy bill, not only because we, with a large majority of the people, thought the leadoncy would be to raise prices, but because wo knew, as Well as we know anything that was in the future, that it would beat tha republioan party in congress if not in tha presidential election. Tha format - it did with a majority that was unproecdentcd and overwhelming; and it would have accomplished tho latter just as cortaiuly had n'.t its workings disappointed botli friends and oncmies. Thon it was a thoory and an experiment, from which the people shrank. Now it is a demonstrated fact, which no honest and truthful man can gainsay. Tho ovidence is now all in and the verdict has been rendered in aouordancn tliorowitli, and we not only frankly but joyfully acocpt tha verdict. If tho Standard would do the same thing as to prohibition we shou'd have no quarrel with it. That, has been on trial a great deal longer than tka tariff law and in a large portion of tho state has provon an utter failure, as the editor of the Standard and overy other man knows. It has boaten tha republican party far more disastrously in this state than the McKiuley bill did, and unliko the latter, in its workings has not vindicated itself, but is growing less eflactive every day. It is Tory seldom that wo change a position, and never unless the ovidence against our position is conclusive. But in the case of Ihs McKinley bill, and prohibition as well, thorn is no further room for argument. The former is a sucocss, tho latter a failure, and that is all there is in the questions as demonstrated by the facts. of "BUT tha purchaser's dollar, under the McKinley bill, will buy not only mora sugar, but mora oalleo, overalls, sheeting, sails, canned goods, farm tools, molassos, biodtag twin*, and htaiQfaotured necessaries and comforts in ..general. In buying his suit clothes, his overalls and tools, th uteohanlo finds that his dollar, as com pared with one year ago. Is worth from 4)1.10 to 91.25. The farmer finds that his bushel ef wheat wHl buy 35 per cant mora binding twine; and his wife finds that har pound of butter or doaen of eggs will bring K per cent mnri ' gham and muslin. And yet, notwithstanding tha vast inoroasa" In farm yields, tha prlaes of farm produee have held 8 1'oi, with soma inorense; while the workman's pay has kept pace with the Increased demand for labor. Tha dollars, therefore, have Inoreased number, besides growing in purouas ing power. As oomparad with 25 yaari ago, the dollar which buys eallco, gingham and muslin is worth upwards of |2.60. As oomparad with 15 years ago, the dollar which buy* wire nails,la worth $1.50. As compared with 10 years ago, the dollars which pay for a self-binding harvester aro worth 92.10. In ton years the dollar which buys sugar has increased to $2.25, havlag reoelved an added premium of 42 par vent during even the past year."—Minneapolis Tribune. And yet; wltb all these faots fully demonstrated'-In every oross-roads town ID the ooantry our demooratio friends go right on determined to make the MoKlnley tariff tbe only issue iu the ,n*xt campaign. "Whom Hie Gods would destroy they .first make mud." ••Tariff raf<>rn>,' r a* projaalgated by the democrats t« as dea.d «,« (ho sphyux, wb«W»fghHa« WM bar* N«Q lw»ri«4 unwise to adopt sumlH^ IfgWaiiva measures. The evil of nt * uor drinking is best gorefnaSL ,ha unwritten laws of saclety. Paf4JJ" ,l,r, T where tha prohibition sontiinentWsP ot strong enough to entirely control state and sustain the laws. Thoro are Indications that Iowa and the IJakotas will eventually settle down to a sort of local option. Uivo In such towns as vote in favor of it. tho right to have liquor sold In their precincts. The law had better ba left as it is with -the amendment that license may bo voted by a majority of any city or town. That would come near satisfying the majority. Prohibition wcnild then be tbo rule and license tho exception. Such a course of legislation would give us back Iho German and Scandinavian voters who left the parly on account of prohibition." • LU FOB once the expected happened at Albany last Monday, when David Bennett Hill held his state convention to start his boom for tho presidency. Cleveland and his cohorts were nowhero and thore wore '-none so poor to do'lhem roveronce." In the platform and spoochos which followed no mention was evade of tho Buffalo statesman, Tilden and Hill usurping nil the laurels and all tho adulation. The Cleveland contingent quietly slunk off to a hall by themselves and arranged far another convention to bo held May Slst to give their champion a lift. But this convention, if held, will not be heard of in Chicago in June, where the jewels are to bo made up. No name will be presented thero from tho Ktnpiro slate except tho iiima of Hill, and it remains to be seen whether tho party onlslde of that state will hayo the temerity to nominate a man who did not get a single voto in his owu state. From a Cleyaland standpoint the situation is tudlerous. BUTLBB, AND FREE SILVER, (Sioux City Journal.] "It begins to look as if Walt Butler, ho represents the fourth Iowa congressional district, had not only joined but has becomo a prominent leador in the offovt to squulch free silver. When he is campaigning in his district and speechifying before conventions and writing for his newspaper, he is the most rampant of the free silver- ilea. But he had no soonor got to Washington than he went into the deal to put the organization of tha house in to the hands of Mills, which not only meant the absolute suppression of tree silver in this congress, but also that tha Cleveland-Mills program would bo forced upon the national convention, and tho nomination of Cleveland Now Butler rtishas to tho front to defend Boles' speaoh at Denver—tha same having been prepared as tho basis of his appeal for tha demooratio nomination for president—against the attaoks of genuine free silver men who protest against tho governor's exclusion of the free silver issue from tha approaching campaign, i*. Boies in his lotter accepting the dem­ ooratio nomination lor governor declared for free silver, and, besides, stands today doubly pledged by his party platform in Iowa to free silver. Butler has endorsed the governor oa account of these free silver pledges. Yet BOW this raging lion of free silver coihaga comes forward to justify the governor In his polioy of antagonism to free silver. He says that Boies pursued tho safe oouise in his Deaver speech by excluding free silver from lite list of national Issues. It thus appears that every membor of the deraouratio delegation in congress, although pledged to free silver as Gov. Boles Ts, is working with all his might to defeat free silver. And even Butler is hand in glove with tha others'" The history of the past discloses a few miraculous cenvorsions, but few more so than that ot our congressional friend, Hon. Walt Butler. Ha hag shed mere ink and oxpended more lung power in the advocacy of froe silver than any other man In the slate, so far at- reported. Ho not only said that it must ba put in tha Iowa platform but in the national domoeratle platform, or there would bo no hope of oarrying either election. But ha had soaroaly got his lungs inflated with the atmosphere of Washington bofore a change came over the spirit of hla vision, and bit great hobby vanished into thin air. But wa will do him tha credit of saying that his position Is right now, although radically wrong before. Free oolnaga is worthy the advocaoy of no party BOVO tha remains of the defunct green back party. It is a disgrace to any party of respectability to advoeate a 69 oent dollar. Hence we are glad that our congressman bat come to hit senses, even If it It by compulsion. AN XX GOV»BNOB,'0 VIBWS. A Washington special to the Sioux City Journal quotas ex-Gov. W. M, j'Stone at speaking of local option at follows; ••The election of Boies," ho said, "w»* no test of party strength nor of the sentiment of (be western people on the tariff. It was the liquor question, pure anal simple (hat .caused tko defeat •f the republican party. The antl-prohlbltlon sentiment In the republioan party is growing rapidly. A large element of,lhe patty bat never believed In forcing toe tetuperanoa Issue In politics, and » large body of the ultra-prohibition rapubffcans have beoorao fully convinced, that a continuation of the party's aourse will make the state demooratio. ltd a goad lime lor republioan* to drop that qees- tion. It it not provided for in the eon- ttltuliou and the party ought to.deolare ltt|tt >•*• etata platform that ft if the women themselves, it should settle the matter, though ihero is no doubt that many an appeal will bo taken from the decision. So' it seems that whilo women have been making progress in accomplish-) niuf*t» which are rf a distinctly masculine ^ihU"re, they havo been losing in those which., were once within their peculiar provi'n«!L_ All of us admire the easy grace with "which the white fingers of the fin do sicele girl iliJ over the keys ef the typewriter, but It must now be confessed that these same fingers would be awkward and ill at ease in the bread pan. Woman's suffrage, if the Columbian Housekeepers know what they aro talking about, and, being of the feminine gender they certainty do, means n decline of woman's skill with the broom and the feather duster and the other implements which through long uso by her have become associated with her namt. Perhaps it has been a mistake for woman to go out in the world and endeavor to widen her vocation. Everybody is familiar with tho old proverb about a bird in the hand being worth two in the bush, and it is alio a maxim in that an army ronst not gel too far from its base or it will be cut off. This Is the danger with which woman is menaced. If she can no longor keep house and sew and j cook, of what avail will be the ballot or truusers to her? If a man struts about now and calls himself the lard of creation, how much more will he assume when he monopolizes all the accomplishments that were onco fomininer If man id to make all the puddings and the apple tartR and the pios, atd to cut and sew tho clothe* for the children anil lo boss the chambermaids, there will be no place left, for woman at all. Whilo It has boon demonstrated thai man can boat her on her owu grouud. there is no proof that slio can drive a street-car or swing a policeman's billy or ba a brakenian on a rxilroad trail so well as a man. So, it behooves woman to bo very cautious, or in reaching out for more she may lose what shr already possesses Winter Excursions to W armer Climes. Excursion Tickets to Mexico. California, Georgia, North Carolina, Florida, the Gulf Coast, Texas, Hot Springs of Arkansas, and Excelsior Spring of Missouri, now on sale by agents of the Chicago, Milwaukee 6Y St. Paul Bail- way. Apply for rates and other information to the nearest agont, or address One. H. Honflbrd. General Passenger Agent, Chicago, Ii ii no:*. —Tho Graphic says: "Mayor McNeil to tho regret of our citizens will not. accept another teim of the mayoralty, l.i'tlo interest has as yet, been masiftsled in tho coming election. Among the several names sug- g estod for tho office of mayor are R. N. louglnas, Carl Holler, 8. t. Clinton, Walter Cbrisa and W. 9. Webster. Plenty of good limber at hand, surely." All good timber if any of them will accept. For membora of tho council we have hoArd the names of R. N. Douglass (present incumbent) and 8. F. Clinton aud Jas. Shcehy for the second member. The eaucus will doubtless bo held oa Saturday evening of next weok at tho hook and ladder house. "CONOKKSSMAM BUTLER says that the tieket may bo Boioi and Whitney. If Boies 8houlil be nominated the selection of Whitney would bo a mistake, for he is a Cloveland partisan and the Hill men of New Yolk would knife him."—Dubuqne Tologrnph. This shows tha terrible straits in which the domoerats aro placed. There Is no prominont democrat in the country but is in somo mcusuro allied with one or the other of those factions, and henoo will be under a ban in New York. If neither Hill or Cleveland can hopo to bo elected certainly no other ticket can carry Now York. And us all thinking democrats concede- that there is no hope of succoss witheut New York, thero is little room for hilarity in that parly just now. While Hill is the master of tho situation it would seem that ho intends to inanipu- ate on tho rule or ruin theory, tho same that ho is supposed to bava dono four yoars ago. Thero is no man in tho United Stales whose ftinnrnl would bo su cheerfully attended t-y his demo­ oratio brethron as that of David B. Hill. ALL READY. PICKTJPS. BLAND'S DELUSIVE DOLLAR. The democratic St. Paul Globe discourses wisely on tho silver question. Wo aro glad to steal honest money thunder from that source, and hence give tha editorial entire: In the majority report upon the free coinage bill now ponding iu the house there is conc^alod an ingenious attempt to confuse the minds of the people regarding the significance of tho word 'dollar.' The term is juggled with in a manner calculated to uouvey the erroneous idea that the valuo of an American dollar is decided by special legislation of the congress of the Uui- Statos. The majority report is quoted as follows: 'Silver cannot fall bolow tho valuo which the government gives it at the mint, because the mint is an open market for all of it at the fixod price.' "Now the cold truth which stares free coinage advocates in tha faue is ombraced m the fact that tho United States government is powerless to impart commercial valuo to any commodity, bo it gold, silver, copper or dandelioas. The Globe knows what tho constitution of the United Slate's says upon this subject, lo-wil.: 'Sec. 8. The congress shall have power to coin monoy, regulate the value tberoof and "f foreign eoio, and fix the standard of weights and measures.' "Lika somo intricate texts of Sorip- ture, this section, for the beaefit of silver visionaries, needs explanation. The words 'regulate' and 'give' cannot be tortured into synonomy. Tho wildest silverlta will hurdly claim that tho goyornment of the United States is authorized by its constitution to 'give' value lo foreign coins. Government— any government in tho world—oau no more rogulate tho Yalne of monoy, as rnderstood by the silver men, than It oan rogulate the multiplication table. A dollar—an American dollar—is simply a piece of money so named by the government of tho United States as the anit of its own parllonlar circulating medium. England has her guinea, France her franc, Germaay her thaler. India her rupee, Spain her peso. Tho Amerioan dollar is stamped- at the mint with the government's guaranteo that it contalus 412} grains of sliver, or 25 8-10 grains of gold. Then the American dollar goes out into tbo world to do business. The markets oi tha world fix its value—its relative valuo -with the money, of other countries. Wo, as a gevornmerit. have nothing to jay about it. Government is ono thing; comtneroe another. We have said it is a dollar. The world says, 'AH right: We will toko your dollar In exchange fur to many trenoh franos, or we will glva you an English sovereign for so many of your dollars.' Thus the foreign silk merchant or win* dealer will treat our dollar They oire nothing, only to know that the government a guarantee regarding its fineness is good, and that it is genuine. But tupposo, for illustration, the United States government deoides which It aan ooastltutionally—that 206} grains of silver shall constitute an Amerioan dollar. What then? The world of commerce again says: 'AH right; we will then give you only ono- half at many franos for your dollar, many and you-must give us twice as dollars for an Buglisb tovorelgn From this It will be soon that, so far as giving value to Amerioan money, as Is olaimed by the majority report on the Bland bill, the government does nothing of the kind. It is powerless to do so. it can only eerllfy to the world the amount of gold or silver in an American ooln, . In other words, It presses its stamp on a plooe of money, and the great world of eommeroa don the rett," WOMAN'S MISTAKE. [Courier Journal.] It may be that the tale of Darby and Joan waa a mistake^ for the Columbian Association .of Housekeepers, of Kerr Yorki < society composed of women, hat decided that men are better houto- keepavg, hetter ooo|» and totter drest- mater* than the members of the opposite aexartT At this it the, verdict pt Ex-Senator Blair of New Hampshire announces himself as a candidate for the republican presidential nomination. Mrs. James G. Blaine, Jr., is granted a divorce, with custody of her child, $1,000 suit money and $100 por month pernianont alimony. Tho chief source of the misery of any class of our people aro to bo found in causes which industry and teraperanco and rectitude will remove. Mr. Spurgeon once remarked that ho was very thankful tha Lord had called him to bo tho pastor of a large church, becaiuo he felt that ho had not talent ouough to be the pastor of a little ono. Generals John M. Soholiold and O. O. Howard have retired. There is not now left an officer in tho regular army who commanded a corps dining the civil wai. They will ba succeeded by Nolson A. Milus, a volunteer general. Missouri republicans say that the oxlra session of the legislature in thai stalo will bo worth at least 10,000 votas is their parly. Congress, by doing nothing except tinkering with the tariff aud freo coinage, is worth moro than that number of votes in every state in the union. Democratic legislnto r s always help tho republicans wheu they are trying to do "something." Senator Pugh predicts the nomination and election of Hill to tho presi- deuey. Pooh, indeed! The whole country can hardlv be carried away by admiration of a man whoso reputation is based on fraudulent practices and small partisan tricks. Mew Yorkers may worship sucooss however obtained, but the United Slates at largo still admires principle, aud belieres in punishing raseals wherever found. Mr. Mill will novor bo president, although he may be nominated by successful trickery. Henry Walterson in a noteworthy editorial in tho Louisville C mrier-Jour- nal warns his party against underestimating tho task before it, saying: "Mr. Harrison will be his own successor upon tho national republican ticket, and if thore aro tboso who think that he will prove a weak nominee or a candidate easy to bo beaten they will find themsolves mistaken" He declares that if the democrats hope to win they must bring out their very strongest candidate, and in addition thoy must unite on him. Hard! Oraa t For tho Alardi Gras Festival to bo held at New Orleans, March l«t 1«92, the Burlington, Cedar Rapids & Northern Railway will mako a very low rale fur iho round trip from stations on its Una. Tickets an sale Feb. Sid to 28th Inclusive, good to return until March 22d, 1891. For information regarding rates of fare, lime of trains, etc., apply lo any tickot agent of this company or J. E. HANMBOAK, Gen. Tkt. aad Pass. Agt., Cedar Rapids, Iowa. DANIEL A. JEBALD, Postvilie, Iowa. All work^warranted io give satisfaction. A full line of the latest styles in samples. TUB St. Louis "reform" convention was a "wild and wooly" affair. ADDITIONAL LOCAL. —Bert Norton represented the Monona G. T's at Mavnard. That explains the condition ef this concern to a dot. Our store is full of seasonable goods, and we are full of energy and honest Intentions. Wc therefore foel warranted in ' announcing ourselves all ready for business, and respectfully invile the ^Ueiilion of tho public for a fow momouls while wo endeavor to^ show that thin amiouucenrriit is of vital mportance to yon all. Wo aro expend- ug our beat efforts to conduct a successful business, and are sharp enough to see we can do so only by gratifying the wants of our patrons. That is what wo are here for, and that is just what we propose to do. If you want to be edified, gralilicd and almost stupefied by big bargains a::d kind treatment, coruo right alorg, and wo will fill you so full of containment aud brotherly lovo that you will want to give overy tuau you moot a quarter. oUIl AIM IS To sell only lirsl-class goods. To soli them as low as we possibly cau. To sell only such goods as wo can recommend. To pleaso all who favor us with their palrouago. To represent our goods only nt we buliovo them to be. To treat everybody honestly and fairly as we would ouraelvos be treated. That sounds good. Has tho right kind of a ring, does it not? and now pleaso bear in mind we praaticu just exactly what wc preach. You nood not take our word for it, but come in at any time and seo for yourselvcs. And now a word in regard to our stack. Wo, of course think it is nice. Wo know wo have made an honest effort to secure tbo very best articles io our line to be found in the market, and know no one can buy closer than we have. The goods aro here in our store, wo havo marked tho goods as low as wo possibly can. the result must depend upon onr actions, and wo do uol worry over tho issue. Wo only ask the people to oxamino our goods, loam oar prices, and follow their own convictions. Thanking old friends for tho cordial support we have received at their hands in tho past, and promising onr best efforts lo morit a share at your future patronage, we remain Vory truly yours, WM. KLUSS, PomiLLK. IOWA, Manufacturer and dealer in all kinds of harness, and all other goods belonging to tho trade. A full and complete slook always on hand. P. S. Wo havo some Winter Goods ynt aud are anxious to have thorn all sold, therefore, will sell the balance at strictly cost prices. —TUB DUDUQ.UK WEEKLY TIMBS has made a new deparluro rendering it much more valuable to its readors. It is now published twice a week. Eotght pages on Tuesday aud four pages on Friday. Twelve pages a week. All received by the subscribers whon the news is fresh. Excellent market reports in both issues. H is the newsiest, tho largest, tho best Iowa weekly. Iho rates are very low. Renewals only $1.00 a year. New trial subscriptions, first year, without premium, single subscription. 76 cents; club of two subscribers, $1.26; club of three subscribers, $1.50, and 60 cents for each additional name. Money with order. Got up a clnb. Sample onpies free. If you do not care to get up a club send 75 cents in one or two cent, stamps, or money order, lo Tiie Times Co., Dubuque, Iowa, and try the twice a weok twelve page paper. You will like it. It will keep you posted this presidential year. w2 Wm. SHEPHERD, ATTORNEY AT LAW, Imurane* Agent and Collator, Authorlied to pmctlco tn nil tho courts ot tb» itato. Office orfli Llsu'i •tor*, brUk block. POSTVILLE - - IOWA. Postvilie Dray Line P. J. BEUCHES. Prop. Having purchased the orlglua. Post­ vilie Dray Line I am prepared to do all kinds of'draylng promptly, carefully and satisfactorily. Good teams, good drays and caroful drivers always at the service of tho public, at fair prices. All kinps of light or heavy hauling, in town or country promptly done. J. SHEPHERD M.D., PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON, u. i. ruKtion Hxiuixm. On.» at raild.n.e on Ore.n, ireoud hum. But ot Iloj it MoNiU'i Htrdwuv. F.J. BECKER, M.D.. ZE3IO ZMZZEOrE 3 .A.OTITIC: PHYSICIAN AUD SUUOBOK. Oftlo. on Sccoud Ftoor o; Park.r't nulUUng, near Poitofllc., PotWUL. tow&. •-From present appearances thoro will bo more building, especially residences, iu town this year than ever before. If the MoNeil block goat up that will be a noteworthy addition to the business houses, and thoie may ba others. Poslvillo has on to red upon a great era of Improvement. All we lack is ono or two manufacturing industries to put PottvMle far In the lead of any surrounc'lng towns, as It already U as a trading point. We hope Ward St Noblo will push the mauufaciurn of their mop wringer, and that various other small manufacturing industries may soon spring up. —We take tho liberty-of soiisorlng ] the following items from this weok's Waukon Democrat: "The Misses Llda and Addle Harrington, of Postvilie, wore among the guests at the S. of It. and P. dance, and we hoar It rumored that the heails and hopes of several of our gay and festivo dudes are now in Postvilie. "Judge Hendriok sent a draft yesterday tc ex-Gov. Larrabee, for 9600 as Allarnakeo county's cash contribution to the Russlau relief fund. Our county has done nobly iu this matter. "The S. of R. A P. had anothor vary enjoyable dance at Armory Hall last Friday evening. The music was furnished by Harrington 's orchestra, at Postvilie, aud they gave the best ot satisfaction." > > —We looked over Jat. Hoy's new houto this week, and pronounco it a beauty. When fully completed and tho greundt put in order It will be a home that any man or wojmaa may well. be proud of, And oae that they will doubtless never want to leave. Suoh homes are what' make the residents of a town permanent, and are just what we delight to sea spring up in all parts of our town. If r. Hoy will move into hit new realdeQOt next week, When Mayor Molfeil gets hit house oampletod aud occupied': they will be • pair of- homos among the betl nod pleatautcit in town, a joy io their orrnV ere and a credit to Pottyltle, Our <wlj with it that many more euoh reaideBON u>*y be added at M.dJiVart d», ^ .* A Novel proposition. Tho Pioneer Press Co. of 8t. Paul, Minn., makes somu rnmarkablo offers in conneotion with Its weekly edition Election lime is approaching as well as scad timo. Of course ovory household dosiros the Weekly Pioneer Press during the campaign, uud the publishers propose to rociprooate by giving their subsenbors a benolit In the seed line. Following aro their offers of northern f rown, tested sonds, furnished by L. L lay 4 Co., the leading northern grow era: Offer No. 1-••Ladies' Collection"— Krerryono sending 91.10 will rocoive the Weekly Pioneer Press one yoar and u collection of Qowor scuds amounting at catalogue prices lo 91.10. Included In this offer aro Pnusy Nasturtium, Sweot Pea, Poppy, Mu;noufltte, Petu ,nla. Phlox, Vorgot-Me-Sot, Suap-Dra, on,.Candy-tuft, Sileno, mixed, et«. pickets in all. Offer No. 8 -"Vegetable tiardon"- Evory ono sondlng91.20 will receive the Weekly Pioneer Pross ono yoar and 3( paokots of garden seeds, prepaid. Every gardener needs this package. Onion, Cabbage, Beet, -Leltuoo, Tomato, Radish, Corn, Parsnip, Pea. Cucumber, Turnip, Pepper, Water and Musk Melon. Celery, Carrot, Cauliflower, Endive, Spinaoli, and Leek siteds are included The seeus alone oott 91-40 at regular prices. Offer No. 8—"Novelty Paokagn" This package includes the season's novelties in both vegetable and flower seeds and are offered for tha first time now. Tho paokago and tho Weekly Pioneer Press for 91-30. All postpaid. The oatalogua prioe of these toods it 91-06- Wo havo taken speoial pride in tho makeup of this offer and rouommend it highly, The flower seeds Included are Phlox, Pansy, Chrysanthemum. Balsam, Aster, Nasturtium, aud Pianthus. The vegetables, Onion, Bonn, Lettuce, Water Melon, Cabbage, Beet, Radish' and Parsnip. All new varieties. Offer No. 4—"Surprise Box"—for 91.10 we will tend tho Weakly Pioneer Press ono yenr ond this assortment, the seeds alone costing 91-H. This Is destined to buoonec a favorite offer. Inolu- ded are ouourobcr, Beet, Onion, Pea, Tomato, C»bb»ge, Lettuce, Panty, Sweet Pea, Nasturtium, Morning Glory, Verbena and Aster. AH ohargos are prepaid and seods ordered will la sent promptly, Old and I new subscribers are Included in the offer, \ • .. . If you don't want seadt tend postal for now book and picture premiums' Addrew all communications to , / T «9'PiQifMnPwwi Oft, » \ \ 8t» Paul, MM, DR. J. S. GREEN, rilTSICIAN' Si SUltCIO.T, Offlco and Residence Southwest par at town. All calls promptly attended DR, CE HUNT, TfieDeiNTiST. Permanently located in Postvilie. Office over Water* At Nicolay's Hardware Store, Brick Block* J-A.HAVIRLAND, Veterinary Stargreorx I'OSTVIIXR, IOWA. Office first door East of ilie Comiuer cial House, Green St., Postvilie. Iowa \ fine set of surgical instruments. All necessary medicines kept on hand Thirteen years successful practice Calls promptly answorod FRED. N. BEEDY. :-PHOTOGRAPHER.-:- And Dealer in Picture Frames. Postvilie - Iowa Granite Cemetery Work, Iron Fences, Curbing Ac. Those Intending to purchase Monumental work for future delivery will find it to their advantago t iczam 'ino M. V- Kidder's Granite Work in Cemeteries, as ho is doing tlrst-clsss work at as low prices as can be procured in tho country. It Uo lias not called upon you drop him a card at Decorah and he will be ploa'ed to visit you with Designs and samples of all kinds of Granite, at tho Iviwost possible prices. M. V. KIDDER, 34rn© Decorah, Iowa. L. STROEBEL & SON. PBOPKiRToaa or - Postvilie Boot and Shoe Store. (IT IBUITKOHO k HOLTItB'l OLD STA3D.) Have a full lino of Boots, Shoes, -Slip- pois, Kubbors and overy thine kept in a No. 1 general shoe store. Custom work and repairing neatly and promptly done. Kvcry pair warranted. We kcop no shoddy. RAILROAB TIMC-TAI On and after Sunday, Nov. trains on the CM. ft St. P. leave Postvilie as follow*. Ry> R. N. DOUGLASS. I'M». ]. p. SMITH. V. P, JAS. MclCWliN, examine. CITIZENS STATE BANK, POSTVH.l.E, IOWA. PAID UP CAPITAL, $25,000. OOIKQ BAST. Passengers. No. 3 4:61 f. No. 4 (night) »;8*a. Freights. No. 10 Chicago Stook 11:051 No. 6 Way 4:10 i No. 12 Milwaukee Stock .»:36< vIOIHO WIST. Passengers. N<-. 1 night H.lo . No. 5 10:16 a.\ Freights. No. 7 Way Freight 11:06 a. No. 9 Time Freight 6:16 •. < No. 11 Time Freight 8:46 p. All Freight trains mentioned, axoe No. 12, carry passengers when provld with proper transportation. Ho. batwoen K. McGregor aud Mason C. M. E. TALCOTT, Agent. B. C. B. &N.R.R. LEAVING AND ARRIVING TIME OF TRAINS. DICOKAH DIVISIO*. Time Tablo in effect Nov. 16, 18SV" Passenger going North 6:10. P M " South. 4:*0. " Freight. " North, 3 :46, P. M J. E. PKKKT Agaat. 1892. Harper's Bazar. ILLUSTRATED. Harpor'j Bniar ii a journal for the home, gives tbo latest lu(orm»»lou t >Uhr«g*rd to 1 KIKIIIOIIR, nml UR numaroui llluitntlout, P»it| deitifiiiB, and pattern-•brut itipplemallM Imlliponnribk- allko to tlta borne dr«MiufJ tlio protcBtttntml liiotlftg- . Wo «aMfeSJaacl . to mako 11a iirtl «lloT*Ps »»»SJea »#iroi tbo hit-best orclor. Hi bright •torlm, amusing oomadias, and thoughtful cuaoi intlify ell Ultra, end Its tnat pnxa la tnuioua as a budget oi -wit an* liuinor. In lta weakly lnuti oveiytblns la Va- oludoil which (• of lutaroatto womoa. Th« aerl- nla (or IBS J wlllho wrlttsn by Wetter Beaant ena William lllaok. lira. OllaSanl will k-eoome a contributor, .ilarlou HarUud'a Timely Talks. "Day lnaiid Hay Out," era Intended lot m»i- roua.and Tlolaii Marshall North will apsolauy addroas girls. T. W. HigBUiaoii In "Woman and Mou," will s >lo»t» a cultivated aurilenae. HARPER'S PERIODICALS P«v Yean Do n General Hanking Bniincss. lU\y ami null Vnroigii and'Domestic (Exchange. Accounts of Farmers. Merchants ami others received and caro fully prolrcted. Interest paid on Time Deposits. Investments made for outside parlj u on farorablo tonus. The Old Reliable Meat Market, JOHN B. IIAKT, Proprietor. Opposite - Postvilie - State - Bank- None but tho best meats purchased. Everything in first-clust shape. Courteous treatment to all. Prices always the lowest. CENTRAL MEAT MARKET ! J. P. G1XSON, Prop. Having purchased tha above Market of Schuler Bros. I propose to keep a first-Uass Market in every respect. .1 shall aim to keep at nil times an assortment of the best meats tho country af- forde, and selling at tki lowest living prices. Having come to Postvilie to roslde I invite a fair share of patronage, and shall strive to give satisfaclion. JAPANESE A Guaranteed Curo for Piles of whatever kind or degree—External, Internal, Blind or Weeding, Itching, Chronic, Recent or Hereditary. This Keniedv has positively novor beon known to fall, ai.oo a box, 6 boxos for I5.00: sent by mail prepaid on receipt of price. A written Guarantee positively given to each purchaser of 0 boxes, when purchased at one lime, lo refund the 15,00 paid if not cured. Guaranteo Issued by R. N. DOUGLASS, DKUOOIST, Solo" Agont, Poslvillo, Iowa. WONDERFUL ! The cures whl<<b avo being effected by Drs. Starkey & I'alnn. 1629 Arch St., 'Philadelphia, Pa., In Consumption, Catarrh, Notiralgla, llronchllis, Rhoum- atisiu, and all chronio disoasos, by their Compound Oxygen Treatment, are ludeed marvelous, » 'If you ave a sufterer from any disease which your physician has failed to curo, write for information about this trentmont, and their book of 'JQ0 pages, f ;lvlng n history of Compound Oxygon, Is nature and ell'ects, with numerous testimonials from patients, to, whom you may voter for still further Information, will bo promptly sent, without charge. „* t This book, nsldo from Its great morit as a medical work, giving, as it does, the reeiilt of years of study and oxpori- enoo, you will find u very Interesting one, . " Drfj. STARKEY & PALEN, 1529 Arch St,, Philadelphia, Pa. 120 Sutter St., San FraHciico, Cat. Plcuso mention this paper. 4m TONSORIAL PARLORS. NHAR THE POSTOl'l'ICE. All work done in th« highest stjlo o tho art. Satisfaction guaranteed." J. T. I'AitKEit, Prop. CHTJROa.D|RECTORY. CONGKEOATIONAI,.-K»T N. Ii. Bnrton, pn»- toi. ProncMng every Kuuday at 10'30 A.M. and 7:30 I'M. Kubbath. Hthool Immodlatoly aftor morning aervloo. Y. 1*. H. C. E. meets •very Sunday evening at 6:18. Prayer Meet, tug Wednesday ovenluga. METHODIST.-Jtev. D. J. I.oekwood; rastor. I'ruachlng luTvlcea ovovy Bunday at 10 :UQ A M ( anil 7:30 V M. RabhatU Bchoo] Immediately "(tor mnrtiluK taorvlce, .Tho^Ey.". 01 ' 11 League every SuiiJay evening ut o ;00 u'olock. Prayer mtotlu,' ovary; WoduoRday eranlus at 7 :M.G sloslt. Yoo.are oarnestay larttad. POSTVILLE LODGES •NOBLE LODGE No 61. A. O. V. W. The Loyal Ancient Order of United Workmen nieotstho Second and Fourth Saturday evenings in each month, in tho Masonic Hall over tho Brick Drug tore. J. W. SiiEEiir, M. W. WM. IIIEI'IIBRD, Recorder. BROTHERLY, XOVE LODGE, No. 204, A. F. <6 A. M. Regular meetings on Tuesday evening on or bnforo tho full of Iho moon, All brethren In good standing nre cordially invilcd to attend. E. I). STILBS, W. M. WM. MOTT, Seo'y. Consumption Ourod. An old physician, rotirod from prao tico, having had plaeod in his hands by an East India missionary tho formula of a simple vogolable romedy for tho •peedy and perma< snt euro of Con sumption, Bronchitis, Catarrh, Asthma and Lung Affections, also a positive abd radioal cure for Nervous Debility and Nervous Complaints, after having tested Its wonderful curative powers iu thousands ot cases, has felt it his duty to. make it known to his suffering fellows. Aotuntod by this motive and a desire to relievo human suffering, I will send freo of olmrgo, lo all who desire it, this reolpo, In German, French, or English, with full directions tor pro- parfng and using. Sent by mail by addressing with stamp, naming this paper. Vv, A, Novts. 820 Power's Block, Rochester, N. T. 48yl INTENDING Ei ID ! P URCHASERS OX* IMPORTED DRAFT OR POACH HORSES To visit our stables and Inspect our large •took of . IMPOSTEO PRUI-WINNIHQ ANIMALS before buying; elsewhere, Among them are 13 first, «\ second ana 8 grand awoopsuko prise winners, all secured lo hcily contested shew rings In Septembsr, i8gi, will .exohsnbe Imported nook for well loested (arm lands. Will also Iqaso (taltloitt to responsible parties for the lesson ot iDoi, with prlvllogo of buying at the end of season. We also have a fine let of young §hortHorp»r,d Herford 8uU(i for «aloi Don't well to writs but CQ »e tt once a,nd m»k< your HlwUenj. Terms e»»y, aud prlcei thttdtfy conjntl- HOB . Correspondence.. . * W^bUli^SROB. Ckarlea<?!»>-.Inwa, - IIAllPER'HilAZAR HAUVKICH MAOAZINH IIAIII'EH'H WKKKIJY HAllI'HH'K YOUNU PEOPLE.. .«* CO . 4 09 . I »• . 1 00 Pnatago Frio to nil subscribers In the Unite* States, Cauuda and Moxtco. Tho Voliimen of tlio lliixar begin with tha first number for January ot each yoar Whon nr» time io mentionod, subscriptions will begin wliT the Nunibor current at tlnio of reooipt ot order. Hound Voluiuuw of Harper's Baser for thre^ yearn back, in neat cloth binding, will k-e teal, by, pofltttge pnld, or t>y oxpress, free ot oxpniiBu (provided tbo freight does not exoeau one sollar per volume), for 47 00 par volume. Cloth Canes for each volume, anlt%ble fori binding, will be Bent by ninil, postpaid, oni receipt (if *1 00 each. ltL-inittfiucCH should bo ivtode^ajajtc Money Order ur I)rnf^g^gjgtJjHt^e^S"*fJ, IOBB. Nowapapora a*«'""rrfl"*lr^*^^"T;rt!s»menJ without the t-xproBS orVU. oi Harper A Byothaxs. Address: HAHI-KA & DuuTiisnn. New York. * 1892. Harper's Weekly. ILLUSTRATED. nirp*?r'a WeoMy (or \\w coining y«.r nill <M n- tMn moro uttractWo feature*, mm» and finer illuBtrtttt-na, mid u yreatsr number of arllcUi of livo, In ton uo Interest than will l«o found In »uy other periodical. AmonK tbeue latter will be * serleft of articles on tho tivomty-flve create*- attic, of the world, iucludtiiti five Hundred Ulu »tr»- tlomi. The Columbian Exposition, the Army and Navy, {.'rtat jmbHo events, uliaiten on land and Ron, mid tho doings of the nolebr&teel people of tho day will ho described find illuitT*- tod in un uctraatlvu and timely manner. Titer pppiirtinont of Anmtour Sport will oontlntm r.m1or tho direction of A. Whltnoy, The host of modern writers will contribute short BtorioR, and /ho most diutlngulsbod aitisU will maU.. tlio illustration!.. The editorial artlolea of Mr. George William Curtis will remain at •« efpcolttl attraction. .' HARPER'S PERIODICAL i. Por Year: HAMPER'S WEEKLY t« CO HAltFBU'H MAdAZlNK 4 CO lUUl'KK'HKAZAU < OQ HA Itl'EK'8 YOUNtt PEOPLE I 0Q PostaKo Freo to all subiorlbors In the United Httitos, CanadJt and Moxlao. Tho Volumes of tho Weekly begin with the, first Nnrubor for January of eeeh year. Where no timo u mentioned, subscriptions wHl beglu with the Number curntut at tho tlmel .pl roaatgt of order. V Hound Voliunit of Harper's Weekly for tnr«e yoavu hack, iv neat cloth binding, will be aejik by mull, postage paid, or by expr .ss,. tree ot expeuso (provided the freight doss net tx «e«d one dollar per volume!, for »7 00 per volume. Oluth Cusce for eioh volume, suitable far blndlc.', will be sunt by mall, postpaid, oik receipt of Ct W each. . Hemlttnnoes should bo road* by FoatolDeei Money Order or Draft, to avoid ohenee of loss. Newspnpere are not to copy ihia advevtileemant without tlio express order of Berner A Dnotbtra. AUdrcsu: HAjtrnK ft BnoTHlne, Mew YorJb. —- •nr »e 1892. Harper's M gazrae. ILLUSTRATED. The Uagaslne will celebrate the fourth Oeo- tenary of the Discovery of America by He Ke- Dlsoovery, through articles giving A wore thorough exposition than ha* hltherto '.beou made ot tlio Iteoent Unprooodeutod Development of Our Country, and csrioolally In tho Greet We*t» Particular attention will also be given to Dramatic EpisoiluH of Amorlean History. The Field of tho next Kuropean War will be desorlbud lnaBorlesof Papers on the Danube "From tliollluck Forest to the Black gee," by Poultuey Blxolow and F. 1). Millet, Illustrated by Mr. Millet and Allied Parsons, Articles will also bo given on tho Go /man, Austrian and Italian Annies, illustrated by T. do Thulstrup. Mrr W. D. How oils will contribute e now not. ol, "A World of Chance," oharaoterlstloally. Amerioan. Especial prominence will t e given, to Short S tor ten, whlob will ha contributed by. T. 1). Aldrlob, It. H. Davis, A. Coneu Doyle. Margaret Doland, Mlis Woolion, and other nop? uliir wrltera. Among the literary features will be Peraoual Bomlulaoeuoot of Nathaniel Hawthorne, by hla. college olasatnate and life -long friend, Horatio, Bridge, and a Personal Memoir of the Drownfnga by Anne Thackeray Rltehle. HARPER'S PERIODICALS HARPEH'S BAZAll, " 4 00 HAltPflll'B Y0UNQ PEOPLE, " IM Postage Free to all uubserlbsrs iu the United States, Canada aud Mexloo, > The Volurooi of the Uogailne begin with the Numbers Ifor' June and Deoember ofeaohyear.- Wben no timo la apoolfled, subscriptions will begin with tho Number current at the luueof receipt of order, Hound Volume! of Herper'i > Masojdne for tjuoo yean book, in net! cloth binding, will be aent by mall, poatpajd, oa . reoelot of »8 CO per volume. .Cloth Caaei', for binding, 80 cents eaoh—bjr mail, poainald Remittances should be mads by ?Pi' ~ Money Order, or Draft, to avoid obenoej' Newspaper* ara not to oopy tblt aflTertliement.'! without th,» eipren order otjaernet* et|oVM>i, *i •TeVTlOWTBHT. Dou't forget, when yon;w plain or ta^oy'SW^--^ ^ to T ge^it-p] M

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